The first demon Ky meets and bonds with, Lovely has both influence over Ky and is the one who feels the most emotional weight when Ky gets drawn into the dark world of sorcery and demon slaves. A warrior and son of a clan leader on Realm, Lovely struggles with a sense of duty and his own survival when it comes to life on Earth. His nature as a relic presents as easily aroused and mind controlled, and it leaves him vulnerable to the powers of both sorcerers and requiem.

Lovely is sought after because of his unique, beautiful appearance, as well as his healing abilities. He has long, white hair that brushes the floor, feathered white wings, and mismatched eyes: the left blue, the right pale violet. Being bonded to Lovely allows a sorcerer to heal faster and feel less pain. Anselm kept him bonded for over 200 years out of certainty Lovely’s rare healing powers could lead to regeneration and immortality. Lovely’s purr is actually a spell that creates a feeling of calm in those who hear it, which he exploits because he prefers to feed through sex.

Lovely is bonded to Ky with a jewel bond to represent it’s an equal mating of energy.