Minor Construction…

Totally forgot to mention, you’re all getting a free month! ♥ I know updates have been shit with me doing all this work. The goal is once it’s all done, it’s content focused from then on.

Hey babes, emails are slowly being sent out (this process is way too slow! @[email protected]) In them you’ll be getting your new password connected with your paypal address to login. Your new membership will expire the same day the other membership was planned to, but at that time you will need to resubscribe because it won’t automatically draw from your paypal. I’m doing this to ensure no one is charged multiple times in this process. Sorry for any confusion as you find your subscription cancelled and yet have a subscription still. @[email protected]

New site is built and $5 option memberships are made.♥ I’m going to be posting the links to the new library here for now until everyone is fully transferred over.

New Library
New Account Area

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.