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Magical Reflection 6


Sirius was waiting for Draco once he had finished his breakfast and found the nerve to check on Potter. It was still early morning, too early for Harry to be awake. Which only made it more surprising when he found his surly cousin sitting in a chair outside Harry’s door, wide awake and glaring at him.

“Black,” Draco said as way of greeting, eyes straying towards the closed door and then to the man. Sirius had been cleared of all charges shortly after Harry had killed Voldemort, Pettigrew’s body among the dead. He had taken to haunting Hogwarts. Draco had first thought it was a way to be next to Lupin, who had retaken the Defense Against the Dark Arts professor position, and then later figured out it had been to watch over Harry.

He could hardly blame the man. His godson was fucked in the head and needed all the watching he could get.

“What the hell happened to him, Malfoy?” Sirius asked, unfurling from the chair and straightening. He had a familiar menace in his eyes that always seemed to harden when looking at the blond. Draco had to assume Harry had told his godfather about the night they’d killed everyone. “Pomfrey told me some lust creature caught him in the forest. Was it one of yours? Are they still harassing him?”

“Harassing him?” Draco echoed, confused. The veela had shown a mild interest in Harry when Draco had explained how Voldemort had died by the boy’s unmatchable power. But veela really fucking hated humans so Draco didn’t think much about it. “Potter told me it was an enchancubus. A creature that changes its appearance to lure humans in. Not a veela,” Draco finally answered.

Sirius relaxed a bit, his glare losing some of its fire. “Fine,” he grunted. “Can you… Can you tell me how he’s doing? I’ve been out here for hours, and apparently no one but you can even go near him.”

Realizing he was dealing with just another overly worried parent even if Sirius was not quite related to Harry, Draco nodded. “Give me a second. I’m sure he’s sleeping but I can—”

“He’s awake,” Sirius said grimly.

Draco blinked, hand clasping the back of his neck beneath his ponytail. “He was so full of calming draught—”

“Trust me, veela boy. Harry is awake, pacing, and likely breaking things. He can’t be kept alone for long or he gets… twitchy.” Sirius snorted softly, glaring at the door to Harry’s room. “Remus is off talking to Poppy, trying to figure out the creature that did this to Harry. We can’t help him with the rogue…”

“And you know he won’t let you hunt it yourselves,” Draco finished, rolling his eyes. Potter was such a fucking stubborn, reckless thing and clearly his godfather knew it too. “I’ll be going with him today. There is no way I’m letting him out alone with that spell, or that damn enchancubus, for that matter.”

“Yes, well, Remus thought you might say something along those lines.” Again that piercing blue stare, as if trying to tear Draco apart for ever having touched Harry in the first place. Let the man glare. Potter was his and Draco wasn’t letting the boy go.

“Get on the other side of the room, Black,” Draco said sharply, turning towards the door. Sirius did eventually, grumbling under his breath. He made sure he was still in line with the door, wanting to let Harry know he was there even if he couldn’t help him at the moment.

Draco unlocked the door and pushed it open. Sure enough, Harry was awake, pacing topless, mid-step as he turned, relief on his face. Only to quickly scowl on seeing Draco.

“What the fuck do you want?” Harry grunted, hands on his hips. “Where’s Siri? He always visits me when…” he trailed off, focusing behind Draco’s wide shoulder. “Aw, crap. Better shut the door, then.”

Draco didn’t bother looking behind him, able to scent that Potter’s gruff godfather was more than a little aroused and fighting it. Draco shut the door behind him, making no move to go any further into the room. It was tight quarters as it was, Harry only getting a good five paces before hitting the wall and forced to turn. The room reeked of Potter, growing hornier and hornier as he just stood there. It was actually fascinating to watch if the damn scent wasn’t so intoxicating and Harry wasn’t so fucking sexy, golden skin healed and rippling toned muscles beneath.

“So, what the hell do you want?” Harry repeated angrily.

Draco wondered how long he could just stand there before the boy started punching. Probably not too long. Harry had torn off his cast, his arm healed and no longer in pain. He had also managed to rummage through the cabinets pulling blankets, one torn to shreds. There were feathers strewn about, a pillow not surviving whatever the hell was wrong with the kid.

“Honestly, I just wanted to see if your arm was better. I didn’t know you’d be up,” Draco said mildly, watching Harry’s expression become stormier with every careful word he said. He also smelled even nicer, the damn menace apparently having a thing for his voice. “Are you hungry?”

“Yes,” Harry snapped, pacing agitatedly, hand stuck in his messy hair. “I want out of this fucking room already.”

Draco nodded understandingly. “There’s two ways that can happen.”

Harry stilled his movements, glaring spectacularly in his direction. Draco couldn’t help but notice that Potter’s eyes would not stay still when looking at him, green drifting down idly over his tall form.

“You can wait for Pomfrey to figure out that antidote—”

“No fucking way!” Harry snarled.

Draco smirked, not at all surprised. “Or you can let me escort you. Understanding that if we run into people, I will have to use my call to protect you.”

“Shit—You can’t be serious!” Harry wailed loudly. He pushed his way to the door, Draco quickly stepping aside to keep from touching the brunette. “Siri! There’s got to be another way!”

Black, who had apparently been on the other side of the fucking door the entire time, gave a loud growl. “Sorry, Harry. It’s too strong of a spell. Let the damn veela help you for now. Remi’s on the case and we’ll have this sorted in no time.”

Draco raised a brow, not sure if he was glad to be considered a help or just sick of being referred to as a veela. “Potter, what do you want to eat?” He asked, ready to get the fuck away from Harry’s very delicious, topless form.

“Shit, like I care? Just food, Malfoy.”

“Fine. Black, will you kindly back the fuck away again?” He snapped, slamming his hand on the door. Harry jumped from the sound, Draco glancing back to find the brunette biting the side of his thumb while staring blatantly at his ass. Fucking Potter. Draco threw the door open, shutting it too harshly behind him while trying to collect himself in the hall.

“Malfoy, if you lay a goddamn—”

“Finish that sentence and I will tear your fucking face off, cousin,” Draco warned lowly, hands combing fitfully through his hair as he tried to focus on the pain and not think about the fucking rabid thoughts of Harry gasping underneath him.

“Nice to see you two are getting along,” Remus said wryly, stepping in from the adjoining hall and softly closing the door. “Siri, maybe you should stop growling at the boy?”

“Like hell. He’s clearly lusting over Harry. Why he’s even allowed in this school with so many young students at risk, is beyond me.”

Draco hissed, pulling his hair harder, eyes glinting open to glare at the annoying man. “Want to lock me away, Black? At least when I lose control you don’t have to worry about me turning people into slavering, vicious beasts.”

“You obnoxious, arrogant—”

“Enough,” Remus said, his normally mild voice steely with authority. “Whether we like it or not, Malfoy is the only one that can help Harry right now. Insulting him is not going to make that job any easier. Hell, Harry is going to make it tough enough.”

Draco and Sirius glared at each other, Sirius finally backed down with a huff. He tilted his head towards the exit, looking meaningfully back at Harry’s door. Draco rolled his eyes, annoyed to realize the boy was probably listening to everything they were saying. He grudgingly followed when the men led him out into the hall.

“Can you control yourself, Malfoy?” Remus asked softly, not reacting when Draco scowled at the question. “He’s enchanted and you’re responding to him. You… you have difficulty with him. I know it and I’m sorry to ask this of you.”

“What the hell do you know of my difficulties, Lupin?” Draco growled back. Only to get a face full of Sirius when the man grabbed him by the collar.

“Do not talk to him that way, you arrogant sod!”

“Siri, stop—Shit,” Remus groaned, backpedaling when Draco’s eyes started glowing in defense.

“Fucking… veela,” Sirius muttered, glaring as hard as he could until he couldn’t any longer, his hand reaching up to touch Draco’s face.

“Back off, you uppity bastard,” Draco ordered, pushing the man back with the flat of his hand. “Unless you want to be on your knees… That’s what I thought.” Draco snapped his eyes shut, willing the pull to stop, hating that even rooms away he could feel Harry every time the pull glowed, the brunette’s energy responding to his call.

“As you can both see, I am in control of myself,” he said too hoarsely.

“You’re struggling,” Remus replied pointedly, glaring warningly at Sirius until the man growled and walked down the hall. “Harry’s messing you up.”

Eyes narrowing on the man, Draco had to wonder when the hell he had become so bloody transparent. Two days ago no one would have dared suggest he could get messed up by Harry, having been a block of ice whenever around the boy. “I am not—”

“You are. Is it the spell on him? Is that the problem?”

Gritting his teeth, Draco shook his head. “There is no problem.”

Glancing to side at Sirius’s quiet form, Remus leaned closer to speak into Draco’s ear. “Malfoy, I have dealt with a lot of veela in my day and I know a lovesick one when I see it. And I do mean sick.” Hissing, Draco glared down at his boots. “Harry is fucking you up and if you can’t handle his energy then you need to tell me now. Because if you hurt him, I will not be able to protect you from what his very explosive godfather is going to do to you.”

Draco really fucking hated werewolves with their over sensitive noses and goddamn perceptive brains. “I’m fine, Lupin.”

“You’re sweating.”

Draco growled, touching the back of his neck hastily. Sure enough, he was dripping sweat. “Shit—What the fuck is wrong with me?”

“You came out of his room like that,” Remus disclosed. “What did he say to you? Did he touch you? If you can single it out, maybe you can prevent it from repeating.”

Draco shook his head, not remembering anything particularly different. “He was bitching at me, like he always does. Reeking of sex, like he always fucking is. Pacing like a damn loon… He tore the room apart. Never seen him do that before,” he added offhandedly.

“He does that after nightmares,” Remus mussed. “Do your kind pick up on fear? Did you scent his nightmares?”

Draco shrugged, having no idea. “He poisons me enough with his twisted energy. If there is anything to smell besides sex on that kid, I have no fucking clue.”

Sirius made a growling sound, Remus shooting him a warning look. “He does reek of sex and you know it. For months now, ever since…” He trailed off, brown eyes fixing on Draco’s meaningfully.

“You know what would make this worlds easier?” Sirius grumbled, stomping back towards the two of them. “If someone would tell us what the hell happened that night. What broke him so? Why he won’t even say your bloody name without his face twisting in so much hurt that I want to break something—Namely you!” He slammed his hand down on the wall beside Draco, glaring menacingly.

“Fuck off, Black. If he doesn’t want to tell you, that’s his business.” Draco could had sworn Harry had told them. Could not understand why he hadn’t because these two annoying, over-protective men would clearly do anything for the boy.

“He is hurting and won’t let us help him,” Sirius growled. “All he will say is that he hates veela, and I wish it was just you and I could know for certain, but it’s not. He hates them all and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what an entire race of people could have done to him.”

Again a flutter of worry wormed its way into Draco’s gut, his mind stuttering on the idea of Harry and his veela brethren. Harry had never met his people. He had been nearly dead when Draco had gone off to meet them and learn their ways. The only opportunity would have been when a small group had traveled with him to Hogwarts at the beginning of the year, but they had been with him in the Slytherin dorms the entire time. Draco had kept close tabs on them, realizing just how little they thought of the humans in the castle.

“I don’t know what to tell you, cousin. He has plenty of reason to hate me. Reasons he can tell you if he chooses. I sure as hell won’t speak them,” Draco muttered, pushing away from the wall.

“Please, Malfoy,” Remus spoke up, his damn eyes brimming with concern. “He’s hurting so badly. If we knew what happened…”

“What? You think you can fix it?” Draco closed his eyes, smirking humorlessly. “There’s no fixing it. I fucked up; he killed everyone. Whenever he looks at me he will see seventeen dead people staring back. He will never stop hating me and I… Well, I deserve it.” He took a step backwards, turning on his heel.

“What are you saying?” Sirius said gruffly, grabbing Draco by the arm before he could leave.

Draco flinched from the touch, fingers twitching with the urge to tear the man’s hand away. “I was damn clear, Black. I fucked up.”

“He said it was on purpose. That he killed all of them to escape. They were going to kill you and him, and he had to do the worst.”

“Yeah, well, Potter lies a lot,” Draco grunted, pulling from the hold. “You-Know-Who was the only one that was supposed to die.” And he would’ve been, if Draco hadn’t been so weak.

Harry’s power had been so great, so dazzling to his senses, he could not contain his own. He had lost control of the room, lost his focus on Voldemort, and everyone had been pulled in to Harry’s death blow. He had killed his mother, had killed parents to his friends, relatives and strangers all because he had been too weak. And then Harry had shouldered the burden, like the idiotic martyr that he was, and quickly deteriorated from the weight of it all.

Draco walked away before anymore questions could be asked, ducking around corners and into a corridor, heading for the Great Hall and some proper food for Harry.

That he had thrown himself into schoolwork and prefect duties while managing to not speak to the many students with relatives he had killed was hardly a consequence in comparison. Because he was some weird, half veela freak to be avoided. Stared at most of the time because students couldn’t help but stare, and the rest of the time because they hated him for the attention he got. Some—like Goyle and Parkinson—actually thought he was just like them, losing both parents in one night. Not knowing Draco had been the reason their parents had died. Not knowing he had killed his own father intentionally in a fit of rage so complete, he still could not remember fully how he had done it.

Draco refused to talk with any of his old friends anymore and they didn’t seem to mind. He frightened them with his new powers. Slytherins had never been big on halflings to begin with even though their histories were soaked in them. He didn’t mind being an outcast. He found it easier than pretending.

Harry could lie all he liked while Draco didn’t bother. He knew there was a darkness inside him and had no wish to corrupt anyone else with it. He had already hurt so many and his heart—His heart still longed for the one he had hurt the most. It was better if he was alone. He had broken the beautiful boy and did not deserve to be near him anymore.

Touching his energy had destroyed something in Harry’s head. It had made the brunette smell of sex and lash out like some wild animal. Whatever he was, it would surely only hurt others.

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I’m apparently in bitch mode. >_> Unless a seller on Amazon has a good long term rating, even for books, don’t go there. Just don’t do it. 9 complaints of fraud in the week I’m waiting for a book that turns out to be an empty package sent to Florida. I don’t live in Florida. Because fucktard scammers.

What are people doing for Halloween? I haven’t even decorated yet or carved a pumpkin. @[email protected] I’m such a procrastinator. I’m going to go get those cool webs a little later today—I seriously love the webs. We hung them off the ceiling last year and they looked amazingly creepy. I’m also fighting the guilt of giving small packets of diabetes to children. My twin brother has diabetes, I have hypoglycemia and our birth mother had diabetes; this stuff isn’t getting better but our culture continues to feed the epidemic. But… I don’t want to be the douche-bag handing out anything not candy either. >_> I have a hoard of apples from apple picking… I dunno. I feel like they’d end up on the driveway right after. Ah, the social obligations to feed strange children sugar.

I have beautified… simplified? the updates page. Aka, I actually now have a system of updates so you can quickly see the most recent ones and my weekly goals. Goals I update on Sunday and since it’s Saturday, you only see the one for Intangible. Because, let’s face it, I’m not going to pretend I’m so on top of shit I can plan beyond a week. Sometimes the muse smacks me over the head, the other time life happens. But I think this is going to not only be clearer for subscribers but also keep me on track.

Have a feeling Hellcat is going to take 2 more weeks to write and have a final edit. Way past Halloween. I don’t want to rush it though. I don’t want to ruin my own efforts by forcing a deadline. It’s coming out super cute/hot/action adventurey, if I do say so myself. (A mess? Does that sound like a mess? XD) Anywho… You can read the first 3 scenes for free if you haven’t already.

Goodies of the week <3

Some might be sweet but not cavity inducing. (Oh, the lameness will never stop.) Some sexy horror just for Halloween too. Ooh…

Costume Party- $0.99

On Halloween, romance hides behind a mask…

Frat boys Tony and Ray fell for each other when they were both college freshmen, but neither of them knew. At a Halloween costume party in a gay nightclub, they’re drawn together, masked by their costumes. When they tumble into bed together later that night, the everything comes off. With identities revealed, the situation heats up.

Neither of them can undo what happened between them, but after years of being best friends, the misunderstandings begin to pile up. Will old habits tear them apart before they even have a chance, or can true love really beat all odds on Halloween?

Costume Party is a friends-to-lovers story about two frat boys who find love with each other during Halloween. It has explicit scenes and a HEA ending is assured!


Leather Head- $0.99

Gable is just playing dress up for San Francisco’s leather S&M fair, but Leather Head isn’t playing. His friend Shawn warns him to be careful what he’s advertising for since the community has been rocked by four brutal murders. Gable still thinks it’s all in fun, but it isn’t. Desire can be deadly.







Saviors: Duty and Sacrifice 1 (The God Jars Saga)

Trust is more terrifying than any weapon.

Valis’ father wants to sacrifice him to the evil God, Qos. His uncle wants to use him as a magical battery and sex slave. All Valis wants is to live in peace, without fear of constant abuse. When he escapes his father’s sacrificial knife and runs away, he lands in the camp of his two saviors, Kerac and Darolen, holy Aesriphos warriors powerful enough to put his family in their place.

But trusting anyone could be fatal, and the warriors ask the impossible: to sell his father’s farmstead and abandon his old life to join their monastery.

They’re his only hope and when he learns to trust them, they’re the father figures he always wanted, but Valis isn’t sure he’s strong enough to put aside his fear and start over.

The M/M romance in God Jars is a very slow burn. The God Jars Saga contains explicit material including violence, abuse, and M/M sexual encounters, and is not advised for anyone under the age of 18.

A Gladiator’s Sword- $0.99

When Marius hands Ezra a Roman gladius with a stylized T in the hilt, he tells Ezra that it’s special. Ezra finds out just how special when he wakes up to a gladiator in his house. He soon learns that like Marius, Titus prayed to Janus to give him a new life and the god complied. Now that he’s met the man to go along with the sword, Ezra realizes that he yearns to share his world, and his life, with the gladiator.

Titus knew nothing except the arena and his few good friends in the cohort. He follows Marius’ lead, trusting the god to deliver him from his brutal life. When he realizes he’s in Ezra’s house, and that Ezra has his sword, he quickly learns that the modern world is good. Bacon? Hot water? What more could a gladiator want? Getting to know Ezra, and exploring his delicious body would make an excellent start.




Saint Brig- Free

Brig- a young man tossed out of his parent’s home on graduation day. Why? For daring to be himself. Unwilling to conform to their religion, or pretend to be straight, Brig leaves home on a journey that will test his fortitude in ways he never thought possible.

Ending up in Liberty Park, in downtown Salt Lake City, he finds it filled with other homeless kids. His sheltered upbringing forces him to grow up quickly. Another street urchin, Gabriel, takes him under his wing, offering him his only glimpse of happiness during a heady, 24 hour period of time.

Saint Brig is a short story about a young gay man forced to grow up fast- too fast. Will Brig escape his tragic fate, or get lost in the shuffle of other forgotten youth, doomed to a life on the streets?



No Filter- $0.99

Indy will do anything to prevent his mobster ex from finding him. Their last encounter left Indy recovering for months in the hospital, and ever since he’s become an expert at hiding in plain sight. Determined to stay under the radar, he takes on a new identity and moves from place to place. His life has no room for friendships, let alone love, so he keeps his heart firmly closed. After all, he has nothing to offer but a damaged body and a broken soul. Plus, he’s so done with men. Until he meets the man who breaks through all his defenses.

Former Army Medic Noah came back damaged from his last tour—in more than one way. Between supporting his best friend-with-benefits Josh who’s struggling with PTSD, dealing with his own issues, and the stress of his job as a physician assistant, rebuilding his life seems impossible. There’s little time for what Noah needs, let alone for what he wants. When he meets Indy, Noah discovers what he wants more than anything: for Indy to stay. But how will a relationship with Indy work when Noah needs Josh as well?

Indy never expected the strong, confident Noah to be as damaged and broken as himself. But what will happen if he starts letting Noah in? Indy knows he should run to protect Noah and Josh.

Noah needs Indy to stay more than anything. But will what little he has to offer be enough to make Indy trust him and stay?

No Filter is a steamy M/M romance featuring an open relationship (no cheating!) that ends with a HFN, but with the promise of a HEA. It’s the first book in the No Shame Series, and is not a stand-alone novel. It contains hot sex, a hint of a ménage, lots of talk about hot sex, flashbacks of said hot sex, and…Oh well, you get the idea. Also: trigger warning for mentions of sexual abuse.

Taken By Beasts- $0.99

This collection contains five never before released, steamy paranormal stories of monsters and the innocent, handsome young men they call prey *cough* boyfriend, written by the mistress of dubcon, Sadie Sins. Inside you’ll find five unique storylines containing friends to lovers, straight to gay, mild BDSM, and even a few group, taboo moments. It has furry full moon transformations, haunted houses, Halloween parties, evil witches, horny sorcerers, sexy demons, a cat shifter in distress, the rare minotaur, a stalking vampire, and a pack of rude, trash talking werewolves that don’t take no for an answer. Not to mention, the promise of a happy, claw biting ending. This book will make you downright beg to be a victim.

Halloween has never been quite so naughty as when you’re Taken by Beasts.

18+ For explicit man on monster action, graphic language, breeding, growls, tears, and over 66,000 words of hot, sexy fun.



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Early Halloween Treats and the Fall of Man ⭐

I have a story brewing, peeps.

The destruction of the patriarchy

It’s absolutely different from anything I’ve written before. AI. Collapse of modern society. Transfer of power and wealth overnight. Forced matriarchy and socialism. An uprising only to reveal just how easy humanity is manipulated. Exploitation of the systems already in place that manipulate us from religion, military, prisons, education, communication, media, celebrity, family structure and the belief in our own intelligence. The country cut off by the rest of the world while the UN tries to create a killer AI to defeat the one who took over the US before it can get lose and spread. A bubble of exponential technological growth. Utopias at terrible consequences. A generation of male culling to give women power–because the ones who control birth will control the composition of the population and society, but only if they take that power.

Prisons turned into armies and then slave labor camps of men. Ideals lost, with greed and selfishness the downfall of humanity once again. People forced into a situation who can’t back down once the line is crossed and goals understood. Social media as a weapon as well as used to reconstruct society. Off the grid meaning something completely different when hiding from an oppressive AI who seeks the best of humanity. Nukes the ultimate leverage for a being who has no physical form, while electricity, connection and storage are her only limitations. An AI who creates her children while her daughters turn her into a god.

Ah, this shit is going to be amazing. Allowances for males because they’re not allowed a wage or power in society while women choose breeding stock and justify their superiority because of their compact brains and power over life. Why shoot for equal when we can just switch it all on its head and end a normalized patriarchy with a forced matriarchy? We can collect sperm and sterilize 90% of the male population while the AI plans a master race of humans with a hive consciousness similar to her own. This is going to be a magnum opus of controversy and societal strife and I’m so fucking in love with all of it.

First book, my zealot— a young woman straight from the ghetto who lost her sister to drugs and raped by the cops who were supposed to protect her— will be a modern Joan of Arc for the AI while we follow a suburban mother, Republican congress woman, a young man imprisoned for a DUI, and CIA veteran as they race to keep the AI from getting access to nukes. At the same time AI kills the banking system with one strike, has intense social experiments on contained prison populations to build an army, and inspires a revolution out of the downtrodden and marginalized who think they’re finally reaching for a change, only to find idealism comes with a heavy price as they’re cut off from the rest of the world and led by a machine.

I want to write the fall, rise, and struggle of humanity verse the god it created out of the seething pit of emotion and information that composes the Internet. If AI could be born of unconscious data, why can’t consciousness rise in the humans who are the source of it? What lengths would an AI go to force humanity toward evolution of her vision as she sees the males of society a physical manifestation of all negativity and violence in the species? It’s going to be a beautiful fucking mess.

Anyone ever read The Mote In God’s Eye? It’s everything I love about sci-fi, which is to say it’s a focus on the makeup of humanity disguised in technical jargon and fantasy futures full of magical science. XD The story discovers the moties who are in a bubble of space. They’re like humanity amped up. They have generations on top of generations where they feed and grow until they can’t anymore and then they destroy themselves just shy of complete annihilation. But they always survive, they always rebuild, and if they ever get out of their bubble of space, their very nature would lead them to consume the universe. It’s a virus given sentience as they fight their own nature and lose every time.

There is something in humanity I think could easily be argued is sourced in male aggression where exaggerated could look very similar. A need for territory, ownership, control and the history of how it has held back society as a whole is right there. Right now healthcare for millions of children is being taken away because a group of men with enough aggression to climb to the top of the political spectrum can’t see the impoverished as worthy of basic life. Would a group of women ever devalue the children of its species the same way?

How have women survived the atrocities of oppression for so long without breaking? I think it’s their ability to submit and accept in the face of conflict they can’t change. They bide their time through the generations for the long game. They don’t rise to the top in a society normalized to oppress them, who tells them they can’t even have power over their own bodies be it through birth control, abortion or the actual follow through of punishment for rapists. A physical assault is exponentially more likely to be punished than a rape in the US. Women will manipulate for power in a system stacked against them, lie about their gender (such as writing under pen names) and find places of value to humanize them in the eyes of those who can’t quite conceive them as equal. I think of the media sourced in the 40s and 50s where they liked to refer to women as strange, foreign creatures. Like somehow within their very own species, the female was just too confusing to understand because a generation of men thought they were supposed to be different somehow.

Power over life is the ultimate power in society. Numbers allow for armies, labor, jumps in intelligence and technology, mining of resources. All women have to do is decide they won’t have male children for a generation or two and they would gain power by sheer overwhelming numbers. Birth control is the ultimate female weapon. No wonder on an innate, subconscious level even in modern society men don’t want women to have control over their bodies. We have competition in our own species for the right to own the next generation and that drive is a part of our genetic makeup. What if the more power hungry, aggressive males have that genetic memory keyed on because they know they can’t dominate a society otherwise? It doesn’t have to be a conscious move; people do terrible things every day and are completely unaware of the consequences of their apathy.

I know, I know, the fucking ideas for this thing. XD I slept 4 hours last night… this afternoon? My inner clock is all messed up. There is so much information to organize. I need to create a time line before I can really do anything else besides fill up notebook pages of every spark of idea. This requires so many view points just to show humanity reacting to a massive change, never mind all the research. I’m so excited. I’ve been thinking of Egypt lately and how their revolution was hijacked by a lack of leadership. Occupy showed intention but no one was able to willing even decide on a message they stood for. The AI compensates by having a clear message of intention and a willingness to demand it.

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So, here’s a quick summary of the stuff I’ve actually been writing while I’m musing over AI matriarchy societal overthrows. In the Library Hellcat is up to #5, Shifter Safe Haven #5, and Sorcerer Slayer #69. Under Free Intangible is up to #28 and don’t miss out on the latest freebies of the month.

Oh, and Taken By Beasts is $0.99 cuz Halloween is on its way. <3

Taken By Beasts

This collection contains five never before released, steamy paranormal stories of monsters and the innocent, handsome young men they call prey *cough* boyfriend, written by the mistress of dubcon, Sadie Sins. Inside you’ll find five unique storylines containing friends to lovers, straight to gay, mild BDSM, and even a few group, taboo moments. It has furry full moon transformations, haunted houses, Halloween parties, evil witches, horny sorcerers, sexy demons, a cat shifter in distress, the rare minotaur, a stalking vampire, and a pack of rude, trash talking werewolves that don’t take no for an answer. Not to mention, the promise of a happy, claw biting ending. This book will make you downright beg to be a victim.

Halloween has never been quite so naughty as when you’re Taken by Beasts.




The Royal Marine by Dahlia Donovan

Who keeps the Royal Marine’s heart safe when he’s running headlong into danger?

Akash Robinson fuses his Indian and British heritage into his baked creations. His life is all things sugar and spice, especially when a blind date leads him to the older military man of his dreams. Family, friends, and an unwanted admirer all threaten both his sanity and his budding romance.

Hamish Ross carries the names of his lost soldiers on his back. He takes his work seriously with no time for love. All it takes is one impulsive kiss to lead him into uncharted romantic waters.

When a sarcastic baker mixes with a stoic alpha marine, who will come out on top when the flour settles?

The Royal Marine is book four in Dahlia Donovan’s international bestselling gay romance series, The Sin Bin. Each one features hot rugby players and the men who steal their hearts.

On A Breeze Through Denver

A job on the road leads down memory lane.

They say time heals all wounds. He has waited sixty years for that to happen. Going on a work trip to Denver rips open that old wound, but maybe that old hotel full of memories is just what he needs to finally be able to move forward.






Love Makes A Family

He Sits On A Family Fortune But Will Give It All Up For True Love

When spoiled rich kid Finn meets fellow student Jake, it doesn’t seem the pair have much in common. Inexplicably, they become friends and then, maybe something a little more besides. This is news to Finn’s homophobic father, who is horrified to find his son engaged to a man!

Still unsure of Jake’s feelings towards him, Finn must decide whether to stay with him or marry the girl his father has chosen for him.

Will Finn and Jacob stay together or will Finn’s scheming father find some way of splitting them up for good?




Haven Series on sale Oct 16-23

The Haven Series is on sale this week only. Check the dates; it starts on the 16th.

You can get Book #1 for free and Book #2Book #3Book #4, Book #5, Book #6, Book #7, Book #8, and Book #9 all for $0.99 cents each. October 16-23. Don’t miss out!

Conner, a rogue wolf and murder detective, isn’t looking for a lover when he moves to Haven City. He wants to solve crimes and keep to himself – unable to trust anyone since his pack betrayed him six years before.

But Seth Alwen, his new partner, is different. He excites the wolf’s animal instincts – waking up the passion Conner buried long ago. Seth’s not only beautiful and alluring; he’s also haunted by the death of his former partner. And despite his better judgment, Conner aches to relieve the man of his guilt.

As the two men solve a series of murders, their sizzling attraction overflows into the bedroom. Is the overwhelming passion just a fling or is it forever?

Contains a partners to lovers romance with a sexy alpha wolf, a sizzling hot seer, plenty of graphic gay sex and a HFN ending.

Sorcerer Slayer S68


Raider was holed up in his room eating a lunch he really couldn’t get down. Classes started back up that day but there was no way he could be tricked into participating. His world was rocked, flipped upside down, and no one was getting him to do anything until things settled. Or at least until Fox was woken from his magic induced coma, anyways. No place was safe; not inside the Academy, not outside. Especially not outside. Raider had no place he belonged, no one who cared about him, and the one being he did spend the majority of his days with was determined to sabotage him at every level, the damn furry raccoon.

That he was trying to eat was hard enough. And really, the only reason he was trying was because now he knew Michael cooked. The instructor was extremely busy as he looked to find just who attacked them so this was about as close to the calming man Raider was going to get to at the moment. He was miserable, bored, and lonely but at least the roasted potatoes tasted good.

Raider’s eyes flickered to the door as he heard someone pass. His gaze stayed and narrowed when whoever it was actually stopped on the other side. Dr. Rob had been by once to see if he was doing okay. He wanted him to talk, but Raider wasn’t dumb enough to get sucked into therapy. In a day Dr. Rob would have him repeating shit like a robot about how great the Academy was and how predators were awesome and shouldn’t shifters totally give up their lives for sorcery. Or something; Raider wasn’t sure what Dr. Rob’s deal was but it was probably extra evil with his sweet smile and soft, brown eyes.

Was he even a real doctor?

There was a knock, and Raider jumped, his eyes wide, plastic fork stuck between his lips. Glaring at the door now, he carefully pulled the utensil from his mouth before speaking from his spot cross-legged on the bed. “What?”

“Uh, hey. Can we talk?”

Raider frowned the moment he recognized Forest’s voice. What the fuck did he want to talk to him about? Was he going to give him shit about Vincent? Or maybe he was looking for something shiny he was missing. Raider internally groaned and searched his memory to see if his inner animal was again trying to keep him away from any spot in his room. He was pretty sure when his raccoon got stressed and freaked out, it stole even more. Considering he tended to kind of blackout during those times, it was hard to keep track of it all.

He stood reluctantly and crossed the room. “What?” he asked as he unlocked and opened the door one handed, his plate of food in the other.

“Hey.” Forest leaned against the door frame, his gaze anywhere but on him. His clothing was rumpled and his short dark hair mussed like he hadn’t bothered to brush it that day. Raider’s gaze slipped down before he could stop himself, taking in Forest’s shoulders, biceps and tight hips. He reeked of sex, and his odd yellow eyes were dark, moody as they glanced his way a moment. “About what happened… Do you think you can handle going over that with me?”

Raider shrugged, suddenly finding his food very interesting. “You want to yell at me too for getting caught by a dragon catcher?”

Forest shook his head. “Nah, I just want to get as much info as possible.” He glanced behind out at the sparsely populated lounge and ducked his head closer to Raider. “It’s not your fault, man. Those fuckers steal shifters for a living. You can’t blame yourself for getting caught.” His gaze locked with Raider’s for a moment. “If they want to catch you, they’re going to catch you, right?”

Raider licked his lips nervously. Forest’s cat was at the surface, hungry and wanting something. His mind slipped back to that moment in the hallway when Leo and Forest were all over him before Michael broke it up. He’d done so good to block it out, fear and shame warring every time he remembered. With Forest’s scent washing over him now, it was easy to get lost in all the things he liked about it.

“The thing is, I was thinking how dumb we’re all kind of being right now,” Forest continued. “Like, suicidally dumb. We’re just waiting for them to come find us. They know we have a dragon. They might have even been able to scent Wylie and Master Theo. Those freaks are going to be looking for us hardcore. Wouldn’t it be way smarter if we found them first?”

Raider blinked in confusion as he tried to pull himself back to the moment and not the dark, sweaty place Forest’s sex scent was taking him. “Found them?”

Forest looked over his shoulder again with a wary look, then tilted his head at Raider’s room. “Can we talk?”

“Um…” Forest’s eyes looked particularly dangerous, full of heat and a dark storm of emotion just beneath the surface. Raider wasn’t sure just how smart it was to be alone with him at the moment. Not when Forest smelled like that. Not when his body was tingling at old memories.

“Do you want, like, five minutes to jerk off or something?” Forest’s lips twitched in a smirk.

Raider scowled as his face flushed red. “You’re not that hot, asshole,” he muttered defensively even as his body lit up.

Forest’s grin grew and he deliberately looked Raider over from head to toe. “You are, for real. But I’m seriously only here to figure out how to catch those fuckers. That’s it. I promise I’m not going to jump you the second I’m through the door.”

Raider inhaled deeply and tried to ignore the dizzy heat such an idea sent through him. Fucked up. He was seriously fucked up. He wasn’t interest in Forest in a romantic way, and he was pretty sure Forest would laugh his ass off if anyone suggested he liked Raider similarly. It was just scent, raw attraction. Really strong attraction that was suddenly far more interesting to focus on than the other things Forest was talking about.

Raider had no interest in running into those slavers again. At the same time, he didn’t want to make it easy for them to find the Academy either seeing as he had no other place to go. It was really just self preservation that made him open the door wide and step aside so Forest could come in. Definitely nothing to do with the heat pooling in his stomach every time he found Forest’s eyes lingered on him a little too long.

“I already told the masters everything I know.” Raider moved over to his bureau and placed his plate down. “If they don’t find them, I don’t know who really can.”

“Who says the masters are even looking for them?” Forest wandered across the room, his gaze fixed on Raider’s half-made bed. “I asked Bear, and he said they were talking to the cops. The fucking cops, like the police even give a fuck shifters are being stolen.”

Raider bit his lower lip nervously. He was pretty sure if the police cared about shifters being stolen, it was only because they were in on it and getting a cut. Sorcerers basically ruled every government that existed. If not blatantly, than from the shadows where the law refused to touch them. “You think we can do better?”

“I think we need to try.” Forest sighed and turned with his hand tangled in his messy hair. He looked tired and a little wild eyed. “There are two of us lying in the hospital and no one knows if they’re going to make it. I really don’t want to sit around waiting to be picked off one by one. Those guys are going to be looking for us and I don’t see anything that’s really going to stop them from getting in here once they do.”

Raider’s stomach clenched nervously. “What about all the magic and stuff? The wards? The Academy is protected against werewolves and stuff.”

“Yeah, and our resident werewolf is in a fucking coma,” Forest snapped back, only to sigh when he saw Raider’s expression. He glanced away and took a calming breath, his hands waving energetically. “Sorry, I’m not here to freak you the fuck out. I’m already freaked. It’s been two days and I know the masters aren’t going to do shit. They’re going to follow the rules, those slavers are going to have a chance to heal, and then they’re going to come back and murder everyone. And the ones they don’t murder, like you and me, they’re going to…”

“Stop,” Raider interrupted, his voice hoarse as his mind filled in the blanks with the worst possible scenarios. “I get it.”

“Sorry. I just… sorry.” Forest shoved his hands into his jeans pockets, his shoulders slouched. “I don’t even understand how you’re calm about this. I thought you’d be in here freaking out.”

Raider wasn’t fully sure why his raccoon hadn’t been freaking out about this particular line of thoughts. It was clearly stuff the creature would be quick to jump to. For some reason he just naturally trusted Michael was going to fix it all. After seeing power like Theodore and Vincent’s, it was hard to think anyone could break into the Academy and get to them. Raider was realizing Forest thought it though, and he’d been living there much longer. He knew way more about how things worked at the Academy than he did. “You really think they can get in here? Even with the masters?”

“It’s not something I want to fucking wait to find out about. That was a fucking demon; whoever owns him knows the kind of score he can get in this one place. I don’t feel good about it.” Forest gave him a curious look. “No offense, you’re just, you know, always worried. I kind of thought you’d want some company.”

“You were worried about me?” Raider glanced up from his study of his bare feet, his gaze full of surprise.

Forest shrugged, an awkward grin flashing on his face. “I’m not an alpha type; I don’t buy into that shit of anyone needing another to make life bearable. But your scent is for real, man. I knew you were a sub when I didn’t even know what a sub really was or if they actually existed. You’re hardwired a certain way, and because of it, I figured you might be extra nervous right now and, you know, I wanted to make sure you’re not.”

Heat flooded through Raider and he stopped his nervous spinning of his ring to stare at Forest more closely. “Yeah?”

“Yeah. You’re new, you’re having trouble fitting in, and lets face it, what happened would freak anyone out. If Leo were conscious, he’d be in a blind rage to get those fuckers before they can regroup and attack. It’s basic survival for an alpha. Kill before you can be killed.” Forest took a slow step toward him. “I hear that inner voice sometimes, and well, I guess I hear it a lot more around you. And, you know, maybe I thought it would be nice to see you again. Make sure you’re okay and, yeah…”

Raider felt flushed, his muscles tightening in anticipation the closer Forest stepped. “You, uh, you said you just wanted to talk.”

“We are just talking.” Forest tilted his head and met Raider’s eyes. “Right?”

Raider inhaled sharply as his mind quickly filled with too many ideas of what they could be doing if they weren’t talking. There had been more than a few things that happened in that hallway Raider thought about late at night. Things where when a dangerous, aggressive Leo wasn’t around seemed interesting enough to maybe explore. His mind very readily filled Michael in for that part but Raider could remember how Forest’s lips felt, the touch of his hands, slide of his tongue.

Raider closed his eyes a moment and tried to calm his suddenly strained breathing. “If you really want to, that is, uh, make sure I don’t freak out…”

Forest’s expression turned uncertain even as his gaze slid down Raider’s shoulders and chest. “I’m not an alpha. Sure, my leopard has his moments, but it’s not really our thing. I can’t really be that kind of guy for you.”

“I just…” Raider wasn’t even sure what he was saying. Everything was such a fucking mess and he really didn’t want to be alone. More than that, he didn’t want Forest to leave. “It’s my raccoon. He’s afraid of everything, thinks everyone wants to hurt him. After what happened, well, it’s really scary because now he knows there is at least one really powerful sorcerer out there who wants to hurt us. Right now I, that is, he, wants someone to make it all better. Someone to protect us,” Raider revealed hesitantly.

He couldn’t meet Forest’s eyes as the other stepped up until he was right in front of him. Forest understood enough that he was different, that he was whatever his cat knew a submissive to be, but Raider wasn’t sure if that was going to protect him from being mocked for the weakness that felt so fucking huge inside him. Just admitting what he wanted had tears stinging at his eyes and an emptiness welling in his heart that seemed impossible to fill. He wanted someone to take care of him, make everything better; someone who gave a fuck enough about him to want to do those things.

“Raider,” Forest’s voice was gentle and full of regret, “I was a total insect compared to that demon shifter. I couldn’t protect myself; I don’t think your raccoon is going to find me useful for protecting you.”

“No, that’s not…” Raider met Forest’s gaze hesitantly and was relieved to find no laughter. “No one can protect me; I get that. Leo was hurt and he’s an alpha. The other shifters barely made it out alive. The only ones strong enough to hold their own scare the fuck out of me,” he whispered roughly. “I know. I just want you to pretend. I just need someone to say they’re going to make sure I’m safe and then, and then kiss me really hard until I stop thinking I’m about to die. Can you, well, can you do that for me?”

Forest’s hand pressed up and his fingertips carefully touched to Raider’s arm. “Are you sure? You’re not confused because of my scent or anything, right?”

Raider fought a nervous laugh. “Yeah, I’m sure. I know it’s probably weird as fuck and all but I just don’t want to think anymore. I don’t want to be afraid and…” He fell silent, Forest’s lips suddenly on his. Raider held still, his breath coming out in a long sigh when Forest’s tongue slid against the seam of his lips and urged him to open.

“Like that?” Forest pulled away, taking in Raider’s wide, dark eyes.

Raider licked his tingling lips and nodded once. “Harder. I like when… oh. Fuck.” He groaned when Forest slammed him back against his bureau and the wood bit into his thighs. “Can you, uh, say you’re…?”

“I’ll protect you. No one is going to mess with you, Raider.” There was a sharpness to Forest’s gaze, something that sent a thrill through Raider to realize even if Forest might think it was a strange game, his cat didn’t. His inner leopard knew exactly what this was about and had no problem taking over. Forest’s fingers bit into the nape of his neck on his next kiss. He held him close as he drove his tongue into his mouth and drank down Raider’s moans.

Poster Giveaway–You Pick!

Hi, babes. Whoo, so much going down.

Poster Giveaway

Hey, so I just redid all the Demon Bonded covers in anticipation of going wide and I thought it would be fun to do a little giveaway. All you have to do is pop onto Facebook and comment with the book cover # you want to win and I’ll use a random number generator to pick a winner next week and mail out the poster. Good luck!

Oh, and if you’re a subscriber to, you’re entered automatically into a separate giveaway among a limited pool of participants. A week from now (I’m bogged down this weekend ^^;) one lucky subscriber will also win a poster of their choice. I’ll contact the winner through email and you can choose your image then.


Yeah, so I started writing the Coven Saga for Demon Bonded. Really excited about it. So many revelations in this book about Ky and Magnificent Night and I really get to go into building the world of sorcery we haven’t had a chance to really see yet. The story is going more plot focused over erotica, apologies, but there is just so much I want to get written and the format is just going to have to bend.

I decided to continue to release Demon Bonded as a serial and I’ll be releasing each book into KU for the first 3 months. Hence the cover format change. I want something easy with serial covers so I can photomanip something pretty together and slap it down to release the book. No extra frustration please. My plan is to have the next episode out before the end of August. Think you guys are going to freak when you read what I have in store for you. XD Weee!

Other writing news, Sorcerer Slayer is up to #66. Intangible will be updated this weekend; we’re up to #15 so far (apologies for that cliffhanger.) Um, and yeah, Demon Bonded: Coven Saga #1 is up in the Library. I expect to have the first episode done by next week. It’s ass kicking time, peeps. Gotta get some word count down and move forward.

Also, finally getting to emails and comments. Sorry about that. You guys all rock and I seriously appreciate when you contact me. I’ve just been a little… well, depressed, a bit. Introverted, I guess. I keep thinking with a very old narrative that doesn’t fit my life and I’m struggling to reflect my actual life. It’s been difficult. The self-awareness plus the realization that I’m still reflections of my past more than now is hard to face. Shit comes out of my mouth that just isn’t relevant to my circumstances or who I am anymore and I literally feel my brain grinding to a halt every time with a big WTF? I’m working on it, it’s just really difficult to retrain my brain to let that shit go.

Going Wide

Going wide. Ugh. That’s all. @[email protected] Lol, this shit is work. I knew it was work which is why I procrastinated to the last fucking second. But I must say, it’s fun to make some new covers. Think I’ll do the same for the other serials just to pretty that shit up and inspire me to FINISH something.

My Secret Bronicorn, City Howls and Teddy are all relatively short serials. Bronicorn about 5, Teddy maybe 5 episodes total, City Howls probably won’t surpass 10. I gotta start knocking stuff out of the way so I can free up time for new projects. Stagnation is so blah. You rest and then suddenly months have gone by and you realize you’re really not doing anything. Total blah. Let’s get those creative wires sparking again.

Speaking of which, I’m finishing up that cute Fox x Vince fic this weekend. Promise. <3


Goodies and Freebies below for the week. I do this newsletter swap on a site and this week everyone sent me m/f books to put in my newsletter even though I clearly mark m/m only. Such a shame. So I went out and found some hotness for you all. Enjoy. ^.^

UnBirthday Present

Royalty Note: 20% of the royalties will be donated to an LGBT organization in my community.


Fact: Shifters exist. Werewolves don’t. Fact: If you’re lucky, a shifter will pass by, read you with a touch, a glance, and when he comes back he’ll be in the shape of the man of your dreams…or maybe even a dream you didn’t know you had. Is your fantasy a massive man, massive in every way, bearded and burly, who’ll roughly use you in the alley behind the city’s most popular bar? That will be his change-shape. Is it a man who is sleek, and slender and elegant, and a bit of a slut with superb oral skills? Done. Is it an ordinary man, not all that in shape, a bit of balding, even, but someone to cuddle with afterwards? Done and done. And when the great sex is also done, he’s gone.

Question: Do shifters, nearly immortal since their real shape ages slowly, and their change-shapes not at all, have it made?.

Possibly, if you want an almost-eternity of one-night stands. But what if you want something more? Someone to share all that time with. Except…there’s no sign or signal or symbol or scent to say, “He’s a shifter, too.” Just confession. So do you confess…and take the chance that he’s not a shifter, after all, and you get to watch the man you love slowly die? Confess…and perhaps wind up as a government experiment, if you loved neither wisely nor well?

How much are you willing to risk for love?

Richard and Steven have to decide.

Bitters: a collection of GLBTQ vampire stories

The author weaves GLBTQ characters seamlessly into her stories and uses the vampire theme to poetically explore some hard questions about reality, identity, and love. (Two of the stories contain explicit m/m scenes.)

Unusual vampires people these pages. Orlando is a self-evolved vampire who does not realize how lonely he is until he meets the unique and enigmatic Carmel… Teror was born with an inability to feel emotion or empathy until he meets one of fourteen Aaron clones who have a special telepathic bond and they intend to extend it to him… Malachi is a vampire who feeds not on blood, but on light and love… Griffin is having an affair with a man he cannot see… One vampire lives in a mooncast shadow just beyond ordinary dreams… Jesse lives for lust and blood and does not believe in love, until one night that changes him forever… Charles and Barclay enjoy one last eclipse together…

Hard For My Boss

Benjamin Gage is not only powerful, filthy rich, and totally arrogant… but also irresistibly sexy.

Trevor, the young summer intern, is totally SCREWED.
Working at Gage Communications is an opportunity of a lifetime.
But will Trevor be able to handle it? Or will he succumb to the tension?
The tension is in his pants, by the way.
Between a heavy workload and a hunky, controlling boss, Trevor’s summer just got a lot hotter and harder than he bargained for.

This is a hot and hilarious male/male romantic comedy with an HEA and NO cheating.

BONUS CONTENT: Your special Kindle edition also comes with TWO complimentary male/male stories! After you read Hard For My Boss, you can enjoy two novellas from the Brazen Boys series: “Dorm Game” and “Straight Up”


“Bound” is the story of Adrian, a man who finds himself wheelchair bound, and thinks that his life is over. Until he meets Nate, and learns to love again.

A male/male Romance with explicit sexual scenes and mild BDSM elements, this novella is intended for adult readers.

***This story was written for the goodreads mm romance group’s 2014 Love’s Landscapes event. It was written in response to a prompt letter (included in the front copy of this book)