Teddy’s Naughty Adventures #3

Teddy Gets A Package
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Hidden in the suburbs, a prostitution ring of boys gains a new star.

Teddy didn’t expect to be trapped in the back of a truck with a horny postman today of all days. Lief’s birthday party is moments away and Teddy just knows he’s going to be late. Mr. Sullivan likes that he’s new, really likes his mouth, and has no remorse ruining Teddy’s brand new outfit. Worse, he leaves Teddy aching with no relief to be had. Teddy can only hope to get home and cleaned up before Lief’s party is over.

Fancy new clothes, parties, and a room of his own are just some of the perks of moving in with his Granny. Lief, the boy next door, ignites a blossoming love Teddy has never felt before. Life is perfect, but Teddy is learning nothing is what it seems in his new home.

Each episode in this mm shota/ageplay serial is over 10,000 words long and features encounters between older men and petite, youthful bottoms. Playful and sexy with dark undertones, don’t miss the latest erotic installment of Teddy’s Naughty Adventures!

Disclaimer: All sexually active characters are 18+. Contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, dubcon/noncon between older men and petite, youthful bottoms. Each episode is at least 10,000 words and should be read in order to be fully enjoyed. Not intended for anyone under 18.

13,000+ wrds, Published Feb 23, 2018.
Heat level: XXX

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Teddy stared down at the bed and worried his lower lip between his teeth. He dumped all the clothes Lief brought him out of the large black plastic trash bag onto the bedspread in the hopes it would make things easier, but he was still clueless. He didn’t know what to wear. Lief was coming over for his birthday party any minute now, and Teddy still couldn’t pick an outfit.

He wasn’t used to such nice clothes. They all looked so beautiful, but Teddy knew he couldn’t wear them all at once. He reached for a pair of pants and ran his palm over the smooth, shiny material. It was so grown up and sophisticated. Teddy was used to rags worn so many times they were full of holes and sweat stains before they even got into his hands. Because he was so short and slender, his clothes always billowed like an unsightly potato sack. These clothes were tight enough to fit him and hug his skin like a glove. They were fancy. Sleek. They felt as good as they looked and Teddy couldn’t help but slide his bare thighs close and press against the pile of fabric.

With a grin, Teddy gave into the overwhelming urge and jumped onto the pile of clothes. The bed bounced beneath him, and he muffled a laugh as he burrowed into the nice smelling fabric. It was too hot and the morning sun was already heating up the stuffy room, but Teddy didn’t care. This was like a million Christmases all at once. Clothes, real clothes just for him. No, this was a billion Christmases because today was Lief’s birthday and he was going to come over and play. Granny Emma even let Teddy pick out a birthday gift for him.

Teddy turned his flushed face and gasped a breath in. A smile stretched his lips and his blue eyes dazzled beneath the dark ringlets stuck up in a halo around his head. He really hoped Lief would be his friend. Maybe more than friends. He wanted a real kiss from Lief, not just a peck on the cheek. Just thinking about Lief pressing his lips to his the same way Mr. Fowler had, tongue teasing into his mouth, had Teddy’s sweat-sheened body burning and boyish length stiffening. He groaned and wiggled his hips to try and get some relief from the sudden pressure of his swelling dick. Teddy’s hole throbbed, and he whimpered and buried his face into the clothes.

Oh, all it was doing was throbbing now, aching and demanding all his attention at the worst of times. Teddy didn’t know what to do about it. His morning cleaning with the thick enema spout only made it worse. He hoped that having all that soothing fluid wash into him would stop the ache, but it only made his swollen pucker extra sore until every beat of his heart made his hole twitch and ache.

“I don’t wanna be late,” Teddy mumbled as he rocked his hips to get friction on his dick. Oh, it ached so much. Teddy reached behind him, pushed fingers between his cheeks and spread himself open as he searched for his entrance. “Oh, that’s good,” he whispered. His pucker stretched for his slim fingers and he gently probed the sore flesh. It was really good, nearly a relief to the throbbing, and he sighed and rested his head on the bed while lazily playing with his hole.

Mr. Fowler might be really big. Too big. Teddy never had anything so big inside him. He wasn’t even sure if his hole was really, well, meant for that. Mr. Fowler didn’t seem to think he was a girl, not when he was teaching him all those grownup men things they shared. When he put that dildo in him, and after… when he put his big dick in him… Teddy moaned and tried to get his thin fingers deeper into his passage.

Ever since his first cleaning with Dr. Wilson, Teddy’s body just didn’t want to behave. It wasn’t just his sensitive skin and tingling nipples. His dick kept getting hard at all the wrong times and his hole—oh, it was turning into a burning, aching agony that only found any relief when he touched it. All yesterday while helping Granny Emma bake the cake and clean the big downstairs house, Teddy kept having to hide away and push fingers inside just to stop the ache.

Teddy wasn’t sure it was normal. He wanted to see if Mr. Fowler would come by soon, maybe tomorrow, and help him fix it because he just couldn’t do it on his own. His fingers were too short and he needed something to touch that spot inside of him so everything felt better. Just, he didn’t know how to get to Mr. Fowler. Dave came by appointment for the yard work and that was it.

Teddy panted softly into the clothes as he removed trembling fingers and waited for his dick to soften. He needed longer fingers and it just wasn’t fair. He was going to go crazy like this.

Teddy pushed up on his arms, and his curls hid his flushed face as he stared at the pile of clothes. He licked his lips and tried to push down the overwhelming heat moving through his body. He was like this all yesterday and it was miserable, painful. Huffing in frustration, Teddy grabbed the closest pair of shorts and quickly wiggled into them and carefully zipped them up. They were tight, and he had to take a few deep breaths to keep from getting hard again.

He wanted to see Lief. It was his birthday and he was going to see his new friend, and yeah, that was it. No thinking about kisses or anything like that. Nothing that got him hard. He just needed to think of the really cool gift he got Lief.

Oh, he hoped Lief liked it!

His enthusiasm and smile was back as Teddy sorted through the shirts and settled on a sleek, purple top with black short sleeves. It was silky smooth like water. He pulled it over his head and Teddy giggled when he stretched it down. It was like warm ice, all sleek and slippery. Teddy scooped up an armful of clothes and walked them over to the bureau and shoved them into the top drawer. He’d fold them after Lief’s party. Worried Lief might already be at the door, Teddy whirled and grabbed the rest of the clothes from the bed and quickly stuffed them into the second and third drawers.

Teddy paused and peered into the dusty mirror atop the bureau. He looked completely different, nearly someone worth looking at. Teddy ran his fingers into his messy hair and brought some order to his black mop of curls. They were Lief’s old clothes and Teddy really hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed to see him in them. Teddy never owned anything so fine. He never owned anything at all, really.

Teddy rubbed his palm down the front of his shorts where his erection was trying to swell, and he whimpered from the sensation. The tight clothes were making him too aware of his body, making him hot and dizzy. He kinda liked it though, and how it all clung to him. Teddy was hyper aware of the pinch around his thighs and the way the shorts dug into his crack and made his hole throb. The shirt was tight and it tugged at his nipples with every movement. He’d probably like everything about it if he could just cum already. Oh, but he really needed to cum…


Teddy’s blue eyes widened in the mirror at the sound of his grandmother’s voice echoing through the large house. “Lief’s here!” he cheered.

He smiled brightly as he booked it to his bedroom door and ran down the hall to the stairs. The downstairs door was void of visitors, and Teddy quickly turned to the living room further down the hallway. His eyes flashed around to make sure nothing looked too messy. He was proud of all the work he’d done on the downstairs rooms. It wasn’t as clean as he’d like; there were still stacks of magazines that needed to be sorted, and the undesirables tossed out with all the newspapers he dragged to the curb yesterday. Teddy had pushed them up against a wall and tried to make it look as inconspicuous as possible. Things were really dusty, but for the most part everything was much cleaner than how it started. You could even see the old tube television now without all the piles of newspapers.

Teddy found Granny Emma in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the cake. “Granny, is Lief here?” His shoulders slumped when his grandmother shook her head.

Emma peered through her thick glasses at the top of the cake where she was making pretty flowers with a tube of frosting. She was wearing a flower-print dress today. It was the most color Teddy had seen her in since she broke her leg and he was sent to live with her. When Teddy stepped up close to see how the decorating was coming, she placed the tube of frosting down and fixed him with a stern look. “Teddy, the postman should be stopping by soon. I want you to go outside on the curb and wait for him.”

“Huh? But Lief’s party is starting soon!” Teddy exclaimed with a pout.

“Yes, and you’ll have plenty of time to play once you’re done. Mr. Sullivan is going to need the help of a strong young man.”

“Okay, Granny,” Teddy agreed with a frustrated sigh. He didn’t dare complain. The last thing he wanted was to upset Granny and end up missing the party completely, or have her decide she really didn’t need his help around the house. “Will you make sure Lief doesn’t leave until I get back?”

“Lief is planning on being here all day,” Granny reminded calmly as she reached for her pipe and puffed a cloud of vanilla scented tobacco with a content hum. Teddy had uncovered Emma’s deceased husband’s pipe when cleaning through all the trash in the living room, and the house was full of the nice scent since. It really was the most peaceful household Teddy had ever lived in. He had a full breakfast without needing to fight or be told he was a waste to feed. He woke up in a bed and room all just for him. And now he had clothes, and a grandmother who made birthday cakes, and even a friend all of his own.

No, he wasn’t about to complain about anything. Everything was perfect.

“I’ll go out right now!” Teddy cheered and headed for the kitchen door.

“Good boy. Remember to do everything you’re told.” Emma took another long drag on her spindly pipe and picked up the tube of frosting to finish the cake decorations.


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