Archive: December 27, 2019


Final edit of Demon Arms (PATB Serial) 8B complete!♥

First day back to proper writing after all the holiday stuff… and I feel like I’m crushing it! XD Trying a new writing technique and got over 7,000 words written today. Fucking win. <3



Final edit of Demon Arms (PATB Serial) #8a complete!
Rough draft of Demon Arms #8b posted!

So this is an extra scene being written into episode 1 of the PATB Serial to ensure that this series isn’t confused for YA. I think it’s a pretty important distinction to make from the beginning considering the graphic sexual scenes (mostly romantic) that occur in later episodes. Call it branding, call it covering my ass, call it an excuse to write Theodore forcing some nobody to deep throat him to help him keep his beast at bay–whatever. *wink* Sometimes the grownups need to have their fun too.♥



Final edit of Demon Arms (PATB Serial) #7C complete!
First orders of PATB 2020 Calendar and Art Cards shipped!

Scene 7 was probably the most problematic scene I needed to fix up for this final edit. I’m hoping the rest is going to flow much smoother in contrast (even with the busy holidays hitting.) I have 2 new scenes requiring fresh writing, but besides those two, the rest just need a little tweaking to make sure the tension holds and any new plot points are represented. Here’s to flying through!



Demon Arms (PATB) Scene 7b updated!

This is actually being broken into 3 scenes now that I think of it– lol– and damn, I am loving this fucking scene! Theodore just changes the narrative like that, twisting it into such suspense from a mind who has seen all this and worse before. He’s a force of nature, and I’m so glad he gets a better role in the serial.♥


December 18

I’m me again!♥

Turns out the final missing link was progesterone. I knew my body had a genetic mutation that made it hard for it to create progesterone, but everything else seemed so much more important and I got out of the habit of taking it. I restarted the supplementation last week, and yeah, it’s like the world clicked into focus. Time is moving so slow because my brain is alert and recording it all. I had no idea how progesterone impacted my memory and mental clarity, or just how it was connected to being able to feel and be motivated. I’m waking up in the morning, getting things done that used to feel exhausting like it’s nothing– like I’m just living life.

I am full of so much damn gratitude to have found this place. I look at my writing and it makes sense– the doubts and confusion are gone. I’ve found my joy again and I am writing up a storm, peeps. Nothing can get in my way anymore and I’m looking to fly!♥