Doing Wrong

Doing Wrong
A Magical Romance

Chase Hunter is madly in love with a sexy, infuriating brat. Tristan Bryant, gorgeous, wealthy, and spoiled, has been at odds with Chase for years. Chase was perfectly fine to keep his distance, desiring his vicious rival from afar. That was, until Tristan got a boyfriend, and Chase became insanely jealous.

As sorcerers in training, it was nothing for Chase to concoct the glamour that allowed him to look exactly like Tristan’s new boyfriend. But even when appearing like Randal Davis, Chase can’t hold back his overwhelming desire. While Davis is sweet and romantic, Chase is rough, wild, and impassioned, and burns a fire in Tristan as crazed as their all consuming rivalry.

Chase gives Tristan a night of intense passion neither of them will ever forget, but Tristan has his boyfriend’s name on his lips, not Chase’s. Can Chase find a way to show Tristan that it’s really him he wants?

18+ This short novel contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, questionable magical manipulation, and themes of bondage.

33,000+ wrds, Published November 7, 2015.

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