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Hey there, welcome. If you’re looking for m/m erotica and yaoi without a ton of sap and the same old story lines, you’ve come to the right place. My work ranges from paranormal to the everyday, new adult to adult, and a whole lot of smut. My paranormal worlds are grounded in reality even if they’re full of sorcerers, shifters, demons, and hunky winged boys. You’ll find some bdsm, straight to gay, first time, dubcon, incest, and the promise of a happy (but not sappy) ending.

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Heat Rating
X= Smutty
XX= Dirty
XXX= Filthy

Some of my stories are hotter than others. Think of X= Smutty as sex with a touch of dark and some nasty. XX= Dirty starts getting into questionable ethics, more controlling sexually aggressive characters, multiple partners, etc. XXX= Filthy is, well filthy. Unapologetic and rough, using, abusing, soaked white, bad men doing bad, bad things that feel so good.

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Skylar Stormcloud
My Secret Bronicorn: Episode One

When Skylar Stormcloud visits Earth, the last thing he expects is to have his rainbow glittering ways attract the attention of a human. Josh discovers Sky is a flying unicorn shifter and he’s determined to be his boyfriend no matter the many obstacles.
X 14,000+ wrds, paranormal, shifter, unicorn, breeding, dubcon, multi. Published: April 15, 2017

My Broken Angel
Wounded Hearts: Book Two

I didn’t know that one bloody kiss could change my life forever. I‘ve found my soulmate and nothing makes sense anymore. He’s a half demon, half angel who just got out of the pit. Danyal doesn’t know how to be human—Worse, he doesn’t know how to keep living. There’s nothing I won’t do for him but I’m only human and when Danyal runs, he flies.
X 50,000+ wrds, paranormal, angels, demons, NA. Published: March 4, 2017

Taken By Beasts
A M/M Erotic Halloween Collection

This collection contains five never before released, steamy paranormal stories of monsters and the innocent, handsome young men they call prey *cough* boyfriend.
X-XXX 66,000+ wrds, monsters, Hallowen, werewolves, sorcery, dubcon, NA. Published: October 28, 2016

The Autumn Prince

Eaves has spent a lifetime hiding from the elves that would kill him. After one dangerous night and an angry eyed prince, Eaves must decide if his future lies with humans or the elf he’s fallen for.
X 36,000+ wrds, Fantasy, elves, action adventure, dubcon, NA. Published: September 9, 2016


Jeff has been doing everything he can to keep his distance from his hunky new stepson. But when Ethan starts dressing provocatively to get the man’s attention, there’s only one way to handle the situation. Like a daddy.
X 35,000+ wrds, contemporary, straight to gay, first time, pseudo incest, NA. Published: August 27, 2016

Drunk, Blind, Stupid Cupid
Wounded Hearts: Book One

Aiden didn’t expect to spend Valentine’s Day doing anything but cursing the color scheme. He’s built a wall around his heart filled with bitterness and cynicism created by years of disappointment and neglect. A wall two winged boys are determined to ignore as they claim that Aiden is their destiny.
X 33,000+ wrds, paranormal, angels, threesome, NA. Published: February 12, 2016

I’ll Tell
A Blackmailing Stepbrother Romance

Jayce has been doing everything to get his now official younger brother settled in to his new home, all while fighting some very unbrotherly feelings for the angry, isolated brat. After things get weird, Declan decides to turn the tables, blackmailing his older brother into greater heights of depravity. Can Jayce keep from getting sucked into Declan’s twisted games?
XX 56,000+ wrds, contemporary, stepbrother psi, new adult, blackmail. Published: January 23, 2016


Brendon wasn’t looking to be molested by his best friend’s asshole of a friend, Mitch, forced to suck the kid’s fingers for a dare. Worse, suddenly Jake finally admits his very gay feelings for his very pretty friend, seemingly oblivious to the fact that Brendon is straight. But Jake thinks his best friend is just repressed and he’s willing to recruit some help to prove it.
XX 23,000+ wrds, contemporary, first time, dubcon, multi, NA. Published: January 2, 2016

Doing Wrong
A Magical Romance

Chase wants someone he’s not supposed to have. Tristan Bryant is sexy, talented and infuriating, not to mention already seeing someone. Chase crosses the line when he uses a spell to disguise himself as Tristan’s boyfriend, all while falling for the brat. He doesn’t know how to make things right and Tristan seems determined to hate him forever.
XX 33,000+ wrds, paranormal, dubcon, sorcerers, and school. Published: November 7, 2015

Robyn: Forced To Be Their Sister
A MMMM Incest Dubcon Erotica

Rob is pissed that his brothers have once again humiliated him, calling him a chick in front of the team. He’s sick of being treated like a girl. The only problem is, he keeps acting like one, his three older brothers done dealing with the little brat’s hissy fits. They’re going to teach their sis a lesson Rob won’t forget.
XX 17,000+ wrds, contemporary, brothercest, dubcon, and angst. Published: June 11, 2016

The Drunk Email
A Brothercest Erotica

Nick has had a crush on his older brother for as long as he could remember. Justin is just so perfect; handsome, strong with blond hair and blue eyes. It’s impossible to look anywhere else. Nick never thought he’d ever tell his brother how he felt. That was until Justin went on a school trip out of country and Nick got lonely and really drunk.
X 12,000+ wrds, contemporary, brothercest, dubcon, and angst. Published: May 1, 2016

Coffee Guy
Broken By Alphas

Galvin Starling, alpha werewolf and billionaire, runs a unique office. Jayden, the new coffee guy, has just found himself tied up in the same room as six large, strong alphas. He knows what’s coming next, he just isn’t sure he can handle it in such large numbers.
XXX 15,000+ wrds, paranormal, alpha wolf shifters, bondage, and office. Published: November 10, 2015

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