Subscription/Password Issues

I keep seeing a lock screen but I totally signed up.

There can be a few reasons for this. 1) Your browser tried to autofill a name instead of your email address (painfully common, and I won’t tell you how many people have this happen and feel so dumb by it XD) 2) Your browser is caching the images and can’t get you past the lock page. Clear you cache and see if that works, but most likely you’ll have to use a different browser. 3) You’re not actually logged in. The site has an annoying habit of logging people out after a short amount of time. Clicking the 2 weeks box when you log in can prevent this. 4) Your subscription has ended and you haven’t renewed. Subscribe again to see the new stuff. If none of this seems to be the problem, Contact Me and we’ll get it all sorted out.If you’re still having problems, please Contact Me.

I renewed my subscription but I can't read the paid content.

Contact Me and I’ll fix it by hand.

Unfortunately there is something to do with the software I’m using and Paypal where once in a while a renewed subscription doesn’t actually renew on the website or it starts shaving days off your available subscription days. It usually happens with subscriptions that have been allowed to expire, aka, you didn’t renew when Paypal prompted. What I can tell is the expiration date will stay the same whether you pay on time or a week later, or a month later, etc. For example, say you started a 1 month subscription July 1st. It will expire Aug 1st if you don’t renew. If you decide to renew a week later, Aug 8th, for some reason the software will still expire Sept 1st instead of 8th even though you paid for 30 days.

So if you notice something wonky, just hit me up because I want you to get what you paid for!

What's my password?

Your password is randomly generated by the website and emailed to the email address you signed up with. Your password can be found in that initial email.

How do I change my password?

Go to My Content page and scroll down to Password. You don’t need your original password to change to a new one but you do need to be logged in.

I lost my password and can't log in.

Email Me! I’ll reset it, no worries.

How to Unsubscribe?

Paid members must unsubscribe through Paypal. It’s not necessarily an obvious set up, so I’ll walk you through the steps.

  • Log into your Paypal account at https://www.paypal.com/
  • At the top of the browser next to the Logout button is a gear. Click it to go to your profile and settings.
  • You want to go to the payment settings, My Money, bank accounts, cards and more tab.
  • Here you click into My Preapproved Payments. In this tab you’ll find any merchant you have a subscription with. Select your merchant and click Cancel.

ARC Member Issues

I just signed up to be an ARC reader but I didn't get a new password.

This will only happen if you’re already a member, be it free or subscriber, otherwise, check the email you signed up with for your password. If you’re already a member, you won’t get a new password. Instead your current login will allow you access to the ARC portion of the site.

I just signed up to be an ARC reader but the password isn't working.

Potential troubleshooting options 1) You’re trying to log in with the password to the ARC sign up page. Check the email you signed up with to find your personal password. 2) Your browser is caching the page and won’t allow you past the lock screen. Try emptying your cache or using a different browser. If this isn’t your problem, Contact Me and we’ll figure it out.

I'm an ARC reader; where do I go to read?

That would be the ARC page.


How do I know when stories are updated?

By checking out the Updates page. I update daily to every other day and list exactly which stories and where to find them.

How often is paid content updated?

Scenes are updated every day to every other day. Finished books are updated once they’re published.

How often is the free content updated?

Honestly, not as often as I’d like. Since I’ve started focusing on novels, it’s been a lot harder to update the free stories. Demon Bonded and Awakening are still priorities, they’re just seeing a lot of rest time between updates lately.


Which membership am I'm signed up for?

The My Content page will tell you which memberships you’re signed up for and what they contain.

Why are there inactive links for certain stories?

I’m lazy. XD No, those are fics/scenes that will eventually be written but I haven’t started yet. Sometimes you’ll find a rough draft, or a half written scene there instead. The longer novels tend to take my focus, but I will sometimes do a lot of draft work on a story and leave it there to finalize when I find the time.

Where is the paid subscription content?

In the Library.

Where is the free stuff? Show me the freebies!

Right here under Free.