Ethan never expected to fall for his mother’s new love interest. He had never thought he’d ever look at a man that way at all. There’s just something about his caring but controlling stepfather that has everything upside down for the eighteen year old, his crush only getting worse the longer they share space.

Jeff has been doing everything he can to avoid his new stepson. Ethan is sweet, lonely, and absolutely beautiful. And worse, Jeff can’t help but want to protect the boy, especially when Ethan insists on dressing in provocative, hot ways. His stepson might just be trying to bait him, but for what he’s not sure.

When the two finally realize their attraction is mutual, Jeff knows he must leave to keep from crossing the line. Heartbroken, Ethan comes up with a plan. He’s just not sure it will be enough to convince his stepdaddy to stay.

18+ This novella contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, and themes of bondage and discipline between adult men. Over 35,000 words long.

35,000+ wrds, Published August 27, 2016.


This was a hot, sexy, funny yet dirty read. Ethan can't help checking out his hot stepdad and his stepdad Jeff has been lusting after his stepson for ages. Whose going to cave into their lust first?
Ethan made me laugh when he dressed to impress, with a provocative flare, to get Jeff's attention.

The book is written well but I wouldn't expect any less from Sadie Sins.

This was a fun and naughty read, and also a very provocative guilty pleasure. Jeff is the sexy, hot step, dad who is trying his hardest not to give into the raging lust that he has for his step son, Ethan. Ethan feels the same way and tries many little schemes to get Jeff's attention. The only thing that bothered me about Jeff was his constant regret when he did give in to him at times, although I don't want to spoil anything since it was an enjoyable read. Ethan's mother is never there and they have somewhat of an open marriage, so there's that. :) The writing, of course, was excellent (as usual) and the characters were very tantalizing. I can't wait to read about what happens in that home next. Super titillating.

Arghh, good, so good! This was kinda tame for Sadie, with the stepfather spending most of the book being a dang upstanding and respectable man *grumbles* I really wish this book had been longer, if for no other reason than to have lots more steamy Daddy kink scenes :p I loved both characters a lot! (cont...)


“Damn, kid, don’t you ever go to school?”

Ethan blinked up from his phone screen as his stepfather came into the kitchen, his eyes lingering for a moment on the man’s tattooed arms. “Summer vaca,” Ethan mumbled, ducking his head back down and hiding behind his box of cereal as the man made his way to the stove top and began cooking up a late breakfast. “Don’t you have work?” He asked, not really expecting an answer. Jeff didn’t talk much. The guy had moved in six months ago after a whirlwind engagement and besides hanging out in the adjoining garage painting all day, Ethan rarely saw the man outside of the occasional times Jeff would try and catch up with him.

He was kind of glad the guy was so busy. Jeff unsettled the fuck out of him.

“I’ve actually been up since dawn. Just grabbing something to eat before I get back to the canvas. Got that gallery showing in a week and I need to get some last minute touchups done before framing.”

Ethan nodded to himself, having a bite of his now soggy cereal while sneaking a peek at the man. Jeff was still in his pajamas, wearing a pair of black flannel night pants and a black wifebeater that was flecked with spots of paint. He wasn’t wearing shoes—the man rarely did while around the house. Both of his arms were covered from shoulder to wrist in tattoo’s, his tanned skin colored in elaborate, geometric patterns in blue, gold, and black ink. It was apparently inspired by one of Jeff’s own paintings. A badass painting if he was to go by the man’s bulging biceps.

Ethan’s new stepfather was a lot of eye candy. With his piercing blue eyes and brown, shoulder-length wavy hair, the guy could have been a model. He had the body for it—tall, lean, and buff—as well as the not giving a fuck attitude. Jeff always looked like he was two days late to shave, a light fuzz prickling at his jaw and neck, and he rarely dressed up beyond jeans and a t-shirt. He was also one of those health nuts, having filled their refrigerator with tons of fresh, organic produce when he moved in, his blender heard before any of the alarm clocks went off.

“You looking for a job?”

Ethan ducked his head back down, shaking it silently when the man glanced over at him from the stove. He tried to lose himself in his video game but couldn’t stop from being distracted by Jeff’s presence across the room. The thing was, Ethan didn’t like guys. He was pretty fucking sure. But it was really hard to look away from Jeff whenever the man was around. There was just something about the guy that drew his eye and kept him looking. Like his colorful biceps. Or the way the man’s thin pants clung to his sculpted ass.

It was unsettling. Confusing. Ethan just couldn’t stop getting hot whenever around his stepfather and it had been going on for months now.

“You need a job, kid. An internship. Something. You going to waste your life hanging around the fucking house all the time?”

Ethan looked up when his cereal box was suddenly taken away, watching as Jeff placed a plate with an omelet in front of him, the man nudging his bowl of cereal aside on the kitchen island to make room. “You also need to start eating some actual food. There is no way there are enough calories in that sugary shit to even get you out of your chair. I don’t know how the hell you get through your soccer games on this shit.”

Jeff was damn near intimidating when up close, the man’s face predatorial and eyes stunning as they met his. He was also bisexual, something Ethan’s mom had mentioned in passing and now he couldn’t stop thinking about. Ethan nearly dropped his phone, quickly grabbing the fork that was pushed his way to hide his tremor.

“Your mother ever teach you how to cook?” Jeff asked, cocking his hip and leaning against the island while he waited for Ethan to try the food. The hem of the man’s shirt was stretched over his hips in a way that revealed a flash of tanned abs and a sparse trail of hair leading beneath his pants. It was very distracting.

Ethan really wished the guy would look somewhere else so he could fucking breathe and stop feeling like an idiot already. He shook his head silently, finally giving in to his stepfather and scooping some food onto his fork. “Shit—I mean, this is really good. Uh, sir. T-Thank you.”

Jeff raised a brow at the stuttering boy, silently mouthing the word ‘sir’ to himself. His gaze slid down to where the blond had just nearly dropped his fork. “Well?”

Ethan jolted, looking up, the utensil now caught between his lips. “Um…?”

“Did Leah ever show you how to cook?” Jeff repeated, a slight smile curling the edges of his lips when Ethan began to flush.

“My mom’s not… She doesn’t cook,” Ethan mumbled, reaching for his phone with his other hand in the hopes of ending this absolutely alarming conversation where his stepfather looked at him and kept asking him about stuff.

“You wanna learn how?” Jeff prompted, watching as the blond boy tried to hide behind the small cell phone screen and eat another bite of food at the same time. “Seeing as you’re going to be around all day, and I do try to make it a point to eat.”

Ethan shrugged, grunting something noncommittal.

Jeff was not deterred, the man’s fingers curling around the boy’s wrist to guide his hand away from his face. When Ethan looked up, only blushing brighter now, he added, “And while I’m showing you how to cook, you can fill out some job applications.”

The man’s words sinking in, Ethan scowled, pulling his hand away to rest it on the table instead. His wrist felt like it was tingling where Jeff had touched it, an annoying distraction as he tried to state his case for not needing any job now that he had gotten his last year of high school out of the way.

“I don’t want a job. I’m starting college in a couple of months and I just want to chill for a bit before all that.”

“What, are you ancient? Decrepit? Eat your omelet.” Jeff turned away, going back to the stove and cracking more eggs into a bowl and whisking them with a fork. “You’re going to want money, right? You’re going to want to hang out with your friends. Gas cost money, kid. Concerts, food, the mall—Believe me, you’re going to want a job.”

“Really, I’m not,” Ethan muttered, glaring at his plate. He had only just started to feel the freedom of being out of school. All he wanted to do was hang out with his friends and maybe his house. “My mom will pay for all that shit.”

Jeff snorted, the trash bin rattling as he threw the eggshells into the wastebasket. “Like fuck, she will. Leah does enough without needing to pay for your lazy ass.”

“I’m not lazy,” Ethan said with a growl.

“Oh, did you pay for that $600 phone your face is always glued to? What about the nearly $100 a month it costs so that you can text your friends your every riveting thought as you have them? The motorcycle you’re driving or the insurance that allows you to do so?” Jeff turned, pointing the spatula at him when Ethan stood, the boy getting ready to escape. “What about rent? All that cardboard food you keep eating? Just where do you think the money for all that comes from? Not your schooling.”

Pursing his lips, Ethan crossed his arms over his chest. “I’m not lazy. I’m just a kid.”

Jeff scoffed. “Not anymore, you aren’t. I don’t get why Leah didn’t have you working through summers. It’s time to grow the fuck up and start contributing. I’m not painting every day to keep your ass in designer jeans, kid.”

Glaring, a million scathing retorts swirling in his head, Ethan opened his mouth but nothing came out. Jeff’s eyes were blazing, the man unblinking and deceptively calm as he just stared him down. “No one asked you to buy me anything,” Ethan finally muttered, unable to meet the man’s glare any longer. He liked it, though. A part of him liked that Jeff cared enough to lend him money for things. His mother was never around but Jeff was, even if the guy didn’t talk to him as much as he’d like. Ethan had never had a dad before and Jeff was the closest thing to perfect in a lot of ways when it came to things like that.

“Hm.” His eyes narrowed, Jeff turned back to the stove, flipping his omelet before it started browning. “Don’t go running off until you eat. I don’t think you’ve had more than pizza and Cheetos this entire week.”

Sighing in exasperation, Ethan sat, glaring at the man’s back. Only to have his eyes inadvertently slide down, his gaze caught on Jeff’s ass when the man leaned over to grab the salt and pepper shakers. It was a decidedly interesting ass; firm, symmetrical and muscular. He hadn’t really known that he liked muscular asses but he definitely liked Jeff’s.

“You interested in anything in particular?”

Ethan jumped, his eyes snapping up. But the brunette was only looking at the pan, poking it with his spatula. “What?”

“For work. You have anything in mind you’d like to do?”

Ugh. “Play video games,” Ethan said flippantly.

“Cute. I’m sure people just hand you money for that shit.”

“Coming from the artist,” he muttered, stabbing at his omelet. That it was about the best thing he had tasted in as long as he could remember didn’t help his mood at all. “People pay you to hang out around the house painting pictures.”

“Not exactly.” Plating his food, Jeff turned the stove top off and poured himself a glass of fresh juice before sitting across from Ethan at the kitchen island.

“People buy a product from me. Now some pay for a service if they want to hire me to paint as a demonstration, or to design a mural, tattoo, whatever. But for the most part, I create something and people buy a print or the original. That’s how I can get away with hanging around the house all day; I'm selling even when I'm asleep. That doesn’t mean I don’t have to work it for clients at galleries and meetings that get my art on walls where people can see. Renting out one of my paintings to a business requires me to do more than just paint, but it’s worth the money that comes in. Half my income this month was just on rented paintings. They’re not even new pieces but they can pay the bills if you know what you’re doing.”

Ethan really didn’t want to care just how Jeff made his money. Unfortunately, he was finding it interesting and he sighed again, daring to look up at the man. Jeff’s head was ducked, a long lock of wavy hair brushing over one of his eyes, his mouth open as he took a bite of his breakfast. The man had ridiculously lush lips, full and red. Combined with his sharp features and strong jaw, he really was just the epitome of male beauty. Ethan idly wondered what it would be like to kiss those lips. They probably weren’t as soft as they looked. With Jeff’s bristle, it might even be prickly, a little rough.

Glancing up, Jeff caught Ethan staring at him, the boy immediately looking away. “You pick a major yet?”

Ethan shook his head weakly, hating how flustered he felt. “Mom said she was going to help.”

“Yeah, well waiting for Leah to pull herself from her work is like watching paint dry.” Jeff smiled grimly. “I can help you if you want. I’m surprisingly good at that kind of shit.”

Glancing his way a moment, Ethan shrugged. “Okay. Um, maybe tonight? Once I get back from hanging with my friends. I was thinking of something business oriented.”

He couldn’t help but wonder how quickly it had taken for Jeff to figure out just how unavailable his mother really was. It would probably still take the man a good year to realize she wasn’t going to change. And seeing as he married her, he might even stick it out longer trying to make it work. He was young still; he might think it was worth putting the effort in.

Ethan hoped he would. Not because he wanted to see Jeff break his heart but because he really liked having the man as a stepfather. Jeff was cool. Scary, but cool. Ethan had never had anyone actually care about him and even though Jeff breezed in and out most of the day between painting, the man was always saying and doing stuff that made it clear he gave a fuck. He was a calming presence. Sturdy and reliable. Ethan wasn’t used to having something like that and he’d be really pissed if his mother ruined it for him.

His mother had tried this time, he knew that much. Jeff was very different from what Leah usually dated. He was self-driven and had interests outside of just their relationship—Really important seeing as Ethan’s mother lived for her work and her last three relationships had failed because she couldn’t put enough time or energy into them. She was always at the office and when she was home, her head was at the office, planning new ideas, designing new rooms and buildings.

Leah Walde was an architect, a highly sought after one, and she had started her own firm ten years ago. Jeff had actually been commissioned to create a portrait of one of her more famous buildings and that was how they had met. That Jeff could balance his creativity with business savvy had been a good fit for Leah, even if Jeff didn’t have much interest in doing much beyond supporting himself so that he could continue his painting. It was still a step up from the last guy who had thought he was going to be some sort of jobless house husband.

“Any thoughts on what you want to learn how to cook for tonight?” Jeff asked, having a sip of his juice.

Ethan couldn’t help but stare; a droplet of moisture dripping from his stepfather’s mouth to trickle down his chin. God, what was wrong with him? He blinked, finding Jeff staring at him with a raised brow, the man waiting patiently for an answer. Ethan really didn’t have one. “Um, whatever you feel like eating, I guess.”

Grinning wickedly, Jeff put his glass down, leaning close and crooking his finger. “Careful there. I don’t think you could stomach half the things I eat, kid.”

His breath curling hot around his ear, Ethan’s breath hitched. He glanced Jeff’s way, feeling stupid as fuck when he caught the man still smiling. His eyes were sparkling at him, flashing with some hidden laughter that was making him feel hot inside. For a frozen eternity, he was certain the man was flirting with him and he had no idea how to respond.

Thankfully, Jeff seemed oblivious to his panic, the man reaching over and patting Ethan’s shoulder reassuringly. “Don’t worry, kid, I won’t make you eat anything too healthy and green. Seeing the diet you’re coming from, I wouldn’t want to overwhelm your system with anything of substance.”

“Oh.” Gnawing on his bottom lip, Ethan slowly sank back in his seat, hoping his cheeks would stop burning soon. He had a sip of his soda, his gaze inadvertently drawn to his stepfather again. “Um… So, like, when did you know you were bi?” Ethan asked daringly, his heart feeling trapped in his throat once he got the question out.

Moving in a way that seemed just a little too casual, Jeff placed his fork down. “Young. Younger than you are.” He met Ethan’s curious gaze, his head tilting slightly. “Why? Does my sexuality make you uncomfortable?”

“Jesus, only when you say it like that,” Ethan muttered, covering his face with his hand for a moment. He peeked out, combing his fingers through his short blond locks. “Just… Did you know at the same time? Or was it, like, you liked one and then realized you liked the other later?”

Considering the question a moment, Jeff finally answered after having another drink of his juice. “Both. I had at least half a dozen crushes back then and it was pretty easy for me to see that gender was not a barrier for my attraction.”

“So bi people, they all know, like, at the same time, then? Like, if you’re going to be bi, you’re definitely going to know when you start getting crushes. It doesn’t, like, change?” Ethan asked nervously, his fingers twisting at his placemat.

“I’m not sure that would be the way I’d word it,” Jeff said carefully, studying his stepson’s face while Ethan bit his lip and looked at the table. “I think attraction is based on more than just a body, and sometimes when all the right elements come together, you might just find yourself looking at someone you weren’t expecting to be looking at.”

His brows furrowing at the answer, Ethan forced himself to look the man in the eye. “I’m not talking about love or shit. I’m not saying people can’t, like, fall in love and overcome gender or what have you. I just want to know if, you know, you can suddenly be attracted to…” He trailed off, waving his hand nervously.

“Are you worried you’re going to wake up wanting to suck cock?” Jeff asked blandly.

“Now you’re just being an asshole.” Scowling and beyond embarrassed, Ethan stood, more than ready to get away from this man that flustered the fuck out of him on so many different levels. “I don’t think there is anything wrong with gay people. That’s not what I was—”

“Sit your ass down, brat,” Jeff ordered quietly. “Did I say there was anything actually wrong with sucking cock?”

Ethan paused and glared at the man, his brain unfortunately now stuck on the question of if his stepfather had ever sucked cock and what that might look like. A beat later and he sat back down, his leg bouncing nervously. “I just want to know if you can, well… Like a…” He couldn’t say it and was only feeling more upset by the fact because it was Jeff he was trying to explain it to.

“Can you suddenly like someone of the same gender and still like the opposite sex as well?” Jeff supplied when Ethan seemed unable to continue on.

Pursing his lips, Ethan nodded sharply. “But more, can you just, like, suddenly like someone of the same gender. When you never did before. Not ever.”

“Not ever?” Jeff repeated, his eyebrows rising in disbelief.

“Not ever,” Ethan repeated sternly, daring him to call him a liar.

“Well, I’ve only ever had my own experiences to compare to, but if this has happened to someone, I’m pretty sure it’s not the end of the world.” He flashed the boy a comforting smile, placing his elbow on the table so he could lean his chin on his hand. “It’s not like this person would have to act on anything just because he felt something new. People get crushes all the time and don’t act on them.”

Ethan nodded, fairly certain Jeff had no idea just who he was crushing on by the casual air the man was giving off. “But it’s, like, normal?”

“As normal as the huge range of human sexuality can get.”

“But is it bi?” Ethan added, his expression again growing tense.

“It’s whatever that person wants it to be. A fluke. A one-time attraction… Or maybe it’s bi, and they’re just finding out.” Jeff’s smile had only grown, his eyes sparkling, and Ethan was feeling decidedly uncomfortable with just how nice the man looked with his perfectly white teeth.

“Stop smiling at me like that. I never said it was me,” he grumbled, grabbing his plate and jumping up to rinse it in the sink.

“Did I say I thought it was you?” Jeff asked, his smile now beaming. “Shit, are you going to start calling me dad now?”

“Fuck off,” Ethan snapped, grinning despite himself. “You’re lucky I call you sir.”

“Yeah, could you not do that? It’s weird—Children of the Corn weird. That would be a movie you've never heard of, by the way.” Jeff stood as well, stepping up behind Ethan at the sink with his empty plate in hand. “Just call me Jeff. ‘Hey you,’ if you’re feeling lazy.”

Ethan was having trouble focusing, Jeff standing far too close for him to notice anything else. God, it might be ‘normal’ but it was still really annoying to feel so fucking hot over someone. “Here, just…” He turned, taking the plate and fork from the man, nearly dropping both when their fingers brushed accidentally. Spinning back, he quickly washed them and put them in the dryer rack, his heart racing too fast in his chest. God, he hated this. Fucking hated it.

Jeff had stepped around the island and was drinking the last of his juice when Ethan finally got up the nerve to turn around. The faucet off, he crossed the kitchen to grab his phone.

“I start cooking around 6:30,” Jeff said, Ethan pausing mid-stride.

“Right. Um, I’m going to meet my friends tonight. Like, eightish.”

“Alright. It’s a plan.”

Nodding, Ethan edged to the door, slipping through with a quick backward glance. Jeff was staring back at him and for a frozen moment their eyes met, Ethan’s heart racing in response.

God, he really needed to get over this thing.


Son of a bitch. Bi? Was the kid bi now? Why did Ethan have to tell him he thought he might be bi? What was he trying to do to him?

Groaning inwardly, Jeff pressed both his hands on the kitchen island, leaning heavily over the countertop as he willed his erection down. One fumbling touch from the kid’s hand on his and he had gotten hard. Not good. Really not good.

Talking to Ethan had been a terrible, terrible idea. Sure, he had known he was being too antisocial and that he was worried the kid would start thinking he hated him. Leah hadn’t been around in forever, and he was pretty sure the kid had no adult supervision in his life but fuck… Fuck.

The things he would do to Ethan Walde if he hadn’t married the boy’s mother.

He was too young for him, didn’t know shit about life—And only ten minutes ago, decidedly straight. Many very good reasons Jeff had focused on whenever he found himself in the same room as the young man. But Ethan was also fucking delicious. He had soft, golden hair and wide, clear, green eyes, flawless skin and his average height was already filled out with muscle from his competitive soccer playing. That summer vacation had started and Ethan seemed content to haunt the kitchen and living room most hours of the day, half the time without a shirt on, had become a special type of hell for Jeff.

Cooking lessons? The kid needed to learn how to cook—to eat—but shit, why the fuck had he suggested cooking lessons? Knives and fire and the two of them in the somewhat cramped kitchen? Alone.

Dumb. Really fucking dumb.

He needed to get laid. That was all. He had gone into this thing with Leah with a predefined understanding that he needed sex more than she did and that she was more than happy to let him go out and get it as long as he was safe about it and he was home for the weekends to do family stuff. Of course, it had turned out that he had no problem being home on the weekends while Leah couldn’t seem to find her own house. Jeff hadn’t gotten around to checking out his options in the area. He had moved to a new town for Leah and although he was enjoying his large art studio, he hadn’t done much outside of the house besides grocery shop and jog in the morning. Something that was going to have to change if his sexy-ass stepson was hanging around all summer. And now bi.

The kid needed a job. Like yesterday.

Jeff could only hope that whatever reason Ethan had been looking at him strangely the last few weeks had to do with that conversation and would finally stop. The staring had been the icing on the shit cake of this insane situation. Ethan was probably just curious about the bi thing. More than a few guys were curious about the bi thing. It used to be the quickest way for Jeff to get a straight guy into bed—Just tell him he was bi and let him ask a million questions until he explained how much easier it was just to show than tell.

Not something he could do with Ethan. Not something he should even be fucking thinking about doing with the kid. Stepson. Young, naive, and very much off-limits for anything.

Hot, though. Really fucking hot. He had great nipples, the perfect size, pink spots just begging to be kissed, licked and then nipped sore. And his neck—he wanted to coat the boy’s long throat with his cum until it dripped down his toned torso like a pearly, dirty river. And if Ethan wanted to call him daddy while he was doing it, well, that would be more than fine with him.

“Jesus, get it the fuck together,” Jeff grunted to himself, his body lighting up with heat and his cock again hardening until it was pressed up against the side of the island.

It was time to start checking out his fucking options in the area. There was a bar within walking distance; some pool joint where he’d seen a mix of ages and sexes go in. He just needed to fuck something—preferably a hot twink that could pass for half his age so he could get this out of his system. Until then, he was going to have to settle for his hand and get the fuck back to work. He had a set of three paintings that Leah had commissioned from him for one of her older clients. It was guaranteed money and a potentially lasting connection if he got it all done in time and kissed ass well enough. That on top of his gallery opening in a week had him completely swamped. He couldn’t be wasting his time fantasizing about fucking his sexy-ass stepson.

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The Demon Trainer


In the eighth installment of Demon Bonded, Ky and Liem rush to save Brave from the sorcerer that first summoned the demon wolf to their world. But Liem can’t be trusted and Master Tobias seems more interested in Ky’s ability to black link with the rare Relics and not end up dead in the process.

Something is taking over Ky the longer he’s around the Relics, something he doesn’t understand and can do little to fight. Finding himself in danger without Lovely or Feral to save him, Ky is faced with the choice of murdering Liem’s teacher or letting the demon trainer continue his terrible deeds.

18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, shifter anatomy that knots and ties, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

14,000+ wrds, Published August 5, 2016.


on March 21, 2017
on August 16, 2016
on November 4, 2016


His mother’s green Toyota felt crowded with Liem in the passenger seat. Sure, the blond was slender and petite and took up less space than Ky did, but it just felt weird. Wrong. Ky wasn’t remotely comfortable around the apprentice. Not after what Liem had done to Brave. Not after the terrible things he had said to him or how he had tried to steal Magnificent Night. He and Liem might share a common goal at the moment, but Ky would be hard pressed to call him friend. He could barely think of Liem as human; he was that cruel and ever ready with a lie or trick.

“So, what is this teacher sorcerer like?” Ky asked, hoping to break the awkward silence that had risen between them. He had insisted on driving even though Liem had wanted to teleport them. Seeing as he had no idea how to teleport, the idea of being reliant on the apprentice for transportation while in a foreign place seemed outright dangerous no matter how many times Liem rolled his eyes at him like he was an idiot.

“My master,” Liem stressed. He turned his head from the window to look at Ky. “Master Tobias is a master sorcerer and has earned his title. It’s important that you address him properly.”

“I’m not calling him fucking master.” Ky's glare dared Liem to challenge him on it. The sorcerer that had trained the kid was probably just as bad. Maybe even more.

“Then refer to him as Master Godwin—because he’s a master sorcerer, not because he’s your master, idiot,” Liem added when Ky made a noise of protest. “This is normal stuff, man. You just don’t know because you’re ignorant as fuck.”

Ky bit his tongue and gripped the steering wheel painfully tight as he took the next corner. Night was dark around them, the quiet streets of Blackstone Falls extra empty at this time of hour. If he tossed Liem out the car and kept driving, very likely no one would be able to prove he'd done it.

“Does he have a lot of apprentices?” Ky asked tightly, hoping to derail his current angry thoughts.

“Fuck, no. Do you think a guy like Master Tobias has time to teach every snot-nosed sorcerer wanna-be who figures out how to make a wand?” Liem snorted. “I’m his very first. He put it off for ages because he was so caught up in building his business. Being selected was a real honor.”

“Business?” Ky tore his eyes from the road to look over at the slim apprentice. Liem looked deceptively young and sweet for all the terrible that seemed to be just beneath his surface. “Like a magic business?”

“Sure, but better. Any two-bit sorcerer can start a magic business,” Liem said with a wave of his hand. “Master Tobias trains demons, and only for the most important of people. Diplomats, CEO’s, celebrities—He’s about as famous as it gets for this particular thing.”

Ky inhaled deeply as his stomach twisted in an uncomfortable knot. “What… What do these people want demons for? They’re not sorcerers. What do they do with them if not use their magic?”

“Protection, mostly. Demons make great bodyguards if they’re trained right. Some people just like that the demons are rare and no one else has them.” Liem shifted in his seat and hunched forward until his bangs covered his eyes. “And some people just like to fuck them. Some want to kill them, or just nearly. A demon can take a lot more pain than a human. You can do anything to a demon, and the law won’t get involved. Demons have no rights—Hell, most people don’t even know they exist. If Master Tobias didn’t spell them so people could see, then most people would never know a demon was standing right beside them.”

Ky’s stomach lurched, and his knuckles turned white from the tension in his hand. “Slavery. Your master is a slaver of demons.”

Liem raised a brow and glanced his way. “Well, yeah. Demons are rare. Did you think they're allowed to walk around everywhere? People would be fighting each other to get them. It would be chaos.”

Snarling, Ky slammed his foot on the brake. The hum of crickets filled the air as they stopped short on the dark road. “You mean people would be running around shitless because the demons would be hunting down the asshole sorcerers that had sold them into slavery. Being from another world doesn’t justify what you’re doing to them!”

Liem shrugged uncaringly and sat back in his seat. “When you meet Master Tobias, you’ll understand. No demon is going to fight him. They know he’s stronger. He’s killed more demons than I’ve seen in my entire life, and that was just during the time I’ve been apprenticing with him. At least the demon slaves were allowed to live.”

In the middle of getting his shaking hands to cooperate, Ky hissed and shot Liem a deadly glare. Only to pause when he found him staring out the window, a haunted expression on the young blond’s face.

“Do you want to kill demons?” Ky asked, dreading the answer before the question was fully out.

Considering it a moment, Liem slowly shook his head.

“Then what? Power? Do you like hurting them? What the hell do you want from them, Liem?”

“Nothing.” Liem's eyes were intent on the darkness outside the car. “I hate them. I’d be happy if I never saw another demon ever again.”

Staring silently at the small boy who refused to explain himself, Ky eventually turned his head to the road and resumed driving. The idea of confronting this Tobias Godwin was making him more uneasy after what he’d learned. As his dread grew, his foot became heavier, and the car’s speed climbed on the empty back roads. Brave had been left alone with some sort of demon slaver. One that murdered demons like they were nothing. This was the man that had taught Liem that demons were less than human. What would such a man do when he was asked to give up one of his demons?

Ky gripped the black link that connected him to Brave, holding it tight in his grasp. He was still alive. If Liem was telling the truth, as long as this link was on his collar it meant that Brave was still alive.

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The Chains That Bind


In episode 7, Faced with the weight of responsibility for the lives of three demons in his care, Ky doesn’t know what to do next. He’s certain Brave is in danger but what it would take to free the wolf demon is a line he doesn’t want to cross. He knows killing is wrong but letting a Relic be killed isn’t an option in his mind either.

Without enough power or experience, Ky feels helpless to save anyone. Lovely and Feral are determined to do what it takes to protect them all, including what Ky can’t bring himself to do.

18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, shifter anatomy that knots and ties, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

11,000+ wrds, Published May 1, 2016.


on August 15, 2016
on March 21, 2017
on August 13, 2016


Ky's greatest fear was that Liem would somehow steal Magnificent Night away in an instant. When he slammed into the short blond’s form with the intent to beat the crap out of him, Ky found although Liem had a collar around the tall demon, Magnificent had gotten his tail around the apprentice sorcerer's throat just as quickly.

“Magnificent.” Ky froze, staring wide-eyed as he watched the demon lift Liem off the chair and hold him by his neck. Lovely was suddenly next to him, and he heard Feral on the stairs blocking escape. Ky barely noticed, unable to tear his gaze from Liem’s red face as it slowly turned purple before his eyes. His expression was full of terror and pain.

If Magnificent Night killed Liem, it was his fault. He had failed to protect the demon, had failed to keep a monster like Liem away from the Relics in his care. If Magnificent ended up killing the awful boy, Ky would never forgive himself for putting the demon in such a situation.

“Magnificent, please.” Ky stepped forward and walked past Liem, who was clawing at the tail wrapped like a coil of black rope around his neck. Magnificent Night’s eyes glowed power and glared into Liem’s as he raised the apprentice higher. The blond’s legs flailed in the air as choked gasps escaped. Then not even that when the tail wrapped tighter. Ky didn’t know what he felt at the idea of Liem dying. He did know what was right and what was wrong. This was wrong. “Magnificent, I’m going to take him away. Right now. Just let him go, and I’ll take him out of the house and never let him in again.”

For the longest minute, Ky wondered if he truly didn’t know the demon in the basement. He couldn’t speak his language. They didn’t even come from the same world. He knew nothing about Magnificent Night except that he'd been captured by Anselm and then by the overseer Demencious, and had been trapped in the basement for years while other Relics were murdered and eaten in front of him. It would be very easy for Magnificent to be a monster after such terrible things. Maybe he should have expected it, seeing just how easy it would be for the demon to kill. Even chained and weak, Magnificent was clearly so much stronger than Liem. Hell, the apprentice was frail, weak and helpless in comparison to something as powerful as a Requiem.

“Please, Magnificent,” Ky whispered beseechingly. He reached his hand out to touch the man’s face. Maybe he should have been afraid. He could just be an absolute idiot when it came to the Relics. But he had to try. The last thing he wanted was to be the cause of Magnificent taking a life. “You don’t need to kill anyone. I’m so sorry I made you feel like you needed to. Please, let me fix this.”

The angry glow in Magnificent's eyes faded as they moved to Ky's upturned face. Ky sighed in relief when the demon uncoiled his tail from around the apprentice's neck. Liem fell to the ground and collapsed while gasping for air.

“Thank you. Thank you,” Ky said with all the emotion he felt. He tore the collar from Magnificent’s neck and threw it across the room angrily. He wasn’t sure where to direct his rage. There was Liem who had come into his house and tried to capture Magnificent like he was nothing more than a bug in a jar. Then there was himself, who had trusted the awful boy enough to let him in the house in the first place. God, he was just fucking it all up. He had just met his first sorcerer apprentice, and he wasn’t doing anything right.

“Ky!” Lovely hissed. Ky whirled from Magnificent to discover Brave, the wolf demon, growling and hovering over Liem protectively from where he had pulled him across the room. The two demons glared at each other warily. Brave snarled and snapped at Lovely when the cat demon stepped towards him.

“Stop,” Ky ordered roughly. He wasn’t sure who he was talking to; he just wanted it all to fucking stop. Brave was injured. Blood crusted on the wolf demon’s face, and the flesh beneath his collar was raw, red, and oozing yellow fluid to drip over the fresh bruises and cuts on his body. He was wounded because he had linked to him. Ky knew it in his heart, and his stomach plummetted, and nausea rose and threatened to overwhelm him. Liem had punished the demon for something the wolf hadn’t even done. Lovely had told Ky he had created the link with his will, not Brave. He was to blame, and another had been harmed because of it.

Liem pushed himself to his knees, his eyes full of bitter tears as he pointed menacingly at Ky. “Fido, kill! Now!”

Lovely gave a warning hiss, but it was Feral’s growl that had everyone turning. The bronze-skinned coyote demon stepped from the shadows and took an aggressive stance in Ky’s defense.

Liem looked up at the new black feathered demon with wide eyes. Hatred twisted his features when he turned back to Ky. “Three? You have three fucking archons? Two of the things aren’t even collared, and they just answer to you!”

“They’re not things,” Ky replied hollowly, his eyes stuck on the wound on Brave’s face. The wolf demon’s ear was torn. Not from a blade but from something dull, like a piercing pulled from the flesh.

He wasn’t sure just what the fuck Liem’s problem was, but the kid was pissed off. The apprentice struggled to his feet. He held his palm upright, and a wand immediately appeared within his grasp. “Fuck—Fucking three winged demons belong to that weak, stupid, demon loving freak! Fido, I said kill the stupid fuck! And so help me, if you fail this time, you better fucking die because I’m going to make you wish it!”

Fido didn’t move. His lips pursed in a thin line as he met Liem’s furious glare with one of cold indifference. Lovely went to stand between Ky and the wolf demon, but Ky was quick to stop him. “Brave’s not going to hurt me, Lovely. He doesn’t want to hurt me, so he won’t.” He could tell as much, could feel it in the black link radiating from his collar. Brave’s link wasn’t the same as Lovely’s, but the demon was linked to him. Brave didn’t want to hurt him, and he could feel it.

“Fucking, son of a—His name is Fido! Fido! He’s mine, not yours, you fucking weirdo, and he has to do what I say!” Breathing heavily with rage, Liem shot a burst of magic at Fido. The wolf demon yelped and fell backward from the blow. “Now fucking listen to me!”

Ky didn’t know when he moved, his mind nothing but a pulse of red hot rage. One moment he was watching Brave cry out in pain and the next he had crossed the room. His hand stung in aftershock from having slapped Liem across the face as hard as he could. “Grow the fuck up!”

Clutching his burning cheek, Liem stared up at him in shock, his wand limp in his hand. “Y-You…”

“That is not the way to do things!” Ky growled out. “You’re just some stupid, spoiled child with too much power that can’t see that demons are people. They’re not fucking toys. They don’t exist to do what you want. They’re people!” At Liem’s continued dumbfounded stare, Ky found himself gasping in his anger. His words came out too fast, and he was unable to slow down. “You never should have been bonded to someone as beautiful as Brave. All you’ve done is hurt a being that could have been so grateful to have a person understand him in this new world. But you chose to hurt him. You treated him worse than someone would treat the lowest of the low. You don’t deserve Brave and if I knew how to free him from you, I would! You’re a fucking monster! He has fangs and a tail, and you’re the fucking monster, you horrible brat!”

For a moment, Ky thought he had gotten through to him, but Liem’s expression contorted just as quickly. His face turned red, and his voice shook with his absolute anger. “You don’t understand anything! That you would dare strike me—I’ll find a way to get that Requiem for myself. They’re fucking weak, and weak things deserve to be used. You’re the fucking weakest sorcerer ever, and you deserve to be broken just like them!”

Ky pulled his fist back, ready to punch this time. But Liem roughly pulled Fido to him, and with a spell, the two of them blinked away. All that was left was an echo of Liem’s angry laugh and Ky's overwhelming rage.

Looking around sharply, Ky met Lovely’s gaze when the room proved to be empty of the sorcerer and his wolf demon. “Are they in the shadows?”

Lovely shook his head. “Gone. It was a spell used to teleport. The apprentice would have to be an imbecile to face the three of us. Especially when his bonded demon refused to follow his orders.”

Ky nodded mutely, his eyes drawn to the spot he had last seen Liem and Brave. His anger felt brittle, and something inside him cracked and snapped until he realized he was fighting back tears. “Is he… Is he going to kill him?” He forced out, his throat tight.

Crossing his arms over his chest, Lovely gave an indifferent shrug while meeting Feral’s knowing gaze. “Anselm killed demons before, but he had many at the time. It is unlikely a child sorcerer would kill the only bonded demon he has.”

But Liem wasn’t a fucking sane person, and Ky couldn’t believe that he wouldn’t do something so terrible. A day ago he never would have even imagined that a soul would dare harm someone as beautiful as a Relic. Now he truly believed that a boy younger than himself would murder one out of spite.

It was his fault. If only he had never black linked with Brave. If only he hadn't said those things, hadn't hit the kid and made him angry. If he had never let that stupid Liem into his house—

God, should he had let Lovely kill Liem when he asked?

Would that have been the right choice now that he could see just what Liem had planned for all of them? Would Liem come back in the middle of the night and try to kill him and steal the Relics? What about his parents? Would Liem kill his parents just because they were related to him? He didn’t know. Ky didn’t know what he needed to protect all of them, and he didn’t know how to do it. He could have gotten Brave killed, and he didn’t know what to do about that either.

His fingers biting into his palm, Ky shook as he fought back his tears. Useless. All he did was cry and fuck things up while others were hurt. Lovely reached for him, but he shrugged away, sobbing lowly. “This is my fault… I got him angry and linked—I don’t even know how I’m linking to them—and I’m going to get you all killed. Brave is going to die, and it’s all my fault.” Ky stumbled and gasped when he was tugged sideways. Magnificent Night stared down at him, the demon’s tail wrapped around his wrist. Sobbing again, Ky crumpled inwards when he met the demon's haunting blue gaze.

“I c-can’t even get you out of the chains. C-Can’t get you home.” Ky tried to step back so he could hide away from the Relics and just how much he'd failed the three. Magnificent held him tight; his tail slipped around Ky’s chest and pulled him against his body. His tears hidden in the demon’s long, dark hair, Ky gave in and wrapped his arms around his waist and mumbled heartfelt apologies into Magnificent Night's flesh as he cried.

Sniffling, he looked up when Lovely cleared his throat. The cat demon kept his distance, Lovely’s eyes full of wariness as he observed Magnificent holding Ky. “It would be wise to collar Seriphous now if only to prevent the apprentice from coming in and doing so while we sleep.”

Ky shook his head weakly. “It’s not right. He’s been chained here for years, fed off of by the overseer. I’m not going to take his freedom away when he’s chained to the fucking ceiling. He can’t even choose, and it’s not right.” He regretted bonding with Lovely, regretted every black link he had collected. Ky counted them now as lives he was endangering by his ignorance. All he seemed good at was feeding the demons so they didn’t starve.

More tears spilled, and Ky pulled from Magnificent and reached for Lovely’s hand. The cat demon readily moving to hold him but Ky didn’t want to be held. Instead, he pulled Lovely’s claw down his wrist until blood flowed scarlet on his pale flesh.


“He’s hungry,” Ky whispered and raised his wrist up to Magnificent’s lips. “He wouldn’t have nearly killed Liem if he hadn’t been so hungry.”

Lovely’s eyes narrowed as he watched Ky feed Magnificent his blood. “We are not human, sweet boy. We kill things. People. We fight to survive with all the power we have in us. It is our way and that way involves killing.”

“It was my fault,” Ky mumbled unhearing. He leaned against Magnificent’s chest as the demon lapped long strokes over his narrow wrist. He was growing hot, the feeling increasing when Magnificent Night’s eyes burned into his while he drank his blood down. Brave had liked his blood too, Ky remembered blearily. His eyelids felt heavy as he gazed up at the handsome demon.

Lovely exchanged a glance with Feral, their expressions closed off. “Be careful. We do not need to feed daily unless injured, and Seriphous is very strong. Some are stronger than others, sweetling,” Lovely cautioned. “Dangerous. Without a collar, he might hurt you without meaning to. You’re human, and you need to remember to protect yourself.”

His knees weak and face flushed, Ky shook his head and pressed into the demon’s dark, smooth hair. “Magnificent would never hurt me.” He had doubted too many times only to see just how easy it would have been for Magnificent to hurt him if he wanted. Magnificent had wanted to hurt Liem, and he could have snapped the apprentice's neck with a simple flick of his tail the same way he had destroyed the bolt cutters. That Ky felt guilt over having doubted the demon was just another burden on his heart he couldn't lift at the moment.

Ky blinked when his head was forced up, his neck stretched tall. He reached up, expecting to find Magnificent's tail around his throat, but there was nothing, just the sorcerer collar. It felt different, stiffer, and as his fingers slid over the smooth fabric, he found more slots where links could fit. He met Lovely’s concerned gaze for an instant only to look away, and bury his face back into Magnificent’s hair. It was just more magic. More strangeness he was surely messing up even when he wasn’t doing a thing.

Lovely bit his lip and watched as Ky curled inward and away from him even more. He wanted to pull the slender human close, but he didn’t dare get within reach of Seriphous. The Relic was too powerful to be taken lightly, chained or not. Feral grabbed his bicep and pulled him towards the stairs, ignoring his quiet insistence to stay with his distressed master.

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BDSM at School

Hey guys, I got a treat for you all this week. I wasn't expecting to get this serial done this month but once I started, I couldn't seem to stop. Bullying Teacher returns for its last two episodes and they're both rated XXX.

In Episode 4, Beau learns what a wet spanking is the hard way (terrible pun intended) then has an unpleasant encounter with a visiting lecturer. Noncon but no penetration, just in case you're too squeamish to look. Episode 5 brings hurt/comfort in and a little sweet sap (I know, in Bullying Teacher?) and ends with a gangbang with some dp'ing.

Yup, Bullying Teacher goes out in a bang! (I might be having too much fun with this. XD)

Oh, and to add, if you haven't snagged a copy of Blackthorne (The Dragon Shield Series Book 1), it's free in the kindle store for the next couple days or so. Let your friends know! (or not, whatever.) I do these little freebies here and there, I just flake on letting anyone know. Also, Chapter 7 is posted for Awakening, my free to read fic.

Hope everyone is loving Spring!

In case you're curious, I'm working on Demon Bonded as we speak. Lots of things were interrupting me last week but I've found my focus and the text is flowing. Also, started using Scrivener. What an organizing beast! My only issue is I'm on a 64 bit linux system and I can't get the spell check in the thing to work. Still, I have never had so much information so readily at my fingertips when it comes to my serials. Writing Awakening is going to be cake after this.

Also totally thinking of putting Winterblade on hold for a ridiculously cute cross dressing sorcerer meets boy fic with werewolves, shifters, BDSM and weirdness abounds. I like Winterblade, I do, but looking back at it, it was kind of chaos. It needs a total revamp before I can even get started and I like to work when inspired (when I'm allowed. @_@) Things flow so much faster. Well, we'll see what happens.

Bullying Teacher


Picking up where book 4 left off, in the last installment of Bullying Teacher, Darien must find a way to break through Beau's silence and insecurity to finally get the man to see their connection. He's been working on his teacher for weeks but Beau just can't seem to understand just how much he truly cares.

Darien hunts down the man that hurt his teacher but he still faces a dilemma. Frustrated with Beau's continued refusal to reach out to him in times of need, Darien decides a proper punishment is in order, enlisting three of his very muscular, large friends to help assist in the night's lesson.

18+ This serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage, discipline, and some humiliation. Each episode is over 10,000 words long and should be read in order to be enjoyed fully.

10,000+ wrds, Published April 15, 2016.


on April 25, 2016
on December 25, 2016

Theresa rated it it was amazing

Shelves: keepers
4.5 stars Really good humiliation smut. Awesome DP scene. Syrupy sweet ending.


Pulling a cigarette free, Darien lit it up in the hall the moment he stepped outside Beau’s classroom. His teach was trying to get some food down and he just needed to get the fuck out and breathe for a second. He wanted to scream. He wanted to break something, and scream, and hunt down and destroy the fucker that had hurt his Beau. Instead, he was going to smoke for a minute then go back in and pretend he wasn’t a fucking mess inside so that the blond could feel safe.

Why the fuck hadn’t Beau called him?

He looked over to where Roland was typing on his phone, the man doing his magic with the guys back at their office to find every bit of information available on Collin Hayward. Darien hadn’t bothered to tell Beau that the business he had started when he was back in high school involved the finding of sensitive information and then the blackmailing of people that gave a fuck about if that information was shared. He had started the company with a few ex-military friends, some he had gone to school with, some who he knew from other connections. Once, he had thought he’d be using them just to find out if his father was looking to fuck with his life again. Now he had a feeling he might have to see if Roland knew how to hide a body depending on how bad the night went.

“Do you want me to call in a doctor?”

Darien shook his head sharply. “Not unless he asks for one.”

“Boss, he was practically catatonic when we got here. For all we know, his brain took a bruising from that hit to his face.”

Blowing a steady stream of smoke, Darien didn’t bother to answer. His teach could take a punch. He had seen him take worse at the hands of Blake and his bitch friends and hadn’t missed a fucking beat. No, his teach had gotten down on his knees, sucked him off like a pro, and then rode his fingers until he came. Pain was not a deterrent for the blond but an aphrodisiac. If Beau wanted a doctor, he’d ask. It was one of the many rules they had set up to make sure the blond wasn’t getting himself in too deep. Except, even with everything Darien had done, Beau had still managed to get hurt the second he was out of his sight.

Beau wouldn’t let him hire a bodyguard. It had been a huge sore spot for Darien, one that he was pretty sure was about to blow up after this. He just wanted to have a familiar guy with his teach, someone he could trust to make sure nothing went down when he couldn’t be there. But Beau thought he was being silly. The man didn’t want people thinking he was someone special or some stupid shit like that. But Beau was special. His teach was his fucking life and today had been a new kind of hell for Darien when the man hadn’t shown up for dinner.

He shouldn’t have let him leave without a bodyguard. He should have locked the man up in the fucking house and made him quit his shitty job. There was just something about Beau, something in his eyes that called to certain individuals to feed his need for pain. It made them want to hurt him, use him, and when his pretty teach was in the right headspace, Beau loved ever second of it and begged for more. But that was only when he was in that headspace and with someone that actually gave a fuck enough to figure out what he liked.

Tears. Fucking tears in those beautiful blue eyes, and not in a sexy way. No, in a fucking helpless way that wrenched Darien’s heart too painful to fathom. Beau could take a fucking punch but this thing, whatever had happened, it had hurt him in a way pain didn’t. He was doing his damndest to not imagine just how exactly that could have been.

“I gotta make some calls,” he finally said, crushing his cigarette beneath his heel and scraping it into the tile. “I want that fucker found, and I want him brought here tonight.”

“Here?” Roland looked up, pulling a second phone out while he continued typing one-handed on the first. “The school?”

Darien nodded, ignoring the questioning look his head of security was sending him. He needed to make sure that whatever had happened hadn’t fucked up his pretty teach forever. Beau had a special kind of wiring, one that demanded the right knowledge and a skilled touch. He knew the longer the problem stretched on and festered, the harder it would be to get Beau feeling like himself again. He wanted things taken care of asap. The fact that part of it involved beating the shit out of the deadman that had touched his Beau was just a total perk.

“We got him,” Roland called out before the boy could leave, pushing off the wall. “He just used his credit card in a restaurant less than twenty minutes away.”


“Already on the way with Jordan. How do you want this guy brought in, boss?”

Darien considered, eying the picture Roland held up on the screen of his phone. “Keep him pretty. I want to fuck him up myself. Let me know when they get him here, but not in front of the teach.”

Roland nodded, texting as Darien spoke. “The guys dug up some more shit on him. Hayward was in a heavy scene about five years back. Used to frequent an underground club. Few regulations, lots of drugs. They were known for some pretty fucked up doms. A young man ended up dead and the place was shut down. Looks like Hayward’s aunt threw some money at some people and no one is saying shit.” He glanced up when Darien growled, fixing the boy with a look. “Hey, this is good news. With info like this, you have this guy by the balls.”

Darien just grunted, fighting back his anger and the pit of seething emotion beneath it. “You remember that kid I asked you to keep an eye on a few weeks back? Sutor’s brother, Rich? Did he ever get back to us on that thing we discussed?”

Roland nodded, already flipping through his other phone. “He seemed agreeable enough to it. Clean record. Able to listen.”

“I want him down here.” Hopefully, it would fix it.

In that moment, he felt like he was fighting fire with fire while holding onto the foolish hope the place wouldn't burn down. But that was what Darien did. Every day he pushed forward, demanded the best from himself and everyone around him, and he prayed he wouldn’t trip and be stopped flat. Being with Beau had changed that. He had been allowed to take a beautiful soul and feed it, nurture it and give his teach everything the man could ever desire and he had felt at peace from it. Until someone had tried to take his teach away from him. Now Darien was back to trying to keep ahead of the consequences at breakneck speed while hoping he wouldn’t crash.

He had to suck it up. Push through and keep his eye on the prize along with every other cliche fucking saying that would help him get through this. Not for him but for Beau. His teach needed him strong. Darien didn’t feel strong; he felt absolutely out of control. The one man he gave a fuck about had been assaulted and he hadn’t been able to do a thing. He hadn’t even known until hours later. It didn’t matter what he did to this Hayward dick in retribution, it wouldn’t change the fact that he had failed Beau, that he could fail him again at any time. He could wrap the blond in fucking bubble wrap and order him to stay at his feet but Beau was going to pursue the things that brought him joy even when pain swiftly followed.

Sighing, he lit up another cigarette. He didn’t take pain as well as Beau did. He didn’t like to feel pain; he liked to push past it and let it spur him into action. Watching his pretty teach take pain was an experience unmatched by any other. The man was beautiful—strong in such a way he was never going to be, and so fucking beautiful. The man embraced the good and the bad, the pleasure and pain, and he transformed it into something beyond with his own body. Beau was fucking magic and didn’t even know it.

It didn’t matter how hard Darien pushed himself. Life wasn’t scripted and there was always something waiting in the dark to try and prey on the weak and unlucky. He could only protect his teach to the best of his ability and hope that Beau would be able to take the burden of pain when he failed. He’d be able to carry his teach through after, but he couldn’t change the fucking world that would break the man in the first place.

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