Magnificent Night


Terrified his parents may already be dead, Ky faces the basement a final time, finding something he never would have expected in the dark depths.

By binding himself to his new master, Lovely has woken magic in Ky, magic that can allow him to banish evil with the right spell. But Ky is new to power and time has run out when Anselm’s killer walks through the front door looking for a feast of demon and sorcerer flesh.

Lovely and Feral are willing to fight for as long as they can, but if Lovely dies, Ky could too. It’s going to take all of Ky’s bravery and strong heart to defeat this cannibalistic monster, and he might have to sacrifice his parents to do it.

18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

20,000+ wrds, Published January 15, 2016.


on March 20, 2017
on January 26, 2017
on January 21, 2016


“Now look; you've woken him.” Bare feet padded softly on the floor. Lovely knelt onto the bed, bending over Ky and gently tracing his features. “Go back to sleep, sweet boy. You need to rest.”

“Lovely... Lovely, the basement,” Ky mumbled, finally getting his eyes to open. “There... There's someone trapped down there.”

Brows furrowing, Lovely shook his head. “No, Ky.”

“What does the little whelp want?” Feral grumbled, glaring down from behind Lovely's shoulder.

“He thinks there's someone in the basement.” Lovely shrugged, combing through the brunette's hair while Ky fought to keep his eyes open. “He's muddled. He needs to rest.”

But Ky was certain. He had known when Lovely and Feral had been there even though his rational mind had told him otherwise. He knew there was someone in the basement. Under the rot, under the blood, there was someone sad and afraid. “Please... Please, help me up. I need... I need to get to them.”

Feral snarled, his ears flattening back. “Like I'd ever leave this frrrling room? He must think we're as dumb as he is.”

“Shut up,” Lovely hissed, shoving the coyote boy away. “Ky, no. They're dead.”

“Thornes, leave the boy. You're wasting—”

“Thornes?” Ky repeated, his eyelids heavy as he looked up into Lovely's mismatched gaze. “Is that your name?”

Feral was suddenly growling down at him, his golden eyes piercing inches from his own. “Can he understand us? Can this blasted frrling understand us now?”

Grabbing Feral by his thick, golden hair, Lovely pulled him away roughly. With a wary look, he bent closer to Ky, speaking slowly but steadily. “Thornes is a nickname of my given name. Where I'm from, our names have three parts to indicate our lineage.”

“Oh.” Ky licked his lips, blinking slowly. “So where are you from?”

Feral, who had been listening, made to grab Lovely, only to have the pale boy stop him with a glare. “He understands us, Thornes! He's some sort of—Rrrl! You just bonded to a damn... a damn abomination!”

“So help me, Redeless, you will shut your mouth or I will throw you out that bedroom door and finally be done with you for good!” Lovely promised with a low growl. Feral glared back but closed his mouth, his growl rumbling in his chest.

“Lovely... don't fight,” Ky whispered, the darkness stealing the energy he was holding onto desperately. “I need to help the other... the one in the basement.”

“He's dead, kid. They're all dead. Damn, the boy is frrrling annoying,” Feral snapped.

“No... no, he's alive. Could hear him move... I'm so tired,” Ky mumbled, his eyes closing in a blink that was threatening to never end. “Why... so tired?”

“Hush.” Glaring a final warning at Feral, Lovely leaned down and pushed Ky's hair from his face with a soft smile. “Your magic is waking, that's all. You've been bonded to a demon, a very strong one. It's a deep bond and it will tie magic into your flesh in ways most humans don't get to experience. It will make you tired now, but soon you will feel stronger. Powerful. I would never do anything to hurt you, Ky, I promise.”

Ky nodded, having known that all along. Lovely was wonderful and he would never hurt him. “You're very beautiful for a demon. Very nice... I didn't know demons were nice.”

“It's what they call us, sweet boy. The humans and the sorcerers. We can do things they can't, so they call us demons and monsters.”

“But you're not,” Ky insisted quietly, his eyes finally opening again.

“No, we're not. We're Relics. We come from a place far away from here. We used to live with our families, with our tribes and clans in our realm. We're just people that can do things you humans can't. Just... well, some humans figured out how to summon us from our homes. They used a magic that allowed them to tie us to them so that they could live long and use magic as we do.”

“Oh...” Ky was extremely tired. He wanted to know everything, wanted to listen to everything Lovely was saying, but it was just so hard to focus. “Don't you... Wouldn't you rather go back home? It's an okay room, but... but you've been here for years... and you eat rats. Why don't you go home, Lovely?”

Smiling wanly, Lovely leaned down and kissed Ky gently on the mouth. “You are a very sweet boy, and I'm glad I met you.” He sat back, covering his hand over the brunette's brow. “Close your eyes. I will teach you a spell, a vital one when you wake up. You're going to need all your strength, Ky. The new moon is approaching, and I need you strong.”

Ky nodded sleepily. “I'd do anything for you, Lovely... Anything.”

“Then rest. Let your magic grow strong.” Lovely sighed, his fingers moving over the heavy black collar around his neck. “I'm a very strong Relic. I was one of the jewels of Anselm's collection. If... If I had bonded with him the way I did you, perhaps he would be here now.”

Something niggled in the back of Ky's mind, pushing through the sleep pulling him down. “But the basement... there's someone that needs help.”

Lovely shook his head. “They're all dead. We are the only two left of Anselm's collection. There was one that had held out for the longest time. Much older and stronger than I, maybe stronger than the demented creature that hunted us down. But we were all weakened when our master fell, confused, afraid. She drained him dead last month. His life force is gone.”

“Drained...” Ky knew he was wrong. He just needed to be able to move to prove it. “Are you hungry? I need... I need to feed you so you don't... don't eat all the rats.”

Feral snorted behind Lovely but didn't comment otherwise. “We don't need to eat, Ky. Demons feed off of energy. Food tastes fine enough, but it's the life force of our food that strengthens us. We prefer living food; blood, saliva, semen, sweat. Every time I kiss you, I grow stronger, my sweet. Now please, you must sleep.” A thrumming purr filled the air as Lovely bent down to press lips to Ky's forehead.

Ky nodded again, his body relaxing further into the mattress. “He was scared... So afraid.”

Huffing, Feral grumbled lowly. “Worry about yourself, whelp. The wards in this room have kept the bitch out for years, but there's no blocking the wardrobe. When she returns, she's going to kill us all, likely starting with your defenseless parents.”

The words filled the darkness of his mind. Ky was asleep before he could feel them fully, lulled by Lovely's calming purr.

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