“I need a collar.”

Wylie opened his eyes when a familiar voice drifted across the room. He must have dozed. The adrenaline of the fight had drained his energy and his eyelids felt heavy. From his bed, he could see the back of someone as they waited in front of Dr. Rob’s partially open office door.

“Your power appears contained, Dorian.” Dr. Rob opened the door wider and stood outlined in the entrance.

“Just trust me on this.” Dorian tilted his head towards the glass cabinet full of null-collars. He waited patiently until Dr. Rob relented and got one. He took the metal instrument when handed to him, circled it around his neck but refrained from clasping it. “Could you, uh, leave us alone for a while?”

Dr. Rob’s dark eyes blinked in surprise. He glanced at Wylie, who looked just as baffled, and then back to Dorian. “I’ll be in my office if you need me.”

“We won’t need you.” Dorian waited for Dr. Rob to close his door, then turned and stalked toward Wylie. He stopped in front of his hospital bed. Dorian’s hazel eyes were more gold in the warm afternoon light and looked intense when he stared down at where Wylie was propped on the pillows.

“Hey.” Wylie watched him with a combination of alertness and curiosity. There was a look to Dorian, something determined and hungry. Wylie couldn’t help but stare when he grasped the ends of his null-collar and snapped them together with a deliberate flourish.

“I need to tell you something.” Dorian pulled the curtain around the bed and blocked the two of them from the rest of the room.

Wylie sat up straighter. His eyes were drawn to where Dorian was reaching for the hem of his shirt. “Okay.”

“You don’t bother me. The hissing thing… I like it.” Dorian slowly pulled his shirt over his head. Wylie held his breath as smooth olive skin and toned muscle was revealed beneath the long-sleeve shirt. “I’m not afraid of you, like, even a little. Nothing you have done or said has made me afraid of you. Clear? Nothing. Not even about how your dragon woke up.”

“Uh, alright.” His eyes wide, Wylie bit his lip when Dorian got on the bed and straddled his legs. He was beautiful. Dorian’s hazel eyes blazed as he stared down at him. His bare skin was warm and his nipples were dark, alluring spots on his chest. “Anything else?” Wylie’s heart quickened the closer he got.

“Yeah.” Dorian leaned forward and grabbed the headboard on both sides of Wylie’s head. “I don’t touch people. It’s dangerous, it’s selfish, and I never want to kill another person because of my magic.” Their noses brushed, and Dorian’s lips and hot breath tingled against his skin. “But I need to touch you. Just once. So I don’t go crazy wondering what it would be like.”

Wylie held himself impossibly still. He felt Dorian’s breath hitch right before he tentatively pressed forward, his lips hot on his. It was a jolt of electricity. Wylie gasped and his hands came up to grasp Dorian’s shoulders while he struggled to hold back. Their eyes met and Wylie let his fingers curl around his biceps. Dorian’s flesh was hot and flexed beneath his touch. Lashes downcast, Dorian brushed their lips together again. A sigh escaped his parted lips when Wylie tangled fingers into his hair and pulled him closer.

Dorian’s lips were firm and wet. He swayed forward and his mouth opened hesitantly to the slide of Wylie’s tongue. “Oh.” Dorian’s breath hitched again. His exhale was unsteady as he touched his tongue to Wylie’s. His hand carefully pressed to the nape of his neck, then Dorian’s fingers combed through his short hair and fanned wide. He made the softest of gasps when Wylie scraped his teeth on his lush bottom lip.

Dorian’s hands were trembling when he dared to slide them down the front of Wylie’s shirt. Wylie tried to keep still. He could feel Dorian’s vulnerability in every tentative kiss and touch. He didn’t want to scare or push him too fast. It was just getting difficult, especially when Dorian began to trail open-mouthed kisses down his neck while teasing fingers into the waistband of his jeans. Each touch to his flesh was a spark of fire. Wylie groaned in warning when Dorian pressed his hips tight to his body.

“Dorian…” Wylie grabbed one of his maddening hands. It was no use; Dorian quickly pressed his other palm to Wylie’s erection and rubbed him through his jeans. “Fuck.” He groaned and rocked his hips up into the perfect touch.

Dorian’s eyes were glued to where Wylie’s dick was hard and hot in his hand. There was only a layer of material between them. He gasped when fingers wrapped around his wrist. He looked up questioningly with his bottom lip caught between his teeth.

“How far have you gotten before?” Wylie pulled him closer and pressed lips to his jaw.

“Not… not very,” Dorian admitted breathlessly. Wylie licked down his throat and gently nipped with sharp teeth. Dorian moaned. His hands rose to grasp Wylie’s shoulders for balance. “Hell. I forgot how good it feels.”

Wylie released his wrist and ran his palms down Dorian’s bare back. “Being touched?”

“Yeah. It’s like being numb after a while.” Dorian eyes fluttered shut as Wylie’s hands moved up his sides in firm strokes. “It feels so strange to have my heart race again. To sweat. Feel.” He opened his eyes. Wylie saw so much emotion flicker across his face when he leaned in and kissed him slowly. When Dorian pulled back, his brows were furrowed in worry. “I fight it all the time. Feeling things. I think… I think I might have forgotten how to give in.”

Wylie tilted his head and caught Dorian’s bottom lip between his teeth. He tugged gently and rubbed his tongue over the trapped flesh. Dorian moaned into his mouth and melted forward.

“You’re doing fine,” Wylie murmured as he slid palms over his smooth flesh. Dorian’s heart was fast and strong under his hands. Sweat was just starting to trickle down his back and over his hips. When Dorian rocked against him, Wylie could feel he was hard and definitely enjoying himself. “You’re perfect.” Wylie reached down and grasped his ass, then squeezed hard. Dorian groaned and thrust roughly against his stomach.

His movements were bolder when Dorian rolled the hem of Wylie’s t-shirt up. The material stretched for his hands, which he smoothed down the planes of Wylie’s back. He pushed the pillows out of the way. “I like your shoulders.”

Dorian slid the shirt higher until Wylie relented and pulled it over his head. Now revealed, Dorian kneeled back to drink him in. He took in Wylie’s pale skin and strong muscles. His gaze was eventually drawn to the silver chain that hung down the center of his chest. “You have really nice abs.” Dorian licked his lips. He pressed his fingertips to Wylie’s stomach and felt the muscles flex in response.

Wylie was doing his best to not grab him. He desperately wanted to push Dorian down and kiss him hard, make him beg. He was impossible not to want. Dorian’s breathing was ragged. His eyes were hazy and cheeks flushed. He teased fingertips down the thin trail of hair that led from Wylie’s bellybutton to his dick. Every touch was driving him fucking crazy.

“Dorian,” he gasped when shaking hands tore at his fly.

“Hold on.” Dorian rested his forehead against Wylie’s jaw while he unfurled his zipper. “I just want to… Oh.” He exhaled heavily. He scrunched Wylie’s jeans down his hips and rolled his underwear as low as the space would allow. Dorian’s tongue came out to lap at the light stubble on Wylie’s jaw. “You’re big.”

Wylie’s eyes closed when fingers slowly slid along his shaft. He wanted to fuck him. So bad. But Dorian was inexperienced and probably fucked-up over the death of his last boyfriend. He wasn’t sure if it was alright to do much more. It was just so hard to hold back. He’d never wanted anyone like this, and Dorian was teasing the fuck out of him with his soft touches.

Dorian sat back on Wylie’s thighs and watched transfixed as his cock grew full and rigid under his fingers. “Have you ever…?” Wylie tried to ask. The words caught in his throat when Dorian met his gaze.

“A few hand jobs.” Dorian wrapped his fingers tighter around his shaft. His thumb caressed his tip in slow, maddening circles. “A few blows… I can’t even remember the last time I masturbated. Damn.” Dorian bit his lip, and gave him a light squeeze. He groaned when Wylie’s dick jerked in his grasp.

With his jaw clenched tight, Wylie struggled to keep in control. “Dorian… Just… God, that’s good.” He was losing it. Fucking losing it. Dorian’s strokes were almost painfully light and it took everything in him to keep from grabbing his hand and thrusting into his palm. “Serious, I get that you don’t want to rush things…” he trailed off at Dorian’s wicked grin. Moments later, Dorian shimmied down his body. Wylie could only growl when he realized what he was up to. His vision dimmed for a moment from the feel of hot breath on his dick.

Wylie stared up at the ceiling and clutched the sheets as Dorian’s wet lips parted around the head of his cock. Slick flesh slowly wrapped around him and engulfed him in heat. God, he needed to stay calm. Needed to go slow and not lose it over the amazing, fucking perfect guy who barely remembered what it felt like to be touched. Wylie gasped when Dorian took him in deep enough to hit his tonsils, his tongue curved tightly to his flesh. “Oh fuck.”

He dared to look down. Wylie fought back a groan even as his hips rocked up against his will. Dorian just held him tighter and took his length in eagerly. His ass was high in the air as he knelt over his legs. Wylie’s eyes narrowed and breath came out in heavy pants. He grasped Dorian by his dark hair and pulled until he looked up at him.

He drank the sight of him in; he took in Dorian’s flushed cheeks, dazed hazel eyes and swollen red lips dripping with saliva. He was incredibly sexy and Wylie was done holding back. “Get up here.” Dorian gasped at the rough tone of his voice.

Dorian sat up shakily and Wylie surged forward and pushed him back so his head was at the foot of the bed. He pinned Dorian under his heavier body and kissed him hard and consuming. Dorian whimpered. He wrapped his arms tight around Wylie’s neck, his legs spread so he would settle between them. Wylie couldn’t keep his hands still. He touched Dorian everywhere he could reach and loved how he practically melted against his flesh. He sucked rough, dark welts on his neck before he moved down to his chest and laved roughly at his closest nipple.

Dorian threw his head back with a cry when Wylie nipped the bud. His fingers clenched into his broad shoulders. Wylie moved lower. He breathed against his flesh, tasted down his flat stomach and lapped into his bellybutton.

“This alright?” Wylie asked gruffly as he nipped Dorian’s slippery stomach. His hands lingered on his hips. He ached to push his pants down.

“Please.” Dorian’s hips jolted up and he pushed Wylie’s head lower. “More.

With a growl, Wylie found the button to his khakis and got his fly open. He sat up and Dorian lifted his hips so he could pull the material down his legs. Dorian stared up at him with a heated look in his eyes. He helped kick his shoes off. The expensive leather clattered to the floor where pants and briefs swiftly followed.

Paused in his crouch, Wylie looked him over. His body was tense with every damn thing he wanted to do to make Dorian feel. Dorian was panting heavily. He stared up at him with a mix of anticipation and nerves. His bare skin was flushed and erection heavy and enticing in its nest of soft dark hair.

“I’ll stop whenever you want,” Wylie promised as he gazed into his eyes.

With a roguish smile, Dorian rocked his hips invitingly. “I know.”

There was something about being trusted by Dorian that made Wylie both dizzy and ridiculously proud. He settled his arms on both sides of Dorian’s hips, lowered down and pressed his face into the dark trail of hair that ran from navel to flushed cock. He breathed deep and smirked when he felt Dorian gasp. He liked how sensitive he was and the way Dorian’s body pulsed beneath him full of need. Wylie tilted his head and found the straining crown of his dick. The flesh was dark and hard. He licked a slow trail from his balls all the way to his tip.

Dorian choked on his cry. He raised his arm and covered his mouth to try to muffle his gasps when Wylie began to suck him. Wylie could still hear him fine enough. Each jerk of Dorian’s body and whimper from his lips drove him on as he kissed down his shaft. He sucked every inch, then slid up his swollen crown and used his tongue to tease mercilessly. Precum dripped down. Wylie greedily lapped the fluid and probed into his slit for more.

He wanted to make sure Dorian felt all of it. He needed it to be the best fucking blow job ever. Even if Dorian couldn’t be touched again, Wylie wanted to make sure this one moment was memorable.

“Fuck. Oh, I don’t…” Dorian grabbed him by the hair when Wylie pushed his knees up and delved deep between his thighs. Wylie’s tongue teased determinedly into his crack. It was hot, slick and maddening. With a hard swallow, Dorian hesitantly met his gaze when Wylie pulled back. “I don’t know if I, uh, like that.”

Dorian’s hair was disheveled. His cheeks and neck were bright red and lips insanely tempting. “Do you want to find out?” Wylie asked hoarsely. He carefully read his eyes. Dorian was raw emotion and vulnerability. It was the most expression he’d seen on his face since meeting him. “You know, since you’re here, in a null-collar, wondering what things could be like.” He kissed Dorian’s inner thigh and slid his fangs over the sensitive flesh.

He moaned from the sensation and Dorian let his legs be spread wider. He unwound his fingers from Wylie’s hair to arch back on the bed. It was answer enough. Wylie pulled him closer by his hips and nuzzled into his crack. He wasn’t surprised when Dorian gasped at the first touch of tongue to his pucker. He went slowly. He lapped gentle swirls and wiggling thrusts that barely breached so Dorian could get used to the sensation.

It didn’t take long; each wet stroke was driving Dorian crazy. Dorian whimpered and rocked his hips as he tried to get Wylie deeper. Wylie used his thumbs to spread his cheeks open, and with a groan he drove his tongue in deep and hard. Dorian cried out as his entire body jolted.

That was it. He just needed to get him loose, wet, and fucking dripping inside and out for him.

“Wylie…Wylie, god, that’s… fuck. Fuck.” His legs flexed on the bed. Dorian grabbed the edge of the mattress above him and tried to rock against Wylie’s restraining hands. Wylie refused to let up. He plunged in again and again. He spread his hole wider with his thumbs and tongue and tormented him until Dorian was breathless and pleading for release.

Wylie lifted up, face flushed and chin wet. His eyes moved down Dorian’s prone form. He wanted to memorize every sweaty, panting inch of him. Damn, he wanted him. Dorian was beautiful, stretched out and aching. His eyes were gleaming slits as he gasped. Wylie couldn’t imagine ever wanting anyone else.

His eyes glued on Dorian’s flushed face, Wylie teased two fingers into his crack. He was going to make him come, but only when he was inside him. Just fingers—he was damn certain he’d break his heart completely if he fucked Dorian. Still, Wylie wanted him to know just how good it could be.

Dorian’s mouth gaped wide and back arched. A whimper escaped him when Wylie’s fingers pushed deep inside him. His body opened slowly to the long digits. Wylie leaned over him and pinned one of Dorian’s wrists above his head. His lips absorbed his broken cries as he began to fuck his fingers into Dorian in rhythmic, relentless thrusts.

“That’s it,” Wylie groaned when Dorian clenched around him and his hips pushed back desperately. “You’re doing so good… So tight.” He slid along his inner walls and found the spongy gland he knew would drive him crazy. Dorian sobbed loudly from the overwhelming sensation when Wylie stroked the bundle of nerves.

He grabbed the back of Wylie’s head. Dorian held him close and kissed him desperately between aching gasps. He kept bucking his hips and Wylie gave in and pressed his lower body tighter to Dorian’s hot flesh. His jeans-clad legs tangled with his tense limbs so Dorian’s dripping cock could rut against his bare hip.

Wylie could tell he was close. Dorian’s rhythm grew more and more erratic with each deep thrust of his fingers. Dorian suddenly threw his leg around Wylie’s thigh, arm around his neck and clutched tight. Wylie forced his eyes open to watch him gasp. He wanted to see everything. Dorian’s features twisted in ecstasy and he choked out a final cry.

Beautiful. Fucking beautiful. Wylie kept his fingers buried in his clenching passage and groaned with each hot stream of cum splashed on his navel. God, he didn’t even care if he got off. Part of him was just unbearably satisfied to have Dorian whisper his name dazedly in his ear while he tried to catch his breath.

“Hell.” His lashes fluttered open and Dorian gazed blearily down at Wylie’s bowed head. Wylie continued to lick over his throat in languid swipes. Dorian tangled fingers into his light blue bangs, pulled him up and sealed their lips together. Wylie groaned and rolled sideways when he was pushed back. Dorian’s tongue possessively claimed his mouth as he climbed on top of Wylie’s panting form.

“It was okay, then?” Wylie teased breathlessly. Dorian growled and crushed his lips hungrily. He kissed him flat into the mattress. His hand slid through the sweat on Wylie’s hips and sought out his rock hard cock. “Fuck… Fuck, Dorian.”

His lips hot on Wylie’s throat, Dorian stroked him firmly. His hand glided in smooth jerks with the help of the sweat and cum slick on their bodies. Wylie’s breath came out in harsh gasps. He gave in to the weight of Dorian’s lithe body and maddening touch. He wrapped an arm tight around Dorian’s waist.

“Faster?” Dorian nipped at his jaw. His eyes fixed on the way Wylie’s lips parted with every gasp.

“No, it’s… Ahh. Good. So good,” Wylie mumbled and held him tighter. Dorian smiled against his cheek and ground his hips hard against his.

“You’re close.”


“So close.” With a low growl, Dorian abruptly sank his teeth into the juncture of Wylie’s neck and shoulder and clamped down hard. Wylie jerked from the pain and gasped loudly. His hips bucked against Dorian’s as his orgasm hit him. His seed spurted into Dorian’s palm in throbbing waves.

Wylie cracked his eyes open to find Dorian glaring down at him with something possessive burning in his gaze. It sent a thrill through him. A primitive, wild cry tingled in his blood. His. Dorian Black was his.

Silent, Dorian collapsed against Wylie. Sweat sheened between their hot bodies as Wylie fought to calm his breathing. He glanced over and caught Dorian experimentally licking his palm. His tongue tasted the cum coating his fingers. Dorian’s nose scrunched and he lapped another small flick of flavor. Wylie grabbed his wrist. He deliberately pressed his hand palm first over Dorian’s chest, and rubbed his seed onto his skin in a wet trail.

Dorian moaned weakly. He rolled to his side and stared questioningly at Wylie with cheeks flushed red. “Scent,” Wylie grunted in explanation. He wrapped closer and rested his head against Dorian’s neck. His face pressed against the metal collar warmed by their body heat, and Wylie’s stomach gave an anxious clench.

Wylie closed his eyes and tried to block out reality. Dorian belonged with him. He’d never felt so fucking complete before. But it required a null-collar on both their necks to be allowed to touch. He didn’t want to think how he’d probably never feel this way again.

Wylie ran his hand down Dorian’s arm and gripped his bicep. He slid down the planes of his back to his trim waist, and then caressed his ass and thighs. Dorian sighed contently. He gripped Wylie’s rumpled jeans and roughly pulled him up against him. He tucked his head beneath Wylie’s chin and rested against him. Wylie breathed deep and tried to ingrain the beautiful sorcerer into his memory, into his flesh.

He was used to living in moments, small happy flashes in a sea of dark uncertainty. He could do it now if it meant a little longer with Dorian.

Dorian had fucked it all up. Not only did he give in to his body’s demands, but he dragged Wylie along with him. He knew the danger. He knew there was no fixing it. He was leading Wylie on.

He peeked an eye open and stared blankly at Wylie’s chest while he felt the shifter breathe. He was already hard again and his body burned for more. He wanted more of Wylie’s hands, his mouth, strength and warm smiles. They’d only lain there for fifteen minutes, yet Dorian ached to get lost in Wylie’s body again. Then he could stop thinking all the stupid things that swirled in his head.

He’d made a fucking terrible mistake and he didn’t know how to fix it. Nothing hurt as much as wanting what he couldn’t have. Dorian tried not to want but everything about Wylie fucked him up.

He dipped his head forward and lapped his tongue over Wylie’s clavicle. He slid down and ran lips over his taut flesh. God, he tasted good, smelled good. He felt so fucking good. Wylie stirred and exhaled unsteadily when Dorian found his nipple and began to torment it with first tongue and then teeth.

Dorian glanced up and found Wylie watching him. His ice-blue eyes were slit open, and breath already strained. He gave a tentative shimmy to discover Wylie was hard and poking against his hip. It wasn’t just him. Thank god. If he was going to lose his mind he refused to do it alone.

Dorian pushed him onto his back and Wylie rolled readily at his urging. It was strange how pliable he was. Wylie could throw a giant lion across the field, but with him he was absolutely yielding. He was so powerful yet considerate. Dorian wasn’t blind to the kind of strength that required.

Dorian climbed up his toned form and straddled his stomach. He leaned his hands on either side of Wylie’s head, leaned close and brushed his mouth over his jaw. He loved the feel of Wylie’s bristle against his sensitive lips.



“You got your scent on me.” Dorian wiggled down. He lifted Wylie’s hand and pressed it to where his cum was rubbed sticky against his flesh. He felt wild just mentioning it. Dorian’s pulse fluttered where Wylie touched.

“Yeah.” Wylie searched his face. “Was it too weird?”

Dorian shook his head. His lips quirked in a growingly familiar smile. “Your dragon is very determined to cover me with scent. But what about me?”

Wylie blinked slowly. He ran a hand down his back. Dorian pushed into the hot touch. “What about you?”

“My scent,” Dorian explained. He gasped when Wylie’s hips shifted and his dick rubbed against his ass. “If I have to smell like you, it’s only fair you smell like me. Right?”

He wasn’t sure just what Wylie thought of his idea. Wylie seemed far more focused on the way Dorian’s ass kept pressing back in a slow rhythm against his hard cock. Oh, it felt good, though. It was even better when Wylie gripped his hips and pulled him down tight. His hot dick rubbed between his cheeks. “Fuck.”

Saliva filled his mouth and Dorian moaned. He spread his legs wider and bent forward so he could grind his dick against Wylie’s strong body. All the while he felt his hot, damp cock tease at his crack. “Wylie,” he gasped out when fingers probed around the rim of his hole.

Dorian never let anyone touch him there. He wasn’t sure he would ever want to bottom. It was such a vulnerable feeling to let a guy, well, fuck him. He had a lot of problems trusting the sorcerers who used to chase him. But Wylie was different. He wasn’t arrogant, or conceited. He wasn’t interested in making him feel small so another could feel larger in comparison. Wylie just seemed happy to be able to touch him.

“Oh. Oh, that’s…” His eyes closed and Dorian gasped as two fingers pressed into his hole. His flesh opened as he was penetrated again. His insides were slick from sweat, saliva, and want. The first time it felt so strange, so crazy, and he hadn’t been able to do anything but feel. This time it was just as crazy. His sore flesh clenched to feel the friction on his inner walls. He craved it. He wanted it again.

“Fuck, you’re beautiful,” Wylie whispered in awe. His free hand pushed Dorian’s damp hair from his face. Dorian’s answer was lost in a cry when Wylie plunged two fingers further into his channel. His back arched and Dorian rocked down and tried to get them deeper. Wylie spread his fingers and Dorian gaped wide-mouthed. He clutched Wylie’s shoulders hard as he struggled to keep from shouting.

“Good?” Wylie’s voice was a low growl against his flesh.

“So good,” Dorian gasped out. His forehead rested heavily on Wylie’s as fingers plunged into his passage again. “Oh fuck… Right there… Right…” Wylie stroked his prostate. Dorian’s body tightened and jerked against his in delicious agony.

He became aware of Wylie’s dick. It was sticky with dripping precum as it rubbed against his inner thigh. Wylie made no move to do anything else, but all Dorian could think of was what it would be like to have that hot, thick flesh stretch inside him. Surely it would hurt. Surely it would be too much. But god, he wanted to know. He wanted to know what it would feel like to have Wylie deep inside him.

“Wylie… Please.” He gasped into his neck. Dorian held on tighter and slid their bodies together in slick friction. “Will you… Will you put it in me?” He licked his lips nervously when Wylie met his gaze.

Wylie breathed in unsteadily. He tilted his head up and brushed lips to Dorian’s. “We should go slow. Believe me, I would love to fuck you. Just, this isn’t the right place.”

Dorian glanced back at the curtains that blocked them from the rest of the hospital room. He leaned forward again and looked down at Wylie questioningly. “I don’t care if it hurts.” It was probably his only chance to do something like this. He promised himself he wouldn’t rely on the null-collar, and who knew how long Wylie would even be around? “I want to feel you.” He ground forward and moaned from the feel of Wylie’s dick pressed against his.

“Fuck. Dorian.” Wylie grabbed his hips and held them still. “I just… Damn it.”

“You don’t want to,” Dorian realized. He stilled his movements. “Am I not…?”

“No, you’re fucking perfect,” Wylie assured quickly. He sat up on his elbows and grabbed one of Dorian’s hands. “I just… I really like you.” He was blushing but Wylie’s gaze refused to waver. “I don’t want to fuck things up by rushing things.”

Holy fuck. Dorian suppressed a whimper. He gnawed unconsciously on his bottom lip while he stared down at where his hand was encased in Wylie’s. Yeah, he was totally fucking everything up. Wylie was a shifter, one who liked his scent. The dragon wanted to protect him, keep him, and mark him with scent so no one would dare touch him. The more Dorian thought about it, the faster his heart raced. Wylie wanted him as a mate.

“I’m fucked-up, Wylie. You know I can’t…” He met his eyes tentatively and shrugged; the movement was full of helplessness. “Sorry.” He swallowed down the lump of emotion tight in his throat. Wylie was impossibly sexy and wanted him for more than just a quick fuck. Why was life so unfair?

Wylie cupped the back of Dorian’s neck and pulled him down until their noses touched. “I don’t know shit, Dorian. Not about magic, not about shifters, not about this place. What I do know is that you’re worth doing things right by, no matter the circumstances.”

Dorian felt dizzy. Wylie’s breath was hot against his cheek as his large hands roamed roughly down his back to squeeze his ass. Damn it, why did he have to be so fucking sweet? The guy looked like a goddamn thug in his torn jeans and punkish hairstyle, yet Wylie was so nice it broke his heart. “Wylie…”

“It’s okay.” Wylie slid a hand between Dorian’s thighs and caressed the smooth flesh. “I don’t need anything from you. I just want us to enjoy this right now, okay? Only this.”

Dorian gasped as his balls were cupped. He kept his head ducked to avoid Wylie’s gaze. He was fucking it up. Wylie was so damn blunt about his feelings. It only revealed the feelings Dorian was fighting so fucking hard not to have. He couldn’t afford to feel. It wasn’t safe.

“Oh… Oh, hell.” A thumb pressed into his entrance and Dorian knew nothing else. He moaned as Wylie’s lips sought his out. He rocked back into the touch. Dorian opened and relented to both assaults. His mouth was devoured and Wylie’s lips threatened to suffocate him. It quickly stole his troubled thoughts away. Two fingers plunged into his entrance again and Wylie grasped his waist so he wouldn’t slip.

Dorian reached between them. He found Wylie’s straining cock and stroked the length of it slowly. He was so big, thick. His breath came out in shallow bursts when Dorian guided the rigid flesh between his thighs. He groaned when Wylie’s blunt, hot tip pressed right up against the fingers stretching him.


“I just want to feel you.” He kissed him with bruising force. Wylie’s dick nuzzled between his cheeks, spread them wide, and Dorian groaned. “God, just like that.” He pushed down onto the hard flesh. He was more flushed and lost with each plunge of Wylie’s fingers inside him.

Wylie’s muscles tensed with every gasping cry Dorian made. Dorian kept angling down like he was trying to get both fingers and dick inside him. It was maddening. Wylie growled and buried his face against the other’s neck so he wouldn’t see just how desperate Dorian looked. If he did, he might change his mind and fuck him senseless.

Dangerous. Really fucking dangerous. Dorian was too gorgeous with his flashing wicked smiles and pensive, quiet moments. To have him and lose him would destroy Wylie faster than anything else.

“Please… Harder. It’s so good,” Dorian moaned. His mouth was wide and wet as he gasped against Wylie’s neck. Dorian clawed dull fingernails into his shoulders and held tight. He rocked desperately with every thrust of the fingers claiming him. Wylie pulled out and three fingers carefully replaced the two. Dorian moaned achingly. It was so thick, beyond intense to be stretched wide. “Y-Yes.”

“Damn it,” Wylie hissed as Dorian jolted against him. Dorian’s face was twisted in delirious agony and impossible to look away from. Wylie rolled them before he knew it. He pinned Dorian flat on the bed beneath him. “You trust me?”

Dorian stared up at him. His eyes revealed a hint of trepidation. He licked his flushed lips and gave a silent nod.

Wylie leaned down and bared his fangs. Dorian gasped but didn’t pull away. “Cover your mouth, gorgeous, because you’re going to be shouting before I’m done.”

Dorian flashed a tentative smile. He raised his hand and pulled Wylie down to kiss him hard. Wylie groaned into his mouth. He pushed Dorian’s long legs up and slid the head of his cock between his tight cheeks. Dorian moaned eagerly against his lips. His hips moved as he tried to get Wylie to push inside him.

It would be so fucking easy. Wylie was damn certain Dorian wouldn’t complain if he gave in and fucked him. But he meant what he said. The dragon was knocked out from the collar and there was no excuse. He wasn’t a mindless beast that would stop at nothing to claim his mate. No matter how fucking amazing it would feel. Dorian might not understand what it meant, but he did.

Wylie reached down between them, caressed Dorian’s shaft and balls, and then probed into his hot entrance again. He slid three fingers inside and carefully spread into his tight flesh. His own eyes fell shut when Dorian began to buck under him and rocked in a demanding rhythm. Dorian’s touch fumbled up his shoulders, then suddenly fingernails scratched vicious down Wylie’s back. With a loud gasp, Wylie found himself on the brink of orgasm as heat rose through him in an overwhelming wave.

“F-Fuck,” Wylie choked out. He slammed his fingers into Dorian’s passage as he fought to stay in control. Cracking his eyes open, he found Dorian gazing at him with that same intense, possessive expression. He felt completely in the sorcerer’s power even though the null-collar was still secure around his neck.

“Most shifters like pain,” Dorian explained hoarsely. Wylie stilled when fingers curled on his back. Short fingernails dug into him with a promise of more to come. “They like being marked. Do you…?” Dorian’s nails dug in and Wylie hissed and threw his head back.

“God.” Wylie’s body was tight and hot and so beyond his comprehension as soft fingertips teased over his stinging flesh.

“You’re going to shout for me.” Dorian pressed lips tight to his ear. “I’m going to mark you again because you liked my bite so much the first time. And this time when I come, I’m going to cover you in my scent.”

“Fuck, Dorian,” Wylie rasped. His hips bucked forward when nails tore down his back again. He was so close. His mind was unable to process anything but the feel of his burning flesh and the aching throb in his dick.

“But first…” Dorian reached between them and carefully extracted Wylie’s fingers from his clenching hole. Wylie groaned as Dorian stroked his shaft, then adjusted until his cock was tight against his rim. “Yeah, just like that.” Dorian wrapped his arms around his wide shoulders. He rested his flushed face against the side of Wylie’s neck, and opened his mouth wide to lick and run his teeth over the column of flesh.

Dorian felt beyond crazy. He dug his nails tight into Wylie’s biceps. Wylie gasped and surged forward, and nearly drove his thick cock right into his entrance. The angle was wrong but the pressure felt damn fine. Dorian moaned and arched. He rocked into the hard thrusts. He loved the slide of their flesh, and the roughness of Wylie’s jeans in contrast to his smooth skin.

“Come on. I want to feel you come.” Dorian clawed breathlessly down Wylie’s back. God, he wanted claws. He wanted to be as rough as a shifter to get off like this. Wylie was fucking hot and he wanted him begging for him. Unfortunately, without magic Dorian was all weak fingers and dull teeth.

Wylie growled against his throat. He pushed Dorian’s knee up higher and crushed him down with his hips. He ground rhythmically between his tight cheeks. “I don’t want to hurt you,” he gritted out. His fingers bit into Dorian’s flesh as fingernails raked down the nape of his neck.

“You won’t. Nothing I’ll dislike, anyways,” Dorian amended as his hip was wrenched roughly. Wylie was close, his dick so hot and thick as he rubbed up and down his crack. God, he wanted him to push inside him. His body burned at the thought. He wanted Wylie to fuck him and have his cum fill him and claim him.

Dorian ran his palms up Wylie’s sides, curled his fingers, and raked his nails down in a brutal slash.

Wylie gave a hoarse shout. He pinned Dorian flat and covered him with his muscular body as he jerked his release between his cheeks. The feel of Wylie’s seed dripping hot down his crack was beyond intense. Dorian moaned and tensed beneath Wylie. Moments later, he came, and jerked against the other’s body.

Dorian gasped repeatedly, his heaving chest restricted by Wylie’s weight. He kept his eyes closed to block out the spinning of the room. God, what the fuck was wrong with him? He was turning into a total slut for a guy he couldn’t even be with. A really animalistic slut.

He pushed at Wylie’s hips and slid his hand between the hot crush of their bodies. He found where his cum coated his stomach and collected what he could. The sweat on Wylie’s skin made it easier to spread as he began to paint the shifter’s chest and throat with his seed.

Wylie grunted into his ear and didn’t pull away. His tongue slid out to lick Dorian’s cheekbone. “You want people to know I’m yours,” Wylie murmured. He seemed to grow more assured with each swipe of Dorian’s fingers.

Dorian didn’t answer. It was probably true. He marked up Wylie’s skin, covered him in his cum, and jumped him in a place where anyone could discover them together. A part of him wanted everyone to know Wylie was his.

Dorian peered up through his lashes. Wylie’s gaze was sober and intent. His ice-blue eyes moved over his face like he was memorizing him. Damn, he was fucking up. Wylie was doing everything to make sure he knew he wasn’t messing around, and fuck him, he was doing everything to lead him on.

They couldn’t be anything more. Fuck, they couldn’t even be this. That he wanted Wylie didn’t make it any less true.

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