60 Book Giveaway and a GoFundMe

Hey guys,

Propane Emergency

I don’t know if you know Amy. She was my first Goodreads friend (lol, it is sparse over there. XD) as well as just one of those awesome readers in general with a great, up-beat personality. She works at a nursing home, and when she comes home, she helps take care of her mother.

Amy is running out of propane, which is used in her house to keep the water hot. Her mother is sick and can’t take a cold shower and can’t do an old school boiled water bath because of her lack of mobility. It would be too dangerous for her to try and get out of a bath without professional assistance—something they also can’t afford. They’re already living at their base means, aka, dishes get done by boiling water, no cable, no luxuries they can cut back on to make this money, but even when scrimping, their propane is just about gone.

If you’ve ever had to buy gas for the house, or even oil, you are at the energy companies mercy. They decide the smallest amount you have to get to make it worth their while to show up. In this case that amount would equate to $450. That is staggering for Amy’s household to come up with.

So, I don’t know if you know how hard it is to ask for help. It’s actually one of the hardest things I still struggle with. I have been homeless twice, survived only on SSI and foodstamps and I still don’t know how to ask for help without feeling like it will equate to death or the destruction of my ability to go on. It’s a shit feeling, especially when you are scraping the bottom of your emotional and physical energy. When people do ask for help, I want to do whatever the fuck I can because I get it. I know how desperate life has to get. Rarely is it even about you, but the people you love, that finally drives you to open your mouth.

Amy is at her limits. Even if it might seem like pocket change to you, if enough people take the time to hand it Amy’s way, it can make a huge difference in her and her family’s life right now.

If you can’t donate, please consider sharing Amy’s GoFundMe page on your social media. Even if you don’t have the money, there might be someone in your circle of friends who does. Every little bit helps, even if it’s word of mouth. <3

—So a little snafu I discovered with Go Fund Me. Apparently they don’t take Paypal unless it’s for an official charity. Which means, in my case, needing to wait until my money is transfered from paypal to my bank before I can donate through debit. So just a heads up on that. It’s a little work and wait if you’re usually dependent on Paypal—and totally worth it!

16 Series, 63 Book Giveaway

Alina is doing another giveaway this week. This time it’s 16 Gay Romance Series you can win, ranging from new adult, contemporary and paranormal… there might be some bdsm in there too. It’s a lot of books. @[email protected] Peeps, if I’ve counted correctly (my brain is always fried when I wake up) that’s 63 books in all you can win! All you have to do is go over to her page and scroll down to the box with the countdown and sign up to win.

Good luck to all of you! <3

Pretend Like You Mean It (Dreamboat Island Book 4) –$0.99

Struggling actor and not-so-struggling playboy director
Jordan is a lonely actor bossed around by his beautiful but bumbling rich-boy director, Rex. Rex tries to help Jordan get into the role of the leading man in West Side Story. It’s just a stage kiss. And Rex is straight.

Is their fake relationship just an act?
Jordan moonlights as a social escort. Rex wants to pretend to be gay to help his reality TV career. Rex goes way, way overboard with the gay thing. Way overboard. He doesn’t expect the fallout, nor does he expect love.

Pretty, and witty, and gay
Rex’s family is totally not into the gay act. But the production must go on, with some new twists and a nudge from Mayor Zimmer. Rex and Jordan’s love isn’t just an act.

Pretend Like You Mean It is a fake-boyfriend first-time-gay romantic comedy with stage whispers, condiment bottles, sticks rubbing together to make fire, and two gorgeous hunks getting a well-deserved HEA. No cheating, no clifhanger. Can be read as a standalone.

Joy Ride: Gay Menage Paranormal Romance–$0.99

Sometimes All A Guy Needs Is A Bad Boy… Or 2

Cole Hill had always thought that he had it together but the only thing that didn’t make him smile was a dismal love life.

Times they were changing and that was when he was set up with Dan Gray. At first, he didn’t want anything to do with him. That all went out the proverbial window when he saw the rough and edgy Dan. It starts off hot and heavy and things go to the extreme when he meets his best friend, Jett. They never thought that they could have it this good and be able to share their secret with someone other than each other.

Will he be able to see past that one very particular flaw to the heart of both men?