The Twisted Apprentice

Episode #6. Sorcerers are living and slaving in Blackstone Falls…

Ky faces off against Liem Kane, a young sorcerer apprentice who might just be a sociopath. Liem has no problem slicing up his demon for fun while in the middle of class. When Ky lets his outrage show, Liem finds a new target in the naïve, newly bonded sorcerer.

Ky wants to save the wolf demon Liem is torturing but soon realizes he needs to worry about being able to get out alive. Liem is still a sorcerer, and his bonded demon will protect him with his life. Ky understands how deadly the demons can be. Starved and beaten, Fido is more than capable of eating Ky alive.

Each episode in this sexy, suspenseful gay monster harem serial is over 10,000 words, and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.
11,000+ wrds, Published March 11, 2016.





on August 13, 2016
on March 21, 2017
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on January 26, 2017

Ky had to be hearing things. Drain him dead? There was no way Magnificent Night would ever hurt him like that. “What?”

“It's probably not a huge loss. I mean, you seem to be really fucking simple.” Glancing up from the black link in his hand, the young blond smiled cruelly, his blue eyes narrowed. “Did you dress in the dark? I pity the sorcerer that has a mess like you for an apprentice. He must be just as foolish. Or fucking desperate.”

Inhaling sharply, Ky grabbed the boy's wrist, forcing him to either let go of his link to Magnificent Night or continue the contact. The other withdrew as if burned and huffed loudly. “I don't know what your problem is, kid, but I'm not an idiot, and I don't like being called one by a total—”

“Mr. Scion, let's talk about these fascinating pieces you brought in today." Ky snapped his mouth shut at his teacher's voice, his gaze not leaving the boy before him. "I'm so glad to meet you. Ever since I saw your portfolio, I've been excited to have a conversation about your use of color. Excuse us a moment, Liem.” His new art teacher, Ms. Mahoney, swooped in and led Ky towards his paintings and away from the silent Liem. Ky was flushed, angry and confused, and he glared over his shoulder at the rude blond boy who was smirking superiorly back. What an asshole. He had barely said two fucking words to Liem, and he had just outright insulted him. Who the fuck did that?

Ky tried his best to focus on Ms. Mahoney and her very helpful critique of his work but he couldn't get the stupid ass out of his mind. Liem's words spun in his head again and again. He had to be wrong. Magnificent would never harm him. Never. But... He didn't really understand the link. He didn't even know how it had come to be. He barely knew anything about the Relics besides what Lovely had told him and what he'd heard the cat boy arguing with Feral over...

Could he be right?

Peeking over to where Liem had moved, he found the short blond standing by the table where a still life had been set up. He was looking down intently, his lips moving. Ky edged sideways, nodding mutely to his teacher while trying to see what Liem was doing. Biting his lip, Ky caught sight of a pair of ears very similar to Feral's but pure black with silver piercings. It had to be the model for Liem's paintings. Shaggy black hair covered his face, the Relic's body pale and long as he hunched forward on the floor with hands braced to keep from falling. He had a curl of a wolf tail and elegant black, leathery wings instead of feathers sprouting from his back. Ky couldn't hear what Liem was saying, but the Relic looked sick, exhausted, and barely able to sit upright as he swayed on the floor.

Liem abruptly leaned down and yanked hard on the Relic's ear. Ky flinched at the noise the wolf made and quickly looked around to see if anyone else had heard. No one was even looking Liem's way. A group chatted obliviously, and his teacher pointed out the parts of his technique she found impressive. Out of the entire class, it seemed only Liem and Ky were able to see and hear the wolf demon.

By the time Ms. Mahoney had finished her critique, her main hope being Ky would try some more structured, realism inspired pieces to broaden his abilities, Ky was ready to find something heavy to beat Liem with. The blond kept pulling on the wolf's ears while the demon whimpered in pain and struggled not to fall over. The Relic was clearly starving, the strong, toned muscles on his form doing nothing to hide the ribs peeking through. Ky's glare grew when Liem glanced his way; the young blond smiled chillingly right before he deliberately grabbed the demon's nipple and twisted. The wolf demon arched and howled in pain, finally revealing his face.

His eyes were an ice blue fringed with heavy dark lashes, and filled with a wildness that made Ky uneasy. His fangs were long and sharp. He was handsome under his bruises, the Relic's body and face littered in purple and blue welts. He was naked even here, in a classroom of students with only a heavy black collar around his neck, and it was just as outrageous as how Liem was mistreating the wolf.

Class was almost over. Ky grew more and more unsettled with each whimper of pain the wolf demon gave. He had a feeling Liem was doing it just to piss him off. The slender boy grinned his way to watch his reaction to every cruelty. Liem was a terror and Ky couldn't wait for class to get out so he could tell him as much.

There was a flash of silver, and Ky turned his gaze from the broken demon on the ground to meet Liem's eyes again. He was slowly unfolding a pocket knife, Liem's expression making it clear exactly what he intended to do when he reached for the wolf's ear.

Motherfucking psycho creep...

It was the last straw. Ky snarled as he stomped across the room. He grabbed Liem by the wrist hard enough for the knife to fall out of the short boy's hand and clatter to the floor. He was seconds away from teaching the stupid little dick what it meant to treat Relics as less than human, no matter how many people in the class thought he was crazy.

A deadly growl filled the air, and Ky swallowed hard when the wolf demon unfurled from his crouch and towered over him menacingly. Smirking, Liem whispered smugly, “Let me go or my pet is going to kill you.”

“You're totally fucked in the head,” Ky hissed lowly. He was glaring at Liem but all of his senses were on the demon still growling. Feral could have clawed Ky to shreds and this wolf was much larger than the coyote demon. And although Feral had seemed crazed when they had first met, the wolf demon was nearly foaming, starved, abused with behavior far more animalistic. Whatever Liem had done to the Relic, it had turned him more berserker animal than anything else.

Ky reluctantly let Liem's wrist go, his chin raised defiantly and teeth grit in anger. “You have no right to treat this Relic like that. He's an intelligent person, not some toy you can cut up for sick kicks. I don't know who the fuck you are, but you should know he's just as equal as you.”

Rich, blue eyes widened in surprise and Liem let out a loud laugh. “Holy fuck, you're one of those types! What a total retard. You're jeweled— meaning if your demon gets hurt, you'll get hurt too—and you've got a black link that will probably kill you before the week is out.” Liem grabbed the demon by its black, bushy tail, and pulled hard. “Demons aren't people. That you treat them like people is why they're going to kill you. You need to show them who's in charge or they'll destroy you like the weak, pathetic imbecile you are.”

Ky only stood taller, his anger growing as Liem laughed in his face. He could hear the other students gathering their things. The class had let out for the evening, and the teacher was encouraging them to leave their portfolios and compare them later to their homework. It barely registered past the red throb in his head. He couldn't remember having been so angry before in his life. Even if the wolf demon had been nothing more than an actual animal, the way Liem was treating it was beyond monstrous. Up close, Ky could see more bruises, some burns and long scars where a blade had drawn across the pale flesh. Liem was fucked up, and Ky was determined to find a way to get the Relic away from him.

“You're wrong,” Ky said once his throat wasn't so tight with anger and the sounds of the class leaving had died down. “Lovely would never hurt me, and I would never put him in danger whether we were bonded or not. Even Feral—After talking with him I know he would never hurt me again. The demon black linked to me? He just needs my help. He's not going to hurt me either. He's trapped in chains I can't open but I don't mind feeding him so that he'll stay strong, stay alive. Your Relic is starving. All you've done is hurt him the entire time you've been here. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Liem huffed and folded his arms over his chest. He glanced disinterestedly at the wolf demon beside him. “What, like I'm supposed to feed him?”

“Yes!” Ky snapped. “You put a fucking collar on him so he can't do anything for himself. You have to feed him, or he's going to die!”

Liem looked unimpressed, his eyebrow raised in the face of Ky's righteous anger. “So? Feeding a demon only makes him disobedient. I don't want him strong enough to fight back. Eventually, Fido will learn to be meek around me. I might feed him more, then. Maybe. His magic is still strong either way, so what does it matter?”

Ky was starting to really understand just how Liem saw the Relic and it was only making him more upset. “And if he's dead? How's your stupid magic, then? He's not a fucking battery; he's a person!” He turned to the demon, trying not to flinch under the manic, cold glare fixed on him. “You called him a pet. Even a fucking child knows enough to feed their pets. You have to be the shittiest sorcerer ever to fail at something so simple as taking care of the creature that gives you magic.”

Liem was as childish as Ky assumed; his face twisted in rage from the insult. “I'm a skilled sorcerer. A powerful one!” Liem lifted his chin and pointed to the link on his collar. “I have a red link, unlike you. Fido thought he was a warrior when he got here and now he's completely dominated by me. What, you think you're stronger? You don't even have a wand on you. You didn't bring any demons to defend you. You're completely weak and helpless with nothing but a lame, white jewel on your collar that shows just how stupid you really are!”

Ky took a step back when Liem raised his hand, and a wand fell into his fingers from out of his sleeve. How did Liem know he didn't have Anselm's wand on him? Ky didn't know what exactly the wand could do to him, but given Liem's horrible nature, it probably wouldn't be good. “You can call me whatever you want, but it doesn't make what you're doing right. You don't deserve to be bonded to a Relic if that's the way you treat them.”

Liem narrowed his eyes, and a grim smile split his face. “Only weak, pathetic sorcerers would ever bind to a demon in such a way as your jeweled one. I know what happens to weak things. They get devoured by the strong. You think Fido is so fucking sweet and should be fed? I'll show you firsthand what it's like to die from a demon's fangs.”

Inhaling sharply, Ky turned as the door slammed shut across the room. “Demons don't kill,” Ky whispered. Liem lowered his wand as Ky turned back slowly. He flinched as he met Fido's very crazed, ice-blue eyes. “They feed off of energy. They don't need to kill to—”

“You keep telling yourself that, dumbass,” Liem said with a snicker. “Fido's hungry and he's as mean as they come. I watched him tear apart a cat a month ago. He doesn't care what you are, just as long as he gets some food.”

Dread twisted in his stomach and Ky stumbled back when the tall demon lurched forward with a bloodcurdling growl. Fido might have been weak and abused, but he also looked mean as fuck and really, really hungry. Ky knew the demons at his home had eaten rats. He damn well knew Demencious, the horrible overseer, had eaten other Relics, human beings, and animals all to stay alive. Ky didn't want to believe it was possible, but he couldn't dismiss the reality that the wolf demon looked like he would be more than happy to kill him if he could finally eat.

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