Subscription/Password Issues

How do I change my password?

You can easily update your password and account info through the My Account page.

I lost my password and can't log in.

Email Me! I’ll reset it asap, no worries.


How do I know when stories are updated?

By checking out the Updates page. I aim to update daily to every other day and list exactly which stories and where to find them.

How often is paid content updated?

Scenes are updated every day to every other day. Finished books are updated once they’re published.

How often is the free content updated?

Honestly, not as often as I’d like. Since I’ve started focusing on novels, it’s been a lot harder to update the free stories. Demon Bonded and Awakening are still priorities, they’re just seeing a lot of rest time between updates lately.


Which membership am I'm signed up for?

The My Account page will tell you which memberships/subscriptions you’re signed up for and what they contain.

I bought stuff to download and can't find where it is!

The Downloads tab on the My Account page will have all your downloadable goods.

What's the difference between memberships?

The Exclusive Reads allow you to read all the finished stories in the Library.

The Exclusive WIPs allow you to read all the works in progress in the Library, including the finished stories within that series.

The Exclusive Library (you guessed it) has it all. You get to read everything in the Library.

Why are there inactive links for certain stories?

I’m lazy. XD No, those are fics/scenes that will eventually be written but I haven’t started yet. Sometimes you’ll find a rough draft, or a half written scene there instead. The longer novels tend to take my focus, but I will sometimes do a lot of draft work on a story and leave it there to finalize when I find the time.

Where is the paid subscription content?

In the Library.

Where is the free stuff? Show me the freebies!

Right here under Free.