(Pretty sure this and the Mayor scene before will all break down to a few scenes to fill it all out. Maybe follow with the weirdo being far more weird than even before in the background when Deon’s getting to the car.)

Tommy seems extra pissed at him even though Raven basically ignored him during class, Deon getting in late. Tommy kept sniffing around Deon, growling under his breath. Raven, he wants to make it up to him. Fix things between them. There’s nothing to fix, dickhead. He’s got strict rules and hitting him crossed the fucking line. It was an accident. He knows how he gets around that time of the month. Things were getting crazy for him. The wolf was excited and—Shut it. He doesn’t care. Come on, Raven. They were good together. Really fucking good. Raven with his nasty mouth and him with his huge—The only thing big about him was his ego. Get the fuck over it already. He blew his chance and he’s done. Don’t make him get the elders involved. Shit, did their time together mean nothing to him? It was less than a week, Raven points out flatly. He only gave him a shot because T had seemed really genuine. But less than a week and manages to fuck up that bad? Yeah, no way in fuck he’s making that mistake again.

Raven’s in a skirt again, this time a short black slinky thing, stripped arm warmers with a flare of pink and tights with skulls on them. The kid looks fucking hot and sexy and a little girly, Deon unable to stop staring at the boy’s boots. They’re the ones he had suggested that night, black leather covered in laces and with a tall heel. When Raven gets up at the end of class, cute bag on his shoulder, Deon stands, telling him he likes his boots. Smiling to himself, Raven grabs Deon by the collar, pulling him after him out the door and glaring at Tommy when the boy growls.

Pulls Deon into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Wait, what about Tommy? Fuck, Tommy. He only went out with him because he was Chris’s besty and wouldn’t shut the fuck up about giving him a chance. He made out with the guy once and he thought they were fucking married or something. He’s just a stupid wolf that can’t keep his temper in check.

Raven starts moving his hands down Deon’s biceps, squeezing appreciatively, Deon’s mind skipping over the wolf comment. He think about what they talked about yesterday? About liking cock? Gulping, Deon nods. He thinks he might be Bi. It wasn’t something he thought about much but some guys, some guys he likes the look of. A lot. Liking how someone looks and wanting to touch a dick are two different things. He might be dressed like a chick but he’s seriously a guy under his skirt. Deon knows, his hands sliding down the outside of Raven’s thighs, liking how silky smooth his tights are. Does he? Raven is a little breathless, moving one of Deon’s hands to the inside of his thigh, spreading his leg. They’re connected with a garter belt, Deon groaning when he finds where Raven’s sleek stockings end and his hot flesh begins. Raven gasps when Deon brushes fingers lightly over his balls, his hard dick straining against his silky thong underwear.

Breathing heavily, Deon pulls Raven tight to his body, walking the boy back and pushing him up against the counter of the sinks. Pushes the boy’s skirt up over his hips, legs spread, growling when he finds the boy’s cock straining out of his underwear. “This is for me, right? Not that idiot that can’t take no for an answer? I don’t want to be some rebound thing.”

Raven’s expression is dark lust as he pulls Deon down inches from his mouth. “It’s for you, if you can handle it. Tommy is fucking nothing to me. I swear.”

Deon nods, closing the distance, needing to know if the last kiss had been a fluke, just a moment of insanity. It’s just as hot, just as wild and desperate to him and he pulls back, Raven leaning on the mirror looking up at him flushed, legs spread open shamelessly and dick rock hard. Deon can’t stop looking at it, almost like his mind is trying to piece it all together. Girl, girl, girl, guy. So much fucking guy. Hairless at every inch, smooth, soft and so hard. But it’s hot. Really fucking hot in a way he can’t fully fathom.

Can I…?

Yeah. Raven’s breathing hard when Deon slips between his knees, the boy’s dark hands smoothing the crease of his thighs, teasing under the edge of his panties. Eyes moving down his body, he slowly tugs his lacy thong down, peeling it from his straining erection. He was flushed pink, the hot flesh full of need yet still somehow sweet like the rest of Raven. He was absolutely hairless, Deon’s fingers pushing his panties down to find the boy’s hole just as pink and sweet. Feeling unbearably hot, he ran his large thumb down his perineum, Raven gasping softly as he stroked around his rim.

Careful there, baby, Raven whispers, pulling Deon close and nipping his ear. I have a really cute ass and I’m very particular about just who I’m willing to stretch it out for. Deon nods, shuddering at the implications while also getting the message loud and clear. It was something he’d have to earn. Looking into Raven’s blue violet eyes, he was more than willing to do whatever the fuck it took to make this boy trust him that much.

Suck me, Raven says in his ear, his lips wet on his flesh. I want to know you’re going to spend the rest of today with my cum on your breath.

Fuck. Deon kisses the boy hard, Raven chuckling and opening his mouth to his insistent tongue.



(Already can see I want this more drama starting out. This story is a slow build of the paranormal plot with suspense and secrets to find, but there needs to be more life in it to get things sparking…

What if we pop this on the train, have some turbulence when they’re trying to get through the outerlands to the town they’re going to? Have someone who stays up with the conductor go through, gun in hand, as he passes Deon who is sitting and peering out the window into the night where it’s impossible to see what’s out there. Someone says wolves, and for a flash, he thinks he sees one. He’s trying to reach his aunt on the phone but it’s mostly static.

There’s shooting, the train suddenly stops bumping around, and Deon is silently freaking. What the fuck was going on? He’d never been on a train outside of a subway and had no idea if they were supposed to move like that. That was the kind of bumpiness that knocked things off tracks, pretty sure. The train runs smooth as it goes along now but the guy with the gun doesn’t return. Someone steps in and plops next to Deon, an overly friendly smile on his face. Moments later another conductor type goes rushing to the back of the train.

New guy, who Deon is creeped out by, strikes up a conversation and we learn a bit about Deon before the train hits the station.)

Start with the train station. The phone call. His Aunt. The looks he keeps getting. He’s not sure if it’s because he seems to be the darkest colored guy in miles or if it was just because he was an outsider and everyone seemed to be able to tell. The first look at the town, his new home, the room for him, her dance studio which is her only income. She invites him to a yoga class which he considers. There will be hot girls, she teases. He’s a good looking kid built just like his dad, maybe he’ll pull the girls through the door. You’d be surprised how difficult it is to get the locals to do anything outside of their normal routine. He admits that he’s done some yoga. He’s hoping to get a spot on the wrestling team and stretching is important. Oh, through the college? Yeah, I heard they’re state champions. He used to wrestle back in high school. It’s been a while but he really liked it. It was one of the few things he was really good at. He should be careful, that’s all. She won’t go into it, Deon eying her with interest. The house, his new room. She’s apologetic but he’s quick to speak up. It’s amazing. Sure it seems small but it’s got a great view of the mountains and its all his. Clean, with a newish bed.

Water is really scarce right now. There’s a water ban. Please be considerate.

She grabs his hand, giving him a hard look he doesn’t really understand. Deon, you don’t need to be anything you don’t want to be, you understand? Your mother Sarahbelle will be out of that rehab soon enough and you have every right to go right on back to living in that city and making a life for yourself. I don’t want you to think you’re obligated to stay here. Confused, he nods at her. Aunt Rebecca, I’m really glad for this. You don’t understand how glad I am to have a place right now. She pats his hand, looking sympathetic. Just remember, Deon, this doesn’t have to be forever. You have a future and you get to decide how you live it.

He gets ready for bed, putting his few possessions away dully while wondering what she meant. He’s nervous about school tomorrow, about his mother, about getting on the team. What his aunt doesn’t understand is that he really doesn’t have a future. He’s lost. After highschool, all he’d been doing was working at a butchery. It was good enough money but it went into the house they just lost. His mother’s drinking hadn’t ended there. She had stopped working, had a tendency to fall and hurt herself doing the simplest things even when she was sober. Deon had imagined he was going to have to take care of her forever—or at least till she finally gave up and died. And that hadn’t seemed too far off, given how messed up she was.

This is the first time he’s sought anything about his father out. His father had died when he was 10, apparently when coming back there one holiday. His mother was never the same after. He had asked and she never had an answer as to what had happened to him. Just that he had to come back home, it was in his blood, and some people just can’t ever leave. Maybe that was what aunt Rebecca meant? Maybe she thought he wouldn’t want to leave?

The silence was strange. The noises of the night. The howls of wolves that seemed so close. He sits up, staring out into the night, the stars so bright in the sky, the moon beautiful. It was so different from the city, beautiful in such a different way. His father’s home. His father had been white and so was Aunt Rebecca. A half of himself he hadn’t really paid much attention to because being half white had only seemed to piss off every black guy that thought he was too good because of the lighter tone to his skin and most whites just saw him as a less intimidating black guy. Somehow being half of both had only made him feel less of everything. In the city that hadn’t mattered too much. He could disappear in the crowd, keep his head down, do his work and pray when he got home his mother wouldn’t be dead this time from a seizure or stroke from her heavy drinking. He doubted it would be better, this small backwater town that didn’t have more than three radio stations, all of them static. His eyes dropping, he lies back down drowsily, the air soothing in over his skin from the window as he falls asleep.

Mated To The Demon Prince

Sean knows what those wicked, hellfire eyes want. Him, on his knees, taking every finger, tongue, tail, and tentacle.

This is what being corrupted by a demon feels like. It’s the only explanation. Sean’s not supposed to have fangs or know magic, damn it. And this bs where he’s horny and begging all the time? No, not freaking happening. He’s just a nerd—a hot, gay, totally panicky IT specialist—who needs to find a solution to his destroyed business, asap. He doesn’t have time for whatever weird this shapeshifting demon is into. Soot can’t just claim him whenever he wants, over and over again. He’s about to be homeless!

If Sean doesn’t save a witch from a dragon, it’s game over. But he’s changing, turning into someone he doesn’t recognize. He’s not sure if he can play hero, not even when Soot abducts TJ, Sean’s painfully straight crush, to the top of a tower full of witches, gargoyles, and one very pissed off dragon. TJ doesn’t know who to fear more, the demon prince or whatever it is Sean is turning into.

There has to be a way out. Stealing a 3 million dollar hellcat isn’t a binding contract to be a sex thrall, no matter how much his demon master disagrees.

101,000+ wrds, First Published March, 2018.
Heat level: XXX



 Jamie A. on April 1, 2018
on March 31, 2018
on April 1, 2018
WOW! Holy cheese curls!!! This book is scorching hot and makes you thrive on every word. I loved it!! I there were more stars available I would check each one.

Was it possible to go crazy listening to the man who owned the sexiest lips ever? Even if he was talking nonsense at the time, TJ was still the sexiest man Sean ever had the annoyance of arguing with.

“Just one kitten. He’s so small, he’s like half a kitten. You’d barely notice him.”

Crazy. TJ was going to drive him crazy. “There’s no way in hell.” Sean decisively typed out a string of code and hit enter. “No.”

“Please, man?” TJ whined over the wireless headset Sean was failing to ignore. “He has nowhere else to go. I swear, once you meet him, you’ll totally fall in love. He's the cutest little ball of fluff. And his eyes! Oh, Sean, if you saw his eyes, I just know you'll love him.”

TJ was his friend of forever and an all-around animal lover. Sean usually didn’t hold it against him until moments like this. Moments which were growing more frequent as TJ decided he was lonely and needed an animal friend to brighten his days. Sean didn’t need a cat; he needed a boyfriend. A hot, sexy, preferably fur-free boyfriend who didn’t meddle in his life.

“Stop calling me from work trying to get me to adopt one of those four-legged beasts.” Sean squinted at the nearest of his four computer monitors. “I have enough problems without adding a kitten into the mix. Do you even understand what their fur will do to my setup?” He had three computers dedicated to IT work, and he couldn’t risk them being clogged up by fur, or fleas, or whatever the hell the little beasts covered themselves in. Pets. Why the hell would TJ think he wanted a pet?

TJ, who worked at the local animal shelter, didn’t even pause at Sean’s bitchy tone. “I'm sending you a picture. Once you see him… Ha.” The sounds of a digital camera snapping filtered through his headset as TJ chased down the prospective kitten.

“Leather couch. I have a fucking leather couch,” Sean growled determinedly. “Do you even know how much the blinds on my windows cost? I’m not letting some little clawed monster near my Egyptian cotton sheets. It would be a fucking disaster.” There was no way in hell he was taking in a mangy cat. He didn’t care if it was a baby and it needed a home. He hated pets, and he most certainly hated fur. “I’m allergic,” Sean added in the hopes of stopping the conversation flat.

“Liar.” TJ snorted derisively, only to hiss a moment after. “Oh, claws are not for hugging, little guy. Shit.” The sounds of him struggling with what Sean could only assume was a monstrous kitten with ten extra claws filled his ears. “I emailed you the photo,” TJ returned after a moment. “He's adorable. You have a huge fucking apartment and no one to enjoy it. Stop pretending rooms are for things. Love him, and take him home, and stop being a miserable bastard about everything.”

Sean closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The only person he wanted to take home and love currently wouldn’t shut the fuck up and leave him alone. He never should have answered the phone.

Sean’s computer chimed. It was his personal computer, the only one not currently being used to remote into a customer’s hard drive for virus clean up. Damn it. Sean sighed as he rolled his chair to the side and woke the computer from its screensaver mode. He paused and licked his lips when the desktop image appeared. It was a closeup of a hot, short haired man being spit roasted by two buff guys cut mostly out of the shot. It was no accident the hottie in the middle looked just like TJ. Sean spent hours photo-collaging the image to ensure TJ looked as depraved and ruined as possible.

“Well?” TJ prompted excitedly as the silence stretched on.

Sean inhaled sharply and pulled his hand up from where he was unconsciously reaching for his half hard dick. “I don’t want a cat.”

“Just because you don’t like pussy doesn’t mean you can’t like a kitten,” TJ teased cheerfully. “Come on, look at him. He’s adorable. You know you want him.”

Sean grunted at the bad joke and opened the email reluctantly. A pair of bright, blue eyes surrounded by gray fur glittered back from the screen. “I’d have preferred a dick pic. It's hideous.” Sean clicked the email closed and rolled back to the other monitor while TJ wailed dramatically. Seriously, you’d have sworn he physically assaulted the gray, ugly beast. Although not much larger than his fist, the kitten had a squashed nose and a ridiculous amount of fluff. It looked like the sort of thing Sean might mistake for a giant roaming dust ball when vacuuming. Probably even by accident.

“His eyes, Sean. He has the soul of a poet,” TJ insisted.

Sean rolled his own thankfully poet free eyes toward the ceiling. “Will you stop it already? I don’t want a pet. I don’t have time to feed kittens, and exercise them, and give them, you know…” he trailed off with a wave of his hand.

“Basic human companionship?” TJ supplied flatly.

“Attention,” Sean grunted. “Pets are a time suck. All they do is want food, then they poop the food, and sometimes they sleep. All the other time they want stuff from you. They’re just like people. There is nothing of value in any of it.” Living alone was much better. Easier. Not to mention, if he got a kitten, TJ would come over all the time.

Sean bit his lip and slowly rolled back to the other computer screen. His eyes fixed on the image of TJ being fucked senseless by two faceless men with big dicks. A cat could be the perfect excuse to get TJ to visit more. He could pretend the fluffball was sick or needed training. It could lead to them playing on the floor with TJ all sexy laughs that demanded kisses and blowjobs…

Sean shook his head roughly and reached down to squeeze his hard cock through his sweatpants. Bad. Very bad. TJ was his friend, his completely straight friend. TJ was his shy, sweet, straight friend Sean kept promising to himself he’d stop thinking about sexually. Just… Fuck, but just look at him! TJ was so hot, so unassumingly sexy with those flashing brown eyes and plump lips. He had that hot Latin lover look but with none of the confident swagger. No, TJ was impossibly shy, and it made Sean want to do things to him. Dirty things. Mean things that would have TJ begging him to stop all while cumming a river.

Sean clicked to a folder on his desktop. He teased his tongue over his teeth as he opened up the first of many nude images he had of men who looked suspiciously close to the same build and face of his sexy best friend. He was such a cockslut. Get TJ on his knees in front of a dick, and he would totally be a cockslut…

“This is exactly why you need a pet, Sean. You have no fucking clue how to share your life.” TJ’s voice took on a quality Sean tried very hard to block out as he gave a few experimental tugs on his cock. “You seriously need to get away from your computers before you forget how to talk to people. If you give them a chance, they might even like you.”

“They shouldn’t. I’m a fucking bastard and you know it,” Sean muttered. He closed his eyes as he held onto a mental image of TJ with his ass cheeks spread open, and his fluttering pucker waiting for his tongue, his fingers, his cock. If TJ even knew half of what he thought about when it came to his straight best friend, he would never talk to him again.

“Bullshit,” TJ snapped. “Sure, you say some stupid stuff, but that’s it. Everyone says stupid shit. People like you, Sean. I like you, and I happen to be an amazing judge of character. You should come out with me and some of my coworkers. We have a thing every Friday. It’s super chill, and I know you’d have fun if you gave it a chance.”

“I can’t go out,” Sean said a little too harshly. Fuck, he was so hard. Actually having TJ talking in his ear while he was playing with himself was beyond hot. It really didn’t matter what he was saying, just that it was him. The sound of TJ’s breath, his voice was all Sean needed. He could easily imagine TJ in the room, kneeling between his thighs with those perfect lips of his wrapped around his cock.

Aw, fuck. Sean wriggled in his chair and spread his legs wider. With one hand he pushed his pants down his hips, and with the other he reached in and pulled his hard cock out. Sean held his breath when TJ’s voice returned and washed over him.

“I know. I’m not asking you to actually leave the apartment. I was thinking we might have it at your place.”

“Oh,” Sean murmured as he stroked down his rigid shaft. Fuck, this was such a bad idea. “You want it here?”

“Don’t say no right away. Just hear me out,” TJ rushed on. And fuck, didn’t it just sound so fucking good to have TJ try to convince him to fuck him? To take him, and show him what being with a man would be like? Sean bit his lip and tried to drown out what his friend was actually saying.

“They’re really friendly, really nice. Some even help to train the service dogs, so they understand, you know, about people not all being the same. No one would judge you…”

“Uh huh,” Sean whispered as he clicked to another picture. This one was of a TJ lookalike with his hard dick hanging out of a pair of tight white briefs. TJ’s expression bordered on despair, and Sean made the image smaller so he could see the desktop screenshot of TJ being double teamed at the same time.

“And if you got to know people, maybe you’d be more compelled to want to go out, right? I mean, you can’t want to just stay in your apartment forever.”

“Right.” Sean breathed out slowly. His head tilted back as he thrust into his warm palm. “So right. TJ, could you just…?”

“What? What’s wrong?”

Sean grinned as he reached for the bottle of lube he kept in the desk drawer specifically for browsing porn. “Nothing. Just wondering how many dogs humped you today.”

“Fuck off, you ass. They’re just very enthusiastic to see me.”

“Yeah, but how many?” Sean snickered at TJ’s angry growl. He was forced to bite his lip and fight a moan as his lube-slick fingers wrapped around his cock. Fuck. Fuck, he wasn’t going to last like this. Talking to TJ was far more interesting when he could masturbate. “Two? Three? Seven?”

“Damn it, Sean. I’m trying to have a serious conversation with you. This is important. It might be life changing for you.”

“Uh huh.” His eyes fluttered shut as he slowly fucked into his hand. “So… you were saying?”

TJ huffed as he tried to regain his train of thought. “Damn it, okay. I just think it would be good motivation, something positive to make you want to go out into the world.”

“A kitten?” Sean asked with brows furrowed.

“No, having friends over. That is, well, meeting my friends, making friends, and, you know, getting to know people. I think it’ll help you want to leave your place.”

“TJ, driving me out of my apartment isn’t really… Oh.” Sean’s breath skipped as his balls tightened. Fuck, he was already close, so fucking close. He licked his lips and tried to pull back from the edge. He didn’t want to come yet. TJ in his ear was too fucking sexy to rush.


Hell, if he said his name like that one more time, he was going to blow. “Hold on a sec. I’m trying to focus.”

“Oh. Sorry.” TJ gave him a beat but just couldn’t seem to stay silent for long. “You sound out of breath. Tell me you’re not freaking out over this. I don’t want to freak you out. This is supposed to help, you know?”

“Uh huh. Eight…” Sean murmured as he stroked his cock from base to swollen tip. He squeezed around his sensitive head and slicked his palm in a tight twist before sliding down his shaft again. He was well aware how breathless he sounded and was too far gone to care. He wanted to fuck TJ. He wanted to fuck him hard, relentlessly, until he was crying his name. “Nine.” He glared at the computer screen where his slutty TJ was sucking cock like he was made for it, begging for it. Sean stroked his throbbing length tighter and wondered what TJ’s ass would feel like gripping around him, riding him, as he took every inch of his cock. “Ten.”

“So, what do you think?” TJ prodded, oblivious to how Sean was fading in and out of the conversation.

“How many was it?” Sean chuckled when TJ swore in his ear. “Eleven.”

“Dude, I’m serious. This is… Why are you counting?” TJ’s voice, if possible, became angrier. “Are you exercising right now, you asshole?”

Sean groaned and threw his head back. “I’m seriously trying,” he lied shamelessly as he thrust into his palm again. “Twelve.” TJ would be tighter. He’d be tight, and the noises he’d make being opened by his cock would be loud, desperate. His. Sean’s breath stuttered, and he stilled the rocking of his hips and tried not to give in to the delicious pressure building. “Fourteen,” he shuddered.

“You forgot thirteen,” TJ muttered. “Let me know when you’re done and can actually focus on me.”

He was focused. He was so focused his balls were going to turn blue. “You’re an attention whore,” Sean whispered. He wondered if TJ could hear it, the hard, hungry part of him that wanted him to be his whore. He wanted him always on his knees, waiting for him, TJ’s body his and only his.

“No, I’m just trying to have a conversation,” TJ shot back. “Do you remember those, man? You know, where you don’t stare at a computer all day?”

“I’d go stir crazy… fifteen… if I just sat in front of a computer all day.” Sean’s gaze slipped from the tip of his cock dripping precum, up to the image of TJ with his mouth wide open and full of dick. “What, you want to come to my gym? I’d let you come.” He’d let TJ cum as many times as he wanted. He’d suck him until he was begging for release. He’d fuck that tight hole of his and his mouth; TJ’s lips were made for fucking. They were so plump, so fucking red and perfect for drizzling cum all over…

“Maybe,” TJ mused as the sound of a cage closing echoed over the line. “Free is always good. Gym memberships are so expensive in the city.”

Sean squeezed his eyes shut as a vision flashed in his mind of TJ bent over a weight-bench in a pair of skimpy shorts tangled around his sneakers. TJ’s face and shoulders were bright red, his caramel toned ass and thighs rock hard and wet with sweat. The moans he made were so perfect as he took Sean’s cock and every hard, demanding thrust he pounded into him.

“Fuck.” Sean grit his jaw tight, and his head fell back as his entire body jerked in the computer chair. He came with a drawn-out growl as hot, milky streams of cum pulsed from his tip and splattered onto his sweat drenched stomach and flexing abs.

“Ha, you know, on second thought…” TJ chuckled awkwardly, the sound nearly drowned out by barking as he passed the kennel. “I don’t want to tell you what you sound like, man, but it’s obscene. Pornographic. I hope you go to the gym alone, or people might get the wrong idea.”

Sean, who covered his hand over the mouthpiece of his headset to keep from letting TJ hear the many swears he was cursing as he tried to recover his breathing, returned to his counting in a more even tone. “Twenty… Twenty-one…”

“You’re so full of shit,” TJ exclaimed. “You’re at fifteen, tops.”

“Do you want to count?” Sean’s grin felt too tight on his face as a familiar depression sank around him. It was a dream, a lie of his head. It was always going to be a fantasy even with TJ’s voice whispering in his ear. “What exactly are you saying?” Sean reached for the box of tissues he kept in the same drawer as the lube and wiped the cooling cum from his stomach. “You think when guys do pushups it sounds like they’re fucking? Pervert.”

TJ snorted. His voice was a little too high-pitched when he retorted, “No, I think when you do pushups it sounds like you’re cumming. Totally different, you deviant.”

Sean stared moodily at the ceiling, his mind still full of images of TJ acting like a hungry cockslut for him. Not real. Fuck, it wasn’t ever going to be real. Sean ran his fingers over his chest and thumbed his nipple through his t-shirt. “Just how often do you think about me cumming, straight boy?”

“Gah, stop being gross! I said it sounded. Sounded! I didn’t say I was thinking about it.”

“Right, right. My mistake.” Sean gave TJ enough time to think he let it drop, then added in a low voice, “You’re thinking about my dick right now, aren’t you?”

“Damn it!” TJ yelped while Sean chuckled darkly.

“Hey, you’re the one bringing up fluffy pussy and cum jokes. You’ve got a filthy mind, TJ. I swear you called me just so you could have someone to traumatize.”

TJ’s breath hitched, and all the laughter drained from his voice. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“For fuck sake,” Sean growled. “What, you think because I can’t leave the building, I can’t handle a dirty joke?” His voice was edged with an anger sourced straight from his own guilt. He was jerking off to the sound of his best friend’s voice while TJ—fucking perfect prince TJ—was worried he hurt his feelings.

“You know I would never…” TJ’s words were so slow and cautious, Sean couldn’t bear to hear them. Fuck, he was such an asshole. The things he wanted to do to TJ felt like a sick, demented disease he wasn’t ever going to be free of. He couldn’t have him. He wanted him, and he was never going to have him, and he was just fucking everything up no matter how much distance he tried to put between them. Why the fuck did he keep doing shit like this?

“Sean?” TJ called worriedly. “I said I was sorry.”

“Stop. It’s fine. I’m just fucking with you,” Sean snapped, desperate to have the conversation drop. “Stop acting like some virginal princess who can’t handle a dick joke. It’s just a fucking joke.” Sean groaned internally as he heard the callous words tumble from his mouth. Fuck, he was just digging a hole straight to Hell at this point. He was such an asshole. TJ was a virgin and so fucking sensitive about it, and still, still the perfect fuck was focused on trying to make sure Sean’s feelings weren’t hurt. Shit, why couldn’t he stop being such a dick?

Sean went to pull his pants up, and his gaze fixed on a droplet of cum he’d missed. His eyelids grew heavy as he thought of TJ licking at his skin to clean it. He’d hold it, savor it, a spot of pearly white on his red tongue. “You thirsty?” Sean asked. He couldn’t stop himself even now, even after having once again said something totally shitty to his best friend.

“Uh, a little, I guess,” TJ answered, his tone subdued. “Why, is my voice weird? I was shouting at one of the dogs earlier. It slipped its leash and booked it straight for the street.”

Sean closed his eyes and bit his lower lip hard. TJ sounded like he was sucking cock. He sounded like he was waiting for cum to be dribbled onto those perfect lips of his. He sounded like he was panting in his ear, inches away while touching himself.

“About the cat…” TJ was definitely more subdued. He was being cautious, tiptoeing around him, and Sean hated it.

“The pussy?”

TJ paused, and this time the awkward silence didn’t fill with laughter. “You know what I mean.”

Sean did, and he took no joy in harassing TJ over it. For whatever reason, TJ was a glutton for punishment today and still hadn’t hung up. He’d been calling him every day now. Sean wasn’t exactly sure why, but maybe he was really worried about the ugly little cat.

“The kitten. He’s a boy, for one. Not that you can tell when they’re so little.” TJ’s tone changed as he tried to lighten the mood like the upstanding, unattainable, perfect being he was always going to be. “He needs someone to love him, Sean. He’s all alone in the world and, well, when I see him I think of you.”

Sean sighed heavily. “Thanks, that totally makes me not want to slit my wrists. Care to throw in how I suck at dating and will never be happy as well?”

“Fuck—Sean, that’s not what I meant!” Sean was pretty sure he could literally hear TJ’s heart crack through the headset. “I want to bring the kitten over so you can meet him. What are you doing today?”

“Jerking off. All day,” Sean said without humor. It was probably true. He couldn’t stop thinking about TJ. Getting away with masturbating while on the phone with him sure as fuck hadn’t helped anything. TJ heard him cum. TJ heard him cum, and even thought he heard him cum. Fuck, yeah, he could totally jerk off to that for an entire day.

Sean sat up and tucked away the tissues and bottle of lube as he waited to see if his rude comment had pushed TJ to hang up or not. “When’s a better day?” TJ persisted, the stubborn fuck, his voice obnoxiously cheerful.

Sean grinned bitterly. “You ever think maybe you’re crowding me, man? I’ve got a shit ton of work to get done.”

“Take a break,” TJ snapped, and all the pleasantries stripped away. “I haven’t seen you in weeks, dipshit. It’s not like you have anywhere to go.”

Angry swearing. The perfect prince was close to breaking. Sean stood from his chair and headed for the kitchen. “Oh, are we throwing that in my face now? Maybe if you spent more time dating instead of worrying over my pathetic ass, you’d be laid by now.”

“My fuck—Sean! No. Giving a fuck about you is not worrying, first of all. Second, you are not pathetic, and I’m so fucking sick of you saying shit about yourself like that.”

Sean rolled his eyes. He should have insulted the cat. TJ was less likely to go into lecture mode when he wasn’t saying truthful as shit stuff about himself. “Uh huh, yup, I’m a perfect angel. You’re right, I’m brilliant. Genius. Yes, I’m a genius.” Sean kept his voice a bored drawl even as agitation tensed his muscles tighter and tighter. He hated this. He hated this more than TJ trying to get him to make friends like he was some pathetic outcast on the playground.

Sean stalked back into the living room and paced as TJ angrily rattled off all the many reasons he wasn’t a piece of shit while Sean continued to treat his best friend like a piece of shit.

“Are you done?” Sean asked when TJ finally took a breath.

“No. You’re an asshole,” TJ added sharply. “You’re totally being an asshole right now. You’ve been acting like an asshole for ages, and I’m sick of it. Stop being an asshole, Sean!”

This was when he was supposed to ask TJ something embarrassing that would send him over the edge and hang up with the declaration of never talking to him again. It was on the tip of his tongue, but Sean couldn’t bring himself to actually say it. If he were a decent human being, he’d just tell him. He’d tell him he loved him. TJ could have a nice cry about how he could never love him back, and then—only then—would it be a promise that TJ would never, ever talk to him again. Because, for whatever fucked up reason, TJ kept coming back no matter how shitty Sean acted.

Sean sighed dejectedly and threw himself into his chair. “Fine.”

“W-What? Wait, what?” TJ stuttered in shock.

“Bring the cat down,” Sean grunted. “Just don’t expect anything. I need order, and a fluffball will only fuck up everything. Not to mention litter boxes are totally disgusting.”

“Please, not having a litter box is way grosser,” TJ joked half-heartedly. “Uh… okay, then.” He managed to not sound happy even though he’d gotten the answer he wanted. Sean was far too used to that tone. He worked hard to make sure TJ wasn’t happy around him.

Fuck, he hated his life.

TJ coughed nervously. “Sean, about Friday. I really do think it would…”

An odd sensation weighed the air around him, and Sean blinked as the hair stood up on his arms. He looked up nervously as the lights faded and buzzed through the apartment. “What?” Flashes suddenly sparked and cracked alarmingly around the room, and he jumped out of his seat with a yelp. “Fuck!”

Sean whirled around, turned back to his computer, and stared in growing dread as the project he was working on for the last two hours flickered strange, glowing symbols.

“Oh, fuck. Mother fuck, no. No, no, no!” Sean grabbed at his hair as sparks shot up all around his computers.

“What… Sean? What a… his…?”

Sean twisted the headset off his ear so he didn’t have to hear TJ’s static confusion. This couldn’t be happening. Hours of work gone. Hours.

The flashing abruptly stopped, but Sean’s work screen didn’t return to normal. A single, large symbol stretched across the otherwise blank screen.


He reached forward and clicked the monitor power, but nothing changed. The symbol remained on the screen, an obnoxious purple burning toward hot pink the longer it glowed. His mind whirred, and Sean crossed the hardwood floor with large strides to the windows. He shoved the blinds aside and peered down with dawning horror at the moving truck out front of his apartment building. “Aw, fuck. This can’t be happening.”

Spirit Movers. Fucker.

“Sean, what the hell is happening? Why is my phone screen glowing purple?”

TJ’s voice finally jolted Sean back, and he twisted his headset into place. “It’s a witch. A witch is moving in.”

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“What? Where?” Sean twisted as he blinked out of darkness, and the world came roaring back into existence around him. “Soot? What the hell was that?” He clutched Fides’s arm tightly while he tried to stop the rocking of the room. “Where are we? Oh.”

They were home. Ferdinand squirmed in his arms, apparently more calm being swallowed up by the darkness and spit out than Sean was just yet. He let the kitten down and looked around the living room of his apartment. Sean absorbed the destroyed furniture, broken glass, and shattered window in silence. “Oh, fuck,” he sighed, and his shoulders slumped. He was home and the place was a total mess.

With a dejected expression, Sean turned his gaze to TJ. He was still held over Fides’s shoulder, and Sean stepped behind the demon to see his face. TJ was in a deep sleep and looked serene and peaceful even in the uncomfortable position.

Sean couldn’t help but smile. They were home. He leaned forward and gently kissed TJ’s forehead.

“We’re safe, right? I mean, that guy didn’t follow us?” The idea of that witch hunting them down over Divia’s death felt very real after seeing his anger. Sean took a step away and looked around his apartment with a new purpose.

“We haven’t been followed,” Fides assured calmly. “There is no way for a human to track shadow travel. They can lay traps at the end, but they cannot follow us through the portal.” He lifted TJ from his shoulder and carefully held his lax body in his arms. “Come. He will need rest for the transformation.”

Sean couldn’t get the witch’s angry glare out of his mind, and he slowly followed Fides while searching the apartment for any signs of danger. Magnolia’s apartment was right above his. Her showing up had seemed so insane, so circumstantial, but Magnolia had proved to be full of plans and dark intentions Sean could have never guessed. Could she have booby trapped the building? Had she left something to track Fides, or any demon who might step near her place? She had already installed a cage for humans and demons alike; who really knew how long she had access to the building before she moved?

“What if she comes back?” Sean caught up to Fides at the bedroom door. “Magnolia lives here. At least, most of her stuff is here.” The movers may have even brought the magical elements in if the regulators had finally shown.

Fides didn’t look concerned. “She’d be a fool to step into my den, if she even lives.”

Sean blinked at the mention of a den. “What, you don’t think Magnolia’s alive?”

Fides nodded and shoved the bedroom door open. It was dark within, but Fides had no issue seeing as he stepped inside. “If that was Divia’s brother, he has lived as long as his wretched sister.”

“Oh.” Sean crinkled his nose from the powerful, musky scent that lingered in his room. He scowled when he stumbled and tripped over broken furniture. “Damn it. So, you think he’s as bad as Divia?”

Fides grunted a yes. “Demons live long because of our natural lifespan. Thralls live long because you are changed to be more like us. Witches, on the other hand, live long because they steal the life force from other magical beings.” Fides wrapped a steadying tail around Sean when he stumbled again, and he guided him through the mess. The broken light bulb of Sean’s table side lamp started to glow as Fides fed a current of magic into it, and the darkness abated. “The witch siblings have been killing together for long years, and the brother appears more youthful than the dead sister. It is very likely he will kill Magnolia for us in his greed for energy.”

Sean licked suddenly dry lips. A part of him felt bad for Magnolia, and he swiftly pushed the feeling aside. Magnolia’s death would solve all their problems. With her gone, no one would know who Sean and Fides were, or how to find them. “If she dies, all the spells will be removed from you, right? There will be no way to track us?”

Fides inhaled sharply and didn’t reply. Instead he busied himself and placed TJ among the strewn sheets and comforter on the bed.

“Are the spells off you?” Sean pressed worriedly. “I don’t even know how I was able to let you speak. I could have blasted your throat off, for all the skill I have in this.” Sean’s concern only grew when Fides wouldn’t meet his gaze. He reached out and pressed a hand to his the demon’s shoulder. “Are you in danger? Are we in danger?”

“I don’t know,” Fides finally answered. He kept his head ducked down and his face was obscured by his long dreads of hair. “If Magnolia is dead, the spells should all lift. But I don’t know enough about human magic. The witches use incantations and nonsense words and it’s very different from our power. We know to take the wands from the witches so they can’t be used against us, but that is the extent of most knowledge. We have sent those to discover these secrets, but none have returned.”

Fides lifted his head and turned to meet Sean’s worried gaze. “Many have died. If they are not captured and sold, they are drained for their power and killed. I hoped to change things, but…” he trailed off with a defeated sigh.

Sean thought he might understand. “It’s a one-sided war. You’re not battling an army; you’re battling a bunch of opportunists who see you as a resource to get more power.”

Fides nodded at his insight. “There is no fortress to storm, no organized enemy to defeat. Entire villages of my people are systematically picked apart by a mere handful of these witches. I thought coming here would reveal something, some sort of source to all this madness. I thought…” Sean’s hand slipped into his, and Fides paused to stare down at their entwined fingers. “I did not come here to find you.” His eyes burned over Sean as he tugged him closer and wrapped tail and tendrils around his form. “I’m seeking my lost people. I’m seeking a way to seal my realm from this world. I never thought to find a mate. Certainly not two. Certainly not humans.”

Sean arched as he was pulled closer, and Fides slid hands and tentacles down his body. “Yeah, well, ditto,” he said breathlessly. “Out of all the things I was planning to do today, none of this fell into it.” He bit his lip and smirked. “I couldn’t have ever anticipated someone like you, you annoying little sootball.”

Fides grinned fiercely, surged forward, and kissed Sean’s lips until they were swollen. When he pulled away, Sean could read the want in his eyes, and damn him, he couldn’t help but return it.

“Come, we must prepare.” Instead of throwing him down and fucking him like Sean expected, Fides instead unwound from the press of his flesh and took him by the hand.

“What?” Sean blinked at the uncharacteristic restraint of his demon lover, and then stumbled as he was tugged away from the bed. “Soot, wait.” Sean quickly let his hand go, afraid he was going to tumble and crush the kitten who apparently followed them into the room. “Crap,” Sean muttered as he watched the little gray fluffball daintily pick through the debris on the floor. He didn’t have a litter box. No toys. Damn, no food.

“What are we going to feed you?” he asked down at Ferdinand, who completely ignored Sean to paw distractedly at a crumpled shirt.

Sean huffed and glared as he looked around his ruined room. “Damn it, Soot. Just what the fuck was this all about?” He waved his hand around the mess and turned toward Fides. “You can’t possibly live like this, so don’t you dare bullshit me. No one can live in such a mess. It’s disgusting. And what the hell is that smell?” Sean wrinkled his nose as he got another whiff of the powerful, musky odor wafting from the bed. “Did you seriously piss in here?”

Fides breathed in deep and grinned on his exhale. “Scented. This is our mating place, and all must know.” His eyes blazed with lust as he looked at Sean. “My scent will keep competing mates away to ensure a successful breeding. No demon would dare cross into this space without knowing they face the deadliest of consequences.”

“What, like tripping and smelling gross?” Sean wasn’t impressed as he took in the damage and internally counted the hours of work it would take to clean the place and repair the wall. He couldn’t have TJ living in this mess. He’d break his leg the second he got out of bed. And given a chance, Sean was pretty sure the kitten would think his entire apartment was a litter box if something wasn’t done soon.

Sean’s eyes fell to a flash of dark red, and he reached over and pulled one of his favorite band t-shirts from the pile. He refrained from swearing, and he shrugged out of his shredded shirt and pulled the soft tee over his head. After the bedroom, he still needed to clean the living room, and the huge hole the demon left in the kitchen wall. He’d need a damn construction crew just to keep up with Fides weird kink of breaking everything just to get him angry.

A sparkle lit Fides’s eyes when he turned, and Sean paused, wary to find he was being watched. “It’s my favorite shirt,” Sean warned the longer Fides stared at him. The response was far from encouraging when Fides flashed sharp fangs, and his gaze moved hungrily over Sean’s body.

“Many of my kind cover in red to attract mates.” Fides stepped forward, and something snapped under his foot as he crowded Sean back until he was flush against the closet wall. “Usually, it is in the blood of our enemies.” Fides pressed his face to Sean’s hair and inhaled his scent. “This is still enticing.”

Sean swallowed hard as lips teased along the sensitive flesh of his neck. “Good. I’m not really the bathe in the blood of my enemies type.”

“I’ve noticed. You’re the yell and demand until you get your way type.” Fides grinned against his flesh. “Also extremely enticing.”

Sean couldn’t tell if he was being insulted or seduced. It was hard to think clearly with so much heat flooding him, and Fides’s hard body pressed to his. “You said we needed to prepare for something?” Sean panted out.

“Yes. The den. We must prepare.” Fides sounded just as distracted as him, and his mouth trailed a hot path down to the hollow of Sean’s throat. He suddenly grunted, and his head reared back. Sean blinked at him, and the two of them looked down to find Ferdinand at their feet. The kitten had pounced on Fides’s tail and was gnawing his needle sharp fangs into the whip like appendage.

Sean’s eyes widened, and he went to shoo the kitten away. Fides killed a dragon, and the stupid fluffball didn’t stand a fucking chance.

Fides was faster, and Sean held his breath when the demon’s tail twisted and wrapped around the little kitten. “Don’t hurt him,” Sean insisted. TJ would kill him if anything happened to the fluffy thing.

“Be calm.”

The kitten hissed ferociously when Fides scooped him up. Ferdinand dug claws into Fides’s flesh vengefully when he was placed on his shoulder high above the floor. He clawed and twisted around his perch while Fides grinned and scritched behind his twitching ear. “Baby,” Fides cooed as the kitten pawed at his swaying tentacles.

“That’s not…” Sean stared as Fides insisted on cuddling the kitten, who seemed more interested in sinking fangs into him than anything else. “He’s just a normal cat, not a shapeshifter. Not food,” Sean added nervously. Just what the hell did Fides eat?

Fides didn’t seem particularly upset when one of his tentacles was gnawed on by the little beast. “He’s a baby, and he needs space.” Fides looked around the bedroom and pointed to the wall he broke when last there. “The walls must come down.”

Sean was still trying to process whatever bizarre friendship was happening between Fides and the kitten. The prickly thing seemed almost happy to be on the demon’s shoulder. “What?” Sean shook his head as Fides’s words sank in. “No way in fuck. Soot, people live here. I live here. You can’t just go knocking walls down.”

Fides raised an eyebrow and walked over to the wall that connected to the guest room. Sean groaned into his palm when the demon slammed his fist against the wall and made a second large hole in the drywall.

He really needed to stop telling Fides what he could and couldn’t do. Every single time, the demon was quick to show how easy it was. “What the fuck, man? Why do you hate my apartment?” Sean snapped in frustration. He couldn’t afford any of this.

Fides tore his hand down, and the wall pulled apart in dusty clumps. “It’s unsuitable for our needs,” he said simply. “We need far more space. I want the entire floor, perhaps the complete building for defensive purposes.”

“Soot, no! There are families here. You can’t just kick them out of their homes. Damn it, and stop putting holes in the wall!” Sean stalked over, only to yelp when his foot slipped on the mess. His knee buckled, and he fell straight down to the floor. “Fucker.”

Sean blinked up to find Fides staring down at him with a concerned expression.

“I have decided. I’m claiming this building.”

Sean fought his stupor and glowered. “I think I liked you better when you were silent, you arrogant ass.”

“I fear for your safety.” Fides wrapped his tail around Sean’s torso and lifted him to his feet. “The transformation can be trying, and I don’t want you to be harmed.”

Sean’s face went red. “I’m not some weak…”

“You aren’t human anymore,” Fides continued more seriously. “The both of you will no longer be welcome by your people.”

Sean’s breath left him in a rush. “That… that’s not an excuse to kick so many people from their homes.”

“And if you become crazed with the mating fever?” Fides tugged him closer and ran his thumb along Sean’s pointed ear. “If your uncontrollable magic decides to flare out and strike the nearest weak human? What if you become murderous to even scent a stranger near your mate? You don’t know the many things your transformation may bring. You don’t know how to protect yourself right now, but I do.”

“I…” Sean didn’t know. He hadn’t had a moment to think of the consequences to everything that happened the last few days. He barely had time to think at all. He wasn’t human anymore. He was an accomplice to the murder of Divia, and possibly Magnolia if she ended up dead, and he might be on the hit list of a witch he didn’t even know the name of.

Sean pulled away, and his gaze fell to where TJ was asleep on the bed. “Wouldn’t it be better to move us instead? We should find someplace safe.”

“No,” Fides grunted. “The witch’s things are here.”

Sean turned back, surprised by the answer. “Why do we need…?” Fides’s stubborn expression gave him pause, and Sean fell silent. He really didn’t know anything about what Magnolia had done to the demon, or what Fides wanted in terms of revenge. The witches had hunted the demons down. Sean hadn’t just been mated, he had ended up in the middle of some sort of war between a bunch of crazy witches and terribly violent demons.

“Okay. Do what you want,” Sean said heavily. “Just… Just promise me you’ll keep TJ safe. That’s all I care about.”

Fides’s violet eyes seemed to burn as he stared at Sean silently for a moment. “You are my mates. I would die for you.”

Sean swallowed hard. The intensity of Fides’s statement had the hair prickling on his skin, and he was certain the demon meant it. “Yeah, but maybe you could just, you know, live and keep us all from dying?” he offered wryly.

Fides’s lips twitched into a smile. “If that’s what you wish.” Without another word, he turned back to the wall and slashed claws down.

“Soot!” Sean yelped. “Destroy other rooms. Leave my place out of this!”

Fides turned back with his hair coiled gently around Ferdinand to keep him from falling from his shoulder. “What? We need more room for the baby. Much more.”

Sean just stared, at a loss. “The kitten? He’s not a baby. Not, well, really.” Ferdinand was a baby cat, in a squashed nose, prickly way. Sean wasn’t actually sure how much room the little fluffball needed.

“No, the baby,” Fides stressed. He tilted his head as he looked at Ferdinand and then back to Sean. “Perhaps two. I wasn’t expecting two mates. The transformation process usually results in a child.”

“W-What?” Sean sputtered. There was no way he heard that right. “What the fuck does that mean? You do realize I’m a man, right? TJ and I are men, Soot!”

Fides merely shrugged while Sean flustered for something to say. “I’m a demon prince, my pet. Such things usually don’t keep me from getting what I want.”

“Prince? You’re a fucking prince? What?!” Sean fumbled, and his hands shook as he sought something to lean on. He wasn’t hearing this. None of this made sense. “Are you fucking with me, right now?” he demanded. He was mated to a prince? He was mated to a prince who thought he was going to bear his child? What the fuck was happening?

Fides’s eyes glowed twin flames as he placed the kitten on the floor. He crossed the short distance and pulled Sean into his arms. “I can fuck you. I’m always happy to fuck you.”

Sean jolted as he was pushed up against the wall, and Fides kissed down his neck hungrily. “Soot, I’m serious. I can’t handle anymore insanity.”

“Not being inside you makes me insane,” Fides insisted as he pushed Sean’s shirt up his chest and twisted his nipples roughly. “Come, we will mate now and fix the den after. We will need spears and debris in the halls to keep from being surprised by any who step into the den. We will create a perimeter around these two rooms to secure the mating and birthing area. We’ll then need another layer of traps around the perimeter of the apartment, and then the floor itself. The windows will need fortifying, but I have a magic for that.”

Fides pulled away to grin down appreciatively at Sean’s hands. “My magic is not like yours. You have human magic, and it’s very powerful. It will be a great addition to protecting our family in this strange realm. You will know more about your customs, about the dangers. Together we have everything we need to keep our family safe.”

“Soot… I’m a man.” Sean’s brows twisted the longer Fides stared at him. “I can’t have babies. We don’t…” He couldn’t believe he was even having this conversation. “I’m a man,” Sean repeated, unable to find anything else that would make sense while surrounded by such insanity.

“I find your shape pleasing, whatever it may be,” Fides assured him, as if Sean were revealing an insecurity instead of a blatant reality that he was male and couldn’t bear a child. Sean thought to protest, but there just didn’t seem much point. Fides would discover it eventually. His apartment would be destroyed, likely the police would be involved once the demon started kicking people out of the building, and maybe then, finally, Fides would see reason.

Sean’s shoulder’s slumped and he grabbed Fides’s hand. “Just remember your promise, okay? No matter what happens, we take care of him.”

Fides leaned forward and licked his tongue along Sean’s lips. “We will be together forever. I shall protect us all.”

“Okay,” Sean panted out. “And this prince thing? What exactly does…?” It was impossible to think straight with Fides trying to twist his nipples sore. Sean groaned when his mouth was pried open by a tentacle, and Fides’s tongue plunged in to stroke the hot cavity. His cock rubbed against Sean, free from his skintight clothing and dripping with precum. He was already rock hard, and Sean shuddered in white hot lust despite his frustration.

“Damn it, we’ve been over this. Don’t pull your dick out when you’re kissing me.” Sean went to push him away. “Soot, I need some damn answers already. All we do is fuck, and there is so much I don’t understand.”

“If you knew how perfect you feel when you take my dicks, you’d understand my dilemma,” Fides growled shamelessly as he humped against Sean’s pinned form. “Each time we mate, I’m reshaping you, making you mine. I want my cock to mark you on the inside of that tight, perky ass of yours.” His hand slapped down on the side of his ass, and Sean cried out from the hot sting. “I have so much for you. A starving slut like you needs all the cock and cum you can get.”

“Hell.” Sean’s head fell back against the wall and his lips parted to take the four fingers Fides thrust into his mouth. He moaned heatedly around the digits as tentacles wrapped around his chest, neck, and hips, and his pants were pushed down his thighs and off his legs. It was a squirming wave of heat and friction as his erection was encased in firm coils and his cheeks spread open by the multiple tentacle tips. A thick one pressed against his pucker, and Sean jerked and jolted when he realized Fides had plumped up his tail into a thick, dripping cock while they’d been talking.

Seriously, the demon was a damn deviant.

Fides groaned as he pressed against Sean’s entrance and fluid smeared the sore flesh. Sean’s soft gasps grew in intensity as tentacles teased at his flesh as well. “That’s it. Show your master how you take everything I gift you.”

Sean’s tongue stilled from where he was licking Fides’s fingertips. His eyes cracked open and glowed green in the dim light of the bedroom as he pulled his head away. “Master?”

Fides was unapologetic as he palmed over Sean’s ass cheek and spread him wider. “You are still a mere human, pet.” He licked Sean’s lips and teased along his tongue. “Humans are so backwards, weak, and easily corrupted. We have been at war with your witches for many centuries. It is difficult to let some things go.”

Sean reached down, his hand held determinedly between the press of their bodies while he mulled. “Am I your mate, or am I your slave? Do you think you own me?” he asked. Sean was half afraid of the answer. It wasn’t like he ever had an opportunity to talk to Fides about what all this fucking meant to the demon.

Fides chuckled at the serious expression Sean was wearing. Sean’s glare did nothing to dim his wicked smirk. “My pet, you are well aware I own you.”

Sean flushed, slammed his hands on Fides’s chest, and pushed him back. The demon, as usual, refused to budge. “You crazy, son-of-a-bitch! No one owns me!”

“I own your body, including that nasty tongue of yours,” Fides continued evenly, and his eyes sparkled in the face of Sean’s rage. “I own your dick and every drop of seed it releases. I own your sweet, clenching hole.” He palmed up Sean’s chest firmly and rubbed over one of his aching buds. “I own your cries, your yells, and every whimper and tremble and gasp you make.”

Sean groaned and grasped the tail that was again trying to push between his cheeks. He was only more pissed off by how hot he was getting. This shouldn’t turn him on. Fides thinking he was actually his sex thrall was messed up. “Damn it, Soot, I’m serious. I’m not a fucking pet. I’m a person.”

Fides grin slipped away, and his expression grew serious as he stared down into Sean’s angry green eyes. “You are my mate, and I am your master. I have made you in my image, and if I wish for you to be my pet, then you are my pet.” He pressed a slow kiss to Sean’s grimace. “Right now, I wish for you to shudder in release and make those cries of yours I enjoy.”

Sean growled furiously. “I am not your… Ah. Ah, fuck.” Sean fell silent with a gasp as Fides thrust his tail forward and it pushed into his already stretched hole. The cum that hadn’t been cleaned free leaked down and coated the shaft and long tail. “Damn it. This is not the proper way of things,” Sean muttered. He couldn’t focus, and his head fell back as pleasure hit him in overwhelming waves, and Fides’s cock slid in deeper.

Hell, he wanted it. He always wanted it when Fides touched him, and nothing else fucking mattered when he was buried deep inside him. Sean gave in and rocked, trying to get Fides deeper inside him. He needed to feel him along every inch of his channel.

“That’s it. I know what you need, pet.” Fides lifted Sean up into his arms, pulled his shaking limbs around him, and carried him to the bed. Sean barely noticed they were moving, his focus consumed by the tail fucking deep inside his hole while tentacles wriggled, pulsed, and slender tips began to probe at his filled entrance and push inside.

“Oh fuck… oh. Oh!” Sean cried out. He buried his face against Fides’s neck as tentacles suddenly plunged into him. The tendrils sought out his prostate and assaulted it with tormenting touches. “I can’t. I… I… Soot.” Sean’s claws tore into Fides’s flesh, and his back arched as tears streaked hot down his cheeks. It was good, so good, and way too much. Slick thrusts took his hole, wet with all the cum Fides left in him and the fresh spurts of fluid. It was a twisting, wiggling knot of flesh Sean couldn’t comprehend as he was taken completely, and lost to the overwhelm of being filled.

Sean couldn’t understand how he could keep getting off, but his orgasm was already approaching. Not human. He really wasn’t human anymore.

Sean cried out as his body jerked and he came. His cum splattered between his and Fides’s hard bodies. Sean shook uncontrollably, and his limbs trembled as Fides placed him down on the bed and pinned him in place with his tentacles. Violet eyes burned into his as the thick cock inside his passage began to thrust in earnest as it sought release. Sean moaned weakly, his face flushed and body trembling as his hole was taken relentlessly.

“Do you feel it? Your body changes shape, welcomes every inch of me,” Fides rumbled breathlessly as he watched Sean squirm and take his tail cock. “You are my mate. You are meant for this.”

Sean didn’t want to agree, no matter how good Fides felt inside him. He held his breath, and bit back a fresh cry when he felt Fides’s cock swell and pulse inside him. It was so much. He kept filling him with so much of his cum, Sean wasn’t sure if he wasn’t made of it by now.

Fides groaned and sank down, careful not to crush Sean or TJ as he stretched out on the bed and caught his breath. Fides tail continued to plunge slowly into his aching hole, and his tentacles, although looser, refused to release Sean completely as they caressed his sweat covered body.

“Do you think I cannot sense your desire?” Fides murmured as he pressed his mouth to Sean’s ear. “Your body cannot lie to me. You know you are meant for this, the same way I am meant to spill all my seed when you touch me. We belong together, my mate. One soul in two bodies. Three,” he amended as his gaze flickered to where TJ slept beside them. “Together we are one.”

Sean glared half heartedly as he waited for the room to stop spinning. “I’m not calling you master,” he finally muttered. Fides could think whatever the fuck he wanted, but Sean had no intention of being a sex thrall. He wasn’t owned. He wasn’t.

“It’s enough your body knows who you belong to,” Fides rumbled agreeably as he kissed the corner of Sean’s lips. “You respond to my touch, my gaze, my voice. Even now, your heart races to feel my against your skin.”

Sean huffed. The answer was beyond annoying, partially because it was true. His body was a total slut for Fides, and it was impossible to deny it when wrapped up in his tentacles and feeling those slender tips explore his flesh.

Sean sighed as Fides pulled him into his embrace, and he hooked his knee over the demon’s thigh. “You sure I’m not just hard for him?” Sean said a little spitefully as his eyes fell on TJ.

Fides tilted his head, and a tentacle cupped Sean’s face to guide him back to his gaze. “If you are, that too is also mine. He is a gift from me to you. Now everything you feel for him will also be in gratitude for what I have given you.”

The devious fucker. Sean shook his head and laughed incredulously. “You’re out of your mind.”

“If I am, then I am your mad prince, and you must follow me into the same wild decent. I order it,” Fides murmured against Sean’s lips as he kissed him deeply. “You are mine. My mate. My love. I will kill for you. Fight for you. I will slay any who dare try to separate us. You will always be mine.”

It was possessive and insane, and everything Sean needed to hear. He moaned and tangled his fingers into Fides’s hair as he pulled him closer and opened to his tongue. “I’m not calling you prince, either,” he insisted between hungry kisses.

“You’re infuriating,” Fides growled and plundered Sean’s mouth relentlessly as if he could somehow convince him. His tail gave a twitch in his channel, and Sean gasped and glared that the demon would play so unfair. Sean swiftly twisted his hands into Fides’s tentacled hair and wrenched his head back.

“You’re mine just as much as I’m yours,” Sean insisted breathlessly. “If you know that you own me, then I know the same. You’re my sex thrall, you total perv.”

Fides’s violet eyes glared down at him, and his lips parted in pleasure when Sean pulled his hair tighter. “If that is what you want of me. I will give my mates whatever they need.”

“Then I guess we have an agreement.” Sean released his hold and cupped Fides’s face. The demon was beautiful, and he felt his chest clench painfully as he stared at his features. Sean leaned up and pressed a soft kiss to Fides’s lips. “My prince.”

Fides’s eyes widened and his cheeks flushed to have won. “My love.” Fides surged down and hungrily kissed his chin and throat while Sean laughed huskily. TJ, oblivious to it all, slept peacefully beside them.

Sean may have already lost himself in a wild decent of madness, and he didn’t fucking care. He had everything he wanted, and he wasn’t going to let anyone take it from him. TJ was his, Fides was his, and even that prickly fluffball was his. So what if an entire building of people had to move? Sean had his perfectly wonderful riffraff family, and he was done losing.

Now, he just had to convince TJ. Really, what was the point of magic if you couldn’t have everything you want?


A block, and Sean shows mercy when it’s clear TJ is freezing. It’s not fun for Sean when TJ might actually suffer. Pulls him close as TJ shakes, murmuring in his ear, kissing, touching. Reminding him Fides is back from his search of Magnolia’s old place. First concrete look Fides is looking for something that’s involved with his demon realm that Magnolia took from him.


Damn it, Sean. TJ whimpers, his gaze straight on the ground as he shivers. Stop being such a psycho.

Baby, there is nothing psycho about wanting to see your hot, sexy self kneeling at my feet. Show me you’re sorry, and I’ll take you home.

Damn you. Fucking damn you. He wavers but he can’t seem to bring himself to kneel.

Sean grabs him by the chin, forcing him to meet his eyes. I’ll take you home and we can be warm, together, cuddled up. Isn’t that what you really want? TJ nods silently and Sean smiles. Come on, baby. I’ll teleport us home.

Groaning, TJ slowly lowers himself to the pavement, his head down, face and shoulders flushed.

Sean licks his lips, feeling half drunk with seeing TJ like this. Lower, baby. Kiss the floor.

You’re such an ass, TJ mutters. Sean caresses his face, forcing him to look up. There are tears in TJ’s eyes, but he’s also hard again, the cold weather and circumstances doing nothing to stop how hard he was getting from this.

I know, baby. I’m a demon just for you. Sean pushes on TJ’s shoulder. Kiss it. Lick it. I want those gorgeous lips of yours making out with the concrete, and then I’ll take you home.

Please, Sean. Don’t fuck me out here.

Sean fights a rush of fire, hearing want, a desperate plea of the exact opposite in TJ’s words. Baby, the longer we’re out here, the less likely I’m going to be able to stop myself. He pulls TJ by the nape down to his crotch, rubbing his bulge against his face. It’s your decision. Suck the pavement or I can’t be responsible for what I’m going to do to you.

Fuck. TJ groans, the vibration going through Sean’s cock. He slides down, panting against Sean’s legs, face pressing to his shoes a moment as he tried to catch ahold of himself. Sean can see the strange ridges along TJ’s shoulder blades. Fides was certain he was going to grow wings and maybe a tail. It was rare among thralls, but then, so was gaining the huge amounts of magic Sean had from his transformation. Maybe because they’d been mated to a demon prince. He wasn’t sure and he didn’t really care. TJ could sprout fifty tails and still be everything he wants.

Sean feels his control slipping when TJ doesn’t move but instead parts his lips and licks his tongue out over his shoe. The beautiful bastard was trying to drive him crazy. TJ, Sean warns, his voice breathless. I said the ground. TJ doesn’t seem to hear him, his tongue coating wet all along the toe of Sean’s shoe and moving up the side, his face turned, ear resting on the ground as TJ stroked long, wet touches to the leather.

Sean didn’t know if TJ was trying to win this battle too or was just too fucked out of his head to realize what he was doing. Sean couldn’t care enough to ask. He bent down and hauled TJ to his feet, held him by the nape as he swayed, and kissed him fiercely. We’re going home. Now. His magic flashed out in a wave of green light and shadows quickly engulfed them, erasing them from the world in a dark swallow.