Chapter 12

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Chapter Twelve


Do not make me get you.

“Nanna, I’m sleeping,” Devlan grumbled, burying his head under the pillow he had only just touched upon. It was sunrise, the light of dawn threatening to spill in through his heavily curtained windows at any moment. All he wanted to do was close his eyes and sleep.

We’re all tired, boy, but for some reason, the fool that is calling does not seem to care that he’s interrupting the clan’s rest. The boy is damn powerful and obnoxiously persistent. Lady Jaha did not look tired, for all her complaints. Ancient, powerful, and the leader of Devlan’s adoptive clan, she rarely looked tired no matter what time of day it was. It was part of her elven allure, her ability innate and so powerful that she likely couldn’t look anything but perfect even in the midst of battle. It probably didn’t hurt that she was seen only through Devlan’s inner eye, her visage of perfection reaching out through their mental connection. She could have been covered in a mud bath for all he knew.

Although his adoptive grandmother appeared lovely, she was clearly not feeling so, her ire palpable even as Devlan’s heavy eyelids drooped. Devlan, the boy is calling for you alone. Get up and deal with this before he shakes the temple down with his power.

Groaning miserably, he pushed the pillow from his head, his dark hair spraying out in a spiky mess. “Who is it? What bastard is porting in a call at this disgusting hour? Nanna?” He pushed himself off the bed, dressed only in the pair of black jeans he had been too tired to remove. He could feel the exhaustion in his limbs, formed not only from the late hour but from the fact that he hadn’t fed in days. Rubbing his red-rimmed eyes, he turned unsteadily, flinging spells at the mirror on the wall he used for communicating.

The community portal, Dev. He’s lighting up the entire temple, insisting on a warded connection.

“For the love of—Nanna, who is it? Tell me, so I can kill the stupid fucker.” The temple was in the middle of the damn woods and there was no teleporting while on clan grounds. That meant five minutes in the morning light at the very least.

The hum in his head from his grandmother’s disapproval of his foul language did little for his nerves. Growling under his breath, Devlan grabbed his sunglasses and slammed out his bedroom door, his bare feet slapping on the stone floor.

It had to be Hierarchy related. Probably one of those sick, creepy old masters looking to get him to apprentice for them. They were all just fucking drooling to get their hands on an incubus, especially one with his pedigree. Devlan had spent his entire weekend dodging the gross fucks—Well, that and checking out his hunting prospects. Not much about the Hierarchy interested him besides the beautiful, healthy bodies that populated the place.

It hadn’t all been bad. One rather angry-eyed boy had made it nearly fucking interesting.

He growled louder as he opened the outside door and the heat of the morning sun hit him. Annoying as it was, it did little to push the thought of Evanel Reed out of his mind. A week later and the blond was haunting him. Every time he went to feed, the boy’s face flashed in his mind’s eye. It was misery.

“Should have fucked the kid,” he muttered under his breath. He raised his hands to block the spaces around his eyes the sunglasses didn’t cover while stepping surefooted down the worn dirt path that led to the temple. “Should have fucked him, dumped him, and I would have been done with this stupid shit a week ago.”

He was pretty sure he hated the angry-eyed thing. He was pretty sure if he saw the kid again, he’d beat the crap out of him for fucking up his life the way he had.

The trees thickened, brush catching at his feet the closer he got to the clan temple. It was perpetual summer in the center of the grounds, spells erected years ago when his clan had laid claim to the land. Devlan had been adopted by a band of elves that had parted ways from the Arc Fault long before the schism between incubus and elf had occurred. Although the Regents would like to have everyone believe different, there wasn’t much difference between elf and incubus when it came to the basics. The Greenlaude Clan was still nocturnal, still found peace in nature, and still respected the balance of all fae. They had a special ability that not all elves shared. In the Greenlaude Clan’s case, the power to heal living flesh. Sex was as important to them as any other life-giving energy and they celebrated it as such. There had never been an awkwardness when Devlan’s ability to consume milk had changed to the need for sexual energy. In many ways, he could have been living with a clan of incubi if not for the fact that although the Greenlaude elves could feed off of sex, they could also feed off of other energies including solid foods. Not once had Lady Jaha’s people ever made Devlan feel less for being an incubus.

Although Devlan had never had to fear a cruel word from any of his adoptive clan, he had heard plenty from their abundant cousins that lived in the area. The other elf clans weren’t invited much to their land. Lady Jaha had too much respect for the old ways to let such beings come in and cause trouble. It had yet to stop Devlan from slipping away to taunt the annoying, long-eared bastards when the mood struck.

It had been striking a lot lately. The haughty elf still smelling fresh of the Arc Fault he had crossed at the Hierarchy had burned a resentment in him that Devlan could not seem to let go of. Suggesting that he had attacked Evan—That he couldn’t control himself. No one could understand just how much control he had used to keep from jumping the blond the moment he had first seen him.

By the many gods, he hated Evanel Reed.

The temple was empty when he entered, the coolness of the stone and dark wrapping around him like an embrace. He had no need to remove shoes he wasn’t wearing, and the area by the door for footwear was void to show he was indeed alone in the temple at such an early hour. Devlan paused in the doorway, removing his sunglasses and bending to kiss the crest of his adoptive clan that was emblazoned in the entry.

The fae god, Surgens, had birthed the Greenlaude elves. Devlan loved him as much as he did the people that had given him a home when he had lost his own. He still held his own clan’s goddess, Caedis, close to his heart even if he was the last of her descendants. While many in a clan had one fae god to seek guidance from, Devlan could say he had two. Whether they had been able to help him from his many nights of lost wanderings, he had yet to see, but he was at least grateful to not be completely unattached in the spiritual world.

The cool air prickled on his bare chest as he descended the stone stairs to where the temple saturated in the energies of the earth. He had been avoiding the quiet place since having returned from the Hierarchy. There had been too much going on in his mind—was still too much—and he had always found the place too silent to ignore his thoughts. There was too much he would rather not face at the moment. Thankfully, Vesper Malice was not currently on that list.

“Seriously, Malice? Do you even know what fucking time it is?”

Vesper raised a brow, sucking down half his cigarette in silence. He was dressed in a black cloak and if Devlan wasn’t too tired to question it, he might think that the boy had set up one of the most elaborate shielding spells he had seen outside of the Hierarchy. He had even gone so far as to shield his room from his view so that if anyone stepped by, they wouldn’t be able to recognize any landmarks to find the boy. Vesper appeared from chest up in the huge mirror, thankfully at normal size and at his eye level; it was too early for Devlan to be able to handle the kinds of theatrics people could do when they felt like fucking around with a portal.

The blond’s ice-blue eyes fixed on him and Vesper finally spoke. “You look like shit. Have you been feeding at all?”

Devlan scowled. “It’s fucking dawn.”

Vesper was unaffected, his gaze still assessing the angry incubus. “This is serious, Devlan. I need to know you’re not going to end up dead anytime soon. What the hell is wrong with you?” He asked, sweeping his long hair aside. “Why are you so pale? Why aren’t you eating?”

The kid was lucky he was on the other side of the portal, or Devlan would have beaten the crap out of him. “What the fuck do you want, Malice? I haven’t seen your ass in a week—and a fucking year before that—and this is your way of saying hello? Do you realize what time it is? I’m a fucking incubus, dickwad. The rising sun is like our damn signal to fall asleep!”

Vesper had another drag of his cigarette while Devlan fumed. “Sorry. I had to make sure your Clan wouldn’t listen in.”

“If you had just ported the call to my personal mirror—”

“It’s not safe,” Vesper said abruptly, his eyes glancing aside to something Devlan couldn’t see. “I need a secure portal for this. I need your help.”

Devlan fought and failed to hold back an exasperated groan. “What, like right fucking now?”

Glaring, Vesper held up his hand in a silencing gesture. “Just listen. Please. I don’t have a lot of time.”

“Oh, you don’t have fucking time?” Grumbling, Devlan crossed his arms over his chest. When Vesper didn’t speak he looked up, waving his hand. “Well? Hurry the fuck up. I want to go back to bed.” It didn’t help that the blond was fucking hot and he hadn’t fed in so long that he had apparently gotten to the point of considering holier than thou death-bait as attractive.

Now that he had Devlan there, Vesper didn’t seem to know where to begin. He had another nervous hit of his cigarette, the smoke curling around him obscuring his features for a moment. “No names,” he finally started. “You’ll understand once I’m done. That interesting and rather angry party we both have a stake in… I have reason to believe he’s in danger. Soon to be dead kind of danger.”

Stilling, Devlan closed his eyes and nodded once in understanding.

“I would really like that to be different,” Vesper said quietly, his voice full of an intensity not heard before. “My current situation is too difficult. There is no way I can make a move. You don’t have that problem. If you could just remove this particular individual from his less than secure location…” he trailed off, Devlan exhaling heavily.

“Has he come to you for help?”

Vesper’s eyes sharpened and he shook his head curtly. “We haven’t had contact. He won’t know. There is no way he can protect himself from…” he struggled to find a word, eventually just turning and pulling down his cloak until the top of his tattoo was exposed to the incubus’ eyes.

“Fucker.” Growling lowly, Devlan whirled, pacing the length of the temple room the portal hung in. Vesper watched him in silence, his expression reflecting the weight of what he was asking from the boy.

Combing his fingers roughly through his dark locks, Devlan stepped back in front of the large mirror. “When?” He asked, his voice void of emotion.

Eying him warily, Vesper crushed what was left of his cigarette between his fingers. “I don’t know. I don’t know how much information has gotten out.”

“But you’re certain?” Devlan pressed, trying to ignore the swirl of dread in the pit of his stomach.

His gaze again drifting to the side, Vesper suddenly waved his hand, the image of the portal changing. A scene could be seen above the blond’s form of two slender, horned boys huddled together on an elegant loveseat. “This was given to me on my return,” Vesper explained delicately. “They are an allowance with the intent to remind me of what is not permitted.”

Staring up at the two demon slaves, Devlan’s frown only grew. “You perceive this to be a threat on him?”

“Fuck, yes.” Vesper waved his hand again, the scene disappearing. He leaned closer, glaring at Devlan. “What exactly would you perceive a gift of two sex slaves to mean?”

“From anyone else, a fucking awesome time,” Devlan snapped, his dread only building. Vesper’s demon master knew the boy was interested in someone at the Hierarchy and was probably searching for the culprit as they spoke. There was no way Evan wouldn’t be found.

“Your clan has a history,” Vesper continued. “Abilities and brutality that no one could match. A royal incubus—”

“My clan is peace loving and elven, Malice,” Devlan interrupted sharply. “The Black Lustre are dead and I am a poor consolation. If you think that I alone can go to war to protect one boy…” He exhaled heavily, pushing his bangs back. “You should have tried Asher.”

“Asher would gnaw off his own fucking foot before raising a hand to help another,” Vesper said lowly, his eyes burning. “Do you really think you’re safe from this, Devlan? Do you think HE is going to give a fuck that you aren’t interested in me?” He summoned the image of the two purple haired demons again, pointing to them both. “Count them, you dumbass. You get it now?”

Realizing what Vesper was getting at, Devlan spun, swearing loudly. “For the love of—Malice! Come one, why are you fucking up my fucking life?”

Vesper didn’t respond, instead pulling out another cigarette and moodily placing it between his lips. He lit the stick with a spark of magic, his gaze again returning to the angry incubus. “Sorry that this is so inconvenient for you. Now get it the fuck together and get him out of there—And seriously, go get laid already. What the hell are you doing to yourself?”

“What am I doing to myself? The question is, what the hell did he do to me!” Stomping up to the portal, Devlan poked the solid glass, glaring into Vesper’s eyes, only to sway dizzily. “I can’t feed. Every time I try, I see his fucking face. Nothing tastes the same now. Nothing is appealing since I kissed him. He’s cursed me or some shit and no matter what I do, I can’t break free.”

“Goddess, get it the fuck together.” Rolling his eyes, Vesper tapped on his side of the portal, Devlan blinking since the boy did it at eye level. “So you’re in love with the kid. All the more reason to save his ass and your own, while you’re at it.”

Devlan scowled. “I’m not in love. He cursed me.”

Vesper gave a sardonic smirk, smoke floating up around him. “Yeah? The kid that couldn’t cast a spell to save his life up and cursed you? That must have been one magical blowjob.”

“You’re such an asshole,” Devlan muttered, grinning despite himself while leaning on the glass. “You have yourself a nice time watching?” His eyes slid down to Vesper’s shoulders, focusing on the body that was hidden by the shielding spell right before him. “I’ve been wondering something, Malice, ever since I heard about your forced celibacy. Does that fucker get jealous of your hand? You have two really sexy hands and I’m sure they are all over your hot body every chance you get.”

His eyes narrowing, Vesper took the cigarette from his mouth. “When was the last time you actually fed?”

“You were there for it, dragon boy,” Devlan snapped, but less harshly this time. He couldn’t stop staring at the blond’s mouth—Annoying as fuck, given that Vesper was basically telling him his stupid-ass demon master was going to be looking to kill him.

“How the fuck are you even standing? I’ve never known an incubus to go longer than two days,” Vesper said, looking the boy up and down curiously. “You must be fifty kinds of desperate right now.”

“I’m telling you, that kid fucked me up. I’m going to starve to death,” Devlan grumbled, resting his face on the cool glass of the mirror. His lashes fluttering open, he added softly. “Let me see your hands.”

Shrugging, Vesper touched one of his hands to the glass. Devlan rolled his head towards it, sighing as pale fingers and a warm palm filled his vision. “Looking at you is such a tease, Malice. What a fucking waste of strength and beauty. The things I could have done to you.” He pressed his lips to the glass, sliding his tongue out over the cool surface where the blond’s palm rested.

“You’re seriously losing it. You need to feed before you fall into a coma.” His gaze assessing, Vesper placed his cigarette between his lips, his other hand reaching for the silver clasp of his robe. With sure fingers, he had the dark material sliding down his broad shoulders. Devlan watched intently, frowning when he found a t-shirt hiding most of the blond’s visible body from sight.

“I’ll make a deal with you, Devlan.” Vesper waved his hand down the front of the mirror, the shielding spell dispersing from his form. He was dressed in a pair of deep, blood red leather pants and a white t-shirt, the crimson color making his flesh seem even brighter in comparison. “I’ll save your starving ass if you take the energy I give you and put it towards protecting him. And don’t you give me some bullshit about peace-loving, tree-hugging, elven shit. I remember the last time we fought; I lost two of my baby teeth to you.”

“That was a long time ago and those fangs of yours still sliced the fuck out of my fist,” Devlan whispered, unable to turn away even though he wanted to. Vesper Malice was far more dangerous than any other being he had come across. It didn’t matter how hot the boy was, Devlan’s sense of self-preservation told him to stay the fuck away. Unfortunately, he was also very hungry and hadn’t been able to fight whatever compulsion was holding him back from feeding. It wasn’t love—Incubi didn’t get lovesick like some weak, fae race. If it was love, he’d be hornier, wanting to prove his sexual prowess and ability to protect his mate.

Devlan made a noise in the back of his throat when Vesper pulled his shirt up over his head, revealing an expanse of ice-snow flesh and rippling muscle. “Damn it, Malice. Is this going to get me killed?” He pressed harder against the glass, wishing he could port to the boy and so grateful that he couldn’t at the same time. Vesper was death. Beautiful, beautiful death.

“No more than what happened at the Hierarchy… I think.” Vesper paused, leaning his forehead against the glass where Devlan was resting so he could whisper in his ear. “My energy might mark you in some way. Either to me or to…” he trailed off, his gaze moving to his own hand for a moment. “If I could do this on my own, I would. As it is, I think you should warn the others that were there that morning—Who knows what the hellspawn has told him. Gilda, Asher, Corinth; you could all be in danger.”

Considering a moment, Devlan nodded his head at Vesper’s pants. “If we’re doing this, I want to see all of you.”

Sighing, Vesper glanced behind him. “Seriously?”

“Definitely.” Devlan had to wonder just what Vesper was blocking from his view. The boy would have had to be an idiot to be using some public portal for such a dangerous conversation and he had never thought of Vesper as dumb. “Full frontal. And I want you hard; energy means shit to me without that underlying pulse of sex.”

His eyes narrowed, Vesper took a final drag of his cigarette, then threw it to the ground. He bent to remove his boots, tossing them aside carelessly along with his socks. “I assume you’re expecting some sort of a show?”

Devlan grinned. “I wouldn’t say no to one. It would be nice to see what those sexy hands of yours can do. And something tells me this is the most action you’ve gotten in a while.”

His tongue licking one of his fangs, Vesper shrugged in agreement and unbuckled his belt. “Just keep the stupid comments down to a minimum. It’s a little difficult to focus right now.”

“Where are you?” Devlan blinked, his eyes focusing on a snowflake as it drifted into Vesper’s hair. “Is it snowing?”

“What did I say about stupid comments?”

Feeling decidedly tired, Devlan internally wondered if Vesper stripping and jacking off in the snow was a stupid question or not. Eventually, he decided it was really up to Vesper, seeing as it was the blond that was dealing with the harsh conditions, not him.

“Fuck.” Devlan whistled softly when the boy’s pants finally came off. He had always suspected that Malice was hiding something worth seeking under his array of leather and kilts. He just hadn’t expected it to be quite so large. “You sure you don’t have any incubus in you?”

After kicking off his pants, Vesper looked down to where Devlan was blatantly admiring his soft dick. “I’m sure, Devlan,” he muttered, rolling his eyes and grabbing his shaft, stroking it deliberately to hardness.

“Cus I’d be happy to put some incubus in you,” the brunette finished, grinning wickedly as he slid down the mirror, licking the surface and Vesper’s reflection.

“You are seriously making this difficult,” Vesper said with a sigh, his eyes straying down to where Devlan was kneeling and pretending to lick his cock and balls. Only to tilt his head, smirking slightly. “Actually, this might work. Look sexy and shut up a sec.”

Devlan had never actually been interested in something like portal sex. Considering his ability to dream hunt and lure in real life, it was much easier to just fuck his prey the proper way. But there was something decidedly interesting about watching Vesper Malice touch himself like the boy was just a window pane away, being able to see everything but knowing he could never touch. It very much suited the blond’s fucked up situation.

Devlan licked the mirror again, groaning when Vesper pressed forward on his own side, the flushed head of his cock grinding against the glass. “Fucking tease,” he muttered, peering up to find the blond grinning down shamelessly at him. The boy was fucking gorgeous from head to toe and Devlan was definitely reconsidering his stance on not fucking the toys of the demonic and jealous. “Pinch your nipples. Show me how much pain you like.”

His gaze growing darker, Vesper reached up with one hand, twisting at one of his pink buds with finger and thumb. He gave a soft grunt, his breathing growing more ragged as he pulled at his nipple sharply and continued to stroke the length of his thick shaft. “Okay,” he whispered after a minute, his tongue teasing out from between his lips to wet his flesh. “Touch the glass.”

“Why are you doing this?” Devlan asked, his voice growing hoarse the moment Vesper’s eyes began to glow. He wasn’t used to feeling like prey, but Vesper was definitely making him wonder if that wouldn’t be so bad either.

“To save him—Have you not been paying attention to anything, idiot?” Huffing, Vesper pressed two fingers to the mirror. “Tell me if you feel this.”

Jolting, Devlan gasped as power flowed from the point of contact and through the mirror, hitting him everywhere he was leaning against the surface. His head falling forward, he growled, his dick growing rock hard, fangs sharpening, and senses immediately alert. “Fuck, Vesper… Fuck.” The boy’s energy was beyond anything he had tasted before, blinding and alarming in its intensity.

“You like that?” Vesper asked, his expression making it clear he already knew the answer by the incubus’ response. “Tell me we have a deal, Devlan. I’ll give you so much energy, you’ll be high for a week. Just give me your oath that you’ll do what it takes to save him.”

Devlan didn’t answer right away, fighting with the lust and hunger spinning in him. Everything Vesper had said pointed to the immediate need to arm the fuck up and hole away until he could find some sort of safety from the boy’s demon master, but everyone knew you had to actually touch Heiden’s chosen to fear the demon hunting you down. No one had touched Vesper. No one. So why was the boy so certain Evan was as good as dead? Because of some sex slaves?

“What aren’t you telling me?” Devlan finally asked, glaring defiantly. “Did you touch him?”

“Never,” Vesper replied swiftly. “If I had, I would have killed Asher and ran off with the kid until we were both hunted down. I swear I didn’t touch him.”

“Aw, fuck.” No wonder Vesper thought he was in love with Evanel. Clearly the dragon boy was wallowing in the fucking miserable emotion. “You’re not going to kill me if I touch him, are you? Just how rational are you thinking right now, Malice? Has your exritus started?”

“Just fucking promise me, dumbass,” Vesper growled out, his fingers hovering inches from the glass. “There is no way you lose in this deal. Stop fucking things up with stupid thinking.”

“Like I’m supposed to just trust you?” Devlan stood and met the blond’s glare head on. “For all I know, you’re setting me up.”

“How is asking you to take care of him setting anyone up? Come on, Devlan, you’re the only one I can ask. You’re the only one that will do this.”

Gods, but didn’t that just sound fucking insane? “Why, you delusional, lovesick bastard? What the fuck would make you think that a fucking incubus would risk his life for a little tail?”

“Because he gives a fuck and you can’t stop thinking about him,” Vesper answered steadily, his expression daring Devlan to disagree. “You tried to be as obnoxious as possible and he still treated you like a fucking human being. You hated and loved it all at once, and now you’re obsessed.”

“Shut up,” Devlan muttered, covering his face with his hand. He didn’t want to think about Evan. He sure as fuck didn’t want to think about why he was like this. “Gods, I hate that angry fuck.”

Taking a calming breath, Vesper pitched his voice low. “Then make sure he’s alive so you can punish him for it. Just promise me, Devlan. Right fucking now.”

Growling, Devlan pushed his hair back, his teeth grit tight. “I give you my oath. I’ll do everything in my power to save him.”

Searching the incubus’ face, Vesper eventually nodded, satisfied. “Thank you. Touch the glass with both your hands. Brace yourself.”

Holding back a smart-ass remark on just how arrogant the boy could be at times, Devlan did as he was told. He had little doubt that Vesper had more than enough power to knock him out if he wanted.

“Hey, Malice, you have a really nice dick.”

Glancing from where he was concentrating his energy to his hands, Vesper raised a brow at him. “Okay, since we’re exchanging compliments, you looked particularly slutty when sucking dick. I’m pretty sure you’ve found your calling on your knees.”

Devlan flashed him a roguish grin, leaning forward until his lips were touching the glass. “I’m just saying; if you ever find yourself free of that monster—and I’m starting to think that might be the fucking case—I’ll be happy to share him with you.” He looked down, taking in Vesper’s fit form and still erect dick before settling back on the boy’s glowing blue eyes. “For real. I’m talking long-term bonding shit.”

Placing his hands on the mirror at the same level where Devlan’s were resting, Vesper leaned forward as well, his eyes burning into the incubus’. “Devlan, if I somehow live to break free of that bastard, you better fucking run. I will kill anyone that touches Evanel Reed, and that includes you.” Before the boy could respond, Vesper shot his collected energy out through his palms, Devlan shouting and arching from the sudden, intense current of power.

“Fucker… motherfucker…” Devlan gritted out, falling to his knees heavily, his hands sliding down the glass when the connection broke. When he was finally able to open his eyes, he found himself looking up at the portal from where he had unknowingly collapsed on the ground. His pants were ruined, his orgasm having ripped through him so violently, he wasn’t sure if he could even say he had enjoyed it. But he was definitely brimming with energy, of a power so bright, so wild feeling, it was hard to remember who he was before it.

Vesper was still there, staring down at the incubus, something dark and deadly in the boy’s eyes Devlan had never seen before. The rest of the shielding spell had faded from the blond’s output of power and Devlan could see the boy was indeed standing outside, snow piled around his bare feet and swirling in soft flakes through the air.

Beautiful death. His opinion of Vesper Malice still kept coming back to death.

“Save him, Devlan,” Vesper reminded, his eyes burning into the incubus’ blinking ones. “Don’t pussy out.”

“Jackass.” Glaring as best he could, Devlan slowly let his eyes close as they insisted on growing heavier. He felt the connection to the portal close off but he couldn’t move enough to care. Vesper’s energy had come with the unusual demand of sleep from his body. It was almost as powerful a pull as when he had fed off of Evan the first time.

Another reason to avoid the angry boy. Devlan had a list of many reasons to stay away from Evanel Reed. All he was going to readily ignore if only to find out what the fuck he had done to him.

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      Ariel, I seriously just finished outlining almost the entire first story arc of Awakening today! It is freaking awesome and I wish I had something complete written that I could post. Gah, the drama! I want to share but I don’t want to give it away. I promise I haven’t forgotten, I’m just learning how to juggle stories. XD

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    • Sadie Sins says:

      Gah, yeah, I keep meaning to get back to this. I have the rest of the first part of Awakening all outlined– I think there will be 4 parts in all. ^^; It’s just about finding the time. Vesper and Devlan get pretty kick ass soon enough. <3

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    • Sadie Sins says:

      Thanks, Chelle. <3 I seriously need to figure out some time management for writing again. I think if I can do that, I can give this story the attention it deserves.

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      1/2 a year. Shit, you scared the fuck out of me–I seriously had to check the date. XD I will continue posting. I’m going through a lot of shit–good shit, but shit. I was sick for 4 years and now I’m not and I need to figure out how to balance my life with this writing gig. Unfortunately, the things that result in $$ get more of my attention at the moment. Once my passive income is set, I’ll have time for the fun projects. I’m working on it. It’s a time management, goal setting thing I’m still juggling. But this story has not been abandoned no matter the cobwebs. <3

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      Thank you so much, Angela. I don’t usually do a lot of elaborate world building like I do in Awakening, so it makes it extra special to know people feel the impact of it. <3

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