Obsession Series

One home invasion changes everything. The Wright family—single father Kyle and his only son Joshua—is thrown into turmoil. Joshua, who has been harboring secret, dark feelings for his father, can’t seem to go forward anymore without knowing Kyle is there for him in all ways, no matter the psychological strain it puts on Kyle. The boundaries of love and family are tested, and threaten to break at any moment.

When Nick, the degenerate gunman, starts stalking Kyle at work, the family realizes their ordeal is not over. Nick’s behavior grows more and more unhinged, as does Joshua, who is drawn into the thief’s twisted affection. It’s nothing to get Joshua alone once he’s back at school, and when his son disappears from campus, Kyle knows who to blame.

Kyle must find out the reason for Nick’s obsession and save his son before Joshua is ruined on a level there is no coming back from. Unfortunately, the clues are scarce, and the only way to get Joshua back is to submit completely to the madman.

Home Invasion
Obsession: Book 1

When an intruder breaks into their house with a gun, Joshua, and his father Kyle are forced into a series of depraved acts by a deranged man that demands submission. Kyle will do anything to protect his son, but he can’t help but notice that Joshy seems more than eager to do everything the armed thief tells him, just as long as his father is involved.
XXX 25,000+ wrds, contemporary, forced to fuck, father/son, incest, straight to gay. Published: January 15, 2017

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