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Free This Week

Yo. I’m moving! Just got confirmation yesterday and life is freaking grand. 3 bedroom, full house, safe yard in a nice little suburban area for my kittens, basement to put all my crafting stuff in (you might not know this … Continue reading

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Bite: Claiming His Mate

‘Bite: Claiming His Mate’ is here! Before I forget, you can now get Demon Arms free on Smashwords forever! I’m sure Amazon will eventually put it on permafree, but why wait when it’s right there? Alright, so I have a … Continue reading

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A Mate Of His Own Series

In a world where wolf shifters and humans know of each other’s existence and choose to separate or kill, Ryan Moss, an exiled werewolf, lives quietly among the humans. Being peaceful doesn’t always come easy when fighting the inner beast. … Continue reading

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