Demon Bonded #11 Now In Kindle Unlimited!

Hey babes,

Super quick newsletter this week. I wanted to let you know Demon Bonded #11 Cocky Self Inflicted Wounds is now available on Amazon Kindle Unlimited. So, if you’re an Amazon fan, you can now read it there for free with a KU subscription. It’ll be there for 90 days, then it goes wide with the rest of the Demon Bonded series on other platforms.

It looks like the tea tree oil mold treatment is working. It’s not as thorough as I hoped, but I think once I box up and remove all my books from the house, the rest will fall into place… hopefully. I’m kinda pissed I’m losing all my books. I’ve collected art books for years, some beautiful pieces that are now infested with mold. This thing took over my house really quick, destroyed a lot of property, and I’m not sure what’s going to be salvageable by the end. But hey, I got my health and my writing flow back, and that’s what matters.

Oh, and in case you missed it, Wendy’s book ‘Zeus: Conquering His Heart’ is free for the weekend. Snag it while it’s free (and hot! <3)