The Killer Wardrobe


Ky’s stumble into the wardrobe leads to a confusing discovery; Lovely might just have a boyfriend, or a really possessive coyote stalker. Either way, the wardrobe fiend seems ready to slash Ky a new one until Lovely finally gets the brute under control and behaving the only way the sexy cat boy knows how.

Growing more concerned about just what is going on in his new house, Ky ends up in the basement again, trying to feed the monster he’s certain is chained up in the darkness.

Lovely wants Ky to name him with collar in hand, but the magic is far stronger than first thought, and Ky hears the truth about what happened to Anselm. If they don’t hurry, no one left in the big mansion is going to survive.

18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

10,000+ wrds, Published January 15, 2016.


on July 3, 2016
on March 20, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
on January 26, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition


His nose full of dust, Ky sneezed and immediately smacked his head into his hand. “Ow.” For some reason, he was certain he was in the attic. He didn't have a way to confirm it, everything dark and impossible to see, but something about the smell and dust made him think of the place and the hole hiding all of Anselm's sorcery equipment.

Ky really didn't have a moment to think. Something soft and fluffy rubbed against his bare leg in the utter darkness. He grabbed for it, careful not to yank when he recognized Lovely's tail. The pale boy gave another angry hiss, and Ky quickly reached out, finding a mess of limbs, claws, hot flesh and heaving breath. Grasping tight, he pulled.

Very much not the smartest thing. With a crash, he fell backward, two very solid, muscular bodies toppling on top of him as they all clattered out of the wardrobe door and onto his bedroom floor with a thud. The light was blinding to Ky's addled senses as all the air knocked out of him. Red pain throbbed where he slammed against the hardwood and where the bodies then crashed into him. He groaned weakly, his face full of silky white hair, aches and dull throbbing pain running over nearly every part of his body as he struggled to breathe. God, he was really starting to hate his wardrobe.

While Ky tried to keep the room from spinning, his head giving a stubborn flare of pain where it had hit the floor, Lovely continued to struggle with his attacker. The pale boy's ears were folded back on his head, and he was hissing loudly as he slashed claws behind him, pushing himself off of Ky to keep from crushing the fallen brunette.

Ky watched in a haze, wondering just what a concussion felt like and if maybe he had fallen out of bed and was dreaming the whole thing. Surely that would make more sense than having the pale, beautiful Lovely fight claw to claw with the golden, punkish looking ruffian that was snarling fangs while pushing the slender cat boy down to the ground and kissing him fiercely.

Ky released a weary sigh, his bruised and broken brain clicking something together. Crap.

Lovely had a boyfriend.

A jealous boyfriend that was not happy with him, or, at least, his clothes.

Maybe Lovely had a thing for people in clothing, and the feral, nude thing just couldn't compete? Ky just could not catch a break. Stupid Blackstone Falls had no goddamn options for gay and gorgeous.

Ky tried to get up only to quickly dismiss that ridiculous notion as the room spun again and pain flared everywhere. No, he needed to fix this. He had somehow gotten in the middle of a lovers' quarrel, and given that the two of them had no problem slashing the hell out of each other, he'd feel really bad if they did something they'd regret. Rolling awkwardly to his side, Ky tried not to groan in pain while getting onto his hands and knees. He was all skinned up, an elbow raw, one of his toes having been mangled on the lip of the wardrobe, not to mention the bruising everywhere.

“Please, stop fighting,” he croaked out, wincing at the sound of his voice. No, he wasn't doing well at all. “I didn't know Lovely was spoken for, and... well...”

Wait. Why the hell was he apologizing?

It wasn't like he had even had a chance to see Lovely, never mind ask the boy if he was in a committed relationship. If anything, wasn't the cat boy just a bit of a really bad boyfriend by sleeping around with people that couldn't see in the dark?

Ky shook the thought from his head, then grabbed his skull as it throbbed painfully. “Hey, stop fighting!” He yelled and slammed his hand down on the floor. He was ignored. Lovely kicked the bronze skinned, lithe, muscular boy off of him, and Ky only had a moment to sit back with a plop as the pale boy jumped up and followed after his target.

Lovely had a very pretty set of white wings fluttering on his back, small and petite that flexed when he grabbed the taller boy by his hair. Sharp ears reminiscent of a coyote and glinting gold piercings were revealed between his fingers as Lovely twisted the furry triangles vindictively. Wardrobe guy was in serious trouble, and after what Ky had been through, he wasn't feeling that bad for him at the moment. Given the punkish hairdo of golden blond and purple colored messy locks, as well as his eyebrow rings, long scar running down half his face, and permanent snarl, the jerk was probably asking for trouble.

Wardrobe guy's wings weren't white, they were black and feathery, making Ky wonder just what the hell both of the boys were. Because as cat-like as Lovely was, and as coyote-like as this guy was, the wings just didn't really make much sense.

Then again, nothing was making a lot of sense lately.

What Ky had first thought were just growls and snarls were starting to form a pattern that made him think the two were having quite the argument in their respective language. His suspicions were growing as Lovely began to point in his direction while hissing heatedly and wrenching one of the tanned guy's ears. Ky flinched when the new boy's gaze met his, his eyes a startling gold with pinprick pupils full of malice.

Feral. The thing was absolutely feral and totally hated him.

As if to prove his point, the muscular boy swiftly grabbed Lovely around the waist, pushed him down to the floor and bit him on the back of his neck. Lovely gave a loud cry, trying to push back up, only to have the coyote boy pin him down with his larger body.

“Leave him alone!” Ky yelped, stumbling forward on his knees only to stop short when Feral glared up at him and growled, his teeth still buried in Lovely's neck. Ky gulped, hating that he was hesitating, but knowing the creature could totally tear him to pieces, and given that glare, would be happy to do it.

“Ky,” Lovely gasped out, reaching his clawed hand forward, long strands of his white hair tangled around his arm.

Ky had already had his face nearly slashed off, had fallen into a bottomless pit of a wardrobe, and then been crushed by two fighting creatures—And he had just gotten out of bed. He would deal with the beating the fucking wardrobe creature wanted to give him.

“Lovely, I'm right here.” With a defiant glare into Feral's golden eyes, he reached for Lovely's hand. Only to gasp, the pale boy pulling him down roughly to the floor, Ky's chin burning as it scraped painfully.

“Oww,” he groaned petulantly. No, it was not a good day.

His eyes cracking open, he came face to face with Lovely's mismatched gaze of blue and violet. “Lovely, that totally hurt...” he trailed off, the pale boy cupping him by the head and pulling his face closer, tongue licking out to move over the wound on his chin. Ky released an unsteady breath, his body suddenly feeling like a hot, melted puddle of goo as Lovely's tongue teased up, slid over his lips, and slipped between them firmly.

Eyes fluttering shut, Ky pressed closer, his mouth opening eagerly, lips sealing with Lovely's as the cat boy curled fingers into his dark hair and kissed him deeply.

There was a fierce growl, Ky immediately snapping his eyes open, somehow having managed to forget Lovely's very angry boyfriend glaring down at him.

Well... He was assuming his boyfriend. They fought like they damn well might be dating, and the kissing might be a sign and all. But maybe the wardrobe guy was just a jerk that thought he should be allowed to kiss Lovely, and not actually his boyfriend?

There was no way Ky could win a fight against this weird, brutish creature for Lovely's affection. But if he waited until Feral went back into the wardrobe, he could totally get a big padlock and chain and lock the jerk in there. That thought hot in his mind, he dared to meet the golden glare burning into him.

Even though he had a scar running from his eyebrow all the way down to his jaw, Feral was actually really hot. Not in an aristocratic way like Lovely, but more like some sort of model turned street thug with his heavy eyebrows, dangerous sharp eyes and full red lips that would likely look a lot nicer if the boy wasn't snarling. What the hell was the guy's problem, seriously? Was he, like, living in the damn wardrobe?

Ky was having a bit of difficulty concentrating no matter how mean Feral's snarl was; Lovely's tongue again lapped over his face and teased against his lips.

“Lovely, uh, I don't think this is the right time... for... Oh. Okay.” There was just something about Lovely that made him really dizzy. Ky gasped softly when he was pulled closer, claws tickling the back of his head as the beautiful boy lapped between his lips and stroked his tongue and the roof of his mouth. Ky barely noticed the hand slamming down right next to his face, but he did notice when Lovely pulled away to grab the offending wrist, otherworldly eyes glowing anger as he glared up at the tanned boy.

Ky could not understand the exchange of words, just that even though Lovely was shorter and delicate in appearance, he definitely looked like he was more than capable of slashing the other boy to ribbons. Ky bit his lip, his eyes drawn to the pale boy's razor sharp fangs and narrowed eyes—Yeah, Lovely was a badass, no matter how pretty he was. It sent a flutter through his stomach, and he wasn't sure if it was a good feeling or a bad one. Feral gave another low growl and turned his glare back to Ky, who tried his best not to flinch.

“Stop being so mean,” Ky muttered, his chin pointing out defiantly as he struggled to push himself up from the ground. “I haven't done a damn thing to you...” Feral slammed his other hand down, Ky yelping before he could stop from cringing away. “Asshole.”

Another hiss from Lovely and suddenly Feral was being dragged down, and his head slammed tight against the floor. Ky hesitated from his painful escape, unable to take his eyes off of the cat boy as he effortlessly pinned Feral. Yeah, Lovely was really hot when he was angry. Ky bit at his thumb as he watched the two growl in their angry language at each other. Lovely was really strong, his muscles long and graceful, nude body so sleek and smooth. Even his strange ears and tail were sexy—claws, fangs, wings and all. Lovely definitely wasn't human, neither boy was, but wow, they were both sexy.

Ky wasn't sure what changed exactly since he was unable to understand what either boy was saying. But something in the timbre of Lovely's voice and the way Feral's glare turned smoldering made Ky swallow hard and his face heat up. Lovely ran his tongue out over the tanned boy's scar, purring in his ear. With a growl, Feral twisted, pinning the pale boy again. Moaning, Lovely was pushed face first down to the floor while the larger boy nipped at his shoulders and neck ravenously.

He should probably go... Really. Clearly Lovely wasn't as adverse to being kissed by the coyote as Ky had hoped. But he couldn't seem to get himself to move; instead, he bit the side of his thumb tighter as he watched Lovely gasp and arch his ass up in the air, his elegant tail wrapping around Feral's thigh to pull him down on top of him.

Feral had strong looking hands, large, rough, and when he ran them over Lovely's pale skin, part of Ky wanted to know what they would feel like on him. Stupid—Feral had slashed his face and had been an absolute menace. But there was something in the way he was just so possessive, so consuming and rough in his touch that made Ky's breath grow short, his mouth dry to think what it would feel like to have such attention of his own. Lovely was definitely enjoying it, the cat boy moaning lowly as he shifted his hips and ground back against Feral's hard dick with rocking pushes.

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