The Dragon Shield Series takes place in a dark world of sorcery and shifters, where characters face painful consequences at the hands of big magic. Fighting a history where people were hunted down and murdered for the very magic they carried inside them, our heroes are jaded and scarred with too many reasons not to act when evil comes knocking.

Book One, Blackthorne, follows Daniel Cross and Mason Blackthorne’s story where Mason needs to convince his long time crush to put the past aside and protect him from the many warlocks that would exploit the dragon living inside him. But Daniel is caught up in the horrors of how his family died and where the Blackthorne family ties into it all. Even if he gives Mason everything the boy asks for, he’s determined to keep his heart free at all costs.

In the world of Dragon Shield, expect sexual tension, inner animals that transform and take over to hunt down their mates, life bonds, complicated relationships, dangerous and violent villains, and the warm flicker of love that can withstand even the darkest of men’s intentions.