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Whoot, my head is killing me. Lots of $0.99 MM reads below!

Hey, babes. Uh… I had an idea. I know, that’s kinda my thing. I get ideas and write them down and *snort* it’s a book! XD So, some while back I had this fun idea for a kind of Demon Virus reboot. For those who missed it, Demon Virus is a free fic you can snag where the concept was the MC gets stalked through the computer by a pretty rapey incubus. Like, I wanted to make a series or a novel out of Mikey and Will hunting down the bastard incubus who changed him and others and find a way to be changed back. Except, they need to first find the next virginal victim, so Will has been tracking the incubus’s movements online as best he can, while Mikey is trying to get the thralls who are changed to not totally lose their minds from the change—yeah, cuz drama! And I was going to open on this party where they think the next strike is already underway, introduce the characters in the game and then…

Well, I think this would be another fun plot line for one of those choose your own adventure things. Because I could do so much with it. My brain loves this kind of interactive novel idea where you have the reader making choices just looking to get to all the sexy outcomes and I feel like this plot could totally suit a lot of sexy outcomes. Like ridiculous, fun, pick a character, pick a conflict and go with it. Who would be the guy chosen as the sacrifice to lure the incubus in? Would it work or will the Incubus choose someone else? What if the guy chickens out last second, goes and has sex with someone—because he doesn’t want to risk being turned into a mindless sex thrall—and someone else is picked as a result and the plan thwarted? What if Mikey can’t keep Will from being a total horny bastard (even though Mikey is the sex thrall and Will the damn human!) What happens when a bunch of poor, tormented sex thralls end up at a college party? What happens if the Incubus is actually caught?!!

I love everything about this idea, of being able to write both stories, all options (at least, the most fun, sexy ones.) Just, I still have no clue how to fucking do it. XD I think that’s why my brain is all over this. I want to solve the problem of it. The multiple plots, the how to branch a story and allow it to double back, or just end. It’s such a project and my brain loves problem solving—plus the whole writing of sexy sex. XD I could fit just about any kink I want in there depending on the branch of the story. Straight to gay, first time, incest, monster sex, multi, sex thrall gangbang—it’s a thing now that I can conceive it. Lol. And what if such a concentration of paranormal beings like incubi sex thralls attracts the attention of other paranormal beings?

It really is just this fun, anything goes kind of concept. Love it. I could set it up on the website for starters—I can’t even imagine formatting the book just yet… okay, I can because my brain is on this shit, but still. I could set it up, start it as a free thing cus it’s interactive, maybe have some extra sexy branches locked so the subscribers feel they’re getting their value for supporting me. Squee, so many possibilities… Oh, maybe I could do subscriber polls to help decide which path to explore next?!

I have defined the ending of Hellcat (at least 10,000 words more @[email protected]) and am writing it into reality this week. Ah, TJ, you’re so screwed. <3 Then it’s back to Sorcerer Slayer (yay!!!) and I think the Demon Virus idea—unless something else catches me first. Oh, I nearly have the next Demon Bonded fully outlined and sketched, too. Ky’s going to school! Oh, oh, oh, and I keep forgetting to tell people. Demon Bonded #10 is out of KU and now permanently available for $0.99. Snag it if you haven’t yet.

*deep breath* I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. Lol, excuse my manic joyful blathering. I’m having fun in my head again. XD

Laws of Attraction- $0.99

Welcome to the world of Luke Hanson.

Every few months he has to move to a new town, so friendships and relationships are as fleeting as the scenery.

Until he ends up in Glendale for the last months of high school, where he meets the resident bad boy, Kris.

Kris is enigmatic and mysterious. With his tattoos, wit and guitar skills, he’s every girl’s, and Luke’s, dream – but he keeps distance from everyone.

Living on the two ends of society, with Luke in the uptown and Kris in the poorest neighborhood where poverty and abuse are a normal occurrence, will Luke be able to pass the emotional barriers Kris had set in place and have a real relationship?

Laws of Attraction is the first in series of MM contemporary romances, but can be read as a standalone novella with a HFN ending.
Tropes: First Time, Enemies to Lovers, Coming of Age.

Angel’s Feathers

How far would you go for the one you love? How much of yourself would you sacrifice?

Trapped on a decaying Earth and cut off from the rest of the Universe, humans are no longer allowed to leave their planet. Break this one law and you die: a penalty enforced by flyers, aliens who look like angels of long-lost religions. Michael, the flyers’ leader, is the Punisher who carries out every public execution.

Adam, a young human with near-perfect memory, is committed to rebuilding Earth and a true believer in the flyers’ dominion. While Adam’s support for flyers isn’t a secret, his deep love for Michael is. Not even Michael knows, for his kind never take human lovers, and to Adam, they are too far above him to reach.

In his broken and unwelcoming world, Adam’s love can only lead to pain, loss, and disaster. Yet there is no force in the huge expanse of stars and galaxies that can stop Adam from following Michael to the end of existence. Not even Adam’s own beliefs.

Straight By Day- $0.99


What I thought was a casual fling from a hookup app turns out to be a meet-up with the most famous actor in the world. I want nothing more than to take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity until I realize he’s in a relationship with an equally famous actress. However, once he informs me that the relationship is simply meant as a public cover-up, I find myself in his hotel room. It doesn’t take long before I realize that a passionate night with Patrick could turn into more than a quick rendezvous.

The other problem? He’s never gone all the way with a man.


For as long as I can remember, I’ve chased a glamorous life of lead roles in action films and multimillion-dollar paychecks, but a one-time hookup turns into more than a quick thrill and forces me to throw caution to the wind. The public may view me as nothing more than an action hero, but Braden sees me for who I really am. The only issue now is figuring out if I’m able to walk away from the fantasy life I’ve built to live the authentic life that I’ve only ever seen in my dreams.

With millions of people watching my every move, I have to decide if I’m strong enough to cast aside fame and fortune and finally embrace what I truly want.

Strays, Links And Demons- $0.99

Episode #10. The line between humanity and demon blurs…
Ky can’t catch a break. While trying to come to terms with the murder he helped commit, the wards to his house are broken into by a new master sorcerer. Stewart Moore is condescending, arrogant, and might be Ky’s hope or doom in his upcoming trial.
The Aeternum, a coven of demon summoners, has laid claim to Tobias’s demons and wand. If Ky can’t convince them he’s going to survive long enough to protect the seven lives he’s bonded to, the coven will forcefully take them.
Ky is betrayed when a new revelation concerning Anselm brings his entire existence into question.
There’s no one to turn to or trust when his only allies are the abused demons who exploit to survive. Ky is submerged in a world of murder, slavery, and sorcery with no way back to his old life. He’s not who he thought he was; he might have never been.

The Drunk Email—free

Nick has had a crush on his older brother for as long as he could remember. Justin is just so perfect; handsome, strong with blond hair and blue eyes. It’s impossible to look anywhere else. Nick never thought he’d ever tell his brother how he felt. That was until Justin went on a school trip out of country and Nick got lonely and really drunk.

A Wayward Dragon In Little Whinging 21


I keep my eyes shut tight, wincing when the light hits the back of my eyelids. I’m not doing this. Not playing this fucked up game where he wants to make me crazy for him. I’m already fucking crazy for him. I don’t need him knowing it too.

He stumbles and against my better judgment and smarting eyes, I open, glaring at him. It’s a mistake. He’s practically naked, hard, hair mussed like a fucking human being and not even remotely a Malfoy. God, why is he here? Why is he here tormenting me in the middle of fucking summer among a sea of muggles with no magic, no fantasy to wrap myself in to protect me from him? Draco Malfoy does not belong in my cramped little room in this ordinary, boring-ass town in the middle of suburbia. I’m no one here no matter how sexy his is when he looks at me. I can’t defend myself.

“Potter, stop glaring.”

I glare harder, a frustrated sigh escaping him. Because he’s an idiot for thinking a few fucking words in the dark were going to make me trust him. There’s a fucking mountain between us, all centered around his parents and the monster they serve that killed my parents. Nothing is going to make that just disappear. Not even magic,

“I’m not here to fuck up your life.” He stands over the bed, fingers combing through his hair agitatedly.

Malfoy keeps glancing down at me but I refuse to avert my eyes for a second to see what he’s looking at. I know I’m hard, probably a fucking mess. I won’t let myself feel weak with him towering over. Fuck that.

“Damn it, Harry.” Brows furrowing, he actually fucking kneels next to me, eyes wide and full of something I refuse to acknowledge without a fucking school of wizards and witches to hide within. “I like you, you idiot. I just want to be with you—Why do you have to make this so fucking difficult? I know you like me.”

It has been a fucking crazy, shit day and this is the most I can take of it. My anger is stronger than my exhaustion, propelling me from the bed before he’s even back on his feet and stumbling away. “You think this is fucking easy for me, Malfoy? You think it’s easy to ignore every fucking insane thing my body is fucking screaming for with you being in the same fucking room as me?”

“Don’t ignore it—”

I hold my hand up, cutting him off, my teeth grit tight. “Do you understand what it’s like knowing I can have you? Knowing that even if you’re fucking lying, I can still have…” I shake my head, hating how my body is reacting even now to the thought. “I can’t trust you! I’m never going to be able to trust you. I’d have to be an absolute suicidal dumb ass to trust you.”

His eyes narrow. Draco is fucking gorgeous when he’s angry and I just hate him even more for it. “You’re doing this on purpose, Potter. You’re just looking for any reason you can to push me away. What the fuck can I actually do to prove to you that I’m not here to sell you out? Do you want me to tattoo your fucking scar on my arm? Will that finally do it for you?”

It’s a punch to the gut, heat rising over my skin in a sick wave at the thought of me asking that of anyone. Bad enough Voldemort’s in my head. Bad enough he’s trying to fuck me up every night until I’m as lifeless and monstrous as him…

“I didn’t mean it,” Draco whispers, grabbing for my arm when I sway backwards. “You’re nothing like him. Harry, please, I didn’t—”

“Go away,” I croak out, wrenching my arm free and nearly falling on the bed. I never should have let him in here. Never should have let him get to me when I’m defenseless and alone and a goddamn mess.

“No.” He grabs my arm again, trying to get me to turn. His hand is like fire on my flesh and I go to pull away but he won’t give. “I’m not going anywhere. Talk to me. I’m sorry I—”

I duck around him, pulling from his grasp again. “Fine, I’ll go. Whatever—What the fuck does it matter, right? You fit so much better with the Dursleys anyways.” He does. They fucking love him and I’m nothing besides an echo of what Voldemort feeds into my dreams, and I should have fucking left years ago. I step around the sleeping bag and tear at the doorknob, growling when the fucking thing won’t budge.

“Let go!” I hiss, pulling at the door again, his other hand slamming down next to his first and boxing me in.

I’m suddenly hyper-aware of him hot against my back, his bare flesh brushing my shoulders, breath tickling the nape of my neck. I close my eyes, my entire body tensing with want. Hate him. Fucking hate him for being here and doing this to me.

“Why are you doing this?” He sounds confused, maybe even hurt—If a lying bastard like him could ever feel, that is. “Really, Potter. Why the fuck are you doing this to yourself?”

God, he’s so fucking annoying. Hot, sexy, and so annoying. I grab his wrist, pulling it from the door, grasping it tight. Then, because I can’t stop myself no matter how much the voice in my head tells me to, I push his palm against my stomach, holding him against me, making his hand press lower as he growls in my ear.

“For fuck sake—You’re fucked. So fucked.” But he’s touching me, his fingers spreading, teasing lower with each huff of exasperation in my ear. “Potter…”

“Shut up. Just shut the fuck up already.” I push his hand lower until he’s pressing into my erection, gasping as I buck into his palm. Snarling, he slams me forward into the door. “God, yes.” His body covers my back completely, his dick grinding between my cheeks with only our underwear between us. It’s so good, my head spinning as I push back, rubbing up and down on his hard cock and urging him to hump against me.

“Do it… Do me,” I demand huskily, my head dropping back against his shoulder as I grind on his dick. I need him so bad. Don’t want to but I do and I just can’t think straight anymore.

His angry rumble sends fire tingling through me, my body tensing as he slams me forward against the door again. “No way in fuck. If you’re going to hate me, it might as well be on my terms.”

Fucking hell, he just can’t do anything right. Growling, I reach my hands behind and grab his hips, pulling him against me as I push back, wiggling until his dick is digging into my crack. “You want me.”

“So?” He grunts, his hips thrusting forward. I can’t stop my moan and I spread my legs wider as I push back. But he’s not giving in, his arm tight around my waist as he tries to hold me still. “Potter, you think I’m here to seduce you or some retarded shit like that so I can hand you over to the Dark Lord. I’d have to be a fucking idiot to touch you right now. I have no interest ending up out on the street without your protection.”

“You mean the wards.”

He’s still, his breath steamy puffs against my neck. “Don’t be naïve. You can’t be a crazy, paranoid psycho bastard and also be naïve, Potter. It’s one or the other.”

Hate him. Fucking hate him so much. He knows I want him. Knows I want to be the one he runs to—not the stupid house but to me. He knows it and he’s using it against me so fucking good.

His hands rise to my shoulders and he tries to turn me. I resist, not budging. “Just go to bed, Malfoy.”

“Look at me,” he whispers. “You can’t face the fucking Dark Lord and then be unable to face me.”

“You’re such an asshole!”

“I’m aware. Now stop being a coward.”

Hate him, hate him, hate him… I turn when he pushes at my shoulders, my eyes resolutely closed. “Just let it go.” I feel exposed knowing he’s looking at me, but I can’t bring myself to face him. He shouldn’t be here. It’s summer and I shouldn’t have to be doing this right now.

“If I could, I would have already. I’m not a fan of making an ass of myself in my underwear, Potter.” His lips press to mine and I suppress a sigh, keeping myself still. His lips slide to the corner of my mouth, brushing over my cheek as he talks lowly. “I get it. You don’t trust me. You don’t trust anyone. You can’t even accept a fucking meal from your aunt without wondering if she’s about to stab you in the back. That doesn’t mean I’m not trustworthy, Potter, it just means all you can see is the world the way you built it in your head. Fucked up. A world where someone gets murdered every night while you rest and you can’t do a thing to stop it.”

His lips tease my ear, fingers curling around my biceps. “I get it, Harry.”

He does. He really fucking does and it just makes him all the more dangerous. “Go to bed.”

“Look at me.”

I take a deep breath to brace myself, knowing he won’t back down until he feels like I’ve heard him. I immediately regret it, his face inches from mine, beautiful eyes glaring so intense and full of something I can hardly bear to see. It makes my knees weak, my chest tight and I manage to find a little more hate to build up between us to keep him from getting to me.

His fingers are firm as they thread through my hair, combing slowly while he stares at me like he knows exactly what I’m thinking. Maybe he does. Maybe his father taught him Legilimency. It doesn’t matter; I can’t ever let him close enough to hurt me.

“Take the bed.” He pulls away, his voice a low murmur. “You need to sleep a lot more than I do.”

I shake my head wearily. There’s no way I can stay in here with him tonight. I’m so hard, so wound up, my body and head a fucking mess. “I gotta go. Jog.” I turn to leave but he’s on me in an instant, holding the door shut again, body hot against my back.

“It’s not safe.”

I huff, trying not to laugh at the idea of him worried about me. “I don’t fucking care.”

“You’re in your fucking underwear.”

Damn him. “I can’t do this with you! This room is too small and hearing you breathe is driving me fucking crazy and I need to—Oh.” His arms wrap tight around me, a hand boldly cupping my dick through my underwear. “Fuck.” I sink against the door, his strong body keeping me from falling as he wraps closer, lips kissing up my neck, cock pressing against my ass. God, just once more. Need him to touch me so bad.

I fumble for the light switch, whimpering when his hand catches my wrist. I’m too tired for all this. Just too fucking tired. “Please.”

Sighing in frustration, he unwinds his fingers. I flick the light off, darkness descending, my eyes opening, senses expanding. I’m panting, his breath calm against my neck, lips wet on my ear.

“Not enough tattoos and holes in my head?”

What an idiot. If he only fucking knew. He’s always in the dark with me, behind my eyelids when I touch myself. Somehow this feels more real than him being in the light. Safer.

I turn, his body bumping mine, my back against the door. My hands find his arms and follow them up, over his shoulders, down his chest, past his abs and pausing at the top of his underwear. I pull them down, his breath hitching, body pushing up against mine as he steps out of the last of his clothes. His dick is bare and hot against my stomach, his hands grasping my ass, holding me tight against him.

“You’re fucking infuriating,” he growls against my jaw. I shift my hips, lining his dick up with mine. I try to push my underwear down but he grabs my hands, pulling them back to his body. “Insane. I haven’t been here a week and you’re driving me insane.”

I kiss him if only to shut him up already. I miss, my mouth getting most of his bottom lip and a bit of his chin. He’s got more of that bristle—the idiot still not daring to use a razor—and I rub my face into the rough texture. He growls, pulling me off the door and walking me toward the bed.

“Potter, I’m serious. There is nothing healthy about this—Fuck.” He’s found the bed, hissing when his leg slams into it. I push him down, straddling him with my thighs on either side before he can start bitching, seeking his mouth and kissing him deep. I reach between us, stroking his thick, hard cock, groaning when the silken flesh jumps in my hand. He’s breathing hard, small grunts escaping him with every rock of our hips.

Fuck, I need him inside me. So bad. His hand is on my hip and I grab it, moving it down to my ass. He slides beneath the leg of my briefs and squeezes hard, my hips grinding forward as I gasp.

“Fuck, do it,” I find myself practically begging when he slides a finger down my crack. It’ll stop if he fucks me. It has to. This fucking crazy need in me that makes me want the worst and fucking chase after it against my better judgment will finally stop if I just have this one thing.

I still my hips when I feel his fingertips at my rim, my face tight against his neck. “Come on, Malfoy… God, just fuck me.”

“Why, so you’ll finally have your proof that I’m here to get you killed?” Draco whispers hot against my forehead, his thumb teasing around my entrance, the tip slowly stretching me open. “Give me some fucking credit.”

Whimpering lowly as his thumb breaches me, I can only clutch him desperately. “More,” I gasp, moaning when he pushes into me deeper. I clench around the digit, his breath a low hiss as his other arm wrenches me up against his body, pushing my underwear beneath the swell of my ass, fingers finding my entrance and probing where his thumb is already buried. I half expect him to draw it out but he’s still angry, still determined to make me pay for using him like he’s just a pretty face and hard dick after all our years of dancing around each other.

“Oh… Oh fuck.” My voice is a low rasp when two fingers plunge into me, my flesh sore and slowly opening to him. It’s so good, the right mix of pain and pleasure, the perfect overwhelm as my passage stretches too wide, too fast to take in his driving thrusts. “Yes… Fuck, yes.” I slam back, grinning breathlessly when he growls and pulls me tighter to him, his dick smearing sticky precum against my inner thigh. He feels so good. Draco Malfoy finger fucking me in the dark while kissing down my neck; I might be in some sort of delusional coma right now.

Sweat drips down my face, my gasps so loud with every pump of his fingers inside me. I need his cock—need him to be fucking me. Releasing a groan, I fumble down his body, my hands shaking like crazy as I seek out his dick. “Please… Please. I want you so bad.” It’s dark. I can say it in the dark. “Draco, I want to feel you inside me.”

“Goddammit, Harry,” he hisses, his hips jolting up and rocking me so good. “I refuse to feed your fucked up delusions.” He’s a mix of bitterness, anger, and lust but all I care about is how his fingers are spreading, opening me wider, finding my prostate and stroking.

“Fuck—Yes… Again,” I sob, wrapping my arms tight around his shoulders, hooking my ankles around his back and moaning against his throat. He gives a warning growl when I try to position his dick between my spread cheek. “Come on… Need it,” I grunt back, nipping at the hollow of his throat.

“Not until you trust me,” he says hoarsely.

The fucking stubborn pain. Damn him, I refuse to fucking beg. Just… God, I need him. “Why do you have to be so fucking difficult?”

“Because you’re fucking difficult,” he mutters, his hips rocking up again, our dicks rubbing such perfect friction that I tighten, certain I’m going to come any moment now.

“You want me,” I breathe out, grinding on his fingers, needing it bigger and deeper. “Just fuck me already.”

“Damn, you’re out of your fucking mind.” Ducking his head, he growls in my ear while his fingers rhythmically thrust into me in slow, deep strokes. “You’re worried I’m trying to get you killed but you’re more than willing to let me fuck you raw. Is that what you want, Potter?” He hits my prostate again, my breath lost, thighs and ass tightening, my head spinning with heat. “Do you want me to use you? Take you however I want… get off ruining you… and then just throw you away when I’m done?”

I can’t stop my aching moans. I can’t help it—I want him to ruin me. To give in and fuck me so hard, fill me with his cum. I want him to use me so bad. However he wants just as long as it’s me. After? I don’t fucking care, I just want him inside me now. “Malfoy, just…”

“Not a fucking word, Potter,” he snarls, nipping my ear in punishment. The pain is a jolt of electricity, quickly followed by bruising bites as he moves down my throat angrily. “I’m not that kid of guy… And you, you deserve fucking better, you absolute tosser.” He ignores my whine of protest when he pulls his fingers out of me, my hole clenching on nothing and feeling so empty.

Sweat drips down my chest and our flesh slides together when he rolls me roughly, pushing me back on the bed. I can’t see his face but I’m pretty sure he’s angry as fuck, his fingers gripping painfully tight to my hips after he pulls my underwear down and off my legs and he lowers his body on top of mine. I don’t have it in me to care and I lift a knee up to feel him between my legs, groaning when his dick finally presses hot to mine again. I want him inside me so bad, my hips angling for just that until he pins me down with another angry growl.

There’s a familiar sound of sheets and springs shifting, my eyes flying open when the blunt, cool tip of a dildo pushes between my cheeks. “Oh, fuck.”

“Just so we’re clear, I wasn’t searching your fucking room for ways to get you killed. Your bed is just fucking lumpy and clearly this was part of the reason,” he taunts, pushing my knee up higher until I’m spread wide beneath him. Fuck, please. Please, please, please put it in me.


“Quiet.” I hear his thumb click the cap open on the bottle of lube I keep wedged under my mattress with the dildo and I sink back, gasping beneath him in anticipation. He could do anything to me right now and I wouldn’t complain. Just as long as he puts something in me thick and hard and long. Maybe it is my fault—Maybe I’m a paranoid fuck because I know damn well just how easy it is for me to fall for him. Maybe having him actually inside me would be the stupidest fucking mistake I could ever make.

Fingers slick with oil push beneath my balls and I moan, arching eagerly. Fuck yes. Fuck, fuck, fuck…

“Damn, listen to you moan,” Draco whispers, his mouth fastening to my throat, coated fingers working into me, getting me ready, driving me wild. “You really want it… Like crazy, want it.”

It’s been three days and I’m ready to let him fuck me. Yeah… that seems about right. Usually fight with him the first two days of school because he’s always running me down like a rabid puppy with a mean bark and dull teeth. By the third to fourth day I have to avoid him to keep from jumping him and trying to get his pants off. This feels about on par to that. Considering he’s been in my face the last three days, I’ve done damn well to resist.

My hands are again a fucking uncoordinated mess but I manage to grab his hips and pull him tighter to me. I find his mouth, nipping at his bottom lip harshly and tugging at the firm flesh with my teeth. “Hurry… Want it so bad.”

“You’re still so tight.”

“I can take it… God, just…” My back arches when he brushes my prostate. I grip him harder, moaning lowly on my exhale. “Need you.”

He stiffens in my hold and I immediately regret my stupid, horny mouth. I really shouldn’t be allowed to talk when he’s touching me. Dumb. Really dumb. It’s a relief when he pushes the silicone against my hole, my gasp breaking the growing silence. It doesn’t stop him from biting my shoulder, his teeth digging in punishingly while he slowly penetrates me with the thick dildo.

I’m so close. Unbearably close. He barely gets two inches into my clenching passage when I can’t take any more, my body jerking. Crying out, I throw my head back, coming in a sudden blaze of heat and need.

His free hand runs between us, slicking over the streams of seed wet on my navel. Malfoy groans when he finds it but he doesn’t stop what he’s doing, the dildo wedging in deeper into my sensitive channel. I whimper when he gets as deep as he can, the base stretching me so wide as he fills me.

“Fuck… Fuck, it’s so…”

Leaning down, he wraps one of my legs around his hips, pulling and pushing the thick rod in and out of my aching hole. I can’t stop my cries. He’s relentless, filling me again and again and, by his breathing, he’s so close to losing it.

“Say it again,” he rasps in my ear, teeth nipping on my lobe.

“Fuck… I need you,” I gasp out, sliding an arm to his waist and wrapping fingers around his hard cock. “Just you,” I admit dazedly.

“God, Harry… You’re so fucked.”

I know. It’s the only way I’m ever going to be when it comes to him.

His movements slow, growing more erratic as he thrusts into my hand while trying to fuck me senseless with the dildo at the same time. It’s so good and all I want is for it to be his dick inside me, swelling, getting ready to fill me. I grab him by the shoulders, pushing him back, groaning from how deep the dildo is wedged inside me as I move. Sliding down his body, my gasps break free with every aching jolt to my clenching hole until his dick is hot on my lips. Tongue tracing out hungrily, I lap over his head, my ass high in the air and legs spread for balance as I lean down to take him deep into my mouth.

“Fuck… God, Harry… God.” His fingers grip my hair, twisting tight while he bucks up towards my tonsils and threatens to suffocate me. I relax my jaw, opening as far as I can while being as malleable as possible. He won’t stay still enough for me to properly deep throat him, but I can take his desperate thrusts and let him fuck my mouth how he wants.

He’s close, grunting softly, the underside of his large dick singing on my tongue as I feel him swell. I moan as he comes, holding his hips and dripping saliva down my swollen lips while I try to keep from choking on his sperm. Dizziness hits me, my ass clenching from just how hot it is to have him get off in my mouth.

I barely have a chance to swallow before he’s sitting up and pulling me towards him, his tongue plunging roughly into my mouth while I groan in agony from the dildo. It’s too big to be stretching me for so long without moving, my body clenching in attempt to push it out to no avail. I reach for it while he kisses me but he grabs my wrists, keeping me in place.

“Say it again,” he demands against my lips, holding me so I’m still leaning over the bed, body bent and aching as I rock my hips.

I don’t even consider refusing. “Need you.” My voice is low, rough from the friction of his dick and the absolute need I have for him. When he pulls me down beside him, I barely catch myself, just stopping from jarring on the mattress as I breathe heavily. He slides behind me, his hip pressed against the swell of my ass, fingers probing at the dildo filling me so deep.

“Again,” he growls, his mouth against my ear as he pulls the dildo out only to immediately slam it back in.

I sob, clutching the sheets, pushing back on shaking legs to get it deeper. “N-Need… you…”

“Fuck, Harry.” His voice a raw growl, he starts fucking me hard on the slick rod. My cries only spur him on as he drives into me unceasingly. I bury my face into the bed, gasping until the sheet grows wet under my mouth and teeth. I don’t know if he wants to get me off or just drive me insane for admitting I like him in such a way. All I know is I’m going to lose my mind if he stops.

“That’s it… You’re so close. Get there, beautiful.” Grabbing me by my hair, he kisses me hard, swallowing my cries down greedily while grinding the thick plastic into me so deep, so hard. My eyes squeezed shut, for a dizzying moment it’s like he’s actually inside me, his hot flesh melded with mine, filling me completely. Bucking desperately, I come the instant his hand touches my dick, surge after surge streaming from me as I moan against his lips.

He won’t stop kissing me, even when I collapse forward, groaning weakly when he finally pulls the dildo from my aching hole. Rolling me on my side, his mouth covers mine, tongue determined to memorize every part of my mouth as his large hands move over my sweat drenched, shaking form.

I’m so worn out, it takes forever for me to actually understand what he’s doing when he twists us on the bed, pulling me into his arms and kissing my throat and shoulders. I go to roll away and sleep on the floor, but he just growls and wraps an arm around my waist to keep me in place.


“Bed’s too small,” I mumble, not actually able to find the strength to move at the moment. But he’s cuddling me like I’m his fucking boyfriend or some shit, so I really need to get away before he gets the wrong…

His knee sliding between my thighs, he pins me down with his hot body before I can break from his hold. Resourceful little prat. Teeth nip my neck and I moan, relaxing back against the mattress. I’ll move when he’s asleep. Totally. Just, right now I’m going to let him keep running his hand over my chest while he kisses and sucks on my neck lazily.

“Say it again,” he whispers, mouth wide and wet as he scrapes his teeth over my flesh.

Fucked up. He’s either luring me to my death or retarded enough to think I’m worth having. Either way, I’m not feeding his psychosis.

Teeth clamp on the side of my neck and I gasp, groaning weakly as fire rushes through my exhausted body. It’s dark. I can say it in the dark. “F-Fine… I need you.”

His tongue immediately soothes over the bite, fingers again tracing my form reverently. He sighs contently and I close my eyes again, trying to ignore just how comforting and secure I feel with him weighing me down and wrapped around me.

Sleep is determined to claim me and I don’t fight it. It’s better than thinking about what the fuck I just did.

A Wayward Dragon In Little Whinging 11


“Muggles are rude.”

“Some of them are.”

“All they do is stare. It’s damn annoying.”

I shrug. “Everyone stares at me because of my scar. At least here no one looks at me.”

He huffs, glancing at me from beneath his sunglasses. “They’re all staring at you.”

“Only cus they’re trying to figure out what a guy like me is doing walking around with a guy like you, Malfoy. Believe me, I’m glad to not be noticed for a change.”

He just grunts, suddenly standing taller, the fingers once curled on my sleeve now wrapping around my bicep firmly. It’s fantastic feeling, and I turn his way. He’s suddenly broad shouldered and all confidence. I didn’t realize just how tall he was. “What are you doing?”

“Making sure they look at me.”

“Oh.” It must be working because I can’t seem to keep my eyes off of him.

“Potter, you’re going to trip.”

Right. Staring. He’s really hot and in my t-shirt.


Ha, totally should have kissed him when I had the chance. Shit. How does he manage to get hotter? Is that even possible? Jerk. Really hot jerk.

I force my face forward, hyper focused on his hand on my arm. As my eyes move blindly over the storefronts, crowds of people, and sitting areas, I start imagining what it would be like to have him suddenly push me against a wall… or the side of the escalator, or down on that couch over there, and just snog me senseless. And, well, if we’re already there, why stop at a snog, right? He was definitely packing something impressive in those briefs of his last night… While lying on my bed.

God, I’m losing it. Really should have kissed him. Just to know for sure. Just so I could be certain he wasn’t fucking with my head about being gay. Cus god, I’m losing it.

“Are you okay? You nearly walked into a trash bin… Potter?” He stops, holding me by the arm so that I have to stop as well. His hand is cool against my flushed face, and I can’t help smiling like an idiot as he pushes my hair back to see if my forehead is warm. Seriously, he’s so dumb.

“Why are you all flushed? Did you eat something bad? You look just like…” He pushes his sunglasses up, glaring down at me. “Potter, are you perving out right now?”

“Err…” God, I want to climb him.

“Shit, you have issues. Seriously. Did some guy in tattoos walk by and fuck with your head? Don’t go talking to anyone until you stop being so… weird.”

I bite my lip, staring up into his beautiful gray eyes. They look a little blue in here. I really want to kiss him.

“And stop looking at me like that.”


“Like you’re going to eat me alive. It’s weird.”

Heh. He’s really adorable and absolutely frustrating as fuck. I turn and start walking again but his hand is still on my arm, keeping me from moving. “Malfoy…”

He growls, the noise making my toes curl. “Seriously, Potter. Don’t talk to anyone.”

He’s sure possessive for someone that refuses to show any interest in me.

A Wayward Dragon In Little Whinging 4


Ron’s letter is pretty damning. Narcissa’s in some sort of magical coma while also in excruciating pain. She’s dying. Voldemort knows his shit. Malfoy’s totally screwed.

I think a part of me was hoping the kid was lying. Because, really, who wants to consider that as the truth? Fucking sick fuck Voldemort. The kid didn’t even do anything; his mother did. But he’s going to be the one to pay. Voldemort has transference issues. Huge ones.

“Potter, is this all you do all day?” He’s sitting with Hedwig on my bureau, petting her ever since she returned. Traitor.

“Sorry, Malfoy. I didn’t plan an itinerary to entertain you.” I had planned on going down to the arcade today, but I really don’t want to take him along.

“Why don’t you own anything? You have literally three things in this room.”

Four, if I count him. “My uncle locks my trunk up during the summer. He’s scared I’m going to magic them all with my terrifying quills and ink.” I stretch my arms over my head, hitting the wall. My bed is actually really lumpy, but when someone wakes you up before dawn, you make do. I think he’s getting tired of watching me nap. Really don’t know what to tell him.

“Your relatives are kind of messed up.”


“Where are your glasses?”

God, does he ever shut up? “Specialist spelled my eyesight.”

“Should have done something for your hair while you were being all vain.”

Fucking hell. “It wasn’t vanity, it was survival. You fight enough dark wizards, you start realizing that seeing without a flimsy pair of glasses is really fucking important.”

“Still should have done something about your hair.”

I’m going to kill him. “You ever been to an arcade?”

He looks at me, like he’s not sure if he’s going to sound stupid if he says the wrong thing. “No.”

“How do you feel about crowds?”

He shrugs. “I’ll be fine. Less likely to be spotted.”

“Exactly.” I sit up, running a hand through my perfectly fine hair while taking the time to look him over. “Any way you can pull your jeans down over you boots?”

He looks at his boots, tracing his fingertips over the leather. “But then you won’t see them.”

“That would be the point. You look like money. Fashionable money. You don’t want to stick out.” Last thing I need is him getting mugged or beat up.

Huffing, he fixes his jeans. “So we’re going to be around poor people?”

Fucking prat. “Normal people. People that don’t spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of boots.”

“Poor people,” he insists, giving Hedwig a final ruffle.

“Whatever.” Everyone is poor compared to him. He doesn’t know shit. “Try not to talk too much. I have a feeling you’re going to piss a lot of people off.”

He scowls but doesn’t deny it. He’s an ass. He knows it.

We take the trolley, me once again paying his way. It’s really fucking dumb, but I kind of like being able to buy things for him. I know, really dumb. Like retarded. Even with his boots covered, everyone stares at him. He’s hot. Some chick even tried to pick him up on the trolley. His look of bored disdain was priceless. He wouldn’t be caught dead talking to a muggle.

I walk him into the darkly lit building full of flashing lights, loud noises, and crowds of kids of all ages. His hand keeps gripping my arm like I’m going to disappear. “What do you think?”

“It’s loud as fuck.”

It is. He’s very observant. I get in line for the nearest change machine, watching him glare at everything. He looks a bit like a scared cat, not sure whether to run and hide, or scratch the fuck out of someone. I hand him a cup of quarters. Then, thinking better of it, I cover my hand over the plastic cup before he can drink from it. Fucking wizards; his parents didn’t teach him any life skills.

“They go in the machines. So you can play the games.”

He looks at me like I’m the idiot. He was totally going to drink the fucking quarters. I saw it on his face. Whatever. I pull him towards a game without any lines. Simple fighter game. Boring. Skimming around, I drag him to a racer. He likes brooms; he’ll like cars.

“Come on, sit. Pedal gets you moving, wheel gets you steering, and buttons shoot things.” He is beyond reluctant, but he eventually sits in the overly padded seat. I point to the slots and he keeps popping quarters until the game starts up. He’s a fast learner. Swears like a trucker, but he picks it up damn fast. I watch him for a while. Once I realize I’m staring more at his face as he takes tight turns and races past other players, I figure I should probably look at something else.

“Hey, Harry!” I turn, eyes skimming through the crowd until I find him waving at me. Hello, Paul. Tall, dark, with a surfer’s tan and body. This was the reason I didn’t want Malfoy cramping my style today. Paul’s got his friends with him; Toby and Shawn. They’re not bad, just always in the way.

“Malfoy, I’ll be back in a few.” I don’t know if he hears me; he’s really into the game. I may have started an addiction. Good. He needs something to distract him from his shit life right now.

“Didn’t know if you were showing up today.” Paul slings an arm around my shoulders once I reach him, pulling me up against his side. He’s lean, hard muscle, and smells like sweat. He roofs with his dad, hence the tan and the strength.

“I’m with a friend.” He gives me a surprised look. Fine, I have no muggle friends. Whatever. Paul’s the closest thing, and to be honest, I don’t want him for a friend. He’s to make out with, not talk to. I’m not racist, I just don’t know how to be around normal people and still be me. Magic is a huge part of my existence and muggles aren’t ever going to be able to understand that. Especially when I have crazy evil wizards looking to kill me.

“Feel like ditching him for a bit? We can go play something, just the two of us.” His hand runs over my ass, pulling me closer against his side. Hell.

Paul’s not the subtlest of guys, which is fine by me. I’ve been unbearable horny today, likely because of being stuck in the presence of a sex god. But shit, I can’t just ditch Malfoy in some muggle arcade, even for a hand job… Mmm… Maybe a blow job. Paul’s mouth is on my neck, and he’s doing that thing with his tongue that says he’s totally in the mood to get down on his knees.

“I shouldn’t… He’s new to the area—Ah fuck.” Teeth scrape my throat, the sensation going straight to my dick. Fingers tangle in my hair—my hair is fucking fine, thank you—pulling my head roughly to the side so he can bite more of my neck. It makes me dizzy. Makes me hard, which he really wants to help remedy by grinding his thigh against my erection and squeezing my ass firmly. Hell… okay… maybe just a quick…

There’s a loud cough behind me, and Paul, god only knows why, takes his very nice mouth away from my neck. Groaning, I glare behind me, only to find Malfoy looking pissier than a wet bee. And seriously, why the fuck is he pissed? He’s not the one being cock blocked. “What? Run out of quarters?”

“Are you honestly letting some guy feel you up in a crowd of muggles? Do you not understand the gravity of this situation? Are you taking any of this seriously?”

God, give me strength.

“Paul, give me a sec here.” I don’t actually wait for his reply, untangling myself from his arm and grabbing Malfoy by the shoulder so I can drag him to a secluded area. “What the fuck do you want, Malfoy? I’m sharing my house with you. I’m giving up my bed for you—My fucking bird, apparently too. My goddamn privacy. Can I please have twenty fucking minutes to myself?”

He scowls, glaring pointedly over my shoulder where I can only assume Paul is staring at us wondering why I brought a whiny bitch with me. “You weren’t by yourself, were you? How well do you even know that guy? He’s covered in tattoos and has two holes in his face.”

“Eyebrow rings. Shit, Malfoy, mind your own fucking business. You shouldn’t judge people by how they look.”

“Well, if you want me to judge him by how he acts, I should point out that he looked about ready to shag you in front of everyone.”

Seriously, I do not need a big brother. “Sorry to disappoint you, but that’s a fucking good thing to me. He knows what he wants, and he’s not afraid to go after it. Now seriously, mind your own fucking business.”

Paul’s trying not to laugh in my face by the time I get back. Fuck him. Fuck them both. I’m horny as fuck and I’m not getting any. Cus Malfoy’s hovering over my goddamn shoulder like he needs to protect me from the guy I’ve been grinding on for the last three weeks. It’s bad enough dealing with Shawn and Toby, who seem determined to drag Paul to every damn game there is whenever we’re trying to go at it. What the fuck is it with straight guys? Don’t they like sex? Do I interrupt them when they’re trying to feel up their girls? No.

Paul’s suddenly on my back, hot mouth moving over my ear, hand pressing into my back pocket. “Ditch your pretty-boy guard dog and let’s go somewhere alone.”

I glance over at Malfoy, who’s stone faced and glaring at the nearest video game while trying to ignore the guy grinding his dick against my ass. Yeah, that’s not happening. “Another time.”

“Come on, Harry. You barely come around anymore.”

Another thing I can’t stand; whiny guys. I take his hand out of my pocket and step away. “Sorry, Paul, got plans today. See you around.” I tilt my head at Malfoy, who seems fucking angry and ecstatic all at once to get the fuck out of the place.

“Did you want to play anything else?” I ask, feeling a bit like an ass for ruining his first time in an arcade. We’re even. He ruined any fun I was going to have.

“Fuck no. It’s crowded as fuck and people kept trying to talk to me the second you left.”

I glance at him sideways. “They’re not contagious, Malfoy. Just muggles. Nothing scary.”

“Fuck off, I’m not an idiot. I’m just sick of being looked at.”

Well, good luck to that, hottie. Magical people have this thing where we all kind of know when we’re faced with another witch or wizard. It’s a small world and if you have any proper senses, you can read the magic on another person. Because of that, we tend to not stare blatantly at the very sexy people because we know that sexy person could also hex the fuck out of us. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply to me because I’m the ex-toddler that survived the curse that put Voldemort out of commission for many a happy year. I get stared at all the time in the wizarding world. Malfoy apparently doesn’t.

“We can get you a pair of sunglasses.”

He looks over at me, clearly not knowing what the fuck sunglasses are. Seriously? It’s the same fucking planet. Did his parents lock him up in that manor his whole life? Rolling my eyes, I change direction, walking him to a small line of stores.

Sorcerer Slayer S60


Fox’s nerves were frayed tight hours after being safe back at the Academy. The pain throbbing through his body might have something to do with it. Dr. Rob was hopeful about his ears but apparently the slashes from Malek’s claws were another story. Poison, of course. Everything about that demon seemed to sink in and destroy even once he was gone. Justin was still unconscious, and the wound on his chest was far more complicated than first thought. Leo was injured so badly he was currently stuck in his lion form. As for Forest, well, although he was physically unharmed, he was an absolute mess on a level Fox didn’t even know how to help him with.

Plus, there was the screaming.

The small hospital side room was warded to keep sound from escaping but it did nothing to stop the vibrations from shaking through the door and wall. If there was anything left on the other side of the door where Vincent was being kept, he doubted it would last for long.

Fox sat on Justin’s bed instead of the one put aside for him. Dr. Rob wanted to spell him to sleep but he refused. It might help him heal faster but he wanted to be awake. He wanted to make sure he didn’t lose any friends the moment his eyes closed.

All the patients were huddled around Justin and Leo’s individual hospital beds. Will and Christopher had brought Dante to the hospital the moment they heard who was injured. Dante was huddle at the foot of Leo’s bed, his eyes downcast as he watched the bandaged lion’s chest rise and fall. Wylie stood next to him offering silent support. Dorian was on a bed next to them all, separated by choice. His head was ducked and breath full of controlled sighs to keep from needing a null-collar for his power.

The atmosphere was unsettling; a heavy storm of worry, fear, agitation and dread flowed through the group of patients while Dr. Rob and the other masters stepped back and forth around them. Mr. McPherson dropped in long enough to see how everyone was before he left to call Leo and Justin’s families. Dr. Rob was currently mixing a potion for Justin in his office now everyone who needed bandaging was wrapped up. The silence stretched without the adults, interrupted only by Fox’s unconscious hisses of pain and the strained breathing of Justin and Leo on their hospital beds. There didn’t seem to be much worth saying; it was either voice the worry and fear, or let it hover above.

“He’s going to be fine,” Forest whispered hollowly to himself. His eyes were fixed unblinking on Justin’s too pale face. Justin looked lost among the colorful poultices. Most were centered on the brutal magical burns on his chest which refused to heal. Fox was sporting a similar mixture of magenta pink smeared down his left arm and side. His thin hospital gown was already stained with the poison absorbing potion.

Fox could scent the guilt rolling off of Forest. It didn’t matter what he said to try and make him feel better, Forest didn’t want to hear him. It was probably going to take Justin being awake and forgiving him personally for Forest to realize it really wasn’t his fault any of this happened.

Another vibration came from Vincent’s room and they all stilled with heads ducked down.

“So, what happened?” Jake asked Dorian quietly. Jake and Antonio arrived only after Master Thane found them hovering at the entrance of the alley. They held back, half afraid to get in trouble for wandering off. They didn’t even know anyone was hurt until they were through the portal into the Academy and realized everyone else was in the hospital.

Dorian continued to glare solemnly at his bent knees so Fox spoke up. “They were hunters. I think for slaving. They caught Raider in some sort of trap and we went looking for him. When we found him, well, shit got real super fast.”

Usually he loved to tell stories. Usually he was the one who couldn’t wait to exaggerate and relive and make everything seem better by being amazing. This time he didn’t have it in him. There were too many consequences and he wasn’t sure if they were going to disappear in a wave of magic like before. Every time Fox thought back, he just wished none of that messed up fight even happened.

“One was a shifter. The fucker was an actual shifter,” Forest snarled in disbelief. The noise sounded half a sob once it was out. “He tried to recruit Leo. You know, like to see if he’d turn on his us like that stupid ox shifter turned on his own.”

“It was probably easier for him,” Fox muttered after a moment. “To know Leo wouldn’t be hurt if he agreed. Those guys were going to kill all of us.”

Forest just hissed. Anger was bright in his eyes, only enhanced by the shine of tears. “Fuck. Fuck them all. Frost should have killed the fuckers.”

Fox silently agreed. He sought out Justin’s hand and twined his fingers with his motionless digits. It would have been a lot easier to deal with his friends being hurt if he knew those evil fuckers weren’t out there hunting down shifters.

The quiet of the hospital room was shattered when Michael pushed through the door that led to the hallway. He was talking loudly into a phone, his face pinched in worry. He quickly pulled the cellphone from his ear and covered it with his hand as he looked at the group. “Guys, any tattoos or uniforms? Is there anything at all that might have distinguished them as part of a group?”

Fox and Forest exchanged glances; Forest’s yellow eyes were haunted and Fox knew he wasn’t going to say anything even if he did remember something. “They were dressed alike, you know, like they had money,” Fox said. “The demon was definitely running the show. And they… well, they offered Leo a job, so someone was actually paying them. But they never gave a name of their master or anything, so…” he shrugged, uncertain. Raider didn’t seem to have anything to add; he was hunched so far into the chair at the edge of the group, Fox was pretty sure he was trying to hide.

Michael’s eyes hardened for a moment when he realized there was no information to be had. He went to sweep out of the room, only to be stopped by Dorian’s voice.

“The demon shifter. The runes used to bind him will reflect the sorcerer’s style.” Dorian raised his head and met Michael’s waiting gaze. “You know how this goes. Demons are damn rare and this one is being bound by ancient means. There won’t be many sorcerers out there with the capability.”

“It’s not something anyone is gong to announce, though,” Antonio added, his expression grim. “I mean, really, anyone who has a demon isn’t going to tell a soul, not even their family. Demon slaving is so dangerous and totally illegal.”

Michael nodded in agreement but his expression lightened slightly. “Yes, but Dorian has a good point. If we can get some spell samples of local magic users, we might find the one who cast those runes.” He turned back to his phone, speaking excitedly to the person on the other end. The glass door to the hallway swung shut as Michael slipped outside again.

“If they’re even local.” Forest’s voice was soft and full of defeat. “It was a city hub. For all we know, they were passing through. They could do it every day; target what they can find and run immediately after.”

“Fuck. Do you think they already caught a shifter today?” Fox sat up on the mattress. Now the idea trickled into his mind, he couldn’t shake it. What if they weren’t the first that day? What if some shifter was captured by those psychos only minutes before they came after them? What if they were out there, terrified and…

“Don’t,” Forest whimpered. He buried his face against Justin’s side. “Don’t make me wonder if there are more. That we failed someone else. God.”

Fox stilled and stared down at Forest’s hunched form. It felt like every word was capable of breaking him right now. He reached out and gently rubbed his slumped shoulder, grateful when Forest didn’t pull away.

Raider, unfortunately, thought it was time to add his perspective on things. “If so, any shifter would have been screwed if Frost killed those guys. For all you know, they could have been tied up and left to starve or some shit. And really, if Frost did kill them, what would have kept him from killing all of us right after?”

Again. Again, right back to this fucked up topic. Fox bristled but tried to breathe out calmly. He was fucked up; he knew Raider was fucked up. Still, he just couldn’t let it slide. This was the same shit said about shifters that got them all tagged and registered, and had people looking to kill them. Just in case the fears were true.

“How did they catch you?” Fox turned his head and met his gaze, only to have Raider look away. “You had something in your hand. Did they come after you or did you just chase after some useless, shiny trinket.” His voice raised by the end, his words full of anger. All Raider did was blame everyone else while he never wondered how he contributed to the fucking messes he ended up in.

“It was made for a dragon,” Raider said defensively. “It was made to capture someone like Doe who’s used to fighting the shiny pull.”

“Yeah, but you’re the one who go caught.” Forest didn’t bother to look up, his voice strangely hollow. “There was no scent, no sign of those guys at the store or on that street. There was nothing to make us suspect they were there. The only clue we had was your scent leading down that alley.”

Raider pursed his lips nervously. “What are you saying? That I intentionally led you into a trap?”

Forest shook his head. “I’m not saying shit. I just want to know how it went down. What were you doing wandering from the pack when you’re so scared of everything? It’s weird.”

Raider huffed and glanced to where Wylie was standing. His hand came up and he ran fingers roughly through his short, dark hair. “I wasn’t wandering, I just, I didn’t want to go into that butcher with all the dead animals. It’s not a fucking crime. The sorcerers left, so why couldn’t I just walk down the street?”

“Were you running again?” Fox asked bluntly, a dark spark in his eyes. “Were you hoping to find some fucking hole to hide in until we all went back to the Academy and left you there?”

Raider stood abruptly from his chair, his teeth and fists clenched tight. “No, I was too fucking scared to run, not that it’s any of your business. I don’t know what happened. The moment I saw the damn shiny thing, everything else blacked out. At least when I lose my shit I don’t have to worry about murdering everyone like your psycho boyfriend!”

“Fucker!” Fox didn’t feel the pain of his wounds as he bounded up with claws and fangs extended aggressively. Raider held his ground, his face red with anger.

“Stop it,” Dorian snapped. Raider and Fox were flung back into their previous seats and an invisible pressure held them in place. He gave them a hard, long stare, then waved his hand. The magic abated but their tempers didn’t.

“All you fucking predators do is kill. You do it so much, you don’t know how to handle a normal situation. You just think everything leads to killing.” Raider gripped the arms of his chair tight, too pissed off to be afraid of the obvious magic used against him. His entire focus was on Fox, who looked moments from leaping across the room again. “So why the fuck would Frost be any different? How many people has he killed where he can walk into that alley and not even fucking hesitate? You know I’m right. You know he’s just as bad as the monsters who were trying to kill you.”

Fox snarled warningly. “If all we do is kill, you fucking moron, then why the hell are you still alive! With a mouth like yours, any predator with a fucking brain would have snapped your neck just to shut you up!”

Wylie sighed heavily and ran his palm down his face. “Guys, if you’re going to do this, do it elsewhere.”

Raider turned his glare Wylie’s way. “Why, so you can hide it all? Pretend you aren’t all killing every day in this place?”

“For fuck—because two of my pack are wounded from saving your damn life,” Wylie snarled back. “And all you want to do is bitch about the guy who saved you.”

Raider’s expression turned furious. “He didn’t!”

“Yes, he fucking did.” Dorian looked far calmer than the rest of them but it was clear this particular topic of conversation was wearing on his nerves. “You see the wounds on your pack? You see the bruises and slashes all over Fox? Do you not realize they’d be dead right now if we hadn’t shown up?

Dorian shook his head and exhaled in frustration when Raider just glared back defiantly. “You want to complain about predator instinct or whatever; what the hell do you think it takes to stop a predator who has no conscience and just kills for the fuck of it? You need warriors who aren’t afraid to get hurt so people like you, people who are afraid, can keep living their naive lives thinking they have a choice. If your pack died, if Vincent failed, if Theo didn’t show and no one was able to stop those sick fucks, you would know exactly how little a choice you have when you’re not willing to fight back for your right to live.”

Dorian tugged at his bangs in agitation, his mouth twisted in a grim frown. Dante was quick to come up beside him and sit on the bed. “You have to fight,” Dante said quietly. “Even if you lose, at least you lost by your terms.”

Raider just scowled, his eyes glued to the floor, hands twisted in his hair. “That doesn’t make it okay.”

Dr. Rob’s office door swung open and the man popped his head into the room for a moment. Everyone immediately fell silent as his calming voice filled the room. “Guys, can we keep things quiet, please? Rest is very important for healing.”

“I’m leaving.” Raider pushed himself up from the chair. “If you want to justify murdering people when you know how fucking much it sucks to die, have at it. I know it’s still wrong.”

“It’s nice to have the privilege to make that choice when you’re alive,” Wylie said flatly. “Will you be calling Justin and Leo murderers if they ever wake up? Or is that just reserved for the sorcerers you obviously hate so much?”

Raider paused mid stride but didn’t say anything. He left in silence, his glare molten.

“Fuck him,” Fox muttered as he grasped his wounded side. “The motherfucking ass is always causing trouble. He’d say the sky is purple just to piss people off. Like anyone gives a fuck about the life of those assholes when for all we know those freaks have a room full of shifters they’re selling for parts?”

“He’s scared,” Will said soothingly. “For someone like Raider, who can’t walk down a street without feeling like a victim, it’s very easy to be angry at everything. Give him time to calm down. Justin and Leo need rest. You do too, Fox,” he added with a worried look.

Fox growled dismissively. He was tired of having to bend all of his emotions to Raider’s bitchy moods. He was tired of having to hear his friends and pack were a bunch of murderers just because they ate meat. Raider literally condemned them for protecting him to the death when the stupid raccoon was terrified of dying. The guy was insane. Raider was so irrational, it was exhausting.

Fox lay back on the bed with his arms raised about his head so he wouldn’t jostle Justin. He tried to calm his racing heart, anger still hot in his veins. With a shake of his head, he turned only to find Forest trying to hide his tears as he clutched to Justin. Fuck, another casualty Raider would never see because he was too fucking busy judging everyone. Fox reached his hand out and took Forest’s shaking one. He sighed when Forest whimpered and buried his face tighter to Justin’s shoulder.

Minutes passed, first awkward because no one knew what to say and Forest was definitely crying. Eventually the silence filled with softly spoken words. A door handle clicked and Fox jolted upright when Vincent’s door swung open. He met Master Theodore’s gaze, who deliberately shut the door behind him and used his body to block everyone’s view.

“He’s resting. Something I would hope all of you will do soon,” Theodore added with a pointed look to the group. “Dinner is ready in the lounge.”

“There’s no way I can eat,” Forest mumbled.

“Possibly, but I want you to try. Even if it’s just water.” Theodore looked to them all and his gaze lingered on Leo and Justin. His expression grew tired. “They’re going to take some time to heal. The demon shifter used magic in his physical attacks and it’s making the would healing difficult.”

“But they’re going to be okay, right?” Wylie asked.

Theodore nodded sharply. “We believe so. But they need rest.”

Fox, Forest, and Wylie exchanged glances; the determination in Theodore’s voice wasn’t lost on them.

“They’re pack,” Wylie finally said as he faced the master sorcerer. “They didn’t abandon anyone and we’re not going to abandon them.”

Theodore seemed understanding but also unwilling to budge. “I hardly think they’re going to feel abandoned if you go get some fresh air and put some food in your stomachs. You can always come back tonight and sleep on the cots if you insist.” His gaze turned to Fox and his violet eyes hardened. “Has Dr. Rob stressed how you shouldn’t be doing anything strenuous until your wounds fully heal? Being on your feet doesn’t mean you’re not moments from dropping.”

“Got it.” Fox brushed off his concern with a shrug. Knowing Theodore, the guy knew he was up and fighting with Raider minutes ago. “How is he?” he asked as he nodded toward Vincent’s door.

“Emotionally overwhelmed,” Theodore said simply. He walked toward the exit but paused as he opened the door out into the hallway. His expression was unreadable as he looked at Fox. “I think he might be open to company a little later. I’ll speak to Rob about it.”

Fox watched him leave. Did Vincent want to see him? Or did Theodore just think it might be good for him? He didn’t really care; he wanted to see Vincent. It was bullshit he was locked in a room all on his own when he was clearly suffering. Fox leaned back on the bed and Forest’s hand immediately sought his out again.

Vincent did everything right and he was tortured for it. There were no more vibrations of screaming but Vincent was rarely one for emotional displays. No, he ate his emotions, drowned in them like an internal wound that refused to heal. And still, Vincent tried. No matter how hard things got, Vincent never blamed, never diverted, he just kept pushing and trying. Fox wanted to be strong like that. He needed to ignore the shit Raider said and be strong the way Vincent was so he could help the people who needed him.

You know, just not go crazy at the same fucking time.

Fox’s heart twisted every time he remembered how Vincent’s eyes looked; they went from being full of determination and fire to have it all snuffed out in an instant. Before that, it was like he could finally see into the real Vincent. Someone who knew who he was, who wielded power just as easily as he did breath. Vince was a warrior, a protector. He came to life to save those who needed him. When he failed… like the way he failed that shifter in the past. When he failed, it was like Vincent disappeared inside himself and left only an echo of his real fire.

Fox sighed softly and covered his eyes with his free arm. Even now Vincent was locked away. No pack, no one to thank him or help him. At least Master Theodore was allowed to be there for him. Fox kinda assumed Dr. Rob or even Michael would be the one to go to Vincent, but no. When they first heard those crashes of desperation from the other side of the door, Master Theodore went to him readily with a null-collar wrapped around his neck.

It was a reminder how the masters at the Academy didn’t care if someone was a shifter or sorcerer or anything in between. They just cared. Every time Raider said shit, Fox needed to remember that. Raider’s perspective wasn’t reality. The masters cared. Everyone in this room cared that Justin and Leo were hurt.

“Are you sure he was a demon?” Wylie sat with Dorian on the hospital cot. Dante was curled up next to him so he could see Leo and Justin from his perch. “I didn’t think demons could shift. Well, at least, McPherson told me there was no such thing as a shifter who turned into a demon.”

Dorian, usually prone to sparks, was sullen as Wylie waited patiently for an answer. “He was a demon. One able to shapeshift… well, he should have been able to. Shifters can’t turn into demons but some demons can turn into animals.” Dorian’s expression grew stormy. “The thing is, I don’t think he could even do that. Vincent had him between spikes and if he could have gone small, he would have to escape. Fuck.”

Wylie sat back as Dorian suddenly stood. Dorian’s eyes were haunted and he started to pace the length of the bed. “If you had seen his face. When those runes went down from Theo’s spell… Fuck, I can’t stop thinking about it.”

Wylie gently grabbed Dorian’s arm and pulled him close. “Ri, it’s okay.”

“It’s not,” Dorian whispered harshly. “There is nothing okay about any of it. It could have been Dante.” He looked away as he fought tears. “I saw that trapped fucker and all I could think about was what might have happened if you hadn’t rescued D. No one would have known he was in that crate. No one even cared he was gone from his home. No one would have saved him if not for you, Wylie. He could have been used to kill, or steal, or anything terrible until one day someone stronger would finally fight back and kill him. Fuck, and they would be justified for it. He could have been a slave until he died and… fuck. It’s fucking shit to even think about.”

Fox huffed from his spot on Justin’s bed. He leaned on his arm to look over to where Wylie was holding Dorian’s hands. “What, so now you feel sorry for the guy who was trying to kill us?”

“I can give a fuck about another living being and still want us all to live,” Dorian snapped, but his voice was far from biting. “Didn’t you see his expression when Theo cast that spell? That demon was terrified. He begged when he realized the runes were going to turn back on. It was completely fucked up.”

It was, but Fox didn’t want to think about it. Out of all the people who could have died in that alley, he knew his choice.

“I don’t understand why he didn’t just kill you,” Forest muttered, his eyes downcast. “He was a demon. He probably could have killed us all easily. But he didn’t.”

“It’s because he was bound,” Christopher spoke up. The incubus was sitting away from the group to make sure his powers didn’t effect anyone’s healing. “When a sorcerer binds a demon’s power to him, he cripples many of the demon’s abilities.”

“Sorry, Chris.” Forest raised his head to look his way. “We didn’t mean to upset you.”

“It’s what happens.” Christopher’s expression was calm and his red eyes steady. “I’m not offended. Pretending these things don’t happen only allows them to continue.

Fox slowly sat up and sighed. He liked Chris and he didn’t want to be an asshole about demons just because one tried to kill them all. “Okay then. Why would a sorcerer cripple the power of a demon if he wanted to use that power?

Christopher raised a blue-tinted eyebrow. “It’s an unintended side effect. It’s very difficult to keep someone under another’s power without breaking him on some level.”

“Many masters use collars to keep a captured demon’s power from reducing, but the collars are much easier to break free from.” Dorian looked back at Fox to explain. “The runes are an older magic used on the most strong-willed of demons. That cat demon has been fighting from the beginning and was still fighting when Theodore set him free for that minute. You could tell every time the runes pulsed red. He doesn’t want to be trapped doing those things and when things got bad, he fought it even harder.”

Forest pushed up on his arms, his hands buried in his hair. “You’re telling me he’s enslaved? Like someone is literally taking over his body and mind? Fuck, this is all so crazy.”

“Yeah. Killing him would have harmed the sorcerer who controlled him,” Dorian added quietly. “Vincent knew. It might have even killed the master given the way he bonded to the demon. If Master Theo had been able to get a lock on the sorcerer while the demon was momentarily free, he might have been able to save him.”

Forest couldn’t seem to find the words. Fox watched, eyes narrowed, when his friend teased his hand behind him for a moment. He knew he still had Malek’s feather. It wasn’t good. Whatever hold the demon had on Forest should have left the moment he was out of sight and scent.

Dorian turned back to Wylie, their foreheads pressed together. “It’s hard to know if another chance like that can happen. Sorcerers who don’t want to be found rarely are. Not when they can control a being as powerful as a demon shifter.”

Agitation was brimming through Fox, a feeling he recognized all too well in Forest’s eyes. They were so busy thinking about stolen shifters, they failed to see the ones kidnapping them were just as victimized. Malek told him to run. Repeatedly. Instead of attacking, he told them to run away. It was hard to know how to feel. Hard to know who to be angry at.

No, that wasn’t fully true.

Fox was angry at the sorcerer who was pulling the strings. The one none of them saw but was the reason demons, shifters, and sorcerers were out there determined to capture a dragon and any other type of shifter who could be sold. There was a magic user out there who enslaved a demon and then used it to slave others. Who convinced an ox shifter to join his ranks of his own free will because it was better than being an unwilling slave.

It was very easy to want to hunt and destroy a monster like that. Given the glares around the room, he wasn’t the only one who thought so.