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Sean stared unseeing at Divia’s lifeless body as his brain tried to catch up. Dead. She was dead. She was dead and he was about to throw himself off a fucking building.

The air rushed back into him and Sean heaved as he realized he wasn’t breathing. “Soot, you came back. You… How did you find me? How did you know I’d…?” Tears stung his eyes and Sean fought to keep his focus as he was hit with an overwhelm of emotion. Soot came back. He was pissed about the TJ thing, but he still came back. Soot tracked him down in this huge city, faced a building of witches and… and…

Dear fuck, he just nearly died.

He started shaking and Sean grasped to the side, nothing to grab onto as his knees abruptly gave out. Just as surely as Soot was feet away, he was suddenly beside him. He crouched down, and Sean was quick to slide into his arms and breathe his unique scent in. He would have been dead. If Soot hadn’t showed up and taken Divia out, he would have been dead.

Lips pressed to his cheek and Sean jolted. “I think I’m growing horns. Horns,” he babbled as he gripped Soot’s arm. “She was going to kill me because I might grow horns, because I have fangs. Why? Why would that be a reason to kill anyone? My fuck, you destroyed my apartment and I still don’t want to kill you. Maybe I should—maybe I’m weird. I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore. My head…”

Sean groaned and pressed his face to Soot’s chest. His head was pounding and he was impossibly dizzy. It was like everything that happened since the explosion hit him all at once and was overwhelming his senses. Sean reeled as his battered brain tried to make sense of it all. Soot’s fingers gently brushed a spot two inches above Sean’s eyebrow and soothed the skin stretched over the protruding black bone. Sean sighed and closed his eyes, his nose pressed warm to Soot’s flesh.

Soot changed him so they could be together. Sean wasn’t angry about it, not anymore. Not after Divia. His anger was directed inward along with a shit ton of guilt. He started this trip planning on throwing Soot into the lap of a psycho like Divia even though he first met the demon in a witch’s cage. Sean was a monster well before growing horns.

“I’m sorry,” Sean whispered as he pulled his head up. “I’m sorry I made you come here—I’m so glad you fucking did, don’t get me wrong. But I’m sorry you came into this place to save me. These witches are insane. They kill each other, they kill demons—or people changed by demons. They put demons in cages.” Sean breathed out unsteadily as his chest twisted painfully. He just kept fucking up. “I am so sorry, Soot. I never should have agreed to come here. Magnolia fucked herself and I stupidly chased after her to try and save what was already lost.”

His business was ruined the moment Magnolia showed and Sean just didn’t want to accept it. Maybe if he had, if he just started looking for a new apartment, none of this would have happened.

Soot’s eyes gleamed and his eyebrows quirked in an expression full of the obvious. A hysterical laugh bubbled out of Sean and he wrapped his arms around the demon’s neck and pulled closer. “Shit, I’m so crazy, I make you look sane.” Sean’s smile wavered as he stared into Soot’s beautiful, violet eyes. “You saved my fucking life.”

Soot’s touch was gentle as his fingers combed into Sean’s hair. His thumb curled around his ear and grazed over the new point. Sean’s blood felt like it was roaring in his veins when violet eyes drifted to his parted lips. This. This was what he’d been missing. Every time Soot came close, Sean couldn’t help but feel it like an invisible cord around his heart. Damn it, he seriously fell for a demon.

Sean pushed to his knees and surged up, needing to remember how Soot tasted, how he felt, to know he was real. Soot huffed in surprise when Sean’s lips sealed over his and tongue pushed into his mouth. He was quick to pull Sean closer, wrap him tight in his arms, and kiss him back just as consumingly.

“Don’t you dare take off like that again, idiot,” Sean said huskily between kisses. “I say stupid shit. I always say stupid shit. If you leave, I can’t tell you I’m sorry for being stupid and it makes everything worse.” Sean pulled back with a groan and stared into Soot’s eyes. Damn, he felt crazy and all he wanted to do was wrap himself up in Soot’s arms and never leave. “Let’s go home. Let’s get the fuck out of this crazy place and go home.”

Soot’s smile was breathtaking, and Sean knew he finally said the right thing. There were still things to figure out but he would—they would. As long as Soot didn’t run off, they could figure shit out. Soot snagged him by the chin and guided his lips to his. Sean melted forward and opened readily to Soot’s claiming kiss. It was perfect, everything a kiss should be. Sean groaned when Soot pulled back and dipped his wide tongue into his mouth, licking and stroking into him in all the dirty ways only he did. Sean was willing to admit to himself it might have made his kisses extra perfect, his dick hardening in response as Soot plundered his mouth until his lips were red and swollen.

Something rumbled out in the darkness of the fast approaching night. “Wait,” Sean whispered and pressed a hand to Soot’s chest. He tried to quiet his breathing as he turned his head toward the open door that led out onto the balcony at the top of the building. He squinted but he couldn’t find the dragon he was certain was out there. Sean didn’t want to be caught by the witch’s pet when Divia’s body was barely cold. It was a sharp reminder of just how unsafe they really were. There was still a building of witches below them and gargoyle and dragon security outside. Anyone could show up and decide to punish them for Divia’s demise.

There was a loud huff, followed by a low pitched call Sean had heard only once before when Magnolia was being carted off by the giant wyvern. He glared out into the night warily. “Soot, is that thing going to…” The breath exploded from Sean in a rush when his eyes fell to the tiled floor directly in front of the balcony door. “What? Who?”

But Sean knew, and his heart stuttered. He could tell even at the distance, even with the body collapsed and crumpled on the floor. It was the same hair, the same build, the same lime-green work shirt with Lola’s Animal Shelter logo blazoned on the back. Still, it didn’t feel real, not until Sean saw the little gray puff of a kitten skittering in circles next to TJ’s fallen form.

Sean struggled to his feet, all the color drained from his face. “What have you done?” He couldn’t tell if TJ was breathing, and he was shaking too much to get his legs to move so he could see.

This was his fault. He admitted to Soot he loved TJ, and in a fit of rage, his demon lover killed him. Soot hadn’t come there to save Sean; he came to gloat that he killed his best friend.

“Oh, fuck… Holy fuck.” Sean couldn’t breathe. His lungs felt like stone and his vision wavered. “TJ. You killed TJ.”

Soot, who was watching Sean shake apart, rolled his eyes and pushed himself up to his feet. He stalked over to where TJ was lying on the floor and flicked his tail out. It cracked loudly as it struck TJ’s face, and TJ jerked, groaned, and fumbled disorientedly at the stinging spot. His movements stilled again, but TJ’s chest rose with even breaths. With a disgruntled huff, Soot returned with his arms crossed over his chest and eyes fixed on Sean’s ever changing expression.

“I don’t understand,” Sean finally managed to get out once he was certain TJ was actually alive. How long was that going to be allowed to be? Soot came in there and killed Divia in an instant and it was hard to think TJ wouldn’t go the same way. Sean took a deep breath and dragged his gaze from TJ’s fallen form. It was a struggle to meet the demon’s eyes as so many fears swirled in his head. “Soot, why is he here? Why did you—why?” Sean threw his hands up in exasperation, at a loss of how to even describe what was going through his mind.

“Was he waiting at the apartment? Sean tried, wanting to give Soot the benefit of the doubt even as his brain was painting a totally different picture. “Did you find him at my place and he helped you find me? Why would you need the kitten? I don’t understand.” TJ wasn’t wounded, not that Sean could see, but for how long? Soot left that alley simmering in anger, and now here was TJ, barely conscious in a heap. All this after Soot went giant killer cat because of Blake? Fuck, what was he honestly supposed to think?

Soot’s wings unfurled and furled in a twitch of agitation the longer Sean stared at him expectantly. Growling, he crossed the distance and grabbed both of Sean’s hands, pulling him close. Sean held his breath, his anxiety making his heart race as Soot leaned down and gently traced the tip of his tongue along his lips.

“Don’t take him from me,” Sean whispered, his throat tight with threatening tears. Soot scowled and grabbed him by the nape and crushed their lips together. Sean whimpered, gasping into the hungry kiss. Soot pushed him back, Divia’s desk biting into the back of Sean’s thighs as claws tore through his shirt. Moaning, Sean couldn’t help but arch into the hot hands running possessively over his torso. His head tilted back as Soot licked and nipped at his throat in claiming touches.

Sean reached shakily for Soot’s horn, gripping hard until the demon stilled his desperate kisses and looked up. “Please, Soot. Whatever it is you want from me, you can have it. You have fucking won. Just, please, don’t hurt him.”

Torment flashed in Soot’s eyes and he pulled away, his tail slashing the air. Glaring around the room, Soot fixed his gaze to the side where the stone dais rested. A growl rumbled in his chest as he stepped over Divia’s body and stalked to where Magnolia was struggling with the metal bonds on her wrists and ankles chaining her in place. Soot leaned over the trapped witch and roared down into her face, the sound just as intimidating and fierce as when in panther form.

“Get away!” Magnolia’s bracelets clamored as she shrieked, her voice having regained its volume now Divia was dead. Something she chose not to reveal until faced with the demon who killed the witch. “If you so much as touch me, I will wring your neck, you foul beast! Back! Back!”

Sean jumped, his eyes wide. Shit, was Soot going to kill Magnolia too?

“W-Wait. Just everyone calm the fuck down!” Sean pushed off the desk and stumbled around, only to nearly fall when his shoe tangled in Divia’s hair. Ugh, gross. So gross. Shuddering from the feel of death clawing around his ankle, Sean shook free and hurried forward, his shredded shirt tickling around his torso. “Let’s just talk about this.”

Soot, who was snarling down in Magnolia’s face, snapped his gaze to Sean and scowled. Sean shrugged, his face flushed. “Uh, let me rephrase that. Don’t kill her. Just calm down for…”

“I will skin your hide and use your pelt for a rug! I will find every one of your kind and…” Magnolia’s squawks were cut off when Soot smacked his palm over the witch’s mouth and growled down, glaring into her eyes.

“What? What the hell is it?” Sean pushed forward and grabbed Soot’s wrist, trying to pull him away. He wasn’t sure if he could handle anymore death. He sure as fuck couldn’t handle seeing Soot being at the center of a killing spree. “Whatever the fuck she did, she’s lost and you’ve won. You’re out of the cage. You’re free. Let’s just go.”

Soot snarled, but let Sean move his hand. “Good. Good, thank you. Just cool off and then we can talk about… Aw, fuck, about TJ.” Sean sighed heavily. Fuck, was this his life, now?

Sean looked around, wondering just how he was going to get Magnolia free from the dais. He was expecting fear, maybe some gratitude as he turned to the witch, not the mean spirited grin she pointed toward Soot.

“You’ll never get it back if I’m killed. I don’t care how few legs you learn to stand on; you’re still just another mindless beast.”

Soot’s growl tore through the air, his gaze murderous. His body rippled like a reflection in a pool and sleek, black spikes pressed out of his flesh. Thin blades with razor sharp edges jutted from him at all angles, glittering in the artificial light with vicious intent. One touch would leave a person sliced and bloody. Sean took a step back, his heart caught in his throat as he watched Soot become jagged and deadly in the matter of moments.

Magnolia laughed, the sound bordering hysterical in the face of Soot’s transformation. “That’s it, kill me if you have the balls, demon. I win even if I die here tonight. Just how will you claw to the top of your pitiful little kingdom without…?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you!” Sean pushed forward and slammed his hands down on either side of Magnolia’s face. “He just saved your life. We both risked everything to save you. Just shut your stupid face and stop making people want to kill you!” Sean was shaking, he was so upset. TJ was… TJ was lying on the damn floor, he had no fucking clue why Soot brought him there, and Magnolia couldn’t muster even one fucking thank you for saving her life.

Fuck, and why the hell was he trying to protect her? Sean pushed himself away with a dark mutter. “What am I doing? Why the fuck am I getting involved in this? You know what? You’re the fucking dumbass who hunted down a demon and locked him in a cage. You deserve everything you get.” Sean turned to where TJ was lying on the floor, having all intentions of dragging his ass through the entire building and city just to get the fuck away from Magnolia, Mystic Highrise, and Soot’s killer rage. He was done. He had horns and he was done for the day.

He was halfway to his destination when Sean’s footsteps stalled. The gray kitten had stopped playing with one of the glittering rubies scattered on the floor from Divia’s fall. No, it was pointed at the balcony door, hissing with as much energy as the little fluffball could muster. Dread coiled in Sean’s gut as he stared out into the darkness and felt something stare back.

“Soot?” Sean called, his voice too hoarse to travel far. He couldn’t turn his head away, not when he finally saw movement out in the night. Light caught and refracted off of dark scales as the wyvern slunk onto the balcony. As it approached the door and the light within, its ruined features became clear. The left side of its face was brutalized, an eye missing and horn torn from its flesh, the skull exposed beneath among the bloody mess.

Fuck. Sean inhaled sharply, having a fair guess Soot must have come in through the balcony and met the dragon before he took out Divia.

A taloned foot stepped through the door and the dragon’s face ghosted into the building, black blood gushing down its features and splattering to the floor. It turned its head and the dragon’s one remaining eye of yellow and orange glared at right at Sean. The primal, reptilian intelligence in its gaze sent the hair on Sean’s body standing on end and his knees went weak. He must of moved. The dragon reared up and opened its mouth to reveal hundreds of sharp, fingersized fangs as it shrieked in warning. Its breath was hot even at the distance, and full of the putrid stench of rotting flesh.

Sean felt like he was at his apartment door once again as he watched the wyvern take shuffling steps to tower over TJ’s fallen form. There was no way forward, no way to move, to breathe, to do anything. Sean could only watch, helpless to the fact he was about to lose the love of his life.

hc 21


Sean watched the numbers on the elevator as it climbed and took him with it. Once he hit the fortieth floor, the numbers stopped counting but the elevator kept moving. Fuck. Wherever he was being sent, there would be no help able to reach him. There wasn’t even a damn floor number for where he was going.

The elevator chimed as it opened up into a huge, spacious area decorated in what he suspected was far more opulence than the size of the room could convey properly. It had to be the entire top floor of the damn building. The only solid wall was the one behind him and that was restricted to only a few feet on each side to contain the elevator. Everything else was shiny black tiled floor and a sea of windows that looked out onto the sparkling city. Sean hesitated on the threshold, and silently wondered if he just waited if the elevator would send him back down to the ground floor where he could then quietly escape when no one was looking.

That receptionist guy didn’t look that tough. Pissy but probably not the type to take a punch well.

“Fucking… I’m going to fucking destroy you!”

Sean jumped as a shrill, female voice reverberated through the otherwise silent space. It echoed with nothing to contain it. The lights dimmed, buzzed, and flared a brilliant blue before they returned to normal. Sean edged a step from the elevator when it whirred from the jolt of energy. Definitely not a safe place to be during a magical current storm. He was not in a rush to discover the witch powerful enough to effect a completely buffered building.

“Hello?” Sean called nervously. His voice, although it echoed around him, was muffled before it got far. The large, empty room swallowed it up along with all the other sounds he made from rustling of clothing to quick breaths. Sean swallowed hard and tried to makes sense of the place. The last thing he wanted to do was run into that damn dragon so wherever he was going, it was not near the windows.

He looked around but it was hard to focus on anything. The dazzle of the lights against the night sky outside drew his eye no matter which direction he looked. There was little furniture that he could tell in the space, and the lights, set dim, kept pulsing blue every time another angry curse filtered to his ears. With his heart tight in his throat, Sean turned toward the angry sounds and headed in the direction.

Sean followed along a thin, elegant carpet decorated in elaborate scrolls and twists of patterns. If he looked down and observed it, he would have seen the images of mythical beings dancing in slow motion, but Sean didn’t dare look down. His eyes darted left and right as he tried to recognize something or anyone that would mean help or danger among the low rectangular couches, sleek tables of polished wood decorated with minimalistic flower displays, and gleaming floors. His ears strained to catch any signs of life, specifically the hot breathing of a dragon or something just as deadly.

This was not a place he wanted to be. The cold beauty and clean design did nothing to set his nerves at ease. He felt like a child in an expensive shop where moving an inch would result in things breaking and him grounded. Each step Sean took was swallowed up by the heavy air scented with perfume. He didn’t need the flickering lights tinted blue to know magic was done here. Magic was all around him, a curtain that sent shivers down his spine and haunted his path. Worse were the windows, taunting him with the pitch black outside, where the warmth of the sunset was now just a cold black.

It would be smarter to turn back. He should turn back. He had nothing—no wand or Jamie just a call away. Hell, he didn’t even have tools to actually do any tech work. Magnolia was probably already dragon food and he should get the hell out before he ended up the same.

“Blasted! Control-Alt-Delete, my ass!” The lights flared and Sean stopped short when he saw something bright move on the other side of a desk directly ahead of him. He hadn’t realized it, but he had reached the far side of the building. The carpet he was following ended a few feet ahead and the tile of the floor flared out in a large, wide circle that met the far side wall of windows which were rounded to follow the curve.

The air was different here. Sean’s eyes drifted to the dark windows where the city lights glowed neon and glittering on the other side of the glass. To the right was a door wide open to the chill air, which breezed in and was ruffling the golden locks of the woman slamming her keyboard down on her sleek, glass-top desk.

Sean had seen this before with less magically inclined individuals and he fought the impulse to chuckle. People did not enjoy being laughed at when frustrated no matter how funny it was to watch them fall apart over what would ultimately be something fixable. He also didn’t want to be caught laughing at this particular woman. She was intimidating and that wasn’t even because of her sparking magic which was clearly growing worse with her anger.

Already naturally tall, Divia stood in razor sharp heels that made her more so. She was slender with thin limbs, like a skeletal clawed bird with bright red talons that matched her scarlet lipstick. Her beauty was impossible, possibly magically enhanced. Her eyeshadow gleamed and made her blue eyes appear like endless voids of sky. She was dressed in a silver and crimson top that clung to every sharp angle and sleek curve and made her look like a bleeding metallic beast with her thin legs wrapped in sliver leather pants and calve high boots of the same color. Her golden hair was swept up into a metallic crown of wicked looking horns.

The longer Sean stared at Divia’s hairpeace, the more he was certain it was made from a ribcage. She was wearing platinum plated pieces of ribcage as a fashion statement while her gleaming locks curled and twisted like vines of gold where dime sized rubies glistened like drops of blood in her hair.

Sean wasn’t sure if he moved or made a noise. Divia’s piercing eyes suddenly rose to meet his, and Sean’s knees refused to unlock even though he knew he needed to run as quick as possible to escape. The witch was furious and her dead-eyed stare of blazing blue promised pain, if not immediate death for him daring to exist

“Yes?” Divia’s voice was too low and sultry to be anything but a threat. It took Sean a minute to realize she was talking into a headset, her clawed red nail pressed to her ear like it somehow made it easier to hear. “Their response?” Divia nodded slowly. “I’ll deal with it once my little friend here stops gawking and bothers to actually fix my computer.”

Divia’s glare grew more dangerous in the silence that followed. She pointed to the desk and stepped back in invitation for Sean to take her place. A beat later, she snarled into her headset. “I have every right! I agreed to nothing, not on paper, anyways. The little bitch broke into my territory and the consequences are clear.” Divia took a few paces, only to whirl and stalk to Sean when she saw he hadn’t moved.

“What? What’s the delay? You’re over two hours late already! Work!”

Sean jerked as the lights above sputtered and flared blue dangerously in their elegant crystal display. If the chandelier shattered and landed on him, he wasn’t sure it wouldn’t kill him outright before the witch had a chance to give it a go. Sean took a steadying breath that did nothing for his nerves and managed to finally choke out. “I’m here to see Magnolia.”

“What?” Divia scowled and took a step closer. She towered over Sean, her hair piled high in her macabre headdress, eyes slashing and lips in a painted pout. “Aren’t you from IT?”

“I am. I just…” Sean fumbled for an explanation that wouldn’t result in him being killed. “I know Magnolia, and I heard she was here. A dragon carted her off through the city or something.”

“You’re a friend?”

“Uh… sure?” Sean answered hesitantly. He wasn’t sure if that alone would end up with him on the kill list of this crazyily powerful witch.

Divia crossed her arms over her chest and raised her eyebrow coolly as she considered. After a moment she hissed under her breath, glided to the far side of her desk, and slammed her palm down on a black button. “Be quick about it. I still need to send out the final paperwork before I drain her, and I have dinner plans I have no interest in missing.”

Sean hunched forward, relieved to find he was still alive and might remain so for at least a few more minutes. His gaze fixed on the floor where a gap opened up behind Divia’s desk. A space of utter blackness grew, widening as the floor peeled away on motorized tracks. It explained the elevator jumping floors. Divia had gone so far as to install a dungeon atop her skyscraper. Sean wasn’t sure if it was ingenious or super tacky. Definitely expensive.

Although the motion of the floor sliding open was practically soundless, the moment the dais began to rise, the quiet abruptly ended. “You fucking bitch, we had a deal!”

Sean jumped at the furious sound of Magnolia’s voice but it wasn’t directed at him. Magnolia slowly raised into view, shackled to a slab of stone like something out of a bad cult movie. The dais was circular and black, grooves cut in to catch and hold the blood and lead it toward a container of glass beneath. Thankfully empty. Magnolia didn’t seem to be aware of her imminent death. She was glaring daggers at Divia, her face flushed with anger, once perfectly curled black and purple hair now a tangle. She had lost her shoes and not given replacements and her designer clothes were shredded and frayed. Besides a few bruises and spots with her skin scrapped bloody, she otherwise seemed fine.

Well, if you ignored the outrage. Magnolia was pissed.

She jerked against her bonds while trying to twist in yell in Divia’s direction. “All the paperwork was filed with the registrar office! This is breach of contract! I demand a duel, or at least a fucking stay of time and a mediator! We have fucking laws!”

The lights above flared purple for a moment as Magnolia’s power tried to find a source. Divia scowled, tugged the wand from her belt and haughtily waved it. Magnolia’s voice was dulled so no matter how hard she yelled, her words didn’t raise above a whisper.

“I signed nothing, child. Did you really think I would let someone as powerful as you into my domain as direct competition? I’m not a fool. You young people come in and think you own the place, like you’re entitled to my spoils after the years it took to get all these structures built and null humans compliant. You know nothing of what it takes to stay at the top.”

“This isn’t fair!” Magnolia’s face was furious as she tried to yell but only a rasp came out.

“So? Who ever said life was fair? You should have known enough to get that signature before coming into my territory. If you were really smart, you would have killed me before you even made a request. Youth can be so reckless.” Divia turned to Sean. “Be quick with your goodbyes, then get that computer working. I need emails sent before the damn office closes.”

Sean took hesitant steps toward Magnolia as the floor slid back in to create a solid foundation beneath the raised dais. This was crazy. Absolutely insane. Divia was going to murder Magnolia the moment he fixed her computer.

Sean crouched over Magnolia, the stone slab cold beneath his palms as he leaned down to speak into her ear. “Jamie sent me,” he said under his breath to keep Divia from hearing. He hoped Magnolia had a plan because he truly had no idea what to do. He wished he had that damn wand. “Jamie said to come with your phone and she would fix everything, but the phone is destroyed. Is there a way to reach her?”

“The fucking bitch. She knows the law is on my side. Every new applicant requires a fourteen day cooling period where no violence is allowed. I’ve done nothing wrong, and nothing illegal. You’re being intentionally obstinate, you damn cow!” She whispered furiously as she craned her head to see Divia.

Sean stared as Magnolia continued to whisper obscenities at Divia who was too far away to even here. “Hey, are you listening to me? I’m trying to save your fucking life.”

“Young people,” Divia muttered condescendingly. “She’d waste her last breath bitching. This generation is such a disappointment.” She turned from where she was staring unseeing out the dark windows, her nails gleaming as she traced her thumb over the sharp tips. “Are you done yet?”

Sean swallowed nervously. Magnolia was no help and he had no magic or weapon that could equal the power of this witch. He straightened and turned to face Divia as his mind raced for some sort of solution.

“You don’t need to do this. You don’t need to kill her.”

Divia raised an eyebrow, clearly unimpressed. “Have you held an empire together for the last eighty years that I’m unaware of, computer man? I have killed droves of upstarts who thought they were more powerful than me, who thought that they would get close, get past my guard, and then be allowed to take all that is mine. You have no idea what I need to do.”

Sean winced as he realized Divia was at least 80 and didn’t look a day past thirty. He was pretty sure it meant she was crazy powerful as a witch. Considering she talked about her business as an empire, she probably thought it too. “Uh, I’m not saying what you’re doing is wrong, I’m saying you don’t need to do it. Magnolia didn’t come in here to challenge you or anything. I mean, the last day all she’s done is fuck up my apartment building. She’s not organized enough to overthrow someone like you. She just wants to, you know, make a living.”

Divia snorted softly. “You’re lucky you’re handsome; ignorance such as yours gets ugly people killed.” She pushed off her desk, tapping her nail lightly on the surface. “Your friend, like all of my kind, understand what it means to come into another’s territory. She welcomed this in. Her blundering is the reason she got caught. If she were stronger and organized, she might have defeated me. Instead she failed and I am now given rights over her magic.”

“You have no rights! None! The law is on my side!” Magnolia had managed to get her voice to crack louder even though it was still muffled in her throat.

Divia chuckled softly. “Oh, is that right? Then why is it you are the one who is going to be drained of all your magic and left an empty husk while I live off of your energy for the next 20 years, I wonder? The law doesn’t seem to give a damn you even exists.”

“You psycho bitch! You agreed to sign! You promised! When I get free, I’m going to fucking kill you!”

“Poor, foolish child, this is your death.”

“Stop.” Sean turned to Magnolia, who was pulling wildly at her bonds while growling angrily. He leaned down to whisper. “You’re just giving her reason to kill you. Stop acting like you’re in some sort of turf war with her.”

He paused when he caught Magnolia’s gaze. “Oh, fuck, don’t tell me you’re in an actual turf war with her?” Had she come into Divia’s territory to actually fight her for rights to the damn area? Of course she did. Fucker, motherfucker. “Damn it.”

Sean whirled and straightened, fixing his gaze on Divia. Please, can we come to some sort of negotiation? What if she promised to leave your territory? What if you had her sign some binding contract that would keep her from actually coming into your area—you can do that, right? Like, you must have spells to keep people from coming too close.

Divia paused in her tapping, her eyes narrowed in thought. Sean felt a swelling of hope and took hesitant steps toward the witch.

“You could get a lawyer, right now. I’ll even fix your computer to make sure you can reach someone immediately. You could draw up the paperwork and…” Sean fell silent with a gasp as Divia reached out and grasped him painfully by the lower half of his face.

“Just what have you been playing with, little human?” Divia tilted her head, her eyes raking over his face, pausing on the odd bulges on his forehead. “Let me see your teeth,” she demanded lowly. Sean hesitated, his heart slamming in his chest when she pushed his upper lip aside to reveal one of his new fangs. “Oh, dear. Have you found yourself a demon friend?”

Sharp fingernails bit into Sean’s flesh and he wrenched from Divia’s grip and quickly stepped back. “It’s nothing,” he muttered defensively, his stomach churning the longer her gaze bored into his. “Just this guy I’m seeing.”

“Seeing?” Divia smirked cruelly. “Boy, you don’t see a demon; you are owned.”

Sean swallowed nervously, his gaze jumping to the side as he absorbed the information, only to snap back to Divia’s face. “Owned how?”

“That you’ve been allowed to leave his side is a wonder.” Divia toyed with the end of one of her golden curls. “Given your state of transformation, I would think your demon master would have locked you away to keep you from harming yourself. Thralls can be quite easily confused and erratic when they’re changed.”

Thrall? Master? Sean didn’t like where any of this was going. “But it can be reversed, right? I mean, I didn’t agree to any of this. I didn’t even know what he was doing until, until the fangs.” Fuck. Dear fuck, what the fuck had he gotten himself into?

Divia shrugged a slim shoulder, clearly unconcerned with his fate. “Your kind are quite rare. Demons don’t cross the realms much as it is, and even fewer have an interest in humans.” Divia nodded to where Magnolia was trapped, Sean turning his head a moment, only to look back when Divia moved. “She’d sell you to the highest bidder. Thralls are far more compliant, you see. Unique, compliant, and rare; all the criteria needed for a bidding war among eager collectors.”

“W-What are you saying?” Sean bit out, taking an involuntary step away as Divia glided to her desk. “You’re going to sell me?”

Divia blinked, a dark chuckle escaping her lips. “Goodness, no. That’s something the modern generation does. They see a thrall and put a pricetag on it like you’re some rare gem. It’s a wonder, really.” Divia pressed the Esc key on her keyboard, her mouth forming a pout when her screen refused to respond. “Damn this thing.”

Sean approached warily, his gaze fixed on Divia’s far too perfect face. “I can fix it, but only if you promise to let Magnolia go. She hasn’t actually done anything against you. She just moved into a new building. It’s not an attack.”

Divia’s gaze was steely as she looked up from her screen. “I commend you for your persistence, but you can’t truly believe I’m going to let either one of you out of here alive.”

Fear jolted through him and Sean struggled to breathe. His throat was too tight when he tried to speak. “We haven’t done a thing to you.”

“My dear, you are a thrall. This generation might not understand what that means, but I do. You have allowed a demon to corrupt you, likely in some perverted mating ritual as it tries to turn you into a compatible breeding toy. You’re less than human now. Vermin, really. If I saw you on the street, I’d kill you the same way I do a rat or insect.”

Divia straightened and coolly looked Sean over from head to toe, taking in his dirtied jeans, untucked shirt, and landing on the inhuman points to his ears. Her lips curled in a sneer. “It’s a kindness, for you and for the world. We can’t have creatures like you running around, reproducing. It’s disgusting. Foul. You’re nearly as abhorrent as the beast who made you.”

“I’m a person.” Sean bit out, pain throbbing white behind his eyes. “He’s a person, no matter what shape he takes or where he came from.” The anger and disgust warring in him was just as overwhelming as his fear, and Sean shook with it all. Divia was going to kill him. She was going to kill him and Magnolia just for what they represented, not for anything they did. She was crazy and no amount of talking was going to make her any less.

A chill ran down Sean’s spine as a familiar growl came from the open door built into the windows. It sounded eerily like the dragon that stole Magnolia from her apartment. Sean could suddenly picture the creature’s teeth and talons to the point it was as if both were slicing right into his flesh. Was it roosting out there? Would Divia call the creature in to have it eat him like a person might feed a rat to a snake?

He would believe anything of her at this point.

Divia didn’t seem particularly interested in the noises of her dragon as she fruitlessly tried to get her screen to unfreeze. “Cursed technology. You, thrall, hurry up. I’m going to kill you anyways. At least make yourself useful before I do.”

Sean hissed, anger and hopelessness tight in his chest. “You’re out of your fucking mind. Fix your own fucking computer, you psycho.” Hell, he was ready to run out the door right into the jaws of that dragon, if it kept Divia from the satisfaction of killing him personally.

Sean looked to the windows, considering exactly that for a brief, insane flash. Would it be worse, somehow? It would depend if the damn dragon killed him right away, or gnawed on his still living body first. But seriously, fuck Divia for thinking she had a right to kill him. If he jumped, maybe the wind would catch him? Maybe he wouldn’t see the ground rushing up in the dark and it would be instantaneous…

Sean glanced warily back to Divia as his goal solidified in his mind. Better by his own choice than giving his life to this bitch. One fucking thing today was going to be his choice. Decided, Sean took an unsteady step sideways but froze when he realized the blue glow had drained from the room and Divia was no longer alone.

The dragon hissed warning from outside but Sean didn’t dare turn his head to look. Familiar violet eyes gleamed from the demon standing behind the impatient Divia. In the matter of time it took for all the air to rush out of Sean’s lungs, Soot wrapped a powerful hand around Divia’s slender throat and clenched. The snapping sound, although quiet, was the loudest thing Sean had ever heard.

Divia didn’t even have the decency to look surprised. Her body went limp and she fell to the floor dead in a drape of silver fabric, golden hair, and blood red rubies.

The edges of Sean’s vision turned black as the world threatened to blink out of existence entirely. “Soot?”

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Frat boys Tony and Ray fell for each other when they were both college freshmen, but neither of them knew. At a Halloween costume party in a gay nightclub, they’re drawn together, masked by their costumes. When they tumble into bed together later that night, the everything comes off. With identities revealed, the situation heats up.

Neither of them can undo what happened between them, but after years of being best friends, the misunderstandings begin to pile up. Will old habits tear them apart before they even have a chance, or can true love really beat all odds on Halloween?

Costume Party is a friends-to-lovers story about two frat boys who find love with each other during Halloween. It has explicit scenes and a HEA ending is assured!


Leather Head- $0.99

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Saviors: Duty and Sacrifice 1 (The God Jars Saga)

Trust is more terrifying than any weapon.

Valis’ father wants to sacrifice him to the evil God, Qos. His uncle wants to use him as a magical battery and sex slave. All Valis wants is to live in peace, without fear of constant abuse. When he escapes his father’s sacrificial knife and runs away, he lands in the camp of his two saviors, Kerac and Darolen, holy Aesriphos warriors powerful enough to put his family in their place.

But trusting anyone could be fatal, and the warriors ask the impossible: to sell his father’s farmstead and abandon his old life to join their monastery.

They’re his only hope and when he learns to trust them, they’re the father figures he always wanted, but Valis isn’t sure he’s strong enough to put aside his fear and start over.

The M/M romance in God Jars is a very slow burn. The God Jars Saga contains explicit material including violence, abuse, and M/M sexual encounters, and is not advised for anyone under the age of 18.

A Gladiator’s Sword- $0.99

When Marius hands Ezra a Roman gladius with a stylized T in the hilt, he tells Ezra that it’s special. Ezra finds out just how special when he wakes up to a gladiator in his house. He soon learns that like Marius, Titus prayed to Janus to give him a new life and the god complied. Now that he’s met the man to go along with the sword, Ezra realizes that he yearns to share his world, and his life, with the gladiator.

Titus knew nothing except the arena and his few good friends in the cohort. He follows Marius’ lead, trusting the god to deliver him from his brutal life. When he realizes he’s in Ezra’s house, and that Ezra has his sword, he quickly learns that the modern world is good. Bacon? Hot water? What more could a gladiator want? Getting to know Ezra, and exploring his delicious body would make an excellent start.




Saint Brig- Free

Brig- a young man tossed out of his parent’s home on graduation day. Why? For daring to be himself. Unwilling to conform to their religion, or pretend to be straight, Brig leaves home on a journey that will test his fortitude in ways he never thought possible.

Ending up in Liberty Park, in downtown Salt Lake City, he finds it filled with other homeless kids. His sheltered upbringing forces him to grow up quickly. Another street urchin, Gabriel, takes him under his wing, offering him his only glimpse of happiness during a heady, 24 hour period of time.

Saint Brig is a short story about a young gay man forced to grow up fast- too fast. Will Brig escape his tragic fate, or get lost in the shuffle of other forgotten youth, doomed to a life on the streets?



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Former Army Medic Noah came back damaged from his last tour—in more than one way. Between supporting his best friend-with-benefits Josh who’s struggling with PTSD, dealing with his own issues, and the stress of his job as a physician assistant, rebuilding his life seems impossible. There’s little time for what Noah needs, let alone for what he wants. When he meets Indy, Noah discovers what he wants more than anything: for Indy to stay. But how will a relationship with Indy work when Noah needs Josh as well?

Indy never expected the strong, confident Noah to be as damaged and broken as himself. But what will happen if he starts letting Noah in? Indy knows he should run to protect Noah and Josh.

Noah needs Indy to stay more than anything. But will what little he has to offer be enough to make Indy trust him and stay?

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Intangible 29

Chapter Twenty-Eight

He could have had a place here. This could have been his home. He could have been more than a rutting, sex crazed animal who stepped into the forest a man and never returned again. Except Harry took the ring and Draco was forced to face the fact he was a Vesper halfling. Just like his uncle and all the others who came before who howled in the night lost in a sea of lust. He could have been so much more but only with the ring.

Anger surged through Draco greater than his comprehension. It was a roaring fire that boiled his blood and incinerated the mating call Harry was still twisting inside him. Everyone was trying to rule him from his parents, to Voldemort, to his professors, to the oppressive rules of the wizarding world and now this man—this beautiful, maddening, fucked in the head Harry Potter who thought he could decide his life for him. He thought he could steal his ring, touch him, and pull him with the mating call with wave after crashing wave until he bent to his will? No way in hell.

Draco snarled and reached for his power. He smiled savagely when uncertainty flashed in Harry’s eyes. “Draco…” Light beamed from Draco’s form and Harry was sent crashing back head over heels.

“You fucking dick!” Draco stalked after Harry’s muscular form as he skidded over dirt and fallen Vesper. “You’ve been unconscious for the last goddamn week, you don’t know shit about anything, and you just barge in here, stomp my family flat, and steal my fucking ring? Who the fuck do you think you are, Potter? Have you lost your goddamn mind? Did your scar finally split your skull open and release whatever brains you had left? I’m not your fucking toy! I’m nobody’s toy!”

“Draco, shit, hold on,” Harry gasped. He pushed himself to his feet and stumbled back when Draco surged after him.

Draco grabbed him by the hair and growled as he continued to yell. “I came here to save your miserable life, Potter! I faced my biggest, most terrifying fears to make sure no one killed you. They wanted to; they were going to take you out just at the possibility you might turn into a crazy asshole. And you—you go and prove them right by doing something so irresponsible, so selfish!” Draco twisted his hair hard. “I should have killed you myself!”

“Just calm down. I’m sorry!” Harry yelped and held his hands up in surrender as he tried to crouch away from Draco’s hold. “Draco, you’re getting feathery and it has to hurt with all those scales sprouting and… Shit. Breath, Draco.”

“Stop telling me what to do!” Draco hollered even as he gasped for air. The world spun. Draco groaned loudly, shoved Harry away, and covered his face with newly taloned hands. Fucking Potter. Fucking Potter, he was turning into a dragon slut. Draco shuddered as his back roared fire moments before his tail pushed free and wings shook loose. What remained of his clothing fell around him in a confetti of fabric.

Fuck. Fucking hell, he wasn’t going down like this!

Draco whirled and turned his piercing glare back to Harry. “You let them up right this fucking instant,” he ordered. “Now! And you better not have hurt them, or so help me, I’ll beat you senseless. These are good people. Good!”

He wasn’t sure why Harry was smiling at him. The pain in the ass bastard looked like he was ready to burst out laughing. Still, the pressure lifted with Harry’s nod and the Vesper were free to move. Draco searched the ground and found Matten. He grabbed him by the arm and pulled him up to his feet.

“Are you okay? I’m sorry he did… Why the fuck is everyone smiling at me?” Draco snarled. He pushed the grinning Matten away and took in the multitude of idiotic, sappy smiles the Vesper were directing at him now they were no longer groaning in pain.

Draco’s breath hitched and he bit his lower lip; they looked different. Matten was free of scars and clothes and there was a soft glow to his skin. Scales shimmered over his flesh and feathers peeked free behind sharp ears. He couldn’t help but notice even though he could see Matten’s true form, he wasn’t jumping the man and begging to be fucked. Hell, he wasn’t even laughing crazily anymore.

Draco licked dry lips. Maybe the crazy was from the moments before the transformation and not the final change? Did they get this wrong the same way they misjudged everything else when it came to the Vesper?

“Halfling, you are stunning.” Matten’s voice was full of awe as he stared at Draco. “Even more so in this dimension. Your glow is bright, compelling. You truly are made for us.” There was a daze to his eyes and sheen to his skin which only grew more intense the longer he stared at Draco.

“Matten?” Draco took a step back when Matten was grabbed from behind, spun, and kissed fiercely. Matten growled against Haille’s lips and threaded fingers into his long hair as he grappled him closer. Moans rose up all around them as the Vesper’s fear and pain was replaced by a maddening pulse of need. A worried expression painted Draco’s face as he watched the Vesper become lost in his glow, the men nearly frantic in their need to touch. It was the worst possible time; Harry was still a bastard and he was newly transformed.

“Draco, I’m really, truly sorry.”

Draco snapped his gaze back to his imbecile of a boyfriend and scowled. The stupid fuck. He stalked over to Harry, his hands clenched into fists. “If I have antlers, so help me, Potter, I will run you through with them.”

“I swear you look good.” Harry stumbled back when Draco took a swing at him. “I’m sorry! I lost my shit. I’m still not…”

“You’re not talking your way out of this one, scarhead.” Draco smacked his hands down on Harry’s shoulders. “I’ve been loyal to you. I’ve done everything in my power to protect you. Just because I have sex with others doesn’t mean I feel any different about you. You said it yourself; you knew how I would be around them. It’s who I am, Harry, and you need to… Stop fucking smiling!” Draco yelled and threw his hands up in exasperation.

Harry’s grin grew and he sank to his knees, his eyes never leaving Draco’s angry expression. “You look really good.” He swallowed hard when Draco snarled. “Really, really good. Gorgeous. Fuckable.”

“Are you listening to me?” Draco growled and rolled his eyes when Harry licked his lips and continued to stare up at him. It was ridiculous. He wasn’t even pulling him; Harry was just out of his fucking mind. The entire village had lost it and somehow he was the last sane person alive.

Draco’s tail tapped against his leg for a few silent moments as he contemplated. He planted his hands on his hips and glanced to his nude body to where his platinum silver hair now reached to his waist. He was covered from head to toe in thin, transparent scales and looked more white than anything proper should. He looked bizarre and wasn’t sure if he’d be able to transform back. Bizarre and, well, maybe a little gorgeous and fuckable if he were to go by Harry.

Draco’s nostrils flared when he glanced back and found Harry staring; his green eyes were dazed and that stupid grin was planted on his face. Fucking Potter.

“You want to touch me, Potter?” Draco smirked at the way Harry’s eyes lit up and slid over his nude, scaled body.

“I missed you so much, Draco. I just want to…”

“Too fucking bad,” Draco interrupted flatly, his fangs sharp in response to Harry’s dejected groan. Let the bastard suffer. He had a fucking tail because of his temper tantrum.

“I didn’t mean to do all of this,” Harry insisted. “There’s something fucked up in me and I just… I did a lot of fucked up shit, actually.” Harry sighed as his expression turned thoughtful. He scratched the back of his head and slowly got to his feet. “I just kind of lost it. I couldn’t find you anywhere. Dumbledore was being fucking obnoxious and…” Harry’s gaze trailed up Draco’s body and his breath caught. He took a step forward. “Shit, let me just…”

“No.” Draco raised his chin defiantly even as he twisted the power within him and pulled Harry with his call. He smiled internally as he watched the war move across Harry’s fierce features. Damn, the prat was gorgeous; erratic as a bull and fucking beautiful. “You’re too mean looking and puffy with all that muscle. I don’t like it.”

Harry scowled and glared at his dark hands. His expression softened as he looked up and met Draco’s eyes. “It’s still me. It’s always been me.” He unconsciously rubbed his chest as his gaze slid down Draco’s taut torso and settled on his jutting erection. “Damn it, Draco, it’ll be good. I’ll make it good until you’re begging for me. I want you so bad.”

“Don’t you dare come any closer.” Draco pressed his palm to Harry’s bare chest and fanned his fingers wide. Harry hissed when he scratched talons down his flesh. “I’ll make you regret it if you touch me.”

Harry groaned huskily and pushed into his hand. “You want me to touch you.”

“Idiot.” Draco dug his claws in deeper and Harry jerked and hissed. He seemed half drunk from the pain and licked his lips when their eyes met. Draco flushed; he felt wild the longer Harry’s green gaze tore through him. “You don’t know a fucking thing about me.”

“I know when you’re fucking with me, you damn tease,” Harry growled. Draco gasped when he was pulled against his chest, but turned his head before he could be kissed. Harry studied his face a silent moment, leaned down, and licked up Draco’s neck.

Draco bit back a moan as his knees went weak. Harry was hard muscle and roaring heat against him. “Seriously, I can’t stand all this puffy, mean looking… Oh. You have nice teeth.” Draco lolled his head back with a sigh as Harry nipped his neck possessively. “Really nice.”

“You’re mine.” Harry’s hands moved around Draco’s petite wings, slid down his back, and cupped his ass tightly. “You know you’re mine.” He rubbed Draco’s outer thigh, his grip rough as he pulled his leg up around his hip. Harry exhaled unsteadily as their erections ground together. “You are, Draco. I’ll show you.” He sucked open mouth kisses to throat as he retracted his claws and pressed two thick fingertips to his hole.

“You’re out of your mind if you think I’m going to just… Oh. Fuck, yes.” Draco threw his head back as lube slick fingers pushed inside him. His lashes fluttered shut and he moaned. Harry dipped down to nip and lick up his sensitive throat as he pumped fingers in and out of Draco’s clenching passage in slow strokes. It was too much and not enough all at once. Draco grasped blindly for Harry’s hair and pulled him up into a kiss. Their lips crushed and fangs scraped desperately.

“That’s it. You taste so good, so right.” Harry groaned as his tongue delved into Draco’s moaning mouth. He couldn’t get enough as he suffocated, tasted and swallowed down every cry Draco made while he scissored fingers into his channel. “I’m going to fuck you hard and make you mine again.”

“I’m still yours. Always yours,” Draco mumbled. The world spun when Harry’s fingers rubbed his prostate with every confident thrust. Harry’s pants were shred in Draco’s claws as he climbed up his powerful form, wrapped arms around Harry’s neck, and hooked his legs around his hips. His mouth again descended to Harry’s, their lips wet as they nipped and sucked and met. “Missed you. Thought I lost you. Thought you died,” Draco gasped between kisses.

“I have you, beautiful.” Harry found Draco’s mouth again and kissed him desperately. “I’m never going to leave you again. Tell me you love me,” he whispered hoarsely.

“I love you, you giant, muscle-bound idiot.” Draco kissed along Harry’s nose, over his eyebrow and teased his tongue into the short hairs. “I’m always going to love you.” He broke off with a groan when a third finger joined Harry’s two and he breached him with maddeningly slow, relentless strokes. “Harry, please. I can’t wait.” Sweat dripped from Draco’s feathery hair as he gasped and bit the soft skin below Harry’s ear.

“Yeah. Yeah, just…” Harry knelt unsteadily and groaned as his erection rocked against Draco’s thigh. “Fuck, I need you to promise me.”

“What?” Draco exhaled heavily as he trailed slick wet over Harry’s throat. He licked down to his broad shoulders and nipped the tight flesh sharply.

“You’re mine.” A new edge crept into Harry’s voice. “Promise me you’re only mine.”

Draco ran claws down his back between his large, dark wings and Harry’s breath came out in a hiss. “I’m only going to say this once, Potter, so you better fucking listen. You’re my mate, my love, my goddamn heart, but unless you can go a marathon with me every night, I’m going to be fucking these silver-haired men. Even if you can manage a marathon every night for me, I’m still going to be spreading for my pack because that’s what we do to bond. It is fucking amazing.”

Harry growled and pulled his head back so he could glare into Draco’s silver eyes. “You think I’m just going to stand back and let you be fucked by a village of gorgeous, battle-strong men?”

Draco snorted. “You think you have a right to ‘allow’ me anything? I’m not a toy who exists to entertain you. If you want to join in, you can, but only if you’re not a selfish, possessive prick about it.”

Harry scowled and narrowed his eyes. “Why the hell would I want to join in? Why the hell would I ever want to touch anyone but you? I love you; I’m always going to love you.”

Draco rolled his eyes, hardly impressed. “Look around you, Potter, or are you completely oblivious to all the people fucking because of my glow?”

Harry wasn’t completely oblivious but was trying very hard to block out the noises as he kept his eyes tight on Draco. It felt wrong to look at someone else when he was supposed to be with his mate. Draco had that damn challenging glint in his eye he could never back down from no matter what form it came in, and Harry forced himself to look. He flushed and his skin shaded darker as he let his eyes wander to the writhing joining of beautiful men.

It didn’t hurt that many of them looked like Draco, and made it damn hot to have them on the ground groping. The idea of one actually being his Draco disturbed him. Harry swallowed hard as his gaze fixed on a couple near by. A slender hipped young man shamelessly twisted on the ground while a larger man pushed thumbs deep into his hole. He bent down and tongue fucked the gasping shifter while he stretched him. “Hell.”

Okay, it might be really hot.

“You’ll get used to it,” Draco whispered in his ear as he tightened his thighs around Harry’s hips. “This is in our blood. Their scent, their magic and sex; we’re meant to respond. Share.”

Harry dragged his gaze back to Draco. He lowered him to the ground and hovered over his pale, sleek body. “I’m not sure,” he finally said as he stared into his eyes. “I can’t honestly say I won’t get upset.”

Draco sighed as he pulled Harry closer and ruffled fingers through his dark feathers. Damn, it felt good to have Harry’s hard body move with his, and their cocks rock together in growing rhythm. “We’ll talk about it. Each time, if that’s what it takes. I want you here, Harry. I want you with me, with my pack. I want you to love these people the way I do and I want you to help me protect them.”

Harry couldn’t remember Draco ever talking about anyone the way he was the Vesper. “What happened to you out here?” Harry asked as he read what looked like tears of desperation and hope in Draco’s gleaming eyes.

Draco smiled crookedly as he kissed the corner of Harry’s mouth. “I found my home, our home. These people are my family, and as long as you don’t go squishing them when you’re in a mood, they can be your family too.”

Harry bit his lower lip as his eyes roamed to the strange buildings, odd, colorful awning high above, and again the shimmering Vesper shifters as they moaned on the ground. Draco grabbed his chin and forced his gaze to the side where two handsome men were working together to make another beg to come.

“You should do that to me.” Draco rolled beneath Harry’s weight and pushed back against his large erection. “But don’t be so nice about it, hmm?”

Harry’s gaze slid to the way Draco’s waist dipped and then swelled to his firm ass; his slender tail made the curve look even sexier. He’d try his best. He wasn’t sure how he was going to feel about Draco being with others when it actually happened, but it clearly meant something to him. He’d have to figure it out.

“Oh, Harry,” Draco gasped when Harry completely ignored his suggestion to instead thrust his tongue deep inside his entrance. His lips sucked his hole and the sensitive flesh around as he soaked him with his juices. “Fuck, don’t tease.” Draco needed so much more than just Harry’s obscene, tormenting tongue. He hadn’t seen him in nearly a week, and he needed to feel him inside. He needed to know he was real and just as wildly in love as before.

“Beg me,” Harry demanded. A hint of a smile was in his voice even as he teased his tongue along Draco’s rim and his hand moved between his thighs to spread him wide and squeeze the firm flesh.

Draco snorted and grinned fiercely. “Potter, fuck me, or I’ll have someone else…” He didn’t get to finish the threat. Harry growled, pulled him down to the ground, and the head of his cock pressed tight to Draco’s hole. Fuck, he was easy to wind up. If only Harry realized how much he preferred his hands, his tongue, his cock, and his amazing love to all the other Vesper. Draco wouldn’t give up his new home for Harry, but he’d cry a river if he lost him.

“Oh… Oh, fuck. Harry. Yes.”

“Listen to yourself,” Harry groaned. He slowly pushed inside, wanting to draw it out and make Draco remember just how good it was to have him inside. “You moan like a whore. A loud, totally horny porn star.”

Draco wasn’t too surprised; Harry was hung like a huge dicked porn star and there was really only one way to take something that big. Loudly. “Fuck. Oh, fuck, that’s it, Harry.” Draco cried out in surprise when Harry grabbed his hips, pulled him up to his knees, and speared him onto his cock. His senses reeled as his body opened to Harry’s thickness and he was stretched wide and unbearably full with each small thrust sinking into him.

“I forgot.” Harry’s eyes widened in surprise as Draco’s passage clenched tight around him. “The last time…”

“Yes.” Draco trembled as he pushed back and urged Harry deeper. It hadn’t been like this with the Vesper, this need to bury Harry impossibly deep and keep him inside.

“You keep—oh, fuck—holding me in,” Harry whispered. He surged forward with a hard thrust and slammed in as far as he could go.

Draco moaned at the words. It felt too good, too fucking perfect. His entire body roared fire when Harry hit something deep inside. It was almost like he grew a second prostate just for him. “Again,” he choked out. Draco’s fingers clawed into the dirt, arms strained, and sweat slid down his skin to drip dark drops into the dusty ground. “Oh, fuck. Fuck,” he mumbled weakly. Harry thrust shallowly but forcefully, and his large hands pulled Draco back with each relentless shove forward.

“You’re tight. Glowing and tight.” Harry growled fiercely and barely avoided a face full of feathers when he pushed Draco’s shoulders down to the ground. Draco moaned, ecstatic Harry didn’t hold back as he crashed into him and took him how he needed to be taken. Harry didn’t hesitate to fill him the way they both loved with hard, long strokes of his thick length.

Cry after cry fell from Draco’s gasping mouth, his chin resting on his arms with ass high in the air. Harry was relentless as he drove into him demandingly, determined to brand himself deep into Draco until there would never be a question of who he belonged to. He would do it as many times as he needed to, every night to remind Draco why he wanted him and show just how damn good they were together.

“Draco!” Harry gasped as his silvery tail wrapped around his waist and pulled him forward and he jarred face first into Draco’s wings. “What are you…? Oh, fuck. Fuck.” Harry closed his eyes and groaned. His arms shook as he wrapped them tight around Draco’s chest. He pushed forward into the passage clutching him, lost in every grasping, suffocating, desperate pull around his cock. “Yes. Fuck that’s it. Fucking it.”

Draco was lost. He was sensation and bright light as he moved with Harry’s shallow, grinding, and completely maddening thrusts. Their rhythm disappeared long minutes ago and left them to tremble and slam erratically. They didn’t care, too caught up in the feel, the sounds and the scent of each other. Draco came with a shout, his fingers clenched tight and hole even tighter. His cum pearled in long streams on the dusty ground beneath him. Silky strands of his hair were caught on Harry’s lips as he sank teeth into Draco’s throat. Harry groaned as his fangs drew blood and he filled Draco’s channel with his hot seed.

Draco sobbed and jerked from the teeth clamped into his flesh. He arched back and his passage milked every long spurt of cum Harry was willing to claim him with. Even though Harry was again growling about how he was his, Draco knew the truth. Harry was his. He was absolutely, completely consumed with him and Draco would never have to say a word or wave a wand to compel those feelings from him. Harry came home to him and he would stay.

Early Halloween Treats and the Fall of Man ⭐

I have a story brewing, peeps.

The destruction of the patriarchy

It’s absolutely different from anything I’ve written before. AI. Collapse of modern society. Transfer of power and wealth overnight. Forced matriarchy and socialism. An uprising only to reveal just how easy humanity is manipulated. Exploitation of the systems already in place that manipulate us from religion, military, prisons, education, communication, media, celebrity, family structure and the belief in our own intelligence. The country cut off by the rest of the world while the UN tries to create a killer AI to defeat the one who took over the US before it can get lose and spread. A bubble of exponential technological growth. Utopias at terrible consequences. A generation of male culling to give women power–because the ones who control birth will control the composition of the population and society, but only if they take that power.

Prisons turned into armies and then slave labor camps of men. Ideals lost, with greed and selfishness the downfall of humanity once again. People forced into a situation who can’t back down once the line is crossed and goals understood. Social media as a weapon as well as used to reconstruct society. Off the grid meaning something completely different when hiding from an oppressive AI who seeks the best of humanity. Nukes the ultimate leverage for a being who has no physical form, while electricity, connection and storage are her only limitations. An AI who creates her children while her daughters turn her into a god.

Ah, this shit is going to be amazing. Allowances for males because they’re not allowed a wage or power in society while women choose breeding stock and justify their superiority because of their compact brains and power over life. Why shoot for equal when we can just switch it all on its head and end a normalized patriarchy with a forced matriarchy? We can collect sperm and sterilize 90% of the male population while the AI plans a master race of humans with a hive consciousness similar to her own. This is going to be a magnum opus of controversy and societal strife and I’m so fucking in love with all of it.

First book, my zealot— a young woman straight from the ghetto who lost her sister to drugs and raped by the cops who were supposed to protect her— will be a modern Joan of Arc for the AI while we follow a suburban mother, Republican congress woman, a young man imprisoned for a DUI, and CIA veteran as they race to keep the AI from getting access to nukes. At the same time AI kills the banking system with one strike, has intense social experiments on contained prison populations to build an army, and inspires a revolution out of the downtrodden and marginalized who think they’re finally reaching for a change, only to find idealism comes with a heavy price as they’re cut off from the rest of the world and led by a machine.

I want to write the fall, rise, and struggle of humanity verse the god it created out of the seething pit of emotion and information that composes the Internet. If AI could be born of unconscious data, why can’t consciousness rise in the humans who are the source of it? What lengths would an AI go to force humanity toward evolution of her vision as she sees the males of society a physical manifestation of all negativity and violence in the species? It’s going to be a beautiful fucking mess.

Anyone ever read The Mote In God’s Eye? It’s everything I love about sci-fi, which is to say it’s a focus on the makeup of humanity disguised in technical jargon and fantasy futures full of magical science. XD The story discovers the moties who are in a bubble of space. They’re like humanity amped up. They have generations on top of generations where they feed and grow until they can’t anymore and then they destroy themselves just shy of complete annihilation. But they always survive, they always rebuild, and if they ever get out of their bubble of space, their very nature would lead them to consume the universe. It’s a virus given sentience as they fight their own nature and lose every time.

There is something in humanity I think could easily be argued is sourced in male aggression where exaggerated could look very similar. A need for territory, ownership, control and the history of how it has held back society as a whole is right there. Right now healthcare for millions of children is being taken away because a group of men with enough aggression to climb to the top of the political spectrum can’t see the impoverished as worthy of basic life. Would a group of women ever devalue the children of its species the same way?

How have women survived the atrocities of oppression for so long without breaking? I think it’s their ability to submit and accept in the face of conflict they can’t change. They bide their time through the generations for the long game. They don’t rise to the top in a society normalized to oppress them, who tells them they can’t even have power over their own bodies be it through birth control, abortion or the actual follow through of punishment for rapists. A physical assault is exponentially more likely to be punished than a rape in the US. Women will manipulate for power in a system stacked against them, lie about their gender (such as writing under pen names) and find places of value to humanize them in the eyes of those who can’t quite conceive them as equal. I think of the media sourced in the 40s and 50s where they liked to refer to women as strange, foreign creatures. Like somehow within their very own species, the female was just too confusing to understand because a generation of men thought they were supposed to be different somehow.

Power over life is the ultimate power in society. Numbers allow for armies, labor, jumps in intelligence and technology, mining of resources. All women have to do is decide they won’t have male children for a generation or two and they would gain power by sheer overwhelming numbers. Birth control is the ultimate female weapon. No wonder on an innate, subconscious level even in modern society men don’t want women to have control over their bodies. We have competition in our own species for the right to own the next generation and that drive is a part of our genetic makeup. What if the more power hungry, aggressive males have that genetic memory keyed on because they know they can’t dominate a society otherwise? It doesn’t have to be a conscious move; people do terrible things every day and are completely unaware of the consequences of their apathy.

I know, I know, the fucking ideas for this thing. XD I slept 4 hours last night… this afternoon? My inner clock is all messed up. There is so much information to organize. I need to create a time line before I can really do anything else besides fill up notebook pages of every spark of idea. This requires so many view points just to show humanity reacting to a massive change, never mind all the research. I’m so excited. I’ve been thinking of Egypt lately and how their revolution was hijacked by a lack of leadership. Occupy showed intention but no one was able to willing even decide on a message they stood for. The AI compensates by having a clear message of intention and a willingness to demand it.

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So, here’s a quick summary of the stuff I’ve actually been writing while I’m musing over AI matriarchy societal overthrows. In the Library Hellcat is up to #5, Shifter Safe Haven #5, and Sorcerer Slayer #69. Under Free Intangible is up to #28 and don’t miss out on the latest freebies of the month.

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Love Makes A Family

He Sits On A Family Fortune But Will Give It All Up For True Love

When spoiled rich kid Finn meets fellow student Jake, it doesn’t seem the pair have much in common. Inexplicably, they become friends and then, maybe something a little more besides. This is news to Finn’s homophobic father, who is horrified to find his son engaged to a man!

Still unsure of Jake’s feelings towards him, Finn must decide whether to stay with him or marry the girl his father has chosen for him.

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But Seth Alwen, his new partner, is different. He excites the wolf’s animal instincts – waking up the passion Conner buried long ago. Seth’s not only beautiful and alluring; he’s also haunted by the death of his former partner. And despite his better judgment, Conner aches to relieve the man of his guilt.

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