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It was right before dawn when the black wolf Heller found his pack.

The verdant blue-green of the forest was how he remembered it, shadowed, fogged and deadly to any that didn’t belong. What would have been a simple wood was magically enhanced by his pack’s sorcery. Heller had found the warnings of new traps, scents that spooked his wolf and kept him from trails that two years ago had been safe. He found the remains of those less lucky, shredded bodies of the cursed that had dared to stalk in their territory during the full moon. There were more than a few picked away corpses left as a warning to those that might come next moon. It made Heller uneasy. The werewolves had rarely dared into their territory before. What had changed that made the crazed howlers think they could stand a chance?

The group of shifters was occupying one of the many private estates belonging to Vale. It was the west facing villa built right by the steep ravine, fortified and protected by both magic and the natural lay of the land. It was another concern because Vale had refrained from opening this last house for years because of the sentimental association it had for the alpha. Something had changed in the dynamic while Heller had been away and he hoped he had not lost his pale leader while he had sat in prison.

As Heller slipped into the manor, his dark paws padding near silent on the tile, he was overwhelmed with the scents of his pack. Breathing in, he could feel the last two years try to seep out of his bones and fur to be replaced with warmth and a feeling of security he had long thought gone. Home. It didn’t matter which building be it hovel or mansion; as long as his pack was there he was home.

He found his pack in the middle of the common room, the group of men, shifted wolves and dogs stretched out on the floor in a pile of fur, limbs and pillows, a few human mates and females among them. Heller recognized nearly all of them. Even though Vale was not among them, he had no fear that his alpha was nearby for the man’s scent was everywhere, still fresh and vibrant. Pack life was like no other. It provided many with a family beyond what they had been born into with stronger bonds and deeper loyalties that connected them together through magic and beast. Heller had not truly felt the loss of such a life until finally returning home.

Stepping surefootedly between the warm, hard bodies of his pack, Heller was greeted welcomingly if not sleepily. He took the spot between Blade and a fluffy Rusty and promptly curled up on the hardwood floor and sighed heavily. With his pack around him, it was nothing for him to close his eyes and slip into the darkness, for the first time free of the fear that had haunted him the last long months. Finally, Heller let himself sleep.


Heller felt his pack leave him while the light of day warmed him, their scents clinging and keeping him safe. There were more than a few wet tongues kissing his snout as they left, hands petting him gently before they slipped away to go about their day. Shadowed and familiar, it was the kindest dream he'd had. He wasn’t roused from his deep sleep until hours later and only because of the pale, bare feet of his alpha standing before him, patiently waiting for him to awake. It might have been two years, but Heller was not one to deny Vale anything.

“You made it.”

Heller stretched and then shifted into his human form, sitting for a dazed moment on the floor as he adjusted. “Barely,” he grunted, peering up through his long, black tangle of hair to take in the form of his pack leader. It was strange to see Vale immaculate as always, his white hair sleek and thrown over his shoulder, aristocratic features calm with a hint of haughtiness that only added to the man’s charm. His muscular form was toned and compact and currently dressed in a thin pair of white pants, downplaying the power the man held physically and magically. Vale was a force and even if his human form showed him to be serene and still, his wolf form was a white beast of size and strength none were able to match.

Vale looked the same as always while Heller knew the man saw a different story as he gazed down at him. He had been changed; too thin, face unshaven and dirty. His blue eyes were different as if prison had drained a vitality from him and replaced it with madness. He had always been hard to tame but Heller was now more wild and manic than ever. He felt very much unworthy to kneel before his beautiful alpha after all that he had been through, all that he had survived and ruined to make it this far.

Silver eyes assessing the brunette for long minutes, Vale reached his hand out. The warmth of the man’s hand was a jolt to Heller’s senses, his fingers curling and gripping his pack leader's palm tightly. He allowed himself to be pulled to his feet, avoiding Vale’s piercing gaze as he swayed unsteadily for a moment. His alpha refused to release his hand and Heller didn’t complain, drawing strength from the simple connection.

“How was the escape route?”

Heller huffed. “I had to go through the entire cursed town. Ended up in the Wastes and nearly lost my nose… and my mind. There was nothing easy about that route.” He dared to meet the man’s patient gaze, glaring back almost challengingly as he waited for whatever judgment Vale had for him.

None came. Reading his gaze for another silent moment, Vale pulled Heller into a fierce embrace, wrapping the taller brunette so tight, Heller wasn’t sure he’d be able to breathe. Still, he hugged him back just as tightly, a desperation in his movements and the sting of tears to his eyes that threatened to have him fall apart if he let go too soon.

Heller sank into the feeling of Vale scenting him, the blond breathing him in deep and ingraining him into his memory. The man was always quiet—except when he was angry, then Vale was quiet and bloody. Very much a ghost, the pack leader had moon pale skin and nearly as white hair, his long silky locks looking to belong to a much older man. Many shifters aged differently, some were even thought to be immortal. Heller didn’t know Vale’s true age but he knew he looked only in his late thirties, all tall, limber muscle and cold, icy silver eyes. He had looked the same when Heller had joined Vale’s pack over twenty years ago when the brunette had turned fifteen. There was no one he trusted more than his white wolf alpha.

Vale pulled away all too soon, Heller left feeling lost and confused to no longer have the man’s warmth and strength around him. “Have you eaten?” Vale asked, eyes again reading something on his face he wished he could hide. “Flint saved you some breakfast.”

“I’m starving,” Heller admitted brusquely, summoning a pair of loose drawstring pants to step into. Two years had filled him with such coldness and he couldn’t find the words for anything just yet. He was home but he didn’t know if it was the same, if he still fit after so much time. Vale seemed to sense his distress, the shorter man wrapping an arm around Heller’s back and holding his bicep as they walked towards the kitchens as if afraid he would disappear if he let go.

“I didn’t expect to find the pack here,” Heller muttered, glancing around the manor as he tried to gain his bearings. He had been to the villa more times than he cared to remember, always alone with his pack leader. It had not only been a fortress to keep enemies out but also to imprison those that were too dangerous to let loose. Knowing his pack was living there was a concern on a different level for Heller.

“I had little choice in the matter,” Vale said simply. “The potion is still effective.”

Heller glanced sideways at the man, wondering how many months Vale had spent wondering if his pack would be wiped out from inside the manor instead of from without.

Shifter wolf packs were more necessity than tradition. There had been a time when shifters hadn’t felt the need to stay together beyond family, especially when the world had opened up with technology and communication. Magic and a simple internet connection could give every available luxury a shifter could dream of. But that was for other shifters, ones that didn’t have to face the cursed.

No one was sure exactly where the source of the werewolf population sprang from. There had of course been legends as far back as humans had been able to write, and before that, when they shared their tales around the fire. Werewolves had always existed in small numbers as had shifters, but something had changed less than a hundred years ago that had spread the werewolf infliction through the population. For a time, every month a new town was infected, the epidemic threatening to take out all of Europe and America until someone had finally made a stand.

Magic users were not the type to work together. They were freelancers at their best, egomaniacal and power hungry on a normal day; sorcerers and sorceresses were more likely to exploit a situation than save humanity. Shifters, not always strong in magic but magical enough to transform into their inner animal, were less prone to self-centered thinking but still preferred to be left alone. If the cursed hadn’t been enraged by the scent of all canines, including the shifters that transformed into the four-legged creatures, the wolf packs may have never taken on the task of destroying the werewolf population. But they had, and after word had gotten out that the cursed were systematically hunting and murdering every canine shifter they could find whether the moon was full or not, they'd had little choice. They could either fight back or be wiped out.

Packs had started to form beyond just family bonds, growing out of a need for survival. Sorcery was taught to every member no matter how little they had the skill. Werewolves had a magic to their cursed forms and physical attack alone could not harm them when they were transformed. Defenses and ways to single out a werewolf in the light of day and far from the full moon were adapted over time. They had even started working on potions in the hopes of finding a cure for the cursed, and if not that, at least a way to keep them from their beserker, howler ways when the moon did hit them.

The shifter wolf packs had come a long way in a short amount of time and while they had struggled to survive, the werewolf population had started to balance from their full out murderous assault and began to police themselves as only their kind could. Leaders had risen up among them, more intelligent and in control of their instincts than the untamed cursed. They had formed gangs that controlled territories, demanding loyalty from the werewolves and humans that if not given was met with ruthless, joyful violence. The shifters had not stopped their war for survival but they enjoyed the lull while the werewolf gangs fought each other for dominance of the cities.

Of the twenty-some shifters that made up Vale’s pack, they consisted mostly of wolves and a few large dog. All of them were accomplished sorcerers, powerful in magic in a way few shifters could claim. Most lived with their spouses and children, a few choosing to move as far away from Dogtowne as possible once they had bred even if it meant losing the pack’s immediate protection. Pack life was unique but it wasn’t always healthy for families. Their days were filled with magic, strategies, and patrols, ever watching the moon and anticipating the bloody fight to come.

Vale had one of the most powerful shifter packs around and Heller had once been second in command to his charismatic alpha. But that had been before the murder of Lorna by the werewolves, before he had been falsely convicted and imprisoned. Heller had no idea where he stood with his pack anymore or the enigmatic man he called alpha.

“I saw the dead cursed in the woods,” Heller remarked, his eyes sliding to what could only be a mounted cursed head. Someone had taken the time to preserve the hideous piece, the strange distortion of human and wolf face twisted in its final death throws. “Fresh. No older than a moon.”

Vale nodded, his grip on Heller’s shoulder tightening for a moment. “I had a room set up for you,” he said in his quiet way, eyes fixed straight ahead. “All your things are there; instruments, spell books, clothing. Even that dreadful ficus that you refused to let die. I need to leave soon—We're in the middle of a crisis. But I thought you could settle in, get caught up with the pack for now. I'm sure you're tired.”

Heller growled, trying to pull away, only to have Vale hold his arm tighter.

“I'm not excluding you. You've been on the run for weeks, Heller,” Vale said calmly. “You need rest and there is little of that outside these walls.”

“It was prison, not a retirement home,” Heller snapped. “I can help. I... Well, I actually might need your assistance for something.”

Vale raised a pale eyebrow, releasing the brunette once they reached the kitchen. The room was huge, tiled and filled with stainless steel appliances to go with the three large refrigerators and walk-in freezer. Shifters required a lot of food to handle their advanced metabolism. What they hunted and didn't eat, they froze for later. Food was already out, meat and vegetables waiting at the kitchen island making Heller's stomach growl at the scent.

“Is this someone from the prison?” Vale asked while Heller threw himself across the room at the plate.

“No, nothing like that.” Heller summoned his jacket one handed while grabbing a fork with the other. “Upper left pocket. Vial. I ran across some sort of... Well, I'll let you decide what the hell he was. Small, likely a runt if anything.”

Vale caught the long coat when it was thrown to him, picking through Heller's pockets until finding the item he was talking about. “Sperm?” He asked, his voice reflecting growing confusion.

“Smell it,” Heller grunted, his mouth full. Food had been sparse the last month, nonexistent his last week running for his life. That he felt hunger he took as a good sign that his body hadn’t given up just yet. Each bite was a return to himself, a reminder he wasn’t starving, wasn’t running. Home. He had made it home.

Eyebrow again raised, Vale stared curiously at the small vial, eventually popping the lid to give the contents a hesitant sniff. “Son of a—Fuck!” He snarled, immediately capping the vial and grabbing onto the nearest stool to keep from falling to the ground. “Heller... What the fuck are you trying to do to me?” He snapped, silver eyes flashing warningly.

“Just tell me what he is, Vale,” Heller said, not looking remotely apologetic as the pale man swayed and grasped the kitchen island hard. “I need to know I'm not going crazy here.”

“Bitch,” Vale gritted out, his glare only growing as his trembling arms gave out and he fell chest first against the marble top. “Fuck... Fuck, Heller, you know what that scent does to me.”

“It's stronger, right? Stronger than a normal bitch scent?” Heller pressed, dropping his fork as he reached over and took the vial from his alpha's fingers before the man accidentally crushed it.

“Yeah... He has some sort of magical enhancement. Whoever he is, he's powerful.” Vale continued to glare, his breath coming out in ragged gasps as he tried to gain control of himself. “Who is he? Is he in our territory?”

Heller grinned, his fangs glinting as he leaned down next to the panting man and met his gaze. “He lives in the Wastes.”

“What?” Vale wrinkled his nose in confusion. “In the dump?”

“He doesn't even know how to transform. His parents are dead. Lives with some dick that thinks shifters are the devil.”

Vale furrowed his brow, trying to focus on what the brunette was saying. “But he’s a shifter... How could he have been left behind? We always collect our own.”

“He said werewolves killed his family.” Heller paused, fingers combing into Vale's long, white hair, his alpha exhaling loudly from the touch. “He doesn't know he's a shifter. He's confused, scared... He begged so pretty when he took my wolf's knot. Wanted it so bad.”

Vale whimpered, turning his head so he was face to face with the brunette. “Heller.”

“Made me think of you, beautiful. How much you need it at times.” God but his alpha was beautiful like this. Heller tilted his head so he was resting it on the table, his mouth brushing close to Vale’s red lips. “You get so desperate to be filled. Do you want that, Vale? Do you want me?”

“Please,” Vale whispered, arching his back with a moan. “I missed you. Need you.”

Part of Heller wanted to grab the man then and there and just sink into him, fuck him until Vale was a part of his flesh. But he held back, letting his gaze move over his beautiful alpha, taking in the sweat sliding down his pale flesh, watching his muscles ripple with each gasping breath Vale took. It had been years and this was a sight he had been dreaming of one day seeing again. His alpha ached to be filled the way all bitches ached and seeing it always sent a wave of cruel possessiveness through Heller. Watching his pack leader break down until he was whimpering, whining, outright begging to be fucked made Heller only burn to hear more.

Maybe it was sadistic, wanting to see the immaculate, authoritative Vale dirtied and on his knees like a lowly whore. Heller just couldn’t seem to stop himself even after all this time. As powerful as Vale was—ruthless when it came to warring and brilliant for strategy—he was still a bitch beneath it all, something very few people knew in the shifter circles. Even less knew in Vale’s own pack, Heller one of the two trusted with his alpha’s secret. It was almost as dangerous as Vale’s other secret, just nearly.

A pack leader to also be a bitch was to open the pack up to the possibility of being taken over, their needy alpha too easily swayed when his heat was on him. In some ways it was just foolish politics; just because Vale enjoyed being fucked raw didn’t mean his ability to defend his pack and territory was impaired. But Heller also knew, in moments like these when Vale was so dazed and full of lust that he tore his pants off and got on the table, his knees spread wide, body folded over and ass held up in offering, that if any other alpha were to see the man, they would do anything to steal him and keep him, damning all the people that depended on Vale for protection at the same time.

“Who’s been fucking you, baby?” Heller growled heatedly, grabbing the pale, muscular globes of Vale’s ass and pressing his lips to the man’s pucker. Vale smelled devoid of any recent attention, scenting of bitch and need and nothing else. “How long has it been?”

Vale whined, Heller’s tongue teasing around the rim of his entrance. “Long. Months.”

“But there was someone?”

Vale snorted at Heller’s possessive growl, only to groan when the brunette nipped at the sensitive flesh of his hole. “Damn—Of course. Some fool of a boy.”

Vale smelled like sex and power, a mix that always made Heller dizzy. He slicked his tongue deep into the man’s hole, humming to feel the blond grow wet for him, Vale’s sweet juices slowly dripping free. His scent rose up, enticing, maddening, and Heller’s jealously only grew. Pulling back, he replaced his tongue with two fingers, pushing into the lithe man and stretching him. “Then where is this lucky fool? Why isn’t he balls deep in you right now?”

Vale gripped the table, panting loudly while rocking back on the fingers stroking deep into his passage. “Don’t ask… what you don’t wish the answer to.”

Narrowing his eyes, Heller pushed aside his plate with a clatter, climbing up on the marble table so he could grip Vale’s hair and force the man to meet his gaze. “Was he a shifter?”

“He’s dead,” Vale said tightly, panting in the rough hold. “I killed him. The fool overstepped and I was forced to kill him.”

Heller bent forward, twisting Vale’s silky hair so he could nip the nape of the blond’s neck. Vale shuddered beneath his teeth, pressing his strong body back against the brunette’s, his hips shifting until Heller’s clothed erection was tight against his entrance. Heller had had two years to wonder if Vale had sent him to prison, and just as long to realize that even if his alpha hadn’t orchestrated it, he had allowed the events to unfold as they had. Two years had been more than a punishment. Vale had wanted him to learn a lesson. One he must have decided he had finally mastered.

He ran his palms down Vale’s flexing muscles, gripping hard, slowly letting his claws scrape pink lines into the impossibly pale flesh. Vale was already dripping, his long, flushed cock spraying precum onto the sleek table with every rock of his hips as he tried to get the brunette to slide into him. Heller refused to rush it. He had missed this more than he could remember. Vale’s perfect, tireless body beneath his, growing more desperate with each minute until he knew his alpha would beg—beg or bite depending on his mood—to get him to fuck him. He slid his palms over the blond’s tight navel, moving up over his broad chest, then pulling down to his thighs.

“Heller…” Vale arched, groaning as teeth nipped the back of his neck hard. The brunette kept avoiding his cock, giving only the lightest of brushes to his balls as relief to the pressure building.

“Are you still angry with me, alpha?” Heller ran his bristled jaw down over the blond’s shoulder, growling lowly when the answer didn’t come swift enough.

Although Vale’s body was begging for completion, his silver eyes were sharp and unrelenting, piercing into the brunette as the blond grabbed the back of Heller’s head and tugged him forward. He turned his face, clamping sharp teeth into the pale of Heller’s throat, the brunette stilling with a guttural gasp. Heller went limp, his eyes rolling back as he waited. Vale released him just as abruptly, lapping his tongue over the indent of his teeth, coppery blood flooding his senses.

“You’re still alive, aren’t you?” Vale rasped, meeting Heller’s wild blue eyes. “If I cannot trust you, then you are of no use to me or this pack. Can I trust you, Heller?”

“Yes, alpha,” Heller answered readily. “You can trust me to protect our people. To keep your secrets.”

“To kill?” Vale pressed.

“Yes, if that is what you ask of me. I will not hesitate again.” Heller nipped at the blond’s nape, sighing when Vale shuddered and moved into his touch. “I will give you everything you need.”

“Then do it, you tormenting bastard,” Vale demanded, wiggling his hips. “Before the pack scents me.”

Heller plunged his fingers into Vale’s tightness again, the blond pushing back into each rough stroke. Vale was as impatient as ever to be done with his ache, but Heller thought maybe there was a softness to the man’s haughty features this time. His alpha had called him home and readily spread to him. Had not clawed or pushed him away. No, his strong, muscular body trembled for him and Heller could not ignore the fondness that warmed in him from it.

“I’m ready.”

“You’re not even—”

“Now, Heller. I need you now,” Vale moaned, more slick liquid streaming from his hole and down his thighs. “Fuck me. Give me your knot and fuck me.”

Panting harshly, Heller quickly pulled his slacks down, focusing on his hard dick so he could transform it partially. Vale rarely asked to be knotted. It was usually an indignity too low for his alpha to tolerate unless he was in heat. To have him ask it of him now spoke of desperation and ache greater than first realized. It had to be the scent. The strength of the bitch scent from that green-eyed young man that lived in the Wastes.

“Yes, fuck… Fuck, do it,” Vale whimpered, spreading his knees wider when he felt the brunette’s cock press to his entrance. Heller pushed forward, grunting and grabbing the blond’s hips when Vale tried to impale himself faster. “Fill me… Damn, don’t hold back.”

Heller snarled, slamming forward once he had gotten his swollen cock head buried into the man’s clenching hole. Vale howled in approval, crashing back to meet him, groaning when the brunette’s knot stretched at the sensitive flesh of his entrance. Heller didn’t remain buried long, Vale’s insistent groans urging him to thrust into the man’s slick passage, pumping in mercilessly, his knot stretching the blond wider each time he got deep.

“You’re tight, baby… God, you’ve been needing this, haven’t you?” Heller gripped Vale’s hip until it bruised, humping shallowly as he worked his knot further into the man’s aching hole. “Got what you need, bitch… Gonna fix you… Mate you.”

Vale moaned, low and throaty when Heller’s swollen knot finally breached him, the thick flesh sinking into his entrance. “Fuck,” he gasped, desperate, ache filled cries falling from his wet lips. He reached his hand up behind him, grabbing a fistful of Heller’s black, silky hair and pulling hard until the brunette relented and nipped at his neck and shoulders.

“Do it… Fuck, give me your seed,” Vale rasped, pushing back with his hips, driving Heller deeper inside him as he clenched around his thickness.

The man was unbearably tight, Vale’s prostate swelling with his arousal to ensure his experience was as pleasurable as possible. That along with his lubricating hole and impossibly enticing sex scent made bitches stand apart from normal shifter wolves. Heller knew Vale let him fuck the man out of convenience, not love, but damn, it didn’t mean it was unenjoyable for either of them.

Heller’s knot began to swell, stretching Vale’s passage wider, the blond moaning as he folded forward, his face pressing to the table to increase the angle of the brunette’s rocking hips. Vale’s claws tore into the rock surface, the man growling lowly as gush after gush of hot cum began to fill his channel. “Yes… Heller, bite harder.

Heller groaned, his fangs growing in response. It was the closest thing to mating he was ever going to get with his beautiful alpha. He sunk his teeth into Vale’s shoulder, knowing the man needed the pain just as much as he needed his cock and seed inside him.

It was enough, Vale grunting, his jaw grit tight moments before he came, his dick spurting streams of pearly seed onto the table beneath him, the cum splashing up to tickle the flesh of his chest. He continued to rock back against the pumps of Heller’s hips, taking every thrust, every drop of seed while his passage milked the brunette’s thick knot.

Eyes dazed, Vale slumped forward, groaning lowly. Heller kept most of his weight off the man, licking Vale’s long throat, tasting his flesh and blood from the wound that had already healed.

“I should have brought you home sooner,” Vale whispered hoarsely, giving a final clench to Heller’s knot, cum gushing into his channel in reward.

Heller shrugged, lapping another line of wet onto the blond’s flesh with his wide tongue. “I should have apologized.”

Vale didn’t remark to if that would have made a difference or not, his face turning to rest on the table heavily. “I want to stay like this but there is little time.”

Heller stared down at the blond’s closed eyes, taking in Vale’s flushed lips and the light pink to his cheek. Just one whiff of the strange boy’s scent and Vale had spread to him, becoming nearly subservient. It was intriguing but also a dangerous revelation, one he was not sure what to do with just yet.

Heller shifted until he had his dick back to normal proportions, then carefully pulled from the blond’s entrance. He slid down his alpha’s body, finding his wet, sore hole and gently soothing it with his tongue. Vale sighed, groaning softly and spreading his legs wider. “You’ve yet to tell me about the crisis,” Heller remarked, loving how his cum mingled with Vale’s sex scent. It was short lived, a wave of magic shivering over the blond’s pale body, sweat, cum, and dirt whisked away as if it had never been there. Heller licked his lips, still tasting Vale on him, holding onto the flavor as long as possible while the blond stretched and sat up on the table, long white hair fanning around him.

“A pup has gone missing,” Vale disclosed, his tone flat in the way of news that had no potential of being positive.

“Whose?” There were few children in their pack. It was either one of their own or from a neighboring pack.

“Mercy’s.” Vale fixed Heller with a hard stare, watching the man’s blue eyes flash with emotion. “She and Clate moved out when she became pregnant with her second shortly after you were incarcerated. They scented werewolves right before the last moon but by the time we got there…” Vale huffed, shaking his head.

“Dead?” Heller asked, his throat tight.

“Clate and the newborn. Mercy survived but she’s been turned. She’s asking to be killed but only after she knows Ronan is either saved or dead."

Heller snarled, straightening with restrained emotion. “Is the boy still—?”

“Impossibly beautiful? Even more so these last years,” Vale spat, his bitterness at the situation clear. Ronan had been unique, a crimson colored wolf, his fur alone speaking of the boy being more magic than shifter. The boy had been nearly a gift of the gods, one he would suffer for while in the hands of the cursed. “They’ll sell the pup to the highest bidder and undoubtedly turn him next moon if we can’t find him.”

“They’ll destroy him if they haven’t already,” Heller whispered, his anger only growing.

“Likely. I’m hoping they’ll try to breed him first. He’s unique and some of the cursed have become more curious. It could buy us some time.” Vale didn’t look convinced by his own words. “I promised his mother I’d find him. Time is short.”

They had till the next full moon. It was the only time a werewolf could turn other werewolves. Shifters didn’t turn the way humans did, at least, not the canine shifters. Something in the magic that infected a soul with the deranged, evil wolf turned most all wolf shifters into howlers. They couldn’t coexist and the host went insane. It was a fate worse than death to a shifter and the werewolves took terrible joy in inflicting it to as many as they could.

“Let me help,” Heller said, having decided the moment he understood the situation.

Floating his pants up to him with a wave of his hand, Vale considered the man with a sharp look. “You should rest.”

“I’ll rest after the next moon,” Heller growled, his eyes burning back into the blond’s with a plea. “Clate was a friend and Mercy deserves vengeance for her family. If we can save at least one of them…” God, the entire family wiped out in the span of a moon. Damn the hell-infected beasts.

Exhaling heavily, Vale eventually nodded his agreement. He slipped into his pants, magicking a stain off of them idly before standing. “I have questions for you, Heller. Not now, but soon. About who you met in prison.”

Heller blinked, fighting the look of surprise off his face. “Alpha?”

“Not now. Just know that I know and we will discuss it later.” Vale pushed his sleek, white-blond hair from his face, fixing the brunette with another sharp glare before stepping from the kitchen. Heller watched him go, then slipped into his own pants, his mind strangely blank when he thought of his time in prison.

He forced himself to think of Clate’s child, the man’s only child when Heller had disappeared into the maximum security prison two years ago. Ronan was possibly dead, very likely mutilated and raped. Could he kill the boy if he found him to have been turned into a mindless howler? He set his jaw, thinking of the scar that tore from the top of Vale’s spine down to his right buttock, the only mark to permanently mar the man’s otherwise perfect, milk-white flesh. Vale would demand death. Heller would not be given a choice in the matter and maybe that was for the best. Howlers needed to die; it was a kindness to the cursed shifters. Death was always kinder than the curse.


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Demon Arms
The Paranormal Academy For Troubled Boys: Book 1
Just dodging jail, dragon shifter Wylie ends up in the Academy, an institution for out of control paranormals. He falls for a sexy, troubled sorcerer whose magical infliction makes him too deadly to touch. Convincing Dorian to be his might just get them all killed.
X 101,000+ wrds, paranormal, dragon shifter, sorcery, first time, NA. Published: April 1, 2016

I’ll Tell
A Blackmailing Stepbrother Romance
Jayce has been doing everything to get his now official younger brother settled in to his new home, all while fighting some very unbrotherly feelings for the angry, isolated brat. After things get weird, Declan decides to turn the tables, blackmailing his older brother into greater heights of depravity. Can Jayce keep from getting sucked into Declan's twisted games?
XX 56,000+ wrds, contemporary, stepbrother psi, new adult, blackmail. Published: January 23, 2016

The Demon Virus
A Magical Romance
This is a rather intense, dripping wet, XX-XXX rated fic featuring a naïve main character, his manipulative best friend, a very sexually aggressive incubus that finds his victims through the Internet, and his big monster cock covered in ridges. Like the majority of my stories, it features dubcon and is intended for 18+ readers.
XXX 10,000+ wrds, paranormal, dubcon, noncon, and demon. Published: 2016

Harry Potter Fanfics


The Slow Unintended Seduction Of Lucius Malfoy

If Lucius can get Harry out of his clothes, he probably won’t kill the brat. Probably.
Lucius/Harry, AU, 66,000+ wrds complete *This fic goes from cute, to sexy, to violent and dark, then back to cute and sexy again. I still love it even if it’s like watching me go on a bipolar swing. ^^


Chained, beaten and left for dead, Draco must decide which side to choose. Unfortunately, he’s very stubborn. Not that his new captor minds.
Harry/Draco, AU, 66,000+ wrds, complete. Some violence between our lovers and an enemies to lovers fic. My fanfiction is apparently really erratic as I reread it after all this time, but it’s still fun. I did a little editing on this one. I used to have a strong habit of putting “…” everywhere.

Bending Time

Fourth year is just getting started when a mysterious stranger arrives at Hogwarts. What does he want and why is he sleeping in Draco’s bed?
Harry/Draco, AU, 40,000+ wrds, minor, complete. A bit of a time bender; I really love the plot of this, although you can tell it was one of my first fics with the questionable execution of some scenes.

Sleeping Dogs
Harry keeps looking for someone to help him feel dirty for liking boys and dogs, Sirius, Remus and Draco more than willing to lend a hand and sometimes paw.
Harry/Sirius, Harry/Remus, Harry/Draco 40,000 words+ minor, complete AU, Bestiality, noncon, dubcon

A simple taunt gets Malfoy more than he was expecting from Harry.


Sleeping Dogs II
The continuation of Sleeping Dogs, Harry, Draco, Remus and Sirius's little pack of ragged beasts, and the many filthy things they get up to.

A Wayward Dragon In Little Whinging
In the middle of summer break, Draco shows up on Harry's doorstep in need of help. Harry knows the sexy prat is up to something, he just can't figure out what.

Harry is trapped in another plane of existence, with only Draco aware he even exists. Can Harry behave himself long enough to get Draco's help, or will he decide that watching and touching Draco is far better than being saved?


Sorcerer Slayer
Demon Arms Sequel.

My Secret Bronicorn
Josh has never met anyone like Skylar with his rainbow nail polish, blue and pink dyed hair, and big attitude. He’s crushing hard and will do anything to get close to his new classmate, even feed him sugar cubes. That is if Skylar doesn’t slug him for trying.

Skylar is new to Earth, new to people, and doesn’t know how to get along with humans. His best friend is a sorcerer determined to drive him crazy. Meeting Josh sparks something unexpected in Sky, something he never expected to feel for a mere human. Something that is usually saved for a herd of stallions.

Skylar might just be falling for Josh, a complication he couldn’t forsee. Can a flying unicorn shifter have a boyfriend and still keep his herd too?

City Howls
Secluded by his psychotic brother ever since their parents were killed by werewolves, Sage has no idea what’s wrong with him when he comes across his first wolf shifter in a dark alley late at night. All he knows for certain is that he’s unbearably hot, dizzy, and can’t seem to stop from letting the wolf do anything it wants to him. It has to be a curse but the shifter, Heller, thinks the beautiful boy belongs with his pack.

Not sure who to trust or how to get help, Sage must hide from his brother and find a solution before it’s too late. His friend, Taylor, knows a gang of werewolves willing to assist, but the vicious cursed men might end up being worse than the shifters in the long run. When Heller comes to free a stolen pup from the cursed, will Sage choose the life of a shifter pack bitch after he owes so much to his werewolf alpha?

Teddy's Naughty Adventures
Teddy, a beautiful, naïve orphan boy finds himself in a series of increasingly confusing encounters with older, professional men. He thought he was moving in with his Granny Emma to help the elderly woman around the house but instead finds she’s more interested in pimping her innocent grandson out to the highest bidder.

Leif, the young blond next store, tries to help Teddy find a way out of the life he’s been caught in. But Lief is even more deeply entrenched, his abusive father selling him to the men of the area.

Even if Teddy did have a place to go, he’s not sure that he wants to leave. With Granny Emma comes a lot of good including new clothes, a room of his own and more than enough food to eat. Lief’s situation is much worse than his, and Teddy would do anything to keep from leaving his first real friend behind.




Hi and welcome to Sadie Sins books. I'm Sadie, writer of shamelessly perverted, sometimes sweet, sometimes nasty, and always entertaining M/M erotic stories. What is M/M? Think man on man, aka gay, aka yaoi, aka twice the fun of one guy hero in a story. My erotic stories are a little different, with a strong focus on character development, intriguing plots and immersive, sexy experiences. Some are quite dark. I repeat themes of dubcon, straight to gay, first time, incest and breeding, to name a few. Because of the range of topics and heat levels, I make a point to put a rating system and content blurb at the bottom of each description so you know what you're getting into. X is about as vanilla as I get (which isn't very,) XX goes into more controlling partners and questionable ethics, and XXX holds nothing back. Happy endings are a promise even if they're teased with the occasional cliffhanger.

It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope you enjoy your visit. ~Sadie Sins


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