Chapter 7

sadie sins

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Chapter Seven


Once Sebastian left after they all shared lunch, Evan found he couldn’t focus. Not on the things Master Wilde wanted him to know in preparation for his exritus or the many things Nicholas felt the need to talk to him about when Cornelius insisted Evan share the elf’s dorm for the evening. Sebastian had a habit of moving through Evan’s life like a hurricane and this time was no different. All Evan could do was try to process now that his uncle was gone.

Nicholas, surprisingly, seemed just as impressed by Sebastian Reed as Evan tried not to be. As an elf of the Arc Fault, Nicholas had grown up with stories of the Nightbringers, the only group of humans skilled enough to be allowed entry to the continent during the Gate’s defense. They had fought side by side with the fae while other lesser humans had died to the possessed.

“I knew Master Wilde had fought in the war,” Nicholas continued, trying to draw Evan into conversation about his uncle. “But it’s kind of expected. You know, him being kind of like an ambassador at the Hierarchy. He’s very good at it; Master Wilde could train a person in sorcery or battle and they’d probably be the best by the end of it. But a real Nightbringer…” He glanced over to where Evan was staring at a painting, the two of them currently exploring the rest of the Magical Arts building. “You must be really proud of him.”

Evan nodded mutely. He was very proud of Sebastian for managing to not be dead or fucked in the head like most every other adult he knew that had been in the war with the possessed. He still would have preferred the man just be around to be his uncle. “Is Master Wilde an elf like you?” He asked, hoping to deter the boy from his hero worshiping.

“Gods, no. Ha!” Nicholas swept his gaze around the empty hall for good measure before tilting his head and whispering to the blond. “Master Wilde picked his name because he’s quite literally ‘wild.’ He’s not from any proper clan on the Arc Fault.”

At Evan’s blank look, Nicholas elaborated with an exasperated sigh, his voice pitched even lower. “It’s not really respectable to say, you see, where I’m from. You have those in Clans, like the elves and we’re very civilized. We have homes, communities, indoor plumbing… Laws,” he emphasized softly.

“What, like he’s homeless or something?” Evan asked, having no idea what the boy was talking about.

“No, he has a place to live. Probably a cave or something,” Nicholas said with a wave to his hand. “There’s are plenty of Tribes on Arc Fault with his type. They have no proper alignment or community and they don’t ever want to do anything useful besides hunt and sleep. They’re friendly enough when you don’t cross into their hunting grounds. But they have no regard for proper Clans, don’t care that the Regents rule or anything. They don’t listen to anyone.”

Fairly certain Nicholas was going on about things that really didn’t mean much to him, Evan tried again. “So if he’s not an elf, he’s an incubus?”

Huffing, Nicholas folded his arms over his chest. “Does he strike you as an incubus?” He asked tightly, looking at Evan as if he had only just realized how ignorant the boy was.

“I’m just trying to figure out if he’s like you or not.” Completely exasperated at this point, Evan whirled from the painting of some immortal fae and started walking away.

Following after the boy, Nicholas took a moment before answering. “Master Wilde doesn’t have a Clan so he doesn’t have a Clan name. I’m from the Regal Sighe Clan of elves and there are hundreds of us and we all have similar looks and magic. It’s not the same with Tribes. Even his own relatives will look different from him. They’re all unique so we just name them by their greatest Fae blood.”

“You mean their Fae ancestor? Like Sebastian’s tattoo of Scya?”

Nicholas nodded. “He probably learned of the custom from Master Wilde. He’s a fae descended from Dane. The Fae god Dane was said to be very fierce, very powerful and all his descendants are the same. Many are great warriors in his name. Master Wilde helped protect the Gate and he was integral in stopping the possessed. The Regents honored him for it after but he wasn’t interested in any of that kind of stuff, he just wanted to go back to the forest. I think the only reason he joined the Hierarchy was because of some war-hero he knew was attending here…”

Evan glanced over at the boy, Nicholas rolling his eyes as he put it together. “Your uncle is pretty badass,” the elf mumbled. “Not many humans can do the stuff he can do. And the fae that can, well, they’re usually like Master Wilde. Full of the forest and too raw and untamed to be around proper people.”

“Cory seems fine around people,” Evan said in defense of the man. “Out of all the teachers I’ve met today, he’s been the coolest. That Trundy guy was a total dick. And Master Fellet? Talk about creepy.”

“Master Fellet is a well-respected sorcerer.”

“Yeah, for a fucking creep.” Evan gave the boy a long side glance. “You’re lucky to have Master Wilde to teach you.”

Grunting, Nicholas kept his head down, his shiny auburn locks sweeping his shoulders. “He won’t teach me how to fight. Says I’m too obsessed about structure—Which is just stupid,” he snarled, his eyes flashing. “He’s the only fae here that’s been in the war and he won’t teach me a damn proper thing. Like I’m supposed to let some stupid human teach me how to fight?”

Blinking at the bitterness in the boy’s voice, Evan kept quiet. He had no idea how the fae and humans differed in fighting. But Nicholas had just been saying stuff about how Master Wilde was some sort of backwater, primitive fae, so it didn’t make a lot of sense that he’d want the man to teach him to fight if he didn’t even respect him.

“What are you looking to fight?” Evan finally asked, his curiosity too great. “Are they fighting where you’re from?”

“No.” Nicholas tossed his head back, his expression haughty. “It’s important that all fae know how to fight. Even the most well spoken fae are also warriors. We’re taught when we’re very young how to hunt and defend ourselves.”

“But you don’t know how?”

His eyes narrowed, Nicholas shook his head sharply. “My father died defending the Gate. My mother sent me to live with relatives, most of them too old and withered to teach me to fight. I had hoped to learn last summer but instead my family decided I was to move here. For the good of the Clan.” He snorted humorlessly, a bitterness to the twist of his lips. “I had hoped Master Wilde would teach me… But I seem to fail at all my tasks these days.” Sighing to himself, he led Evan out into the late afternoon light, green and unseasonably warm weather surrounding them in the gardens.

“I can show you the stadium if you want. It’s really popular.” Nicholas pointed down the field, a tall copper domed building seen straight ahead through the trees. “More statues, too.”

“Fine.” He fell in step beside the elf. He was feeling tired still, the day slipping away in a blur. “Did he say he’d never teach you, or that he wouldn’t teach you now?” Evan had a feeling Cornelius had good reason to not teach Nicholas.

“He might as well have said forever,” Nicholas snapped. “He said as long as I insist on being so obsessed with structure and caught up with the Clans, he won’t teach me. But how else am I supposed to be? I can’t just not be an elf,” the boy griped. “I can’t just open my arms to every incubus that comes skipping in or powerless human. I have to have some standards.”

Yeah, plenty of good reasons. Evan didn’t want to think of Nicholas’ haughty attitude being backed up not just with magic but an ability to slice someone through with a sword too. He was growing to like Sebastian’s old friend the more he learned of Cornelius.

Stopping in front of the shining, domed building, Evan stared up at the carvings of winged beings on the roof where copper met limestone. He wanted to call them angels but knew better, their forms varied, some long and twisted, others perfectly beautiful while among them crouched their monstrous brethren. He had already found three other depictions of the Exault at the Hierarchy so far. The deadly winged army of the fae Moon God, they were both a warning and an enticement to all that used magic. The Exault were beautiful, shining and insane like the god they served and the deadly power he gifted.

Evan was not religious, nor were many sorcerers. Sebastian had tattooed Scya on his flesh to protect him in battle, but the man didn’t observe the gods more than that. Even the fae barely spoke of the gods except when speaking of their ancestry. They believed that the powerful fae that had sired their bloodlines still lived outside of their realm, ageless and immortal.

Beverly, unfortunately, believed something similar.

Evan recognized the Exault because they were another thing Beverly was terrified of. She allowed no depictions of angels and especially none of the more popular gods, the Children of Light. Young fae and sorcerers alike would go to bed to stories of the insane siblings and their quest to woo their beautiful brother, the moon. The mad gods would fall to Earth and destroy the land each time until the shadow faced brother finally descended and silenced them all with his love, bringing peace for a short while.

Beverly told the story different, her voice a mixture of reverence and fear and full of a terrible belief that made Evan feel ill whenever he heard it. When the shadow faced god descended, he was set upon by his brothers, torn to pieces and devoured. His sacrifice of flesh was the only way to pacify the insane gods that were the Children of Light.

Beverly was a believer. Of what, Evan could not really say. Just that she held a pendant of the shadow faced god around her neck, mumbling of the importance of the sacrifice of flesh whenever she remembered the war too well. That she feared the shining gods as if she expected their armies to take flight and hunt her down was just another sad quirk of the broken woman.


“Evan,” he corrected quietly, turning his gaze from the perfect, shining face of the nearest winged statue. He tried to shake away his feeling of unease. Beverly had been right in her many fears so far. He could only hope in this she was just plain crazy.

“Evan, why didn’t the spell work on you?” Nicholas asked, his brow furrowed as he thought back to before lunch. “I can’t stop thinking of it. It was a simple healing spell—Master Wilde is not one to fail, nor is a Nightbringer. Why didn’t it work?”

Forcing his gaze to the elf, Evan could only shrug. “I don’t like magic.”

“So?” Nicholas stared up at the boy in confusion.

“So, my seal is nearly gone and I don’t like magic.” Evan stepped through the archway, his eyes moving over the statues that were carved into the walls. There really wasn’t much point in trying to explain it to the elf. He didn’t fully understand it himself. It was something in his mind that when he went to peer close and discern it, it would skitter around his awareness just to fade into the background. He did not like magic and because of it, magic did not work on him unless the matter was forced.

“What happens when your seal is gone?” Nicholas asked, apparently unwilling to let the subject drop.

“I suppose I’ll no longer be sealed,” Evan replied flippantly, ignoring the scowl the boy sent his way. “How many incubi have you met?”

Huffing, Nicholas glared at the floor. “Three.”

“Any of them beat you up or something?” Evan pressed. “Or did all your old relatives just make you think you were supposed to hate them because they did?”

Nicholas continued to glare at the tile and Evan had a feeling he had guessed the kid’s problem. “You ever been kissed by an incubus?”

Growling warningly under his breath, the elf went to stalk past Evan. “Come on, there are trophies in the back.”

Smiling to himself, Evan followed after the angry boy. “Hey, don’t knock it until you try it. He’s a really good kisser.”

Nicholas gave another vicious growl, only proving that he was listening. Evan chuckled under his breath, feeling somewhat satisfied that he had found such an easy way to piss the boy off.


Evan awoke with a gasp, his eyes snapping open to stare blankly at the dimly lit ceiling. The moon was shining in through the blinds of the dormroom he was sharing with Nicholas, casting long lines over the elf’s curled up form on his bed. The room felt strangely quiet, foreign and too large. He couldn’t remember the last time he had slept outside of his room… Well, except when he ended up sleeping out in the yard to keep from running into Stephan.

He vaguely remembered falling asleep, his day having caught up to him with such an exhausting wave of dizziness he had barely made it to the bed Nicholas spelled for him. Now awake, the strangeness of the room with its odd smells and unfamiliar shadows left him feeling so out of place he couldn’t sleep.

His eyes falling shut, Evan let his dream slowly slip back in. Devlan’s odd amber eyes gazed out at him from the darkness of his mind. He suppressed a groan, his body tingling from the memory. What a pain. The incubus was waiting for him, hanging out in the gardens that surrounded the dormitory out back. His lashes fluttering open, Evan sat up slowly in bed, pushing the light sheet off of him as quietly as possible.

The dormitory was as normal a building as one could expect compared to the many ancient and luxurious stone palaces the rest of the Hierarchy was composed of. There were no statues or paintings in the hallways he walked through, likely because of the scars on the walls and floor speaking of magic gone wrong. Nicholas was on the top floor of the dormitory, apparently receiving some sort of honor with a larger room and whatnot because he was an Elite. Not every student had the privilege of apprenticing for one of the master sorcerers at the Hierarchy. The other kids seemed to think it was a big deal, looking up to the elf like he was a minor celebrity. Nicholas might have been a tight-ass but the boy still had power, something Evan was happy to ignore.

The air was still and cool when he stepped outside, the moon so bright that the soft orbs of light floating along the path were unnecessary. He tried not to think of just what the hell Devlan would want from him in the middle of the night. That he wanted to see the incubus was probably a problem all its own. After the way they had parted, Evan’s thoughts had strayed too many times to Devlan, from his annoying  attitude to the firmness of his lips.

Even though the dormitory was devoid of art, he almost thought he had come across another statue in the garden when he first arrived and found Devlan leaning against a low wall. That was until the pale boy next to him moved, smoke blowing smoothly from his lips as Vesper exhaled a drag of his cigarette.

Swallowing with difficulty, Evan forced his legs to move forward even as two predatory gazes fixed on him. The two boys were beautiful in the moonlight, the night making them seem more otherworldly than before. Vesper’s eyes glowed cold fire even as Devlan’s glinted warm passion. Trouble, Evan decided. A whole lot of trouble. The hellspawn was nowhere to be seen and Devlan had called him out there through his dream.

“Wasn’t sure you’d show.” Devlan pushed himself off the wall, the tall boy back in his long leather trench coat, the buttons undone to reveal his shirtless, toned muscular chest and abs leading down to leather pants and boots.

“Yeah, well, it’s hard to ignore the guy whispering in your dreams,” Evan pointed out, stopping a few feet away from both boys. “Nice to see you’re no longer drooling on the floor.” He said it to Devlan but he couldn’t keep his eyes from moving to Vesper, the boy so still and silent and absolutely breathtaking.

Vesper looked the same as when Evan had last seen him, his straps of leather holding his blades on his otherwise bare, porcelain torso. He was still dressed in his ceremonial kilt and leather pants and boots. His white hair was loose, the long strands sparkling in the breeze. The boy looked made of the moonlight, beautiful and impassive. He was also staring back at Evan, gaze moving over the blond’s rumpled clothing and mussed hair intently. Evan wished he had his robe in that moment, suddenly feeling exposed even though he was the most dressed out of the three of them.

Devlan stepped forward, the brunette holding his hand out. Staring at it a moment, Evan reached out, letting the incubus pull him close. “You have beautiful eyes,” Devlan murmured, his lips brushing against the blond’s ear.

“You’re lame as fuck,” Evan grumbled back but didn’t pull away when the boy’s hot mouth attached to his jaw. The brunette held him by the bicep, tongue sliding slowly down the side of his neck. Evan gasped as Devlan nipped his throat, fire sparking through his body from the sharp pain. “Is this why you called me out here?” He asked unsteadily, his lashes fluttering shut when Devlan nipped him again, smooth lips immediately sucking on the sore spot after.

Fingers deftly moving down the front of Evan’s shirt, Devlan undid the blond’s top two buttons and reached for the next. “Can you blame me? We’re all leaving tomorrow morning and I won’t see you again for the entire summer.”

“So?” Evan swayed, Devlan pulling him tighter against his body, heat engulfing him when the brunette’s arms held him tight. He could feel the boy’s bare flesh against his back as he was situated within Devlan’s leather coat, lips still moving slowly down his neck. He was getting hard, Evan’s predicament growing worse when he blinked his eyes open to find Vesper watching him. The blond looked expressionless but there was a hunger in his ice blue depths as his gaze trailed down to where Devlan was pulling free the rest of his shirt buttons.

“I want to finish what we started, Reed,” Devlan murmured, his large hands finding their way under Evan’s shirt. “That you’re here makes me think you want that too.”

Biting his lip when hot hands stroked up his flat stomach and torso, Evan exhaled loudly. “And him?” He asked breathlessly, eyes flickering to the pale boy watching only feet away.

“Your chaperon for the night,” Devlan said with a snicker as he lapped a swatch on Evan’s neck, his mouth opened wide. “He wouldn’t let me call you unless he could make sure I’d behave.”

Evan wasn’t sure he was awake, his body too hot, mind feeling heavy and full of lust as he met Vesper’s haunting eyes again. Devlan’s touch was dizzying, the boy’s mouth wet and taunting as he sucked a line of small red welts down his throat and to his shoulder. Teeth nipped into his flesh, Evan tensing, then falling back weakly against the incubus’ strong form.

“Lose the shirt,” Vesper ordered softly, crushing his spent cigarette between his fingertips.

His eyes widened when he felt Devlan peel his shirt from his torso, cool night air flowing over his heated flesh and creating a contrast to the brunette’s warmth. Vesper’s eyes never left his form, Evan’s pulse increasing as he began to understand the implications of the boy’s stare.

“We’ve come to a compromise,” Devlan explained, his fingers teasing over one of the blond’s hard nipples. “Malice won’t interfere as long as he gets to watch.”

“Watch?” Evan choked out, hips rocking forward when Devlan pressed the flat of his hand down the front of his slacks. He was rock hard and both boys could tell, the night doing little to hide his state. God, he had to be dreaming. What exactly was going to be happening that Vesper wanted to watch? He didn’t remember agreeing to much of anything, just that he hadn’t slugged Devlan yet for getting too handsy with him. He still wasn’t beating the fuck out of Devlan even though the incubus was all over him and assuming he was going to let him… “Oh, fuck,” he gasped, fingers teasing over his zipper and the hard flesh beneath.

“You can tell him to stop whenever,” Vesper spoke up, gaze burning into Evan’s. “I’ll make sure he listens.”

Evan had no idea what Vesper was getting out of it. The platinum haired boy didn’t seem unhappy to be present, didn’t seem upset or saddled with some boring chore. And why would he care what Devlan did to him? Why would he agree to let the incubus touch him in the first place if only to watch?

Evan’s spinning thoughts left him with a gasp, hot fingers teasing beneath his waistband. He stared down, panting as he watched Devlan’s hand push beneath the fabric of his slacks and underwear. The brunette pushed up tight against his back, his hard cock rubbing against his ass in lazy thrusts. Groaning from just how crazy he was feeling, Evan let his head fall back against Devlan’s shoulder, his heavy eyelids open enough to see Vesper gazing to where Devlan was teasing the taut flesh beneath his clothing.

Evan could feel himself giving in to the boy’s hot touches and couldn’t find a proper reason not to. It was good. Devlan felt amazing. His touch wasn’t as insane as last time without Asher’s magic leaving him sensitive but still, his hands were rough, strong and his teeth sharp and mouth wonderfully hot. It was definitely good, dizzyingly so, Evan peering up to find the brunette’s attractive features staring down at him hungrily.

“Reed?” Devlan whispered huskily, pulling the blond back harder against him. Hot hands ran down Evan’s side, Devlan’s burning amber eyes replaced in intensity by the boy’s mouth as he kissed down his shoulder.

Evan jerked when he heard his zipper unfurl, his breath coming out in fast pants. God, was he seriously going to let the kid just— “Oh.” Devlan’s fingers traced down a wound that curved the length of his hipbone, his hips rocking into the touch reflexively.

“You’re so beautiful.” Fingers gripping his flesh roughly, Devlan pushed Evan’s pants down his thighs, the blond’s eyes fluttering shut.

Fuck, he was nearly naked in the damn garden. Evan had to wonder if he was losing his mind. But he could still remember what it had felt like to be so overcome with lust that his body had been pure fire and nothing else. Whatever this was, it wasn’t that. This was still hot, still a flood of sensation but not a drowning. When Devlan’s hands ran down his outer thighs, it wasn’t overwhelming, although damn near close.

Evan swallowed hard when he felt his underwear being pushed down, his eyes kept resolutely closed when his pants fell around his ankles. The heat of Devlan’s body suddenly withdrew, fingertips brushing his waist and hip and the faded scars marking him as the incubus slowly walked around him. He could feel the boy’s stare, could feel them both and he wasn’t sure if he could meet them, instead focusing on trying to breathe.

He gasped when those same hot fingers teased over his shaft, his eyes flying open in response. He was greeted by the sight of Devlan and Vesper glaring at him, the boys a contrast in every way except the fire in their eyes. It might have been weird the way the two looked like they wanted to devour him but Evan decided against saying anything just in case they stopped. He didn’t want it to stop even if his heart felt too fast, his flesh too hot.

Hesitantly, he traced his fingers over Devlan’s wrist, turning his hand to press the point where his jacket sleeve failed to cover. It must have been some unspoken answer because Devlan immediately grabbed him, his lips crushing his, arms wrapping around his waist and pulling him up tight against his tall body.

Pushing back into the kiss, Evan parted his lips wider, tongue meeting the brunette’s stroke for stroke. His knees felt weak, Devlan’s hands supporting him even as the boy roughly squeezed his flesh, moving down to his ass and spreading his cheeks.

“Wait,” Evan gasped breathlessly around the boy’s lips, a finger sliding down his crack and teasing over his entrance. The scent of Devlan, the smoothness and roughness of his clothes, the heat of his bare flesh and the tickle of his hair was all driving him mad. Just, whatever reason he had come out there, it hadn’t been for the now two fingers probing between his cheeks, Devlan’s free arm wrapping around his waist and holding him in place. “Just… Hold on,” Evan whispered through his haze. “I don’t want to…”

“Devlan,” Vesper growled, the boy’s voice low and coarse and sending a shiver through Evan. Devlan gave a huff in reply, but his hand moved to cup Evan’s ass instead, squeezing the boy tight as he slid a leg between the blond’s thighs.

“It’s okay, Reed. I like that you say no,” Devlan said with a grin, finding the boy’s jaw and nipping. “I like that you can tell me to fuck off when no one else can.”

“Fuck off,” Evan said roughly, unable to stop his smirk when Devlan gave a hungry groan in reply and gripped his hips painfully tight, grinding his dick against his hip. “Hell.” Gripping Devlan’s sides, he pushed his hands up the boy’s torso, feeling his sweat and each ripple of muscle beneath his jacket. Devlan’s hand again began to stray, Evan moaning when a thick finger rimmed his hole in a slow circle. He grabbed the boy by the closest nipple, twisting until Devlan relented with a hiss.

“You want it, Reed. You want to be fucked so bad, I can taste it,” Devlan insisted against the boy’s throat, his tongue moving in slow swipes.

“Fuck off,” Evan growled, meaning it more that time than the first. Devlan’s response was another hungry groan, the boy’s grip demanding as he moved up and down the blond’s back and thighs. Evan had to wonder if he’d be fending the incubus off just to feed the brunette’s weird kink to hear him talk mean to him.

“Have you ever?” Vesper asked, Evan’s gaze flying to the pale boy the same moment Devlan tongued over his nipple.

“Have I…?” It was hard to focus, Vesper’s eyes glowing danger, voice entrancing and mesmerizing.

Gaze moving to where Devlan was sucking the thin flesh at the center of Evan’s chest, it took Vesper a moment to remember his question. “Have you ever been fucked?”

Evan exhaled heavily, shaking his head. His body felt so tight, Devlan’s hands again moving too boldly over his ass, the side of the boy’s palm grinding into his crack. He couldn’t stop from arching his back, his hips pushing into the touch, his hole aching at the thought of being taken.

Vesper slipped a small step forward, his head tilted and breath just a little too fast. “What if I want to see you like that? What if I want to see you filled by his cock, begging and completely dominated by Devlan? Would you for me?”

Heat flooding through him, Evan wasn’t sure if he was going to faint or come. “I don’t give a fuck what you want,” he muttered darkly even though his face was flushed, his body so tight with lust. The idea of Vesper wanting to see him like that even as he knew Devlan definitely wanted to be with him that way was just too much. God, if Vesper just pushed a little, just got those eyes of his glowing a little bit with the right command, he knew he wouldn’t fight it. He’d let the boy do just about anything to him and he was pretty sure the blond could tell.

“I’m not a toy,” Evan whispered even as he half felt like one. Devlan was licking and sucking every inch of his flesh, turning him as he wished to get better access and he wasn’t stopping the boy. No, he was rocking against him, getting off on Vesper watching him. “I’m not prey,” he amended hoarsely, fairly certain he wasn’t lying about that.

A ghost of a smile flitting across the pale boy’s lips, Vesper nodded. “No, not that, at least. Prey would know enough to be afraid, Evanel.”

Not sure exactly what the boy meant, Evan flushed, this time to hear his name said in such a way that his knees nearly threatened to buckle. Devlan gave a growl, the brunette grabbing Evan by the hips and kneeling in front of him. “Fuck… Oh, fuck,” Evan gasped out, the incubus’s mouth hot and wet, Devlan wasting no time in finding the head of his cock and engulfing him in his heat. “Fuck…”

“Do you like it?” Vesper asked, stepping around the incubus to stand next to Evan’s shuddering form. “Devlan’s usually the one with a group of young men on their knees around him. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him put so much effort into a feeding. He must truly like you.”

Gasping softly from the feel of Devlan’s tongue on the underside of his shaft, the brunette eagerly taking him in deeper, Evan couldn’t answer. He didn’t know why the hell Vesper felt the need to have a fucking conversation with him at the damn moment, but the boy’s voice was sexy, his eyes bright and cheeks and lips flushed. He was nearly close enough to feel the heat from him and Evan wanted nothing more than to have the boy wrap around him, hold him so he would stop swaying, kiss him to muffle his increasingly loud cries.

“That’s it, Evanel.” His eyes moving down the blond’s body, Vesper raised his eyes to find Evan staring back, his dark eyes full of intense need. “You want to come. You want to be fucked raw until you come and then held for even longer.”

“Damn it.” Grasping Devlan’s hair too tight, Evan did his best not to fall forward. His eyes were drawn down to just how wide the brunette’s mouth was, Devlan’s lips swollen and slick with saliva and precum. “Hell.” He came with a hoarse cry, Devlan’s large hands holding him by the ass to keep him from collapsing.

“God…Just, god…” His hands were trembling and Evan couldn’t do anything about it. He closed his eyes, hoping to block both boys from his view so he could catch his breath and not feel so insane.

After drinking his cum down, Devlan continued to kiss the shaking blond, lips moving over his hips and the lithe, flat planes of his stomach. Evan wasn’t sure how he was sweating, the night air cool and him nude, but it was still too hard to think. The incubus’ hands kept squeezing the globes of his ass, kept reminding him what the boy really wanted and it was hard to remember why it was such a bad idea. It wasn’t the pain or even the fact that Devlan was an ass at times or even that they were out in the open where anyone could see them. It was definitely something he could never allow though, something that would make him too weak, too vulnerable and needing for another human being. Needing others always led to disappointment.

Vesper took another step closer, Devlan stiffening when he noticed. But the silver haired boy was only staring at Evan, watching the way sweat was dripping down his bare torso. “Tell me something about yourself, Evan. Something personal.”

His lashes blinking open, Evan found Vesper standing too close, the boy’s eyes burning ice blue fire. It made his breath catch, all worry of needing slipping from his mind. Vesper was someone that needed probably even more than him, and Evan couldn’t help but want the boy. “What?” He asked softly, resisting the urge to reach across the small space and actually touch his glowing white flesh.

“You need to tell me everything you can,” Vesper explained with a low growl, “Because I need to feel really fucking guilty.” His fingers twitched at his side, his eyes fixed on Evan’s lips as the boy panted softly for air. “Really guilty.”

“Guilty?” Evan repeated dumbly, his body responding to the boy’s tone and the hunger in Vesper’s eyes. Fuck, he really shouldn’t have come out there.

Nodding silently, Vesper took a final step closer, Evan holding his breath. Vesper’s flesh was hotter than others, the pale boy radiating such heat, it was a wonder the air didn’t wave around him. The boy dipped his head forward, his strands of white hair brushing silkily over Evan’s face and shoulder. He was close enough to see just how thick and white his eyelashes were and the perfect straight slope of his nose and swell of his lips. “I want to be the one to touch you. To fuck you. To get lost in you.” Vesper’s voice didn’t waver but his fingers gave another twitch as the boy fought with himself. “You need to remind me why that’s a bad idea, Evanel. I’m forgetting the longer I look at you.”

Evan opened his mouth to answer but no sound came out. It wasn’t a bad idea; it was a fucking brilliant idea. Vesper was so close, his lips barely inches away. “Kiss me,” Evan demanded, only to gasp when Devlan suddenly pushed him back, the incubus a shield between the two.

“Sorry, Reed.” Turning his back on the boy after throwing his clothes at him, Devlan fixed his glare on Vesper. “You want me to remind you how your demon master will kill the kid? He’ll probably just crush his throat with his fangs if he’s feeling quick about it. Maybe he’ll like how the kid looks; he could rape him first, flay the skin off of him before finally killing him. Feel fucking guilty enough yet, dumbass? You promised you’d stay at least five feet away.”

Breathing unsteadily, Vesper just nodded, his face an impassive mask again. He pulled a cigarette free from a small pocket in his kilt, lighting it with shaking fingers. “Thank you,” he finally said after a long, quiet drag.

Dressing silently, Evan didn’t bother to button his shirt. He felt shaken in a way too familiar from only hours ago. He didn’t understand just how easy it was to wish to throw his life away for Vesper but he didn’t enjoy the reality of it. He wasn’t suicidal and he sure as fuck didn’t fall in love, so he really couldn’t comprehend why he suddenly felt like both in the matter of a day.

He started when Devlan’s fingers curled around his wrist, the boy’s strange amber eyes glaring down at him. Did Devlan really like him the way Vesper had suggested? He really didn’t know shit about incubi. Devlan didn’t seem too sweet on him, but the brunette didn’t seem like the type to be sweet ever.

“I should go.”

Devlan nodded but refused to release Evan’s wrist. Instead he pulled the blond closer, wrapping the shorter boy up tight in his arms. He could feel the incubus smell his hair, something he had been certain Vesper had been doing as well. It was just another weirdness on top of everything else, Evan waiting it out. When Devlan pulled away there was a fierceness to his expression that hadn’t been there before. His fingers tangled into the blond’s shaggy hair, tilting Evan’s head back roughly. “I want you, Reed, fucked up scars and all.”

“So?” Evan retorted flatly, hating the flutter of nerves in his stomach from those very demanding words.

His glare only growing, Devlan swooped down and kissed the boy, biting at Evan’s lower lip so sharply that the blond tasted blood. Devlan lapped the stinging flesh in mild apology but Evan knew he’d be feeling the burn of it for at least the rest of the night. Maybe that had been the point. “You have a summer to decide if you want the dragon boy that will get you killed with one fucking touch, or me.” He twisted Evan’s hair tighter, his gaze moving over the boy’s face intently. “You should pick me. I want you to pick me.”

Pulling from the boy’s grasp, Evan patted his hair down while glaring at the ground. “Who says I want either of you?”

Vesper snorted, the boy sitting on the low wall and ignoring the twin glares sent his way.

“Lust creatures are designed to sense it, Reed,” Devlan finally said but Evan was barely listening. He wasn’t sure just what the fuck he had gotten himself into, but a love triangle between an incubus that was probably feeding off of every eligible guy in the Hierarchy and a boy contracted to a murderous demon hadn’t been it. Mumbling a curt ‘get bent,’ Evan wandered back to the dorm, his mind strangely blank and body numb.

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