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Feminization, dubcon, noncon

Guy cross dressing in roommates things is discovered by her boyfriend. Boyfriend threatens to blackmail him, tell all about his dirty secret unless he lets him touch him, has him on his knees, sucking him off.

Embarrassed, aroused, mc knows he would have done anything in that moment if the other had asked. But he hadn’t. He had left, telling him to stop fucking around with his gf’s things.

The gf and bf at the apartment together, how fucked up they are. The over drinking she does, the fights, the way she passes out most nights. It’s a week later and they’ve come back from a party where she’s made an ass of herself. The Bf is pissed. Puts her to bed. Mc who is watching tv in the livingroom, gets nervous when the bf sits next to him. They hadn’t talked about it but now that he’s there, biceps, angry, filling the space with his presense, he’s impossible to ignore.

I got something for you.


Giving him a long side look, he gets up with his beer and goes to where he left his jacket, pulling out a plastic bag. Tosses it to mc. Mc opens it, his face going red, heart stuttering in his throat.

Thought that color would be better on you. Pastells really aren’t your thing. Black though… black suits you.

Mc raises his gaze from the lingere, only to get caught in bf’s glare. Thank you.

You should try them on. Make sure they fit.

His heart racing, he nods slowly. Licks his lips and gets up, heading for the bedroom. Bf snags his hand as he passes, mc freezing.

Wear that hot wig. It really suits you.

He had gotten a new one even though he had been too nervous to wear it, too afraid that bf might turn on him and his secret would get out.

Dresses alone, unbearably hard, his mind oddly calm as he puts on the makeup. Pigtails, gothy makeup. Bf knocks on the door.


Can I see?

Steps over, opneing the door, finding him leaning heavily on the frame, beer nearly gone. Bf’s eyes sear into him, moving down his body, drinking him in, lingering on his hard dick jutting from the panties. Black definitely suits you.

It’s beautiful, mc whispers, his fingers teasing at the underwear, bf’s eyes again drawn down to his leeking cock.

Do you have shoes?

Biting his lip, mc nods. He turns, stilling as bf’s hot hand moves over his ass, fingers slowly flattening down the twist in his underwear.

Boots, stilleto, zipping them up while he sits on the bed. Bf is still watching from the doorway, as if afraid to step in too close. He’s half relieved. The man just did something to him, overwhelmed, made his dizzy and feel wild until he couldn’t trust himself.

Your boyfriend going to get upset about this?


Me buying you clothes.

I… I don’t have a boyfriend.

Then your girlfriend. It’ll probably piss her off, right?

Blushing red, he shakes his head, the silky strands covering his ducked face. “I’m not seeing anyone.” Hears bf move, hears the door shut and assumes he’s gone. Except when he looks up, he’s there, leaning on the closed door, eyes blazing as they take him in.

You’re lying. A smoking hot freak like you is single?

Uncertain, his gaze slips to the side. Could you not call me a freak?

Fuck, sure. Apologetic. What do you want me to call you?

Leans back on his arms, daring to glance up at bf through bangs. The man was staring at his cock again, his eyes moving up his bare body, down his thighs and legs, but always coming back to his dick. It made his heart race all the more. My name is fine.

You don’t have a chick name?

Thinks about it, shrugging. I’m not a different person just because I dress like this.

What about ___? It could be a nickname for your real name and it’s still kind of girly.

I’m not a girl.

Do you want to be?


But you like to dress like one.



Licks lips. I like looking pretty. I like… I like being looked at and knowing men think I’m pretty.

You’re beyond pretty. You’re the sexiest, most gorgeous person I know. Guy or girl.

Blushes, his gaze growing bolder as he looks up through bangs again. Thank you.

Bf pushes himself from the door, leaving his bottle on the dresser. So, you like men?


His fingers fiddle with the mouth of the bottle before turning back towards him and slowly crossing the distance. MC, about what happened last time…

Nervous, hot, half of him wanting to run, watches him approach, feeling trapped, the room small with him there. Yeah.

I don’t think you’re a freak.


I, uh, probably shouldn’t have… trails off, eyes sliding down to mc’s cock again. I can make it up to you.

Yeah? His breath is so shallow, he’s half afraid he’s going to faint.

Sure. Bf stops, standing in front of mc’s legs. Gently parts them, mc’s breath hitching, eyes going wide as bf kneels between his stilleto boots. Bf is suddenly beneath his eye level and he has never been so turned on in his entire life.

Have you ever…?

No. Glances down, his hand moving up mc’s smooth thigh, thumb gently pulling down the lace material of his thong panties. I owe you, though. It’s only fair.

He could see the want in bf’s eyes, the way he licks his lips in anticipation.

Bf sucks him off, hesitant, exploring, gentle, so sloppy and dirty as he really gets into it, glancing up from time to time. The power MC feels that his beauty has this guy on his fucking knees, sucking his first dick. Mc is losing it, the man never holding his suction long enough, always bringing him to the edge just to back off. At first he thinks it’s from inexperience but then realizes that’s it’s on purpose, the man clearly trying to drive him fucking crazy as their eyes meet. Wraps fingers in his hair, tugging hard, bf groaning.

The knowledge is too much with the eye contact and he comes, bf choking in surprise, half the cum dribbling down his lips and chin. He goes to wipe it away and mc grabs his hand.

Slides down the bed, landing on his knees with the side of the matress behind him as he licks his tongue out, cleaning the cum from his chin. Bf’s moan is gutteral, crazed, his hands finding his hips and pulling him up tight so that he can feel just how hard he is.


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Hey, babes

You ever have someone say ‘Merry Christmas’ to you like they’re really saying ‘fuck you for not being Catholic’? Or is it Christian… Protestant? Baptist? …Muslim? (Have I offended everyone yet?) Who are the super angry ones who think Christmas only belongs to them? It’s a vibe I’ve been picking up this festive holiday season. Huzzah, Christmas. XD The edited version of Apprentice Saga is officially live. Oh, and guess who’s officially on Google Play?! *wink* That was a pretty cool surprise this week. Exhausted. That is the word. @[email protected] Um… Hellcat didn’t happen this week. Not shocked, unfortunately. Just too much going on. Sorry if I’m super late getting back to comments and emails. I think I need the next few days as a vaca (aka, working my ass off in social and holiday settings instead of writing) and I’ll be bright eyed and bushy tailed after… maybe? Ugh. Oh, and I’m plotting something for after Sorcerer Slayer. Like a choose your own adventure story but it’s like a scavenger hunt to find all the sexy story options and I want to hide sexy drawings in there too. I’m not explaining it well, but I’m super excited about the idea. Seriously, I'm beat today and I just woke up. Okay, it’s kinda tough figuring out how to be agnostic when raised Catholic. I mean, for one, holding onto all the guilt (ba-dum-bump! XD) The holidays are a special level of wtf. My end of year goals were to spend this week not broke, not exhausted, and not pissed off at everything (usually this feeling has a lot to do with the first two issues.) Then I ended up in a mall I was well aware was moldy, got sick—am still sick and recovering as the fever keeps coming back—and yeah, basically did it to myself. That feeling of social obligation comes on really strong this time of year and it drove me into a damn mall. Mall—the worst four letter word ever. Buy, or create meaningful things to show you give a fuck about the people you love while having wars over the ‘right’ way to wish someone a nice next couple of days. Ah, Christmas, you do know your roots are pagan, rights? Some people—those really smooth, got it together people—stretch this problem out. They buy over the year so it doesn’t feel like a chore. They manage that social obligation for an entire year because it’s that strong you gotta reach that goal whether it’s now or later… I might be cynical of the people who manage this shit well. I’m a notorious procrastinator who kicks and screams to the bitter end. Don’t get me wrong, I love having fun this time of year and spending it with good people. It just feels like a minefield of avoiding all the other bs that comes along with it. You know what was awesome about the Grinch? By taking all those presents away, he was able to give the little Whoville critters a gift to see you don’t have to be trapped in materialistic systems to be happy. My fuck, I need a Grinch. Come on, mold, you’re green and grumpy. Save me from myself—this is half a joke. XD Only because I was a fucking beast when sick on mold. Like, I made it an excuse to work 3 times as hard as everyone else because, you know, sick and dying. Logic has no place in my brain. (Umm... but read my books cuz I'm totally coherent. I know, my sales pitch is the best. XD)  

The Raven Prince

Anywho, how about some fun, LGBT goodies to read? Jean-Paul Whitehall has his first book out of YA short stories where all the proceeds go to an LGBT charity. If you pick this gem up and like what you read, would you mind putting in a review? Jean’s just building his list and he could use all the help he can get—and it’s a damn fine book! I've only read the first story so far (Our Lady of The Axe), but I couldn’t put it down while eating breakfast. You can snag it on Ninestar and on Amazon!

A hoarding holiday of goodies

The Elves of Christmas - $0.99

Two months before Christmas at the North Pole, Santa’s workshop bustles with activity. Santa is coming early with only half a day’s warning to inspect the elves’ progress! Pepper, who designs and makes special one-of-a-kind dolls, is ordered by his boss Jingle to take time out of toy-making to wash three stories of windows and decorate every room in preparation for Santa. He assigns Ice to assist. But for Pepper, it’s a bit of a problem. Ice is a surly elf, even disrespectful toward Santa, while Pepper reveres Santa to the point of hero-worship.An unlikely pairing, they must work together in order to finish before Santa’s arrival. But can two elves with conflicting value systems even get along? Amidst secrets, resentments, toasted cheese sandwiches, snowman building, a blizzard, and Santa’s nerve-wracking visit, Pepper and Ice discover a mutual attraction. If they can overcome wrongful assumptions and failed expectations, love might just take its natural course and lead them to a Merry Christmas.  

The Raven Prince And Other Stories

Amazon and Ninestar The Raven Prince Sixteen-year-old Mike hopes he can blend in at his new school. Except he’s short, slender, goth-looking with the shiny black hair, black eyes and thick lashes, wears an elegant suit and tie, and drives a Mercedes convertible. He’s also gay, a raven shifter in a human school and eventually he has to be the Raven Prince. Standing up to the bullies who rule the school—Preacher’s Son, Banker’s Son, Sheriff’s Son, Principal’s Daughter—isn’t blending in. When the Four can’t get to Mike, they go after him through his best friend, Johnny, the devoutly straight wrestling star who doesn’t care about the gay thing. If Johnny is hurt, will it take the Raven Prince to get justice? Raven justice?  

An Ex, A Dog, and Winter Wonderlands

What could be worse than a breakup right before Christmas? An old flame who broke you barging back into your life... Vlad has his life together. Great job, great home set in a typical winter wonderland mountain resort, a loving dog, and amazing friends. On top of that, he loves Christmas. All's jolly until the universe conspires to ruin it for him: breaking up with his flaky boyfriend days before the holidays, his former best friend who broke Vlad's heart returning home, and enough snow to ruin all of Vlad's plans. Vlad knows why Geo came home to Romania: to visit his family for Christmas. He wasn't supposed to meet Vlad at the airport, or spend a few days at Vlad's place while his parents are snowed in elsewhere. To protect himself, Vlad does his best to avoid any real connection, but old habits die hard and they find themselves entangled once more. The last time Geo left him, Vlad almost failed to put the pieces back together. However close they get this time, it won't change the fact Geo has to return to his life in another country. Is a little holiday romance worth the heartbreak Vlad knows he'll have to face? An Ex, a Dog, and Winter Wonderlands is a perfect read for those who love Christmas romances and second chances.  

A Broken Sword

The last thing Dursus remembered was Brutus' sword biting into his leg...until he awakened in a strange room and certainly not in Ancient Rome. Mike Dinsmore, a veterinarian, hears a scream and discovers a strange man bleeding profusely in his study. He binds the wound, applies all of his medical knowledge, and nurses the unconscious man back to life. When the man recognizes the broken gladius in Mike's possession, he realizes that like his friends, a gladiator has come through time for him. But Dursus is missing a leg and needs to learn to walk, and to live again. Can he do so with Mike by his side?      

In Case of Emergency: Gay Christmas Romance

Former stepbrothers find Christmas romance under the tree. After years alone, Daniel Diaz is finally ready to shake up his orderly, solitary life. He's about to leave for a cozy Christmas getaway with his new man when he gets the call from the ER that his former stepbrother has been admitted with a concussion and a broken hand—and Cole put him down as his emergency contact. Why the hell would he do that? Daniel barely knows the guy. After all, their parents' marriage lasted less than a year and it was a decade ago! But Cole has no one else to look after him and strict doctor's orders not to be left alone. So fine, Daniel will bring him along on vacation to make sure he doesn't starve or fall into a coma. This is supposed to be Daniel's chance to explore romance again after locking down his feelings for too long—except it turns out his could-be boyfriend is more interested in partying and being an obnoxious jerk. Daniel sends him packing, and now he's stuck with a virtual stranger in an isolated mountain cabin. Cole Smith crushed hard on cranky Daniel when they were teenagers. Alone with him in a romantic winter wonderland, those feelings roar back to life. Glimpsing the caring, vulnerable man under Daniel's frosty shell, he yearns to get closer. Christmas is a time for surprises, and Daniel and Cole discover a scorching connection that just might melt their hearts.  

Dragon Birth - $0.99

A Night Of Passion Can Change Everything Jason has been on the run looking for sanctuary with his past breathing down his neck. One look at Anthony and he begins to think of the possibility for a future. They are remarkably different in so many ways. They’re going to learn the hard way that there’s a fine line between love and hate. One night is all that it will take with far-reaching complications in the cold light of reality. Can they make it work when Jason knows the eyes are following him everywhere?    

A Dye Hard Holiday (Curl Up and Dye Mysteries, #5)

It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of year for Gabe and Josh Roman-Wyatt as they celebrate their first holidays as fathers, but someone’s war on St. Nick threatens to ruin their holly jolly Christmas. The Norman Rockwell holiday they had envisioned implodes and shenanigans ensue in true Josh and Gabe style, but that only makes the couple more determined to rejoice in the love and joy they have found in one another. A Black Friday showdown, two foul-mouthed birds, one lumbersexual, ugly Christmas sweaters aplenty, four invading grandparents, and a sexy twist on an advent calendar lead up to oh, holy nights. Catch up with your favorite characters and meet some new faces in a tale that is sure to make you feel as warm as Josh’s creamy, hot-buttered rum concoction. A Dye Hard Holiday is a funny story about two fathers trying to hold it all together as they juggle busy careers and family life while planning the perfect holiday season. Will they be rocking around the Christmas tree or will it be a blue Christmas? The book is approximately 50,000 words long and is not intended as a standalone book. This supplements the Curl Up and Dye Mysteries series, which should be read in order. This book contains sexually explicit material and is intended for adults 18 and over.  

Apprentice Saga: Demon Bonded Collection #2

Insanity comes in all forms... Ky’s recovery from the overseer Demencious is short lived. His parents have lost all trust in him, and Ky again has to wonder if he’s losing his mind. That is until he starts his first art class at his new college and meets an actual sorcerer apprentice. Liem Kane could have been a typical teenager, but there is something terribly wrong beneath his well-groomed exterior. His demon, Fido, is twisted and abused, the wolf Relic tormented daily by his young master. In his quest to save Fido from certain death, Ky must face Liem’s master. A demon trainer of cruelty that far surpasses his young pupil, Tobias has no qualms in murdering those who disobey. Ky faces off against this monster among men. It's kill or be killed, and Ky isn't sure he can live with either option.  

Hey, babes! <3

Hellcat’s first draft is done. I’m in the process of prettying it up and getting a cover ready. Also working on a cover for the fabulous Wendy (who I need to email back ^^;) Also starting a fun little smut fic of the exclusive kind on the website where Raider is passed around for a while. First scene is already up. Good times.

Poll results

You know how sometimes you feel like you’re stuck with two choices, and then someone comes along in an angelic voice and goes ‘Why not both?’ Yup, that’s where I am right now. Why not both? The Paranormal Academy for Troubled Boys is one of those series that has a message for everyone, just some people can’t hear it because of the sex or the swears. I think of it like some people are inflicted with this terribly painful illness where every time they hear a profanity or come across graphic sex scenes, they cringe. Writing clean is like writing for the human-impaired. They can’t be comfortable with themselves enough to realize words don’t hurt them; their perception of words hurt them. And that’s okay cuz they still want to read a story too, one which doesn’t make them cringe. Lol, or not to offend the fuck out of everyone reading this, let’s just say they don’t like explicit books and they have a right not to. XD So, this has now led to the idea of creating a ‘clean’ Demon Arms book under a new pen name. And when I set up Patreon, I would set up 2. One under the Sadie Sins pen name where the story received for a $1 a month would be the explicit Dorian Black story, and the story under the ‘clean’ pen name would be the censored Dorian Black. Why do both? I still want to reach as wide and audience as possible with Patreon which means nothing adult, but also because the responses from my readers (especially the emails) revealed a story the poll didn’t.

Sadie, don’t stop writing smut!

Don’t worry, babes, I will not. I think writing smut is actually saving the world—I know, so lofty for a fuck fic. Let me explain. When I walk into a bookstore, I see the culture wars on the shelves. How to step on backs to win in business arose a new market of how to win at business without being a shark. Books claiming health comes from eating vegetarian brought books that said to only eat vegan, which brought books of Paleo (to the cries of I need some fucking meat) to books to eat air—this is a real thing. It’s like watching a conversation or argument right in front of you on those shelves. You know the conversation that has to happen in the dark because society makes people so ashamed? Erotica. Sex. Romance has some leeway, cuz hey, sex is alright if it’s ‘love.’ Like saying having fingers are okay if you only use them for typing, otherwise cover them up and hide them away. What’s wrong with your fingers? Nothing, and there is nothing wrong with sex. Marketing is extra dangerous about this kind of thing because it has the power to create cultural and societal movements through perception. Marketing creates an illusion that all your friends and neighbors and anyone in the know is following a trend. Peer pressure—they warn you about it with bullies but not with marketing. The Internet exaggerates it--you're familiar computer screen telling you that the huge world of the Internet believes this. Sometimes marketing goes the opposite; only the elite few know about this secret. Be one of us and be special. It doesn’t take much for an idea to sink in that it’s a norm. When you hear a million people are into a new exercise fad, you don’t think wow, out of the billions of people on the planet, only 1 million means it’s less than 0.01% of the population. Our brains don’t jump that way. A million is everyone and you’re weird for not doing it too. Censorship is one of those things where they want you to think everyone feels this way which is why all the big platforms have to follow suit. They don't have conversations about it, they just erase what they don't like. They have to or their readers will revolt—it’s not for religious reasons to satisfy a small percent of the population who morally judges the rest of us. No, it’s totally a business move. (this is sarcasm, just in case it's not clear. XD) Censorship is for the uncomfortable—the percent of people insecure about their bodies to the point they need explicit sex to disappear from the market for them to feel safe. The same way bigots need gay people or poc to disappear so they can feel safe about the world they live in. Why do I compare these? Because it's the same to me. Something natural in the human form is singled out and labeled 'unnatural' and then ethics and morals and gods and even science (there were movements to try and prove through science different races weren't really human so not worthy of equal rights) are all created to justify those beliefs. Ethnic cleansing and genocide still happen to this day among so many people who are okay with themselves and others. When Trump was elected, it made it feel like every neighbor you had might be a white supremacist if you lived in America because millions voted for him. It’s not the case but it’s how the human mind is limited in its perception. A million = everyone. One bad thing on the news is happening everywhere. One rational reason to hurt many is accepted because it's seen to be accepted already. So in censorship I see consequence of normalizing self shame and self hate. Sex is normal and healthy, and sex fantasies are just as much so, no matter the form they come in. It’s why I focus on taboo subjects because someone has to show that it’s okay. It’s normal—and it’s fucking sexy to write! Not being allowed to have those fantasies is far more detrimental than whatever ‘eroding of civilization’ the fear mongers trot out when they cry for censorship. Repression leads to shame, self hate, suicide and disconnect from the body. There are still cultures where they think being gay or gender fluid is a crime punishable by death. It can make it scary to notice gay books being censored more than straight ones because those censoring are deciding some ideas are okay only if they're between a man and a woman. Censorship feeds those dangerous ideas that being normal isn’t normal and deserves to be destroyed. It can compel someone with absolutely normal sexual urges to go into a gay club in Florida and start shooting. Censorship creates the next generation of broken people who don’t even understand the message is a lie, because the push back against that message isn’t on the shelves. It’s hidden away in the gutter and dark 'protecting' people from their natural thoughts. Censorship asks normal people to not be themselves so others can be comfortable. Ridiculous. We shouldn’t be cutting off our limbs to make those uncomfortable with their bodies feel okay about the world. You just bleed out because you’re not allowed to be whole, and the broken still hate themselves because they can’t accept their sexuality, or they can't stop feeling their self identity is infringed upon when other people exist naturally with a different sexuality, or skin color, or language (insert irrational reason here) than their conceived norm. Censorship and self hate aren't norms, they just appear to be because millions are still quick to hate themselves and fit themselves into little ugly boxes to make those around them happy--or more, to have the angry people leave them the fuck alone. Censorship takes money from those who write things being censored--it's an attack on livelihoods. Those okay with the world don't ask for censorship or the erasing of ideas. Only those not okay, only those angry, full of judgement, self hate directed outward demand others be different. And if all those demands were gone? If we were allowed to be how we are in a natural state not ashamed of self, our bodies, our skin, our urges, would we hurt others so much? I don't think so. You already stop hurting yourself when you accept who you are. That's one person every day who is hurt less. I bet the number is exponential when it's everyone. So, in this clean project, I just want to offer a little grain of hope that if you learn to love yourself as you are, and allow others to be as they are, you won’t suffer so much. The same message you find in Demon Arms, just translated for those who cringe. Lol, that was a wall of text. This was supposed to be a short newsletter since I woke up late. Huh, that’s what I get for tripping over the soapbox again. XD Goodies down below. <3 Hope you enjoy.

The Detective's Pleasure - $0.99

“You’ll kneel for me without me having to tell you to. And when you do, you’ll feel so much better. Trust me.” - Detective Sam Roberts Officer Ryan Bennett: An ambitious and smart young officer on Houston’s police force. He’s pursuing a promotion to the city’s elite SWAT team with a single mindedness that won’t accept any outcome but success. But Ryan wants more than a coveted position on SWAT. He wants to give himself up to a strong Dominant who will make him shudder with pleasure beneath a firm yet loving hand. Unfortunately, Ryan has had nothing but failure in that part of his life. Now, he’s hidden that dream away, and refuses to let anyone close enough to see what he truly desires. Detective Sam Roberts: Cool and calm, Detective Sam Roberts is good at reading people, during the day as a detective and at night as a Dom. He sees past the hard layer of arrogance surrounding Officer Ryan Bennett to the hurt submissive hiding beneath. He wants to help Ryan, even though the stubborn young man resists him. He’s determined to help Ryan embrace the soft, giving nature of his submissive side. If Sam is successful, will he give the young officer the very thing he’s wanted for so long?

GAY: 20 Stories Man on Man First Time - $0.99

20 of the filthiest m/m stories with the biggest men all in one box set!            

Deep Magic: A Mythological Romance - Free

Where does magic end and love begin? Oliver Evans spent his youth spinning one tall tale after another until it got him over his head in trouble. Returning as an adult to his grandmother's cottage in Aberdaron, Olly is determined to put his past behind him and settle down. But the misty Llŷn Peninsula hides dangerous secrets. Olly is torn between the Longing, a powerful force driving him away from the only home he has ever known, and the growing conviction that the merman prince of his childhood make-believe is real--and in desperate need of Olly's help. There is more truth in Olly's stories than he realises. If he is to have any chance of righting past wrongs and rescuing his prince, Olly must navigate the truth in his old stories and discover the magic right in front of him. But Olly has a powerful enemy on the ​Llŷn, an ancient king who would like to end Olly's story-telling permanently. Written for the M/M Romance Groups 2015 Don't Read in the Closet event, Deep Magic is a free gay romance novel produced with the support and effort of members of the M/M Romance Group. A fantasy romance with a gothic bent, Deep Magic will take you deep into Welsh mythology and folklore, featuring the morgen, Welsh mermen, and the notorious water-horse, the Ceffyl Dwr. Deep Magic contains adult situations and should be read with discretion. The story began in Deep Magic continues in Morgen Curse and Morgen Song.


Was he growing horns? Motherfuck, he might be growing horns.

Sean gingerly touched the throbbing flesh of his forehead while he tried to keep from swaying. The fever of yesterday had returned in full force. Wandering through the freezing cold city while lost in Noct District wasn’t helping anything. He finally found Mystic Highrise, but Sean couldn’t bring himself to actually approach the building.

Sean groaned as his forehead pulsed painfully. He was either having the world’s worst headache, or he was growing horns. Fuck, he didn’t want to be here.

He was at what he hoped was a safe distance, ducked behind the fountain in the courtyard. Sean stared up at the dark, towering building, and if ever a building could stare back, Mystic Highrise did. The skyscraper was huge. It was taller than any other building in the area and had Gothic flourishes hidden among the gargoyles that perched on its ledges. The numerous windows were tinted black, and their mirror smooth surface reflected the red and purple sky that was growing darker as each second ticked by.

It was sunset and a quiet, rather brilliant voice inside Sean whispered he should wait a little longer. If Magnolia were dead, she wouldn’t need rescuing. If she died, he wouldn’t need to go running into a building full of terrible witches and their pet dragons to save her. It would make everything so much easier.

Unfortunately, Sean made a habit of ignoring the brilliant, if not dickishly selfish voice inside him. He leaned down and dipped his hands into the fountain and took another pass at his face with the chilling water. Eddy, the guy from the alley, had been kind enough to lend Sean his shirt for as long as he might be alive to need it. It was so generous during a time he expected the worst of people, Sean was still reeling from it. It almost relieved the awkwardness of being caught painfully hard in an alley while streaked in blood. Almost.

Eddy might have thought he had a shot at him. Fuck, if his tentacles were really tentacles, he just might. Even with Eddy’s weird hair, intimidating height, and double-pupil eyes, Sean couldn’t help but check the guy out. He was hot, and built, and clearly up for sex. His hair was too short, but if those tentacles could do even half the things Soot’s tails did…

Sean stifled a groan and threw more water on his face. It had to be the demon blood. Sean hadn’t felt right since Soot fed him his blood. He was so horny, and the world kept slipping by like maybe he was drugged out his mind.

The shirt was nice, at least, if not a bit too big. It was a stylish gray button down with a few burgundy diagonal stripes that cut across his chest and shoulder. It had readily come off of Eddy after Sean explained how his demon of a boyfriend ditched him in an alley over some stupid argument. For some reason, learning Sean was dating a demon had been interesting to Eddy. Apparently paranormals thought the humans who dated demons was a thing. Like to date a demon was the wildest kink of the underworld, and anyone who did meant they were up for anything.

Sean had to admit, the preconception might not be wrong. After everything he’d been through with Soot, he’d been craving some weird sex. Tentacle level weird.

Sean made sure his skin was clean of blood before combing fingers through his hair to pull the messy locks from his face. The shirt wasn’t exactly warm, but his fever seemed to be helping him not care. What really mattered was he looked presentable enough to get into that building. He needed to look normal, like a professional and not a desperate slob off the street looking to save a witch so he could get his life back.

He didn’t feel normal. His heart was pounding in his ears like a drum. He wanted to blame it on fear, on the very obvious likelihood this was going to get him killed. Fuck, it seriously was. He was totally going to die trying to get into that building. Still, it wasn’t enough to send Sean running in the opposite direction. It wasn’t enough to stop him from feeling like he was one more chilling breeze away from running into the wilderness and never coming back.

Soot. He needed to find Soot. The fucker did something to him and it was only getting worse.

Sean slumped forward with hands braced on the fountain’s edge as another wave of heat him. His gums pulsed around his new fangs. His throat was unbearably dry no matter how much he drank, and his muscles were tight and straining in a way that made him feel puffy and feverish. Crazy. He felt crazy, and pissed off, and so freaking horny. The bastard left him hard and aching in an alley with no relief. Worse, he didn’t come back. Sean was lucky he hadn’t fucked Eddy. Shit, he wanted to fuck Eddy. The guy had a gorgeous, hard body. And those tentacles in his hair… It would have been hot. Freaky sexy. Sean was pretty sure anything would be hot if he could just get off already and feel some relief, which Soot would have realized if he stayed. But no, Soot just up and vanished.

And over what, exactly? He just said TJ’s name, the fucking emo dumbass. It wasn’t like he even had a chance with TJ. It wasn’t like it was ever going to be anything more than his pathetic crush. It wasn’t a reason to run off. It wasn’t a reason to… Fuck, TJ was hot. Like begging for dick, on his knees hot.

Sean groaned. Fuck, what did that damn demon do to him? He was aching all over, and now he was bombarded with images of fucking TJ. They were dirtier than Sean’s normal fantasies. Crueler and dominating. He wanted to do so much to TJ and the hunger burning in him was only transforming his unrequited feelings into something dark and twisted. Oh, but it was a sexy twisted.

The fountain danced before him as water flitted human shapes that twirled and spun in a cascade of magic fueled movement. Sean’s stomach churned warningly and he hunched and closed his eyes until the world stopped rocking.

Sean wasn’t sure how he was going to find Soot, but when he did, he was going to beat the fuck out of him. Soot didn’t just ruin his stuff, no, he destroyed his body and his brain. He changed his DNA. He stripped his humanity away like it wasn’t his to begin with. Not okay. Seriously, not okay. Yes, Sean might have some issues with relationships but he could honestly say he’d never stolen someone’s humanity away before.

The sun was a mere glow on the horizon behind the wall of skyscrapers. It would be nothing to just wait it out a little longer. Sean glared at his glossy reflection in the water, unable to ignore the strange sharpness to his pupils he could see far too clearly while during twilight and without his glasses. If he let Magnolia die—pain in the ass that she was—he’d never get back to normal. Either she had a spell to reverse what happened, or she’d help him track Soot down. There was no way Sean would be able to find the demon if he left the planet and returned to whatever pit in hell he crawled out of. No, he had to do this.

Damn it, he never should have left his apartment. It was like his subconscious fucking knew the moment he went outside, his life would turn to shit. Damn that cat.

Sean walked stiff-legged from the shelter of the fountain and moved across the concrete courtyard. The wide stairs led up to a disconcertingly symmetrical front entrance where flowering bushes, statues, and even the grass all mirrored itself too perfectly. Sean’s eyes darted as he furtively watched the gargoyles who were hanging on the side of the towering building. They twisted and breathed, clearly spelled to ensure no one was confused the stone guardians were indeed alive and dangerous. Most of the gargoyles were shaped like exotic serpentine dragons with tongues and tails that constantly undulated but never tangled. A few hulked, brutish gargoyles lurked at the top of the building, their shapes just barely made out in the fading light. Their dark presence was a weight waiting to fall, crush and maim whoever dared to come too close.

Dead birds littered the pavement at the base of the building, proof of the gargoyles indiscriminate protection. It was hard to stare at the lifeless bodies and not imagine being among the dead. Even wings didn’t allow those broken bird the power to escape the magic of this cruel, oppressive place. What little hope did he have?

Sean stopped his cautious steps before the four sets of gold-trimmed glass doors. A gargoyle crouched above the entrance, and gravel sprinkled down as it slashed razor sharp claws into the stone for purchase. Eddy promised that just having held a witch’s wand that day would be enough to get past the magical guardians. It sounded possible at the time. Sean’s back pocket still vibrated like he might be slightly radioactive from holding Magnolia’s wand for so long. Now though, while staring at a creature with fangs longer than his fingers and far sharper, Sean wasn’t so sure. For all he knew, Eddy thought a nerd being eaten alive by a swarm of gargoyles was the funniest joke ever.

This was such a bad idea. He had no plan, no clue. Sean fidgeted nervously and looked back the way he came. Well, fuck, what was he really going to do? Like he could go back to his trashed apartment, grab what scraps were left of his life, and move in with TJ? Yeah, that wasn’t fucking happening.

He was so screwed. Fucking cats. Fucking men. The combination of both in one beautiful, chaotic demon was the epitome of monstrous. Damn, he hated all these feelings. Once again his heart fucked him.

Sean squared his shoulders and turned to meet the gargoyle’s suspicious, empty eyes. “Hey, I gotta get into that building. I have an appointment with a witch.” Or whatever. It was the damn help, after all, if even that. The gargoyles were more like over-sized guard dogs, really. He wasn’t even sure the spelled creatures had the brains to understand language.

No response came from the stone dragon, and Sean shrugged and reached for the nearest door handle. A mistake, he quickly realized. A hiss cut through the air, and Sean gasped as something cold and heavy coiled around his shoulders. He froze, and all the breath rushed out of him at once as he felt the deadly power contained in the tail. His mind raced valiantly as he tried to think of a proper lie to keep him from being pulled up into those deadly jaws and crushed.

“Wrong door.”

Sean yelped as he was propelled sideways without further explanation. He caught himself on the tinted glass and blinked up. The gargoyle had already turned away dismissively and its tail flicked back and forth in sweeping arcs. Sean came back to himself, snatched the door handle, pulled, and scurried inside the building. He exhaled heavily when the door shut behind him and he remained alive and not remotely maimed.

Crazy. This was utterly crazy. Just what the fuck was he planning on doing?

Sean pushed off the door and looked around as he tried to get his bearings. Mystic Highrise was like the majority of office buildings he’d been in, except this felt more like the lobby of an expensive hotel than a place of business. The floor was made of black, glossy tile with glittery gold grout. There was a bank of golden elevators to the left behind a reception desk surrounded by huge vases of elegant black and purple roses. Sean bit his lip and stilled when he noticed the three receptionists across the room standing at the desk.

It would be impossible to slip past them without being seen. Not that he knew wherever the fuck he needed to go. Without Jamie to call, he was absolutely out of his depths.

There was no point turning back now, right? Well, not unless he wanted to jump back outside with those giant stone monsters and see if they thought he still smelled like magic. Crap.

Sean’s footsteps echoed uncomfortably loud in the large entry hall as he slowly crossed to the desk. He needed a plan, some sort of brilliant lie, but his mind kept drawing a blank. He needed to find a way to get to Magnolia and… and what? He had no wand or way to contact Jamie. He wasn’t even sure what was going to happen to the witch. Did draining magic actually kill a person? Was it like stealing blood?

Sean readily admitted he was terrible under stress. This always happened to him. He didn’t test well, and all his arguments turned into huge freakouts because he could never keep his shit together. And really, why should he expect this to go any better? He was dressed like a vagabond while in the middle of professional luxury. He was covered in wounds, dirt and blood, and he was totally going to be thrown out by security. That, or shot… spelled? Witch security probably spelled. It probably even more. So he was going to be spelled and kicked out on his ass, and while he was being eaten alive by those gruesome gargoyles, Magnolia would be drained. Game over. No respawn. No do over. The End.

“Can I help you?”

“Uh, what?” Sean started and blinked rapidly. At some point he must have made it to the receptionist desk. The scent of roses was a noxious perfume as his eyes fixed on a twenty-something, impeccably groomed man behind the desk. Fuck, he was so under-dressed for this place. Jeans were not the right choice for saving a witch from Mystic Highrise. The receptionist’s young age might have set Sean at ease, except he was standing stiff as a board while wearing a suit. There was a headset attached to his ear and Sean had a moment to wonder if security would be called as the guy’s expression soured to impatient the longer Sean floundered for words. His critical stare of Sean’s state of being wasn’t helping.

“State your business,” the receptionist snapped impatiently. “Hurry up, now.”

The guy was hot. Like, if he didn’t have a stick up his ass and look like he wanted to hit him… Hell, Sean wasn’t feeling picky at the moment. The guy was hot enough even if he didn’t have weird tentacles or a tail or five.

“Uh, I’m Sean Slater,” he finally managed to blurt out around his messed up thoughts. Sean’s eyes widened immediately after, and he clicked his mouth shut. He hadn’t wanted to tell anyone that. He was there to rescue Magnolia, and giving his name was totally going to put him in danger if the police became involved.

Would the police be involved? There was a dragon. The police should be involved, but then, hadn’t Jamie said something about a body needing to be found first?

Oh shit, would it be his body?

“And what do you do, Sean Slater?” The receptionist sighed when Sean stared back blankly with panic clear in his green eyes. “State your business. Are you looking for a mage, a sage, a necromancer? What do you want?” he practically growled. “You do have an appointment, correct?”

Death. This was totally going to lead to his death. “IT.” Sean coughed awkwardly, his voice a rasp of nerves. “I’m with IT.”

“Oh.” The receptionist blinked pale eyes and raised his hand to touch a finger to the headset hooked to his ear. He fixed his sharp gaze on Sean as he listened to whoever was talking on the other end.

Sean’s mind raced as he tried to think of something to follow up with. Being there to save Magnolia seemed a little too on the nose. He needed to speak to Divia? He wasn’t sure who the enemy was just yet. If he gave away…

“Mr. Slater, we’ve been expecting you.”

“What?” Sean took an involuntary step back. He looked to the other two employees, a woman and an even younger man who was glowing with magic, to see if they were already calling for backup to capture him. Sean’s pulse calmed a little when he saw they weren’t paying him any attention but instead staring at screens as they typed away.

“We’ve been waiting on IT for over two hours now. Becky, ring her up.” The receptionist’s voice turned clipped as he addressed his colleague and moved out from behind the desk. “With me, Mr. Slater. Hurry up. Time is of the essence. It does not do to keep her waiting.”

“Her?” Sean parroted as he got his wobbly knees to work enough to follow after. He wasn’t fully sure his brain was working as it should. Everything was too hot, and his headache was much worse when he moved.

The receptionist stepped briskly to the set of elevators, and Sean did his best not to stare at the guy’s ass. He was losing his mind. He was certain he was facing death at every turn, but that fear had no power over Sean’s dick.

“She’s in a foul mood, so don’t get too chatty.” The receptionist stopped and pulled a key from his pocket, which he inserted it a slot above the elevator buttons. “The tech has been iffy all day, and no one can get a signal in the building. It’s thrown off schedule of everything.” Pale eyes pierced accusingly, as if Sean first destroyed all their tech just to come in and fix it. Sean would have taken it personally, but it was not the first time he’d gotten such looks. People got really pissed when they couldn’t get Internet.

The elevator chimed open, and Sean stared into the small, golden room. “Uh.”

“She’s expecting you.” The receptionist glared when Sean refused to move. “It took you two hours to get here. The least you can do is actually get the job done,” he muttered under his breath as he shoved Sean by the shoulder and pushed him into the elevator.

Sean grabbed the elevator wall before he could slam his nose into it, and whirled with eyes wide. The condescending look on the receptionist face didn’t alleviate his fears of having just entered the gaudiest coffin ever. Sean watched as the young man reached in and pushed a button and withdrew his hand. The doors began to close, and Sean fought a whimper.

“Wait. Where am I going?” he asked desperately.

The hand returned as did the scathing glare of the receptionist as he held the elevator open. “Are you insane or just stupid?”

“Uh…” Sean wasn’t sure how he wanted to answer such a question. He was feeling pretty damn crazy at the moment. “I’m new?”

“Of course you are. Fucking cowards.” The receptionist moved on before Sean could ask what he meant. “Mr. Slater, the union will protect you from being killed by someone like me. It doesn’t mean Divia will put up with any nonsense. Do your job and get out.”

“Divia?” Oh, fuck. Sean bit his lip. “Do you mean…?”

“There is only one Divia, and I have no interest in being at the wand end of her bitch rant just because you want to blather. Go. Now.” He released the elevator door. Sean lunged to stop it from closing but was too slow. The elevator lurched, and he grabbed the wall as it began to ascend.

Crap. Crap, he was so screwed.

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