Demon Arms Secrets, Spoilers and Random Questions – Exclusive

I figured we could have some fun, seeing as Demon Arms has been around for a while and I’m fucking around with the rewrite atm. We go jumping to Fox, Vincent, and Raider in the next 3 novels, so I’d like to know what you guys are interested in seeing in the future for Wylie and Dorian. Oh, and for little (or not so little depending) Dante too. Ask away, and I’ll make sure to put answered questions in the main blog post so they can be found easily.

To get things started with a tease of a spoiler, in book 5, Dorian agrees to go home for the first time in years for a winter party in honor of the boy he accidentally killed. This involves him not wearing a collar, and yet, he’s too worried to let Wylie come with to help keep his energy in check. His compromise–because no one wants to let him go alone–is to bring Dante along.