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Intangible 29

Chapter Twenty-Eight

He could have had a place here. This could have been his home. He could have been more than a rutting, sex crazed animal who stepped into the forest a man and never returned again. Except Harry took the ring and Draco was forced to face the fact he was a Vesper halfling. Just like his uncle and all the others who came before who howled in the night lost in a sea of lust. He could have been so much more but only with the ring.

Anger surged through Draco greater than his comprehension. It was a roaring fire that boiled his blood and incinerated the mating call Harry was still twisting inside him. Everyone was trying to rule him from his parents, to Voldemort, to his professors, to the oppressive rules of the wizarding world and now this man—this beautiful, maddening, fucked in the head Harry Potter who thought he could decide his life for him. He thought he could steal his ring, touch him, and pull him with the mating call with wave after crashing wave until he bent to his will? No way in hell.

Draco snarled and reached for his power. He smiled savagely when uncertainty flashed in Harry’s eyes. “Draco…” Light beamed from Draco’s form and Harry was sent crashing back head over heels.

“You fucking dick!” Draco stalked after Harry’s muscular form as he skidded over dirt and fallen Vesper. “You’ve been unconscious for the last goddamn week, you don’t know shit about anything, and you just barge in here, stomp my family flat, and steal my fucking ring? Who the fuck do you think you are, Potter? Have you lost your goddamn mind? Did your scar finally split your skull open and release whatever brains you had left? I’m not your fucking toy! I’m nobody’s toy!”

“Draco, shit, hold on,” Harry gasped. He pushed himself to his feet and stumbled back when Draco surged after him.

Draco grabbed him by the hair and growled as he continued to yell. “I came here to save your miserable life, Potter! I faced my biggest, most terrifying fears to make sure no one killed you. They wanted to; they were going to take you out just at the possibility you might turn into a crazy asshole. And you—you go and prove them right by doing something so irresponsible, so selfish!” Draco twisted his hair hard. “I should have killed you myself!”

“Just calm down. I’m sorry!” Harry yelped and held his hands up in surrender as he tried to crouch away from Draco’s hold. “Draco, you’re getting feathery and it has to hurt with all those scales sprouting and… Shit. Breath, Draco.”

“Stop telling me what to do!” Draco hollered even as he gasped for air. The world spun. Draco groaned loudly, shoved Harry away, and covered his face with newly taloned hands. Fucking Potter. Fucking Potter, he was turning into a dragon slut. Draco shuddered as his back roared fire moments before his tail pushed free and wings shook loose. What remained of his clothing fell around him in a confetti of fabric.

Fuck. Fucking hell, he wasn’t going down like this!

Draco whirled and turned his piercing glare back to Harry. “You let them up right this fucking instant,” he ordered. “Now! And you better not have hurt them, or so help me, I’ll beat you senseless. These are good people. Good!”

He wasn’t sure why Harry was smiling at him. The pain in the ass bastard looked like he was ready to burst out laughing. Still, the pressure lifted with Harry’s nod and the Vesper were free to move. Draco searched the ground and found Matten. He grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up to his feet.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry he did… Why the fuck is everyone smiling at me?” Draco snarled. He pushed the grinning Matten away and took in the multitude of idiotic, sappy smiles the Vesper were directing at him now they were no longer groaning in pain.

Draco’s breath hitched and he bit his lower lip; they looked different. Matten was free of scars and clothes and there was a soft glow to his skin. Scales shimmered over his flesh and feathers peeked free behind sharp ears. He couldn’t help but notice even though he could see Matten’s true form, he wasn’t jumping the man and begging to be fucked. Hell, he wasn’t even laughing crazily anymore.

Draco licked dry lips. Maybe the crazy was from the moments before the transformation and not the final change? Did they get this wrong the same way they misjudged everything else when it came to the Vesper?

“Halfling, you are stunning.” Matten’s voice was full of awe as he stared at Draco. “Even more so in this dimension. Your glow is bright, compelling. You truly are made for us.” There was a daze to his eyes and sheen to his skin which only grew more intense the longer he stared at Draco.

“Matten?” Draco took a step back when Matten was grabbed from behind, spun, and kissed fiercely. Matten growled against Haille’s lips and threaded fingers into his long hair as he grappled him closer. Moans rose up all around them as the Vesper’s fear and pain was replaced by a maddening pulse of need. A worried expression painted Draco’s face as he watched the Vesper become lost in his glow, the men nearly frantic in their need to touch. It was the worst possible time; Harry was still a bastard and he was newly transformed.

“Draco, I’m really, truly sorry.”

Draco snapped his gaze back to his imbecile of a boyfriend and scowled. The stupid fuck. He stalked over to Harry, his hands clenched into fists. “If I have antlers, so help me, Potter, I will run you through with them.”

“I swear you look good.” Harry stumbled back when Draco took a swing at him. “I’m sorry! I lost my shit. I’m still not…”

“You’re not talking your way out of this one, scarhead.” Draco smacked his hands down on Harry’s shoulders. “I’ve been loyal to you. I’ve done everything in my power to protect you. Just because I have sex with others doesn’t mean I feel any different about you. You said it yourself; you knew how I would be around them. It’s who I am, Harry, and you need to… Stop fucking smiling!” Draco yelled and threw his hands up in exasperation.

Harry’s grin grew and he sank to his knees, his eyes never leaving Draco’s angry expression. “You look really good.” He swallowed hard when Draco snarled. “Really, really good. Gorgeous. Fuckable.”

“Are you listening to me?” Draco growled and rolled his eyes when Harry licked his lips and continued to stare up at him. It was ridiculous. He wasn’t even pulling him; Harry was just out of his fucking mind. The entire village had lost it and somehow he was the last sane person alive.

Draco’s tail tapped against his leg for a few silent moments as he contemplated. He planted his hands on his hips and glanced to his nude body to where his platinum silver hair now reached to his waist. He was covered from head to toe in thin, transparent scales and looked more white than anything proper should. He looked bizarre and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to transform back. Bizarre and, well, maybe a little gorgeous and fuckable if he were to go by Harry.

Draco’s nostrils flared when he glanced back and found Harry staring; his green eyes were dazed and that stupid grin was planted on his face. Fucking Potter.

“You want to touch me, Potter?” Draco smirked at the way Harry’s eyes lit up and slid over his nude, scaled body.

“I missed you so much, Draco. I just want to…”

“Too fucking bad,” Draco interrupted flatly, his fangs sharp in response to Harry’s dejected groan. Let the bastard suffer. He had a fucking tail because of his temper tantrum.

“I didn’t mean to do all of this,” Harry insisted. “There’s something fucked up in me and I just… I did a lot of fucked up shit, actually.” Harry sighed as his expression turned thoughtful. He scratched the back of his head and slowly got to his feet. “I just kind of lost it. I couldn’t find you anywhere. Dumbledore was being fucking obnoxious and…” Harry’s gaze trailed up Draco’s body and his breath caught. He took a step forward. “Shit, let me just…”

“No.” Draco raised his chin defiantly even as he twisted the power within him and pulled Harry with his call. He smiled internally as he watched the war move across Harry’s fierce features. Damn, the prat was gorgeous; erratic as a bull and fucking beautiful. “You’re too mean looking and puffy with all that muscle. I don’t like it.”

Harry scowled and glared at his dark hands. His expression softened as he looked up and met Draco’s eyes. “It’s still me. It’s always been me.” He unconsciously rubbed his chest as his gaze slid down Draco’s taut torso and settled on his jutting erection. “Damn it, Draco, it’ll be good. I’ll make it good until you’re begging for me. I want you so bad.”

“Don’t you dare come any closer.” Draco pressed his palm to Harry’s bare chest and fanned his fingers wide. Harry hissed when he scratched talons down his flesh. “I’ll make you regret it if you touch me.”

Harry groaned huskily and pushed into his hand. “You want me to touch you.”

“Idiot.” Draco dug his claws in deeper and Harry jerked and hissed. He seemed half drunk from the pain and licked his lips when their eyes met. Draco flushed; he felt wild the longer Harry’s green gaze tore through him. “You don’t know a fucking thing about me.”

“I know when you’re fucking with me, you damn tease,” Harry growled. Draco gasped when he was pulled against his chest, but turned his head before he could be kissed. Harry studied his face a silent moment, leaned down, and licked up Draco’s neck.

Draco bit back a moan as his knees went weak. Harry was hard muscle and roaring heat against him. “Seriously, I can’t stand all this puffy, mean looking… Oh. You have nice teeth.” Draco lolled his head back with a sigh as Harry nipped his neck possessively. “Really nice.”

“You’re mine.” Harry’s hands moved around Draco’s petite wings, slid down his back, and cupped his ass tightly. “You know you’re mine.” He rubbed Draco’s outer thigh, his grip rough as he pulled his leg up around his hip. Harry exhaled unsteadily as their erections ground together. “You are, Draco. I’ll show you.” He sucked open mouth kisses to throat as he retracted his claws and pressed two thick fingertips to his hole.

“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to just… Oh. Fuck, yes.” Draco threw his head back as lube slick fingers pushed inside him. His lashes fluttered shut and he moaned. Harry dipped down to nip and lick up his sensitive throat as he pumped fingers in and out of Draco’s clenching passage in slow strokes. It was too much and not enough all at once. Draco grasped blindly for Harry’s hair and pulled him up into a kiss. Their lips crushed and fangs scraped desperately.

“That’s it. You taste so good, so right.” Harry groaned as his tongue delved into Draco’s moaning mouth. He couldn’t get enough as he suffocated, tasted and swallowed down every cry Draco made while he scissored fingers into his channel. “I’m going to fuck you hard and make you mine again.”

“I’m still yours. Always yours,” Draco mumbled. The world spun when Harry’s fingers rubbed his prostate with every confident thrust. Harry’s pants were shred in Draco’s claws as he climbed up his powerful form, wrapped arms around Harry’s neck, and hooked his legs around his hips. His mouth again descended to Harry’s, their lips wet as they nipped and sucked and met. “Missed you. Thought I lost you. Thought you died,” Draco gasped between kisses.

“I have you, beautiful.” Harry found Draco’s mouth again and kissed him desperately. “I’m never going to leave you again. Tell me you love me,” he whispered hoarsely.

“I love you, you giant, muscle-bound idiot.” Draco kissed along Harry’s nose, over his eyebrow and teased his tongue into the short hairs. “I’m always going to love you.” He broke off with a groan when a third finger joined Harry’s two and he breached him with maddeningly slow, relentless strokes. “Harry, please. I can’t wait.” Sweat dripped from Draco’s feathery hair as he gasped and bit the soft skin below Harry’s ear.

“Yeah. Yeah, just…” Harry knelt unsteadily and groaned as his erection rocked against Draco’s thigh. “Fuck, I need you to promise me.”

“What?” Draco exhaled heavily as he trailed slick wet over Harry’s throat. He licked down to his broad shoulders and nipped the tight flesh sharply.

“You’re mine.” A new edge crept into Harry’s voice. “Promise me you’re only mine.”

Draco ran claws down his back between his large, dark wings and Harry’s breath came out in a hiss. “I’m only going to say this once, Potter, so you better fucking listen. You’re my mate, my love, my goddamn heart, but unless you can go a marathon with me every night, I’m going to be fucking these silver-haired men. Even if you can manage a marathon every night for me, I’m still going to be spreading for my pack because that’s what we do to bond. It is fucking amazing.”

Harry growled and pulled his head back so he could glare into Draco’s silver eyes. “You think I’m just going to stand back and let you be fucked by a village of gorgeous, battle-strong men?”

Draco snorted. “You think you have a right to ‘allow’ me anything? I’m not a toy who exists to entertain you. If you want to join in, you can, but only if you’re not a selfish, possessive prick about it.”

Harry scowled and narrowed his eyes. “Why the hell would I want to join in? Why the hell would I ever want to touch anyone but you? I love you; I’m always going to love you.”

Draco rolled his eyes, hardly impressed. “Look around you, Potter, or are you completely oblivious to all the people fucking because of my glow?”

Harry wasn’t completely oblivious but was trying very hard to block out the noises as he kept his eyes tight on Draco. It felt wrong to look at someone else when he was supposed to be with his mate. Draco had that damn challenging glint in his eye he could never back down from no matter what form it came in, and Harry forced himself to look. He flushed and his skin shaded darker as he let his eyes wander to the writhing joining of beautiful men.

It didn’t hurt that many of them looked like Draco, and made it damn hot to have them on the ground groping. The idea of one actually being his Draco disturbed him. Harry swallowed hard as his gaze fixed on a couple near by. A slender hipped young man shamelessly twisted on the ground while a larger man pushed thumbs deep into his hole. He bent down and tongue fucked the gasping shifter while he stretched him. “Hell.”

Okay, it might be really hot.

“You’ll get used to it,” Draco whispered in his ear as he tightened his thighs around Harry’s hips. “This is in our blood. Their scent, their magic and sex; we’re meant to respond. Share.”

Harry dragged his gaze back to Draco. He lowered him to the ground and hovered over his pale, sleek body. “I’m not sure,” he finally said as he stared into his eyes. “I can’t honestly say I won’t get upset.”

Draco sighed as he pulled Harry closer and ruffled fingers through his dark feathers. Damn, it felt good to have Harry’s hard body move with his, and their cocks rock together in growing rhythm. “We’ll talk about it. Each time, if that’s what it takes. I want you here, Harry. I want you with me, with my pack. I want you to love these people the way I do and I want you to help me protect them.”

Harry couldn’t remember Draco ever talking about anyone the way he was the Vesper. “What happened to you out here?” Harry asked as he read what looked like tears of desperation and hope in Draco’s gleaming eyes.

Draco smiled crookedly as he kissed the corner of Harry’s mouth. “I found my home, our home. These people are my family, and as long as you don’t go squishing them when you’re in a mood, they can be your family too.”

Harry bit his lower lip as his eyes roamed to the strange buildings, odd, colorful awning high above, and again the shimmering Vesper shifters as they moaned on the ground. Draco grabbed his chin and forced his gaze to the side where two handsome men were working together to make another beg to come.

“You should do that to me.” Draco rolled beneath Harry’s weight and pushed back against his large erection. “But don’t be so nice about it, hmm?”

Harry’s gaze slid to the way Draco’s waist dipped and then swelled to his firm ass; his slender tail made the curve look even sexier. He’d try his best. He wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about Draco being with others when it actually happened, but it clearly meant something to him. He’d have to figure it out.

“Oh, Harry,” Draco gasped when Harry completely ignored his suggestion to instead thrust his tongue deep inside his entrance. His lips sucked his hole and the sensitive flesh around as he soaked him with his juices. “Fuck, don’t tease.” Draco needed so much more than just Harry’s obscene, tormenting tongue. He hadn’t seen him in nearly a week, and he needed to feel him inside. He needed to know he was real and just as wildly in love as before.

“Beg me,” Harry demanded. A hint of a smile was in his voice even as he teased his tongue along Draco’s rim and his hand moved between his thighs to spread him wide and squeeze the firm flesh.

Draco snorted and grinned fiercely. “Potter, fuck me, or I’ll have someone else…” He didn’t get to finish the threat. Harry growled, pulled him down to the ground, and the head of his cock pressed tight to Draco’s hole. Fuck, he was easy to wind up. If only Harry realized how much he preferred his hands, his tongue, his cock, and his amazing love to all the other Vesper. Draco wouldn’t give up his new home for Harry, but he’d cry a river if he lost him.

“Oh… Oh, fuck. Harry. Yes.”

“Listen to yourself,” Harry groaned. He slowly pushed inside, wanting to draw it out and make Draco remember just how good it was to have him inside. “You moan like a whore. A loud, totally horny porn star.”

Draco wasn’t too surprised; Harry was hung like a huge dicked porn star and there was really only one way to take something that big. Loudly. “Fuck. Oh, fuck, that’s it, Harry.” Draco cried out in surprise when Harry grabbed his hips, pulled him up to his knees, and speared him onto his cock. His senses reeled as his body opened to Harry’s thickness and he was stretched wide and unbearably full with each small thrust sinking into him.

“I forgot.” Harry’s eyes widened in surprise as Draco’s passage clenched tight around him. “The last time…”

“Yes.” Draco trembled as he pushed back and urged Harry deeper. It hadn’t been like this with the Vesper, this need to bury Harry impossibly deep and keep him inside.

“You keep—oh, fuck—holding me in,” Harry whispered. He surged forward with a hard thrust and slammed in as far as he could go.

Draco moaned at the words. It felt too good, too fucking perfect. His entire body roared fire when Harry hit something deep inside. It was almost like he grew a second prostate just for him. “Again,” he choked out. Draco’s fingers clawed into the dirt, arms strained, and sweat slid down his skin to drip dark drops into the dusty ground. “Oh, fuck. Fuck,” he mumbled weakly. Harry thrust shallowly but forcefully, and his large hands pulled Draco back with each relentless shove forward.

“You’re tight. Glowing and tight.” Harry growled fiercely and barely avoided a face full of feathers when he pushed Draco’s shoulders down to the ground. Draco moaned, ecstatic Harry didn’t hold back as he crashed into him and took him how he needed to be taken. Harry didn’t hesitate to fill him the way they both loved with hard, long strokes of his thick length.

Cry after cry fell from Draco’s gasping mouth, his chin resting on his arms with ass high in the air. Harry was relentless as he drove into him demandingly, determined to brand himself deep into Draco until there would never be a question of who he belonged to. He would do it as many times as he needed to, every night to remind Draco why he wanted him and show just how damn good they were together.

“Draco!” Harry gasped as his silvery tail wrapped around his waist and pulled him forward and he jarred face first into Draco’s wings. “What are you…? Oh, fuck. Fuck.” Harry closed his eyes and groaned. His arms shook as he wrapped them tight around Draco’s chest. He pushed forward into the passage clutching him, lost in every grasping, suffocating, desperate pull around his cock. “Yes. Fuck that’s it. Fucking it.”

Draco was lost. He was sensation and bright light as he moved with Harry’s shallow, grinding, and completely maddening thrusts. Their rhythm disappeared long minutes ago and left them to tremble and slam erratically. They didn’t care, too caught up in the feel, the sounds and the scent of each other. Draco came with a shout, his fingers clenched tight and hole even tighter. His cum pearled in long streams on the dusty ground beneath him. Silky strands of his hair were caught on Harry’s lips as he sank teeth into Draco’s throat. Harry groaned as his fangs drew blood and he filled Draco’s channel with his hot seed.

Draco sobbed and jerked from the teeth clamped into his flesh. He arched back and his passage milked every long spurt of cum Harry was willing to claim him with. Even though Harry was again growling about how he was his, Draco knew the truth. Harry was his. He was absolutely, completely consumed with him and Draco would never have to say a word or wave a wand to compel those feelings from him. Harry came home to him and he would stay.

Hellcat 5


“Honestly, the nonsense of all this. I gave clear instructions to everyone. There was absolutely no reason any of this had to happen. The couch; no, not that one! That’s older than the country. Put him over there by the cages. No… Did I stutter, Jamie? You assured me this was taken care of. I arrived and it was a madhouse. I had to port just to escape the crazies. You promised me a simple, productive move, not another freak convention. That skitzo was out there again, this time with another foot. I don’t care how it looks in the papers…”

Magnolia’s voice boomed as she paced back and forth and her high heels clicked angrily on the hardwood floor. Sean had no idea where he was as TJ half guided, half carried him to a couch and made him sit. The architecture looked oddly familiar and with a wince, he realized he was still in the building. Magnolia’s had an apartment in his building.

This wasn’t happening. None of this was allowed to happen. His lease, crumpled to the point of unrecognizable, fell out of his hand. He didn’t even notice; sensation refused to reach his fingers. TJ pulled his feet up while Sean shook uncontrollably and turned him until he was stretched out on the buttery leather couch.

“Sean, breathe. Just breathe. Can you hear me?” TJ’s face peered down at him, and Sean focused on his kind expression. TJ’s brown eyes, usually on the verge of laughing, were full of worry as he stared at him. “Your face is burned bad.” TJ gingerly touched Sean’s glasses where the melted metal was fused to his flesh. “You’re lucky your skin didn’t melt off. What the hell happened? I heard an explosion and my phone blew up an instant later. This can’t just be from exposure to magic, right? Did she curse you?”

There was a time Sean was head over heels in love with TJ. It was a difficult, miserable year until he finally faced the fact TJ was straight and was never going to see him as more than a friend. It was the same year Sean ended up homeless and living on TJ’s sofa when his parents kicked him out for being gay. Even then, the both of them fresh faced college students, TJ was selfless and caring while Sean’s world seemed to forever spiral out of control. Sean wasn’t sure why he was thinking about it now. Probably because he just lost thousands in equipment and with no way to replace it, he was out of a business and would be on the streets soon.

Almost ten years had passed since he lived with TJ, yet it was like he never moved forward, never gained ground. He spent so long trying to build a stable life and it was destroyed in a matter of minutes.

TJ sighed worriedly when Sean didn’t answer. He barely seemed to notice he was there at all, his green eyes dazed and unfocused. “You rest, okay? I’ll see if I can find you some water.” TJ stood and stepped from his view, and Sean let his eyes close.

He was fucked. One prima donna of a witch stepped into his apartment building and his entire life was over. If his computers exploded as bad as his headset, he might not even have an apartment to go home to. For all he knew all his stuff was being consumed in obnoxious purple flames while the fire truck sent to stop it couldn’t get through because of the crowd of psychos outside. Shit, were those the types of people who sought out magic? He thought dealing with idiots who didn’t know when their computers were unplugged was bad.

This was all his fault. He was the dumbass who didn’t prepare when he knew damn well how destructive magic could be to tech. He foolishly relied on rules and regulations and thought they would be enough to stop a disaster from striking. Sean wasn’t good at life like other people were. He couldn’t ever adapt, just became old and obsolete while better models like TJ found happiness, reasons for living, and dedicated their time to selfless causes. Why the fuck did he keep trying when it was clear he was never going to be anything better than his fucked up self?

“Jamie, I said call the lawyers. I don’t give a fuck what time it is over there. I have a sparker with half his face blown off and I don’t want to be sued.” Magnolia’s angry steps stopped. “What, water? Yeah, fine, this way.”

Silence descended as Magnolia’s heels clicked and faded as she led TJ to the kitchen. Sean sank back into the couch. He was throbbing pain and a numb buzz of red and confusion to his bruised brain. He blinked his eyes shut, surprised to find they were open. His brain wasn’t processing anything properly. The darkness behind his eyelids felt more real than the room he was in.

Would anyone care if he died in that explosion? What if his head was severed just as cleanly as that foot? Would anyone miss him? Would the clients waiting demand to find out what happened? Would his parents call TJ to see if he somehow redeemed himself and died hetero with a girlfriend they could share stories with about when he was young and still a ‘good’ son?

Sean’s eyebrows furrowed as something hot and silky brushed his forehead. Breath teased over his wounded cheek and stung. He reached up to push the strange sensation away. His burnt fingers connected with something solid and large hovering over him.

TJ would care. He was the only one who cared he was still alive. It was a burden on him. Sean was either a burden or fucked up. He couldn’t ever do anything right. He couldn’t be what everyone wanted him to be and the only option was just not to be at all. His parents would be happier to never have a son. TJ’s life would be better if he never had to check up on his neurotic, social reject of a friend. By default, Sean’s life would be much easier if he stopped existing. He couldn’t even get his fucking brain to let him walk through a door when he needed to.

Sean cracked his eyes open but the darkness barely abated. His blurry gaze focused on black strands of hair as lips brushed the side of his face. A hot, wet tongue lapped his singed flesh. Sean gasped and the room spun drunkenly. He squeezed his eyes shut and groaned as pain, heat, and a soothing noise washed over him all at once.

Was that purring?

His glasses clattered to the floor when they fell from his face, no longer seared into his skin. Sean clutched his shaking hand weakly around what felt like a shoulder, powerful muscle and hot skin. “What?” he mumbled as wet heat burned up his neck and a mouth latched onto his ear. “What are…?” Sean tried to pry his lashes open but they felt too heavy to move. His face contorted and he jerked. His ear felt on fire, on fire while being ripped off and chewed all at once. “F-Fuck,” he choked out.

Sean’s hand was pulled free from his death grip on the stranger’s shoulder and lips rubbed over the damaged flesh. “Hurts,” Sean whimpered mindlessly as every inch of skin lips and tongue touched roared in renewed pain. He wasn’t sure if the skin was peeling from his bones or healing as he clutched at the hand holding his. A pins and needle sensation followed as his nerve endings tingled and his brain tried to process whatever the hell was happening.

A new madness slowly descended to replace everything else. His fingers were sucked into a hot mouth, and a velvet tongue coated and caressed the digits in long, sensual strokes. Sean’s breath hitched and he reached up to tangle his free hand into silky hair as teeth nipped at his fingertips. He exhaled unsteadily as he tilted his head and sought the source tormenting him. A mouth suddenly covered his and Sean groaned as he was devoured by demanding, consuming lips.

Sean kissed back dizzily and used his handhold of hair to tug the stranger closer. He nipped lush lips, found his maddening tongue, and invited it deeper. Saliva dripped hot down his chin as the tongue plunged and stroked into his mouth to explore and taste all it could. Sean rocked his hips as he sought friction for his aching erection. Hands roughly pulled him up and wrapped him into powerful arms. Sean sluggishly chased the lips trailing wet over his jaw. He tried to pull the hard, muscular man closer but each kiss drained him of the little energy he had remaining.

Sean’s head fell back on the couch when he couldn’t hold it up any longer. He moaned in despair until the lips returned and hungrily kissed him. Hands ran possessively down his heaving chest and sides and sought the hem of his shirt.

“Sean, I have your… What the hell? What the fuck is that thing?” TJ asked in a strangled voice as he froze in the living room entrance. The water he was carrying fell from his hand and shattered on the hardwood floor in a spray of liquid and glass.

Magnolia followed at the sound of destruction and stalked into the room. She pulled from her phone with a dark scowl. “You son of a bitch. Bad! Back in your cage this instant!”

Sean groaned and sank heavily into the couch when he was released. His body was dripping honey, lips swollen and tingling. It took a few tries but he eventually managed to crack his lashes open. Beautiful purple eyes gazed deep into his for a frozen, perfect eternity. Sean sighed and blinked. His eyes refused to open again no matter how shrill TJ’s voice grew as it echoed in the darkness.

Super Big News!!! 🐙

Blackthorne is being featured on Instafreebie Sept. 25th!

Hey peeps,

I received a surprising email this Monday right when I was in the middle of setting up the edit for Demon Bonded #7. Blackthorne, front page of the Instafreebie blog, Monday Sept 25th. Free for all (Monday, Monday, Monday!) and I damn near fell out of my chair. Wow. Super wow. I knew what I had to do immediately, which was drop everything, make a new cover, and edit the fuck out of Blackthorne.

Check out the new cover. Bet you get a better idea what the story is about, and hey, Mason! <3

I started with a superficial edit, which is me going through with the search and replace function and finding all the stylized ‘boys,’ ‘blonds,’ ‘brunettes,’ ‘thats,’ etc, etc and cleaning up the language. Then I actually slowed down, cracked Blackthorne open and started a line edit from the beginning. I realized around Wednesday I was rewriting the story.

Babes, the mold fucked my head. Hardcore. You know how sometimes you want to say something but the words that come out of your mouth are a garble? You know what you want to say, it’s clear in your head, but for whatever reason, your ability to express is lacking. But, let’s say that happens and you don’t realize you’re not expressing yourself properly because you have mold poisoning? Yeah, hi, that would be me. I keep thinking about Monet who painted while he had cataracts, and once they were removed, he flipped out because his paintings didn’t look remotely like he intended. All the strokes were there but the colors, light and shadow came from a skewed perspective.

Apparently the place I was when I wrote Demon Bonded was far better than the place I was when I wrote Blackthorne and I didn’t know until I really looked at it. The story structure, conflict, ideas, and intentions are all there, I just didn’t realize how lacking my ability to express them were at the time. For real, I’m kinda glad I wasn’t aware how degraded my mental functioning was when living it, because I might not have bothered, I might not have tried to write and express and get my stories out there because I’d be too busy thinking I was ‘broken.’ So yeah, it’s been a huge wakeup call this week, but at the same time, a strong message of what you can do when you are far from perfect. There’s no point waiting for everything to align, for you to know all you can stuff in your head and think then things are going to just click. You gotta start now, imperfect, untried and struggle. You might not be here tomorrow, you might never start at all if you keep waiting for ‘the right time.’

Once I realized the amount of work required to get Blackthore where I wanted it couldn’t be completed in time of the giveaway, and with some wonderful advice from the amazing nerd who fixed my laptop—love you, babe <3, I decided on a unique solution. I’d include the extensively edited chapters I started on the first quarter of Blackthorne and keep the lightly edited text up until the end, and add a link so readers can download through Instafreebie the fully edited version once I complete it. (Aiming for the end of Oct, but it depends on how quick I can write HellCat.) That way I get my current work completed, Blackthorne isn’t rushed, people still get a completed novel with the promise of a higher quality just a little later, and I don’t break myself. I’m so sick of breaking.

Expect a special reminder Newsletter on Monday to get the new Blackthorne. Instafreebie really encourages authors to self-promote; it’s a symbiotic relationship, and let’s face it, I’m super fucking excited about this! I still feel amazing, btw; the L-Glutamine seems to be holding steady and I’m just getting stronger and sharper as I go. My allergy symptoms are turning into what normal people experience; stuffy nose and ouchy sinuses instead of collapsing and falling asleep. And I’m relaxed; I feel so content with my life lately. Cool beans.

Cat Trouble

It has been a tough week on my cats. One has gone super skinny and after a trip to the vet we discovered Lucy (Lucifur) has broken a tooth and is reaching an age where she needs more food, exercise and calories. I guess older cats require kitten attention to maintain weight. I’m not too concerned cuz her behavior is still the same, but we had a moment of fear about parasites or hyperthyroidism (common as cats age.)

My cat Warlock, the wonderful lug has been, uh, kinda disgusting, poor thing. It’s all coming out both ends XD and it’s a toss up between cuddling him until he’s better and wiping him down. I don’t know what the hell he got into but he is fighting some sort of bug. He seemed more energetic today, so I think things are looking up.

Oh, and my chromebook has been fixed! I guess plugging it into the damaged front yard outlet where it sparked like a mofo killed both the plug and the port. But since the port isn’t connected permanently to the motherboard, it was replaceable. It’s such a relief. I can write on the PC but it’s just not the same ease. I like to curl up and relax while the words flow. I already feel more like myself.

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Would it Be Okay to Love You?

A robot fanboy. An erotic voice actor. When love comes calling, will they shed their armor?

Sato’s only long-term relationship is the one he shares with his Gundam collectibles. He dreams about the kind of unconditional love his parents enjoy. If only he could break out of his shell, he might find his special someone…

Outgoing playboy Aoi has sworn off relationships. He knows they only distract him from his budding voice acting career. He’s earned a few loyal fans, and if he keeps at it, he may even earn enough to never worry about being evicted again…

When Sato meets Aoi at the local anime store, there’s definitely a spark. But even as they tread carefully, their commitment issues and Aoi’s troubled past soon muck things up before they can start. In order for Sato and Aoi to have their happily-ever-after, they’ll both have to take a leap of faith… and hope to be caught.

Jagged Edge: Jason and Raine – M/M romance

I don’t want Jason Vega.
Not at all.
It’s the worst idea ever.
Ah hell…

Jason is handsome. Smart. Dangerous. Hot.
He’s goddamn gorgeous—but he’s also sleeping on the street, hanging out with the local biker gang and selling his body for a living.
Our lives, our paths couldn’t be further apart. I’m crawling toward the light, while he’s falling into the dark.
But it doesn’t matter how different we are, or what logic dictates.
I really shouldn’t want Jason Vega—but I just can’t stop.
He’s under my skin, and sinking deeper…

Trigger Warning: violence and sexual abuse
This is a M/M (gay) romance and it tells the story of Jason and Raine whom you may have met in JESSE (Damage Control 2) and OCEAN (Damage Control 5). It is super hot, and angsty, and violent, but with a guaranteed Happy Ever After.

2015 Top Ten Gay Romance

2015 Top Ten Gay Romance brings together the most popular short stories (based on sales) published by JMS Books that year.

From first love to true love, from submission to sensual, from heat to sweet and everything in between, the couples in these stories are sure to keep you turning the pages as you fall in love with them.

With stories by J.M. Snyder, J.L. Merrow, Edward Kendrick, Hunter Frost, Drew Hunt, Lisa Gray, A.R. Moler, Rebecca James, Jeff Adams, and J.D. Walker, this head-over-heels collection goes beyond bedtime reading. Whether happily ever after or happy for now, there’s an ending for everyone in here!

Intangible 24

Chapter Twenty-Three

Hermione found what she presumed was the resting place of the sleeping Kalistar. The Vesper didn’t guard the room the way she thought they would, but she was right in her guess of they did keep the creature safe. The Kalistar rested in the center of the village in the unique building set up to house their new halfling. Deep in a hand carved underground basement was a tomb. Hermione could only guess what dwelled in this tomb because she couldn’t find a way to get inside.

“I just want to see the creature,” Hermione said reasonably. She was downstairs in the large entrance chamber which led out into the village. The afternoon air was warm as it flowed in on the breeze. Haille’s expression didn’t agree with her tone. Hermione rolled her eyes but she knew she wouldn’t seek any of the other shifters out. Haille was the most agreeable to her. He barely even referred to her as human anymore. Haille was her best bet to get what she wanted; she just needed to wear him down a bit. Hopefully with help from Malfoy.

“It is dangerous.” Haille huffed when Hermione snorted derisively. “The Kalistar is a powerful force and has been known to respond to human energy. I do not feel it is wise.”

“Have you woken it up before, then? Or has it woken up on its own?” Hermione asked, her curiosity peaked. Maybe if she just hung out enough in the basement the Kalistar would wake up from her presence.

“Not in our village, no,” Haille said gruffly. He glared at Hermione as if he could read her thoughts. “Incidences have happened, usually when humans have encroached on a village. The Kalistar are so intent on protecting the foolish mortals.”

“Foolish?” Hermione scoffed. “You do realize you all look like a bunch of beautiful, if not scarred, men, right?”

“Yes, and we hold our tribes in the middle of extremely dangerous, monster riddled magical forests,” Haille shot back. “Any human who would approach our village is either here to attack us, or they are complete imbeciles who deserve the painful deaths they receive.”

Hermione sighed. She raised her eyebrows and shrugged. She could hardly disagree with the logic of it. “Your Kalistar doesn’t seem to agree.”

“Yes, well there was an entire village who did and we won.” Done with the conversation, Haille stepped out into said village where the canopy of sheets above turned the center into a carnival of color. Hermione followed, not even remotely ready to give up. She would see the Kalistar. She had grown to like the Vesper these last few days and the more the dragons returned home, freshly wounded, the more she knew something needed to be done. They couldn’t continue on like this.

Malfoy agreed but in a distracted manner. He didn’t want to tell the Vesper what to do; he was just happy to be there. Hermione had a sinking suspicion Draco wouldn’t want to return to Hogwarts once the tour was over. She’d do her best to persuade him, but seeing Draco among the Vesper each day, Hermione knew he found a home. Even now as she approached while Kore taught him how to balance a spear, Draco looked more relaxed and happy than she could ever remember seeing him. He’d have to be; Hermione was fairly certain Malfoys didn’t hunt with spears.

“Malfoy, I need your help with something,” Hermione said before Haille could even open his mouth. The shifter narrowed his pretty violet eyes at her but that was it. He was a damn pussy cat, scars and all.

Draco brightened at her arrival. He pointed down the way where a target was set up and two spears already pierced the cloth covered blocks of hay. “Not quite the side of a barn, but I did manage to hit it. Twice.”

Hermione shook her head at another show of manly display that only seemed to get worse the more the Vesper insisted on hugging Draco. Draco was even dressing like them, in a pair of loose fitting pants and a light vest to cover his chest. His feet were bare; it had to be nudity for someone of his station to not where shoes everywhere. Draco also managed to get himself a nice gash on his stomach. Probably not to match the Vesper, so much as Draco kept getting distracted by pawing shifters. As if to prove her point, Haille swooped down and wrapped him tight in his embrace. Draco only made the slightest of squawks in protest as he nearly dropped the spear on his foot.

“You’re learning very fast, lovely halfling. Soon you will be skilled enough to travel the forest with us. There is so much to see out here.”

Draco nodded, a blush staining his cheek where Haille kissed. “Yes, well, I don’t want to be stuck in the village all the time.” He lifted his head, his questioning look turned to Hermione. “What did you need help with?”

Hermione watched Haille settle behind Draco with his arms wrapped around his waist. If he thought that was going to keep her from getting Draco to help, he had another thing coming. “I found the Kalistar, the sleeping one. It’s actually right under the halfling house.”

“Oh,” Draco blinked as his mind turned. “I’d like to meet it.”

Hermione grinned triumphant, but Haille only dismissively shrugged when Draco looked back imploringly. “Sorry, little one. None of us have the power alone to wake the creature. It must be a unified decision, the same as it took to put it to sleep. Since you have gotten your call under control, there is little reason for it.”

“Even if it would stop all the fighting?” Hermione asked in frustration. “How can you just sit back and let your dragons keep getting injured?”

“We’re not letting them,” Kore broke in. He was extremely tall and broad shouldered. “We fight back as good as we get.”

“Yes, because that’s helping things,” Hermione muttered. “If I have kids and they start getting brutally wounded, I’m totally going to care that at least they managed to equally maim their attackers. You need to talk to these people. Negotiate. Let them see you’re, well, people. Reasonable people—except when it comes to humans, yes, I’ve gathered that,” Hermione added with a frustrated sigh.

“You need to give them some time,” Draco said after a moment. “You can’t expect them to change everything overnight. They’re just getting used to me. They know I want to interact with humans and have promised to make that possible.”

“Eventually,” Haille agreed. “We will need to set up defenses to protect us all, humans and Vesper.”

“Wouldn’t it be easier to let the Kalistar do that?” Hermione asked. “Isn’t that part of its job?”

Kore and Haille exchanged uneasy glances. “The Kalistar aren’t forgiving creatures, human,” Kore explained. “They are dominant, aggressive, and difficult to control. There is a reason each village only has one. They will war with each other, and sometimes divide entire villages while fighting for control. Most young Kalistar are cast out by their own when they are born just to prevent this. They are difficult.”

Draco inhaled sharply. He pulled away from Haille to stare at the two shifters in disbelief. “You exile them? You throw them away like something less than garbage?”

“The Kalistar used to, yes,” Haille said with a pained expression on his face. “Now we have them sleep. It has been the kindest compromise we could make.”

“I don’t understand,” Hermione broke in. “I was told the Kalistar protected humans. That they protected the halflings and helped control them. How could the same creature—the one who supposedly tried to get humans and Vesper to stop fighting—be so dangerous and terrible? It doesn’t make sense.”

“We are creatures of duality,” Kore said flatly. “We fight our beast nature when it suits us. The Kalistar, when that creature loses to the beast, its power is too great to fight. It can pull us so much we become nothing more than raving, howling madness.”

Haille nodded and gently grabbed Draco’s hand. “You have seen it, halfling, with your own call. Think if you had done that intentionally to Matten and the young ones because you wanted something so great you didn’t care who had to bend. Without someone to balance the Kalistar, the creature is too powerful to be trusted.”

Draco nodded, but he didn’t fully understanding. Matten had told him the halflings balanced the Kalistar so him now in the village should be enough. The shifters didn’t want to wake the creature even with him there. Maybe they didn’t think he was staying.

Draco wanted to finish school; it was only a few more months. After that he’d figure out what he was going to do with the Vesper. Matten mentioned again about Draco being an ambassador. He didn’t know if that’s what he wanted… He just knew he was tired of worrying about the Vesper being hurt. His week was nearly over and twice the dragons returned bloody and crying in pain. At least Draco and Hermione were able to heal them so the scars weren’t permanent. He preferred they were never hurt in the first place.

“With Malfoy here, wouldn’t it be safe to wake up the Kalistar?” Hermione was thinking the same thing as him.

Again the shifters exchanged unreadable looks. Kore finally spoke, his voice a low growl. “They aren’t forgiving.”

Hermione was not one for theatrics. “Can you at least let me in the tomb? Just to see it?”

Haille snorted; her persistence was amusing, if not appealing. “Take her to Matten, halfling. He can let her in the chamber.”

Triumphant, Hermione quickly dragged a grumpy Draco down toward the huts where she last saw Matten heading.

Hermione brimmed with desire to get back down to the tomb of the Kalistar. Draco watched her out of the corner of his eye as they all sat on the dais; Hermione’s leg twitched as she shoveled dinner and wrote scratchy notes into her notebook. She lost all fear of the Vesper and he was grateful the villagers only had goodwill toward her. It gave him hope things could change for the pack with a little work.

He went down to the chamber to see the Kalistar and refused to go back since. The creature was a larger version of Karia, his pet when he was young. Draco never saw her, but with his eyes closed and fingers hovered over the golden dragon with wide antlers and long legs, he knew the truth. Karia was one of the exiled Vesper who was thrown away by her pack because there was already a Kalistar ruling. She sought Draco out because she didn’t wanted to be alone and he was a halfling. She protected him even before he knew he needed protecting. Then she grew ill from the sparking and without a pack to help her, she died while Draco was at school. Alone.

Things had to change. Draco didn’t know how, but he knew it couldn’t stay this way. Karia was sweet, gentle and kind. The Vesper said the Kalistar grew fierce once puberty hit, especially the males, but Draco couldn’t believe it. There had to be a better solution than having the creatures sleep their entire lives away.

“You are sad, Draco,” Matten observed. Draco nodded silently in reply. He had finished eating ages ago and was staring into the flames instead as he hoped to make sense of it all. Karia was this faint, special memory in his mind. She was his one true companion as a child. He never knew she suffered so much in such a short lifetime. He truly understood so little back then.

Matten shifted closer, pulled Draco into his embrace and held him in his lap. Draco closed his eyes as Matten hummed to him. A few of the shifters on the dais joined in while they lounged in the spring night air on pillows and furs. Nights were easier now Draco’s call was under control. It was even safe for him to visit the others under the canopy and listen to their stories. With a lot of farmers in the village, Draco heard the best tales. There was something about rooting in the dirt all day that gave you time to think of fanciful things, or at least that was how Seles explained it.

“Hmm. You are glowing again, sweet halfling. Is it already so late in the evening?” Matten teased as his fingers caressed up and down Draco’s arms.

“I’m not the moon, Matten,” Draco grumbled. His head fell back against his chest. “For all I know, I’m actually quite ugly and tanned in my other form. No glow at all.”

“For all you know, perhaps, but certainly not the case. You are glowing because you are content.” He brushed his lips to Draco’s ear. “You are comfortable with us and happy for touch. When you are happy, we cannot help but be happy too.”

Draco nodded lightly in agreement and stared up at Matten’s chin. He had the faintest nick right where his chin turned toward his throat, just visible in the low lighting. Draco let his eyes flicker to the side where the shifters on the dais slid smooth skinned to the ground, their silvery hair shimmering waterfalls of silk. Draco glowing meant shifters touching. Something he was growing used to, even anticipating.

“Do you wish to retreat inside?” Matten rested his chin on the top of Draco’s head.

Draco shrugged. He was comfortable enough. “Only if you want. I’m sure you must feel left out, babysitting me every night.”

“It is an honor.”

“It’s a chore. I’m not a fool, Matten,” Draco muttered with a huff. He was sick and tired of everyone trying to act like everything he did was so bloody brilliant. Matten purred softly, and Draco’s irritation faded as quickly as it came. He closed his eyes again and felt Matten’s chest rumble ever so lightly beneath him. He could hear the others, their soft, heated moans in the darkness of his eyelids. Draco smiled as more warm, tingling tendrils flowed over his skin.

“It is an honor to watch you, Draco.” Matten brushed strands of Draco’s hair from his face. “It is a gift to be able to touch you, even just to hold you.”

“Stop flattering me,” Draco murmured. He smiled wider when fingers touched tentatively down his neck. “Haille, I have warned you of what I will do if you insist on touching me there.”

Haille snorted softly from the right of him and touched Draco’s neck more boldly. “Sink your little dull teeth into me, halfling. See if I care. You make the nicest noises when I touch here, and that is what I want.”

“You say that now, but wait utill Granger hears,” Draco warned weakly as fire slowly rose up his skin. God, he missed sex. He missed Harry, he missed hard, wild touch, and he missed being fucked.

“Oh, lovely one, the little witch ran off to see our sleeping friend. There is no one to protect you from the big, bad Vesper.” Voices snickered at Haille’s taunting words, and Draco opened his eyes to look around the firelight. Hermione had left, likely to study the Kalistar deep in the basement, the ditzy Gryffindor. Staring back at him were a dozen hungry shifters, many who twisted on the dais as they chuckled at Draco’s expression. Three very familiar, wickedly smiling faces leaned right beside him. Draco glanced from Matten, Haille and Zyan, and his smile faded.

“Well, crap,” he whispered hoarsely. He peered up where Matten was smiling down, his hands holding Draco lightly but firmly in place. “I thought hugging was all this was about. Didn’t we decide?”

“We decided you needed to have the things that made you call, so that you would not drive us all mad,” Matten said carefully. “You have been getting very bright these last few nights. It has been difficult. Very difficult.”

Draco closed his eyes again, wishing he could deny it. He hadn’t dared touch himself after the fiasco of last time. His body was near aching with want, and it got worse at night with the Vesper’s scent strong in the air. Ever since Harry returned, Draco became this strange, sexual being who just couldn’t get enough. He allowed himself to linger outside with the Vesper and indulge in as much of the noises and scents he liked, sometimes even in the sights when he was feeling brave. It was the most he thought he was willing to go with this particular theme.

“Will it get as bad as the last time?” Draco asked, although he already knew the answer if they felt the need to swarm him so.

“It is just a touch. Just skin touching skin.” Matten soothed fingers over Draco’s arms again. “No one will have you. I give you my word.”

Draco sighed internally; even with him near dead, the Vesper were terrified of Harry and his claim on him. It was a wonder they hadn’t killed Potter, now he understood how dangerous halflings were to the Vesper if not properly contained. Draco was lucky Matten was so upstanding. Even in this, he knew he could trust the shifter.

Draco held his eyes shut and didn’t flinch the next time Haille touched his neck. Fingers lighted over him in soft strokes. Draco allowed himself to sink back. Matten relaxed around him, pulled him close while gently humming in his ear. Zyan, hands firm and sure, pressed into his sides and dragged down slowly. Draco’s hips rose up to meet the touch.

“Oh god. Okay, just… ha. Oh, hell,” Draco mumbled and whimpered as he lost track of just who was touching where. It was a lot of hands, and now, oh, mouths. Harry was not the only one with a tongue like that, and— “Fuck. Fucking hell,” Draco groaned as sharp teeth nipped into his hip and made him jerk.

Matten renewed his purr. His lips brushed gently to Draco’s neck while he gasped for air. Draco could feel Matten’s erection nuzzled against his ass cheek, but he seemed content to merely hold his squirming form. Zyan and Haille moved down his body, a steamy wave of heat and wet lips. Draco laughed weakly when his pants were suddenly pulled from him. He kept his eyes resolutely closed so he couldn’t guess just whose tongue was dipping lower to…

“Holy fuck!”

“My, he howls so,” Haille chuckled against his nipple, and Draco was forced to accept it was Zyan’s lips wrapped so unbelievably tight around his cock. Draco opened his eyes, and his hands sought out the shifter’s silky tangle of hair. Stormy gray eyes blinked up at him briefly. Zyan smiled wickedly around his prize before he pulled Draco’s length deeper into his hot mouth. Moaning, Draco rocked in pleasure.

“He is very good at that,” Matten whispered in his ear and smirked when Draco nodded mutely. “He enjoys giving pleasure. We all want you to have pleasure.”

Draco found himself very glad the Vesper were terrified of Harry. He apparently wasn’t terrified enough. Draco was quickly realizing he didn’t give a crap what Harry thought about him in the arms of another man—or many, in this case. It was probably a bad thing.

The Vesper weren’t people, or students, or even competition; they were beings half like Draco who understood the world a little different. Part of that understanding was when you were being suffocated by silvery hair and strong pale bodies, you enjoyed it. Draco watched Haille lick over his body and Zyan bob his head and he tried to remember why he was so afraid of this. It was good. Very good. Very right. Moans rose up around him, and in the distance Draco could hear a howl from one of the dragons, which was quickly answered by more.

Haille gasped. “Matten, he’s…”

“I feel it,” Matten muttered, and his hum rose louder. Draco blinked back at him, and his eyes slid across the scar on his face and rested on his pale blue eyes. Matten looked strained, his expression intense as he glared back at him. Draco wanted to smile, to reassure him everything was fine, but he couldn’t. He was hungry. Draco’s body ached for relief, and there were a hundred plus bodies there to help.

“Halfling, lovely, you need to calm.” Haille pleaded as he turned Draco’s face. Confused, Draco couldn’t help but notice Zyan was lying on the ground, panting madly and moaning. Haille looked ready to fall with him; sweat dripped down his body and he kept swaying. Draco watched, motionless. Haille’s breath quickened as he stared back, and his long hair shimmered when his body shuddered again.

“Draco, please,” Matten tried, his voice a low, guttural growl. “Your call is too strong.” Haille fell to his hands and gasped on the ground. Zyan’s arm slipped over and pulled him close. Haille didn’t resist; he seemed relieved to not suffer alone as he tore the taller shifter’s clothes off. Draco watched and wondered who was going to win the struggle. They could have been fighting except they were pulling close, not pushing away. Each frantic bite was for pleasure, not to hurt no matter how wild the noises they made sounded.

Draco groaned; Haille was the victor. He pushed Zyan down onto his stomach and draped over him like a glittering curtain of silk and flesh. Zyan’s cries where muffled as more howls rang out closer this time. Draco sat up to watch, Matten’s hands keeping him from going too far. Draco pulled against them in his want to see more. He felt dizzy to see Zyan’s face as he gasped so desperately beneath Haille. Matten pulled him back forcefully, and Draco exhaled sharply as he felt his erection again, hard and demanding through his pants.

Draco eyes half closed as he reached a hand up and tangled his fingers into Matten’s shoulder length hair. Matten didn’t slow as he kissed down his neck with hard, needy motions. His tongue came next and Draco whimpered at the sensation. He loved when his neck was touched, bit, and sucked. “Yes. Oh, hell,” Draco moaned when Matten’s hands moved down his bare torso and he could feeling the absolute strength in his powerful arms.

“What do you want, Draco?” Matten growled. He sank his teeth into Draco’s neck, who hissed and rocked back for more.

“You know. You can’t not know,” Draco gasped out. Matten’s large hands were on his thighs, grasped under his legs and raised his knees.

“I need you to say it. I need to know it is true.” Matten ran his hands back down Draco’s long legs, caressed his inner thighs and spread them wide. “I am on the brink and do not wish to take.”

Draco laughed and howls rose up with the sound. “Fuck me, Matten. Before I lose my fucking mind and take you all with me.” He was with his pack, he wanted sex, and he was going to have some fucking amazing sex.

“Your Kalistar…”

“Will be very upset he missed it,” Draco said with another sharp chuckle. Shit, they were all so afraid of Potter. Draco pressed back against Matten and rubbed against his body. He loved the hard muscles and each small, barely contained gasp. Matten gave a final, breaking groan. His questing fingers slid down between Draco’s cheeks, pushed in and stretched deep.

Draco gaped as his head slammed back against Matten’s chest, his entire body tense and fiery. “Oh fuck. Fuck yes. Fucking need it.” Draco knew the shifters did wandless magic, he just didn’t realized it involved lubing and stretching like a pro. He should have; they were very sexual. Draco was glad for because it explained why he readily pulled away and got to his knees like a desperate animal begging for it.

Matten curled around him and his mouth ran over his ear. Anticipation built in Draco, his body dripping in need. He could feel his wings and tail, the feathers crushed by the larger shifter. Draco spread his legs wider and whimpered at the first hot touch of Matten’s cock. It pushed against his entrance, unrelenting as it drove forward and sheathed deep inside his clenching flesh. Draco sobbed in agonizing joy. The howls were all around them now the dragons reached the center on the other side of the fire.

Draco lost track of things shortly after that, the heat and scent and madness too great to fight any longer. When Matten grew tired, Zyan wasn’t, and then Kore, and eventually Haille, who was covered in sharp bites and shallow wounds by the time he fucked Draco. Draco didn’t grow tired, not for hours, and he knew it was the way of what he was. Even with the ring on.

At some point the red haze of lust finally let up and they were all able to sleep. They curled up on the furs and pillows where Draco sprawled between a dozen long, hard bodies and soft hair. When he woke up, he wasn’t lost. No, he knew exactly where he was. Home, with his pack, in the middle of a terrible forest that would never be able to harm him. He was home, and he was content.

Sorcerer Slayer S69


Raider swayed as kiss after deep kiss stole his breath and made him dizzy. Forest was rough, confident, and every time he pressed their lower bodies together, he could feel his hard cock grind against his thigh. It got the to point Raider wasn’t sure if he was standing or if Forest was holding him upright as the room spun around him.

“Fuck, I forgot how hot you are.” Forest growled against Raider’s lips as his palm sought out the burning flesh beneath his shirt. “How fucking hard you make me with that scent. Those noises.” He grabbed Raider by the side of the face and pulled him closer, directing his mouth as he tasted him deeper. “Your body is fucking tight. Hard”

Breathless and quickly dazed, Raider tentatively reached for Forest’s waist. Muscles flexed beneath his hand and he tugged at his shirt, pushing it up.

“Wait,” Forest suddenly mumbled, his hand covering Raider’s. “Wait, just… we need to figure somethings out first. You know, because of the scent thing.” His lips were flushed and wet when Forest pulled away, eyes tight on his face. “You have to tell me if something is too much. I know your type has trouble with that. Boundaries and stuff.” His gaze strayed down, taking the way Raider’s chest was heaving.

Raider shuddered as fingers slid down the side of his face and traced the tattoo on his throat. “Nothing is too much.”

Forest shook his head. “No, that’s the shit I’m talking about. If we’re doing this, I need to know you’re not just totally fucked up by your raccoon.”

Raider’s brows furrowed. What did it matter which part of him was fucked up? He was all fucked up. He was messed up and didn’t want to think about it, just feel things. Good things, like Forest’s mouth on his. “Just touch me. Please. What’s it matter, just so long as…?” He was beyond frustrated when Forest only looked more ready to stop. He grabbed the hand on his hip and twined their fingers together before Forest could pull away. Hesitantly, he pushed forward, both of them gasping when Raider’s erection found his and rubbed hard. “I trust you, okay? I don’t know a lot about this but I’m just, fuck, I’m hard, horny, confused, and I just really want to stop talking already. Please.”

Forest held his hips tighter but couldn’t stop the way Raider kept rubbing against his cock. “Fuck… fuck, okay. Just, uh, fuck, you need to stop doing that,” he groaned softly. “I don’t want to fuck with your head, man. I know things are hard on you and…” He pulled a breath in and pinned Raider back against the bureau. “Pants stay on, okay? Nothing too crazy right now.”

“No.” Raider was pretty sure clothes were only going to get in the way of everything. “Damn it, Forest. Just… just stop thinking so much.” He couldn’t believe it, but he missed how Leo trapped him against the wall and seemed so certain to know everything he needed. Raider paused as a strange thought flashed through his mind. Maybe that was the whole point of his scent; to get what he wanted without needing to tell a stubborn, control freak of an alpha what to do. Maybe the scent just fucking explained things when he couldn’t. It wasn’t like he ever actually tried before, the raccoon would just take over. But if he let the raccoon do its thing…

“No?” Forest looked up from where his gaze fell to watch Raider’s body grind against his. He searched his expression and exhaled unsteadily as Raider’s scent rose up strong around them. “Fuck. Aw, fuck.” His pupils grew wider, a new flush to his skin the longer he stared.

Raider watched him carefully while internally wondering if he was crossing a line. He knew why Forest was there; the same reason he was. To get some relief, to forget with another hard, hot body. It wasn’t like he was taking over his mind or anything. Just persuading his sexual intentions into something a little more focused. Forest didn’t look particularly pissed as he swayed on his feet a moment with a dazed smiled on his lips.

It was working. Raider could see it in the way Forest’s teeth sharpened, his eyes full of heat, and leopard, and all the things he wanted to do to him. He didn’t have to say a word. Forest’s fingers immediately fumbled for Raider’s jeans, unzipped him and wrenched the material down his hips and thighs. Forest sank to his knees, his claws shredding at Raider’s shirt while his silky mouth wet over his abs and navel hungrily.

“Hell.” Raider stared down at him as Forest knelt, his hands clutching the bureau behind him to keep from swaying on unsteady legs. Forest’s palms slid up and down his sides, caressing his waist, grabbing roughly at his ass, all while he kissed slow, opened mouth kisses to the front of Raider’s underwear.

Raider closed his eyes as lips contoured to his cock, scalding heat and Forest’s tongue exploring the length of him through the thin material. Fuck, okay, this was really hot. Getting Forest on his knees with his nose rubbing his dick just because of his sex scent was a power trip Raider hadn’t expected. “Oh,” he mumbled dazedly as Forest again squeezed one of his ass cheeks hard and held him tight. “Fuck, please. Don’t tease. Just…”

Forest growled softly and pulled Raider’s jeans the rest of the way down his legs. He slipped fingers into Raider’s waistband and pulled his underwear down and released his flushed, hard cock from the fabric confines. Raider whimpered as lips immediately descended on his aching flesh, Forest’s tongue tasting him in sloppy, wicked strokes. “Fuck… oh fuck.” One of his hands clutched into Forest’s locks when his lips parted and he sucked him in deep into his mouth.

Raider couldn’t look away, eyes locked on Forest’s stretched tight lips as he bobbed his head up and down his thick length, saliva dripping from the corners of his mouth. Raider was already close, everything about the unexpected blow job intense and all consuming. He gripped Forest’s hair, trying to warn him but Forest surged forward so his cock brushed as deep as his tonsils. “Fuck,” Raider gasped out, his eyes squeezed shut and body tense. He could feel Forest’s tongue working around his shaft even as the tightness of his throat clutched at his tip. In the darkness behind his eyes it only seemed to amplify just what he was doing in the middle of the day with a guy he barely knew.

Raider came with a choked cry, his hips caught in Forest’s strong grip to keep him from fucking his throat raw. He felt Forest swallow around his cock, drinking his pulses of cum down readily. It sent a fresh wave of heat through him, Raider’s hand cupping the back of Forest’s head to keep him there as long as possible, drinking his seed before he sagged back against the bureau.

A groan rumbled through Forest as the flavor of Raider’s cum hit him all at once. He looked up with hazy eyes, his mouth wide, tongue lapping hungry strokes over Raider’s still rigid flesh. Raider wasn’t expecting it when Forest bounded up and crushed him tight to his body, swollen lips sealing over his and devouring him fiercely.

“Forest, fuck,” Raider moaned as he was half pulled, half pushed, the bed hitting the back of his legs. He braced himself on the mattress as he was pushed down, Forest quick to climb up his panting form and claim his lips again. His hands ran over Raider’s flesh from every angle, burning fire and overwhelming his senses. Raider began to question what he had gotten himself into; the moment Forest had tasted his cum, it seemed to turn him more animal than reasonable human.

Raider’s eyes cracked open, and his gaze fixed on how Forest was still dressed, his shirt rumpled and clinging in a maddening way. He reached forward and pushed the material up, wanting to see his flesh beneath. Forest quickly pulled his shirt up over his head and tossed it to the floor, his eyes locking on Raider’s. There was a frenzy in his movements and a wildness in the yellow depths that was more than a little unsettling. Raider’s stomach clenched. The nerves of seeing Forest like this, on the brink of something he didn’t fully understand, might also be kind of hot. Like if he just stayed their long enough, Forest would take everything he wanted from him.

Forest was lean but clearly strong, his muscular form compact and lithe. His flesh was currently patterned with dark leopard spots and only seemed to add to the wildness of him. Raider’s gaze slid down his rippling abs and he paused, breath hitched when he found Forest’s jeans tented.

“I can’t stop touching you.” Forest’s voice was raspy and palm rough as he slid it down Raider’s bare torso. His hand slid lower, down his hip and to his thigh. His breath coming out in unsteady blasts, Raider tilted his leg and spread open. Forest’s palm rubbed along the smooth flesh of his inner thigh and gripped hard.

It felt like a swarm of butterflies in Raider’s stomach when Forest’s fingertips pressed along the line of his crack. Was he seriously thinking of doing this? Twenty minutes ago he’d been consumed of fears of where he was going to go if he left the Academy and if Justin and Leo were going to live or not. If Dr. Rob could brainwash him with one conversation or how to convince Michael he wasn’t just some helpless, fucked up patient. Being fucked for the first time wasn’t even on the list of crazy in his head but now it was all he could think of.

Forest’s thumb slid into his crevice, soothed around his rim, and Raider’s breath hitched. He sank back, his thighs spreading wider, eyes closing as a strange feeling of calm and need washed through him. A fingertip carefully breached his hole and he moaned, his head tilting back and body arching on the bed.

“Fuck, I swear this wasn’t why I came in here,” Forest whispered. He ducked his head down and kissed at Raider’s inner thigh, lips pressing to his balls. “You’re seriously hot and smell, fuck, so good.” He groaned when he pushed his finger deeper and found Raider’s passage slick on the inside. “You’re wet. Fuck, you get wet. You are seriously one sexy sub, Valdez.”

Raider rocked into Forest’s thrust, helping to bury the digit in deeper as his head swam from the new sensation. He whimpered when Forest suddenly pulled out, and his eyes flickered open to find him looking uncertain. “What? Why are you stopping?”

Forest took a deep breath. “I think… I think your scent is really strong.” He licked his lips as his palm again grasped Raider’s firm inner thigh. “Too strong for me to know what the fuck I’m doing right now.”

Raider fought with the dark voice inside of him who couldn’t help but wonder what it would take to make Forest continue. Could his scent make him ignore all thoughts of right and wrong so he would push those long fingers inside him? Maybe more, maybe even his dick. Did he want that? Did he want to know what it might feel like to be with someone like that? Raider swallowed hard while inwardly berating himself. There was something fucking wrong in his head. If didn’t even know Forest and he was thinking, well, that.

“I can, uh, suck you off,” Raider offered breathless. He definitely wanted to know what that was like and he was pretty sure since Forest did it first, it wasn’t completely slutty.

Forest shook his head. “Not sure I can hold back right now. I don’t want to hurt you. I’m not… Fuck, I’m not myself right now.”

Raider saw the war in his eyes then, the battle of will Forest was enduring as he fought his cat. He couldn’t help but remember how distressed Forest had been when he put the collar on after the hallway incident. He was distressed and angry with himself, like he knew he should have acted differently but couldn’t. Raider felt a sharp pang of guilt.

“Okay. Uh, touch me, then. Wherever you want,” Raider couldn’t help but add as he stared into Forest’s eyes. He wanted to be lost in every hot touch he could. “I like how you touch me.”

Forest breathed out unsteadily. “Maybe you shouldn’t, uh, talk right now,” he growled, his eyes piercing as he ran them over Raider’s sweat slick body. “Fuck, you’re still hard.”

Raider looked down as well and found his cock dripping precum. He’d never felt like this before and he wasn’t sure what changed. His hole throbbed in a way it never did when he masturbated. Touching Forest and letting him touch him back must have woken something in him because his body felt desperate for so much more. He wasn’t sure if it was anything like the heat Forest and Leo went through, or if it was something unique to a submissive. Given the look on Forest’s face as he bent down and licked Raider’s cock from balls to tip, it was a good thing.

“Just this,” Forest mumbled as he unzipped his pants. He pinned Raider’s wrist when he tried to reach for him, a dangerous smirk on his lips. “Seriously, just lie there and look fucking gorgeous and far too attainable, okay? My cat wants you way too much right now.”

“It’s okay,” Raider insisted. He groaned when Forest’s freed cock pressed hot against his own. “I want more. You can do whatever you want to me. I don’t mind.”

Forest growled under his breath as he leaned over him, lips hot on his neck. “You’re out of your mind. You’re terrified of your own fucking shadow and there is no way you even understand what you’re saying right now.”

Raider couldn’t disagree but it didn’t stop the need pulsing through his body. “I want to see it. Let me suck you. Touch you.”

Forest smiled against his flesh. “I think it’s hotter to make you watch. If I’m going to protect you, you need to do as I say, right?”

“Forest.” Raider couldn’t hide the frustration in his voice. When Forest lifted his head, he could see he was serious. It sent heat pooling in Raider’s core in a new way and he licked his lips nervously. “Oh, okay.”

Raider watched from beneath heavy eyelids as Forest pushed his boxers down and kicked them off along with his jeans. He really was all sleek muscle and hard cock. The rigid flesh was flushed dark, his tip beading fluid and just begging to be licked.

Forest batted his hand away with a warning growl when Raider reached for him. “Put your hands above you. Over your head. Grip the sheets.”

Fire tingled through him and Raider readily complied. It left him stretched out and vulnerable as Forest knelt above him. “What are you going to do?”

“Nothing, if you move. Stay there and look sexy.” Raider watched as he wrapped fingers around his swaying cock and began to stroke. Forest’s slow rhythm quickly changed to fast, jerking tugs, his breath strained, eyes gleaming slits as he stared down at Raider beneath him.

Raider felt his own breath speed up just from the show of Forest touching himself. A part of him wanted to taste him, lick him every inch he could, get lost in his flesh. He didn’t dare move to try for fear Forest would stop. It didn’t stop Raider from wanting or twisting on the bed, his eyes fixed on the sight of Forest’s cock disappearing between his fingers with every stroke.

Forest gave a sudden groan, his hips thrusting forward into his palm as he stilled all movement. He leaned over Raider, guided his cock down moments before cum streamed from his tip in long pulses.

Raider gaped in surprise, his entire body tensing as he felt Forest’s hot cum splash onto his flesh. Milky drops splattered onto his abs while a line of seed sprayed across his chest. Fire rushed dizzyingly through Raider and he was coming before he understood it. His hips jerked wildly and back arched, fingers tight in the sheets as his orgasm rushed through him.

“Fuck… Holy fuck,” Raider moaned. He fell back lax on the bed while blinking sweat from his eyes. “Dear fuck.”

“Shit.” Forest stared down at him, his eyes full of heat as he watched Raider gasp for breath while streaked in both their cum. “You are way too fucking sexy. I have never seen anyone cum from just being… Fuck.” He swallowed hard. “Damn it, Valdez. You need to stay the fuck away from shiny shit while you’re outside. If someone caught you, they would never let you the fuck go. Ever.”

Raider tried to laugh it off as he caught his breath, but his fucked up brain was again threatening to mess up even this moment. Raider threw his arm over his face and felt his breath bounce back with each soft pant.

Forest pressed two fingers into the cum on Raider’s chest and pushed the fluid over to his peeked nipple. Raider whimpered when the bud was pinched and teased. “Better?” Forest leaned down and his lips followed to suck away the pain he just caused. “You needed this. I can tell from your scent; you really fucking needed this.”

Raider’s lashes fluttered shut and his eyebrows furrowed. Did he need this… or did his raccoon? The scent came from him which was why it left when Raider was in a null collar.

Was this just another twisted fuck up by his raccoon like the shiny or did he make a choice? What if Leo was on the other side of that door instead of Forest? Fox? Hell, someone like Vincent? Would the outcome be any different when his raccoon was so desperate to feel safe in such a terrifying world?

That Raider didn’t have an answer only unsettled him further. He couldn’t figure out if he decided to use his scent on Forest or if his raccoon planted the idea in his mind. He did know it was wrong. Now, his body flushed and half numb in pleasure, he could see just how fucking wrong it was.

Forest’s lips sought his out and his sweat soaked body stretched out beside him. Raider tilted his head and opened to his questing tongue. He forced the confusing thoughts from his mind. It didn’t matter. He was done thinking, done trying to fit in when everything only felt good when he gave in to the damn raccoon. Just as long as he ignored the uncertainty and emptiness swirling in the pit of his stomach, he felt fine.