Ky blinked dumbly, and his mouth gaped open. “What? Feral, what are you…?”

“Not a tear,” Feral warned. Red tinted his cheeks as he pulled Ky close and teased his mouth over his parted lips. “If you start bawling, I’ll leave. I’m happy to snuggle up with Thornes while you’re left hard and hungry.”

Ky felt like he was swimming. His limbs felt heavy, his throat tight, and movements sluggish. Feral’s body was hot as he pushed him down on the floor and hovered over him. “Does he…? Does Lovely…?” Ky couldn’t get the words out. His lips were tingling. It felt like his entire body was vibrating with something he couldn’t name.

Feral huffed at the question. “Of course he feels the same. It’s obnoxious just how smitten my damn kitten is with you. I knew there was no getting rid of you when he didn’t slash your face that first time you leaned over the bed to see what was beneath. He chose you all the way back then.” Feral sighed at Ky’s flabbergasted expression. “We don’t speak of these things, whelp.”

Ky swallowed with difficulty. He braced his hands beneath him, and his gaze jumped from Feral’s blazing eyes to his flushed lips. “Why? Because you’re relics?”

“No, it’s not a relic thing.” Feral slid his hand down Ky’s torso and leaned down to brush a kiss to his jaw. “We’ve been slaves too long. What we valued—who we valued—was quickly used against us. Thornes suffered greatly for every affection of me he let slip in front of Anselm.”

Ky stared up at him with wide, sad eyes. He couldn’t imagine a world where love was punished.

“We learned to hide it,” Feral said gruffly. “It is difficult to change old habits. Difficult to relearn how to live.” His gaze slid to Magnificent. Feathers framed the requiem’s face in a dark halo, and his eyes were a dull blue as he watched them. “But we will relearn. We can either adapt or die, and we relics are very good at adapting.”

Ky nodded silently. When Feral dipped down again, he twisted fingers into his strands of gold and purple hair and pulled him to his mouth. Ky sighed against his lips and sank back when Feral climbed up his form and deepened the kiss.

“You understand now?” Feral’s lips forged a hot path down Ky’s jaw. “Why I do this? Why we like to touch you? It’s not just food. It’s never really just food, Ky. Energy is shared, not taken.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I think so.” The idea of Feral and Lovely caring for him as much as he did them felt impossible. It was everything he wanted, and he hated how selfish it made him feel. He didn’t care what happened, how many people thought he was crazy, or sorcerers came after him just so long as he had their love.

And if it was still a spell, if he had somehow twisted their minds in a way even they didn’t know?

Guilt clutched at Ky’s chest, and he ducked his head to bury it against Feral’s neck. “This is normal, right? You bond with requiem you like, and, yeah, this is normal for a relic?”

“Yes, whelp, very normal. So normal, it’s boring,” Feral assured. “Wanting to fuck every hot piece of ass you see is pretty normal for a requiem, I’m sure. Seriphous would be the authority on that. And if you don’t feed, don’t get the energy you need, it’s very normal to die.” Feral tilted his head down until Ky met his gaze. “Understand? You need to get energy or you risk your life and the lives of those connected to you.”

Ky bit his lip and nodded. “Okay. I guess I’ll just have to get used to it.”

“Good, because I don’t think I can handle much more of this.” Feral shifted forward and Ky’s lashes fluttered shut when he felt his hard cock grind against his hip. “You’re dripping with need, and all I want to do is touch you. Taste you. Mate you.”

Ky’s breath came out in a slow hiss when Feral pushed him flat to the floor. He watched him through dark strands of hair and took in Feral’s tanned skin and furry ears, along with the familiar, roguish smile that was even now twisted at his lips as he stared down at him. Ky’s mouth felt dry, and his heart might have skipped a beat when Feral dipped down and kissed him slowly on the mouth.

“Mate?” Ky whispered.

“I don’t fuck my food.” Feral’s gaze was solemn as he read Ky’s eyes. “Many relics do; they don’t have a line between necessity and love. I am not one of them.” He held the side of Ky’s face and rubbed his thumb down his lower lip, memorizing his expression. Feral guided him sideways and slid his tongue along Ky’s in sinuous strokes. Ky gasped softly and opened wider. He sealed their lips together and welcomed him in with a quiet moan. It was slow, consuming, and Ky was quickly left breathless and lost in the hot touch of tongue and press of flesh.

He reached for Feral, wanting more, but his hand was pinned down next to his head. Ky blinked up with furrowed brows. Feral smirked and ran the tip of his tongue along the bow of his upper lip.

“Patience, whelp. Your energy is too low for you to be anything but devoured right now.” Feral ducked down before Ky could protest, skipped past his leather collar, and sucked at the dip in the center of his throat. Ky gasped and arched up. Fire burned through him as Feral mouthed down the flat planes of his chest in rough bites. Ky’s fingers scrabbled uselessly at the floor when his nipple was grasped between teeth and tugged, only to be tormented by Feral’s tongue moments after.

“Feral, I can’t…”

“Spread.” Feral pushed his knees apart, then paused to glare at Ky’s pants. “I thought I shredded these. The ones with the crimson ties, I could have sworn…”

“Don’t you dare.” Ky grabbed Feral’s hand before he could grow his claws long and slash his pants. “I barely have anything left to wear.

Feral’s eyes sparkled amusement. “I know. You’re more agreeable without clothes; shivering, vulnerable, and easy to fuck.”

Ky glared, but he couldn’t stop how his face flushed or the way his chest felt tight when Feral looked at him like that. “You’re an ass.”

Feral nodded in agreement and twisted his hand. He slipped free, and before Ky could catch him, had him unzipped and was pushing his pants down his thighs. Ky raised his hips to help, and his breath came out in a blast when his erection slapped against his abdomen once it was free of his underwear.

Fine, he was really horny. Not starving horny—he wasn’t sure that was a thing for him—but he was painfully aroused and dripping at the thought of sex.

Once his pants were tugged off his right leg, Ky raised his knee up, impatient for Feral to pull off his shoe and sock from his other foot. The ceiling kept tilting oddly, and Ky clutched the floor for balance as another wave of heat hit him. Feral settled between his thighs, his flesh startling contact to Ky’s flushed skin. It felt like sparking, and Ky stared at the way their legs were pressed together as he tried to understand what was happening.

“I feel… I feel really strange,” Ky rasped out. “Dizzy. Hot.”

“You waited too long. You need to feed.” Feral leaned over his bare hip, his breath hot as he ghosted down. His hair tickled Ky’s flesh as he pressed a kiss to the inside of his thigh. Ky moaned and rocked his hips up when Feral sucked hard and left a dark welt on his pale skin. Ky grasped for his hair, but Feral slid down his raised leg. He refused to suck him as he pressed tormenting kisses to Ky’s thighs and avoided his leaking cock.

“Damn it. Fuck. Just take me,” Ky whimpered. He was so hard, and it was impossible to think straight with Feral teasing him. Ky sank back to the hard floor with a gasp as teeth nipped the sensitive crease of his thigh. The ceiling was definitely swimming above him. Ky blinked up blearily, his chest rising with each pant of air.

“Slowly, whelp. You need to take energy first. Touch, connection.” Feral pressed more kisses to his inner thigh to accent his point. His tongue licked out and slid along the crease to where Ky’s cock was dripping clear fluid. “You need to build the power in you first. Fucking isn’t enough for one like you.”

Ky shook his head dazedly. “I’m not… Oh!” He broke off with a gasp when Feral opened wide and pulled his balls into the hot cavern of his mouth. “Fuck, I’m still just human.” Feral didn’t seem to care. He sucked at Ky’s soft flesh and probed long fingers along his perineum. Ky cried out as fingers plunged into his entrance without warning. It was everything he needed, and he arched on the floor, his hands seeking down to twist into Feral’s hair and pull tight.

Feral growled and pinned Ky’s hip in place so he could stretch his fingers deeper into his clenching channel. As he stroked his inner walls with thick digits, Feral’s mouth continued to torment Ky wherever it touched. He sucked a hot path along Ky’s taut navel and dipped down to lick his tongue over his balls. Ky’s whimpers grew when Feral did everything to ignore his flushed, hard cock glistening sticky precum just inches from his face.

“Please… Damn it. You’re going to make me crazy,” Ky gasped between heavy gasps. He blinked down his body blearily to where Feral’s face was between his thighs. “I need you inside me. I’m so…” He gaped silent when Feral’s fingers twitched and carefully rubbed the nub inside him that made everything pure pleasure.

“That’s it. Stay like that,” Feral murmured. He brushed his prostate again, and Ky’s passage constricted tight around his fingers in response. “I know what you need.”

Ky could only gasp for breath, his head thrown back and eyes squeezed tight. His body felt too tight to bear, and fire was moving through him in impossibly hot waves. He was reminded of when he was with Blood. The fox relic had wanted to know where his wings and horns were hiding, and he insisted on feeding Ky energy and filling him with all of his cum before letting him orgasm. Had Blood known what he was even then? Was this how they treated requiem all the time; torture them until they were blind with lust, and only then let them come?

Ky licked dry lips and raised his knee higher. Feral’s mouth ran hot along the bottom of his thigh as he scissored his fingers open at different angles and thrust deep. If there was a promise Feral would fuck his cock and knot into him eventually, Ky supposed he could handle the wait no matter how desperate he currently felt.

Feral’s tongue slid around his rim, dripping wet into him, and Ky cried out. He twisted Feral’s hair and yanked roughly while his tongue delved deeper and slicked around the stroking fingers filling him.

“Feral, fuck. Please.” Ky used his heel to rock up and try to get Feral to bury his tongue deeper. “That’s so good.” Ky thrashed weakly on the floor as Feral slid two fingers around his rim, stroking and working him open all while he licked and sucked at the edge of his hole. It was too much and not remotely enough. Ky groaned and wedged his wrist between his teeth as he rocked his hips for relief.

“What?” Ky’s eyes flew open when something smooth pressed to his face and pushed his hand away. Magnificent had unfurled from his feathery armor and his eyes glowed as he stared down at Ky’s flushed faced. Ky’s eyes were gleaming slits as Magnificent caressed his cheek with his tail in soft touches. His lips parted readily as the tail slid over his mouth, and Ky lapped his tongue out and wrapped around the slender appendage. He groaned when Magnificent twitched his tail and it escaped. He rubbed it along Ky’s lips and spread his saliva along his bottom lip and down his chin. Ky wanted it, needed to feel something in his mouth, and he twisted on the floor and turned to follow.

“Hell,” Ky whimpered when Feral’s thick fingers slipped from his entrance. He wanted them back inside, but he wanted to taste Magnificent just a little bit more. He got up on hands and knees and stretched forward, his tongue extended to capture the tip of the tail back into his mouth.

“Brat, we’re not done,” Feral called with a soft growl. He grasped Ky’s thigh and licked up the trembling flesh. When he kissed the swell of his ass, Ky gasped and flexed his hips to get more contact.

Magnificent’s tail refused to be tamed no matter how determinedly Ky sucked at the smooth length. It wriggled free from his lips and coiled lightly around Ky’s throat. Ky groaned as he was guided closer until he was hovering over Magnificent’s lap and breathing heat onto his long cock. Precum dribbled from Magnificent’s slit, and the pearly beads seduced Ky down along with the firm grip around his neck.

Ky sighed as Magnificent’s scent filled his senses and hard flesh met his lips. He sucked up the side of his long shaft and tongued over each orb pulsing for attention. When Ky got to the thick tip, he lapped along the blunt head and sank the rigid flesh into his mouth. Magnificent shuddered from the tight heat engulfing him, and Ky moaned at the overwhelm of flavor.

He missed this. He missed tasting Magnificent like this, feeling him inside, and knowing he was the one getting him off. Ky felt drunk with pleasure as he helped to sheath the requiem’s cock deeper until it touched his tonsils. The thick flesh filled his mouth, and Ky’s red lips stretched to accommodate the contoured edges while saliva dripped down his chin.

Ky braced himself unsteadily on his hands and knees, his thighs spread wide and ass high in the air as he worked his mouth up and down Magnificent’s shaft. He didn’t care that his arms were growing weak and his lips were already trembling and sore. He needed his cum. He wanted to feel Magnificent come inside him, to know he was the one who got him off. Tasting the demon again only reminded Ky how impossible it was to stop once he started.

Ky pulled off a moment to steal a breath, and he drank in the sight of Magnificent’s flushed red tip, swollen and dripping with his saliva and milky precum. He reached his tongue out and groaned when Magnificent thrust up to meet him. His tail held Ky in place as he slid his cock back in, filled his mouth, and pushed to the back of his throat. Lost and beyond dizzy, Ky rocked on his knees, his neglected dick rigid and swaying between his legs with every movement.

Feral grumbled something behind him, and Ky’s cry was muffled when his ass was grabbed and Feral buried his face into his crack. Feral’s tongue darted inside him and plunged determinedly into his entrance. Magnificent’s cock popped from Ky’s mouth and drifted, smearing wet over his chin as Ky moaned from the sensation of being filled again. Feral was relentless, and his tongue stretched into him, wetting him with rough strokes to get him ready for his cock. Ky was consumed by the slippery, intense claiming, and forget everything else until Magnificent’s hand pressed to the top of his head.

“Fuck. Aw, fuck,” Ky mumbled dazedly as he was pushed down. Magnificent’s cock slid between his parted lips and forced him open as it took his mouth again. His tail wrapped a new coil around Ky’s throat to ensure he’d stay in place and take every hard inch thrust against his tonsils.

Feral crawled up Ky’s back. His chest pressed tight to his shoulders as he ran his large palm along Ky’s throat. The links clinked as Ky groaned and pushed back against his muscular body. “Take him deep, whelp. Take what you need.” Feral sounded breathless as he nipped at the lobe of Ky’s ear. “I want to see that big requiem cock mark you on the inside.”

Ky’s brows scrunched as he felt Magnificent’s tip push against the back of his throat. He opened wider and tried to relax his aching jaw as Magnificent sank deeper. Magnificent Night hissed softly. His glowing eyes were mere slits as he grasped at the floor to keep from reaching for Ky and thrusting roughly into his gaping mouth. Ky tried to hold still even as he shook, lost in the feeling of Magnificent’s blunt tip sliding into his throat. Ky’s cock twitched, and precum dribbled down his shaft to the floor from the feel of his mouth being used.

Ky felt in a haze. He was overwhelmed by the scent of sweat and flesh, the sounds of Magnificent’s grunts and the way his slick cock thrust into his mouth and hit his tongue, the feel of Feral’s fingers as he twisted his nipples and rubbed his dick against his ass in lazy pumps. Ky was so hard, so hot, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to hold out much longer. Feeling Magnificent deep inside him, his throat clutching around his thick cock, was making him lose it. Ky wanted to moan, wanted to beg and plead to be fuck already, taken, used again and again until the crazed need was quenched in him.

“You take it so deep,” Feral growled in approval, his eyes locked on Ky’s glistening face as he swallowed Magnificent’s long cock down as deep as he could. Feral leaned forward and kissed his cheek. His tongue licked out to tease Ky’s stretched wide lips and taste the saliva and precum dripping free. Ky whimpered and groaned when Feral’s nails sharpened and raked down his arms and left pink scratches to bloom on his flesh. The pain sparked more heat, and Ky wiggled his hips desperately and pushed back to grind his ass against Feral’s thigh. He wanted it inside him so bad. The throbbing of his hole was only slightly less intense than the way his dick was begging for release.

Feral’s hand touched firm to the small of Ky’s back as he pushed forward and helped him get the friction he craved. With his other hand he grasped Ky’s ass and spread his cheeks wide. His thumb pushed boldly into his entrance, twisted and turned, and Ky jolted and pressed back. Feral found his prostate and stroked, and a low moan gurgled free from where Magnificent’s cock was buried between Ky’s lips.

“That’s it.” Feral leaned over Ky’s back and licked his ear as he plunged two fingers deep into his hole. “I should have fucked you the moment I got you home.” Feral’s cock was sticky with precum as he rubbed it between Ky’s cheeks, tight against his thrusting fingers. “With enough cum in your slutty hole, you’re going to feel like yourself again, whelp. It’s going to fix everything.”

Saliva gushed down Ky’s chin, and Magnificent’s cock slipped free with his moan. “Please. Fuck, please.” He wanted that, needed it so bad.

Ky’s hand shook as he sought a better grip on Magnificent’s thigh, careful of his chains as he leaned forward to take him deep again. Magnificent’s tail tugged him down before Ky could get his mouth around his cock, and Ky whimpered as his dick slicked over his face and wet his flushed cheeks and forehead. He ended up panting in his lap, chin resting on Magnificent’s hard thigh as he tried to catch his breath and stop the room from spinning.

Magnificent’s hand tangled into Ky’s hair and combed the sweaty locks smooth. He turned him sideways so he could stare down into Ky’s face and run his thumb along his swollen lips streaked in fluid. Ky stared up dazedly and licked his tongue out. He tasted Magnificent’s fingertips, teasing them in gentle strokes, and then moved to the pulsing orbs that dotted the side of his rigid shaft. His tongue danced up the hot flesh, caressed and memorized every inch as he sought the swollen tip and the milky liquid dribbling free.

“Please,” Ky whimpered when he felt Feral’s dick slide between his cheeks and press up against his hole. “Need it. I need it so bad. Now.”

“I know. Fuck, I can feel it.” Feral exhaled unsteadily and his eyes closed a moment. “I can feel your need through the bond. It’s… it’s frrling insane.” His fingers dug into Ky’s hip as he humped forward shallowly, and the head of his cock pressed tight to his entrance and stretched in.

Ky jolted from the sudden pressure pushing him open and groaned. Feral’s seed was already spilling, and hot, thick rivulets of cum slicked around the cock pushing into his channel. Ky clung to Magnificent’s thighs, his cries muffled into the requiem’s navel as he took Feral’s cock.

“Tight,” Feral growled as he sank deeper. “How do you keep getting so tight?”

Ky opened slowly to the thick head, his channel clenching greedily. It had been too long—Ky knew it hadn’t been, not if he counted the actual days—but it felt so damn long. He missed this. He missed Feral, Magnificent, being lost in lust and touch and desperate cries with men he knew would make sure he was safe no matter how far they pushed his body.

Ky’s passage gripped the slick shaft, opened to the thick flesh, and stretched for every inch as Feral drove rough thrusts to bury deeper into his channel. He forgot how large he was, how full Feral made him with his cum sparking as he coated his insides in streams of seed. Ky arched when Feral slid deeper, and a cry escaped his gasping lips. Magnificent’s fingers tugged at his silky hair and pulled him down until his cock head was sliding into the saliva and precum dripping from Ky’s mouth.

“Oh… Oh, fuck,” Ky mumbled weakly against the hot cock. His tongue licked out, but his attention was consumed by the way he was being taken. Feral’s shaft swelled at the base for his knot and jarred tight against his rim. The thick flesh rocked him forward as it tried to get inside. Ky’s eyes closed, and his face contorted in blissful agony when Feral slammed forward and his hole tried to stretch to take his knot in.

“Do it. Yes,” Ky gasped. “Need it.”

“You’re frrling tight.” Feral’s growl curled heat around Ky’s ear, and his fingernails bit into his flesh. His hand pushed at Ky’s hip to pin him against Magnificent’s leg as he steadied him to meet his hard thrusts. “Spread. Take me in.” He groaned when Ky’s channel clutched tight and his knot pulsed. “I’ve got so much cum for you. Open up and spread those cheeks wide, whelp.”

Ky tried to press back, to help slam him in, but Feral held him in place. Feral humped slowly, his cock thrusting forward, edging in and then out while Ky trembled and gasped with each overwhelming pump. Feral’s breath was hot on his nape as he worked his thick knot into his slick entrance in determined bursts.

“That’s it,” Feral hissed and slammed forward a final time as he felt Ky’s passage yield. “Take it.”

“F-Fuck.” Ky’s cry caught in his throat as Feral slid the last inch forward, and his body opened to the swollen flesh. Feral buried deep into his aching hole, and before Ky could adjust to the feel of him seated inside, his knot expanded wide to lock inside his trembling flesh.

“Hell. So big. Fuck.” Ky grasped uselessly at Magnificent’s sweat-slick thighs with eyes squeezed shut and back arched. It was too much, and everything he needed, and if it stopped, he was certain he’d die. Ky’s hips jerked with every relentless thrust of Feral’s cock as it stretched him open and his knot pumped against his prostate. “More… Fuck, I need more.”

Ky’s arms shook as he tried to gain leverage to push back, get Feral even deeper, thicker inside. He couldn’t hold the weight of the two of them, not with how feverish and lost he felt. His arms gave way but Magnificent caught him. He pulled Ky higher into his lap so his face was buried against his navel and his knees on the floor. Magnificent’s hands were strong as he threaded fingers through Ky’s sweaty locks and watched him writhe and jerk. Ky managed to get one of his knees higher and he moaned when Feral slammed forward again.

“That’s it, whelp. Take it. Take what you need.” Feral groaned when Ky clenched tight around him, his passage spasming and holding him in. “Fuck, it’s so hard to hold back with you. I can feel how much you need this.” Feral slammed forward again and they both cried out. Ky gasped and his eyes rolled back from the intense pressure combined with the electrical charge of fresh cum filling his passage.

“Oh, fuck.” Ky gaped widemouthed as his body shuddered again and again from the feel Feral’s seed pouring into him. Cum dripped wet from around his stuffed entrance with every push of Feral’s cock driving deeper. Ky felt himself tense, half certain he was going to cum from the feel of it alone.

“Yes. Yes, whelp. This is what you need.” Feral’s thrusts grew faster, harder. With his knot locked tight in his passage, he could pound every drop of seed he had into Ky’s hungry hole without worry of them breaking apart.

Ky couldn’t stop moaning. His knees shook and slid on the hardwood floor as he tried to create a stronger hold so Feral could continue his hard pace. It was so good, and he couldn’t remember ever needing it like this before. He wanted to be fucked until he didn’t know anything else, couldn’t remember a thing besides how right this was.

Ky jolted, and his lashes fluttered open when something thick and wet pressed to his gaping mouth. His cries were muffled with the blunt tip of hot flesh as Magnificent guided the thick head of his cock back into his mouth with a gush of precum. Ky moaned, heat flushing through him once again, and he readily opened and sank the thick shaft toward the back of his throat. Magnificent’s tail coiled around Ky’s neck while his fingers grasped him by the hair. He kept him in place and made sure he didn’t choke as Ky’s body tightened and rocked with each demanding thrust into his throat.

The air quickly turned red and the room spun as Ky’s air was blocked by Magnificent’s cock, and he was taken roughly by Feral. Ky grasped desperately to consciousness, not wanting to miss a moment as pleasure burned through him. Ky could feel the smooth bumps pulse along the requiem’s shaft moments before the underside vibrated with his approaching orgasm. Fingers twisted his hair roughly and Ky trembled, his red lips dripping crystal fluid as Magnificent forced him still so he could fuck up into his mouth. His tip pressed behind Ky’s tonsils, and Magnificent growled as he unloaded his sparking seed into his throat.

Ky clutched at the thigh beneath him, his body jerking from the new energy snapping through him. Magnificent’s cock emptied from his mouth, dripping and hard, and Ky gasped for air, then moaned as his face was painted in streams of hot cum. Magnificent held his heavy head up by his hair and made sure to drizzle the milky streams over Ky’s cheeks, chin, forehead, and smear along his bruised lips. Ky panted weakly, and another moan broke free when he felt Feral’s knot swell wider as he pounded forward with determined thrusts to breed him.

Feral’s growls were wild as he nipped Ky’s shoulder and licked and sucked his flesh red. His fangs dulled when he clenched his teeth tight on the muscle where Ky’s shoulder met his neck. Ky sobbed out from the pain and pleasure, his face and chest flushed red. He felt impossibly dizzy, lost in each rough thrust, touch, and bite. He ground his ass back to meet Feral’s slams, his cheeks spread wide as he took his cock and the swollen knot buried as deep as it could. Cum dripped wet from his hole and coated his ass, thighs, and balls with the hot, viscous seed.

Ky held on dazedly. Unintelligibly moans fell free as he road Feral’s merciless thrusts and took everything he had to give him. Something wrapped tight around his throbbing, flushed cock, and Ky tensed with a loud sob.

“F-Fuck… Yes,” he gasped, his eyes slit open long enough to see Magnificent’s dark tail circled tight around his dick like a vice. The coil wrapped tighter, squeezed him from all angles, and Ky was lost. His hips jerked wildly, and he threw his head back as he came. Long, pearly streams of cum splattered his navel, chest, and coated the floor beneath him as he shook. Magnificent’s tail held him tight and jacked more and more of the hot fluid from him. Ky gaped wide mouth from the extended orgasm. His breath came out in a loud exhale as the tail tightened again, and heat flooded through him when another wave of cum pumped free.

“Hell… Oh, I can’t…” Ky slid slippery on the ground, his legs spread wide and hands seeking purchase. Magnificent grabbed him around the shoulder with his other hand tight in his hair. He turned Ky’s face so he could see his expressions as he continued to urge gush after gush of cum from his writhing body.

“Frrl,” Feral groaned when Ky clenched around him, and his tight passage worked to milk him of every drop of seed he had. Feral held Ky’s hips hard and slammed into his trembling body again and again while Ky sobbed for more. “That’s it… That’s it.” Feral’s fingers bit into the firm flesh of Ky’s ass, bruising the pale flesh and spreading his cheeks wide while he speared him on his cock. Ky shuddered and clenched to keep the thick shaft buried deep until Feral’s cum stopped streaming from him in creamy pulses.

Feral eventually relented with a growl, and his palm smacked down against one of Ky’s pert cheeks before releasing him.

Ky collapsed forward with a drawn out groan. He panted heavily against the muscles of Magnificent’s abdomen, bleary eyed and dazed. His skin was coated in cum, and he was impossibly full where Feral was sheathed inside his hole. Wet smeared his cheek, and Ky sighed and nuzzled Magnificent’s hot flesh as he sought out every spot of cum he could find on his smooth flesh. Ky’s tongue darted out, and with mindless abandon he licked up the tangy fluid from Magnificent’s flexing abs, hard thighs, and soft sac.

“Damn.” Breathless and with eyes closed, Feral held Ky by the hips and continued to thrust shallowly into his aching hole. It felt like torment to his sore flesh, and Ky groaned at the renewed claiming of his ass. He turned toward the fingers stroking his face, and Ky sighed into Magnificent’s gentle touch as he carefully combed the damp bangs. Ky sought him out and their gazes met, eyes glowing the same shade of otherworldly blue.

There wasn’t enough time, Ky realized blearily. There would never be enough time to connect properly with these men if the Aeternum stole the relics away.

Magnificent shuddered, and he gasped out as his shoulders involuntarily jerked and leg kicked. Ky found himself unceremoniously deposited on the floor, and he struggled to twist beneath Feral’s weight and push his hair aside so he could see why the requiem was groaning.

All along his flesh, Magnificent’s self inflicted wounds bled fresh crimson. The slashes and deep bruises marred his flesh at nearly every inch. Ky held his breath when Magnificent arched and his wounds flared the same cerulean as his eyes and then started to heal. Ky couldn’t look away. Magnificent’s face was twisted in an expression of pure agony mixed with bliss, and Ky realized he would only ever look like this when he had wounds that needed to heal.

He was too beautiful for words, and Ky’s heart wrenched to imagine Magnificent might leave him one day to seek his lost lovers. A dark part of Ky didn’t want Magnificent to be different. He didn’t want him to every truly be fixed if it meant he would stay with him. Surely anyone as perfect as the requiem would rush to leave this boring town and the pathetic failure of a sorcerer if he were in his right mind.

A white curtain of silk fluttered across Ky’s view, and he blinked when Lovely crawled with sleek movements to kneel beside Magnificent. Feral stiffened in alarm behind Ky, but Magnificent looked too stunned to even be aware of the cat relic.

Lovely’s eyes were dazed as he leaned sideways and lapped his tongue along the orb glowing on Magnificent’s bicep. He moaned at the first touch of tongue to the tender spot, and Lovely shuddered from the tips of his twitching ears down to his toes. “Mercy,” Lovely whimpered and closed his eyes in ecstasy as energy pulsed through him. He pressed forward after a moment, and Lovely nuzzled Magnificent’s arm as his lips ran wet circles over the bump. He kissed and sucked at his flesh gently and caressed more energy free.

Magnificent, his breathing having gone soft and his limbs lax, slid sideways on the floor where his black hair and wings splayed out on the hardwood in a glittering dark river. He made a new noise in the bottom of his chest that sounded like a melodic purr to Ky’s addled senses. Lovely joined in and thrummed soothingly as he climbed over Magnificent so he could continue to lap bursts of energy from the orbs pulsing on his arm.

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