City Howls Serial

Secluded by his psychotic brother ever since their parents were killed by werewolves, Sage has no idea what’s wrong with him when he comes across his first wolf shifter in a dark alley late at night. All he knows for certain is that he’s unbearably hot, dizzy, and can’t seem to stop from letting the wolf do anything it wants to him. It has to be a curse but the shifter, Heller, thinks the beautiful boy belongs with his pack.

Not sure who to trust or how to get help, Sage must hide from his brother and find a solution before it’s too late. His friend, Taylor, knows a gang of werewolves willing to assist, but the vicious cursed men might end up being worse than the shifters in the long run. When Heller comes to free a stolen pup from the cursed, will Sage choose the life of a shifter pack bitch after he owes so much to his werewolf alpha?

The Black Wolf Heller
City Howls: Episode One

Sage’s inner beast is waking up and it looks like it’s a bitch. Hoping to find a cure (or just some relief) to his new ache and irresistible scent, Sage finds wolf shifters and cursed werewolf gangsters alike through the dark city of Dogtowne. Consumed by his new problem, Sage must find a way to push the need aside to help a young shifter stolen from his pack and family.
XXX 10,000+ wrds, paranormal, werewolf, bestiality. Published: March 10, 2016

The Werewolf Frey
City Howls: Episode Two

Sage, desperate and confused, goes to his friend Taylor for help to hide last night from his crazy brother. Taylor brings Sage to The Den, a werewolf gang hangout in the hopes of getting the boy’s curse removed. Frey, the werewolf alpha, has an idea what Sage’s problem really is. Unfortunately, werewolves are not immune to Sage’s intense scent.
XX 10,000+ wrds, paranormal, werewolf, alpha male. Published: March 11, 2016

The White Wolf Vale
City Howls: Episode Three

Heller finds his pack on the outskirts of Dogtowne, revealing a crisis underway for the shifter wolves. One of their pups is missing and what the cursed werewolves will do to a shifter is a fate worse than death.
XX 10,000+ wrds, paranormal, werewolf, multi. Published: June 10, 2016

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