Ky was living in a madhouse. He thought magic existed, he helped kill a man, and he was living with hallucinations he called demons. He had lost his fucking mind. He wanted to curl up in a ball but instead he had to fix all this insanity.

“Calm yourself, whelp.”

Ky hadn’t noticed his tears until Feral came up and pulled him under his arm. Feral smelled like sex and warm sunshine, and Ky breathed out heavily and leaned against him. He was too tired to be angry. He was too hungry, too confused about everything. There was so much counting on him and he just couldn’t get anything right.

Ky blinked a few times in the warm embrace, trying to clear his vision to see the coyote Relic. There was a new furrow to Feral’s brow as he looked from Magnificent to Ky. “I didn’t mean to yell,” Ky mumbled. “I just… I didn’t want him to control you two.” He stared at where Magnificent was wrapped in his wings. “I just keep fucking up.”

“You don’t know what you’re asking of him,” Feral said gruffly. “It’s his nature. It’s our nature.”

Ky shook his head. Being mind controlled wasn’t nature. There was nothing natural about it.

Feral crouched down and called soothingly to Magnificent. “Seriphous. Come on, the whelp doesn’t know better. The hunger has gotten to his head.” His gaze moved to where Lovely was clutching the floor. The catboy’s claws were red with blood as he licked the hardwood in long strokes, seeking out drops of Feral’s cum. Feral licked his teeth with longing and forced his gaze back. “We’re all affected. Besides, the whelp doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time as it is.”

Ky silently huffed. It might be true for how stupid he felt lately.

“Come on, whelp. You need to talk to him.” Feral looked over his shoulder to where Ky was sulking. “You’re the only one he’s spoken to. That shadow link has to help in some way.”

Ky grasped the dark link on his collar where he felt Magnificent’s energy pulse. He was full of anxiety that he was going to say the wrong thing again, but he knew he couldn’t leave the requiem like this. If Magnificent hurt himself again over something he said, Ky wasn’t sure he’d be able to forgive himself.

“Magnificent?” Ky cautiously slid down on hands and knees and crawled toward the breathing mound of dark feathers. The requiem’s tail was tight around his legs, and Ky took it as a good sign he wasn’t going to strike out if he got too close. Ky took a breath when he realized just how lost Magnificent must be to be hiding like this. It wasn’t like it would actually offer protection if a sorcerer attacked him, but it seemed all Magnificent could muster in defense was to pretend to be invisible.

“I’m sorry.” Ky’s fingers trembled as he carefully sifted through soft feathers to uncover Magnificent. He held his breath when the wings shifted and Ky found himself staring down into a dazzling blue eye. Ky’s heart swelled in his chest, and it was an effort to find his voice again. “I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. Not the way I did.”

It hit him all at once when he saw the self inflicted bruise on Magnificent’s cheek, and Ky’s eyes glittered with tears. “I would never hurt you. I know I look like him, but I would never hurt you like Anselm did,” Ky insisted as he grasped for Feral’s shoulder. “I can’t change my face, and I don’t know how to fix this. I’m not him. I’m not.”

“Frrling.” Feral sighed when Ky buried his teary face against his chest and sobbed. “Once you feed, you’re going to see just how ridiculous you’re acting.” Ky didn’t respond, too busy crying to hear. Feral huffed as tears dripped onto his chest, and he turned to where Magnificent was watching.

“That goes for you too,” he said as he met Magnificent’s dull eyes. “Anselm has been dead for fifteen years. Sure, the whelp looks a bit like him, but Anselm was gray, aged, and a complete tyrant when he died. He wouldn’t know a smile if it bit him on the ass,” Feral muttered as Ky rubbed his face against his chest. “Use that brain of yours, Seriphous. Do you really think Anselm would be bawling like one of those tiny human babes, or that I’d ever let him touch me?”

Magnificent’s wings sounded like smooth paper as they shifted and revealed more of his face, but he didn’t let his guard down completely. His gaze fixed to where Ky was sniffling against Feral’s chest. Feral eyed him warily and soothed a hand down Ky’s back. He ducked his head and spoke into the curl of Ky’s ear.

“You have to understand, whelp, he was there before us. Seriphous was already chained in that underground maze of stone and damp when Thornes and I were captured. Anselm kept him separated so he couldn’t bond and overpower him. Without a bond, we didn’t even know he was really there, not until we moved from that place and could see Seriphous was more than a shadowy tale.

Ky blinked a tear off his lashes as he absorbed what Feral was saying. “He was alone? That entire time?” He pulled his head up and swiped at his eyes with the back of his wrist.

“Seriphous has spent hundreds of years alone,” Feral confirmed quietly, his gaze level with Ky’s. “The only touch he has felt has been Anselm’s cruel experiments, and to be fed from by that beast, Demencious.”

Ky’s eyes widened, and he could only stare in disbelief. “Hundreds of years?”

“Hundreds. You cannot break what is already obliterated.” Feral raised his head up and huffed when he saw Magnificent’s empty expression. “He’s lucky he can remember enough to form a sentence or raise up energy. What he’s been through, it might be kinder to have let him die.”

Ky’s stupor dissolved into a fierce scowl. “Don’t say that.” He shoved his shoulder into Feral and straightened taller where he was sitting. “He survived. Magnificent can be free now. It’s…” Ky’s throat tightened and he had to swallow to find his voice again. “It’s better to die free, right?”

Feral rested on an arm and sighed. There was a new droop to his wings and a shadow in his eyes as he nodded and looked up. “I know I used to think as much.”


Ky turned back to Mag with a shaky smile. Magnificent, I know things are confusing right now. But you’re going to have a new life. One where you can live how you want. One where you don’t have to starve. Ky got onto his knees, carefully inching forward so as not to overwhelm the requiem who still wouldn’t fully reveal himself from beneath his feathery blanket. I’m sorry I yelled at you. I just… Ky was at a loss as he met Mag’s gaze. They’re not toys. They’re more than food.

Whelp, you don’t know what you’re saying. Feral came up beside him, an apologetic expression on his face as he looked at Mag. He feeds us. His kind are designed to feed a village the same way an overseer can birth just as many. The requiem keep us alive when there is nothing to feed from. He is a treasure in a desolate world. All requiem are.

Ky turned to him with brows furrowed. I don’t… How? You fed from me, and before that you fed from the rats. You killed them. I don’t understand how he can feed you when he’s been starved for longer than you.

Feral reached forward and carefully held Mag by the wrist. His eyes were sharp as he searched Mag’s face, but the requiem watched impassively. See here, these bumps? Feral gently turned Mag’s arm to show Ky the dark bumps on Mag’s outer arm. You must be very gentle, especially along these orbs. This is where he builds his energy to feed others. They are very sensitive for a requiem, more so when he hungers.

Ky slid across the floor, cross legged as he sat beside Mag and stared at the bump near his shoulder. You mean, he really ‘feeds’ other relics? Like, he gives everyone energy?

It takes touch, connection of flesh and energy. Feral gently stroked fingers along the inside of Mag’s arm. It wakes the ability inside him. Each touch from a relic gifts a little of our energy. He takes it within and builds it up, transforms it into a quantity greater than it could have ever started, and feeds it to the others while also feeding himself. As I said, he is designed to feed a village. Requiem are miracles. Nearly gods who walk among us. They ask only for touch, and in return, they care for all.

Ky stared at the bump, remembering how it had pulsed with light before. Still, his eyes glowed. He was trying to make Lovely…

He’s hungry, whelp. Can you truly be angry when you know someone is starving and wishes only for help? If I didn’t fear his loss of sanity, neither of us would have hesitated. Just, it can be dangerous to feed from one who hungers. I have never heard of a mad requiem; they are protected by villages. But they have powers many relics do not. He can enhance our emotions, control us through suggestion. I have only seen it used to keep the peace but, well… he shrugged. He’s not all there in the head.

For some, a requiem binds. It is not like a simple mating as Thornes and I share. I have never experienced it personally, but it ties the energy together similar to what the sorcerers do. He feeds his mates as long as they are connected no matter the distance.

Ky’s thoughtful, his mind whirring. Feral didn’t seem upset about it at all, like it really was just normal. Even when Lovely went to go to Mag, Feral didn’t seem to mind at all. Lovely hadn’t even tried to fight. He just seemed, well, horny. He, uh, probably likes mates like Lovely, right?

Feral flashed a fang as he glanced to where Lovely was dazed, his head on the floor and ear twitching as he purred. Ky glanced back, seeing Lovely’s tail twitch contently, cum and sweat dripping down his body. Types like my slutty kitten are very susceptible to requiems.

So that makes him easy to control.

Feral rolled his eyes. No, it means someone like Seriphous can sense someone like Thornes would be very good at helping him raise energy to feed many. Do you truly think that arrogant, noble kitten wouldn’t slice the face off of someone if he truly didn’t want to be touched? Thornes is very capable of deciding who he wishes to feed from.

Ky didn’t fully believe him and Feral could read it in his eyes. It is our way, whelp. Would you go up to a human and demand they stop eating just because Relics don’t need to destroy another life to survive? It is just the way of things. Fighting it will not change it.

That first time… when you… Ky’s eyebrows scrunched. He didn’t like to call it feeding. It made it seem so detached, perfunctory. He glanced away, staring at the floor. One of Mag’s feathers had fallen loose and he picked it up, his thumb teasing over the edge. I don’t have sex with people because I’m hungry. It’s not just… just a food thing to me.

Yes, well Thornes has gathered that has been the root of the problem. Feral stared at the top of Ky’s head, watching him avoid his gaze. You have not been the first human to sleep in that bed, whelp. You are the first we have deigned to feed from.

Ky cautiously glanced up, his bangs obscuring his view. Yeah? Even though they couldn’t see you?

A wicked smirked curled Feral’s lips. Do you think we just go around covered in shadows sucking the cum out of anyone who walks into our lair?

Ky’s cheeks turned pink, and he had to look away. I didn’t until you said that…

Feral’s breath was hot as he leaned down and murmured into his ear. You are very special to us, whelp. Not because your eyes shine sometimes. Not because your cum taste like an elixir, and you can use that stupid wand. We enjoy being around you. We enjoy you.

Ky’s head lolled back as lips pressed to the side of his neck. Feral… he whispered breathlessly.

I’m right here. Teeth scraped his throat and lips sucked a rough welt. Gonna give you what you need. His hand combed through Ky’s hair and pushed it from his face so he could see him clearly. Because I want to, whelp. Because fucking you is enjoyable. Pleasurable. And I’ll kill anyone who tries to harm you, understand?

Doubt again weighed Ky down as he looked up into Feral’s gold eyes. You’re bonded to me. If I die then—

You foolish, little chhrrl! Feral grabbed Ky by the back of the head and held him tight so he couldn’t look away. I made a choice.

To save Lovely. Your mate.

To bind my power to you. To keep you alive. To die if you die because living without you—although assuredly far more peaceful—would not be worth it, whelp. Now shut up and let me help you.

I don’t want your help, Ky whispered harshly, tears again threatening.

Then let me love you, you damn imbecile. It’s the same thing to me.

Ky blinked a few times, his mouth gaping open. What?

Not a word, Feral grumbled, a blush to his cheeks as he pulled him close, their lips meeting. If you start bawling, I’m going to go snuggle up to Thornes and leave you hard and hungry.

Ky felt like he was swimming, movements sluggish, throat tight, ears ringing. Feral pushed him down on the floor, his body hovering over his. Does he…? Does Lovely…?

Feral huffed. Of course he does. It’s obnoxious how smitten the damn kitten is with you. When he didn’t slash your face as he did all the others that first time you leaned over the bed to see what was beneath, I knew there was no getting rid of you. He already chose all the way back then. At Ky’s expression, he rolled his eyes. We do not say these things, whelp.

Because you’re Relics?

Because we’re slaves. He slid his hand down Ky’s torso, leaning down, lips brushing his jaw. When it is clear you value something—someone—it is quickly used against you. Thornes has suffered greatly for every affection he has let slip for me in front of Anselm.

Ky stared up at him with wide, sad eyes.

We learned to hide it. It is difficult to change old habits. Difficult to relearn how to live. Glances to Mag, whose feathers were framing his face like a dark halo, his eyes a dull blue as he watched them. But we will relearn. It is either adapt or die, and we relics are very good at adapting. He bent down, kissing Ky’s chest, mouthing down the flat planes. Ky rocked, arching into the hot touch, fingers clawing the floor.

Spread. He pushed Ky’s legs open, only to glare at his pants. I thought I shredded these.

Don’t you dare. Ky grabbed Feral’s hand warningly and with his other unzipped. I barely have anything to wear.

Feral smirked wickedly. I know. It makes it much easier to fuck you.

Ky glared, but his face was flushed and it was hard to breathe with Feral smirking at him like that. Feral’s fingers grasped his waistband, tugging his pants down his legs. Ky gulped, his erection slapping against his abdomen. Fine, he was really horny. Not starving horny—he still wasn’t sure that was a thing for him—but he was painfully aroused and dripping at the thought of sex. He raised a knee, spreading wider once Feral tugged his pants and underwear off his right leg and he was bare, his shoes and socks discarded to the side. Fuck me. Please. I feel… I feel really strange, Ky rasped out as Feral settled between his legs.

Feral leaned down, hair tickling his skin, lips pressing to the inside of his thigh. Ky moaned, his hips thrusting up when Feral sucked hard, leaving a welt on his pale skin. Ky whimpered as Feral slid down his raised leg, kissing around his cock and refusing to suck him. Damn it… fuck. Just take me.

Slowly, whelp. You must take energy first. Touch. Connection. It will build the power in you. Fucking is not enough for one such as you.

Ky shook his head, a desperate cry breaking free when Feral’s mouth opened and pulled his balls into the hot cavern. I’m not… I’m still just human. The words caught in his throat as Feral’s fingers plunged into his entrance without warning. Oh. He raked at Feral’s hair, jerking as his hip was pinned down and fingers stretched into him deep. Feral’s mouth continued to torment him, sucking the taunt flesh of his navel and dipping down to his balls while deliberately ignoring Ky’s flushed, hard cock glistening sticky precum inches away.

Ky gasped for breath, his eyes squeezed shut, head thrown back, body feeling far too tight to bear. He couldn’t help but remember his morning with Blood when the Relic had asked where his wings and horns were. He insisted he needed to feed from his energy and had made him wait until he was full of cum before letting him finally orgasm. Was this what they did to requiem, torture them until they felt damn near blind with lust, and only then let them cum? Ky licked his lips unconsciously and raised his knee higher when Feral pushed his leg up. If it was a promise that Feral would fuck his cock and knot into him soon enough, Ky didn’t mind the wait no matter how torturous it felt at the moment.

Feral tongue slid around his rim in wet heat, Ky crying out, his hands twisting into his hair and pulling. Feral… hell. He rocked up, trying to get his wicked tongue deeper, into him, a part of him certain it would sooth the insanity burning through him. Fingers again probed at his entrance, two sliding at his edge, slowly working him open while Feral licked and sucked at the edges of his hole. Ky raised his hand and bit at his wrist to muffle his moans.

Ky’s eyes flew open when something smooth pressed to his face and pushed his hand away. Magnificent? The demon had unfurled from his feathery armor. His eyes glowed as he stared down at Ky while caressing his tail over his face. Ky’s lips parted, his eyes slit as Mag slid the tip into his mouth. Ky wrapped his tongue around the slender appendage, groaning when it twitched and escaped. It rubbed his lips and dripped wet down his chin. Ky twisted, turning to follow, whimpering from the feel of Feral’s fingers slipping from his entrance.

Brat, Feral grumbled. He kissed the swell of his ass as Ky got onto his hands and knees, leaning forward to lick at Mag’s tail. Ky whimpered when it wrapped around his throat, pulling him closer until he was over his lap, mouth breathing heat onto Mag’s thick cock. Precum dribbled from the slit and Ky moaned, leaning down and sucks up the side of his shaft, tonguing over each orb. He sinks the rigid flesh into his mouth. Moaning over the flavor, the thickness as his saliva runs down the length and drips off the contoured edges.

He spreads his thighs, braced on his knees, his ass high in the air as he sucks Mag off, his lips quickly growing sore, arms tired, but he doesn’t care. He needs his cum. His hips rock with his movements, his cock flushed and swaying between his legs.

Ky muffles a cry when Feral grabs his ass and pushes his face into his crack. His tongue darts inside, plunging into his entrance. Ky pulls of Mag’s cock, the head rubbing over his chin while Ky moans. Feral’s tongue is relentless, stretching into him, wetting him on the inside to get him ready for his cock. Mag’s hand presses to the top of his head. Fuck… aw fuck. Ky’s eyes roll back when he’s pushed down again, Mag’s cock sliding thick between his lips and taking his mouth. Mag’s tail coiled twice around Ky’s throat, holding him in place while Ky opened wider to the cock grinding against his tonsils.

Feral crawled up his body and ran his palm down Ky’s throat. Take him deeper, whelp. Take what you need. Let that cock mark you on the inside.

Ky’s brows scrunch, his jaw wide as Mag slips into his throat. Mag hisses into it, his eyes slit and blazing, hands grasping the floor to keep from reaching for Ky and thrusting up into him. It felt like a haze; the scent, the sounds, the lust rising like electricity in the air. Feral growls, his expression dazed as he watched Ky try not to choke as he deep throated the requiem’s dick. He started kissing Ky’s jaw, licking the saliva and precum dripping down, his grip hard as he raked fingernails down Ky’s arms. Ky whimpered, tears escaping even as he wiggled his hips and pushed back, grinding his ass against Feral’s thigh. The throbbing of his hole was only slightly less intense than the one in his dick.

Feral’s hand touched down to the small of Ky’s back as he pushed forward, helping him get the friction he wanted, his thigh hot against his balls. His other grasped Ky’s ass, spreading his cheeks wide. His thumb pushed into his entrance, Ky jolting, his face red as he struggled to drag in air around Mag’s cock and not cry out.

Feral leaned over his back, his mouth on Ky’s ear as he plunged his thumb deeper into his hole. Should have fucked you the moment I got you home. Feral growled darkly, his cock sticky as it slid over his ass cheek. I’ve got what you need, whelp. With enough cum in your slutty hole, you’re going to feel like yourself again.

Saliva gushed down Ky’s chin with his moan. He wanted that. He wanted that so bad. His hand shook as he sought a better grip, avoiding Mag’s chains so he could take him deep again. The requiem’s tail tugged him down before he could get his mouth around his cock, Ky whimpering as Mag’s dick slicked over his face. He licked weakly at the bumps streaked in precum on the side while he felt Feral’s cock slide between his cheeks and seek his hole.

Please, Ky mumbled mindlessly. Need it. Need it so bad. Fuck me.

I know. Fuck, I know. Feral breathed out unsteadily, his eyes closing a moment. I feel your need through the bond. It’s… it’s frrling insanity. He dug fingers into Ky’s hip as he humped shallowly, his tip pressing into his entrance and stretching him open. Ky could feel his seed already spilling, hot and slick around the hard flesh pushing into his channel. He moaned, clinging to Mag’s thighs, gasping lips wetting his navel as he cried out and took his cock.

Feral sinks deeper, Ky opening slowly to the thick flesh. It’s been too long—he knew it wasn’t, but it felt so damn long. He missed this, missed Feral, missed being lost in lust and touch, and desperate cries. Ky stretched open, his entrance gripping the slick shaft, rocking with the rough thrusts driving Feral’s cock in deeper into his channel. Arches, crying out, Mag’s cock wet with his saliva and precum as it finds his parted lip.

Oh… Oh fuck, Ky mumbles against the hot flesh as he feels Feral’s knot at the base of his dick stretch at his rim. The extra pressure was intense, his eyes closing in bliss when Feral thrust forward and his body was pushed open. Oh, yes. Do it.

Feral’s growl curling around his ear, his breath hot as he pins Ky down by the hip, nails biting into his flesh as he pulls him back to meet his forward thrusts. Spread. Take me in. He groaned when Ky clenched and his knot pulsed from the friction. Got so much cum for you. Open up and spread those cheeks wide, whelp.

His knot stretches him wider, edging in, then out, the flesh so slick and overwhelming as it forced him open inch by inch. Ky cries out when it slides home, filling him completely, only to expand and lock into his trembling flesh.

Fuck. Oh, fuck, you’re so big. Ky grasps uselessly at Mag’s sweat slick thighs, his hips jerking with every relentless thrust of Feral’s cock stretching him open and his knot against his prostate. He needed this. Fuck, he needed this so bad. Ky tries to get better leverage, pushing onto his arms, but they’re shaking so much, and he feels feverish, lost. He bucks his hips, getting Feral deeper, then moans at just how much it fills him.

“That’s it, whelp. Take it. Take what you need. Feral hisses when Ky clenches tight, his eyes closing. So hard… so hard to hold back with you. I feel how much you need this.

Slams forward, Ky yelping from the intense pressure, his eyes rolling back a moment. Cum drips wet from around his stretched hole when Feral pushes forward again. Yes. Yes, whelp. This is what you need. Feral’s thrust grow faster, harder, the knot locked into his passage keeping him from escaping every hungry pump of hot cum filling his hole.

Ky can’t stop moaning, his knees shaking as he tries to create a strong enough resistance so Feral can keep fucking him hard. It’s so good, and he can’t remember ever needing it like this before. Ky’s moan is cut off when the tip of Mag’s cock stretched into his mouth, muffling his cries with a wet drip of tangy fluid. Ky jolts, his gasps desperate around the thick flesh as he sank it deeper, welcoming it in and sinking it to the back of his throat. Mag’s tail was tight around his throat, refusing to let him go, and Ky’s body tightened in want with each thrilling clench around his throat.

Heat, dizzy, the world red as his air is blocked by Mag’s thick cock and he’s rocked by Feral’s thrusts. The bumps pulsing determinedly while his underside vibrated with his approaching orgasm. Ky shaking, his mouth dripping crystal as Mag forces him still so he can fuck up into his mouth, filling his throat with his sparking seed. Ky gasping for air, cum drizzling on his face when Mag pulls out, Mag still cumming and painting his hair even though he’s filled him. Ky can’t keep his head up, his moans growing in intensity as Feral’s knot grows even wider, his hips pounding forward with every determined thrust to breed him.

Feral’s growls were wild as he nipped at Ky’s shoulder, licking and sucking the flesh red, his fangs dulled as he clenched the muscle. Ky cried out, flushed, arching, so dizzy with all he was taking. He ground his ass back against Feral, his cheeks wide from the thick cock, trying to bury his cock and knot as deep as he could, riding the thick flesh while he moaned unintelligibly. He could feel Feral’s cum dripping out of him, his ass, thighs and balls wet with the hot fluid. Something suddenly wrapped tight around his throbbing, flushed cock, and Ky tensed with a loud sob.

Fuck. Oh, yes. Ky got his eyes open long enough to see Mag’s tail circling his dick like a vice. Ky’s hips jerked roughly, his head thrown back as he came in long, pearly streams all over his navel, chest, and the floor beneath.

Frrl, Feral gasped when Ky clenched all around him, his passage milking him of every drop of seed he could get. He held his hips tight, slamming into him again and again while Ky sobbed for more. That’s it… that’s it. Feral holds his ass tight, Ky speared on his cock. Ky shudders and grinds to keep Feral in place until his cum stops streaming from him in creamy pulses.

Ky collapses forward with a groan, panting, bleary eyed, his ass impossibly full, skin coated in cum. Mag’s cum is dripping on his lap, and Ky nuzzles between his thighs, licking the tangy fluid in mindless strokes of his tongue while Feral continued to thrust shallowly into his aching hole. Mag’s fingers are gentle as they cautiously twist into his hair.

Mag jerks suddenly, Ky slowly pulling himself together enough to look up when the requiem groans in pain. Mag’s wounds, bruises and half heeled cuts flare in a burst of energy, blood flowing free before they suddenly heal. Ky can’t look away, watching mag’s expression twist in a mix of agony and bliss. He’s beautiful and Ky’s heart wrenches to know a dark part of him doesn’t want him to be different, doesn’t want him fixed just so long as he’ll stay with him. Someone so perfect would surely rush to leave this boring town and pathetic wanna be sorcerer if he were sane.

A white curtain of silk fluttered across Ky’s view, and he blinked when Lovely suddenly knelt beside Mag. Feral stiffened behind him, but Mag seemed barely aware when Lovely, his eyes still dazed, leaned down and began to lick one of the glowing orbs on Mag’s arm. Lov moans, a shudder taking his entire body, his eyes closed in ecstasy. His lips run wet circles, kissing and sucking the bump while his tongue caressed more energy free. Mag makes a strange noise, a melodic purr, and Lovely joins in with his soothing thrum as he feeds from the requiem.

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Magnificent Night wouldn’t meet his eyes when Ky closed the bathroom door. It wasn’t too small a room. Magnificent’s wings didn’t brush the walls of black and white tile, or the antiquated but well kept fixtures. Still, Ky knew a caged animal when he saw one. Each movement Magnificent took caused the chains on his arms to rattle and the sound was amplified in the contained, tiled space. Magnificent’s gaze darted to each wall, and he looked at the shower, toilet, and faucet like he was staring at a torture chamber.

“This is where we go to clean,” Ky explained patiently. He stepped to the faucet and turned the handle. Magnificent’s breath hitched when water poured forth. There was a spark of curiosity in his eyes but it was quickly swallowed up by his unease when Ky wet a facecloth in warm water and approached him. Magnificent held his breath, his body tense when Ky pressed the fabric to the tail slash on his chest.

“Does it hurt?” Ky’s voice cracked. Guilt tightened his gut as he carefully dabbed up the dried blood his chest was streaked in. If he hadn’t yelled, hadn’t blamed Magnificent for things completely out of his control, the requiem never would have hurt himself.

Magnificent didn’t answer, and Ky kept his head ducked as he wondered if he was silently blaming him too. Ky’s fingers gently probed a bruise on Magnificent’s side and paused when he got no response. “It looks painful. Not as much as here, though,” he added when he caught sight of the red where the metal bonds wrapped Magnificent’s wrists. Ky raised the manacled hand and pressed his mouth to the raw flesh.

“That won’t work,” Magnificent muttered.

“It won’t heal?” Ky licked his tongue out, only to shy back when the chain swayed too close to his face. It was like they were sucking the heat and moisture right from the air and left everything cold. “We’ll wrap them in something,” Ky said decisively and looked for a towel to do just that. “Just until we get you free.”

“You mustn’t touch them. You mustn’t heal me.” Magnificent pulled his arm away and stepped back. “You’ll anger the master.”

Ky was left staring at his empty hand, his dark bangs obscuring his eyes. “You know he’s dead, right? He’s been dead for years now.” He looked up to find Magnificent mirroring his posture and staring at the floor. He refused to answer, and Ky sighed heavily. “Do you want me to go?” He held the facecloth up. “You can clean yourself now, and yeah… Yeah, I don’t know why I’m doing this.” He dragged his fingers through his hair agitatedly.

Whatever Magnificent needed, he didn’t know how to help him. The guy thought he was still living in the past. He was waiting for Anselm to show up and punish him. It was heartbreaking, and depressing, and Ky really didn’t know if he could handle it at the moment.

Magnificent made no move to take the facecloth from him, so Ky walked it over to the sink. He idly turned the faucet on, plugged the drain, and stared at the water filling the basin. “I don’t know how to talk to you,” he admitted quietly. “I don’t know if I’m saying the right thing when I tell you the world is different, or if it’s like waking a sleepwalker and it’s going to freak you out or something. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m not even old enough to drink and suddenly all this complicated stuff is on my shoulders. I… Fuck, I don’t know what I’m doing.”

Ky hunched forward and leaned on the counter as he watched the water swirl. He knew he was going to fuck it all up tomorrow. He knew it so surely, he was half afraid he was planning it at this point. He wasn’t smart enough, and he didn’t know any magic. He secretly hoped Lovely and Feral had a plan, but now he knew they were just as lost, just as limited. He couldn’t even talk to his parents about it. They wouldn’t be much help, but Ky missed the unwavering support they used to have for him.

Ky twisted the faucet off and stared moodily at the water swaying and lapping at the white basin. He felt unanchored. He wasn’t sure he’d be able to find his way back to the world he belonged in, or if he even knew what that world was anymore.

Ky shook himself and reached for the facecloth. He stopped when Magnificent’s hand slipped into view beside his and cautiously touched the brush on the counter.

“It’s fine. Take it,” Ky urged when Magnificent hesitated and his fingers fell short of the handle.

Magnificent sighed before speaking. “The chains… They make it difficult.”

“Shit—sorry.” Ky picked the brush up and whirled to meet Magnificent’s quiet gaze. “Sorry. I’ll find a way to break them off. I don’t know how, but we’re going to find a way.”

Ky was somewhat relieved Magnificent didn’t answer. It either would have been an insistence that he couldn’t because Anselm might punish them, or maybe worse. Magnificent might trust him to follow through. All of Ky’s promises felt empty lately. He wanted to keep them, he wanted to be the person the Relics needed, but he knew his flaws were far more abundant than his heart was big at the moment.

“Umm…” Ky raised his eyebrows, suddenly feeling awkward as he stepped toward Magnificent. “This is okay, right? I mean, I know the chains are in the way, but I don’t want you to feel weird.”

Magnificent paused and eventually tilted his head, offering the side so Ky could have access to his hair.

Ky definitely felt weird as he stepped close and sectioned off a lock of Magnificent’s hair. He kept his eyes fixed on his task, and not the hard, bare body before him adorned only with piercings and bruises. The sexual attraction he felt for Magnificent hadn’t faded no matter how much he really wished it would. Magnificent clearly needed help. He was confused, lost, and kind of crazy. All really reasonable given what happened to him, just, wanting to touch him when he was like this felt kind of messed up.

“Sorry,” Ky mumbled when the brush snagged on a tangle and his chest bumped against the flesh of Magnificent’s arm. Magnificent breathed out unsteadily and carefully turned so they wouldn’t touch. It could have been a rejection, except Ky had seen the odd flash of blue energy zap through the dark bumps on his arm. Ky glanced down and raked his teeth over his lower lip when he saw Magnificent was erect, his cock flushed.

“Uh.” Ky fought a blush and tore his gaze back up to his task. “You have a lot of knots. It’s all tangled.” Magnificent’s hair was rough beneath his fingertips, and Ky raised the ends to show him. “You also have a bad case of split ends. If you want, I can cut it for you. It’ll make it easier to handle until the chains are off…” Ky clicked his mouth shut when Magnificent’s tail wrapped around his wrist.

“You must leave it as is,” Magnificent said, his eyes piercing like it was deathly important.

Ky pursed his lips in confusion. “Messy?”

“Untouched. Long. It represents…” Magnificent hissed softly and released Ky. He fixed his gaze on the side wall. “My hair is part of who I am to them.”

“Oh.” Ky studied Magnificent’s features and took in his tense jaw and shadowed eyes. “To who?” he asked tentatively.

“My lovers,” Magnificent’s voice was rough with emotion. “They know me by my hair. They… They once took turns to clean and brush it. The greater it shone, the more they knew I was cared for. It was a symbol of our happiness.” His eyes slipped back to Ky and his hand came up to gently brush the dark, spiky bangs from his forehead. “It is a luxury to have such well kept hair. You must be very loved.”

The last thing Ky felt lately was loved. Any affection turned his way felt like a lie of sorcery, or worse, pity. He dragged his gaze down and stared at the brush in his hand. Magnificent’s hair was straggly and unkempt and reflected a neglect that was far more real than the hollow feeling clenching at his chest. “We’ll wash it, okay?” Ky said decidedly. “We’ll wash your hair and then douse it with a ton of conditioner to make it smooth again.” He knew it wouldn’t erase the past, but maybe it would help Magnificent see things were different.

“Is that okay?” Ky glanced up, afraid he might have said the wrong thing. He held his breath when Magnificent’s fingers nudged his chin up and lips brushed his. A soft sigh escaped him, echoed by Magnificent, who kissed him deeper. Ky’s lashes fluttered shut and he sank forward and opened to the hot touch of his tongue.

He shouldn’t. Ky knew he shouldn’t. Out of all the Relics to confuse with his new power, Magnificent was the most vulnerable, the most easily destroyed. He knew, but he just couldn’t stop. He wanted to feel devoured. He wanted to disappear in the requiem and never have to think again.

Ky tilted his head until their lips sealed, and pushed forward, grasping at Magnificent’s shoulders. Kissing him was just as intense as the first time, just like the last time, and every desperate kiss in between. It bubbled something that felt like pure insanity through Ky and left him burning and gasping for oxygen as Magnificent pulled him close and plundered his mouth roughly. The brush fell to the floor with a clatter and Ky tangled his hand into Magnificent’s hair. He pulled the long locks taunt, and Magnificent groaned against his lips. The sink slammed against his ass when Magnificent crushed him back, and Ky whimpered, his lips kissed and nipped sore while strong hands rubbed possessively over every inch of his body they could reach.

“Wait. Damn it,” Ky gasped out when Magnificent suddenly pulled from his mouth with a frustrated groan. He avoided Ky’s lips and instead held him against his chest, his face buried into Ky’s silky hair. Ky could feel Magnificent tremble in restraint with every ragged breath he dragged in.

Ky blinked a few times to get the room to stop spinning. His heart was pounding in his ears and it was hard to think, hard to care about anything but the hot body pulsing against his. He felt like he was just swept up by a wildfire and it was impossible not to be burned, not to have his entire body vibrate for more.

A bruise shone purple on Magnificent’s throat, and Ky drew closer and sealed his lips over the mark. He felt Magnificent stiffen in his grip, and a soft groan rumbled through him when Ky licked up the tender skin and multicolored spots. Ky rubbed tingling lips over his flesh as he held his bicep tight to reach higher. He kissed the raw slash on Magnificent’s jaw and cheek, and traced his trembling tongue over the mark until it healed.

Magnificent’s breath was ragged as he turned toward him and caught the side of Ky’s mouth with his. He kissed him deep, drinking down Ky’s whimpers with every hot slide of lips. Magnificent drew him up until Ky was half wrapped around his taller form. Ky’s legs wobbled from standing on tiptoes, but he threw an arm around Magnificent’s neck and held tight to meet each intense, wet kiss.

“Oh,” Ky gasped when Magnificent’s hips shifted and his erection found his with just the layer of his pants between then. Ky grasped a hand down, holding Magnificent’s side tight as he ground back and sought more pressure.

Magnificent growled in approval and rocked with him. He palmed down Ky’s torso and tore at the hem of his shirt. When he pulled it up his back, cool air rushed over Ky’s flushed skin. Ky’s breath hitched and he froze, their lips inches apart as they gasped.

“Sorry.” Ky’s gaze moved from Magnificent’s eyes down to his kiss swollen lips. “I’m trying not to be like this.” He breathed in deep despite himself. Magnificent smelled right, safe, strong. Ky knew it was a lie—Magnificent was even more lost than him—but his scent made him feel protected and loved.

Magnificent didn’t seem to remember his confused reasons for resiting before. He nuzzled down against his face and brushed a lingering kiss to Ky’s jaw. “You’re hungry. We’re like this when we hunger.”

Ky snorted and refused to look his way. “I’m horny. It’s totally different.”

“That also happens when we hunger,” Magnificent murmured. His lips forged a hot trail up Ky’s jaw, and teeth nipped the soft lobe of his ear. “Once you feed, it won’t ache as much. It will become pleasure again, not this gnawing hunger.”

Ky’s head lolled back and he sighed as lips moved down his chin to his throat. Even dizzy and somewhat weak, Ky only felt pleasure. It was only ever pleasure with the Relics. Magnificent’s large cock rubbed against his, and they both groaned. It was easy to get lost in the rhythm, and Ky’s eyes closed and back arched as they rocked together. His nerves sang with each touch and press of Magnificent’s bare flesh to his clothed form. A palm fumbled down the back of his pants, seeking his waistband, and Ky jolted back to reality with a whimper.

“Sorry.” Ky shook his head with a start and pushed a hand between the press of their bodies. “Sorry. You feel… You always feel so damn good to me.” Ky watched dazedly as his hand slid down Magnificent’s hard chest and through the beads of sweat that had formed. He pushed to the side, his breath held as he teased a thumb over a pierced nipple. Ky’s mouth felt wet as he imagined leaning forward and sliding his tongue over the bud.

Magnificent’s breath was heavy in his ear as he kissed along Ky’s jaw. “We mustn’t feed. If he catches us…”

Ky closed his eyes in a sharp wince. “Magnificent…” Fuck, he was seriously a monster. Like on the level of molesting a trauma victim, monster.

“They need my energy.” Magnificent pressed a slow kiss to Ky’s upper lip. His voice changed with each word and drained of the warmth it held moments ago. “They all suffer, starve with me right in the room. But it must be this way. To keep them alive, I can’t feed them.”

Goosebumps shivered over Ky’s skin. It felt like only moments ago Magnificent had really seen someone die for merely touching him, kissing him. It was insane. Had Anselm really killed every lover Magnificent had just to keep the requiem from using his power? Had his fear been that great, he murdered over something so small as to find comfort and share energy?

Ky surged forward and pressed a hard kiss to Magnificent’s now still lips. “That was a long time ago,” he whispered. “He’s gone. No one will be hurt.”

“I won’t let them die.” The quiet, unsteady words sounded like a mantra, something Magnificent might have whispered again and again when the hunger hit and his eyes glowed in desperation. Ky’s heart twisted painfully, and he ducked his head down.

Magnificent was just too messed up to handle reality. He had lived in a place in his head for so long, to leave it was to face all he had given up to make it this far. There was too much in his straggly hair, the age that crept up on him, or the weakness in his once powerful limbs and an even stronger heart. He atrophied in so many ways while living in a cage, and surely to leave it was to truly see it all.

“I understand.” Ky pressed a soft kiss to the center of Magnificent Night’s chest. “I do.”

Magnificent inhaled deeply. “Yes, you’re like me. I sense it, taste it.” He threaded fingers into Ky’s hair and drew back so he could see him better. Magnificent’s brows scrunched as his gaze roamed the top of Ky’s head, which was void of horns, to his rounded ears and wingless back. “I thought for a moment we had… I dream sometimes.” Magnificent’s voice was a dark rasp, and his eyes haunted as he searched Ky’s gaze. “I thought we touched, joined, but that can’t be. You’re starving.”

“Starving?” Ky scoffed. Unease flickered through him and he pulled away. “I’m fine, just a little dizzy. I’m learning how to be this way, that’s all. You don’t starve in a damn day.” Hell, he had fucked his brains out at Tobias’s while Lovely and Feral were able to survive literal years without feeding. If he truly needed more, there was something wrong with him. Ky crossed his arms over his chest. “Listen, I’m the last person you need to worry about, okay? Out of the four of us, I’m not afraid to leave the house. Or make a damn sandwich, for that matter. I’m fine.”

“They all starve.” Magnificent’s eyes were unfocused and fixed on the black tiled floor. “I wish to protect them, but I hurt anyone who touches me.”

“Aw, fuck.” Ky sighed heavily as he heard his own words thrown back at him. “You don’t… You didn’t have any control in that. You can’t blame yourself for shit you did when you were locked up in a damn prison. I never should have said those things to you.” Magnificent’s face remained impassive, and Ky whirled away and took a few tense steps. “It’s not your fault. Anselm was an asshole. You can’t blame yourself for what other people do. The guy was insane. All these sorcerers are insane.”

They were insane, and he was going to be trapped in a fucking building full of them in less than 24 hours. And if he failed, or worse, died, there would be no one to come back and tell Magnificent to run—to feed, and run, and love, and never let another sorcerer near him again.

“You should get back before the master…”

Ky growled and turned. His eyes blazed power as he stalked back to Magnificent, grabbed his chained hands, and kissed him fiercely. “Stop talking. Just stop talking nonsense. You can’t be crazy right now,” he muttered between deep, hard kisses. “You need to be strong. Stable. Sane, damn it.” There was too much depending on him, and the thought of the Relics being this lost if he never returned tomorrow terrified Ky more than anything else.

Ky breathed out unsteadily and slipped down to kiss the hollow of Magnificent’s throat. There was so much he couldn’t control, so much he couldn’t predict or prepare for. This, though, this he could do. This made sense no matter how insane the world turned.

Magnificent’s eyes slit shut and he sighed heavily. “We mustn’t,” he murmured, even as he titled his head back to give Ky better access.

“It’s okay.” Ky rubbed his hand over the hard planes of Magnificent’s chest and leaned down to kiss a bruise. He sucked at the sore flesh and licked it healed while Magnificent groaned.

“I… I can’t see anymore die,” Magnificent insisted breathlessly. “So many have died.”

Ky paused, a frown threatening. “He’s not here. Anselm is dead.” He reached up and traced slim fingers along Magnificent’s throat. “Can’t you tell? You have no collar, no master. You’re free.”

Magnificent caught Ky’s hand. His eyes were haunted as he pulled him close and pressed lips to the soft flesh of Ky’s inner wrist. “He will catch us,” he whispered against his skin. “He will kill you. You are young and look just like a thrall. The master won’t hesitate to destroy you.”

“You’re free.” Ky bit his lower lip, then shook his head in frustration. “I don’t know how else to prove it to you. You have no collar.” Ky’s eyelids slowly drooped with each kiss to his inner arm. He sighed and ran his free hand down Magnificent’s torso, tripping over hard abs and a sharp hipbone.

Did it matter if Magnificent knew he was free when he was actually free? How many caged animals still lived in their cage once the door was opened? After meeting the demons at Tobias’s, Ky knew there was a difference. Anselm had broken his relics in ways Tobias hadn’t had the years to attempt.

Ky gasped when Magnificent pressed up against him and his cock rubbed against his. Ky hooked an arm around Magnificent’s broad shoulder and slid his mouth along his collarbone. The touch of Ky’s lips to his flesh again sparked something in Magnificent, and he wrapped his tail around Ky’s waist and pulled him up his body as he fell back against the sink. Ky moaned when hungry lips crushed his and his mouth was claimed.

Ky was so hard, and he moved with every rock of Magnificent’s hips, wanting to feel more, to feel him. A part of him felt frozen since turning from Magnificent that first time. It was like something broke inside him when he yelled at Magnificent and nothing he did could repair it since. Hands slid down his back and cupped his ass, pulling him tighter to Magnificent’s hard body, and Ky whimpered. He dropped kisses to the flesh before him, seeking out every bruise and cut and licking and sucking it healed. Fuck, he needed more. Ky’s hand drifted lower, and he carefully palmed the hard, flushed dick grinding against his thigh.

Mgnificent threw his head back, his eyes glowing as a soft hiss broke free from between clenched teeth. Ky’s breath came out in heavy pants as he slid his hand over the contoured flesh of Magnificent’s dick. His thumb teased along the bumps on the side of his shaft while his palm caressed the thick underside. Magnificent grunted and thrust into his grip, his tail tight around Ky’s waist to keep him close as he fucked into his hand.

“You feel amazing.” Ky leaned forward and ran his tongue along Magnificent’s chest in wet strokes. “You’re so hot when you’re like this, so fucking perfect.” Precum trickled down and dripped sticky along his fingers. Ky groaned and buried his face against Magnificent’s chest as he stroked more of the clear liquid free. “That’s it. Fuck, I want to make you cum so bad.”

Ky tried to ignore the voice in the back of his head telling him it was wrong. He couldn’t stop, and when he was honest, he didn’t want to stop. He needed Magnificent. Maybe he really was starving because a part of him felt like he was going to die if he actually stopped worshiping the body trembling beneath his touch.

“Wait. I don’t… I can’t think.” Magnificent’s voice was raw with lust as his fingers tangled into Ky’s hair. “You are… I think you’re very important to me. I don’t want you to die. I’m always alone.”

His eyes wide, Ky stilled, his gasps lost in Magnificent’s hot flesh. Fuck. What the fuck? Didn’t he even know who he was? Ky’s hands fell to his sides. He squeezed his eyes shut and forced himself to think around the loud pulse thrumming in his ears. This wasn’t right. Fuck, this was seriously messed up.

“Do you sense him anywhere?” Ky asked hollowly. He looked up, and made himself meet Magnificent’s gaze. He was flushed, his eyes glowing, lips parted. His hair, only half brushed, was tangled around one horn, and Ky reached up and untwisted the strands. “You would sense him if you were linked to him. Do you sense Anselm?”

“No,” Magnificent answered after a long moment. “Still, I see him every time I look at you.” His chains clattered when he reached up and cupped Ky’s face. His fingers slid petal smooth over parted lips. “I see him here.”

Ky stared up at him in shock, his silver eyes wide and lips dripping crystal fluid. “Shit.” He swallowed hard and took a step back. Trembles started to shake his body he couldn’t stop. Ky’s eyes glanced to the mirror. It was just his face—the same face he had his entire life—but it wasn’t really his.

“It’s a spell,” Ky bit out. “A trick to hurt me. Damn him, probably to hurt all of you, too. Anselm was a fucking monster and this is just another shitty thing he did to hurt everyone he could.”

Magnificent remained silent, his eyes drinking him in. Ky flinched and backed away. He didn’t know who Magnificent saw in that moment, but the possibilities made him sick inside. Ky grabbed the door handle blindly, his other hand clawing at his bangs to cover his face. “You said it yourself. You sense who I am, taste it.” Ky couldn’t meet his eyes, a part of him half afraid maybe even then Magnificent had sensed only Anselm in him. Fuck.

Ky whirled, wrenched open the door, and stumbled out into the bedroom. He stopped short with a sharp inhale. The air was wrong, charged with something he couldn’t name. Ky moaned when he found Lovely and Feral on the floor. They had only grown more crazed with lust while he was gone. Lovely was fucking Feral, his hips slamming in hard, determined thrusts as he pinned his mate’s body beneath him and his silky hair. Feral’s face was flushed and eyes dazed as he gasped heavily. Ky could see the streams of cum Feral had already released, the hardwood floor slippery with pearly seed beneath the two of them. Feral’s back was bloody with deep, red slashes. Lovely’s claws flexed and pulled a groan and fresh spurt of cum from Feral, right before he ducked his head and pressed lush lips to heal the cuts away.

“Aw, fuck,” Ky whimpered as he grabbed for the door frame to keep from falling. “Fuck.” He was so horny. Ky’s hand found hot, firm flesh, and he whimpered when Magnificent pulled him back against him. Magnificent’s cock nuzzled against the curve of his ass, and Ky clutched at his wrist, trying to get him closer with the awkward grip. He wanted to fuck. He wanted to be fucked so bad, it felt like the world was going to turn black if he didn’t give in.

“I’m not Anselm,” Ky mumbled as Magnificent pushed his short sleeve up and his mouth pressed to his shoulder. “He cursed me. He spelled me to have his face. He’s dead and I’m not…” Ky broke off with a whimper when Magnificent’s claws tore through the collar of his shirt and he ripped down his back. Hot breath and lips quickly followed.

Fuck, it didn’t matter. Ky pulled at the scraps of his shirt, tore them off his arms, and threw the mess on the floor. Lovely looked up from where he was hunched over Feral, and as Ky stared, the catboy’s eyes pulsed an unnatural blue. Ky’s breath froze in his chest and he turned his head to find Magnificent staring back, his eyes glowing as he looked at Lovely. Cum dripped from Feral’s hole when Lovely gave a parting kiss to his shoulder and pulled out. Lovely’s eyes pulsed blue again, and he began to crawl to where Magnificent and Ky were standing.

“No!” Ky pulled out of Magnificent’s grasp and turned, putting himself between him and Lovely. “He’s not a toy. Tell me you know they’re not playthings!”

Ky regretted it before the words were fully out. Magnificent shrank back, his expression full of confusion as his eyes lost their otherworldly glow. Dark feathers swept up, and in moments the Requiem was cocooned in a barrier of wings. Ky stared, at a loss when Magnificent crouched down on the floor, looking nothing more than a big breathing puff of feathers and straggly hair.

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“Damn you. Damn it—let go!” Ky struggled uselessly once the world turned solid again and the darkness pushed back to reveal his bedroom. Feral refused, his gait confident as he carried Ky to the bed. “Fucking… I can walk, damn it.” Ky’s grumbles trailed off when the room spun around him. Damn it, this was ridiculous. He was too tired to break free and it only pissed him off more.

“Hey, watch it,” he gasped when Feral dropped him onto the mattress. Ky grasped at his arms, lost in Feral’s wicked smirk for countless moments as he felt the room shift around him. It wasn’t until he realized the bed was empty that Ky came back to reality. “Where’s…?” He sought out Magnificent Night in the large room and exhaled in relief once he found him.

Magnificent Night was hunched up on the floor in the corner next to the bathroom. His face was blocked and he held his wings around him like a protective shield even though the feathers looked more like a soft blanket. Lovely, who was hovering in the wardrobe, bounded over to where Ky was lying.

“Was it an attack?” Lovely asked as he stared down at Ky’s frail form. Lovely’s beautiful, mismatched eyes of violet and blue were full of something Ky couldn’t meet, and he turned his head away. “You’re so weak. Ky, what happened?”

“Nothing,” Ky grunted out. He pressed his face to the black bedspread and sighed. “I just got tired.”

“You’re not tired; you’re drained,” Feral muttered. He pushed Ky’s hair aside so he could see the links at his throat. Lovely peered down next to him, his brows furrowed tight.

“Is someone…?”

“No. No one is draining him.” Feral leaned closer and Ky fixed his glare as best he could into his golden eyes. “When did you last feed, whelp?”

“Fuck off,” Ky snapped.

Feral’s lips pulled down into a grimace. “You’re not just human anymore, brat. You need energy.” He jingled the links on Ky’s collar meaningfully. “You need enough energy for seven, or you’re going to drop dead.”

Ky tore his gaze away and buried his face back into the blanket. “I’m not hungry.”

“Frrling…” Feral snarled and straightened. “Just what we need, another suicidal requiem.”

“Redeless!” Lovely hissed. “He’s just confused from the hunger.”

“He’s deranged from knowing things he cannot handle knowing.” He glared down at where Ky was burrowing into the bedspread. “He’d rather die than be half of what we are.”

“Fuck off!” Ky shouted. He glared into the darkness of the blankets with teeth grit tight. That Feral could think that of him—that he would ever hate being part Relic—felt like a fresh betrayal. “You don’t understand anything,” he sullenly muffled into the mattress.

“Little chrrrrl.” Feral took stalking steps away, only to whirl and point at Lovely. “Feed the brat. Before he kills himself and takes us all with him.”

Lovely sighed in exasperation at the demanding tone. His expression softened when he gazed down at where Ky was huddled in the blanket. “My sweet, I know you’re upset.” He bent down and pressed his face to Ky’s shoulder. “Your energy is low.”

Lovely’s breath was hot on Ky’s nape, and his long white hair tickled at his arms. Ky wrinkled his nose, annoyed with the way his skin tingled just to feel him close. “Leave me alone,” Ky muttered as lips pressed to his flesh.

“I scent your need.” Lovely’s fangs traced along his nape. “Your hunger. Even now, your eyes are shinning. It pulls at me, calls to us all. Let me feed you.”

Ky stifled a groan when Lovely’s hips shifted and his erection pressed hard against his thigh. Lust flushed through him in a wave, and it took everything to wiggle sideways and escape the delicious heat of Lovely’s body. “I’m not hungry.”

Lovely’s purr thrummed around them, and Ky’s eyelids grew heavy. He wanted him. He wanted to feel him against him, inside him, beneath him. He just wanted to melt into Lovely and forget all the terrible that had happened and ruined everything.

Lovely’s hair spilled like cool silk over his back as he leaned down and rubbed his cheek against Ky’s. “It’s just a kiss. Just a taste, sweetling…”

“Don’t call me that!” Ky snarled. Tears stung Ky’s eyes, and with a growl, he turned and slammed his palm against Lovely’s shoulder. Lovely’s ears flattened and he swiftly twisted before Ky could strike. Before Ky even knew what was happening, Lovely’s hand was tight in his black hair, and he was pulling him back against his chest.

Ky struggled in the hold, hissing angrily, only to stop and whimper when Lovely yanked hard. Ky’s eyes shone bright cerulean while Lovely whispered roughly in his ear. “Why are you doing this to yourself? Why are you so angry?”

Ky growled loudly when Lovely’s claws prickled warningly at his throat. “You lied. All you do is lie to me!”

Lovely’s white eyebrows scrunched as he tried to understand. “I have told you everything you have asked. I cannot read your mind and answer things you do not speak.”

Ky’s jaw clenched at the cold logic. “That’s not what I mean!”

Lovely sighed in frustration. “Then what have I lied to you about? I have tried to be as…”

“That you care!” Ky shouted. Lovely started, shocked by the response, and Ky quickly wrenched out of his grip. The room spun drunkenly, and Ky grabbed the bed one handed while he rubbed the sore spot on his head where his hair was pulled too hard. “Damn it.”

Feral growled from across the room. “You’re too fucked to know anything right now.”

Ky raised his head sharply to glare his way. “Oh, I always knew you never gave a fuck. You clawed my face off!”

Feral flinched at the reminder of how they met, and bared his fangs. “And you’re a fool if you think nothing has changed!” He stalked over to the bed and grasped Ky’s wrists roughly. Ky growled and tried to break free, but Feral was too strong and used his weight to push him back on the bed and pin his arms above his head. He glared down into Ky’s blazing stare. “Unlike you, whelp, I have standards. I don’t mate the ones I hate.”

“I don’t…” Ky’s retort was muffled when Feral’s lush lips crushed down against his. He gasped to yell, but Feral’s tongue stroked into his mouth, stealing his air and sealing their lips together. “Mmph!” Ky whimpered and tried to pull free. Feral plundered his mouth in silky, possessive kisses mixed with sharp nips. Each wet touch threatened to pull Ky down and lose him in the heat and lust swirling in him.

He was lying. Ky knew he was lying. With a growl, he managed to turn his head and break the kiss. “Leave me alone,” Ky insisted, his lips flushed and swollen as he panted for air. He wrenched his trapped hands, but Feral’s fingers were too strong. “Let go!”

Feral took a slow, deliberate breath. He tightened his grip and pushed the side of his head to the mattress so Ky was forced to meet his eyes. “Just what do you think will happen if you walk into that coven of summoners drained?” he growled lowly. “How can you prove to them you can do this when you can’t even feed yourself?”

Rage flashed fresh in Ky’s eyes. “I don’t fucking care! You lied to me. From the very beginning…”

“We were dying when you met us, whelp,” Feral interrupted, his voice rough and full of restrained emotion. “We didn’t know ourselves. We have been starving in this room for years waiting to die. I still don’t know what the frrl I’m doing besides trying to stay alive.” Feral straightened and a drawn out sigh spilled from his lips as he touched the heavy collar around his neck. “Whoever you think we are supposed to be, we are only us. We know nothing else after so long in captivity.”

Ky’s eyes went wide and he pushed up onto his arms once Feral released him. He sought out Lovely, whose somber expression confirmed it. They were so much older, so much stronger, beautiful and perfect and just seemed to know everything. “You… you taught me magic,” Ky insisted weakly.

“We learned to read,” Feral snapped. “We picked through the old master’s books to find a way free once he was dead. But we cannot cast his spells like you can. We cannot teach you more than the words on a page. We are nothing in this realm.”

It was all too much. Ky’s vision blurred with tears as he realized just how little help there was for him. And maybe that would have been okay if his chest didn’t feel hollow. He curled forward and fought back a sob. “You still… You never should have pretended to care.”

“No one was pre—fucker!” Feral snarled when a dark coil wrapped tight around his waist and he was pulled off the bed. Ky blinked up through his tears to find Magnificent Night standing before him. Magnificent’s hand fisted Feral’s short hair and his eyes glowed blue.

“Magnificent? What are you…?” It was impossible to read the requiem’s expression, and Ky warily uncurled as his gaze darted to his unhappy captive.

“Get off me!” Feral’s claws tore into Magnificent’s hand but the requiem didn’t relent. He wrenched Feral up and turned him until they were face to face. “You frrling, dimwitted, psycho… shit!” Feral fell silent with a yelp as Magnificent’s eyes pulsed with power.

“No… Not this shit.” Feral shook his head side to side, his eyes squeezed shut, but his movements were slowing. “Frrling whore of a… husker fucker… damn it.” Feral went slack in Magnificent’s grasp, his lips still moving slowly as he muttered barely audible curses.

Magnificent’s eyes searched his now calm face. Satisfied, he abruptly opened his hand and Feral stumbled sideways. Lovely slipped up like a pale ghost and caught Feral before he could collapse. He pulled him away from Magnificent and wrapped around him like a shield as he glared up at the requiem.

“He never would have hurt Ky,” Lovely said when Magnificent turned his otherworldly gaze his way. “You have to know that. You are not bonded the same way, but still, you must know Ky is never in danger from us.”

“Run, you idiot,” Feral mumbled, his hand weak as he fumbled to pull Lovely off of him.

“We must learn to communicate,” Lovely insisted stubbornly. “We cannot keep…” Magnificent’s eyes pulsed blue and Lovely gasped. His eyelids drooped and chest began to heave as his pulse sped up.

“Damn it,” Feral muttered when Lovely turned him in his arms and his hot lips descended to his throat and chest. “You never… listen.”

Lovely moaned and ran his slick mouth down to latch onto Feral’s nipple. Feral’s knees gave out and the two tumbled to the floor in a tangle of sweaty limbs and long white hair. Ky cautiously propped up on the bed and leaned over to see if they were okay. Feral was pinned beneath the catboy, his lips parted as he groaned and Lovely sucked rough, red welts down the length of his gasping torso.

Ky swallowed hard. The two were completely lost to the world and had forgotten all about their fight. Lovely’s eyes had an all too familiar cerulean glint, and Ky worriedly nibbled his bottom lip. “What did you do to them?”

“They’re hungry,” Magnificent’s voice was a halting, dry rasp. “All get like this when hungry.”

“Oh… What?” Ky’s eyes widened and he tore his gaze away to whirl. The room tilted around him and he grabbed the bed to keep from falling. “You talk? You’re talking to me now?”

Magnificent grunted stiffly and refused to meet his eyes. “I am remembering.”

Ky stared, at a complete loss. Had Magnificent been through so much he forgot how to speak? Ky’s gaze slid to the self inflicted wounds on Magnificent’s body and his heart twisted painfully. Some were still oozing days later even though the requiem had the ability to heal himself. Guilt weighed at Ky once again.

Nothing he did helped. Nothing he did was right. It was like every action led to pain for those around him, while he just hurt all the time now.

“Thornes… Thornes, yes, right there.”

Ky’s gaze drifted back at the compelling sounds of Feral’s moans. He bit his lower lip sharply when he found Feral face down on the floor with Lovely’s long fingers stroking into his entrance. Feral grunted when Lovely leaned down and slid his wet tongue along his rim, dripping hot fluid into his entrance while thrusting in deeper. Ky had assumed Feral was a strict top because of how skittish he was with his ass being touched. His desperate gasps as Lovely plunged both tongue and fingers into his hole proved otherwise.

“Open,” Lovely demanded huskily and lapped his tongue between Feral’s cheeks. He ran his tongue sensually up the swell of Feral’s tanned ass and sank teeth into the firm flesh. Feral jerked and arched, his hips rocking back as he tried to get Lovely’s fingers to drive deeper. Lovely continued to kiss up the planes of his body, dragging his slick lips up the flexing muscles of Feral’s back and nipping at his shoulders. “More?” Lovely murmured into his twitching ear.

Feral nodded silently, his face flushed a deep red. He swallowed a groan when Lovely thrust a third finger into his clenching channel. “Fuck… fuck, that’s it.”

“Open to me, my love.” Lovely’s teeth nipped at the soft flesh of Feral’s pointed ear. “I want to feel you shudder around my dick. I want to mate you until you cannot walk from exhaustion.”

“Thornes,” Feral gasped dazedly. His eyes rolled back when Lovely plunged into his hole again, and his cock twitched and leaked a thick stream of precum that slowly dribbled to the floor.

Ky licked dry lips when he saw Feral’s cock pulse and release more fluid. All he could think of was getting down on the floor and licking up all his cum. He wanted to suck his dick into his mouth and swallow him as deep as he could take.

Ky whimpered under his breath as the room swam around him, and his cock filled with blood. Heat flushed through his veins and it was suddenly difficult to breathe, never mind think. He wanted to fuck. Feral and Lovely were so sexy, so ready. He could feel their lust on a new level, an intense, impossible to ignore vibration in the air calling to him. Ky wanted to crawl to them, slide between the hot press of their writhing bodies, and come with them again and again.

Feral was right. It would be damning to walk into the Aeternum drained of energy. Ky would lose them all, seven Relic lives forfeit just because his heart was broken over things he couldn’t control. Fucking was enough. Fucking was more than enough right now.

Ky pushed up on the bed and reached for his shirt with all intentions of tearing it off and joining Lovely and Feral on the floor. Magnificent’s tail wrapped around his bicep, and he stopped short. Ky’s questioning gaze fixed on Magnificent’s serious expression.

“You must not feed them.” Ky’s eyes started to drift back to Feral and Lovely, and Magnificent tightened his hold until Ky was staring at him again. “Not ever.”

“Why?” Ky asked breathlessly. He was so hard, so hungry.

“The master will kill them,” Magnificent said bluntly. “Any who bond with ones like us are killed. Never touch them no matter how much they hunger. They will be killed.”

Ky blinked slowly as he tried to pull from his daze. “Anselm killed…?”

Magnificent turned from him with a clank of chains and took shuffling steps away from the two grinding on the floor. His back was slashed and red from the wounds he inflicted with his own tail. Ky stared at the whip like marks and wondered how many times Magnificent had hurt himself to keep from feeding the other Relics to keep them alive.

Ky pushed up from the bed and padded over to where Magnificent was staring blankly at the wall. His hair was a tangle of knots again and his wings littered with crumpled feathers. Ky gently took his hand and twined their fingers together. “Come on. Let’s get you cleaned up, okay?”

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Apprentice Saga

This book contains episodes #5-9 from Demon Bonded, titled ‘Beneath The Darkness,’ ‘The Twisted Apprentice,’ ‘The Chains That Bind,’ ‘The Demon Trainer,’ and 'The Fall,' and includes the bonus episode, ‘The Forging Of An Apprentice.’ Previously published from 2016, these episodes have been reedited and republished.

Apprentice Saga is the second saga in the mm erotic world of Demon Bonded. This serial is a fun, suspenseful play on monster collecting and male harems. Expect demon bonding, master/slave relationships of mild and abusive nature, multiple partners, magical powers, learning how to be a sorcerer, and conflict with crueler demon masters.

Insanity comes in all forms...

Ky’s recovery from the overseer Demencious is short lived. His parents have lost all trust in him, and Ky again has to wonder if he’s losing his mind. That is until he starts his first art class at his new college and meets an actual sorcerer apprentice.

Liem Kane could have been a typical teenager, but there is something terribly wrong beneath his well-groomed exterior. His demon, Fido, is twisted and abused, the wolf Relic tormented daily by his young master.

In his quest to save Fido from certain death, Ky must face Liem’s master. A demon trainer of cruelty that far surpasses his young pupil, Tobias has no qualms in murdering those who disobey. Ky faces off against this monster among men. It's kill or be killed, and Ky isn't sure he can live with either option.
68,000+ wrds, First Published January 21, 2017.
Heat level: XX




on March 21, 2017
on February 7, 2017

Persistent whispers slowly pulled Ky from sleep. Everything was fuzzy. For a long moment, he was certain his mother was talking to him. Except the voices were male, strange, and spoke in a language he didn't recognize. Somehow, though, he understood. His mind bent around each foreign word and supplied the translation as if he knew it his whole life.

“You need to feed.”

“I'm fine. Just stop rolling me,” Lovely softly groaned. His arm fell over Ky's chest when he was deposited heavily on the bed.

“Feed, you stubborn thing. I don't have enough to restore you.” The bed shifted, and Feral bent over Ky to peer into his sleepy face. “Alright there, whelp?”

Ky focused blearily on the coyote demon's scarred face and intense, golden eyes. Ky’s gaze drifted and he reached his hand toward his bleeding shoulder. Feral’s bronzed flesh was covered in wounds, some so raw and painfully deep, Ky could barely stand to look at them. “Feral, you're hurt.”

Feral huffed when Ky's silver eyes filled with tears after taking in his bloodied form. “Don't start bawling, stupid. Help the feline. He can't heal without energy, and I don't have enough.”

“I'm fine,” Lovely mumbled again. Ky's gaze drifted to his side where the pale cat demon was stretched out beside him, blood dry and caked on his beautiful face.

“Frrrling whelp,” Feral mutter in exasperation when Ky's tears spilled free. Ky whimpered low in his throat and turned and fretted softly over Lovely's exhausted body.

He was too tired to grumble much. Feral sank onto the mattress and closed his eyes. They had spent the last day and a half in the wardrobe to avoid Ky's parents who were constantly running in and out of the room. Livia had sat with her son the entire night before, refusing to leave his side. It was only now the two parents finally left the house together and drove off in one of their vehicles. It was enough for Feral to feel safe to come out and lock the bedroom door.

“Shhh. I swear I'm okay,” Lovely whispered hoarsely. His mismatched eyes of blue and violet peered out from between long strands of white hair. “Go back to sleep. Redeless is overreacting.”

“Chrrrl,” Feral snapped grumpily and burrowed deeper into the bedspread. “You nearly drained me unconscious. Let the kid feed you before you bleed out.”

Ky gently pushed Lovely's long, white hair from his face and revealed slashes and bruises all over his luminescent flesh. It was strange to see Lovely in the thick black collar with its one crystal stud when everything else was bright and white about the catboy. “What do you need, Lovely? If I can help, I'll do anything. Just tell me.”

“Sweet boy.” Lovely exhaled heavily. He snagged Ky by the chin and tugged him down until their noses brushed. “I just... just need a taste.” He licked his tongue out and traced over Ky's lips until he opened with a sigh.

Ky was starting to understand when Lovely kissed him like this, tongue lapped inside his mouth in slow, hungry strokes, it was to get his energy and restore his own. It didn't mean it stopped feeling amazing, and Ky whimpered and melted into the kiss. Lovely pulled him down and licked away his stray tears before he plunged his tongue back into his mouth.

“Sweet, sweet boy,” Lovely murmured against his lips. He nipped Ky's red lips swollen and drew spots of blood his tongue quickly stole and healed. “Taste so sweet. So generous, my beautiful master.”

Ky blushed and fought back a moan. Lovely grew stronger with each kiss, his lips persistent and hungry as he pressed him down into the mattress. Ky felt more than a little perverted; Lovely kept saying things about how nice he was when he felt hot, hard and dizzy. “Lovely. Oh, okay,” he mumbled as Lovely pinned him to the bed and licked down his throat. His shirt was pulled off in a quick move he couldn’t follow.

“You're wonderful.” Lovely nipped into his flat stomach, and Ky gasped and flexed beneath him. “You saved us with your very first spell. You kept us alive when we were starving for so long.” He pulled back and met Ky's heavy-lidded gaze. “You're the only one who’s ever shared, sweet boy. You didn't take, didn't ask for anything back. You're so brave. So good.”

Ky couldn't stop flushing, and he bit his lower lip anxiously. “Lovely, is that all it is? Sharing energy? I like when you kiss me. A lot.”

Lovely smirked and leaned down to lap over Ky's pout. “I like tasting you, sweetling. I like touching you, making you moan, and beg, and cum.”

Ky sighed and pressed up to kiss him back. “I like that too. I like everything you do to me.” He gave another sigh when firm lips descended on his. He fell back against the mattress as Lovely languidly devoured his mouth.

“I need to heal Redeless.” Lovely broke away and knelt on the bed. “He doesn't have the same restorative abilities I do.”

Lovely's skin was already free of his previously blue bruising. The slashes and red scratches were just dried blood now, and his pale flesh whole and intact. Even his head wound was healed. All he needed was a shower to clean the grime of the battle away.

Ky watched as Lovely crawled over to the bronze coyote demon. Feral muttered something under his breath when a tongue moved over the wound on his shoulder. He looked exhausted, his eyes closed and face pinched in pain. Ky still didn't know Feral much and he really didn't know where they stood. Feral helped him save Lovely; he helped them all survive the terrible Demencious and kept them from falling into the pit. Ky liked him even if he was mean and surly most of the time.

Decided, Ky shifted down the bed and ducked his head until he was nose to nose with Feral on the mattress. “Did you…? Can I give you some energy, Feral?” Ky felt nervous when Feral opened his eyes. No matter all they went through, Feral's golden gaze was still as intense and piercing as ever.

Feral didn't answer right away, and Ky wondered if he was more hurt than first thought. “Are you okay?” He carefully touched one of his ears and watched as the furry triangle pierced with gold twitched under his fingertips.

“That tickles, whelp,” Feral finally muttered and closed his eyes.

“I want to help you,” Ky whispered. He pressed closer until his mouth was right next to Feral’s flushed lips. Feral had beautiful lips; they might even be nicer than Lovely's since he wasn't snarling.

“I don't want help from a sorcerer,” Feral grunted. He gasped and glared to the other side of him when Lovely sank his fangs into his arm in retaliation.

“Oh. I don't think I'm much of a sorcerer.” Ky's gaze moved over the cuts revealed on Feral's jaw. “I mean, I just made a picture. I'm really an artist, right? So… So it should be okay.”

“Taste him, you stubborn thing.” Lovely pushed Feral's face back toward Ky and held him down. “I took too much from you. You can barely put up a fight.”

Ky wasn’t going to kiss Feral if he insisted against it, even if it would help. Well, maybe just a little. Surely once Feral felt better, he probably wouldn't be so angry about it. Lovely seemed to think so and held Feral in place while he returned to healing his strong arm with licks of his tongue.

“It's just a taste, right? To make you feel better.” Ky tilted his head closer, Feral’s annoyed huff hot on his cheek. He licked his tongue out hesitantly. Ky felt more than a little daring to touch Feral's lips. Hopefully, he wouldn't bite. “Come on, Feral. Lovely says I taste sweet,” he teased.

“Foolish little whelp,” Feral grumbled. Ky used the opportunity to press his tongue inside his mouth. Feral held still, but Ky was determined and caught him by the side of his face so he could share as much of his fluids as possible.

Feral tasted like copper and something heady. His mouth was hot, and it made Ky dizzy when he ran his tongue over the demon's in gentle strokes. He knew he was supposed to be helping, but Ky couldn't stop from feeling crazy hot. His body reacted even when his mind told him he was just sharing energy. He didn't know how the demons did it all the time.

Ky pulled away with a groan, his lips sore and tongue aching. He wanted more. His body was burning and tense, and he knew if he didn't stop, he'd upset Feral even more. “Sorry. It's hard to not get…” He exhaled shakily and flashed Feral a weak smile. “You have a nice mouth.”

Feral growled under his breath. He grabbed Ky by his silky, black hair, and pulled him back forcefully. Ky had a moment to wonder if Lovely would have to heal his face again if Feral started slashing, before his lips were crushed roughly by the demon’s.

“Gentle,” Lovely warned in Feral's ear as his claws prickled on his neck.

Feral grunted and relaxed the grip on his hair after a moment. He pushed Ky back, crawled up his dazed form and straddled him. Feral’s muscular body pinned his slender form down while Ky stared up with dazed, silver eyes. “Silly little human.” Feral ducked down and drove his tongue into Ky's gasping mouth; his strong fingers held him by his chin to keep him in place. Slowly, Feral let his hand slide down and caressed his throat and shoulders. “Don't you know it's dangerous to share your life force with a Relic?”

Ky didn't have an answer for that. He was too busy whimpering around the tongue pushing into his mouth as Feral tasted him, stole his breath and made him gasp. Large palms ran up his sides and burned against his skin. “Oh. Oh, god,” he moaned. Feral moved down to his pants and shredded them with his claws. Cool air soothed over Ky's revealed skin.

“Listen to you. You’re always so loud, whelp.” Feral tugged at Ky's pajama pants. The material ripped away from his legs with a tear. “You beg so nicely when Thornes has you filled. It's a pleasing sound to wake to, you pretty slut.”

Ky blushed hotly and released another heated moan when his nipple was twisted. Feral lapped his wide tongue down his throat and nipped sharply. Maybe Feral didn't totally hate him. It was very hard to think as his muscular, bronze body pinned him, and strong hands moved down Ky’s panting form to cup his ass and squeeze roughly.

“Oh, fuck,” Ky whimpered hoarsely. His hips bucked up, and he found Feral just as hard as he was. Okay, it seemed demons had the same problem with energy sharing as he did. Maybe he wasn't that weird after all. Feral’s hot tongue went lower, moved down his flat stomach and teased toward his dick. Ky trembled and gasped with each touch.

Feral growled sharply when his head was wrenched back. Lovely stared down at him, fingers tight in his hair. “Hands off, Redeless. If you want to play with my master, then you need to bond. Which you're not going to do, so back off.”

Feral glared up at him and snarled. “Like I want the little whelp? I'd rather be dead than bonded.”

Lovely smirked wickedly and pulled harder on Feral's gold and purple locks. “By all means, you coyote hellspawn. Now get your paws off my master. He's too sweet for a coward like you.”

With a loud growl, Feral twisted in Lovely's hold and grabbed him around the waist. Fluffy white wings fluttered around his face as he wrestled the cat boy down on the bed. He pinned Lovely chest first to the mattress, lips wet as he kissed down his pale, long throat and wrapped around his back. “I know what you're doing, Thornes, and it's not going to work. I don't want a master.”

“You do.” Lovely groaned and pushed back into Feral's embrace. “You want to be tied to me again. You can't connect without a master, and you know it.”

“Kitten, I don't need anything but your tight hole and my knot to tie you.” Feral’s fingers quickly sought out Lovely's entrance and moved around his tail as it swished.

“Hell. Damn it, Redeless.” Lovely gasped and moaned loudly as two fingers plunged into his entrance, drove into his passage, and stretched deep. “You know it's not the same.”

Feral growled again and nipped his fangs into Lovely's neck as he stretched him relentlessly. “Did you miss me, kitten? Did you miss having me in your head? Did you miss knowing when I'm going to hunt you down, fuck you senseless, make you mine?” He thrust a third finger into Lovely's opening, and the catboy cried out and shuddered. “You're always going to be mine, Thornes. My noble, pure, total slut of a kitten.”

Lovely arched back and rocked on the fingers pumping into him. He tried to drive them in deeper, harder. Ky found it hard to breathe as he watched; the two were absolutely beautiful, and Feral was shamelessly tormenting Lovely right next to him. He really wanted to see Feral fuck him again. Ky blushed at the realization of just how hot it got him.

Lovely mewled with every deep pump of Feral's fingers. Ky sat up to watch the two, his bottom lip caught between his teeth. Feral was definitely Lovely's boyfriend. His low growls were full of naughty encouragements that spoke of familiarity directed solely for the catboy.

“Tell me you want me, kitten. Tell me you're still mine.” Feral sank his teeth into his shoulder and clenched his jaw until Lovely sobbed and gasped for more. “You get so tight for me. You’re so loud and bad, just for me.”

“Redeless, please,” Lovely whimpered. He spread his knees and bent forward on the bed. “Claim me.”

With a growl, Feral pulled his fingers from Lovely’s clenching passage. He licked between his sweet cheeks before he grabbed Lovely by the hips and wrenched him back. He guided his dripping cock between his smooth globes and bent down to nip his furry ear studded in silver. “Thought you were dead, kitten. Thought I lost you.”

“Redeless. Oh, gods,” Lovely cried out as Feral sheathed into him abruptly, held him tight and humped with hard jolts. “Yes. Gods, harder. Need you.”

Feral groaned and began to fuck him with slamming thrusts. He pushed Lovely's shoulder down on the bed as he took him hard and filled him again and again.

“Deeper, Red.” Lovely reached above and behind to grasp Feral's thick hair. “Come on, you frrrling coyote. Mate me. Do it.”

Ky bit the side of his thumb and gasped when Feral’s thrusts changed. Lovely's expression turned to pure ecstasy. It didn't look much different that Ky could tell, but Lovely was certainly enjoying it. His cries came out broken and aching, and a tear slipped free from his squeezed shut eyes.

“That's it, kitten. Frrrl, that's it. Take it all. Take my knot.” Feral held Lovely tight around his chest. His hips rocked much gentler while Lovely moaned in agony. “So tight... so full of me. My kitten.” He buried his face in the waterfall of cool hair at Lovely's neck and groaned softly as he filled his mate with his seed.

“Yes. So much.” Lovely pushed back as he held his weight on his arms and bucked his hips in an erratic rhythm. He groaned when he got Feral to drive into him even deeper. “Yes.” He came with a moan, his back arched, muscles tight, breath lost.

Ky’s gaze slid down to where Lovely's cum spilled over the sheets. He slipped his finger into the stream and brought it tentatively to his lips to taste. Ky’s breath came out in a burst and eyes squeezed shut when the cum sparked on his tongue and left him tingling. He took another lick and felt the strange sensation again. Ky lapped away the rest of Lovely's cum from his fingers with hungry strokes. When his eyes flickered open again, he found Feral staring at him intently.

Ky blushed under the golden gaze. He couldn't stop from glancing down to see where Feral was buried deep in the catboy’s hole. Lovely moaned softly, his lashes fluttering as he rocked with Feral's gentle thrusts. Cum dripped from where they were joined, and Ky dizzily wondered just how much seed Feral had.

Ky leaned forward and caught Lovely's dazed eye after pushing his long hair out of his face. “It's okay, you know. You two can be together all you like. I know you only bonded with me so I could have magic to cast that spell. I would never keep you from your boyfriend.”

“Frrling… Kitten, stop moving,” Feral grumbled in exasperation. Still, Lovely stretched forward and kissed Ky soundly.

“I trust you, Ky. That's why I bonded with you.” He kissed Ky's flushed cheek and teased his tongue between his lips. “There are so many things about you I adore, sweet boy. I want to be connected to you.” Lovely glanced over his shoulder at Feral, who gave a grumpy glare back. “I want to be connected to the two of you, ideally, but that's Redeless's choice to make.”

“He doesn't like me very much,” Ky mumbled. He really couldn't blame Feral. Anyone who took Lovely's attention away would probably be the worst ever.

“He's just afraid.” Lovely kissed Ky again, hard enough to push him flat on the bed. “He was hurt once. It makes it hard for him to trust.”

“I would never hurt…”

“Don't get the whelp bawling,” Feral grunted. He pulled from Lovely and came up on the other side of Ky to collapse spent on the bed. “He's all tears, this one.”

“No I'm not,” Ky said with a pout. “I would never hurt you. I couldn't. Feral, you could literally claw my face off. And, well, I don't like seeing people hurt. It's not nice.”

Feral rolled his eyes, unimpressed with Ky's upstanding morals. “Ignore him, sweetling,” Lovely said as he kissed down Ky's neck and chest. He moved his hands to caress Ky's sides as he settled between his spread thighs. “Can you feel how connected we are? The warm, strong flare of power in your stomach?”

Ky wet his lips. He couldn't feel much beyond the throb in his dick. Lovely's breath was hot and teasing as he kissed his shaft. “I… Oh, it's in my chest,” he whispered when he felt the flare of power. “You're very pink.” Ky’s brows furrowed as he tried to comprehend the feeling. “Healing and power. Oh, you're strong, Lovely. Like a bright, pure light.”

Feral’s eyes trained on Ky's face. He slipped a finger under his chin and turned his head toward him. Ky opened his eyes at the touch and wondered again if he said the wrong thing with the prickly coyote demon. Feral continued to stare at him questioningly as if he were trying to read something.

Ky gasped. A low whine escaped him when a hot tongue pressed against his hole. He flushed red, but Feral held his face still and watched his every expression while Lovely teased his tongue into his entrance with tormenting, demanding thrusts. “Oh. Oh, that's…” His entire body jerked. Lovely grabbed Ky’s raised knees and held him spread open as he continued to lick around his rim and plunge into his entrance with slick strokes.

“Louder, little whelp. Let him know how good he is.” Feral's tongue lapped out to steal a hot tear from Ky's cheek.

“Oh, fuck,” Ky moaned. Fingers pushed thick into his hole and replaced Lovely's tongue. He tried to move his head to see what Lovely was doing to him, but Feral wouldn't let him go. The demon was determined to steal every ounce of fluid as it dripped from him from his stray tears to streaks of saliva.

“Wait. Oh, god. God, Lovely, that's…” Ky wasn't sure just how many long fingers were stretching him wide. Combined with Lovely's hot mouth sucking his cock down, he could barely keep from thrashing. It was a relief when Feral grabbed his wrists with a growl and pinned him down and still. Feral’s mouth descended on his and muffled his loud cries at every plunging thrust of Lovely's fingers.

“Pleading little slut.” Feral licked up the side of Ky's face while he let out another aching cry. “You're almost as bad as my kitten, and he is a very, very bad slut.”

Ky gasped for air and squeezed his eyes shut. His body was so tight and hot. “Please, I can't. God, please.”

Lovely trilled happily when Ky came. His lips sealed tight around his jerking dick, and he swallowed with hot suction. He lapped Ky's sensitive crown a few times to get every last drop of seed before he finally let him go. “Tasty. Sweet, sweet sex.” He licked up Ky's navel, collected his sweat, and drank it down in long swipes of his tongue.

Ky slumped back on the bed with a moan. His eyes cracked open weakly to find Feral inches from his face with glinting fangs.

“Did you know cum is a delicacy, whelp? It's a pure energy shot. Not only does it keep a demon fed, but makes him horny as sin." Feral’s eyes lingered on Ky's parted lips for a long moment. "You should be careful who you let into your bed in the dark. You could have all kinds of beasts trying to get into your generous pants.”

Ky narrowed sleepily on his golden eyes and gave a huff for a change. “Don't you ever have anything nice to say?”

Feral licked his teeth wickedly. “No.”

“Ignore him,” Lovely said with a purr. The soothing sound thrummed through the room. “My sweet master has healed me, fed me, and saved all our lives. He needs his rest to regain his strength.”

“Right, only after you got every drop you could get from the whelp,” Feral pointed out flatly. Lovely glared at him while he wrapped around Ky's yawning form.

“I'd give Lovely everything.” A smile twisted Ky's lips when Lovely cuddled with him. He sank into the bed with a sigh. He hadn’t realized how fuzzy he felt until that moment. Did sharing energy take energy from him? He didn’t think it did, but now Ky wondered. He remembered how tired he always seemed to be whenever Lovely fed from him.

It wasn't important, not really. Ky watched blearily as Feral stretched and his strong, tanned arm wrapped over him and Lovely's tangled forms. Ky couldn’t remember feeling this special before, cherished and protected. Lovely might have felt compelled to bond with him, but it didn't mean he automatically liked him. Ky could feel the warm energy in his heart full of Lovely and he knew the catboy’s affection was genuine. Even Feral, for all his gruff words and taunts, seemed genuine in his regard as he grumbled and nuzzled his face into Ky's neck.

Having the two strong demons curled up with him was the most protected Ky had ever felt. It made it easy to close his eyes and slip into sleep. No nightmares of monstrous overseers dared to break through his warm, fluffy winged guardians.


Ky was sorting through his wardrobe when his father came home. Not all of his clothes were ruined, but a lot were sporting fresh slashes. One mangled shirt was so destroyed and covered in blood, he couldn't even use it for a rag.

Ky still felt off, his mind a bit muddled. He didn't know if it was from using magic for the first time or because he bonded to Lovely. He kept noticing the princely cat even though Lovely was fast asleep. Ky had noticed him when he was in the shower scrubbing sleepily, and also when he dared poke through the darkness in the wardrobe with a flashlight to discover it did indeed lead to the attic. Even now, when faced away and staring at his ruined pants, he noticed the cat demon. It was all very strange and distracting.

The bedroom door rattled. Ky turned with heart stuttering for a moment until he heard his father's voice.

“Ky? Why is the door locked?”

Not a monster. Not a huge, terrible, person eating monster. “Sorry, Dad, I'm changing,” Ky yelled. He quickly threw on a shirt and shoved his ruined clothes into the bottom of the wardrobe before closing it tight. He hurried across the room and paused in front of the bed. Feral and Lovely were cuddled together, their long limbs entwined. Feral looked bored as he glanced at him. Ky bit his lip and turned to the door.

It was probably time, right? His parents were going to figure it out sooner or later when the two demons started leaving the bedroom.

Marcus's eyes were sharp behind his glasses when he opened the door. It wasn't an expression Ky was used to having directed at him from his father, and it gave him pause.

“Why did you lock the door?” Marcus asked, suspicion clear in his voice.

“Uh, I don't think I did,” Ky mumbled. He wasn't sure what to say when his father narrowed his eyes. He was in trouble. His dad was angry; it was that weird, quiet, he wasn't sure what was coming, but it was going to be big angry. He was totally in trouble.

Ky stepped away from the door so Marcus could come in, his lip caught between his teeth. “Dad, I wanted you to…” he trailed off when Marcus stepped into the room and looked around warily. His eyes skipped unseeing over the bed.

Ky turned to the bed as well. Feral glared at his father while he covered Lovely's sleeping form with his body. Marcus didn't react, didn't notice, and Ky's heart sank at the realization.

“We need to talk.” Marcus pointed to the chair by the unlit fireplace. Ky shuffled over, not sure what to make of anything at the moment. Either he was absolutely insane, or his dad couldn't see the very solid beings in his room. If his dad couldn't see the Relics, it was going to be really difficult to explain what happened.

“Is Mom okay?” Ky felt very young under the piercing glare he received for the question.

“Of course your mother is okay. Why wouldn't she be okay? Ky, what the hell is going on?”

Ky winced and pulled his knees up. The cushy chair dwarfed him as his father paced. A thrum filled the air, and Ky glanced over to where Lovely was now swishing his tail as he stretched. Marcus didn't notice the purr or Lovely either. He looked at Ky expectantly with a grim frown.

“You didn't see anything,” Ky finally sighed. There was no point making it a question.

“There was nothing to see,” Marcus snapped back. “Your mother came into the house, and all the lights went out. She stumbled in the dark and thought she heard voices, maybe fighting. For all we know, it was the television. We searched the house top to bottom, and there was nothing. By the way, I don't understand why you felt the need to destroy the attic, but you will be cleaning that mess.”

“Dad, I didn't…”

“Are you having blackouts?” Marcus stopped in front of Ky's chair with a concerned expression. “Do you wake up not remembering things, maybe losing hours? Ky, this isn't normal behavior.”

Ky clicked his mouth shut. He blinked rapidly as dread began to grow in the pit of his stomach. Lovely's purr was not helping this one. His dad thought he was crazy. Marcus grew up with Anselm—he had a full grown sorcerer for a father—but he thought he was crazy.

Marcus never figured out Anselm was a sorcerer, did he? He didn’t even known the top floor of his childhood house was filled with chained up demons. Maybe... Maybe only certain people could see the creatures?

“Dad, did Anselm ever tell you about the Relics?” Ky asked quietly.

Marcus stepped back as if struck. He turned abruptly and paced away, only to turn again. “I want you to stay away from my father's old things. He was crazy, Ky. He kept dangerous things. Possibly poison, maybe hallucinogenics. They're not toys.”

“Dad! You'd rather believe I'm out of my mind than listen to the truth. You know what a Relic is. It's a demon!”

“There are no such things as demons,” Marcus gritted out between clenched teeth. “It's just nonsense from the messed up mind of a very inattentive father. I should never have let you near any of his books. The dark, horrible stuff in those things… You're too impressionable.”

Ky felt helpless and angry, and he found himself growing louder the more his father refused to listen to him. “You're the one not seeing things clearly. You're so afraid of what grandpa was, you're completely ignoring there was a monster in the house who was going to hurt us. It killed Anselm, and it was going to kill us too!”

“Then where is it, Ky?” Marcus shouted and threw his hands up. His eyes were wild with restrained anger. “Where is this so called demon?”

“I don't know. Oblivion, I think,” Ky muttered angrily. “I did a spell to send her away. All I know is she's never coming back.”

“The circle?” Marcus pointed to the doorway where he already returned to wash all remains of the spell away. “Those are just nonsense drawings my father was always doing in his notebooks.”

Ky stumbled to his feet, crossed to the door and pointed to the slashes gouged into the floor from Demencious when she was sucked into the spell. “How would I have done that, huh? My hands can't make marks like that. I don't have any tool that can do that. Why would I lie about this, Dad? Why would I choose for you to think I'm a fucking crazy person unless I'm telling you the damn truth!”

Maybe Feral was right; maybe he was all tears. Ky rubbed the back of his wrists against his damp eyes in frustration. “You've always told me to tell the truth. It doesn't matter what kind of trouble I get into just as long as I tell you the truth. Dad, there was a monster in the house and it was going to eat me. It was that Marlene lady, but she wasn't really a person, she was a demon. An overseer. She was going to eat mom and you too when you got home. She was going to eat Lovely and Feral and… Oh, fuck, Magnificent. Dad, Anselm had, like, thirty different demons in this house. Aunty Charlotte saw Lovely and…”

“Stop,” Marcus cut in, his voice clipped, face hard, and expression closed off. “Just stop it. You will not tell your mother any of this nonsense. Do you understand me? You will not make her afraid of her own house. Do not make her worry her only son is losing his mind.” His voice broke on the last word and Ky flinched from the sorrow in his father's voice.

“Dad, I'm not…”

“No more playing around with Anselm's old things. You need to focus on your schoolwork. You've missed the first two days of class. You slept through two days, Ky. Your mother wanted to take you to the hospital. Nothing we did could wake you.” Marcus looked away as his expression crumpled. He pointed to the bureau where Ky's syllabus sat on top. “You have an evening class tonight. One of the art classes. Don't forget to go. You can take your mother's car. I… I have work I need to get to. We've gotten behind because of all of this.”

Marcus stopped in the doorway and stared down at the gouges in the floor before meeting Ky's watery gaze. “No more circles.” He left, his footsteps heavy as he walked away.

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The Fall

Episode #9. Wake of the righteous…

With the fall of Tobias, Ky must choose his path. He can be the ruthless sorcerer needed to protect the demons he loves, or he can challenge fate for a scrap of normalcy out of the remains of his tattered life.

Seven lives now weigh on Ky’s collar. Seven demons call him master while he can’t even figure out how to use a wand. The responsibility is daunting.

Ky returns home bitter, lonely, and unsure of who to trust. The Relic in the basement deceived him. Sorcerers aren’t the only ones who can control demons, which Ky experienced first hand. His bond to Magnificent Night has tarnished everything he’s touched and there is no way to be clean.

This book contains the Bonus story, ‘The Forging Of An Apprentice,’ Liem’s personal tale of struggle, sorcery and madness.

Each episode in this sexy, suspenseful gay monster harem serial is over 10,000 words, and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.
20,000+ wrds, First Published November 11, 2016.
Heat level: X





on March 21, 2017
on December 16, 2016
on November 16, 2016

“You’re out of your mind.” Liem huffed in exasperation. There was a hunch of defeat in his shoulders as he stepped toward the door.

Ky watched him impassively. Liem paused in the doorway and opened his mouth to try a final time to stop what was about to happen. He remained silent once he looked down at Master Tobias’s crumpled form. Tobias was practically on top of Fido where he fell, the sorcerer's breath shallow and weak. The wolf demon snarled even though he was too wounded to move.

Fido’s eyes glowed the same otherworldly blue as Ky…  No, Brave’s eyes.

Ky owned the wolf demon. He claimed Brave far more completely than Liem or Tobias ever could. He named the demon, and Liem knew without a shadow of a doubt Brave would be glad to have a master like Ky.

“This isn’t right.” Liem didn't attempt to convince. Tobias proved weak and by some twist of fate, Ky, the idiot he thought would crumble and run at just the threat of Fido’s teeth, was untouchable. Brave didn’t bother looking at him; Liem was as invisible to the demon as the Relics normally were to people.

Ky stared him down and waited until Liem finally left. Once he was out the door, Ky stepped over and listened to Liem’s footsteps fade down the long corridor. He looked out into the warmly lit hallway. Did he want to leave? Did he really want to stay and see what would surely happen next?

Ky thought of Lovely, his cat prince, his beautiful, damn near perfect Relic. His long white hair and pale limbs would have been stained in Tobias’s blood by now. Lovely would have led the charge and knocked the master sorcerer out. He would have sliced his throat with ease instead of leaving things up to a selfish sorcerer apprentice.

Lovely was home, and Ky was beginning to realize how good he was at clinging to the catboy instead of dealing with the things he was supposed to deal with. He came there for Brave, and Tobias tried to kill the Relic right in front of him. He would have if Liem hadn’t acted. Ky froze and just watched the demon trainer attack Brave. Tobias killed Relics before, taught Liem to do the same, and he just stood there and watched. No, Lovely wasn’t there, and Ky had to do what needed to be done.

Ky shut the door and made sure it clicked tight. He turned and met the four sets of eyes glowing the same color of Magnificent Night’s. He could feel their desire like a weight, a demand inside of him. It was stronger than anything Ky could have ever raised on his own. He couldn’t deny the Relics their wish for death and knew he had no right to interfere.

Ky stepped around Tobias’s bleeding form where Nightshade, Brave, and Roar glared down. He kept his gaze fixed on the fox demon who was chained and struggling to get free. Ky pressed a soothing hand to his arm. Blood stilled at his touch and let him unbuckle the leather bracer from his left wrist. The Relic was still too new to know their language, but Ky spoke in hope he would understand through their link. “You won’t be tied like this again. I won’t own you, Blood. No one will hurt you.” He fell silent when the demon’s freed hand cupped his face.

Ky unbuckled Blood’s other arm and held still when the fox demon pulled him close and lips slid hot over his. He let his lashes flutter shut and tried to block out the snap of bone behind him. Loud growls rose up and echoed off the stone walls. Blood kissed him hard and deep to intentionally block Ky’s view of what the others were doing.

“It’s okay.” Ky gently turned his head and broke the kiss. He should look. It wasn’t right to hide from what he was allowing to happen. It was his fault, and he should watch.

*Hush*. Blood pressed his forehead to his, and Ky couldn’t find the will to pull away and look. Instead, he let Blood hold him in place as he flinched with every sound of torn clothing and wet slice of flesh. Ky hissed and his eyes closed tight when he heard a sound so reminiscent of Demencious eating a dog, he could almost feel the wicked creature at his back with sharp talons clicking on the floor. Ky’s jaw felt like it was going to break. His neck and shoulders were tight, and his nerves jolted at each noise that reached his straining ear.

Ky jumped and gasped when a phone rang. Blood reared back to stare down at his pile of clothing on the floor. “It’s okay,” Ky said hoarsely. He stepped over, fished through the clothes, and pulled his cell phone free. It was his father, and after a long second of uncertainty, Ky pressed the accept button.

“What?” Ky’s voice was surprisingly steady, if not a bit rough.

“It’s after midnight.” Marcus was curt, but there was a tiredness to his tone Ky wasn’t expecting.

“The time got away from me.” The lie came out easily, a marked difference from the last time he'd spoken with his parents on the phone. Ky's gaze slowly strayed from his pile of clothes to where Brave was lying on the floor. The wolf demon was in a new spot and blood coated his clawed hands. Tobias’s master collar sat in a heap of blood on the floor. Nightshade pushed the sorcerer’s ribs apart with an ease of strength that looked beyond the slender cat demon’s capability. It wasn’t. Relics weren’t weak little slaves created to serve even weaker humans. They were warriors who battled every day in a dangerous world to survive. They had families, culture, language, and like anything else that breathed, they didn’t want to be chained.

“If you’re in some sort of trouble… You know you can talk to me, Ky. Whatever it is.” His father’s voice floated to his ear, Marcus hesitant in the silence.

It wasn’t true, was it? His dad wouldn’t even listen to him about simple things when it came to demons. He sure as fuck wouldn’t listen about this.

Ky blinked, and his gaze focused on Roar, who hollowed out Tobias’s torso with quick, efficient tugs. Crimson coated the horned demon’s powerful, scarred forearms and dripped down onto his bare thighs. He pressed a piece of liver to Brave’s bruised lips and urged the injured demon to eat. The fox demon joined them, and Blood did the same of Tobias’s heart. He picked through the sorcerer’s cavity in a fashion nearly ritualistic.

“Ky, what…?”

“I’m fine,” Ky finally spoke, his voice steady as he cut off Marcus’s concern. “I’ll be home when I’m done.”

Marcus waited and silence stretched between them. Ky had no interest in telling his father where he was or why he wasn’t coming home, and he had no guilt left in him to be compelled. “Ky, I just want to…”

“I’m busy, dad. I’ll be home later.” Ky quieted and turned back when he felt Brave’s condition change. The wolf demon could support himself on his forearms now. With trembling, blood-slick hands, Brave reached for the heavy collar around his throat. The magic that kept it bound to him was gone with the death of his master. The leather unwound, and Brave made a noise between a sob and a growl as he threw it across the room and nearly collapsed from the effort.

“I’ll leave the porch light on.” Marcus sounded defiant and defeated all at once when he hung up.

Ky dropped his cell phone on top of his shirt and met Roar’s piercing gaze. The horned demon held up his cupped hand; small, bite-sized pieces of red flesh floated in his large palm. Ky approached and stepped carefully around Brave’s legs and the pool of blood slick on the floor. Spots of crimson stuck to the flat of his bare feet and made each movement tacky.

*Magic is held here.* Roar pointed to each piece of flesh, and finished with his thumb pressed to the morsel of heart. *Magic he stole from us, magic that made him. It should not be wasted. This one will nourish.* He pointed to another piece, a dark organ Ky didn’t recognize when torn to the small size. *This one will poison. Each death must be carried inside.* Roar flicked the poisonous meat aside and held his palm up in offering.

There wasn’t any point trying to explain this to his father. Even if Marcus did come down and see the demons spelled to be visible, what difference would it really make? His father chose to believe he was lying instead of facing the truth. Ky knew now he didn’t need his parents anymore. There was nothing left they could protect him from.

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