Construction finally starting

I need to put out a newsletter, which I was planning on doing today, only to get to the site and realize it's so fucking broken no one would be able to read it. So this is clearly priority.

I've gotta fix the website, and it didn't happen as planned last month because when the AC broke during all those record breaking highs this summer, the humidity apparently jumped the fuck up and we have mold. Again. I've lost my room, again, but hey, at least I'm not sleeping in the car. Been fighting this thing for the last month and haven't gained any ground. With the AC weak AF, there's no way to properly dehumidify, and our dehumidifier can only do so much for the basement.

Anyways, website fixing starting now. Apologies that I let it get this bad, I really just couldn't focus on much else but the house. Getting the humidity down to prevent losing everything was everything. The air is blowing behind the walls (no one sealed the vents in this place) and if it's spored back there, that's serious construction, and even if the landlord would fit the bill, who is to say we'd have a place to live by that point.

I wish I was one of those enlightened beings who didn't cling to material objects. But I think that's one of those priviledged class things where such an enlightened soul can just, you know, buy shit when they need it so they don't need to cling to the loss of everything. I have to make things because I can't afford to buy stuff, and when you invest so much time into anything, especially when it's solving a problem, it's hard to let it go... But you don't really get a choice in letting go, only in how you feel about it.