Start the book with Sean hunting down TJ, capturing him at his old work where TJ ran to hide. TJ’s a mess, horns starting to poke through the skin of his forehead, feverish, confused. He babbles to his coworker and boss, trying to explain where he’s been, what’s happening, but it’s clear TJ’s not quite himself. He keeps having strange flashes of mood, sudden bouts of anger and fangs. The animals won’t stop hissing and howling from his presence and the noise grows worse when Sean comes in and all the lights blow in a grew flare of magic.

Sean is fully transformed, and we get a look at him with his new thrall magic and not giving a fuck attitude. He strips TJ, along the lines of if he can’t be trusted, then he’s going to have to be punished. Have to earn clothes. TJ tries to get Sean to see reason, Sean laughing at the term kidnapping. He gets TJ hard, who is resistant through it all, claiming Sean is spelling him. Sean doesn’t seem bothered. He’s certain he’ll break TJ eventually.

Sean wants to march TJ through the city naked. TJ fights him on it. Sean is merciless, wanting to degrade him, see him naked. He has no remorse magicking anyone who tries to interfere. TJ will have to stay close now, right? Or show off his hot body. He should want to. He should be confident—he’s gorgeous. TJ is a mix of anger and mortified. Fights Sean but there is no winning.

Sean gets a collar and leash from the animal shelter and threads the collar around TJ’s neck. TJ’s mortified but also trying to reason. You can’t be serious.

Of course I’m serious. I want to see you prance that hot body of yours through the city.

Fuck, Sean. You’re not yourself. You’re turning into a fucking psycho.

Grabs TJ by the hair. TJ hisses even as his cock stiffens. Should I just fuck you? Bend you over the desk and fuck you in front of all your friends so everyone can see how much you love this?

Sean… Sean, think about what you’re doing.

Sean kisses up his neck, TJ whimpering softly. I want to fuck you. I look at you and all I can think about it touching you, tasting you, burying my cock inside you until you’re screaming my name.

Sean, please. TJ moans as Sean rubs the flat of his palm over his rigid cock.

I could jerk you off right here. You cum so much, so quick, and you just keep getting hard for it. I could get you off a dozen times before they have to go to lunch.

TJ’s shaking, breathing strained. Sean, please. Please don’t.

You’re a thrall now, baby. These people won’t help you. No one is going to help you. They don’t even understand what we are. Takes a step back and TJ follows, not wanting his erection to be seen.

Sean, just… pants. Please.

Sean doesn’t look remotely remorseful as he takes another step and TJ glares and quickly follows after. You’re going to listen next time. You’re going to remember this, baby, and you’re going to behave.

TJ pauses when Sean takes another step back, Sean’s eyes glowing green. What did that demon turn you into?

Sean pulls on the leash, TJ lurching forward. He turned me into the guy who gets to keep you. Hand tangling in TJ’s hand, Sean marches him out the door and into the winter morning.


A block, and Sean shows mercy when it’s clear TJ is freezing. It’s not fun for Sean when TJ might actually suffer. Pulls him close as TJ shakes, murmuring in his ear, kissing, touching. Reminding him Fides is back from his search of Magnolia’s old place. First concrete look Fides is looking for something that’s involved with his demon realm that Magnolia took from him.


Damn it, Sean. TJ whimpers, his gaze straight on the ground as he shivers. Stop being such a psycho.

Baby, there is nothing psycho about wanting to see your hot, sexy self kneeling at my feet. Show me you’re sorry, and I’ll take you home.

Damn you. Fucking damn you. He wavers but he can’t seem to bring himself to kneel.

Sean grabs him by the chin, forcing him to meet his eyes. I’ll take you home and we can be warm, together, cuddled up. Isn’t that what you really want? TJ nods silently and Sean smiles. Come on, baby. I’ll teleport us home.

Groaning, TJ slowly lowers himself to the pavement, his head down, face and shoulders flushed.

Sean licks his lips, feeling half drunk with seeing TJ like this. Lower, baby. Kiss the floor.

You’re such an ass, TJ mutters. Sean caresses his face, forcing him to look up. There are tears in TJ’s eyes, but he’s also hard again, the cold weather and circumstances doing nothing to stop how hard he was getting from this.

I know, baby. I’m a demon just for you. Sean pushes on TJ’s shoulder. Kiss it. Lick it. I want those gorgeous lips of yours making out with the concrete, and then I’ll take you home.

Please, Sean. Don’t fuck me out here.

Sean fights a rush of fire, hearing want, a desperate plea of the exact opposite in TJ’s words. Baby, the longer we’re out here, the less likely I’m going to be able to stop myself. He pulls TJ by the nape down to his crotch, rubbing his bulge against his face. It’s your decision. Suck the pavement or I can’t be responsible for what I’m going to do to you.

Fuck. TJ groans, the vibration going through Sean’s cock. He slides down, panting against Sean’s legs, face pressing to his shoes a moment as he tried to catch ahold of himself. Sean can see the strange ridges along TJ’s shoulder blades. Fides was certain he was going to grow wings and maybe a tail. It was rare among thralls, but then, so was gaining the huge amounts of magic Sean had from his transformation. Maybe because they’d been mated to a demon prince. He wasn’t sure and he didn’t really care. TJ could sprout fifty tails and still be everything he wants.

Sean feels his control slipping when TJ doesn’t move but instead parts his lips and licks his tongue out over his shoe. The beautiful bastard was trying to drive him crazy. TJ, Sean warns, his voice breathless. I said the ground. TJ doesn’t seem to hear him, his tongue coating wet all along the toe of Sean’s shoe and moving up the side, his face turned, ear resting on the ground as TJ stroked long, wet touches to the leather.

Sean didn’t know if TJ was trying to win this battle too or was just too fucked out of his head to realize what he was doing. Sean couldn’t care enough to ask. He bent down and hauled TJ to his feet, held him by the nape as he swayed, and kissed him fiercely. We’re going home. Now. His magic flashed out in a wave of green light and shadows quickly engulfed them, erasing them from the world in a dark swallow.


Fides is waiting. Sean uses the collar to gag TJ, not wanting to hear him talk at the moment. He’s afraid if he talks too much, he’ll feel guilty for fucking him and he wants to fuck him too much to stop. He told himself it would just be once, just one taste of him, but each taste just shows how little it is, how much he needs him, how fucking ravenous he is for his cries, his moans, his cum. It’ll get out of his system. It has to. But it’s not, and TJ is ruined, again and again, and Sean can’t stop himself. He doesn’t want to stop himself. He wants TJ to want him back.

TJ is all resistance. Fides has him in his lap, holding him with tentacles, legs spread wide, nude, while Sean’s between his thighs, tonguing his pucker open while TJ squirms and struggles uselessly, growing harder and harder and unable to stop. Sean fingers him open, then Fides’s tentacles come to help, one growing into a plump, thick cock that fucks him open while TJ sobs. Sean can’t stop himself, wanting TJ for too long. His cock is ridged, horns fully emerged, fangs sharp. He fucks TJ first while Fides holds him, staring down into his dazed, eyes, face flushed. TJ’s lost, confused, hard and can’t understand it, full of pleasure but still resisting. Sean cums inside him, groaning as he claims him, telling TJ he’s his, theirs. That their cum makes him theirs. TJ’s is too lost to understand, pulled onto Soot’s thick, dripping cock right after, crying out. Sean watches the entire time, loving TJ’s expressions, so glad he’s being claimed, becoming one of them. TJ belongs to them.

Sean taken after, Fides wanting to claim his mates. The theme that they’re going to bear his spawn. When he’s done, he wraps Sean in his arms and they talk about the item not found. Mention of Sean’s life now since the change. Plans. Sean is obsessed with breaking TJ. Fides wants him to have other hobbies. Get his magic under control. His power is impressive—greater than many of the witches. It’s a gift and he wants Sean to learn how to use it in all ways. So he can protect himself. Protect his mates. Protect their children to come.


TJ waking in the giant bed, exhausted, feeling tentacles prodding at him. Groans, tired and sore. Sean is curled up against Fides who is in his giant panther form, his tails wrapped around TJ and caressing him as he sleeps. Fides won’t let up, TJ’s sighs turning to moans as a tail pushes into his mouth and another between his cheeks. Tormented, enduring, filled with cum, only to have Fides shake from his repose and pad over, crouching over where TJ is belly flat on the bed. TJ struggles, mortified when the demon prods his hole with his furry dick, pinning him down as he takes him slowly, grunting as he gets off in his ass with slow, deliberate thrusts. TJ finds Sean watching, so embarrassed by it all, tears streaming down his face even as his cock is so hard as he’s taken. Sean’s eyes glow green in the dim light, magic bubbling in him in ways entrancing to TJ as he watches Fides take him, getting gush after gush of cum in him while TJ sobs and groans. Fides’s tentacles snakes down while he’s pumping against TJ’s prostate and TJ cries out, sobbing as they wrap around his dick and tease at his slit. N-No… please, no, he whimpers, but it’s no use. He can’t stop his orgasm and he cums, streaming shudder after shudder of his seed all over the sheets.

Panting, tears wet on his face, TJ doesn’t move once Fides withdraws, cum gushing from his battered hole, hot and wet, as he tries to hide in the sheets. Used, taken, demeaned and embarrassed. Feels so debased and hates how hard he still is, how he’s throbbing for release even though he just came. Sean crawls over, pushing him onto his back, pinning his arm so he can’t hide his face.

You’re so fucking sexy.

Sean, please, you have to stop this.

Sean shakes his head, licking TJ’s lips. Can’t. You’re so sexy, TJ. I can’t keep my hands off of you. Every time I see you, I have to have you.

Sean, don’t… TJ moans as his knees are pushed up and Sean settled between his spread thighs.

I love how you feel when you’re full of all his cum, Sean whispers into his ear as he slides his cock up against TJ’s cum dripping entrance, stroking into the slick wet jizz. You’re so wet inside, so stretched out and hot and juicy. There’s nothing hotter than having your ass knowing it’s all stretched out because you’ve just been fucked by our mate.

Y-Your mate. I don’t have a mate, Sean. I’m not… I’m not gay.

Shh. Sean grips TJ’s hard cock, stroking the tip. You don’t have to be anything, TJ, just so long as you keep cumming when we fuck you.

TJ groans, the sound rumbling low in his chest, his hips thrusting up into the touch despite himself. Fuck, Sean, fuck… This isn’t right.

It feel right, Sean kissed against his panting lips. He shifts his hips, pushing his cock into TJ’s slick entrance. You feel so fucking good.

TJ moaning, Sean’s ridged cock rubbing along his inner walls which clenched in response, tightened. Something to do with the change happening to him. Not only did his teeth feel strange, his head pounded, the fever, but his hole kept getting tight. It didn’t matter how many times they fucked him—so many. Days now. It had been days and they weren’t stopping. Still, no matter how many times he was taken, TJ’s ass would get tight again, especially whenever those ridges rubbed along the flesh, making him ache, making him need it.