An unknown sorcerer excluded from the sorcery circles until unexpectedly accepted into the Hierarchy, an exclusive school for the magically gifted. Evanel is focused on finding a way to remove his magic in the hopes of living a life free of the politics and power manipulations those with magic are subjected to. During his first meeting of his peers, he finds himself at home with lust creatures, predators who feed off of the arousal of their hapless prey. Evan shows no similar mindset and is immune to their allure. He has a strange, confusing charisma that leads those who have just met him to become obsessed, and his life is quickly at risk.

Tormented and abused at home, Evanel struggles with a lack of desire for life or human connection. As secrets reveal and he finds himself within a web of intrigue created by ancient, powerful beings on an Earth where gods walk the planet, his mental and emotional stability will decide if his sealed powers save or destroy.