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New Monthly Freebie! 💥

Alright, peeps, New Monthly Freebie!

Thinking a lot about Demon Bonded lately so I’m doing the first saga free to read for the month. Enjoy, babes. ^.^

Hey, remember that gorgeous cover I was showing off last week? Wendy’s book is out! It’s got abduction, smoking hot gods looking for sex slaves, and sexy shapeshifters. You can snag it on Amazon today.

December plans. Sorcerer Slayer, An Academy Christmas bonus novella (yeah, you heard me and it’ll be in the freebie section,) finish up Intangible, and the exclusive Chasing Raider fic. Oh, and Hellcat—this week or next depending on me finishing up the final draft.

Looking at a more definitive writing schedule. I might not always meet my goals—I’ve been pretty lax lately. I think I’ve needed that. I didn’t know how to remove the stress from writing, those feelings of expectation I place on myself that would lead me to writing and editing for weeks straight, only to collapse once a project is done. It wasn’t a great process, constantly breaking. These months have allowed me to see where my hiccups are in my process, where I need to learn to trick my brain. One is definitely editing. My fuck, I hate editing. I hate going back when it’s done. It’s done, damn it, and the creative energy has already faded. I’m starting to see the big picture in it all and I want to create a goal oriented schedule that exploits my limitations best. I want to really weed through all the projects that are waiting and see where I want my energy to go. Once Sorcerer Slayer is done, everything is fair game and I want a plan.

Top goal? Demon Bonded

I keep coming back to the Patreon dilemma with adult content, and the reality is, the more I fuss about it, the less I’m paying attention to the fucking point, which is to allow people to help me stay afloat to create. The real point being, I want to create! So, fuck it. Fuck trying to fit in with the ‘acceptable,’ sexless content which isn’t buried by the search engines, and just accept that society will continue to punish content that has anything sexual in it. I can’t change the world, and I can’t change myself, so why not just fucking embrace what I do in the capacity I can? Sex will be punished—might as well make it kinky at the time. *wink*

I’m going to put the Glamorous Dorian Black on the back burner for now, and focus on Demon Bonded. Adult content—Sadie Sins’s content—for Patreon. I adore Demon Bonded, I am not happy with how much time is passing between episodes, and I think this is the solution. Goals with something to keep me accountable but not stressed out. Once it’s set up, anyone who donates $1 to my Patreon will be able to read every update to Demon Bonded that comes along as it’s written before the book is published.

I might try something in the future that is more all ages friendly—or maybe not. I can talk till I’m blue in the face how I ‘want’ to do something, what a good, smart idea it is, but the reality is, I can’t always make myself do shit. If I can’t believe in it, or can’t fully understand it, I can’t do it. I’m not motivated to censor myself—I’m actually realizing I don’t even know how to. When I write even a simple romance, I put the characters in the body, the same as an action scene, but while in an action scene you can have someone’s arm be ripped off and no one bats and eye, you can’t give a guy an erection without someone getting upset in a clean romance. How do you describe body scenes to people who want to believe that it’s a plastic smooth finish over the crotch region? I’d have to change my writing style completely in a way I can’t really identify. I don’t know the line, I don’t cringe, so… yeah.

It confuses me, it makes me unhappy trying to find the line and stick to it, and yeah, I am wholeheartedly admitting I don’t want to try it right now. I love the idea of it, but not the actual work it takes. It is frustrating to look back at a story I love like Demon Arms and try to figure out what is the ‘right’ way to show how these characters feel about each other without involving their bodies. The profanity is an easy fix, but the simple body reactions to attraction is a mess. We live in bodies. Our bodies experience everything from emotions to actions. It’s impossible for me to separate the two. It might actually be unhealthy for me to try.

I’m happy to say I don’t disassociate anymore, and I don’t want to write books that help others disassociate. The times I’ve existed on meds that have dulled my ability to feel sexual attraction, I felt lacking, not complete, not in my body. I know there are plenty of Ace people out there, but that is not my norm and I can’t write that way. Maybe some time in the future I’ll be able to see it differently and try something more mass appeal, or hey, maybe never. I’d rather do the writing that makes me happy, so that’s where I’m going to focus for now.

The best made plans, aka, hopes don’t lead to shit

With the death of Pronoun, I need to move all the Demon Bonded episodes to new locations. It’s going to take a little transition time, which is why I’ve been stalling. Ugh, I hate needless work. But it’s going to happen because I’m screwed otherwise. I realized I had a plan to get that cover for Apprentice Saga up last month and it didn’t happen. Let me just say, it’s really easy to have a ton of plans. It’s the steps one takes to get shit done that actually gets shit done. (Lol, I’m so poetic.)

I was actually trying to explain this to someone I’m helping set up a website. I’m blessed with the ability to not just have ideas, but to break those ideas down into manageable, actionable steps which result in things like books, paintings, websites, series, etc. I don’t think of myself as particularly creative, talented, or brilliant. I see the same drive, the same spark in so many people, they just don’t know how to get from an idea to a finished project. It’s like cleaning a room; some people can get so overwhelmed with what looks like a mountain of work that they’re exhausted before they start. But if you know the goal and you can break it down, and are willing to take each step (which is again broken down) you will get to that end goal eventually. If you can motivate yourself so that each step is a mini-goal, you’re literally making the process inspire you instead of thinking the end goal alone is the only way to be happy. When that goal feels completely unreachable, it is impossible to motivate yourself for long. It’s not about reaching goals, it’s about maintaining your motivation with long projects.

That might seem obvious but until some people can really understand it, they can’t get past the overwhelm of the huge goal. Like the guy with the website. It wasn’t until I made him sit down and actually plan out the function of his website and what his customers would need from him, and in that process he could conceive what steps he would need to do to fulfill each goal for his customers, that he was able to finally feel inspired. Before this planning process, it was impossible. Now it’s not only possible, it’s going to happen because he can conceive it in his mind from beginning to end. So funny how powerful perspective can be. His website wasn’t any closer to being made but in his mind it was now a promise instead of a dream.

It’s really about not being so fucking hard on yourself. We can be so hard on ourselves. It’s saying okay to writing a short 10,000 word episode of a story because you know eventually it will be more—Demon Bonded is now over 139,000 words. A spark of an idea I had while back in college that I never at that time could have conceived would exist, never mind in the form it is. It was my first ‘big’ original idea for a story and at the time I didn’t know if I could do it. I knew I wanted to see it come to life, but I didn’t even think of myself as a writer when I started writing. But yeah, blessed with the ability to bullshit my brain into believing that one step is a goal worth achieving.

It wasn’t a failure to not write a novel, it was a success to write an episode. To write a scene, then another, and another, and fucking win at one short story. Then do it again—hey, I had proof at that point I could do it. Two years later, I have a ton of proof I can do this, even if I can still feel lost when I sit down to write. It’s the belief that what I’m doing can be exactly what I want that has more power to keep me going than anything else.

It can be applied to anything. I think that’s why it’s so easy for me to believe in others. I know anything is achievable if broken down. Some things become automatic after a while. It’s a system of success. The same way some people get up every day and go to work, others realize they could be doing a little of one thing every day to reach a big goal. Anyone can do this, they just need to see it’s possible.

Omega’s Doctor

Dateless and desperate

Steve’s sister is getting married and he needs a date. As the day looms, he agrees to a blind date for the wedding. A blind date can’t be worse than going alone, right?

But the man ends up being tall, dark and alpha. Steve can’t believe his good luck. Ned, is gorgeous. Even better, the wedding festivities last far beyond the vows and cake. Ned and Steve enjoy a steamy weekend together. It’s not long before the men know this was meant to be.

But Fate confronts them with a cruel twist. Both men work for the same hospital and aren’t allowed to date fellow employees. Even worse, Steve’s mother vows to tear the men apart. She’s determined Steve should date someone else. Someone better. To top things off, Ned and Steve start getting threatening letters. Between shadowy threats and spiteful relatives, things aren’t easy for Ned and Steve.

When Steve finds he’s pregnant, both men are overjoyed. They cling to the hope of a blissful future together. The odds stack up. There’s Steve’s meddlesome mother, a hospital policy banning fraternization, menacing and anonymous letters. And worst of all, pregnancy complications.

But Ned hasn’t come this far to watch his omega suffer. The alpha is determined to fight for Steve, their baby and a chance at happily ever after…

Omega’s Doctor is over 38,000 words of alpha/omega mpreg, gay romance, male pregnancy, passion, sexy scenes, weddings, time with the baby and a HEA.

The Vampire’s Search For Love

Would You Be Willing To Sacrifice Your Riches For True Love?

Valentin, the King, can kill for his love. He can even defy the rules of the Daunsal. But what about his kingdom? Will he forego his own Kingdom just for the love of this life? And what about his lover?

The bloodsuckers are known to quench their thirst through human blood. They are the lowest ranking vampires in the clan. Looked down upon, the Daunsal meets every bloodsucker with livid comments.

Chasing Raider 2


Raider was all nerves and doubt the moment he stepped into Will and Chris’s room. He waited until none of the shifters were around. He didn’t want anyone to know his plan. He wasn’t even sure if Christopher could help him, and he sure as hell didn’t want to be made fun of if the other guys found out.

Will was reading a book on his bed when Raider knocked on the door frame. They always left their door open since everyone liked to hang out in the tree room. Still, Raider hesitated when he saw Will’s surprised expression. He never visited, like, ever. Shifters and sorcerers might freak Raider out, but the type of paranormals William and Christopher were took it to another level. They weren’t human. They weren’t ‘right,’ or so, at least Raider’s raccoon was insisting as the scent of elf and incubus surrounded him.

“Hey, Raider. What’s up?” Will closed his book and stood. A beaming smile crossed his face now his confusion was gone.

Raider bit his lip and his gaze strayed to the side where Christopher was sitting on his bed, unmoving, eyes closed. “Uh, hey. That is… hi?” He couldn’t seem to find the right words, which only made it all the more unbearable. What if Chris couldn’t help him? What if he, well, wanted something in return? What kind of payment would an incubus want?

Will seemed unfazed by Raider’s nervousness. He stepped over, his eyes bright, nutmeg colored hair bouncy. “Did you want help with your new plant? It’s really special and I’m sure you want to take good care of it.”

Raider nodded distractedly as his eyes flickered toward Chris again. The incubus still hadn’t moved and it was more unsettling than if he came running at him. “I need to, uh, ask something. A favor.”

Will smiled beckoningly. “Okay. I don’t have much else planned today…” Will trailed off and his expression grew dubious as he turned his head to Christopher. “Oh. Are you sure?”

Confused, Raider huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. “Am I sure about what?”

Will’s eyes flickered his way a moment, only to land back on Chris. If anything, his expression grew more worried. “Alone?”

It was then Raider realized Will wasn’t talking to him, but telepathically to Chris. Raider pursed his lips and tried to stop the churning in his stomach. Crap, could Chris read his thoughts? Probably, right? He was some sort of demon who fed off of dreams or something and he could mind speak. He could probably read his thoughts.

Raider hunched forward and tried to take a few steadying breaths. It was bad enough having his thoughts, crazy as most of them usually were. The idea of anyone reading them was threatening to send him straight into a panic attack.

“Raider?” Will touched his arm gently but Raider still jolted. “I’m going to go for a little while,” Will said carefully. “I won’t be too long if you want help with the plant Michael gave you. Or I can stay, if you’d rather that.”

Raider stared at him a beat, his dark eyes full of fear warring with hope. After a moment, Raider shook his head. “It’s fine. I just need to, uh, talk to Chris. That’s all.”

Will’s smile was wilted at the edges as he glanced at Christopher again. “Right. Listen Raider, you haven’t been here long, you know? Maybe we should sit and I can explain a few things about paranormals you’re not so familiar with. I know it can be overwhelming and all but…”

“William.” Christopher’s voice was soft silk when the incubus spoke. Will clicked his mouth shut and glared his way. Chris, who had been motionless up to that moment, opened his eyes. They were a deep shade of red that glowed for a moment, although Raider might have imagined it. With Christopher’s skin an ashen, blue tint and his long sleek hair nearly white, it was easy to imagine his eyes might glow.

Will didn’t seem to care if Chris’s eyes had a demonic glow. He stood in front of Raider with his hands on his hips. “There’s no harm in explaining things.”

“You’re being rude,” Chris said simply, his voice void of emotion. “I don’t interrogate your guests.”

Will narrowed his sky blue eyes warningly. “I don’t eat my guests.”

Raider choked and broke down into a fit of coughing. Eat? Like cannibalism eat?

“Oh, dear.” Will turned to Raider and patted him on the back until he got his coughing under control. “No, you are far too sensitive. He’s practically shaking,” he added to Chris over Raider’s shoulder. “I don’t approve of this.”

Chris raised a pale eyebrow. “Thankfully, your approval was never required. Leave us.”

Will scowled, and his pointed ears turned red at the tips. He didn’t speak a word, but Raider could tell from the way he was glaring at Chris, he wasn’t being silent about his opinion on things. Christopher remained unmoving, his expression serene as the two communicated telepathically.

“Are you here of your own volition?”

It took Raider a moment, and he blinked when he finally realized Chris was talking to him. “What?”

Chris sighed, a both soothing and unsettling sound from a being not remotely human. “Is it your choice to be here? Have you been coerced, tricked, or intimidated into coming to see me?”

“Uh, no, I mean, yes.” Raider licked his lips as his heart pounded faster. This was feeling more and more like a bad idea. He refused to meet Will’s concerned gaze. “It’s my choice. I’m here by choice.”

“That should settle it.” Christopher’s expectant expression did nothing to dull Will’s glare. “He said it himself. His choice.”

Will was far from pleased as he headed for the door. He stopped in the doorway and turned back. “You’re still accountable to these humans’ laws,” he reminded sharply.

Chris snorted and waved his hand airily. “No law has been written against an incubus.”

Will scowled and revealed sharpened teeth. “If you don’t abide by those laws, know that I will involve Master Howld. He won’t hesitate to remind you of the acceptable limits of this place.”

Chris fell silent and Will refused to move. Raider’s nerves were taunt as he wondered just why the hell Theodore would have to be involved. Will didn’t even know why he was there. Unless he could read minds too? Oh, hell, he hated magic.

“You expect too much of me,” Chris finally spoke, a storm having dulled his eyes.

Will’s gaze flickered to Raider a moment, his expression grim. “I expect you to be exactly as you are made to be, incubus. Hungry.”

Chasing Raider 1


“Okay, guys, I think that’s it. See you in three days.”

“What?” Raider, foot outside his dorm room door on hearing Michael’s voice, felt his chest clench unbearably. “You’re leaving?”

“Yup, I have this amazing convention in Prague.” Michael flashed him a beaming smile that only made Raider’s heart feel too large for his already tight chest.

“You didn’t tell me. You can’t just go without telling me.”

Antonio trailed over while staring at a hand held game. “Geez, cut the fucking apron strings, man. Mommy Michael is only going to be gone a few days.”

“Fuck you,” Raider snapped, his face red. He didn’t understand. No one fucking understood.

“Raider.” Michael jogged over before Raider could lock himself into his room. “Hey, you got this, man.”

“I don’t. I really fucking don’t,” Raider muttered before he could stop himself.

“Raider, you’ve been doing amazing. You’re talking to the others, you’re getting along with the pack. You’re doing good. You must see it because I sure do.”

Raider felt tears sting his eyes and ducked his head so Michael couldn’t see. “Why didn’t you tell me you were going?” He felt so betrayed that Michael would just up and leave. Where was he going? Who was he going to see? Did he like someone, was that why? Why wouldn’t he tell him?

Michael’s expression was kind as he ducked closer and caught Raider’s gaze. “Honest? I didn’t want you worrying about this for an entire week before I even left. I know you’ve gotten used our talks and I figured this would stress you out if you thought about it too much.”

Raider wanted to tell him then, just blurt it all out. How much he loved him. How much he needed him. He did. It didn’t matter if it was for three days or a fucking second; Michael not there felt like a lifetime of misery. Raider held his tongue. There were too many people in the lounge and Antonio’s remark still stung. Michael wasn’t his mother. It wasn’t like that. He just, damn, he just needed him all the fucking time to feel okay in the world. It was different. It was special.

“It’s only a few days. And I was thinking while I was gone, you might want to work on something.” Michael produced a bowl shaped flowerpot no larger than his hand. The surface was glossy, blue glazes painted over purples and blues to create a beautiful rainbow effect. Among the dirt in the center were the barest few green vines freshly sprouted.

“It’s a special plant. I won’t tell you in what way, but if you remember to take care of it every day, you can find out.”

Raider glanced up suspiciously as Michael placed the pot in his hand. “Take care of it how? Like water it and stuff?”

“Nope, this is a super special plant. It needs sunlight and attention. It literally feeds off the energy of thoughts. Keep it beside your bed and whatever thoughts you have will decide its final form.”

Raider stared at the plant doubtfully. “Will my bad thoughts kill it?” Fuck, he had no idea what he’d do if his gift from Michael up and died just because he spent all his time worrying over him. He was already worrying over the possibility of worrying. The pretty little vines didn’t stand a chance.

“Negative, not bad,” Michael stressed. “There is no such thing as a bad thought, Raider. Negative thoughts are still thoughts, and all thoughts are enough to feed that plant. So unless you’re totally brainless, it’s going to be fine.” Michael grinned teasingly. “Only one way to find out.”

Raider bit his lip as he met his gaze. He couldn’t help but grin after a moment. Michael got him a gift. He hadn’t gotten anyone else a gift, just him. Maybe he did like him. Maybe he might even more than like him. Maybe, if he told him how he felt, he might even like him back.

“I gotta run. Remember, there’s always Dr. Rob, Theo, and Bear if you need any help.” Michael’s expression turned sober. “There’s also the pack. You’re doing better, Raider. You know they can help you.”

Raider sighed heavily and his shoulder’s slumped. “I know. I will… I mean, if I need help.” He wouldn’t. There was no way in hell he was going to ask the pack to supply any of the emotional support Michael gave him by just existing and being in his proximity. At the same time, he didn’t want Michael to worry about him not getting help. He was going on a trip and it wasn’t right to make him worry.

“Have fun, yeah?” Raider attempted an encouraging smile. “What’s the convention on?”

Michael nodded at the pot in his hand. “Rare and magical plants, of course. I might be bringing home a greenhouse, knowing me.”

Raider couldn’t help but smile as Michael stepped away to say final goodbyes to the others before leaving for the portal. Michael thought of the Academy as home. Seeing as he lived there, Raider could even pretend he was coming home to him with a bunch of flowery gifts when he did return.

“What did he give you?” Antonio asked as he sidled up next to Raider and peered at his hand.

Raider automatically tucked the little pot into his arms to hide it from view. He still hadn’t forgiven Antonio for the mommy crack, the bastard. “It’s nothing. Just a thing to help me not have worried thoughts.”

“Ha, good luck with that. Bet you’re freaking now, huh?”

“What? No. Why would I be freaking?” Raider felt more and more defensive in the face of Antonio’s superior expression. “Michael’s coming back in a few days.”

“Sure, if he doesn’t go and fall in love or some shit. What grown man really wants to keep coming back to a bunch of fuck ups? You know the first pretty face he meets, he’s totally skipping.”

Raider scowled and glared. “Michael has worked here forever. He’s not just going to leave.”

“Pretty sure he’s left like a dozen times, for years on end. Nothing really cages Michael.”

Raider resisted the overwhelming urge to shove him across the room. “You’re wrong. He’s coming back. He likes it here.”

Antonio just shrugged and turned back to his video game. “Hey, lie to yourself. Whatever. Try not to think your little plant there dead.”

“That’s not how it works.” With a final glare, Raider threw himself into his room and slammed the door shut behind him, blocking Antonio from his view. Fuck him. Fuck him for ruining his good mood. Michael said it would only be a few days so it would only be a few days. He wouldn’t lie.

Raider stalked to his bed and gently placed the plant down on his bedside table. He sat and after a moment he scooted the little blue flowerpot until the thin curly vines were in the stream of light shining from the window. He bit his lower lip and realized after a few minutes he was spinning the ring on his finger.

Damn it… Damn it. What if Michael did find someone on his trip? What if he fell in love and never came back? Or what if he came back just to say goodbye because he was going to move on to a job in a greenhouse and never return?

If only he could tell him how he felt. No. He couldn’t. He knew he couldn’t. Michael would laugh at him, or worse, pity him like some foolish child. He couldn’t bear that. No, he needed Michael to see he wasn’t some pathetic kid with an anxiety disorder. He needed to see he was, well, desirable.

The shifters saw it. Leo and Forest sure did. Any alpha could tell just from a sniff of his scent that he was attractive and worth staying for. Raider wished he wanted them the way he wanted Michael. It just wasn’t fair; his scent worked on everyone but the one person he wanted.

Raider straightened from his slump on the bed, his hand flashing as he whirled his ring. What if that wasn’t true? What if he found a way to make it so his sex scent worked on beings that weren’t shifters? What if he could find a way for Michael to react to his scent?

There had to be a way. Raider stood unsteadily as his mind raced. Surely there was a way. Scents worked on sorcerers all the time. Theodore had an allure that worked on anyone and everyone if he cranked it up high enough. And Christopher…

Raider exhaled sharply. Christopher was an incubus. If anyone knew how to attract absolutely anyone, he would.

Hellcat 9


Something buzzed, obnoxious and persistent beneath the darkness of his eyes. Sean fought awareness off valiantly. He was exhausted and all he wanted to do was stay in the warm, black oblivion of sleep. He sighed deeply, sinking into the bed, his nose wrinkling when the hair on his arm pulled uncomfortably.

“Shut up,” Sean grumbled when the noise blasted again, and his head throbbed in misery. “Hate you.” Something warm traced along his forehead, fingertips caressing down the side of his face. Sean sighed contently and a smile curled the edges of his lips as he drifted. It reminded him of Blake before the drugs, before he started demanding Sean not talk to his friends or ever leave the apartment. A time when he could pretend having a boyfriend while wanting to marry his straight best friend wasn’t a disaster waiting to happen.

“God damn it.” The fucking buzzer wouldn’t stop. Groaning loudly, Sean pushed himself up sideways, his dazed eyes fixed on the ground as it spun drunkenly. “Ugh, why does everything hurt?” he muttered, his voice raw and dry. His body was sore, muscles aching, especially his abs and thighs. He felt like he was covered in glue as the fine hair on his body pulled with every small motion. Was he naked… on a couch?

Sean’s brows furrowed as he tried to understand the blurry shapes of Magnolia’s apartment while something wet and hot trickled down his ass into the crease of his thigh. His hand fumbled along the length of the couch until he found his glasses at the far end. He slipped them on, only to hold his breath when he discovered Soot. The demon was sprawled on the floor with long legs stretched out, propped up with the side of the couch at his back. From the angle, his horns were gentle curls among his wavy hair, his wings sleek and dark against his back. Sean couldn’t help but stare at the demon’s powerful shoulders and strange wings.

He hadn’t killed him. Not only that, he hadn’t left. Sean licked dry lips as he tried to get his brain to put things together. Why would an imprisoned demon hang around and risk being caught by the witch who enslaved him?

Soot turned and Sean quickly glanced away, a blush rising to his cheeks as he dodged searing violet eyes. Fuck, what was wrong with him? Why the fuck was he blushing over this asshole perv who thought it was okay to do whatever dirty thing he wanted to him the moment they fucking met? He was covered in demon splooge; it hardly constituted some sort of undying love.

Sean already knew what love felt like and it was unfortunately sexless. Stupid, straight TJ.

Soot slid up the side of the couch now Sean was awake, and cupped his palm to the side of his face. “What?” The word came out too harsh, Sean’s heart pounding as Soot sat on the arm of the couch and leaned down until they were face to face. Soot’s thumb caressed along Sean’s brow as his eyes stared down into his, his expression full of compassion and something that made Sean’s heart race faster.

“You’re an idiot for staying,” Sean whispered even as he internally winced at the harshness of his words. It was true, though. Soot had to be the biggest fucking idiot to stick around over him. “She’s going to come back. She’ll lock you right back in that cage. You should get the fuck out of here before she catches you.”

Soot didn’t look remotely concerned. Instead, a smile flickered on his lips, like he was amused Sean was worried. Soot’s eyes fixed on his lips and fire heated through Sean as he remembered where that look led them last time. His hole clenched as more cum trickled free, and Sean fought a whimper. Damn it. Damn it, he wasn’t thinking about sex. He sure as fuck wasn’t getting hard over one damn look. He was fucked by a tail dick—it was too weird to even think he enjoyed it.

The door buzzed and Sean jolted. It took him a beat as he blinked sleepily at the wall behind Soot. “Fuck. Motherfuck, the movers!” Sean jumped up and scrambled to find his clothes scattered on the floor among the mess of fallen boxes and broken household items.

Soot watched him from his perch on the couch, his head tilted curiously as Sean discovered his underwear was in actual shreds. Sean found his khakis rumpled on the ground, thankfully claw free even if still burnt from the explosion. He reached for them swiftly, not realizing how he left himself open until a strong, solid hand slapped down on his ass.

“Fucker!” Sean yelped, half in surprise but mostly from the intense sting. He was sore all over as it was, damn it. He whirled, found Soot’s grinning face, and immediately punched him on the arm. “Not funny, jackass. Do you not understand the fucking mess we’re in?”

Soot flashed fangs at him, his eyes roaming down his nearly nude body. Sean found his shirt and threw the tattered remains on just to have something to cover up. Soot was quick to peel the material back, his fingers rubbing into the dry cum coated on Sean’s chest, fingertips drifting over bruises, hickies and all the many ways he was painted in the demon’s touch.

“You’re insane.” Sean wasn’t sure if he was directing it at Soot or his own horny dick which was twitching with interest. “I need to get dressed and clean this place, asap, or those guys down there are going to tell Magnolia I trashed the apartment. Come on, hurry, and stop, well, smiling like that. Don’t you get you’re in danger?”

If anything, Soot’s smile grew, his gaze smoldering hot the longer he watched Sean fume. Bastard. Sean turned to hide his blush. The damn sexy bastard.

He had to clean. He had to clean this entire fucking mess or Magnolia was going to kill him. Worse, fire him. How the fuck was he going to pay rent now?

Sean slipped his pants on, glad to see that although they’d been through an explosion or two, they weren’t too beat up. He tried to ignore how dirty he felt, his skin coated in dry fluid and no underwear as a barrier. Fuck, he needed a pool to clean himself of what that damn demon did to him. Rummaging around, Sean found his shoes and in the process, the collar Soot slipped from when fleeing the cage. Had this little piece of leather actually kept him trapped? It was broken, the clasp unwilling to lock shut.

Sean slipped the collar into his back pocket and looked around. The mess cluttering Magnolia’s apartment somehow felt three times worse when he knew the movers were waiting outside the building. There was nothing he could do for the slashed walls, so Sean went to the closest fallen pile of boxes and started throwing the scattered items back into the crushed containers. All he had to do was create the appearance of clean so the movers didn’t rush to talk shit to Magnolia about him ruining her place. As long as nothing looked messed up, no one would jump to conclusions that anything was even missing. After that and Magnolia discovered Soot was gone… well. He’d have to think of something.

Sean’s fingers wrapped around a small vase the same moment Soot’s did. He blinked and looked up, surprised to find the demon suddenly inches away. Soot ducked down and pressed warm lips to his fingertips in soft touches, kissing and nipping. Sean gasped in surprise and released the vase, his eyes wide.

“Seriously, we don’t have time.”

Soot’s smile turned wicked. Before Sean realized his intent, Soot chucked the vase across the room where it shattered against the wall.

“What the fuck!” Sean gaped disbelieving as he tried to process just what the hell would compel Soot to make a mess at this very fucking moment. The door buzzed again and he jumped from the loud sound. “Crap, there’s no time.” Sean zeroed in on a decorative glass bowl upside down on the floor. Soot reached it first and the bowl disintegrated under his touch like clear sand. Sean scrambled back, half afraid if he were touched the same would happen to him.

“What? What the hell is your problem?” Soot’s calm expression did nothing for Sean’s nerves. “Do you not comprehend the fucking mess you’ve put me in? She’s going to think I did this as some sort of revenge for her blowing up my tech. Fuck, she’s going to charge me for all these things.” Sean had no doubt Magnolia would somehow sue and win against him even though she managed to nearly blow off half his face.

“Damn it!” Sean cursed when the buzzer rang again. His yell almost drowned out the sounds of a commotion outside. Soot made a noise that sounded suspiciously like a cackle the same moment Sean turned toward the window. Dread swirled in Sean’s gut as he crept around obstacles on the floor to get across the room and peer through the sheer curtains down where the movers were parked. Magnolia was outside, pointing up at the apartment while talking animatedly to the movers ladened with boxes.

No, no, no, no…

Sean breathed out noisily and turned to face the immense mess that was Magnolia’s apartment. There was no way he could clean this all before she got upstairs. Not when… Sean growled when he caught Soot slashing claws down the wall with a gleeful smirk on his face. The bastard!

“Fuck this. Fuck this bullshit.” With his hands clenched into fists and jaw grit tight, Sean stalked to the door. He was going home. He was going to have some damn breakfast, a seriously needed shower, and then he’d deal with this shit. Sean paused as he wrenched the door open. The still naked and far too devious demon was now gouging long claws into the wall with two hands. “You dumb fuck, come on. It’s like you want to end up back in that cage. Move your ass and stop fucking around.”

Soot looked his way with eyes narrowed calculatingly. He saw the opened door and with a shudder, Soot melted. Caramel flesh and dark hair rippled and twisted down until he was the gray and black cat again. Sean bit his lip and held the door open wider so the cat could pad daintily past into the hallway. It was difficult not to be impressed.

Sean refused to acknowledge the way his heart was pounding or that he felt like he was going to be sick. He told himself quite firmly he was just going to get straightened up. He was not, no matter how it might look, running away. It wasn’t until he was in front of the elevator pushing the button repeatedly in silent desperation that he could admit his biggest fear was Magnolia would be on the other side of the door.

Was he stealing her familiar? Maybe. Soot was a three million dollar cat. No, he was a three million dollar man, one who Sean just experienced the best, albeit weirdest, sex of his life with. Someone he would like to learn more about, preferably without fear the poor demon would be sold off to the highest bidder.

Dear fuck, he was stealing a three million dollar demon. This was crazy. This was totally crazy.

Sean slumped in relief when the elevator doors opened with no one inside. He slipped into the small room and tapped his thigh with his palm until the little cat followed him in. Sean gave him a critical look as he stepped in with tail floating high. Why was he being a cat now?

Sean cringed when he stabbed the button for his floor and found Magnolia was only a level below him. There would be no escape, not from her magic or rage once she discovered what he did. It felt like an eternity for the elevator doors to close. Sean kept his eyes fixed on the hallway the entire time as he internally counted down to his imminent demise.

What was he doing? Seriously, there was no way he was going to get away with this. Sean’s leg jittered as he tapped his foot impatiently and the elevator rose. The movers were outside. They never even got in the building. There was no question who was left alone in Magnolia’s apartment, or who was left alone with her very expensive, rare familiar.

This was dumb. Suicidally dumb.

The elevator chimed as the door opened, and Sean stepped out and headed for his apartment. Soot followed with his tail held high and little nose sniffing curiously as he looked around the hallway. Sean’s hands trembled as he patted his pants for his keys once he reached his door. He was shaking. He was shaking because he knew he was definitely going to end up magicked or possibly mauled over this.

Slavery was wrong, damn it. She locked a man in her apartment. That he could turn into a cat didn’t make that okay. Nothing made that okay. Sean found his keys but when he reached for the door, the knob turned easily in his hand. “Fucker.” He never locked his apartment when he ran out yesterday. God, he was a fucking mess.

Acrid smoke filled his lungs the moment he stepped inside the door. Sean crouched over coughing uncontrollably, tears in his eyes. He blinked through the smoke, to see purple flames licking the now empty light bulb sockets. Below, a glittering carpet of glass sheened over his hardwood floor. Sean covered his hand over his mouth, fighting his coughs as he sought out his computers. “Shit.” All the monitors were blown and purple flames glowed within where the magical current still burned strong. The computer towers were completely melted, now a twisted pile of plastic, metal, and glowing purple fire which thankfully hadn’t spread from its source.

It was definite. His business, his life, his dreams; all ruined.


Sean jumped when Soot bumped his head against the back of his leg and purred. Hell, and now he had another mouth to feed. Poor, Soot. Instead of ending up with someone wealthy enough to spend 3 million for him, he was stuck with the fuck up who was going to be homeless in a little less than a month. Maybe sooner if the property managers saw his apartment and decided to condemn it.

Sean stepped aside of the doorway and let the cat in. “Come on, just don’t get your fur anywhere.” Not that it mattered at this point. Sean glared at the shards on the floor and then at Soot’s dainty paws. “Actually, maybe you shouldn’t step anywhere until I get a broom.”

The lights flickered all around and Sean looked up. Glass ground beneath the soles of his shoes as he stepped into the center of the room and watched with narrowed eyes as the strange purple energy burning from the empty bulb sockets flared and pulsed like a flame caught in a strong wind. A constant buzz he barely discerned ceased the same moment the magical flames snuffed out, and silence descended.

“What the…? Did the regulators just kick something on?” To the best of Sean’s knowledge, the regulators hadn’t even been out there with the movers and Magnolia. Had they slipped in through the other side of the building? The smoke was clearing too, even though all the windows were sealed shut. Sean carefully removed his hand from his mouth and nose, surprised when he didn’t cough. It wasn’t until he turned to find Soot sitting in the middle of his computer chair that his memory clicked. “Familiars absorb magic.”

For three million, they probably should, right? Sean eyed the small cat. “Where were you yesterday when this all happened? You can’t turn back time and fix all this, can you?”

Soot shrugged a cat’s shrug. He didn’t seem particularly interested in the idea as he looked around Sean’s apartment with narrowed eyes and twitching tail. It was a disaster, nearly as bad as the one upstairs in Magnolia’s apartment.

Sean sighed wearily as he thought of the computer sitting in a box and the large empty cage. His one answer in fixing all this was gone. What was he going to do? He seriously doubted he could use the little sootball as a shield if Magnolia hexed him with intent. Soot was far better at dodging than he was. Sean took heavy steps across the apartment to the kitchen in search of water. He needed a plan. He needed a lie, a really believable lie, at that. His life was going to end up in pieces in the trash if he didn’t think of something quick. Shit, he needed to…

There was a crash in the living room and Sean jumped and whirled. His eyes fell to the floor as a splintered table leg rolled into view. He had a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach as he walked the length of the half wall that divided kitchen from the rest of the space. Sure enough, once he reached the living room Sean found his desk flattened, the monitors shattered all over the floor in a pool of black pieces, and the houseplant he kept by the window thrown on top of the mess with its roots exposed and soil everywhere.

Sean groaned and pressed his palm to his forehead. “What the fuck?” He turned his back for less than five fucking seconds. A picture crashed as it fell off the wall and hit the floor. Sean snapped his head up just in time to see Soot throw himself at his window blinds and claw down them like a ladder made of toothpicks. God damn it. “What the fuck is wrong with you? Stop that!” he snarled.

Sean exhaled sharply when Soot paused mid crouch from his perch on the radiator and looked his way. The little fucker was laughing at him!

“Hey, this is not your fucking place to trash, jackass.” Sean stalked over and glared down at the annoying cat. “I’m doing you a favor, one I’m already regretting.” The cat continued to smirk at him and Sean turned his head away to keep from shouting. He was losing it. Sure, he had fucking good reason, motherfuck—but he didn’t want to be yelling right now. He was hungry, he was exhausted, and fuck, he was scared of what the hell Magnolia was going to do.

Sean edged toward the ruined blinds and peeked out, careful to keep from being in the line of sight of anyone who might be looking up. His brows furrowed from the limited view, and after a moment Sean pushed the blinds and curtains aside roughly. “Where are they? Where the fuck…?” They were gone. The Spirit Movers van was gone, Magnolia was gone. Shit.

He let the blinds go as his mind raced. Was she getting the cops? Did Magnolia even get inside the building or had she rushed off again? Not knowing only made it all the more worse. Maybe she was looking for the regulators who had yet to show… What if she was going to get another witch to help hunt him down and kick his ass for stealing her familiar?

“Mreow.” Soot reached for the blinds, his claws flashing as he raked down them.

“Hey! Fucking stop that.” Rounding on the menace, Sean placed his hands on his hips. “You’re going to help me clean this mess or I’m kicking you out the fucking door. This is my home, and yeah, it looks like shit right now, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you disrespect it.”

Soot’s tail slashed, a silky coil as it curled around the demon’s legs. The cat stared challengingly, and Sean glared right back. He pointed to his broken desk and the soil scattered all over it. “Come on, you damn bastard. That plant was a gift from TJ. You don’t know TJ, but let me say, breaking small, defenseless things is like stepping on the guy’s heart. It’s just cruel.”

Soot leaped down from his perch and padded over to the ruined computers. He sniffed once at an exposed root, turned his head toward Sean, and sat indifferently.

“Oh, don’t give me that, ‘I’m just cat,’ bullshit. Come on, use your hands.” Sean sighed in exasperation. “I’m yelling at a cat. I’m fucking yelling at a cat right now. Why the fuck did you trash my place to begin with?”

He was so hungry. He just wanted to have some breakfast and a shower and forget any of this even happened. Soot watched Sean as he started walking back to the kitchen. Before he could get around the corner, he smacked his paw and sent what was left of the TJ’s orchid sailing across the room.

“Son of a bitch!” Sean snarled when he nearly tripped over the leafy remains. He turned back with a scowl. “What the fuck is wrong with you! You’re a guest here! Stop destroying everything!” Sean, face red and hands raised as he exclaimed angrily, paused when Soot suddenly melted up. The cat twisted into dark shadows that pealed back to reveal his human form. His smile was absolute wickedness and Sean gulped. Everything about Soot’s stance to expression to smoldering eyes promised trouble. Hot, sexy trouble.

“Stop smiling like that,” Sean warned as he backed away. “This is fucking serious. You just got here and you’re already destroying everything I own. It’s not okay. Order is fucking important. Basic common decency isn’t too much to ask!”

Soot’s fangs flashed right before his tail whipped out and wrapped around Sean’s nearest wrist. Sean yelped and scrambled to get away, very much not done yelling at the damn hellion no matter how flirty his smile was. The world tilted as Sean crashed into the low coffee table he failed to see and went sprawling down. Pain jolted through him as his free hand smashed into the lead crystal decanter he kept on the table.

“Fuck… fuck.” Sean hissed as he pulled his arm to his chest. Scarlet poured down his numb hand. Fuck, he just couldn’t win. On seeing the blood, Sean immediately grew dizzy, the edges of his sight going dark. “Hell, don’t pass out. Do not pass out, Slater. Keep it together.”

Soot swiftly dropped down beside him. Sean whimpered when he gently held his bleeding hand between his own, and carefully pulled out the piece of glass that was sticking from his flesh. Sean kept his gaze down, completely mortified to find himself shaking so soon. “I need to eat,” he whispered hoarsely. He’d been in an explosion yesterday and his body just wasn’t recovering like it should, not with all the stress he was under.

Sean went to pull away so he could get to the bandages in the bathroom, but Soot’s grip tightened. He met the demon’s eyes and flushed when he saw something akin to concern in the depths. “I’m fine. I just… I’m just worked up. You messing up the place isn’t helping…” Sean trailed off, his breath hitching when Soot leaned down and lapped his tongue over his wounded hand.

“Wait.” Sean hissed again, louder this time as pain sliced through him, somehow worse than when he was first cut. “Damn it… damn.” He clenched his fingers tight, his hand burning as all the nerve endings flared at once under the soft touch of Soot’s tongue. Just as quickly as it overcame him, the pain began to fade into a strange buzz of sensation. Sean blinked down, his breath ragged as he watched Soot lick and kiss over the quickly healing scar.

“Thank you.” Sean bit his lip when Soot glanced up. The demon’s mouth sealed over his knuckle and sucked, then his tongue peaked out again and wet. “For healing me. Not for being a destructive dumbass,” he felt the need to add the longer those heated violet eyes peered into his. Wild. This creatures—this man—was wild. He might understand what Sean was saying, but it didn’t mean Soot gave a crap about any of it. It made the gentleness of the lips on his hand seem all the more important when Sean knew how easy it would be for the demon to harm him.

“I should get this cleaned up.” Sean went to push up from the table, but Soot’s arm wrapped around him. Sean froze, ready for something to break. Soot slowly waved his free hand and the glass from the broken decanter and the light bulbs shimmered and blinked out of existence.

Sean swallowed hard and fought down his fear. The gesture wasn’t lost on him but he couldn’t enjoy it. “Uh, could you not, that is… Magic isn’t… It scares me,” he stuttered quietly. “I appreciate you cleaning up the glass, just, I’d rather do it by hand than have magic used.”

Soot’s expression was unreadable as his gaze roamed Sean’s anxious face. Sean licked dry lips. He had no idea how to talk to this guy. Commonsense didn’t seem to reach Soot. He wasn’t sure if he was kinda dumb or just an asshole. Maybe he just didn’t care.

“Listen, I need things clean. I can’t afford to have all my stuff broken. I have money problems and they’re only going to get worse now that Magnolia’s place is trashed.” Sean sighed heavily and pushed up to his feet. “Knowing her, a lawyer is going to show up with a bill for 3 million to pay for her stolen familiar. That she hasn’t come crashing in here blowing shit up is actually really confusing.”

Sean trudged over to the hallway closet and pulled out the broom and dustpan. Soot watched him from where he was crouched by the coffee table, his eyes following the bristles of the broom as Sean began to sweep up the glass and dirt by the doorway. Soot’s gaze turned calculating when Sean carried the swept up debris to the kitchen to toss in the trash. When he returned, Soot was waiting. In his hand was the crystal decanter Sean had smashed to pieces minutes ago. It was intact, not a shard missing, and Sean blinked when he saw it.

“Did you just…? You can put stuff back together?” Sean gaped for a moment before snapping his mouth shut. Okay, maybe magic wasn’t such a bad thing. “Thank you, Soot.” Sean reached for the fixed decanter but Soot raised it up above his head. “What?” Sean caught the gleeful smirk on the demon’s face and paled. Seconds later the crystal went smashing against the far wall.

“Motherfuck! Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you?” Sean resisted the urge to punch the bastard on his grinning face. He stalked over to where he left the broom, fuming as he muttered under his breath. “Hey!” he snarled when Soot’s tail snapped out and knocked the broom from his hand. Sean whirled, his eyes flashing wildly and his cheeks flushed in anger. “Stop being such an asshole!”

Soot’s eyes gleamed as he drank in his anger. His fingers twitched as Sean stomped over. “Do you seriously want to be kicked out where that witch can lock you up? Why are you even here? Shouldn’t you be running for your life or some shit instead of fucking up my place?”

Soot’s hungry smile only grew and Sean realized his mistake too late. Soot moved impossibly fast, suddenly in front of him, fingers twisting into his blond locks and pulling firmly. Gasping in surprise, Sean moaned as Soot pulled him up tight against his hard body and his head was wrenched back by the grip on his hair.

“You are such a fucking menace,” Sean groaned as Soot’s tongue licked out and traced his parted lips. “She’s going to lock you up and you’re just thinking with your dick.” Fuck, he was dumb. Sexy, and dumb, and fuck, he made him crazy.

Soot twisted his hair harder and Sean moaned as his knees wobbled. “Fuck… Oh, fuck.” The demon was a total perv. Seriously, such a perv. Sean’s chest heaved as he was pushed down, his knees hitting the ground, face tight to Soot’s hip. His glasses went skittering along the floor but Sean had no chance to recover them. Fingers pushed into his mouth, Sean shuddering and opening as Soot guided the head of his thick cock to his lips. “Hell.”

He might have thought of sucking Soot’s huge dick far too many times already, mostly when arguing with the annoying bastard. It was hard not to think about it, not to wonder what it would feel like, taste like. Soot was rock hard, flushed, his cock so much bigger from this angle. It was already pulsing precum, slippery as it dripped wet on Sean’s lips and tongue and along the demon’s pronounced ridges. Sean whimpered as the blunt tip pressed between his lips, his eyes closing and tongue rising to welcome him in. Soot eased in slowly, rubbing his dick along his flushed lips, grinding his precum into his skin like he was trying to stain him, coat him, drive him crazy.

Sean clutched the strong arm holding him up and did everything to open to the thick rod thrusting into the heat of his mouth. He moaned, crystal fluid dripping down his lips as his mouth was filled, his tongue pushed down, tonsils crowded. The room swam around him, Sean’s head held in place as Soot drove his cock against his tongue again and again, his lips quickly raw from the ridges that rubbed with each thrust. Sucking cock always got him hot, and Soot’s strange, demonic dick made it far worse as it claimed his mouth, suffocated him with its huge girth, and tried to drown him in all the precum flowing from his tip.

Sean gasped a breath of cool air in when Soot’s cock pulled free, only to groan as the wet length slicked against his face, smearing saliva and precum over his cheeks, chin and neck. Damn him… damn, why was this making him so hot? “Oh… oh, wait,” Sean moaned as he felt the distinct tickle of Soot’s tail at his waistband. He groped down, trying to grab the damn nuisance before things went beyond his control. The tail wrapped around his wrist and held him tight while another tail split off to slip into his pants. Sean’s outraged yelp was cut short when Soot thrust his big cock back between his lips.

Damn it. Sean’s face flushed red as Soot pulled his head back, forcing deeper into his throat while stealing his breath and focus. Cool air swept around his hips and thighs as his pants were torn down and Soot’s tail wrapped around his torso. Hell. Sean tried not to choke, a moan vibrating through him and gushing hot fluid down his chin as Soot’s thick whip of a tail rubbed in undulating waves over his navel. It twisted around his thighs, brushing his hard cock and caressing his tight muscles. Fuck.

Something slithered narrow and slender along the length of his dick and Sean jerked, unable to see around Soot’s cock and unforgiving hold. It flickered along his tip, teasing his slit in wiggling bursts. Whimpering and struggling for breath, Sean twisted his hips to no avail as the tip of Soot’s tail began to torment his cum hole, and teased into the small opening.

“Nggh.” Sean eyes flew open and back arched, driving Soot’s large cock against the back of his throat. His hips jerked uncontrollably as he tried to come to terms with the new pressure sliding along the length of his piss hole, twisting and teasing the sensitive flesh, filling, and gently stretching his cock from the inside.

Sean struggled to swallow the liquid building in his mouth, blinking watery eyes and moaning as Soot refused to let up. A hot, wet tip pressed between his ass cheeks and he groaned and used his one free hand to clutch at Soot’s arm. He needed to breathe, needed to have a moment to understand what the fuck the demon was doing to him as the blunt dick at the end of another of Soot’s tails began to push determinedly into his hole.

Sean groaned around the thick flesh in his mouth, brows furrowed as his pucker was pushed open and the slick cock pressed forward relentlessly. He wanted to protest, breathe, anything, but it was so hard to focus. The cock fucking against his throat was expanding, swelling unnaturally, the ridges growing more pronounced. Sean swayed, Soot holding him still as he thrust deeper, the thick tip of his cock grinding against his throat even as he slammed his tail into his ass. Sean opened his mouth wider, wet slicking down his chin and neck as Soot buried deep in both his openings. The underside of Soot’s shaft vibrated on his tongue the same moment the demon growled and wrenched Sean’s hair tighter.

Soot’s ridged cock twitched and thick, hot streams of cum shot out and filled his throat. Sean whimpered and struggled not to choke. His fingers bit hard into Soot’s thigh as he kept from falling as the demon threatened to drown him in wave after wave of cum. “Fuck… oh, hell,” Sean rasped when Soot pulled from his gasping mouth and splashed his seed all over his face. Sean rocked, eyes squeezed shut as Soot tore his shirt off him, then guided his cock down to stream cum onto his neck and chest, splattering every inch of his skin he could reach.

He couldn’t. God, he couldn’t have this much cum. Sean felt overloaded, his body jerking with each new wet splash, all while his hole was slowly fucked, precum dripping into him and out as Soot’s tail took him relentlessly. Sean couldn’t find up or down, his vision blurred, mind a mess. For all the cum he swallowed, Soot still managed to have five times as much to cover him in, the demon’s hand sliding over his skin, rubbing it in as Sean moaned.

Soot knelt while Sean panted for breath, yanked him by his hair, and crushed their lips together. Sean mewled weakly, his tongue lapping out to meet Soot’s as it pushed into his mouth. Breathing didn’t seem as important as feeling him on his skin, grounding himself into the demon’s touch and taste. Sean swayed forward and pressed up against him as his short nails mindlessly scraped down the length of Soot’s body. The demon rocked into the rough touch, and held Sean harder by the hair as he sucked his tongue into his mouth.

Sean whimpered when Soot pulled away, their lips sliding apart with a wet sound. He looked up beneath heavy eyelids, his flushed face coated and dripping in cum. Soot traced fingertips along his wet lips, his gaze intense as he took in his expression. Sean suddenly gaped and cried out as he felt another dick nudge between his cheeks and press up against the cock already buried deep inside him. “Oh… Oh, wait. I’ve never…” Sean fell forward, clutching at Soot’s biceps as his entrance was stretched wide, the tip pushing in unceasing. “Oh, fuck… Oh my fuck…”

It was so much, so full. Too much. Sean tried to ease his hips forward to escape the pressure of his hole being fucked open by the sleek dick working shallow thrusts into his too tight hole. “Please… Oh, fuck, please, I can’t. It’s too much,” he babbled, saliva fresh on his lips as he rocked his hips forward, only to have the hard cock follow as Soot fucked a second tail into him.

Soot cupped Sean’s face and held him steady as he drove his tail deeper within his clenching channel. Sean moaned as everything shifted inside him. His body stretched impossibly when the second cock slid slick against the first and spread his cheeks and passage so wide as it buried deep inside. Sean’s cries broke off as he gaped, his breath lost when the tendril that slipped into his slit suddenly fattened and grew, pulsing as it stuffed his cock.

Fuck, he wasn’t going to survive this. For every orifice found, the demon was determined to fuck it. Sean was invaded, forced open, and unable to escape. Fire raced over his skin and within and Sean wasn’t sure if he was going to cum or faint or both. Another tail split free and swiftly wrapped around Sean’s balls, cutting him off from the orgasm he could feel building. Sean shook his head wildly even as his hips jerked and thrust without relief.

“Fuck,” he sobbed desperately as he grasped at Soot’s arm. Soot’s intense stare burned into him as he silently watched him become undone. “Please… please, I can’t. It’s too much.” Saliva dripped from Sean’s trembling lips as he shook uncontrollably. He was going to go crazy if he didn’t cum. He was going to lose his mind and never find it again. Sean felt half way to such insanity and wasn’t sure if there was any coming back as he felt the dicks inside him twitched and thrust.

Soot ran his large hands down Sean’s shoulders and arms, smearing his cum and rubbing it over every bare patch of flesh he could find. While Sean whimpered, Soot pushed him down, bent him forward until Sean’s head was tight against his thigh. Soot leaned down and kissed along his spine and twitching shoulder blades. He reached forward and ran his palms down to his ass, spreading the muscular globes open and holding them wide so he could see everything his tails were doing to Sean’s aching hole.

Sean’s moans were muffled as the cocks inside him grew, stretched, and plunged in deeper. Soot leaned down and kissed the stretched flesh around his two throbbing black dicks, and Sean whimpered as he wet his tongue over his sore rim. “Oh… oh, hell.” Sean panted weakly, moans falling from his lips as Soot’s tails thrust into him, shallowly fucking him, grinding him harder, deeper. “Fuck.”
He was coming. Just one, one of those big cocks was coming. Sean could feel it swell inside him, pulsing, vibrating. Sean’s eyes fell shut and his hips jerked erratically as the tail fucked into him with a final rough spasm and streamed thick cum into his passage.

Hell, hell, it was so much. Sean could feel it splashing inside him, hot, wet, the demon’s cum moving down his passage as Soot slowly removed the spent tail dick. Sean’s whimper of relief quickly turned into a breathless sob when the remaining cock pulsed and grew. It filled him thicker, deeper, stretching into him impossibly large.

“N-No… fuck, no more,” he begged pleadingly. So big. Nothing should be this big.

Soot kissed down the swell of Sean’s ass and leaned between his spread cheeks to tease his tongue at where his thick tail was splitting him open. He tormented the raw flesh with the slippery tip of his tongue, probing and caressing while Sean moaned. Sean was pushed forward roughly his face crushed to Soot’s hip. His entire body was forced to move rythmically as the thick cock—it had to be nearly as big as Soot’s ridged dick was—drove into him with powerful, slow thrusts.

“Please… please, Soot,” Sean rasped. “It’s too much… so much.” Soot’s hand palmed over his throat, smearing cum into his flesh while Sean sobbed and the tail took him harder. The demon pushed cum drenched fingers into his gasping mouth and Sean pressed at them with his tongue, his body shaking uncontrollably as he struggled to take the thick rod fucking him relentlessly.

Soot groaned and suddenly fisted Sean’s hair as his entire body tensed. Sean cried out as he felt the cock inside him swell and grind his ass deep right before it jerked streams of cum inside him. It refused to still, slamming Sean forward again and again, his passage on fire as the demon gave him as much of his cum and cock as he could.

“Fuck… dear fuck.” Sean rasped when the thick cock inside him relented with a final jerk. It’s girth reduced, still too large, but not as unbearable as when it was unloading all its jizz. Sean groaned in relief and slumped forward, Soot’s thigh wet with his swear, saliva, and cum where his head rested.

“Oh, please. No more,” Sean gasped when Soot leaned over his ass again and his tongue teased around his aching, stretched flesh. Soot ignored his whimpered protests to remove his rigid length from Sean’s passage. Sean cried out as the thick cock emptied him and cum gushed out of his channel. Soot thrust his fingers within Sean’s abused entrance, feeling up his inner walls slick with so much of his seed. Sean could only groan and shake from the sensation. So much, so wet. He was filled with all that cum. He wasn’t sure if Soot even bled blood but sperm at this point, he just had so much.

Soot’s hands spread his cheeks wider and more milky white cum flowed free. Sean moaned when his tail returned, pushing into his stretched entrance, plugging all the demon’s seed into his passage and filling him deep. Sean shuddered and rocked. Full. So fucking full. He felt so used, his hole and passage aching as cum coated him inside and out. Soot’s weighted gaze left him feeling exposed as the demon slid his hands over his sweating, seed drenched body and his tongue slicked up Sean’s spine in long, slippery strokes. Covered. He was covered and so fucking hard.

Mortified with how turned on he was by being used and covered in demon cum, his cock throbbing in its need for release, Sean buried his head against Soot’s side. Soot wouldn’t let him hide and pulled him up by his hair to reveal Sean’s flushed face. Soot pushed him back, Sean swaying in the hold as tails wrapped around him and held his slack body upright so the demon could stare at him unobstructed. Sean held his breath when he followed Soot’s interested gaze to where his cock was stuffed full of one of the demon’s tail tips while his balls were wrapped tight to keep him from coming.

Sean yelped in surprise when the slender tail wiggled within his cum hole, then stilled. Fuck. Dear fuck. Sean’s throat was too raw to voice what was swirling in his dazed mind. He wasn’t sure the damn hellion was planning on ever letting him go. His gaze jumped to Soot’s face to find him watching his every expression. Fuck, was this why the demon hadn’t run for his life? He needed to take him with, needed to fuck him, coat him, break him until he was compliant and useful and his? Sean swallowed hard, or tried to, his jaw weak and sore, throat battered.

God, he wasn’t going to survive this. Sean forced his tight muscles to relax. He knew Soot wasn’t close to being done with him yet, the demon stretching him on display to watch his torment and pleasure.

Panting for air, Sean shuddered silently when the tail inside his dick moved this time and slid slowly up. “Fuck.” It didn’t withdraw, but thinned and stretched down, reaching deeper to tease into his urethra. Sean jolted, his head falling back, a cry torn from him. “Oh… oh, hell…” He never felt anything like it before. Soot held Sean’s face and refused to let him look away as Sean jerked and writhed from the sensation of his cock taking a tail. It felt weird, but good—fuck, so good. How could something so messed up like this feel so good? God, he needed to cum. He needed to cum before he lost it completely.

“Soot… Soot, I can’t…” Sean felt like he was losing his mind, losing himself completely. He moaned and pressed his face against the demon’s palm. His lips rubbed raw and wet as Soot tickled deeper and invaded his body in ways he couldn’t comprehend.

“Oh. Fuck, fuck, fuck…” Sean arched, his eyes squeezed shut as Soot’s tail tip tickled something inside of him that made his vision turn white. “Is that…? Oh, fuck, that’s…” Soot’s hands grasped Sean’s biceps, his thighs and hips wrapped tight in coils of dark tails to keep him from squirming. Sean’s mouth gaped, breathless cries breaking free with every slippery flick to his prostate. Soot’s tongue dipped into his gasping mouth, tasting him as Sean jerked and cried out again and again, and fire raced over his body in wild waves. The tail still tight in his ass began to move, rubbing his prostate from the other side, tormenting his aching flesh as it stretched him wider.

“F-Fuck!” All at once the pressure on his balls released and Sean cried out as pearly cum dribbled from his slit around the tail pulsing deep into his cock. Sean’s cries stretched into a keen moan as his body shuddered and shook. “Oh, fuck.” He panted, trying to breathe, trying to think as his tight muscles slowly uncoiled from their unbearable clench.

Soot held him tight by the nape, bent down, and lapped his wide tongue at the seed slipping free in rhythmic pulses. Sean stared blearily at his bent head, Soot’s dark horns twisted back and powerful shoulders flexing as the demon sucked around his slit. His tongue teased Sean’s stretched little hole, then kissed up the side of his shaft as he licked any stray drop of cum he could find.

Sean dazedly swayed as his cock was worshiped and Soot’s tail continued to pump slowly into his ass. The tail stuffing his cock disintegrated more than removed, and cum gushed free in a heavy pulse. Soot growled and his mouth covered Sean’s sensitive tip to drink him down. Sean whimpered as the demon’s tongue slid into his slit, probing and pushing it open wider to get every taste of seed he could get before he finally let him free.

Sean’s breath stuttered when Soot looked up and the demon’s eyes burned into his. He felt owned in that gaze, something to be used, touched, ruined whenever Soot wished it. His mind flickered back to his awkward conversation with Magnolia. Witches in cages, demons and shifters sold to the highest bidder. Right now Sean felt like Soot was hoping to put him into a cage and never let him go. Just keep him locked up and chained so he could fuck any part of him he wanted when the whim hit.

He shuddered at the thought, a low groan breaking free. Would it be so bad, fucked by this strange, wild demon whenever he wanted him?

Crazy. He was losing his fucking mind.

The final tail carefully extracted from his entrance. Sean whimpered weakly as he was pulled up into Soot’s lap and cum dripped from his entrance and coated his inner thighs and ass. Hell. Soot’s arms wrapped around him and pulled him against his hard chest, and his mouth pressed gently to the top of Sean’s head. Sean closed his eyes, and his shaking body went boneless as he slumped into the powerful embrace. Soot’s heartbeat was strong against his ear and Sean sighed and relaxed further. Fingers pressed to his raw lips and cum coated his tongue with each slow stroke as sleep pulled him down.

Hellcat 8


Sean jumped to his feet and crashed back against the bars of the cage as the cat whirred by. It was a dark blur of motion as it honed in on the closest lamp and knocked it to the floor. It didn’t pause but bounced off the mess and hurled into the kitchen where pots and pans clattered and fell and a pile of boxes smashed to the tile. Sean took a step to see what was happening only to duck forward and cover his head with his hands as wind roared up around him. Next to him something crashed. It sounded like metal scraping glass and Sean hissed and pulled his arms tighter to his body. “Shit. Oh, shit. I’m so dead.”

Sean dared to peek his head up. The wall was clawed with deep, cruel marks engraved into the painted surface. The marks were far too wide to belong to the little cat, but Sean was certain the familiar was the source of them. The creature was pissed off and taking it out on all of Magnolia’s possessions and Sean really couldn’t blame it.
His nerves grew tighter and tighter with each new destruction. He was seriously going to burn for this. The blur rushed by again and Sean jumped forward. “Stop! Just, uh… please.” He stared in dismay as a pile of boxes went sideways and toppled to the floor. “Stop destroying everything. She’s going to think I trashed her place.”

The blur stopped and was no longer a blur. It was no longer a sootball of a cat, either. Sean gulped, his chest tight as he found himself face to face with a lithe, dark haired, caramel skinned man with violet eyes. He didn’t have a stitch of clothes on and Sean’s gaze drifted distractedly. Yup, he was completely nude.

Sean whirled with a deep blush. Damn, he was hot. He was built, hot, and had the same haunting eyes he remembered. Definitely boyfriend material, even with the weird turning into a cat. Sean never thought he’d want to date someone magically inclined, but if he looked like that and kissed the way he did, why the fuck not? He licked his lips and fought a blush. Right, except he was worth three million dollars and belonged to his current employer. Fuck.

“Thanks, Soot. Uh, that is…” Sean coughed awkwardly around his fluster and ran his hand through his hair. Soot? He couldn’t call him Soot. “Sorry, I don’t know your name.”

Sean’s gaze fixed on the slashes blazoned on the wall and his shoulders slumped. Fuck, what was he going to do? He looked around at the mess, careful to not turn too far and see the naked man behind him. “I need to clean this up. Magnolia is going to kill me.” What if she didn’t pay him? Oh, fuck, what if she charged him for the damage?

A hand grasped his arm and Sean jolted to find the familiar inches from his face. “W-What?” he stuttered nervously. His breath caught in his throat and his eyes went wide when he noticed the sharp protrusions peeking out between Soot’s shoulder length waves of black hair. “You have horns.” They were powerful, ridged curls like a black crown. Bat-like wings fluttered on the familiar’s shoulders, tucked tight to his back, and Sean’s mind whirred to a stop. Horns, wings, and moments ago he was a cat. Not a shifter. A shapeshifter.

Sean gaped. “Fuck, you’re a demon.”

He didn’t know a lot about magical beings. What he did know was shifters were basically normal people who turned into animals at will. Demons were not shifters. Demons weren’t people. They had their own language, their own planet… or something. Sean had no idea what demons were, so much as what they weren’t. It was still enough to know whatever Soot was, he wasn’t human. Not even remotely.

“If you’re a demon, then…?” Sean couldn’t finish the thought. Why would a demon kiss him? Why would he heal him? He was just a boring old human who couldn’t even do magic. Or was that of interest to a demon if he was really hungry? “Oh, hell.”

Soot stared down at Sean’s face, his head tilted curiously. He might have been memorizing everything he said, or maybe just staring at his mouth. Sean suspected the latter because when he nervously licked his lips, the demon exhaled sharply. Sean’s gaze fell to Soot’s mouth and heat spiraled through him as he remembered their very hazy, very wild kiss. Magnolia was wrong; he wasn’t just humping him. It had meant something. Something special.

Sean had never been kissed like that. He wasn’t fully certain he had been kissed like that by this demon, because, fuck, he just wasn’t like that. He didn’t get lost in crazy kisses with absolute strangers. He could barely stand to kiss the guy he dated for two years. But that kiss—that perfect, crazy kiss—was the most intense, untamed connection to another person he’d ever experienced. The kind of kiss he just assumed would happen with TJ if they were ever drunk and alone and really horny. But it hadn’t been TJ, it had been Soot. This strange, beautiful demon.

“I’m Sean,” he blurted out, his face flushed red and eyes bright. “About yesterday, when you kissed me. Healed me.” He felt flustered, damn near dizzy the longer the demon stared at him with those haunting violet eyes. “Uh, that is… did you maybe want to go out sometime? You know, like for coffee or drinks.” Kiss. He wanted to kiss him so bad, this time while he was awake and aware of everything happening.

Sean caught himself starting at Soot’s mouth again and dragged his eyes away. “You do have a name, right? Uh.. can you speak?” Doubts started to filter in as he wondered if Soot was a man who turned into a cat, or a cat who turned into a man. It probably made a big difference.

A hot hand cupped the back of his neck, and Sean gasped, his eyes widening as the demon dipped closer. Sean breathed out unsteadily as lips descended ever closer, his heart pounding in anticipation of what would surely be a repeat of that perfect kiss. But it wasn’t a kiss, not a proper one, anyways. Soot’s tongue slipped out, hot and slick as it teased over Sean’s parted lips and rubbed along the firm, red flesh. Gasping from the sensation, Sean opened and Soot lapped into the heat of his mouth and dipped his tongue in with slow strokes.

Sean couldn’t stop his groan, his eyes squeezed shut and brows furrowed. Soot’s tongue rubbed against his, taunting him as he tasted every surface of his mouth. Every time Sean tried to kiss him back, feel his lips on his and remind him how to kiss the right way, Soot’s grip on his nape would tighten, keeping him in place so he could continue licking into his moaning mouth. Saliva dripped hot down Sean’s chin and he pulled away shakily as he gasped for air.

“That is not how you kiss,” Sean insisted between gasps. Fuck, what was happening to him? He was losing it just trying to get this demon to kiss him properly. “What are you…?” Fingers twisted into his hair, and Sean whimpered as his head was wrenched back. “Oh, hell.”

Soot held him still as he licked Sean’s face and rubbed slick lips over his flesh, trailing paths of wet along his cheek. When his lips finally found Sean’s trembling ones, he ground against them, forcing his head back further and dragging his fangs over the swollen flesh. Sean groaned and his knees threatened to collapse when his lower lip was nipped roughly, sucked and nibbled, and nipped again. Soot’s fist held him by the hair as he again delved his long tongue between his lips, invading Sean’s mouth and stealing his breath as they sealed together.

It was like being devoured by an animal, some sort of beast that was trying to grind his scent and saliva into him. Soot tasted strange, like fire and sweat, a smokiness to his scent that went perfect with the intense heat of his flesh. Sean felt too hot in his skin as teeth clicked against his and his lip was pinched raw by a sharp fang. Blood trickled to mix with the hot juices the demon was dripping into his mouth. Sean’s neck quickly grew sore as he was bent back, mouth spread open to take every demanding, hungry push of tongue.

The room spun and Sean found himself pushed up against the cold bars of the cage. Dazed, he blinked up, his chest heaving now that his mouth was free and he could breathe again. “That’s really… not a kiss… fuck…” He was so hard, painfully hard. Soot pressed up against him and Sean groaned as he ground tight against his dick. He looked down when Soot reached between them. “Aw, hell.” Sean turned his head toward the ceiling but couldn’t block out the sight of Soot’s caramel-skinned hand stroking his heavy, long cock.

Sean reached down blindly, his brows furrowing when his palm skinned over the head of Soot’s cock before he found his wrist. “Put that away. You don’t just… don’t just pull your dick out when you’re kissing someone.” Sean’s breath hitched when wet dripped down onto his fingers. “Fuck… oh, fuck.” He dared to peek down, and once he did, he couldn’t look away. Fuck, he was big, thick and so long. It wasn’t natural, wasn’t human at all. Flushed dark, his cock had to be the length of a ruler and then some. He was already streaming precum, the clear fluid damn near gushing as the demon thrust into his hand.

There were… Sean swallowed the fluid building in his mouth. “Are those ridges on your dick?”

Fuck, his dick was ridged. It was nearly as wicked looking as the ridges on his horns. Sean whimpered, feeling dizzy and flushed when the demon’s cock throbbed more precum, the fluid coating the length of his swollen shaft and dribbling onto his balls and Sean’s hand. Hell, he was beastly. A cock that size was practically offensive for existing, and then it dared to have ridges banded on every inch. Sean felt mesmerized the longer he watched Soot slowly stroke his turgid flesh. The urge to help was growing, to feel that wet, thick flesh beneath his palm. Maybe lick it, feel it in his mouth.

A tongue lapped at the corner of his lips and Sean jolted to find Soot staring at him, watching his face intently. For him. Damn, was he this turned on over him? It certainly seemed that way as Soot tilted Sean’s head back to lick sensually over his parted lips while he rocked his hips against his body. Soot’s eyes burned as he stared down at him. “Wait… Oh, that’s…” Sean groaned and tried to turn his head when Soot lifted his hand sticky in juices and smeared it along Sean’s flushed lips. Three fingers pushed into Sean’s mouth, dripping smoke flavored precum onto his tongue as he moaned.

Fuck. Oh, fuck, it was messed up, precum slicking over his sore lips as his mouth was forced open wide and the demon deep throated him with thick fingers. It was like he was trying to fuck his mouth, get his cum into him anyway he could. And for some confusing reason, Sean was letting him, opening wider, relaxing so Soot could get deeper into his throat. He was so hard it felt like he was going to explode if he didn’t touch his dick, didn’t get some damn relief to the throbbing of his untouched erection. Sean shuddered as nails scraped his tongue and his lips were stretched wider. He was shaking, his knees threatening to give out at any moment, his nipples peaked and sensitive to the material of his shirt.

That it was getting him off was maddening. He was losing his mind. Was he seriously going to let this beast of a demon degrade his body while he jerked off?

“Wait,” Sean mumbled once Soot’s fingers emptied from his mouth and he could breathe. The reprieve was short and the demon dipped down to drive his tongue between his lips. “Fuck, just hold on,” Sean groaned as his head was pinned back against the bars. Sticky fingers pawed down his chest and found a nipple. Soot plucked the sensitive bud and twisted it sore while Sean cried out and arched against him. Sean pushed weakly at the demon’s powerful shoulders, only to gasp when he glanced down and saw Soot was still stroking himself. His big cock was dripping in milky fluid as it flowed from his tip with each pump. It had to be a demon thing, so wet and big and needy.

Damn it, why was he so fucking hot from this?

Soot sank down and nipped his teeth in a hot trail over the front of Sean’s throat. He pulled roughly at the collar of Sean’s polo and stretched the material until it was clinging to his back. The demon’s nails sharpened into claws for a moment and Sean’s shirt tore, sliced down the middle as it was ripped in half.

“Are you crazy? That’s my shirt.” Sean tried to pull the edges of his shirt back together but his wrists were caught and pulled against the bars behind him. He looked down to find one arm pinned by Soot’s hand, and the demon’s whip like tail twined around his other wrist to hold him in place. “Just what the hell do you think you’re doing?” Soot’s eyes gleamed mischief, and Sean’s breath hitched. Hellion. He was totally a hellion.

“I know you can understand me, you bastard. Stop smiling and let me go,” Sean demanded, his voice cracking when Soot leaned down and licked his cheek. “Damn it, I’m not joking, you perv.” Soot’s tongue teased along his lips and Sean groaned as it plunged into his mouth and wet dripped down his chin.

Fucker. This wasn’t over. He couldn’t afford to have his clothes ripped, no matter how sexy it might be. He sure as hell wasn’t going to let some pervy, big dicked demon just do whatever the hell he wanted to him. Soot’s tongue rubbed along his and Sean whimpered. Just… he’d yell about it later. After he taught the idiot how to kiss properly.

Soot clawed a careful line down Sean’s arm and cut the fabric from him. Panting wildly, Sean’s chest heaved as he was unwrapped like a present, and his shirt was pulled from him in hurried jerks. His eyelids were heavy with lust as Sean licked his lips and his gaze traveled down his revealed chest and abs damp with sweat and fixed on the thick tip of Soot’s flushed cock. It looked darker, swollen with the ridges more pronounced.

He wanted to know what it would feel like, even as his rational mind pointed out what a terrible idea that was. Soot was huge and Sean never let anyone near his ass. Blake was his first serious relationship, aka, sex, and no matter how much his ex tried to get him into it, anal never interested him. He needed to trust a guy enough for that, and Blake wasn’t that guy.

He had no idea why he thought Soot might be. Seriously, his demon cock was obscene, filthy, so big it would destroy him. Yet he wanted to feel it on his hands, his body, hard against his tongue. Maybe even inside him, if it didn’t ruin him. It would, though. It was big enough to wreck him and then some.

“Fuck,” Sean whimpered when Soot surged forward and kissed hungrily down his chest, sucking and nipping welts on his collarbone and pecs. He struggled to get his arms free, wanting to touch him back but Soot’s tail had managed to get around both his wrists. At least, he thought it was his tail. Sean looked down in confusion when the same whip like appendage flicked along the front of his pants and went straight for his zipper. “How are you…?” Sean gaped when another black whip uncoiled from behind Soot, splitting from his tail like a shadow before it went straight for Sean’s waistband.

“Shit. What are you? Can all shapeshifters just…?” Sean gave another useless tug to his wrists, his eyes wide as the slender tips to Soot’s tails got his khakis unbuttoned, unzipped, and halfway down his thighs in moments. As Sean watched, his pants were dragged down his legs and thrown somewhere behind the tall demon.

Sean’s briefs were stretched tight around his erection, the pale blue material wet with precum where his tip was trapped against the soft cotton. “Wait. Just hold on,” Sean gasped as one of the tails returned. It slid under the leg of his boxer briefs, undulating along his flesh, squirming and hot as it explored between his thighs and slipped beneath his balls. “Oh, hell. Holy fuck.” Sean bit his lip, a whine escaping him as the tip of the demon’s tail wriggled into his crack and immediately probed at his tight pucker.

God, he wasn’t. This was not—He didn’t even know the guy’s name! Sean arched, his head falling heavily onto the bars behind him when Soot’s tail determinedly pushed at the flesh of his entrance, stretching it with jolting touches as he tried to open him up. A moan escaped him when something wet and hot dripped along his hole. He cracked his eyes open, the world spinning when he found Soot’s cock pressed between his thighs, his hand pushing up the leg of Sean’s underwear so his streaming precum could drip down and find its way into his crack. Fuck.

Soot tore his claws through Sean’s underwear and dropped them to the floor with a huff. He slid his thumb over the head of Sean’s throbbing cock and smeared their precum together. There was no misinterpreting the smoldering look in Soot’s eyes as he rubbed his cock along his length, coating him in his sticky juices, then pressed lower to get as much of his precum into his crack. He was about to be fucked by a demon.

“Soot, just hold on a second. Oh.” Sean whimpered as his thighs were pulled open and Soot’s tail wrapped around his knee to push it up and wide. “Fuck. Just hold on…” Sean broke off with a low moan as another tail tip joined the first and both pushed into his entrance without hesitation. “Soot… Oh, hell. Hell.”

Sean gasped and whimpered, his body jolting against the sturdy cage as he was breached, stretched open, and filled. His entrance clenched tight and tried to resist the tendrils as they tickled and squirmed inside him, rocking side to side, then thrusting deeper. “Oh, fuck.” Sean squeezed his eyes shut when it all seemed to shift, the tendrils growing thicker, throbbing bigger. “This isn’t… it’s not possible.” It was getting bigger, wider, the girth first compacting into one tail, then expanding to fill his hole at all angles.

Soot leaned over Sean’s jerking body, his eyes glowing as he watched his flushed face contort in breathless cries. The demon continued to stroke his large dick, pressing the tip against Sean’s damp flesh, dripping his milky colored precum onto his skin with each thrust of his hips.

“Oh, god… oh, god, it’s so much… so big. Why is it so big?” Sean crashed against the bars, his limbs trembling, mouth held wide as he gasped for air. Soot leaned down to slide his tongue along his lips and groaned into Sean’s mouth when he rocked his hips up and rubbed against the demon for friction. Soot grabbed him by the hip, humping slow, grinding thrusts against the trapped human while Sean writhed and the appendage buried inside him expanded, thickened, and changed shape.

“Please, I can’t. Too big… I can’t,” Sean pleaded mindlessly, his head falling forward heavily where his glasses threatened to slip off the bridge of his nose. Soot’s tongue traced his ear but Sean could only moan. He felt on fire, all feeling centered around the thick, meaty rod pulsing in his hole.

Soot growled softly as he hooked his arm under Sean’s raised leg and his hand caressed his ass. He pulled him up until Sean’s feet no longer touched the ground and the demon was the only one keeping him upright. “Wait—fuck, it’s so much,” Sean cried out, his hole battered as the demon began to thrust his tail into him harder, faster, driving deep into his channel with relentless strokes. Sean head slammed back, his shoulders jerking side to side as his ass was taken roughly, the flesh inside him expanding as it pushed into him tight, buried deep, and stayed this time.

“No more… please, I can’t…” Fingers pressed to Sean’s mouth even as the tail inside him ground in hard, pulsing in bursts. Sean’s eyes cracked open to find Soot tracing his features, his eyes glaring down into his through damp strands of hair. “It’s so… so big.” A palm wrapped around his cock, slick and hot. Sean moaned weakly, his hips jerking as Soot stroked him from base to tip. Each thrust into the hot suction of his hand caused Sean to bear down on the flesh impaling him. The room spun drunkenly around him, his head rocking to the side while he fucked into Soot’s fist and the tail inside him continued to grind and pulse into his sore flesh.

“Ah… fuck. Fuck, yes.” His orgasm hit him hard, Sean shuddering and nearly wrenching his arm as his entire body jerked. His cum spurted in thick trails, splattered up his chest, and dripped onto Soot’s hand still palming his shaft. As quick as his orgasm faded, the torment of being filled rushed back in and seemed only more overwhelming. Tears streaked Sean’s gasping face to mix with the sweat and saliva dripping from his chin. Soot’s mouth found his, the demon nipping at his lush, red lips while Sean tried to breathe enough to speak.

“Please… it’s too big,” Sean mumbled weakly. “I can’t take any more.”

He moaned as Soot’s tail slowly withdrew, the rod of black flesh too thick, too long as it emptied his passage. He fixed bleary eyes on the appendage as it was pulled from between his cheeks and thick, white fluid streamed free. Sean blinked a few times as he tried to process what he was seeing. Although most of Soot’s tail looked normal enough, the end was now distinctively different, no longer thin and pointed but blunt and… It was a dick. Still hard, the tip was swollen, the shaft veined and pulsing and coated in cum.

“Oh, fuck,” he whispered hoarsely. “You just… you just came inside me. With your tail… you just…” Sean groaned and slumped back against the bars with eyes squeezed shut. He could feel the cum dripping out of him, coating his cheeks and thighs in a hot gush. He just… he’d taken him. This creature took him and bred him with his tail. Sean’s mind refused to fully grasp it all. Shapeshifter. Demonic shapeshifter. Could he turn into anything? Was that what shapeshifters did?

Fuck, was Magnolia right? He knew nothing about this demon, about demons in general. Was he just looking to hump him and steal his energy?

Soot’s hand tightened on Sean’s face, forcing him up to meet his lips. Sean whimpered as Soot’s tongue drove into his mouth and stole his breath and reason all at once. The bindings on his wrist unraveled, and left Sean to wonder if each split of Soot’s tail could do the same and grow into a functioning dick at will. “Oh,” he gasped, and jolted when Soot pulled him into his arms and the demon’s ridged, large cock slapped wet along the length of his navel. Soot held him tight, thrusting slow, heady strokes up Sean’s torso that quickly left him coated in his viscous precum.

This was insane, absolutely insane. Had he not come? Was he still horny even though he fucked his tail into him and unloaded all that jizz? Sean closed his eyes and breathed out unsteadily as he felt more cum drip from his abused hole. He soaked him in cum and that was just his fucking tail. What the hell would his actual dick do to him? This was totally insane.

Sean reached his shaking hand down between then and fought a groan as he caressed Soot’s heavy shaft dripping in precum. He needed to get him off. He needed to get this beast of a demon off before he decided he was going to fuck his monster cock inside of him. The tail dick was damn near normal sized compared to this brutal, monstrous… Sean whimpered and bit his lip as he felt the ridges of Soot’s cock move along his hand. Hell. Hell, he was way thicker than a beer can. So big, and thick, and fucking gorgeous.

Sean slipped his other hand down, using both to stroke along the demon’s thick length. Soot groaned in his ear, his mouth pressed tight to his neck as he rocked his hips to get more friction. “You like that, yeah. The couch,” Sean said breathlessly. “Sit, and I can… yeah. Like that.” Sean waited until Soot was sitting on the couch to settle into his lap. He straddled his powerful thighs and gave another rub of his body against the demon’s cock before pulling back so he could see what he was working with. “Fuck, you are so big.”

His ridges were definitely more pronounced with how rigid and hard he was as he got close. It was the most intimidating, sexiest cock Sean had ever seen or even imagined could exist. Breathing out, he wrapped both hands around the thick shaft and swayed unsteadily when precum pulsed from the tip and coated the top of his hand. Yeah, messed up. Messed up and crazy sexy, and there was no way he was letting this beast of a dick anywhere near his ass.

Soot’s tail wrapped around Sean’s wrist, urging him faster. Licking his lips, Sean watched as Soot thrust into his strokes, all his juices making it so easy to slide and slip in his palms. Sean found his own breath speeding up, his body flushed, and he realized he was seriously getting turned on by this. Just touching this huge cock while Soot grunted and growled in pleasure…

“Oh!” Sean gaped and jolted as cum suddenly shot out and splattered hot on his face and neck. “Fuck. Fuck,” he panted as he felt the demon’s shaft pulse beneath his hands and white spurted onto his chest. Before Sean realized what was happening, Soot grabbed him by the neck and pushed him back on the couch. Sean’s glasses when flying but he didn’t notice, too preoccupied with the cum streaming all over his skin. Sean gripped weakly at the hand on his neck, moaning as he was coated, cum splashing down in a hot rain of jizz that had no end.

“Hell. I can’t… ah.” Soot’s fingers drove between his lips and pushed smoky flavored cum into Sean’s groaning mouth. It was like he was trying to brand his seed into him at every level, sink it through his skin and every orifice until Sean knew he was his. He moaned louder when Soot’s palm returned, covered in cum that he then wiped all over Sean’s face, painting him in his seed and scent, smearing it into his hair. Crazy. This was beyond crazy.

“Wait, just, ah…” Fingers pushed into Sean’s hole, his flesh aching as Soot forced his cum into his entrance even though he was still coated within. Sean whimpered when he realized he was already hard again. Something about being covered in Soot’s cum made him so hard.

Soot was so much stronger even when holding him down one handed, and Sean found himself going slack against the couch as thick fingers continued to stroke deep inside him. Maybe this was when he drained him dead. He sure had fucked him enough, so feeding probably came after. Sean wanted to be afraid, having suspected at some point when Soot was fucking him with his tail that this demon was far more beast than man and didn’t see him as much more than a hole to get off in. He would have been afraid but he was too tired to let the fear get past the buzz of contentment numbing his body. Everything felt so good.

Fucked to death. There were probably worse ways to go. He let his eyes close, another whimper breaking free when Soot’s tongue wet over his lips again before sealing them together. Sean shuddered as heat flared through him and his entire body lit up. This. This had been that feeling right before Magnolia saved him.

Kissed to death. A proper kiss. At least it was a little more romantic.