My Secret Bronicorn One

Skylar Stormcloud
My Secret Bronicorn: Episode One

Josh has never met anyone like Skylar with his rainbow nail polish, blue and pink dyed hair, and big attitude. He’s crushing hard and will do anything to get close to his new classmate, even feed him sugar cubes. That is if Skylar doesn’t slug him for trying.

Skylar is new to Earth, new to people, and doesn’t know how to get along with humans. His best friend is a sorcerer determined to drive him crazy. Meeting Josh sparks something unexpected in Sky, something he never expected to feel for a mere human. Something that is usually saved for a herd of stallions.

Skylar might just be falling for Josh, a complication he couldn’t forsee. Can a flying unicorn shifter have a boyfriend and still keep his herd too?

Disclaimer: 18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, rainbow glitter, and themes of breeding, male harems, and sex between multiple men. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

14,000+ wrds, Published April 15, 2017.

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