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Vincent just back from a talk with Mr McPherson. All these kids just came into the Academy, sucked into their own personal drama like it meant anything. Vincent knew the world, knew what’s important.

Vincent is looking out the window, not certain he wants to be out in the lounge with the shifters and sorcerers. They knew, or at least, they suspected. They knew he wasn’t like them. That he would never be like them. It unsettles him. He was okay when he could fake it, when this weight of who he was, what he did was only seen by him. But if the others knew? It would all come crashing down. He would lose all redemption. He could lie to himself right now. He could pretend that what he did was honorable, the only choice he had to save their lives. Once his secret got out, that option was gone and he’d have to face the monster he really was.

He didn’t kill to save. He killed because he hated those men and women. He hated them so much he couldn’t bear to let them live another day. If he wanted to save those shifters and demons, he would have done it years ago. He would have been brave, like Fox who cared only about his family back home. All he had to do was mention an opportunity to fight back and Fox was ready. Vincent never fought back, he gave in. He grew small, complacent, and rigid all to survive in a situation where others didn’t.

He shouldn’t have survived. He should have fought. He should have saved them or died like all the others.

Hears arguing through the door and shakes his head. They were falling apart, afraid. If only he could have killed that bastard.

chw 15


The shifters. Heller. A lead, after some magical violence. Dead werewolf, Vale proves to be ruthless as he decapitates the witness. A certain gang has the crimson wolf. They’re going to sell him before the moon for the right to turn him. Time is running out.

chw 12


The apartment outside, the stairwell, the gang following up, filling up the space. Corey’s inside, calling to Sage from the bedroom, asking where the fuck he’s been. He’s been waiting for the damn pain in the ass. Did he get any money—

Money? Frey speaks up, stalking into the living room, Corey swearing from the unfamiliar man’s voice. He comes out of the bedroom with his bat, a beer in hand. Who the fuck are you? Sage, did you seriously let these fuckers into the house?

Sage is shaking and for the first time it’s not fully out of fear of Corey. He’s afraid of Frey, afraid of the damn near animalistic power these men were standing with.

Frey has some questions for Corey. About Sage. Why he hurts him. Why he gives a fuck if he’s having sex. What—did you get off, you little freak! I fucking warned you—Frey grabs the bat when Corey goes to swing it, snarling as the nails bit into his hand. Corey stares at him, hissing when Frey starts to heal. Fuck—you’re one of them.

He was drunk, couldn’t notice their odd eyes in the light. Sage, you brought fucking werewolves into the house! Taylor’s hand grabbed his again, the small boy edging in front of him like he was a shield. But Sage wasn’t afraid for himself. Frey looked terrifying, the man taller, puffing. He was a werewolf, a leader of a pack of werewolves, and when they had problems, they dealt with it one way. By killing.

Corey, just answer his questions, Sage pleaded, his eyes wide and full of unshed tears. Don’t… don’t fight these guys.

Motherfucker! Glaring at where Sage and Taylor were holding hands, Corey wrenched his bat from Frey’s hand, only to have his throat grabbed by the werewolf leader. Listen to your brother, Corey.

He’s not my brother, Corey snarled. He’s some fucking halfbreed that I should have let the werewolves eat years ago, he spat out against the hold. I should have known he’d find his family of freaks eventually.

What are you saying? Sage whispered.

He’s lying, Taylor said furiously. He’s just trying to hurt you for bringing them here.

Like fuck. His father was a dog cock and now the little bitch has found a pack of them. Just like sick ass mom—she got them both killed. If she had stayed the fuck away from the shifters, the werewolves never would have come for us. She got dad killed cus she was a cheating whore.

Enough, Frey snarled. He pushed Corey like a ragdoll, Jared catching him and grabbing the man by the mouth so he couldn’t speak.

Sweetness, does he hurt you? Frey tears Sage’s shirt off, revealing the boy’s old scars. Don’t kill him, Frey. He hurts you—hates you. How long until he decides he doesn’t want you to live anymore? That he can’t share space with a shifter? Then I’ll leave, Sage pleaded, tears falling when Frey licked up the side of his neck. Come live with me, pet. I’ll take care of you. Make sure he’ll never hurt you again. Give you everything you need. Don’t kill him. He’s all I have left. You have us now, baby. You’re never going to be alone again. No one is ever going to hurt you.

Fucking shit, Taylor whispered, covering his eyes when he heard the crack of bones, Jared’s fingers biting into Corey’s face. Wide eyed, Sage stared straight into Frey’s golden eyes, his breath coming out in hyperventilating gasps, Corey’s scream rising up.

He’s nothing, pretty. A piece of meat that’s been rotting out here, poisoning good people, good minds. The weak die and he is weak while we are strong. Frey crushes his mouth to his, Sage gasping, turning his head away only to be lifted up, Frey wrapping his arms around him while kissing him deep. Corey’s scream cut off abruptly, a sickening crack breaking in the air, Jared’s growl ripping through the room as the man’s body dropped in a heap on the floor.

Frey works at a crying Sage until the boy agrees he’ll go back with him, be his. He’s hard, taken next to the cooling, bloodied corpse of Corey.

New Monthly Freebie! 💥

Alright, peeps, New Monthly Freebie!

Thinking a lot about Demon Bonded lately so I’m doing the first saga free to read for the month. Enjoy, babes. ^.^

Hey, remember that gorgeous cover I was showing off last week? Wendy’s book is out! It’s got abduction, smoking hot gods looking for sex slaves, and sexy shapeshifters. You can snag it on Amazon today.

December plans. Sorcerer Slayer, An Academy Christmas bonus novella (yeah, you heard me and it’ll be in the freebie section,) finish up Intangible, and the exclusive Chasing Raider fic. Oh, and Hellcat—this week or next depending on me finishing up the final draft.

Looking at a more definitive writing schedule. I might not always meet my goals—I’ve been pretty lax lately. I think I’ve needed that. I didn’t know how to remove the stress from writing, those feelings of expectation I place on myself that would lead me to writing and editing for weeks straight, only to collapse once a project is done. It wasn’t a great process, constantly breaking. These months have allowed me to see where my hiccups are in my process, where I need to learn to trick my brain. One is definitely editing. My fuck, I hate editing. I hate going back when it’s done. It’s done, damn it, and the creative energy has already faded. I’m starting to see the big picture in it all and I want to create a goal oriented schedule that exploits my limitations best. I want to really weed through all the projects that are waiting and see where I want my energy to go. Once Sorcerer Slayer is done, everything is fair game and I want a plan.

Top goal? Demon Bonded

I keep coming back to the Patreon dilemma with adult content, and the reality is, the more I fuss about it, the less I’m paying attention to the fucking point, which is to allow people to help me stay afloat to create. The real point being, I want to create! So, fuck it. Fuck trying to fit in with the ‘acceptable,’ sexless content which isn’t buried by the search engines, and just accept that society will continue to punish content that has anything sexual in it. I can’t change the world, and I can’t change myself, so why not just fucking embrace what I do in the capacity I can? Sex will be punished—might as well make it kinky at the time. *wink*

I’m going to put the Glamorous Dorian Black on the back burner for now, and focus on Demon Bonded. Adult content—Sadie Sins’s content—for Patreon. I adore Demon Bonded, I am not happy with how much time is passing between episodes, and I think this is the solution. Goals with something to keep me accountable but not stressed out. Once it’s set up, anyone who donates $1 to my Patreon will be able to read every update to Demon Bonded that comes along as it’s written before the book is published.

I might try something in the future that is more all ages friendly—or maybe not. I can talk till I’m blue in the face how I ‘want’ to do something, what a good, smart idea it is, but the reality is, I can’t always make myself do shit. If I can’t believe in it, or can’t fully understand it, I can’t do it. I’m not motivated to censor myself—I’m actually realizing I don’t even know how to. When I write even a simple romance, I put the characters in the body, the same as an action scene, but while in an action scene you can have someone’s arm be ripped off and no one bats and eye, you can’t give a guy an erection without someone getting upset in a clean romance. How do you describe body scenes to people who want to believe that it’s a plastic smooth finish over the crotch region? I’d have to change my writing style completely in a way I can’t really identify. I don’t know the line, I don’t cringe, so… yeah.

It confuses me, it makes me unhappy trying to find the line and stick to it, and yeah, I am wholeheartedly admitting I don’t want to try it right now. I love the idea of it, but not the actual work it takes. It is frustrating to look back at a story I love like Demon Arms and try to figure out what is the ‘right’ way to show how these characters feel about each other without involving their bodies. The profanity is an easy fix, but the simple body reactions to attraction is a mess. We live in bodies. Our bodies experience everything from emotions to actions. It’s impossible for me to separate the two. It might actually be unhealthy for me to try.

I’m happy to say I don’t disassociate anymore, and I don’t want to write books that help others disassociate. The times I’ve existed on meds that have dulled my ability to feel sexual attraction, I felt lacking, not complete, not in my body. I know there are plenty of Ace people out there, but that is not my norm and I can’t write that way. Maybe some time in the future I’ll be able to see it differently and try something more mass appeal, or hey, maybe never. I’d rather do the writing that makes me happy, so that’s where I’m going to focus for now.

The best made plans, aka, hopes don’t lead to shit

With the death of Pronoun, I need to move all the Demon Bonded episodes to new locations. It’s going to take a little transition time, which is why I’ve been stalling. Ugh, I hate needless work. But it’s going to happen because I’m screwed otherwise. I realized I had a plan to get that cover for Apprentice Saga up last month and it didn’t happen. Let me just say, it’s really easy to have a ton of plans. It’s the steps one takes to get shit done that actually gets shit done. (Lol, I’m so poetic.)

I was actually trying to explain this to someone I’m helping set up a website. I’m blessed with the ability to not just have ideas, but to break those ideas down into manageable, actionable steps which result in things like books, paintings, websites, series, etc. I don’t think of myself as particularly creative, talented, or brilliant. I see the same drive, the same spark in so many people, they just don’t know how to get from an idea to a finished project. It’s like cleaning a room; some people can get so overwhelmed with what looks like a mountain of work that they’re exhausted before they start. But if you know the goal and you can break it down, and are willing to take each step (which is again broken down) you will get to that end goal eventually. If you can motivate yourself so that each step is a mini-goal, you’re literally making the process inspire you instead of thinking the end goal alone is the only way to be happy. When that goal feels completely unreachable, it is impossible to motivate yourself for long. It’s not about reaching goals, it’s about maintaining your motivation with long projects.

That might seem obvious but until some people can really understand it, they can’t get past the overwhelm of the huge goal. Like the guy with the website. It wasn’t until I made him sit down and actually plan out the function of his website and what his customers would need from him, and in that process he could conceive what steps he would need to do to fulfill each goal for his customers, that he was able to finally feel inspired. Before this planning process, it was impossible. Now it’s not only possible, it’s going to happen because he can conceive it in his mind from beginning to end. So funny how powerful perspective can be. His website wasn’t any closer to being made but in his mind it was now a promise instead of a dream.

It’s really about not being so fucking hard on yourself. We can be so hard on ourselves. It’s saying okay to writing a short 10,000 word episode of a story because you know eventually it will be more—Demon Bonded is now over 139,000 words. A spark of an idea I had while back in college that I never at that time could have conceived would exist, never mind in the form it is. It was my first ‘big’ original idea for a story and at the time I didn’t know if I could do it. I knew I wanted to see it come to life, but I didn’t even think of myself as a writer when I started writing. But yeah, blessed with the ability to bullshit my brain into believing that one step is a goal worth achieving.

It wasn’t a failure to not write a novel, it was a success to write an episode. To write a scene, then another, and another, and fucking win at one short story. Then do it again—hey, I had proof at that point I could do it. Two years later, I have a ton of proof I can do this, even if I can still feel lost when I sit down to write. It’s the belief that what I’m doing can be exactly what I want that has more power to keep me going than anything else.

It can be applied to anything. I think that’s why it’s so easy for me to believe in others. I know anything is achievable if broken down. Some things become automatic after a while. It’s a system of success. The same way some people get up every day and go to work, others realize they could be doing a little of one thing every day to reach a big goal. Anyone can do this, they just need to see it’s possible.

Omega’s Doctor

Dateless and desperate

Steve’s sister is getting married and he needs a date. As the day looms, he agrees to a blind date for the wedding. A blind date can’t be worse than going alone, right?

But the man ends up being tall, dark and alpha. Steve can’t believe his good luck. Ned, is gorgeous. Even better, the wedding festivities last far beyond the vows and cake. Ned and Steve enjoy a steamy weekend together. It’s not long before the men know this was meant to be.

But Fate confronts them with a cruel twist. Both men work for the same hospital and aren’t allowed to date fellow employees. Even worse, Steve’s mother vows to tear the men apart. She’s determined Steve should date someone else. Someone better. To top things off, Ned and Steve start getting threatening letters. Between shadowy threats and spiteful relatives, things aren’t easy for Ned and Steve.

When Steve finds he’s pregnant, both men are overjoyed. They cling to the hope of a blissful future together. The odds stack up. There’s Steve’s meddlesome mother, a hospital policy banning fraternization, menacing and anonymous letters. And worst of all, pregnancy complications.

But Ned hasn’t come this far to watch his omega suffer. The alpha is determined to fight for Steve, their baby and a chance at happily ever after…

Omega’s Doctor is over 38,000 words of alpha/omega mpreg, gay romance, male pregnancy, passion, sexy scenes, weddings, time with the baby and a HEA.

The Vampire’s Search For Love

Would You Be Willing To Sacrifice Your Riches For True Love?

Valentin, the King, can kill for his love. He can even defy the rules of the Daunsal. But what about his kingdom? Will he forego his own Kingdom just for the love of this life? And what about his lover?

The bloodsuckers are known to quench their thirst through human blood. They are the lowest ranking vampires in the clan. Looked down upon, the Daunsal meets every bloodsucker with livid comments.

Chasing Raider 2


Raider was all nerves and doubt the moment he stepped into Will and Chris’s room. He waited until none of the shifters were around. He didn’t want anyone to know his plan. He wasn’t even sure if Christopher could help him, and he sure as hell didn’t want to be made fun of if the other guys found out.

Will was reading a book on his bed when Raider knocked on the door frame. They always left their door open since everyone liked to hang out in the tree room. Still, Raider hesitated when he saw Will’s surprised expression. He never visited, like, ever. Shifters and sorcerers might freak Raider out, but the type of paranormals William and Christopher were took it to another level. They weren’t human. They weren’t ‘right,’ or so, at least Raider’s raccoon was insisting as the scent of elf and incubus surrounded him.

“Hey, Raider. What’s up?” Will closed his book and stood. A beaming smile crossed his face now his confusion was gone.

Raider bit his lip and his gaze strayed to the side where Christopher was sitting on his bed, unmoving, eyes closed. “Uh, hey. That is… hi?” He couldn’t seem to find the right words, which only made it all the more unbearable. What if Chris couldn’t help him? What if he, well, wanted something in return? What kind of payment would an incubus want?

Will seemed unfazed by Raider’s nervousness. He stepped over, his eyes bright, nutmeg colored hair bouncy. “Did you want help with your new plant? It’s really special and I’m sure you want to take good care of it.”

Raider nodded distractedly as his eyes flickered toward Chris again. The incubus still hadn’t moved and it was more unsettling than if he came running at him. “I need to, uh, ask something. A favor.”

Will smiled beckoningly. “Okay. I don’t have much else planned today…” Will trailed off and his expression grew dubious as he turned his head to Christopher. “Oh. Are you sure?”

Confused, Raider huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. “Am I sure about what?”

Will’s eyes flickered his way a moment, only to land back on Chris. If anything, his expression grew more worried. “Alone?”

It was then Raider realized Will wasn’t talking to him, but telepathically to Chris. Raider pursed his lips and tried to stop the churning in his stomach. Crap, could Chris read his thoughts? Probably, right? He was some sort of demon who fed off of dreams or something and he could mind speak. He could probably read his thoughts.

Raider hunched forward and tried to take a few steadying breaths. It was bad enough having his thoughts, crazy as most of them usually were. The idea of anyone reading them was threatening to send him straight into a panic attack.

“Raider?” Will touched his arm gently but Raider still jolted. “I’m going to go for a little while,” Will said carefully. “I won’t be too long if you want help with the plant Michael gave you. Or I can stay, if you’d rather that.”

Raider stared at him a beat, his dark eyes full of fear warring with hope. After a moment, Raider shook his head. “It’s fine. I just need to, uh, talk to Chris. That’s all.”

Will’s smile was wilted at the edges as he glanced at Christopher again. “Right. Listen Raider, you haven’t been here long, you know? Maybe we should sit and I can explain a few things about paranormals you’re not so familiar with. I know it can be overwhelming and all but…”

“William.” Christopher’s voice was soft silk when the incubus spoke. Will clicked his mouth shut and glared his way. Chris, who had been motionless up to that moment, opened his eyes. They were a deep shade of red that glowed for a moment, although Raider might have imagined it. With Christopher’s skin an ashen, blue tint and his long sleek hair nearly white, it was easy to imagine his eyes might glow.

Will didn’t seem to care if Chris’s eyes had a demonic glow. He stood in front of Raider with his hands on his hips. “There’s no harm in explaining things.”

“You’re being rude,” Chris said simply, his voice void of emotion. “I don’t interrogate your guests.”

Will narrowed his sky blue eyes warningly. “I don’t eat my guests.”

Raider choked and broke down into a fit of coughing. Eat? Like cannibalism eat?

“Oh, dear.” Will turned to Raider and patted him on the back until he got his coughing under control. “No, you are far too sensitive. He’s practically shaking,” he added to Chris over Raider’s shoulder. “I don’t approve of this.”

Chris raised a pale eyebrow. “Thankfully, your approval was never required. Leave us.”

Will scowled, and his pointed ears turned red at the tips. He didn’t speak a word, but Raider could tell from the way he was glaring at Chris, he wasn’t being silent about his opinion on things. Christopher remained unmoving, his expression serene as the two communicated telepathically.

“Are you here of your own volition?”

It took Raider a moment, and he blinked when he finally realized Chris was talking to him. “What?”

Chris sighed, a both soothing and unsettling sound from a being not remotely human. “Is it your choice to be here? Have you been coerced, tricked, or intimidated into coming to see me?”

“Uh, no, I mean, yes.” Raider licked his lips as his heart pounded faster. This was feeling more and more like a bad idea. He refused to meet Will’s concerned gaze. “It’s my choice. I’m here by choice.”

“That should settle it.” Christopher’s expectant expression did nothing to dull Will’s glare. “He said it himself. His choice.”

Will was far from pleased as he headed for the door. He stopped in the doorway and turned back. “You’re still accountable to these humans’ laws,” he reminded sharply.

Chris snorted and waved his hand airily. “No law has been written against an incubus.”

Will scowled and revealed sharpened teeth. “If you don’t abide by those laws, know that I will involve Master Howld. He won’t hesitate to remind you of the acceptable limits of this place.”

Chris fell silent and Will refused to move. Raider’s nerves were taunt as he wondered just why the hell Theodore would have to be involved. Will didn’t even know why he was there. Unless he could read minds too? Oh, hell, he hated magic.

“You expect too much of me,” Chris finally spoke, a storm having dulled his eyes.

Will’s gaze flickered to Raider a moment, his expression grim. “I expect you to be exactly as you are made to be, incubus. Hungry.”