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Feminization, dubcon, noncon

Guy cross dressing in roommates things is discovered by her boyfriend. Boyfriend threatens to blackmail him, tell all about his dirty secret unless he lets him touch him, has him on his knees, sucking him off.

Embarrassed, aroused, mc knows he would have done anything in that moment if the other had asked. But he hadn’t. He had left, telling him to stop fucking around with his gf’s things.

The gf and bf at the apartment together, how fucked up they are. The over drinking she does, the fights, the way she passes out most nights. It’s a week later and they’ve come back from a party where she’s made an ass of herself. The Bf is pissed. Puts her to bed. Mc who is watching tv in the livingroom, gets nervous when the bf sits next to him. They hadn’t talked about it but now that he’s there, biceps, angry, filling the space with his presense, he’s impossible to ignore.

I got something for you.


Giving him a long side look, he gets up with his beer and goes to where he left his jacket, pulling out a plastic bag. Tosses it to mc. Mc opens it, his face going red, heart stuttering in his throat.

Thought that color would be better on you. Pastells really aren’t your thing. Black though… black suits you.

Mc raises his gaze from the lingere, only to get caught in bf’s glare. Thank you.

You should try them on. Make sure they fit.

His heart racing, he nods slowly. Licks his lips and gets up, heading for the bedroom. Bf snags his hand as he passes, mc freezing.

Wear that hot wig. It really suits you.

He had gotten a new one even though he had been too nervous to wear it, too afraid that bf might turn on him and his secret would get out.

Dresses alone, unbearably hard, his mind oddly calm as he puts on the makeup. Pigtails, gothy makeup. Bf knocks on the door.


Can I see?

Steps over, opneing the door, finding him leaning heavily on the frame, beer nearly gone. Bf’s eyes sear into him, moving down his body, drinking him in, lingering on his hard dick jutting from the panties. Black definitely suits you.

It’s beautiful, mc whispers, his fingers teasing at the underwear, bf’s eyes again drawn down to his leeking cock.

Do you have shoes?

Biting his lip, mc nods. He turns, stilling as bf’s hot hand moves over his ass, fingers slowly flattening down the twist in his underwear.

Boots, stilleto, zipping them up while he sits on the bed. Bf is still watching from the doorway, as if afraid to step in too close. He’s half relieved. The man just did something to him, overwhelmed, made his dizzy and feel wild until he couldn’t trust himself.

Your boyfriend going to get upset about this?


Me buying you clothes.

I… I don’t have a boyfriend.

Then your girlfriend. It’ll probably piss her off, right?

Blushing red, he shakes his head, the silky strands covering his ducked face. “I’m not seeing anyone.” Hears bf move, hears the door shut and assumes he’s gone. Except when he looks up, he’s there, leaning on the closed door, eyes blazing as they take him in.

You’re lying. A smoking hot freak like you is single?

Uncertain, his gaze slips to the side. Could you not call me a freak?

Fuck, sure. Apologetic. What do you want me to call you?

Leans back on his arms, daring to glance up at bf through bangs. The man was staring at his cock again, his eyes moving up his bare body, down his thighs and legs, but always coming back to his dick. It made his heart race all the more. My name is fine.

You don’t have a chick name?

Thinks about it, shrugging. I’m not a different person just because I dress like this.

What about ___? It could be a nickname for your real name and it’s still kind of girly.

I’m not a girl.

Do you want to be?


But you like to dress like one.



Licks lips. I like looking pretty. I like… I like being looked at and knowing men think I’m pretty.

You’re beyond pretty. You’re the sexiest, most gorgeous person I know. Guy or girl.

Blushes, his gaze growing bolder as he looks up through bangs again. Thank you.

Bf pushes himself from the door, leaving his bottle on the dresser. So, you like men?


His fingers fiddle with the mouth of the bottle before turning back towards him and slowly crossing the distance. MC, about what happened last time…

Nervous, hot, half of him wanting to run, watches him approach, feeling trapped, the room small with him there. Yeah.

I don’t think you’re a freak.


I, uh, probably shouldn’t have… trails off, eyes sliding down to mc’s cock again. I can make it up to you.

Yeah? His breath is so shallow, he’s half afraid he’s going to faint.

Sure. Bf stops, standing in front of mc’s legs. Gently parts them, mc’s breath hitching, eyes going wide as bf kneels between his stilleto boots. Bf is suddenly beneath his eye level and he has never been so turned on in his entire life.

Have you ever…?

No. Glances down, his hand moving up mc’s smooth thigh, thumb gently pulling down the lace material of his thong panties. I owe you, though. It’s only fair.

He could see the want in bf’s eyes, the way he licks his lips in anticipation.

Bf sucks him off, hesitant, exploring, gentle, so sloppy and dirty as he really gets into it, glancing up from time to time. The power MC feels that his beauty has this guy on his fucking knees, sucking his first dick. Mc is losing it, the man never holding his suction long enough, always bringing him to the edge just to back off. At first he thinks it’s from inexperience but then realizes that’s it’s on purpose, the man clearly trying to drive him fucking crazy as their eyes meet. Wraps fingers in his hair, tugging hard, bf groaning.

The knowledge is too much with the eye contact and he comes, bf choking in surprise, half the cum dribbling down his lips and chin. He goes to wipe it away and mc grabs his hand.

Slides down the bed, landing on his knees with the side of the matress behind him as he licks his tongue out, cleaning the cum from his chin. Bf’s moan is gutteral, crazed, his hands finding his hips and pulling him up tight so that he can feel just how hard he is.


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