March 18

Motherfucking IDEAS!!! *flail*

My fucking brain, peeps, seriously. Just fuck my damn brain. This is my life now. Either I’m perfectly responsible and write the shit I’m ‘supposed to’ write because I’ve made commitments, or I go on a fucking bender making something totally new, and super crazy, and it should exists and I want to do it!!!

I think spring is hitting and my hibernation is over. My brain hibernation. @_@ Seriously, fuck my life if I start reacting to mold once the heat hits. I’m experimenting with probiotics that are known to produce dopamine in the hopes if I get my gut biome balanced out, the Parkinson’s will be cured.–Ha, talk about ideas; let’s cure Parkinson’s on the side, yeah? (but really, let’s. Why the fuck not?)

So my current flailing has to do with this super cute, ridiculously fun (and totally raunchy) idea of someone moving into one of those haunted houses–you know the drill. Satanic rituals/what have you committed before the cult leader killed off everyone and was dragged away to be insane in prison until dead. The main character knows something is wrong, is certain there is a monster in the closet. So he places a stuffed animal in there to protect him, and when he retrieves it in the morning, the stuffed animal is possessed by a very protective, very horny demon who has characteristics of both fluffy cuteness and creepy demon.

Oh, and this closet portal to hell is not a one time door. Our fluffy horndog of a demon can summon friends by transferring them into the empty shells of stuffed animals and go on a fuck fest, all while dealing with some overarching plot of evil trying to destroy our main character for living in the hell house of doom.

And wouldn’t it just be extra fucking awesome as a visual novel with cool art and sexy visuals??!???! Like, it could be my practice run before tackling something giant like Demon Virus?

!!!!!!!! *dies* XD I know! I need to be, like, 50 fucking people so I can write this while working on PATB. I need, like, a zillion bucks so I can just hire people to make this shit while I write the proper stuff. Argh! Fuck adulting. Fuck my damn brain for having so many fun ideas and only belonging in this limited body of slowness. GAH! (what’s it like to want, Sadie? It fucking sucks, thank you! Fuck you, brain.) *slams head against table* @_@