Wylie Doe
Dragon Shifter

The Paranormal Academy for Troubled Boys

Age: 18 Height: 6’2″

Eye color: ice blue Hair color: white blond

Diagnosis: Alpha tendencies, hatchling still learning powers, can’t transform past arms, fears inner beast

Abilities: Heals with saliva, enhanced senses, razor sharp scales coated to protect against magic, super strength and defense, night vision, allure, magical ability TBD

Shifter form: type 2 shifter, talons and fangs, skin coats with oil black scales with rainbow sheen, eventually has horns, large black wings, long tail and distinguished with white fur that runs from head down to tail tip

BIO: A gang initiation leads to a second chance

Wylie didn’t go into a robbery expecting to learn the origins of his demon arms and also save a life. He’s given up, the same way everyone else has given up on him. So when he gets to the Academy, he’s not sure who he’s supposed to be anymore, just that he has a dragon inside of him in love with a guy he barely knows and that going back—to the gang, to the poverty, to fucking up his life—will be his end.

Wylie never thought of anything like a reason for all the terrible he’s been through, but he’s hoping to at least find a purpose for himself at the Academy.

Wylie’s goto move

In a pinch, Wylie’s dragon will sprout killer scales that protect his arms and turn them into a walking shredder that cuts through anything, be it flesh or metal.

Fun Facts

Humans don’t mate, only shifter beasts. Mating is an instinct driven by the inner beast where the human counterpart doesn’t always agree.

Wylie’s healing saliva originates from his dragon making sure that its prey won’t die when it feeds on blood.

With dragon shifters practically extinct, dragons are notoriously horny, have strong allure, and produce copious amounts of cum to restore their species.

Wylie doesn’t eat huge amounts of food like other shifters to gain energy. Like many magic based shifter beasts, his dragon has another way to feed.

Wylie might have superhuman strength, but if his dragon hasn’t shifted into his bones, he can still get injured by the weight of what he’s lifting.

Wylie has never met a shifter before, and has no idea just how weird they can be.

When Wylie hisses, it means his dragon is trying to call his mate—no matter how ferocious it might sound.

Although Wylie’s scales have a built in mechanism to keep him from slicing himself, he hasn’t found a way to keep them from slashing up anyone else.

Feeling like an outsider because of being a paranormal and in the foster care system, Wylie has a hard time accepting help or money.