Hey there, welcome. If you're looking for m/m erotica and yaoi without a ton of sap and the same old story lines, you've come to the right place. My work ranges from paranormal to the everyday, new adult to adult, and a whole lot of smut. My paranormal worlds are grounded in reality even if they're full of sorcerers, shifters, demons, and hunky winged boys. You'll find some bdsm, straight to gay, first time, dubcon, incest, and the promise of a happy (but not sappy) ending.

If you join the Newletter you'll be able to get a free ebook, access new releases the moment they're available, and learn about all the sales and freebies I'm promoting. Check out the Newsfeed if you're wondering about updates or to shoot me a hello or fic recommendation (as long as it's mm erotica.) Awakening is free to read and a project I adore. Oh, and I've got some writing tips under the Writing Erotica tab if you're interested in that.

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy!

Heat Rating

X= Smutty
XX= Dirty
XXX= Filthy

Some of my stories are hotter than others. Think of X= Smutty as sex with a touch of dark and some nasty. XX= Dirty starts getting into questionable ethics, more controlling sexually aggressive characters, multiple partners, etc. XXX= Filthy is, well filthy. Unapologetic and rough, using, abusing, soaked white, bad men doing bad, bad things that feel so good.

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