Taken By Beasts


This collection contains five never before released, steamy paranormal stories of monsters and the innocent, handsome young men they call prey *cough* boyfriend, written by the mistress of dubcon, Sadie Sins. Inside you’ll find five unique storylines containing friends to lovers, straight to gay, mild BDSM, and even a few group, taboo moments. It has furry full moon transformations, haunted houses, Halloween parties, evil witches, horny sorcerers, sexy demons, a cat shifter in distress, the rare minotaur, a stalking vampire, and a pack of rude, trash talking werewolves that don’t take no for an answer. Not to mention, the promise of a happy, claw biting ending. This book will make you downright beg to be a victim.

Halloween has never been quite so naughty as when you’re Taken by Beasts.

18+ For explicit man on monster action, graphic language, breeding, growls, tears, and over 66,000 words of hot, sexy fun.

66,000+ wrds, Published October 28, 2016.


on October 30, 2016
Incredibly awesome, hot and steamy. Multiple books but all were well written erotic shorts, guaranteed to get you a little wet in the pants
on June 17, 2017
This was a really sexually erotic series of stories that was full of the paranormal and very entertaining. Vampires, thralls, werewolves, magicians, shifters and mythical creatures..Menage' is part of some of the stories and the sexual encounters are really hot. An excellent book. Would recommend it for anyone to read.
on June 1, 2017

I love this story collection. It has five wonderful stories, each one taking place on Halloween night. If I have to pick a favorite, it is the final story in the collection, a werewolf story that intrigued me and pulled me in from word one. I just loved the way the story unfolded, so perfectly through dark and shadow, the main character so haunted by howls and laughter in the woods. The writing in this one was some of the best I've seen by this author. (cont...)


Sebastian stepped reluctantly down the dark street, hearing the sounds of happy children shrieking yards away as they rang doorbells and demanded candy. He would have driven to the store, but the roads were black and reflective from the cold rain that had been misting that evening and with all the kids milling around for Halloween, he was certain he’d end up running one of the idiots over. Totally by accident, no matter how annoying they were with their costumes and laughing and damn near happy ass lives.

He might be depressed. Not that he didn’t have good reason—He wasn’t one of those emo types that just hated life. Much.

Scowling, Sebastian kicked a wet maple leaf off of his sneaker, feeling the trickle of water get in through the hole in the sole. Perfect. Really perfect. His parents had sent him out to get more candy for the trick-or-treaters, but at this point, he was pretty sure they just wanted to get him out of the house so they wouldn’t have to watch him mope.

Gay. Claire Stevenson thought he was gay.

She hadn’t even been mean about it. She wasn’t the first person to call him gay but most people had done it while making fun of his sappy heart when it came to animals or the fact that he was short and thin and apparently that automatically made him girly. Whatever. He probably could have dismissed it if she had been bitchy and trying to make him feel like shit about himself. Not that the end result was much different. Because the girl he’d been dating for the last three months had just dumped him because she thought he was gay.

God, he hated his life.

You’re just, well, not that into me, Sebastian. It’s like you’re a best friend, not a boyfriend. I can’t make you want me the way I want you, and that’s really, well, terrible feeling to be with someone that doesn’t want me back.

No, she hadn’t been mean at all, but Claire had still managed to destroy him with one damn conversation. He had liked Claire forever. Sebastian couldn’t remember a time when he hadn’t had a crush on her. Sure, he wasn’t the most romantic of guys—He’d never say he got butterflies or anything, but that didn’t mean he was gay. Sebastian was just really low key. Boring, if he was feeling down about it. Yeah, he was kind of boring—But not gay. He just didn’t get overly excited about stuff even if he had been crushing on Claire for ages now.

When I kiss you, it’s like, I dunno, wow for me. Really crazy and intense feeling. But you… I don’t think you feel much of anything at all.

God damn it, how could you even measure something like that? How could she just know she felt more than he did? It wasn’t like he was trying to compare or reach some goal of epic makeout sessions. He’d been dreaming about Claire forever, and the moment he finally had a shot at her, he had wanted to take things slow. You know, build a foundation between them. Prove that they could be a long term thing. All of his previous girlfriends had been more like a week to week trial with a whole lot of empty space in between, but with Claire, Sebastian had wanted things to be different.

Well, in a way, they had been, hadn’t they? Instead of being dumped for being too weird or distant, Claire had decided he really just wanted dick. Right after they had been kissing, at that.

He didn’t think he was a bad kisser. He got self-conscious a lot, especially if anyone could be around and see him, but when he did kiss, he thought he was kissing with all his heart. How could she think he didn’t feel just as much for her as she did him? Who even got to say how much you were supposed to feel for someone for it to be officially enough? Hadn’t he like, talked to her every day on the phone and tried to see her every moment he could? Hadn’t he gone out of his way to keep his schedule open around his job and college and her classes to take her out whenever she wanted? How could he do so much and have her think he didn’t feel anything for her? What the fuck else was he supposed to feel?

Fuck, was he supposed to feel something else?

Sebastian growled, his left foot landing hard in an unseen puddle and sloshing up his jean leg, the material immediately soaked. “Fucker.” He hopped, but the damage had been done, his sneaker now squishing with every new step he took, the wet shoe slipping on soggy leaves and concrete alike.

It was an extremely irritating internal monolog, one that didn’t seem to have any answers forthcoming. Sebastian didn’t know if he was feeling enough—He didn’t even know what the fuck he was supposed to feel. He had trusted his feelings this far. Finally, with a girl Sebastian had thought to one day want to marry, she had told him he wasn’t feeling anything at all. And the truth of it was, Sebastian wasn’t fully confident he was feeling everything he was supposed to.

Movies would have him believe he needed to make grand romantic gestures and last-second dashes to airports to show how much he cared. Real life wasn’t like that. At least, his real life wasn’t like that. He wasn’t the type to go rent out an ice skating rink for a romantic date or send twelve dozen roses for the week of Valentine’s Day. He didn’t feel the need to write a book of poetry for how Claire looked in the morning light. He wasn’t the type to want to slice his wrists just because the girl he’d been crushing on had dumped him. For real, who the fuck did that? That wasn’t love; that was just a total chemical imbalance of insanity…


Running a hand through his damp, black bangs, Sebastian sighed weakly as the line of convenience stores came into view. The small strip mall was lit up in neon oranges, purples, and reds for the holiday, calling customers in from the clammy, wet night with the promise of shelter and heat. He quickened his pace, ignoring the slosh of his sneaker with each frozen step.

God, was he like an unfeeling, dead-hearted idiot and just didn’t know it? Should he be, like, thinking about jumping off a bridge or something because Claire was never going to be with him? Hadn’t he been planning a life with this girl? She was funny, smart, cute, and just all around perfect. Sebastian had friends that acted like if they were dumped, their life was ending. Was he seriously wondering if he was supposed to feel love an entirely different way?

And just who the fuck decided what you were supposed to feel anyways!

He really didn’t know, and the lack of answers was beyond frustrating. Because if he didn’t know, how the hell could he change it? Did he want to change it? Did he need to conform to some level of ‘feeling’ or be forced to accept that he was doomed to be alone for the rest of his life?

Would being alone be better when he wouldn’t be judging himself on how much he was failing to feel for someone he supposedly loved or damn near loved?

Being dumped by Claire didn’t have Sebastian wanting to kill himself, but trying to figure this particular problem out was definitely getting him thinking about a sturdy plastic bag with no air holes.

Jesus, fucking girls. Dictating how he was supposed to feel while in the same breath telling him he wasn’t doing it right. He had felt just as much for Claire as he was meant to feel, or was at least capable of feeling. It might not have been enough for her, but it had been to the best of his damn ability at the time. He sure as fuck hadn’t felt that much for a guy before. Just because he hadn’t lost it over Claire didn’t mean he was gay.


He left the warm lights of the convenience store behind him with two bags of candy and an impulsive—but decidedly needed—six-pack in hand. Sebastian’s mood only grew worse when he found the mist that had surrounded him on the walk to the store had turned into a light drizzle that was quickly threatening to grow into a miserable downpour. He hunched forward in his hoodie, the sweatshirt material doing little to protect him from the freezing water and chill wind of approaching winter.

He was full of dread at the idea of going home and having to face his parents’ well-meaning yet completely unhelpful comments as to why things hadn’t worked out with Claire. They kept pushing for him—none too subtly, at that—to move into a dorm or apartment with a group of students his own age. So he could be more sociable. As loathe as he was to have to surround himself with a bunch of loud peers while at the same time losing any ability to fill his savings account, he was starting to consider it if only to avoid the ever increasingly awkward conversations of why he was still single and just couldn’t find the right girl.

As he slipped on slick leaves in the dark, leaning sideways against the wind while standing on the sidewalk, Sebastion began to contemplate his parents’ parting words before he had left the house half an hour ago. Maybe they had been suggesting something else when saying he hadn’t met the ‘right girl’ yet. Maybe they were saying he shouldn’t be expecting to fall for a girl at all…

Did everyone think he was gay just because he’d been unlucky in love?

The sound of crunching tires hitting leaves behind him caught his attention. Sebastian immediately stepped as far from the street as the sidewalk would allow, his expression growing stormy when he heard a puddle splash and felt a fresh spray of water as the vehicle roared past.

“Asshole!” He growled, raising his hand holding the bag full of candy while ineffectively wiping the side of his face that had gotten caught in the deluge of dirty water. He glared after the fading red taillights, glad that the rain had at least driven most of the trick-or-treaters inside so they wouldn’t have to deal with the same fate. Shaking himself off, he forced his frozen feet forward, quietly contemplating just who had insisted on Halloween being so late in the season when the weather was always so cold.

He was going to go home, lock himself in his bedroom, and drink himself to sleep. Not because he was depressed over Claire—no, apparently he still couldn’t work up enough emotion for that—but because he was so fucking annoyed by being told he didn’t know how to feel. He knew how to feel. He did it every fucking day. And if that wasn’t good enough, well, too fucking bad for Claire.

Somehow feeling more empowered in his anger even though he was still absolutely lost on what the fuck Claire had been trying to tell him, Sebastian splashed through puddles and piles of colorful, rain-drenched leaves until he reached the familiar streets of his neighborhood. The rain had only increased and his steps sped up in response, his sweatshirt soaked through and bangs now dripping into his green eyes, obscuring his vision. Which was why, when headlights suddenly flashed and Sebastian caught sight of a small, hunched body in the middle of the road, without thinking he immediately dashed forward.

A horn blared startling loud, the tires to Mr. Walden’s sedan shrieking on the wet pavement when the man slammed on his brakes to avoid Sebastian’s poorly lit form. He barely noticed, his gaze fixed on the middle of the road where a child’s plastic pumpkin treat holder was tipped upside down, candy scattered on the ground all around it. But where he had thought he had seen the body of a person, a drenched, wide-eyed black cat looked up at him, it’s fur matted to its trembling body.

“Sebastian! Are you out of your damn mind, boy? You could have been killed!” Rolling his window down roughly, the older man squinted into the rain, trying to see past Sebastian’s knees illuminated by his headlights. “Oh, hell, don’t tell me that’s a…”

“It’s a cat,” Sebastian said, wonder and warmth filling his voice in equal proportions as he bent down and offered the back of his hand to the small creature’s delicate nose. “I think he was eating the candy.” He had never known a cat to eat candy, but with the torn wrappers under the cat’s paw, he was pretty sure that was what it was doing.

Scowling with a mix of annoyance and relief to find that there was no child crumpled under the wheels of his car, Mr. Walden revved his engine impatiently. “Come on, get out of the street. Whatever it’s doing, the road is no place for it or you. Especially in this rain.”

Eyes of impossible periwinkle depths stared up into his. Crouching down, Sebastian held his hands out, the frail looking cat following the movement with its head warily. “You cold, little guy?” Sebastian crooned, carefully scratching behind a bedraggled ear. When no bite or hiss came, he edged closer, cautiously wrapping his arms around the cat’s body but not lifting just yet. “I’m going to get you out of this rain, okay? My home is nice and warm and you won’t have to worry about being run over.”

Taking the silence and trembling of the small form as permission, Sebastian carefully tightened his arms until the black cat was in his embrace. He stood slowly, hooking the plastic handle of the pumpkin with him so no kid would wander into the road to try and rescue it as well. He ignored Mr. Walden’s eyeroll—the man was clearly not as impressed by a pathetic, shivering, soaking wet cat as he was—and slowly walked his new friend to the sidewalk where they could both be safe.

“Do you have a collar, pretty?” He asked softly, gently scratching beneath the cat’s chin until it tilted its face up to reveal that it was indeed collarless. But even though the cat was bedraggled and scavenging for food, Sebastian was certain it belonged to someone or had only just recently lost its owner. It was far from feral, curled up in his arms and purring as it tried to heat itself against the rain and cold. It hadn’t tried to claw him or anything even though the poor thing had nearly been run over and had to be terrified.

Water dripped down onto Sebastian’s nose from the brim of his sweatshirt hood, startling him momentarily and reminding him that even though his new friend was safe from cars, it was still out in the miserable weather that could be just as dangerous for a domestic animal. Decided, he turned towards his house, speaking soothingly as he held the cat close against his chest between the damp layers of his shirt, offering it as much protection as he could from the elements while he took him home.

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The Demon Trainer


In the eighth installment of Demon Bonded, Ky and Liem rush to save Brave from the sorcerer that first summoned the demon wolf to their world. But Liem can’t be trusted and Master Tobias seems more interested in Ky’s ability to black link with the rare Relics and not end up dead in the process.

Something is taking over Ky the longer he’s around the Relics, something he doesn’t understand and can do little to fight. Finding himself in danger without Lovely or Feral to save him, Ky is faced with the choice of murdering Liem’s teacher or letting the demon trainer continue his terrible deeds.

18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, shifter anatomy that knots and ties, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

14,000+ wrds, Published August 5, 2016.


on March 21, 2017
on August 16, 2016
on November 4, 2016


His mother’s green Toyota felt crowded with Liem in the passenger seat. Sure, the blond was slender and petite and took up less space than Ky did, but it just felt weird. Wrong. Ky wasn’t remotely comfortable around the apprentice. Not after what Liem had done to Brave. Not after the terrible things he had said to him or how he had tried to steal Magnificent Night. He and Liem might share a common goal at the moment, but Ky would be hard pressed to call him friend. He could barely think of Liem as human; he was that cruel and ever ready with a lie or trick.

“So, what is this teacher sorcerer like?” Ky asked, hoping to break the awkward silence that had risen between them. He had insisted on driving even though Liem had wanted to teleport them. Seeing as he had no idea how to teleport, the idea of being reliant on the apprentice for transportation while in a foreign place seemed outright dangerous no matter how many times Liem rolled his eyes at him like he was an idiot.

“My master,” Liem stressed. He turned his head from the window to look at Ky. “Master Tobias is a master sorcerer and has earned his title. It’s important that you address him properly.”

“I’m not calling him fucking master.” Ky's glare dared Liem to challenge him on it. The sorcerer that had trained the kid was probably just as bad. Maybe even more.

“Then refer to him as Master Godwin—because he’s a master sorcerer, not because he’s your master, idiot,” Liem added when Ky made a noise of protest. “This is normal stuff, man. You just don’t know because you’re ignorant as fuck.”

Ky bit his tongue and gripped the steering wheel painfully tight as he took the next corner. Night was dark around them, the quiet streets of Blackstone Falls extra empty at this time of hour. If he tossed Liem out the car and kept driving, very likely no one would be able to prove he'd done it.

“Does he have a lot of apprentices?” Ky asked tightly, hoping to derail his current angry thoughts.

“Fuck, no. Do you think a guy like Master Tobias has time to teach every snot-nosed sorcerer wanna-be who figures out how to make a wand?” Liem snorted. “I’m his very first. He put it off for ages because he was so caught up in building his business. Being selected was a real honor.”

“Business?” Ky tore his eyes from the road to look over at the slim apprentice. Liem looked deceptively young and sweet for all the terrible that seemed to be just beneath his surface. “Like a magic business?”

“Sure, but better. Any two-bit sorcerer can start a magic business,” Liem said with a wave of his hand. “Master Tobias trains demons, and only for the most important of people. Diplomats, CEO’s, celebrities—He’s about as famous as it gets for this particular thing.”

Ky inhaled deeply as his stomach twisted in an uncomfortable knot. “What… What do these people want demons for? They’re not sorcerers. What do they do with them if not use their magic?”

“Protection, mostly. Demons make great bodyguards if they’re trained right. Some people just like that the demons are rare and no one else has them.” Liem shifted in his seat and hunched forward until his bangs covered his eyes. “And some people just like to fuck them. Some want to kill them, or just nearly. A demon can take a lot more pain than a human. You can do anything to a demon, and the law won’t get involved. Demons have no rights—Hell, most people don’t even know they exist. If Master Tobias didn’t spell them so people could see, then most people would never know a demon was standing right beside them.”

Ky’s stomach lurched, and his knuckles turned white from the tension in his hand. “Slavery. Your master is a slaver of demons.”

Liem raised a brow and glanced his way. “Well, yeah. Demons are rare. Did you think they're allowed to walk around everywhere? People would be fighting each other to get them. It would be chaos.”

Snarling, Ky slammed his foot on the brake. The hum of crickets filled the air as they stopped short on the dark road. “You mean people would be running around shitless because the demons would be hunting down the asshole sorcerers that had sold them into slavery. Being from another world doesn’t justify what you’re doing to them!”

Liem shrugged uncaringly and sat back in his seat. “When you meet Master Tobias, you’ll understand. No demon is going to fight him. They know he’s stronger. He’s killed more demons than I’ve seen in my entire life, and that was just during the time I’ve been apprenticing with him. At least the demon slaves were allowed to live.”

In the middle of getting his shaking hands to cooperate, Ky hissed and shot Liem a deadly glare. Only to pause when he found him staring out the window, a haunted expression on the young blond’s face.

“Do you want to kill demons?” Ky asked, dreading the answer before the question was fully out.

Considering it a moment, Liem slowly shook his head.

“Then what? Power? Do you like hurting them? What the hell do you want from them, Liem?”

“Nothing.” Liem's eyes were intent on the darkness outside the car. “I hate them. I’d be happy if I never saw another demon ever again.”

Staring silently at the small boy who refused to explain himself, Ky eventually turned his head to the road and resumed driving. The idea of confronting this Tobias Godwin was making him more uneasy after what he’d learned. As his dread grew, his foot became heavier, and the car’s speed climbed on the empty back roads. Brave had been left alone with some sort of demon slaver. One that murdered demons like they were nothing. This was the man that had taught Liem that demons were less than human. What would such a man do when he was asked to give up one of his demons?

Ky gripped the black link that connected him to Brave, holding it tight in his grasp. He was still alive. If Liem was telling the truth, as long as this link was on his collar it meant that Brave was still alive.

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The Chains That Bind


In episode 7, Faced with the weight of responsibility for the lives of three demons in his care, Ky doesn’t know what to do next. He’s certain Brave is in danger but what it would take to free the wolf demon is a line he doesn’t want to cross. He knows killing is wrong but letting a Relic be killed isn’t an option in his mind either.

Without enough power or experience, Ky feels helpless to save anyone. Lovely and Feral are determined to do what it takes to protect them all, including what Ky can’t bring himself to do.

18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, shifter anatomy that knots and ties, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

11,000+ wrds, Published May 1, 2016.


on August 15, 2016
on March 21, 2017
on August 13, 2016


Ky's greatest fear was that Liem would somehow steal Magnificent Night away in an instant. When he slammed into the short blond’s form with the intent to beat the crap out of him, Ky found although Liem had a collar around the tall demon, Magnificent had gotten his tail around the apprentice sorcerer's throat just as quickly.

“Magnificent.” Ky froze, staring wide-eyed as he watched the demon lift Liem off the chair and hold him by his neck. Lovely was suddenly next to him, and he heard Feral on the stairs blocking escape. Ky barely noticed, unable to tear his gaze from Liem’s red face as it slowly turned purple before his eyes. His expression was full of terror and pain.

If Magnificent Night killed Liem, it was his fault. He had failed to protect the demon, had failed to keep a monster like Liem away from the Relics in his care. If Magnificent ended up killing the awful boy, Ky would never forgive himself for putting the demon in such a situation.

“Magnificent, please.” Ky stepped forward and walked past Liem, who was clawing at the tail wrapped like a coil of black rope around his neck. Magnificent Night’s eyes glowed power and glared into Liem’s as he raised the apprentice higher. The blond’s legs flailed in the air as choked gasps escaped. Then not even that when the tail wrapped tighter. Ky didn’t know what he felt at the idea of Liem dying. He did know what was right and what was wrong. This was wrong. “Magnificent, I’m going to take him away. Right now. Just let him go, and I’ll take him out of the house and never let him in again.”

For the longest minute, Ky wondered if he truly didn’t know the demon in the basement. He couldn’t speak his language. They didn’t even come from the same world. He knew nothing about Magnificent Night except that he'd been captured by Anselm and then by the overseer Demencious, and had been trapped in the basement for years while other Relics were murdered and eaten in front of him. It would be very easy for Magnificent to be a monster after such terrible things. Maybe he should have expected it, seeing just how easy it would be for the demon to kill. Even chained and weak, Magnificent was clearly so much stronger than Liem. Hell, the apprentice was frail, weak and helpless in comparison to something as powerful as a Requiem.

“Please, Magnificent,” Ky whispered beseechingly. He reached his hand out to touch the man’s face. Maybe he should have been afraid. He could just be an absolute idiot when it came to the Relics. But he had to try. The last thing he wanted was to be the cause of Magnificent taking a life. “You don’t need to kill anyone. I’m so sorry I made you feel like you needed to. Please, let me fix this.”

The angry glow in Magnificent's eyes faded as they moved to Ky's upturned face. Ky sighed in relief when the demon uncoiled his tail from around the apprentice's neck. Liem fell to the ground and collapsed while gasping for air.

“Thank you. Thank you,” Ky said with all the emotion he felt. He tore the collar from Magnificent’s neck and threw it across the room angrily. He wasn’t sure where to direct his rage. There was Liem who had come into his house and tried to capture Magnificent like he was nothing more than a bug in a jar. Then there was himself, who had trusted the awful boy enough to let him in the house in the first place. God, he was just fucking it all up. He had just met his first sorcerer apprentice, and he wasn’t doing anything right.

“Ky!” Lovely hissed. Ky whirled from Magnificent to discover Brave, the wolf demon, growling and hovering over Liem protectively from where he had pulled him across the room. The two demons glared at each other warily. Brave snarled and snapped at Lovely when the cat demon stepped towards him.

“Stop,” Ky ordered roughly. He wasn’t sure who he was talking to; he just wanted it all to fucking stop. Brave was injured. Blood crusted on the wolf demon’s face, and the flesh beneath his collar was raw, red, and oozing yellow fluid to drip over the fresh bruises and cuts on his body. He was wounded because he had linked to him. Ky knew it in his heart, and his stomach plummetted, and nausea rose and threatened to overwhelm him. Liem had punished the demon for something the wolf hadn’t even done. Lovely had told Ky he had created the link with his will, not Brave. He was to blame, and another had been harmed because of it.

Liem pushed himself to his knees, his eyes full of bitter tears as he pointed menacingly at Ky. “Fido, kill! Now!”

Lovely gave a warning hiss, but it was Feral’s growl that had everyone turning. The bronze-skinned coyote demon stepped from the shadows and took an aggressive stance in Ky’s defense.

Liem looked up at the new black feathered demon with wide eyes. Hatred twisted his features when he turned back to Ky. “Three? You have three fucking archons? Two of the things aren’t even collared, and they just answer to you!”

“They’re not things,” Ky replied hollowly, his eyes stuck on the wound on Brave’s face. The wolf demon’s ear was torn. Not from a blade but from something dull, like a piercing pulled from the flesh.

He wasn’t sure just what the fuck Liem’s problem was, but the kid was pissed off. The apprentice struggled to his feet. He held his palm upright, and a wand immediately appeared within his grasp. “Fuck—Fucking three winged demons belong to that weak, stupid, demon loving freak! Fido, I said kill the stupid fuck! And so help me, if you fail this time, you better fucking die because I’m going to make you wish it!”

Fido didn’t move. His lips pursed in a thin line as he met Liem’s furious glare with one of cold indifference. Lovely went to stand between Ky and the wolf demon, but Ky was quick to stop him. “Brave’s not going to hurt me, Lovely. He doesn’t want to hurt me, so he won’t.” He could tell as much, could feel it in the black link radiating from his collar. Brave’s link wasn’t the same as Lovely’s, but the demon was linked to him. Brave didn’t want to hurt him, and he could feel it.

“Fucking, son of a—His name is Fido! Fido! He’s mine, not yours, you fucking weirdo, and he has to do what I say!” Breathing heavily with rage, Liem shot a burst of magic at Fido. The wolf demon yelped and fell backward from the blow. “Now fucking listen to me!”

Ky didn’t know when he moved, his mind nothing but a pulse of red hot rage. One moment he was watching Brave cry out in pain and the next he had crossed the room. His hand stung in aftershock from having slapped Liem across the face as hard as he could. “Grow the fuck up!”

Clutching his burning cheek, Liem stared up at him in shock, his wand limp in his hand. “Y-You…”

“That is not the way to do things!” Ky growled out. “You’re just some stupid, spoiled child with too much power that can’t see that demons are people. They’re not fucking toys. They don’t exist to do what you want. They’re people!” At Liem’s continued dumbfounded stare, Ky found himself gasping in his anger. His words came out too fast, and he was unable to slow down. “You never should have been bonded to someone as beautiful as Brave. All you’ve done is hurt a being that could have been so grateful to have a person understand him in this new world. But you chose to hurt him. You treated him worse than someone would treat the lowest of the low. You don’t deserve Brave and if I knew how to free him from you, I would! You’re a fucking monster! He has fangs and a tail, and you’re the fucking monster, you horrible brat!”

For a moment, Ky thought he had gotten through to him, but Liem’s expression contorted just as quickly. His face turned red, and his voice shook with his absolute anger. “You don’t understand anything! That you would dare strike me—I’ll find a way to get that Requiem for myself. They’re fucking weak, and weak things deserve to be used. You’re the fucking weakest sorcerer ever, and you deserve to be broken just like them!”

Ky pulled his fist back, ready to punch this time. But Liem roughly pulled Fido to him, and with a spell, the two of them blinked away. All that was left was an echo of Liem’s angry laugh and Ky's overwhelming rage.

Looking around sharply, Ky met Lovely’s gaze when the room proved to be empty of the sorcerer and his wolf demon. “Are they in the shadows?”

Lovely shook his head. “Gone. It was a spell used to teleport. The apprentice would have to be an imbecile to face the three of us. Especially when his bonded demon refused to follow his orders.”

Ky nodded mutely, his eyes drawn to the spot he had last seen Liem and Brave. His anger felt brittle, and something inside him cracked and snapped until he realized he was fighting back tears. “Is he… Is he going to kill him?” He forced out, his throat tight.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Lovely gave an indifferent shrug while meeting Feral’s knowing gaze. “Anselm killed demons before, but he had many at the time. It is unlikely a child sorcerer would kill the only bonded demon he has.”

But Liem wasn’t a fucking sane person, and Ky couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t do something so terrible. A day ago he never would have even imagined that a soul would dare harm someone as beautiful as a Relic. Now he truly believed that a boy younger than himself would murder one out of spite.

It was his fault. If only he had never black linked with Brave. If only he hadn't said those things, hadn't hit the kid and made him angry. If he had never let that stupid Liem into his house—

God, should he had let Lovely kill Liem when he asked?

Would that have been the right choice now that he could see just what Liem had planned for all of them? Would Liem come back in the middle of the night and try to kill him and steal the Relics? What about his parents? Would Liem kill his parents just because they were related to him? He didn’t know. Ky didn’t know what he needed to protect all of them, and he didn’t know how to do it. He could have gotten Brave killed, and he didn’t know what to do about that either.

His fingers biting into his palm, Ky shook as he fought back his tears. Useless. All he did was cry and fuck things up while others were hurt. Lovely reached for him, but he shrugged away, sobbing lowly. “This is my fault… I got him angry and linked—I don’t even know how I’m linking to them—and I’m going to get you all killed. Brave is going to die, and it’s all my fault.” Ky stumbled and gasped when he was tugged sideways. Magnificent Night stared down at him, the demon’s tail wrapped around his wrist. Sobbing again, Ky crumpled inwards when he met the demon's haunting blue gaze.

“I c-can’t even get you out of the chains. C-Can’t get you home.” Ky tried to step back so he could hide away from the Relics and just how much he'd failed the three. Magnificent held him tight; his tail slipped around Ky’s chest and pulled him against his body. His tears hidden in the demon’s long, dark hair, Ky gave in and wrapped his arms around his waist and mumbled heartfelt apologies into Magnificent Night's flesh as he cried.

Sniffling, he looked up when Lovely cleared his throat. The cat demon kept his distance, Lovely’s eyes full of wariness as he observed Magnificent holding Ky. “It would be wise to collar Seriphous now if only to prevent the apprentice from coming in and doing so while we sleep.”

Ky shook his head weakly. “It’s not right. He’s been chained here for years, fed off of by the overseer. I’m not going to take his freedom away when he’s chained to the fucking ceiling. He can’t even choose, and it’s not right.” He regretted bonding with Lovely, regretted every black link he had collected. Ky counted them now as lives he was endangering by his ignorance. All he seemed good at was feeding the demons so they didn’t starve.

More tears spilled, and Ky pulled from Magnificent and reached for Lovely’s hand. The cat demon readily moving to hold him but Ky didn’t want to be held. Instead, he pulled Lovely’s claw down his wrist until blood flowed scarlet on his pale flesh.


“He’s hungry,” Ky whispered and raised his wrist up to Magnificent’s lips. “He wouldn’t have nearly killed Liem if he hadn’t been so hungry.”

Lovely’s eyes narrowed as he watched Ky feed Magnificent his blood. “We are not human, sweet boy. We kill things. People. We fight to survive with all the power we have in us. It is our way and that way involves killing.”

“It was my fault,” Ky mumbled unhearing. He leaned against Magnificent’s chest as the demon lapped long strokes over his narrow wrist. He was growing hot, the feeling increasing when Magnificent Night’s eyes burned into his while he drank his blood down. Brave had liked his blood too, Ky remembered blearily. His eyelids felt heavy as he gazed up at the handsome demon.

Lovely exchanged a glance with Feral, their expressions closed off. “Be careful. We do not need to feed daily unless injured, and Seriphous is very strong. Some are stronger than others, sweetling,” Lovely cautioned. “Dangerous. Without a collar, he might hurt you without meaning to. You’re human, and you need to remember to protect yourself.”

His knees weak and face flushed, Ky shook his head and pressed into the demon’s dark, smooth hair. “Magnificent would never hurt me.” He had doubted too many times only to see just how easy it would have been for Magnificent to hurt him if he wanted. Magnificent had wanted to hurt Liem, and he could have snapped the apprentice's neck with a simple flick of his tail the same way he had destroyed the bolt cutters. That Ky felt guilt over having doubted the demon was just another burden on his heart he couldn't lift at the moment.

Ky blinked when his head was forced up, his neck stretched tall. He reached up, expecting to find Magnificent's tail around his throat, but there was nothing, just the sorcerer collar. It felt different, stiffer, and as his fingers slid over the smooth fabric, he found more slots where links could fit. He met Lovely’s concerned gaze for an instant only to look away, and bury his face back into Magnificent’s hair. It was just more magic. More strangeness he was surely messing up even when he wasn’t doing a thing.

Lovely bit his lip and watched as Ky curled inward and away from him even more. He wanted to pull the slender human close, but he didn’t dare get within reach of Seriphous. The Relic was too powerful to be taken lightly, chained or not. Feral grabbed his bicep and pulled him towards the stairs, ignoring his quiet insistence to stay with his distressed master.

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After his father is laid off, Ky Scion is forced to reside in his ancient family manor in the small town of Blackstone Falls. An outcast to the local farmers, Ky turns to repairing the huge house while pursuing his art degree. His parents are blind to the terrible secret he slowly discovers among the bloodstained walls. Something is living in the dark, in the nooks and hideaways of the old house. Something with hot breath and strong hands that wakes Ky up in the middle of the night.

In the dark hides the demonic Relics. Unique and beautiful, they’re exploited for their power and fought after viciously. But Relics aren’t items, they’re sentient beings. Demonic people stolen from their very world to be bonded into servitude to callous sorcerers.

Ky’s grandfather disappeared years ago, leaving his Relics to be killed off, one by one without his protection. Smelling of rot and blood, Ky can sense the monster’s approach. But he’s not a sorcerer, and has no way to defend himself from the murderous beast set on revenge.

This serial is a fun play on monster collecting and harems. Expect demon bonding, master/slave relationships of mild and abusive nature, multiple partners, magical powers, learning how to be a sorcerer and conflict with crueler demon masters.



The Twisted Apprentice


In episode 6, Ky faces off against Liem, a sorcerer apprentice that might just be a sociopath. Ky wants to save the wolf demon Liem abuses but finds out he should be more worried about getting out alive.

18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, shifter anatomy that knots and ties, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

11,000+ wrds, Published March 11, 2016.


on August 13, 2016
on March 21, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition
on January 26, 2017


Ky had to be hearing things. Drain him dead? There was no way Magnificent Night would ever hurt him like that. “What?”

“It's probably not a huge loss. I mean, you seem to be really fucking simple.” Glancing up from the black link in his hand, the young blond smiled cruelly, his blue eyes narrowed. “Did you dress in the dark? I pity the sorcerer that has a mess like you for an apprentice. He must be just as foolish. Or fucking desperate.”

Inhaling sharply, Ky grabbed the boy's wrist, forcing him to either let go of his link to Magnificent Night or continue the contact. The other withdrew as if burned and huffed loudly. “I don't know what your problem is, kid, but I'm not an idiot, and I don't like being called one by a total—”

“Mr. Scion, let's talk about these fascinating pieces you brought in today." Ky snapped his mouth shut at his teacher's voice, his gaze not leaving the boy before him. "I'm so glad to meet you. Ever since I saw your portfolio, I've been excited to have a conversation about your use of color. Excuse us a moment, Liem.” His new art teacher, Ms. Mahoney, swooped in and led Ky towards his paintings and away from the silent Liem. Ky was flushed, angry and confused, and he glared over his shoulder at the rude blond boy who was smirking superiorly back. What an asshole. He had barely said two fucking words to Liem, and he had just outright insulted him. Who the fuck did that?

Ky tried his best to focus on Ms. Mahoney and her very helpful critique of his work but he couldn't get the stupid ass out of his mind. Liem's words spun in his head again and again. He had to be wrong. Magnificent would never harm him. Never. But... He didn't really understand the link. He didn't even know how it had come to be. He barely knew anything about the Relics besides what Lovely had told him and what he'd heard the cat boy arguing with Feral over...

Could he be right?

Peeking over to where Liem had moved, he found the short blond standing by the table where a still life had been set up. He was looking down intently, his lips moving. Ky edged sideways, nodding mutely to his teacher while trying to see what Liem was doing. Biting his lip, Ky caught sight of a pair of ears very similar to Feral's but pure black with silver piercings. It had to be the model for Liem's paintings. Shaggy black hair covered his face, the Relic's body pale and long as he hunched forward on the floor with hands braced to keep from falling. He had a curl of a wolf tail and elegant black, leathery wings instead of feathers sprouting from his back. Ky couldn't hear what Liem was saying, but the Relic looked sick, exhausted, and barely able to sit upright as he swayed on the floor.

Liem abruptly leaned down and yanked hard on the Relic's ear. Ky flinched at the noise the wolf made and quickly looked around to see if anyone else had heard. No one was even looking Liem's way. A group chatted obliviously, and his teacher pointed out the parts of his technique she found impressive. Out of the entire class, it seemed only Liem and Ky were able to see and hear the wolf demon.

By the time Ms. Mahoney had finished her critique, her main hope being Ky would try some more structured, realism inspired pieces to broaden his abilities, Ky was ready to find something heavy to beat Liem with. The blond kept pulling on the wolf's ears while the demon whimpered in pain and struggled not to fall over. The Relic was clearly starving, the strong, toned muscles on his form doing nothing to hide the ribs peeking through. Ky's glare grew when Liem glanced his way; the young blond smiled chillingly right before he deliberately grabbed the demon's nipple and twisted. The wolf demon arched and howled in pain, finally revealing his face.

His eyes were an ice blue fringed with heavy dark lashes, and filled with a wildness that made Ky uneasy. His fangs were long and sharp. He was handsome under his bruises, the Relic's body and face littered in purple and blue welts. He was naked even here, in a classroom of students with only a heavy black collar around his neck, and it was just as outrageous as how Liem was mistreating the wolf.

Class was almost over. Ky grew more and more unsettled with each whimper of pain the wolf demon gave. He had a feeling Liem was doing it just to piss him off. The slender boy grinned his way to watch his reaction to every cruelty. Liem was a terror and Ky couldn't wait for class to get out so he could tell him as much.

There was a flash of silver, and Ky turned his gaze from the broken demon on the ground to meet Liem's eyes again. He was slowly unfolding a pocket knife, Liem's expression making it clear exactly what he intended to do when he reached for the wolf's ear.

Motherfucking psycho creep...

It was the last straw. Ky snarled as he stomped across the room. He grabbed Liem by the wrist hard enough for the knife to fall out of the short boy's hand and clatter to the floor. He was seconds away from teaching the stupid little dick what it meant to treat Relics as less than human, no matter how many people in the class thought he was crazy.

A deadly growl filled the air, and Ky swallowed hard when the wolf demon unfurled from his crouch and towered over him menacingly. Smirking, Liem whispered smugly, “Let me go or my pet is going to kill you.”

“You're totally fucked in the head,” Ky hissed lowly. He was glaring at Liem but all of his senses were on the demon still growling. Feral could have clawed Ky to shreds and this wolf was much larger than the coyote demon. And although Feral had seemed crazed when they had first met, the wolf demon was nearly foaming, starved, abused with behavior far more animalistic. Whatever Liem had done to the Relic, it had turned him more berserker animal than anything else.

Ky reluctantly let Liem's wrist go, his chin raised defiantly and teeth grit in anger. “You have no right to treat this Relic like that. He's an intelligent person, not some toy you can cut up for sick kicks. I don't know who the fuck you are, but you should know he's just as equal as you.”

Rich, blue eyes widened in surprise and Liem let out a loud laugh. “Holy fuck, you're one of those types! What a total retard. You're jeweled— meaning if your demon gets hurt, you'll get hurt too—and you've got a black link that will probably kill you before the week is out.” Liem grabbed the demon by its black, bushy tail, and pulled hard. “Demons aren't people. That you treat them like people is why they're going to kill you. You need to show them who's in charge or they'll destroy you like the weak, pathetic imbecile you are.”

Ky only stood taller, his anger growing as Liem laughed in his face. He could hear the other students gathering their things. The class had let out for the evening, and the teacher was encouraging them to leave their portfolios and compare them later to their homework. It barely registered past the red throb in his head. He couldn't remember having been so angry before in his life. Even if the wolf demon had been nothing more than an actual animal, the way Liem was treating it was beyond monstrous. Up close, Ky could see more bruises, some burns and long scars where a blade had drawn across the pale flesh. Liem was fucked up, and Ky was determined to find a way to get the Relic away from him.

“You're wrong,” Ky said once his throat wasn't so tight with anger and the sounds of the class leaving had died down. “Lovely would never hurt me, and I would never put him in danger whether we were bonded or not. Even Feral—After talking with him I know he would never hurt me again. The demon black linked to me? He just needs my help. He's not going to hurt me either. He's trapped in chains I can't open but I don't mind feeding him so that he'll stay strong, stay alive. Your Relic is starving. All you've done is hurt him the entire time you've been here. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Liem huffed and folded his arms over his chest. He glanced disinterestedly at the wolf demon beside him. “What, like I'm supposed to feed him?”

“Yes!” Ky snapped. “You put a fucking collar on him so he can't do anything for himself. You have to feed him, or he's going to die!”

Liem looked unimpressed, his eyebrow raised in the face of Ky's righteous anger. “So? Feeding a demon only makes him disobedient. I don't want him strong enough to fight back. Eventually, Fido will learn to be meek around me. I might feed him more, then. Maybe. His magic is still strong either way, so what does it matter?”

Ky was starting to really understand just how Liem saw the Relic and it was only making him more upset. “And if he's dead? How's your stupid magic, then? He's not a fucking battery; he's a person!” He turned to the demon, trying not to flinch under the manic, cold glare fixed on him. “You called him a pet. Even a fucking child knows enough to feed their pets. You have to be the shittiest sorcerer ever to fail at something so simple as taking care of the creature that gives you magic.”

Liem was as childish as Ky assumed; his face twisted in rage from the insult. “I'm a skilled sorcerer. A powerful one!” Liem lifted his chin and pointed to the link on his collar. “I have a red link, unlike you. Fido thought he was a warrior when he got here and now he's completely dominated by me. What, you think you're stronger? You don't even have a wand on you. You didn't bring any demons to defend you. You're completely weak and helpless with nothing but a lame, white jewel on your collar that shows just how stupid you really are!”

Ky took a step back when Liem raised his hand, and a wand fell into his fingers from out of his sleeve. How did Liem know he didn't have Anselm's wand on him? Ky didn't know what exactly the wand could do to him, but given Liem's horrible nature, it probably wouldn't be good. “You can call me whatever you want, but it doesn't make what you're doing right. You don't deserve to be bonded to a Relic if that's the way you treat them.”

Liem narrowed his eyes, and a grim smile split his face. “Only weak, pathetic sorcerers would ever bind to a demon in such a way as your jeweled one. I know what happens to weak things. They get devoured by the strong. You think Fido is so fucking sweet and should be fed? I'll show you firsthand what it's like to die from a demon's fangs.”

Inhaling sharply, Ky turned as the door slammed shut across the room. “Demons don't kill,” Ky whispered. Liem lowered his wand as Ky turned back slowly. He flinched as he met Fido's very crazed, ice-blue eyes. “They feed off of energy. They don't need to kill to—”

“You keep telling yourself that, dumbass,” Liem said with a snicker. “Fido's hungry and he's as mean as they come. I watched him tear apart a cat a month ago. He doesn't care what you are, just as long as he gets some food.”

Dread twisted in his stomach and Ky stumbled back when the tall demon lurched forward with a bloodcurdling growl. Fido might have been weak and abused, but he also looked mean as fuck and really, really hungry. Ky knew the demons at his home had eaten rats. He damn well knew Demencious, the horrible overseer, had eaten other Relics, human beings, and animals all to stay alive. Ky didn't want to believe it was possible, but he couldn't dismiss the reality that the wolf demon looked like he would be more than happy to kill him if he could finally eat.

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