Sadie Sins

Sadie Sins, at your service. I’m a tomboy writer/artist out of New England with a passion for hunky strong men, lithe pretty boys, and lots of hot dirty talk. If you’re looking for a hard edge with possessive personalities, bad attitudes, rough language, and steamy to downright filthy smut, I’m your girl. If it’s two guys (or more) getting it on, be it with the help of magic, a full moon, or just good old fashioned lube, I’ll be striving to make sure it gets as naughty as possible, with just a touch of sweet to flavor.

If you can’t tell, I have a lot of fun with my writing. I don’t take things too seriously, and I hope my readers don’t either. I think we can all use a little escape into fantasy, and I enjoy indulging in something hot and sweaty to contrast the stress of the day to day. I like rough, but not crude smut with creative twists, intense heat, and quirky characters. I’m sick of reading ‘I love you’ a million times in one story. And soul. If one of my characters is looking into someone’s soul, they’re probably a vampire about to sink their fangs in. Just saying. I’m not a soccer mom, I’m not married, and the closest thing I have to kids are my three cats. When I’m not perving out in my writing, I’m painting, sculpting, and enjoying the beauty the world has to offer. But I’m probably perving. It makes life much more fun.

(aka Gabrielle)

My writing roots actually start in fanfiction (I bet you can guess my favorite series.) I had written an epic, sprawling 320,000 word fic that was rudely interrupted by one of those cataclysmic events that occur—My parents died. I gave up on writing and all that inward soul searching it required. Seven years later, I figured it was about time to let myself dream again. Once I actually self published my first book, there was no going back. I love it. I love writing, I love the idea of making a living off of it, and I don’t want to live any other way.

I’m actually a bit of a pro with a digital paintbrush. I’m new to book covers and the eye-catching requirements and typography they need, but if you ever want to see a fantasy creature look like it’s real and about to jump out of your screen, I’ve been making them for ages. My art is pretty restricted to said book covers lately—Digital painting is rather tedious, and I’m enjoying  learning photo-manipulation (I used to call it cheating) to speed up the process. My tools of the trade are Photoshop CS5, a little Wacom tablet, and a million free fonts.

I prefer to think of myself as a sharer (aka, rambling opinionated person.) After years of helping other inspiring artists get past their fears of making mistakes to finally push to make a better painting, it just seemed natural to turn it to my passion for writing passionately. I want to read some sexy stories, and if I can help writers face their insecurities and see how to construct their scenes better, I will selfishly get my wish. Not to mention, I love breaking things down. It helps me as a writer, feeds my creativity, and lets me push past my anxiety disorder.