Doing Wrong

A Magical Romance
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Chase Hunter is madly in love with a sexy, infuriating brat. Tristan Bryant, gorgeous, wealthy, and spoiled, has been at odds with Chase for years. Chase was perfectly fine to keep his distance, desiring his vicious rival from afar. That was, until Tristan got a boyfriend, and Chase became insanely jealous.

As sorcerers in training, it was nothing for Chase to concoct the glamour that allowed him to look exactly like Tristan’s new boyfriend. But even when appearing like Randal Davis, Chase can’t hold back his overwhelming desire. While Davis is sweet and romantic, Chase is rough, wild, and impassioned, and burns a fire in Tristan as crazed as their all consuming rivalry.

Chase gives Tristan a night of intense passion neither of them will ever forget, but Tristan has his boyfriend’s name on his lips, not Chase’s. Can Chase find a way to show Tristan that it’s really him he wants?

18+ This short novel contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, questionable magical manipulation, and themes of bondage.

33,000+ wrds, Published November 7, 2015.
Heat level: XX


on March 4, 2017
Hunter, orphan, raised in foster care. He is deeply insanely in live with a rich spoiled brat who hates him. Lively story, very sexual. A great read for people who like man on man romance.
on November 20, 2016
I really loved this book!! It’s focused directly on the two main characters and their intense rivalry that slowly develops into something more intense and interesting. The book has a lot of profanity…..I found to be more humorous than offensive. I really enjoyed it and highly recommend it! I wouldn’t mind reading a part two of this book. I will definitely be buying more books by Sadie Sins.
on December 1, 2015
Fun, catchy, cute! Would love a full size continuance or series!

I’ve never really been one to talk shit about dick size. You’re born with what you got, and you make do. Being a sorcerer, you even get a little leeway, and I know there are more than a few guys that stuff an extra inch or two to make things interesting. I am not one of those guys. I really wish Randal Davis was.

Tristan’s looking at Davis’s dick like he’s internally berating it for just how fucking small it is. It’s not a sweet expression, but few of Tristan’s are. It also doesn’t help that I’m glamoured as Davis, because hell, I have never felt inadequate before, but I sure do under that withering stare. I’m not hung like a horse, but I could be compared to Davis. Fucked up thing? Tristan sucks this kid off all the time. How the hell does Davis put up with that glare every time he’s being blown?

Probably because Tristan Bryant is the hottest piece of ass the Academy of Sorcery has to offer. I might be biased, but I don’t think so. He’s brilliant, lithe, and all sexy confidence. With his shining blond hair, crystal eyes, creamy white skin and lush red lips, I don’t think there’s a sorcerer or sorceress alive that wouldn’t want Tristan. Most might prefer him dead or in a lot of pain at the time, but that’s only because on top of being gorgeous, he’s also an absolute asshole. Yeah, I’m definitely not biased. He’s sexy as fuck.

Determined to make the most of things before the potion that makes me look like his boyfriend wears off, I grab Tristan’s very silky shoulder length hair and push him down to his knees. Heh, he is not happy about that. Davis is also a fucking sappy, romantic gasbag that likes to whisper sweet nothings in the blond’s ear while he’s rubbing up against him. I know better and wrench Tristan’s hair hard, his lips parting in a surprised moan.

“That’s it.” I cup my other hand down his cheek, fingers running over his lips, touching the edge of his teeth, his trembling tongue. He’s not glaring now. No, he’s into it, eyelids heavy with want, soft puffs of air hitting my hip. “Suck me, Bryant.” I pull his hair again. “Now.”

“Fuck,” he gasps, all he can get out before I’m pushing my dick between his gorgeous lips, holding his face firm to keep him from trying to pull off.

Shit. I really shouldn’t be doing this.

He groans, opening wider as I sit as deep as I can inside the tight, scalding heat of his mouth. God, I wish it was deeper. Part of me wants to suffocate him, take his throat so hard he’ll always be raspy from what I do to him. That he’ll never know it’s me just makes me more desperate to mark him in some way. “God, that’s it, baby… Let me fuck you.”

I can’t stop staring at his face, his cheeks flushed, brows furrowed as he tries not to choke every time I pump into him. He’s tight inside, and so wet. The noises he makes are obscene, loud, and crazy desperate. It’s nearly impossible to hold back. That I’m doing this at all just shows how much I’m losing it over him. He’s so hot and sexy, and I’ve been dreaming of fucking him forever.

He grabs my hips, and I wonder if he’s finally going to push me back, put me in my place for being too rough, but it never comes. No, he just moans again, opens his lips wider, his fingers clawing at the back of my thighs and digging into the muscles of my ass as he helps me slam into his mouth.

“Fuck, Tristan.” God, he likes it. I tighten my grip in his hair, pulling him back so I can see his face. Fuck, he really likes it.

“You going to cum like this? Just from my cock bruising your tonsils?” I can’t stop myself, can’t stop from saying shit to him. His mouth is full of dick, dripping wet, and he loves it. It doesn’t help that he’s on his knees in a back hallway of the school like he does this all the time. Like he’s been looking for someone to come along and use him.

I slowly pull out of his mouth, his lips clinging tight suction to my head as he tries to keep my dick inside. He finally releases me with a wet pop, his tongue caressing over the tip of my cock for a toe curling instant. Fuck. I force his face further back, tilting him up by his wet chin until he meets my eyes. I watch, surprise jolting through me when he actually blushes.

Okay, maybe he doesn’t do this all the time. But he should. He’s really fucking good at it.

He opens his mouth to my thumb, his lips swollen and bright red. I push hard against his soft flesh, watching him gasp, knowing his teeth are biting in on the other side of his lip. His tongue is suddenly drifting out, licking at my knuckle. I take two fingers and push them into his widening mouth. “You have a really sick oral fixation.” His tongue comes up to wrap around my digits, coating me in his clear fluids, sucking me down, teeth scraping as he runs his hands up my hips and stomach, short nails digging in and pulling down.

Oh shit. My eyes close, his hands doing something crazy to me, his mouth sucking my fingers like they’re directly connected to my dick, making me dizzy and so painfully hard. I knew he’d be good—Fuck, he could stick his tongue out and tell me to fuck off, and I’d be coming for him. But that he’s into it makes it so much better. I can almost pretend it’s for me.

Fucking Davis. Fucking douchebag, Randal Davis and his bite-sized prick for dating Tristan.

Opening my eyes, I pull my fingers free of his mouth, grab him roughly by the back of the neck, and grind my too small cock up against his bottom lip. He looks up at me, cruel gray eyes intense with fire and sex, and fuck, I want to ruin him. And I’m pretty sure, seeing how his tongue is sneaking out to lick my slit, he would really enjoy it.

But although Tristan Bryant might get on his knees in a hallway, he does not, under any circumstances, spread his fucking legs in a hallway. I’m actually not even sure he bottoms. Every time I’ve seen him with his boyfriend, he has never once shown an interest in letting anything between those tight cheeks of his. Then again, when you have some sap whimpering how much they’re meant to be together while also refusing to plump his cock up with a simple spell, it really fucking kills the mood. Least, it sure did for me, watching Davis put his soggy kisses and limp wristed hands all over the wild blond. A hot piece of ass like Bryant deserves fucking better.

Too bad I’m not the one to give it to him.

My fingers bite into the back of his neck, pulling him down again. I watch his face, his lashes fluttering shut, mouth dropping open in anticipation, tongue reaching out to meet my cock when I push into him again. I cup my other hand to his cheek, fingers tangling in his hair and gripping hard as I pull him down to meet every relentless thrust I force into his tight throat. My god, he’s beautiful. His mouth is wide open, dripping wet down his chin and my dick. Whimpering, hot suction noises and choked sobs escape him as he surrenders to me. He gasps around my dick, struggling to draw air in, his hands grasping weakly to my thighs as he lets out a string of desperate, low moans. He’s sexy. Really fucking sexy.

“God… god, that’s it… want it… fucking take it…” He’s going to cum. I can see it on his face. He’s so fucking gone, he’s going to cum with my cock in his mouth. “You’re doing so good, baby… So… fucking… tight…” He makes this beautiful, wet cry when I pull him down a final time, his throat opening to me, so hot and dripping tight as I shoot stream after stream of my cum into him. And fuck, he swallows down every nasty drop, milking me for more while fighting to breathe.

Fuck. I pull out of him, my dick growing cold in the air. I don’t care. I have to touch him, or I’m going to lose my mind. I drag him up to his feet, his body swaying, arms heavy as he wraps around me and opens to my kiss. Before he can think to stop me, I shove my hand down the front of his pants, groaning when I find him slick with cum already. God—the gorgeous brat came without even touching himself. Both his hands were on my thighs the whole time, pretty fucking sure.

“Randal, fuck, that was so good. Didn’t know it could—Fuck. Fuck.” He pulls me down into another kiss, crushing me back against the wall, grinding against me so hard I think he’s trying to fuck me with his pants on. It’s hot, really hot, but him calling me his boyfriend’s name is a punch to the gut.

Fuck, I’m such an idiot. If there’s one thing certain in a world full of magic, it’s that I, Chase Hunter, will never have a shot at Tristan Bryant. Just the rule of the fucking universe.

I kiss him—I’m never going to get another chance—and reach down to tuck myself back in while he sucks on my neck. Tristan does really nice things with that mouth of his.

“I gotta go.” I push him back, watching the confusion and hurt flash in his beautiful gray eyes. God, I’m the biggest fucking asshole ever.

I yank him by the arm, his eyes widening as he crashes against my chest. “Baby, you were incredible,” I whisper against his lips, cupping his face firmly, tilting him a little closer so I can kiss him the way I’ve always wanted to kiss him. He melts into me, moaning, tongue tentatively tangling with mine. I pull him closer, unable to stop as I wrap him in my arms, kissing him so consumingly, so thoroughly, all he can do is whimper once I finally release him and leave him leaning weakly on the wall.

I walk away before I can think of a reason not to, glancing back as I round the corner, finding him staring at me, his eyes blazing as they meet mine.

Shit, I am such a fuck up.


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