Hey there. I'm Sadie, the author of this little corner of sin. *wink*

If you enjoy shamelessly perverted, sometimes sweet, sometimes nasty, and always entertaining gay, erotic fantasies, you're in the right place. You'll find sexy, new adult series with shifters and sorcerers finding love, side by side with taboo, hardcore fics that push so many boundaries they've been banned from major retail platforms. Yup, range. XD

What's taboo? Think fics about incest, bestiality, noncon/dubcon, shota, unbalanced power dynamics, and in some cultures even plain old gay sex is considered taboo. It's all fiction here—books can't hurt anyone—but that doesn't stop the shame police from banning/censoring books. So I'm here to remind you erotica is fun, healthy, and completely safe. Plus it's a sexy guide to learning to accept every aspect of self, including those dark, totally normal thoughts everybody has.

This is a no judgement zone! If you're nervous about what you might find, I have a rating system of X (taboo-free) XX (questionable ethics) XXX (hardcore and no boundaries.) My topics may be dark but I always have happy endings and a foundation of affection mixed in with those nasty, dripping scenes.

Indulge in the beautiful, dark corners of your mind, and keep on sinning with me.

~Sadie Sins


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"Sadie Sins is one of my favorite authors. Not only is she talented, but she is fearless... The emotional depth that she’s able to convey in even her short stories will blow you away."

Denise GremoryKohta reviewer for OptimuMM – Home of MM Book Reviews