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Sorcerer Slayer Excerpt 2– Vincent

(Unedited–yeah, I see all those red lines and I’m not fixing it. Wallow in my spelling errors for the full experience of typing like a mofo to get shit done. XD) “Get the fuck away from me!” Vincent Frost had … Continue reading

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Happy Freckles Day!

I’m part Irish but… meh I’m not a drinker and I’m not religious so it’s a pretty plain holiday for me unless I go out and watch the other people that do drink go crazy. Most of them were trying … Continue reading

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Demon Bonded Giveaway And Other Coolies

I’m writing a sequel to Drunk, Blind, Stupid Cupid Outlined, and hoping to have ready for Feb, 14 as long as I don’t get wordy. Fuck yeah. Okay, so some of you may know, I buried my adoptive mom on … Continue reading

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