Ky was on his feet before he was fully awake. It took him a moment, his eyes narrowed and full of sleep when another loud knock came from the door across the room.

“Ky, we need to talk.”

Ky recognized his father’s voice and internally groaned. He rubbed at his eyes with his palm as he sought out a pair of pants. He looked around. Mag was curled up back in the corner by the bathroom, his wings tight around him like a shield, one eye peeking out. Ky flashed him a reassuring smile. Feral and Lovely were on the bed, trying to burrow down no matter how loud his father knocked. Ky wanted more than anything to be with them atm.


Yeah, hold on. I’m coming.

Where’s your mother’s car?

Aw, shit. He slapped his hand to his forehead. He had totally forgotten.

When Ky opens the door, he lies through his teeth, knowing Marcus doesn’t want to know how he got home really. I got a ride. Some girl named Piper.

We didn’t hear you come in. We were waiting. You didn’t even have dinner.

Ky ignored the churning in his stomach at the thought of food.

Marcus, a plea for the wands, a hardness in his eyes. He’s too afraid to cross into the room. Ky pulls a shirt on while his father makes demands he has no intention of ever meeting. This was not the way he wanted to start the day.

I want an ultimatum from Marcus. He doesn’t want Ky involved with these people. He doesn’t want him involved in magic at all. He needs to stop this.

Or what?

Marcus is tense, his jaw grit, eyes haunted. I don’t know, Ky. I can’t live with this nonsense. I can’t wonder about your safety. I can’t have the police coming down here to tell me you took a flying leap off a building to see if you could fly or something. I can’t do this. So either you need to stop this path you’re taking or… he takes a deep breath, his eyes turning from Ky. I don’t know. This can’t continue.

Ky is left feeling hollow. He’s going to lose them. He’s losing his father over this shit, and possibly his mother too. This wasn’t his choice, this wasn’t what he wanted, but it’s not like he had any other option. He wasn’t going to abandon the Relics. He wasn’t going to let them be killed off by a coven of slave traders. Not if he could help it, anyways.


What? Marcus seemed jolted from his thoughts to hear Ky speak.

Okay. You have to do what you have to do. Ky pulled a boot up his leg, zipping the side until it was snug at the top of his calf. An idea struck, and he grabbed Anselm’s wand from his bureau. It tucked perfectly into the side of the boot and Ky quickly pulled the other on so he could hide Tobias’s wand away as well. Marcus watched him warily when Ky approached and pushed Livia’s car keys into his hand. I have to go. That hearing this is in an hour and I want to be ready.

Ky… Marcus stared at his hand, then back to Ky. Where is this place? How are you getting there? Do you have a plan to get home?

Ky fights the familiar dread as he wonders if he’s ever coming back. Don’t worry about it. I’m really sorry about mom’s car. Ky paused when he heard the rattle of chains behind him and Marcus stiffened. Ky tried to read his father’s face as he peered behind him into his room to where Magnificent had shifted on the floor.

Ky felt a deep twinge of pity as he watched the fear wage with renewed anger on Marcus’s features. I am sorry, dad. Really.

Marcus blinked, fixing his harried gaze back his way.

That I’m doing this to you. That I brought it all back. Ky nodded to the gargoyles above. They’re about the most boring thing in this entire house and you can’t even handle them. It should have died with Anselm, but I ruined it. I’m sorry I fucked it all up for you. I’m sorry I keep scaring you.


Once Marcus is gone, Ky turns to find Lovely sitting up waiting for him. Feral was gone, and Ky glanced at the ceiling, sensing he was above in the attic. Maybe he was hiding, afraid to show him the fear he felt. A tentative plan had formed in Ky’s mind before he finally slept, and he feels a mild peace as he stands in front of Lovely and slides fingers through his long hair.

I’m coming with you.

No. Ky gives him a long look. If I take your collar off, will it break the link?

Lovely refuses to answer, his expression grim.

What if I take my collar off? Will that break all my links to the relics connected to me?

That would be madness! You would be completely defenseless.

It was the answer Ky wanted, and a weight lifted from his chest. He stalked over to his bureau, looking for his eyeliner. Lovely watched him through the mirror.

What are you going to do?

I don’t know. All I know is I can’t trust these sorcerers. So if it goes bad and it looks like they’re going to kill me, I’m cutting you all loose. His eyes met Lovely’s through the mirror. Which is why you can’t come with me. You need to be able to run. Liem knows you’re here and I’m sure he’ll go for Magnificent Night the moment he thinks he can get away with it. The chains cripple him and the wards here aren’t great, so… yeah. Ky fell silent, thinking of how he failed even that. Couldn’t make a fucking ward work to protect his family.

He peered into the mirror, carefully outlining his eyes in black. He looked older, grim. His new earring glinted and he paused, staring at it a moment. The fear had left him last night. Maybe from the ritual, knowing he carried a piece of Tobias within, the strength of a monster plus a piece of every relic he ever bonded to. Or maybe his fear had grown so big it had just swallowed him up, because he didn’t feel like himself this morning. The air felt heavy, like a storm was coming, but Ky was calm, ready.

Ky, don’t do this. Lovely’s hand grasped his arm and slid down to twine their fingers together. You don’t need to be alone. We are stronger together.

Ky smiled faintly. Even now, Lovely thought of him instead of his own fragile existence. He knew what would happen if those sorcerers got a hold of the relics. He couldn’t let it happen. Mag’s a requiem. That means he can feed you. Take care of him, Lovely. He’s really broken. He’s going to need someone like you; someone who cares. You should take my brush, he added softly as he looked to where Mag was curled up on the floor. Take care of his hair.

Ky, listen to me. We can fight. Lovely shook the links on Ky’s collar. If you summon us all, we can fight and win against these sorcerers.

Ky shook his head. How many sorcerers will be there? Do they have wards to keep relics from being summoned in? Will they just kill me the second I step into that place? I don’t even know where the hell I’m going. Ky placed his hands on Lovely’s shoulders, relieved to find they were steady. I’ll take my master collar off. When I do, you need to run. Right away. You know this is the only option.

Ky could see the understanding in his eyes even if his jaw was set in a defiant expression. I’m sorry I said those things to you. I’m sorry I got everything so confused. I love you so much and…

Stop apologizing, Lovely hissed, grabbing two fistfuls of Ky’s hair and kissing him fiercely. Ky whimpered, opening to the brutal kiss, a sigh escaping him when Lovely pulled away to glare down at him. You’re coming back. You’re coming home. I did not bond with you just to have you die!

Ky smiled breathlessly, his heart feeling too big for his chest as he stared up into Lovely’s beautiful, mismatched eyes. He could see tears trying to break free, and Ky slid his hand up, rubbing his thumb over Lovely’s red lips. I’m not planning on dying. But if it happens, I’ll feel a lot better if I know that you’ll live through it. That you’ll run and find a safe place to hide. Promise me, Lovely. Just promise me this and I can face whatever the hell I have to face today.

Lovely’s glare grew. With a hiss, he released him and whirled away, his tail slashing the air. I will never be able to find you in this world if you take that collar off. If they capture you, I will not be able to save you. He turned back, pointing at Ky aggressively, his brows in a sharp V. You do not take it off unless you’re going to die, you understand? Even then… frrl. He turned away again, his voice breaking and a tear streaking down his cheek. I can heal. I’m a healer. Do not be rash with this decision, sweetling.

I won’t. Ky licked his lips, watching Lovely’s tail twitch in agitation. I won’t do that to you.

Good. Wipes at his face brusquely. Redless! Time is running out.

Ky looked to the wardrobe, not surprised to find Feral watching. Feral stepped forward, a long piece of black leather draped over his arm. Mag’s head shot up when he saw it, his eyes narrowed as he sniffed the air.

It’s the master’s old coat. Unfolds it and holds it up. You should dress like them. Do not let them think lowly of you. You are a master summoner with many demons, not one of those apprentices. You must blend in with these sorcerers. Show no emotion. Most important, do not let them see you feed. Feral’s eyes bore into his. If they know what you are, you will never be free.

Ky nodded stiffly, staring at the coat that smelled like dust and maybe it was his imagination, but old blood. It was a long leather trench coat with smooth onyx buttons inlaid with geometric silver designs. Embroidered cuffs, silk lining of black on black paisleys. It looked like Anselm had stolen it from a vampire’s castle. Ky’s lips twisted down and his brows furrowed. Were vampires real?

Wear it. Place Anselm’s wand here. Feral pointed to a hidden pocket made specifically to hold the instrument. No matter what, let no one touch you or take your wand. He held the coat up and Ky turned, sliding his arms into the leather. He felt mildly sick, like he was sliding into Anselm’s skin. 15 years dead and the man still haunted his clothes. Ky glanced at himself in the mirror, glaring at who he saw there. He was cloaked nearly as black as the relics, but instead of shadows it was magic and pompous ceremony. He pulled his hair up into a ponytail, his bangs half obscuring his face. He sought out his black lipstick and traced the color onto his lips. He didn’t care what people saw when they looked at him, but the last thing he wanted to do was look like Anselm when he said goodbye to Mag.

Feral’s fingers teased along the strands of his ponytail, and Ky turned.

Act like an asshole, whelp. Like the world is dirt beneath your shoes. Like you don’t care if relics are killed, just so long as you’re doing the killing. Don’t let them see your heart. I know men like this. Any weakness, any, and they will use it against you. Don’t fall for their lies and don’t cry. Bawl when you come home, not out there.

Feral’s eyes glared into him, and Ky could feel his fear. If I come home crying, you can’t make fun of me, Ky pointed out quietly.

Come home. We’ll see how much I can tease you then. He turned his head to where Mag was sitting. You better come home, whelp. No one else can help him the way you can.

Ky took heavy steps to where Mag was, his eyes on his curled horns and bowed head. Ky wished he had washed his hair last night. Wished he had brushed it until it shone. Wished he found a way to get those chains off of him. Wished there had just been more time to watch this man return to life and see who he really was.

I’m leaving. He crouched down when Mag refused to lift his head. Lovely and Feral will be here if you need anything. And if something happens… If I can’t convince these assholes that Tobias’s relics are mine, and it all goes to shit… Ky trailed off. Feral and Lovely will take care of you. They’re good people, Mag. I know it can be hard to trust, but you can trust them. You’re going to be fine.

Mag didn’t say anything, and Ky worried it was the coat, his face, every reminder of the man he kept insisting was really dead. Maybe it was just the blatant lie. Ky didn’t want it to be a lie but he had little hope Mag would be okay without someone to love him, wait for him to heal. I have to go. I don’t want to give them an excuse to come back here. He pushed up and jolted when Mag’s tail wrapped around his wrist.

Mag pulled him down until Ky’s head was resting on his shoulder. His wings wrapped around them, a dark sanctuary of heat and fluttering shadows. Ky understood why Mag hid in his wings now. It was peaceful and muffled the world outside to almost bearable. Thank you, Ky whispered. For not giving up after all this time. I won’t give up either.

Ky takes the card off the top of the bureau and grabs his lighter for his incense. The fear is palpable coming from the relics. This is an enemy they have never been able to defeat. They hadn’t won against Anselm, no it took a monster they all feared to kill the sorcerer. They didn’t fully know just how fragile a sorcerer could be—Ky only knew because he saw Tobias die. They were still just humans. Death would eventually take them. If he had any say, far sooner than later.

Ky lights the card, not sure what to expect. His eyes go wide when the flame turns green and he’s sucked into it hand first in a flash. The card falls to the ground and burns out while the three relics stare.

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(Pretty sure this and the Mayor scene before will all break down to a few scenes to fill it all out. Maybe follow with the weirdo being far more weird than even before in the background when Deon’s getting to the car.)

Tommy seems extra pissed at him even though Raven basically ignored him during class, Deon getting in late. Tommy kept sniffing around Deon, growling under his breath. Raven, he wants to make it up to him. Fix things between them. There’s nothing to fix, dickhead. He’s got strict rules and hitting him crossed the fucking line. It was an accident. He knows how he gets around that time of the month. Things were getting crazy for him. The wolf was excited and—Shut it. He doesn’t care. Come on, Raven. They were good together. Really fucking good. Raven with his nasty mouth and him with his huge—The only thing big about him was his ego. Get the fuck over it already. He blew his chance and he’s done. Don’t make him get the elders involved. Shit, did their time together mean nothing to him? It was less than a week, Raven points out flatly. He only gave him a shot because T had seemed really genuine. But less than a week and manages to fuck up that bad? Yeah, no way in fuck he’s making that mistake again.

Raven’s in a skirt again, this time a short black slinky thing, stripped arm warmers with a flare of pink and tights with skulls on them. The kid looks fucking hot and sexy and a little girly, Deon unable to stop staring at the boy’s boots. They’re the ones he had suggested that night, black leather covered in laces and with a tall heel. When Raven gets up at the end of class, cute bag on his shoulder, Deon stands, telling him he likes his boots. Smiling to himself, Raven grabs Deon by the collar, pulling him after him out the door and glaring at Tommy when the boy growls.

Pulls Deon into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. Wait, what about Tommy? Fuck, Tommy. He only went out with him because he was Chris’s besty and wouldn’t shut the fuck up about giving him a chance. He made out with the guy once and he thought they were fucking married or something. He’s just a stupid wolf that can’t keep his temper in check.

Raven starts moving his hands down Deon’s biceps, squeezing appreciatively, Deon’s mind skipping over the wolf comment. He think about what they talked about yesterday? About liking cock? Gulping, Deon nods. He thinks he might be Bi. It wasn’t something he thought about much but some guys, some guys he likes the look of. A lot. Liking how someone looks and wanting to touch a dick are two different things. He might be dressed like a chick but he’s seriously a guy under his skirt. Deon knows, his hands sliding down the outside of Raven’s thighs, liking how silky smooth his tights are. Does he? Raven is a little breathless, moving one of Deon’s hands to the inside of his thigh, spreading his leg. They’re connected with a garter belt, Deon groaning when he finds where Raven’s sleek stockings end and his hot flesh begins. Raven gasps when Deon brushes fingers lightly over his balls, his hard dick straining against his silky thong underwear.

Breathing heavily, Deon pulls Raven tight to his body, walking the boy back and pushing him up against the counter of the sinks. Pushes the boy’s skirt up over his hips, legs spread, growling when he finds the boy’s cock straining out of his underwear. “This is for me, right? Not that idiot that can’t take no for an answer? I don’t want to be some rebound thing.”

Raven’s expression is dark lust as he pulls Deon down inches from his mouth. “It’s for you, if you can handle it. Tommy is fucking nothing to me. I swear.”

Deon nods, closing the distance, needing to know if the last kiss had been a fluke, just a moment of insanity. It’s just as hot, just as wild and desperate to him and he pulls back, Raven leaning on the mirror looking up at him flushed, legs spread open shamelessly and dick rock hard. Deon can’t stop looking at it, almost like his mind is trying to piece it all together. Girl, girl, girl, guy. So much fucking guy. Hairless at every inch, smooth, soft and so hard. But it’s hot. Really fucking hot in a way he can’t fully fathom.

Can I…?

Yeah. Raven’s breathing hard when Deon slips between his knees, the boy’s dark hands smoothing the crease of his thighs, teasing under the edge of his panties. Eyes moving down his body, he slowly tugs his lacy thong down, peeling it from his straining erection. He was flushed pink, the hot flesh full of need yet still somehow sweet like the rest of Raven. He was absolutely hairless, Deon’s fingers pushing his panties down to find the boy’s hole just as pink and sweet. Feeling unbearably hot, he ran his large thumb down his perineum, Raven gasping softly as he stroked around his rim.

Careful there, baby, Raven whispers, pulling Deon close and nipping his ear. I have a really cute ass and I’m very particular about just who I’m willing to stretch it out for. Deon nods, shuddering at the implications while also getting the message loud and clear. It was something he’d have to earn. Looking into Raven’s blue violet eyes, he was more than willing to do whatever the fuck it took to make this boy trust him that much.

Suck me, Raven says in his ear, his lips wet on his flesh. I want to know you’re going to spend the rest of today with my cum on your breath.

Fuck. Deon kisses the boy hard, Raven chuckling and opening his mouth to his insistent tongue.



(Probably looking at 2 scenes here, maybe 3 is I want to show Raven's uncertainty as he waits for a reaction from Deon. He knew out of all the ways to spring this particular info, he chose to be as blunt and rude as possible.)

Deon has Raven in the same science class but gets so frustrated when he tries to talk to her. He’s so nervous, he accidentally slams his hand between two desks as he sits. He had hoped he had just been really weird the other day—He can’t understand what it is about her that is driving him so crazy. Raven tells some other guy off for bugging him about Tommy, swearing up a storm while looking gorgeous. The disdain in her eyes is maddening and Deon would be happy to have that look directed at him.

The weirdo from the train is waiting for Deon after his class. The guy is plain out weird, and Deon wants to ask if he ate that rabbit raw or cooked it first. He keeps asking strange questions or just making remarks that don’t feel ‘right,’ like the guy isn’t quite all there. Deon needs to take a leak and hopes the guy won’t follow, but he does.

Raven comes slamming in, and the weirdo says he should use the chick’s bathroom.

For real, get the fuck over it. Everyone knows he’s a guy. Frozen in shock, Deon glances over when Raven comes up to the urinal next to him. A guy. Holy fuck, she’s a he. Raven arranges his jeans and leather skirt back in place, glancing his way and smirking, Deon lucky to have not pissed on his shoes. ‘Not bad, Avery. Not bad at all.’ Blushing red, Deon zips up quickly, gasping loudly while Raven saunters out after washing his hands and checking his makeup.

The weirdo comes up to him, glaring at the closed door. Don’t worry about the fag. He looks but he doesn’t touch. Those high and mighty Precents have lofty standards. Too bad that fire didn’t finish the whole bloodline off.

Deon nods dully. What? Snaps out of it to glare at the guy. What the fuck did you just say?

Guy just shrugs, his arms up defensively, but it’s clear in his eyes he’s not sorry. They call it a cleansing for a reason, man. He leaves before Deon can do anything.

Deon can’t focus on that weird shit, his mind whirling. Seeing Raven’s dick had not made him any less beautiful but it really fucking should have. Holy fuck, he couldn’t stop thinking of it. Seeing it. She has a dick. She has a fucking dick and it was nearly as big as his. What would it feel like? Like, would it just be like anal with a chick but… penis? Shit, was he gay? Holy shit. Splashes water on his face, glaring at his reflection. His stomach was in knots, he was flushed and dizzy, but he was also seconds from getting hard. Holy fuck.

No, if he was gay he would have liked a boy before this. Right? Raven doesn’t look like a boy… But his dick sure did. It looked like a perfectly normal boy’s. Fuck. He had never felt like this before for anyone… Raven had this strength, confidence and no bullshit attitude. All things he had liked in his guy friends—but only as friends. Oh god. Leans head on wall, feeling absolutely stupid and crazy.

By the end of the day after running into Raven in the hall after class Deon realizes he has to find out for sure. He knows Raven’s a dude now but he can’t stop blushing, can’t stop the way his heart is racing. He can see all the signs that screams guy now, like Raven’s shoulders or his large hands or the way his hips are so narrow. His ass is still fucking tight… Did he like the kid because he looked like the hottest fucking chick he had ever seen? Or did he like him because he was actually sporting a dick? He has to know.



(An actual show of responsibility and expectation on Raven’s side. A potential marriage prospect and why things have dragged out as long as they have. Let’s mention Raven’s duties at home and how he has been the primary caretaker for the kids since he was 15. I want a response to the fire ‘tragedy’ seeing as Raven is more informed about what happened that night and the dangers lurking. He doesn’t know the entire story, but while half the town calls his parents traitors, half see them as heroes. The distinction is extreme and focused completely on the wolf packs.)

Wed afternoon

Raven needs to have a meeting with a prospective wolf, older, distinguished. Raven compromises on his appearance, keeping to a tight black pant suit, cut feminine but at least it wasn’t a dress. He still did his makeup but didn’t add any crazy colors in. He was even in flats—well, two inches. It was flat to him. He looked flawless, beautiful, but ultimately boring. Chris had glared and pleaded for him to just dress like a guy for one fucking hour. But Chris didn’t understand how much of a struggle this already was. He felt plain, boring, and every time he caught his reflection he wanted to do something with his hair which he had kept down and straight for a silky finish. He missed his tattoos, missed his piercings. Missed him. He liked feeling pretty—Fuck, he didn’t know himself when he wasn’t feeling pretty and wild. But this wasn’t about him. This was never about him. This was about the town and the people that depended on him. This was about his family that was starving because as the Sentry, he wasn’t allowed to work and make money and Chris wasn’t allowed to run the pack until Raven was squared away with. This was about the kids and Raven tried to think of them as he caught sight of the wolves arriving outside.

The arrangement, the house he’d live in, the family he would join, the prestige, etc. How his family would be provided for.

I want Raven’s match to be clear that he might not mind the way the boy dresses but he doesn’t think it’s appropriate for the pack. It will undermine his position. Perhaps at home out of sight. His clothing now is fine but the makeup was a bit much. Would he mind taking it off for him? Raven dips his napkin in a water glass, swiping at his left eye, only to stop, sighing deeply.

You don’t need to hide under all that. I’m sure you’re lovely—

I’m not hiding, Mr. __. This is who I am and asking me to change that is like asking me to cut off a limb.

Surely you’re exaggerating.

Raven fixes him with a hard glare. He runs his fingers through his hair, purple and silver highlights streaking through and sparkling. No, I’m not. How would you feel if I asked you to never transform into a wolf? That you could go out and run in the wilds but you could not turn into a wolf because it would undermine my position as Sentry? That you would need to remain only half of yourself—even though you would surely survive—so that you’d be able to afford to feed your family and self?

Silent for long moments, he eventually nods. I can understand your point, truly, but I’m afraid I cannot concede to it. Not only am I faced on a daily basis with a very traditional group of men and women that look to me for guidance and protection but I have to consider my own desires as well. I’m seeking a mate that knows who he is and has nothing to hide. I’m not impressed by superficialities such as beauty and designer clothing.

Raven is growing stiffer by the moment. Mr. __ my appearance is not intended to impress anyone.

But you are trying to shock, you must agree to that. You’re clearly looking for attention. Either out of some ill placed need for sexual congress or some statement on—

My appearance is just my appearance. Would you like for me to suggest that every time you bothered to shave and comb your hair it was because you’re hoping to get laid? Must I feel ashamed for the fact that other people find me attractive?

Do they? Is it you they find attractive or the layers of makeup and outlandish clothing? Does anyone even see you under all that?

Feeling slapped, Raven sat back, staring determinedly at his hands.

I did not mean for that to come out as harshly as it did. I’m a lot older than you and long past the care for

Age can always afford rudeness, Raven said hollowly. He was standing before he realized it.

He stands as well. Mr. Lucent, please—

Mr. __, I have a responsibility to my family to ensure that they have everything they could need to bring them happiness. I have a duty to this town and every person living here to protect them from the dark forces that lurk just outside these borders. I also have an obligation to myself—and although the many people I protect may not see this obligation, it is just as important as any other task I do. I must be true to myself. I must nurture, love, and respect who I am so that when I am feeling the weight of my many responsibilities, I do not break beneath them all.

I did not mean to suggest that your role in the town was not essential. There is no one more capable—If your mother had been half as powerful, surely that tragedy never would have occurred. Please, Mr. Lucent, stay. I was thinking only of myself and not your situation.

Blinking back the sting of tears, Raven focused on the man, finding his eyes had softened. I just need a moment to freshen up, he whispered, heading towards the bathroom. He pauses at the door ways, the male and female signs with their simple pants and skirt. He wasn’t a woman and didn’t wish to be one. He was a man that enjoyed wearing the same clothing that women did. He wasn’t ashamed of his body, he didn’t think he was in the wrong form or that there was anything wrong with him. It was the world that was fucked up. The one that said that just because he was born with a dick he needed to dress a certain way, act a certain way, and accept being treated a certain way for choosing to be different. But he hadn’t chosen to be different, this was just the way he was. Even a gay man like Mr. __ who had fought with his pack for the right to love someone of the same gender still couldn’t understand how ridiculous it was that he was just trying to fight for the right to wear a skirt and makeup and not be treated like a freak for it.

Stepping into the man’s bathroom, he went to the sink, washing his hands and patting his face with water. Staring at his dull reflection, he began magicking it to something more his style. He was beautiful like this. Fierce. He never should have compromised on who he was. It was like Deon had said—he had a job to do that required him to show the world he was fucking awesome. And if the world wanted to criticize him for it, well, that was their fucking problem. This was who he was.

Steps back out, Mr. __ standing when he reaches the table. He ignores the judgment in the man’s eyes, sitting tall and meeting his gaze boldly. So why, Mr. __, should I, the Sentry, be interested in marrying into the __ pack?

This meeting will end with a no but this wolf will show an understanding that will bring a yes later and cause Raven’s conflict with Deon.


Teddy stumbled into the house with the envelope clutched in his hand. He felt confused, dizzy and aching. The noon light outside had dazzled his senses and the house was dim and cool in comparison. He groaned in frustration as his dick throbbed for release. He was still hard. Teddy kicked his sneakers off, afraid of ruining his favorite tiger rug. Granny Emma said it was one of a kind. He could hear Emma in the kitchen calling his name and Teddy steadied himself while pushing down his erection. He needed to get washed before Lief came over.

“Teddy!” Emma’s voice echoed through the house.

“Coming,” he called, and winced at how hoarse he sounded. Teddy took uncoordinated steps down the hall. He stopped short when Lief pushed the swinging kitchen door open and stepped out. “Oh, no!”

Lief blinked when Teddy wailed in dismay. “Uh…”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to be late! Were you waiting long? Did I ruin everything?” Oh, he was such a mess and Lief just looked perfect! He was dressed in crisp white shorts and a tight red and white short sleeve shirt. Even his sneakers and socks matched, white with red embellishments. Lief didn’t look like the summer heat had touched him at all even though it was sweltering out.

“Uh, nothing is ruined. We haven’t even started yet.” Lief smiled assuring. “We were waiting for you before we cut the cake.”

“Oh.” Teddy pushed at his damp curls while stealing a glance at Lief’s face. He was so handsome, it was hard to even think straight around him. “Happy birthday!” he blurted the moment he realized he hadn’t said it yet.

“Thanks.” Lief’s smile grew. “I think it will be, now that you’re here.”

Teddy blushed once the meaning of his words sank in. Lief was waiting for him. “Okay. Um, just, sorry. I gotta go clean up first.” He took a stumbling step back and Lief rushed over to catch him when he wobbled.

“Are you okay?” Lief pressed his hand to Teddy’s forehead. “You’re all shaky.”

“Yeah.” Teddy swallowed hard and pushed himself upright, his heart racing in his chest with Lief so close. “I’m kinda thirsty. It’s really hot today.” It was, but he wasn’t sure that was why he felt like he was going to fall over at any moment. Lief was really handsome, and sweet, and Teddy couldn’t stop wondering what it might be like to kiss him.

Lief’s fingers trailed over Teddy’s face and wiped away dirt and streaks of dry cum. He glanced down and Teddy’s blush grew when he followed his gaze to where his erection was trying to pop from his tight shorts.

“I’ll get you something to drink. You wait here.” Lief carefully pried Teddy’s fingers from the envelope he forgot he was clutching and took it with him into the kitchen. Teddy slumped against the wall and tried to calm his racing heart. He didn’t know what was wrong with him. Just having Lief be there made him feel all sorts of crazy.

Teddy glared down and tried to will his erection away. It wasn’t fair. The postman not only ruined his clothes when he came all over him, but he didn’t fix his problem at all. He kept fucking him and now Teddy couldn’t help but be hard and his hole felt extra sore. What was he going to do? He was a mess, he couldn’t stop being hard, and now he had to wash and pick out a whole new outfit. It would take forever and Lief would probably leave before he was done.

Lief pushed the kitchen door open and held a big glass of water out to Teddy. His expression fell when he saw Teddy’s watery blue eyes. “What?”

“I gotta go clean up.”

“I know,” Lief said, sounding confused.

“But it’s going to take forever, and you’re going to get really bored and want to leave,” Teddy blurted out in an emotional rush. “I really wanted to throw a nice party for you and now you have to wait even longer and…” He stopped when Lief pressed the cool glass of water up to his face.

“It’s fine. Really.” Lief held the glass still so Teddy could take a sip from the top. “I’m not going anywhere. My dad’s away and this is where I want to spend my birthday. I won’t leave no matter how long you take.”

“I’m really sorry,” Teddy mumbled as he had another long sip of water. He took the glass when Lief handed it to him and drained it in long swallows. He hadn’t realized how thirsty he was and felt out of breath from having drank so fast. He whimpered when he was done and his hole throbbed in a persistent ache. “Okay, I’ll go hurry.” He handed the glass back to Lief with a worried look. “Promise you won’t leave?”

“Do you… Do you want help?” Lief offered tentatively when Teddy again swayed on his feet.

Teddy’s eyebrows furrowed as he thought. As long as they were together, he wouldn’t have to worry about Lief leaving. Teddy nodded as he panted. “Okay.” Even if it might be kinda embarrassing, there was no way he was going to pass up a chance to spend time with Lief.

Teddy led the way upstairs, his lips pursed when he grabbed the banister tight to keep from falling. “I think you have sunstroke.” Lief carefully took Teddy’s hand and helped him up the stairs. “You should be careful in the sun. It’s supposed to get up to a hundred today.”

Teddy nodded mutely. He was pretty sure the only thing making him dizzy was just how nice Lief smelled, and how good his hand felt in his. Teddy quickly stepped to the old-fashioned clawfoot tub once they were in the bathroom, put the plug in and turned on the taps.

Lief followed and leaned over to run his hand in the water as it poured from the spout. “It’s nice and cool. Here. It’ll help you feel better.”

Teddy reached out as well and sighed as he put his arm under the spray. He breathed out heavily when the position made his shorts tighten around his thighs and dig into his crack. He tried to straighten and whimpered when his hole throbbed painfully.

“Does it hurt?” Lief watched Teddy squirm from the corner of his eye.

“No. No, just… sort of,” Teddy admitted hesitantly. “It’s like I’m on fire and nothing will make it stop.”

“Nothing?” Lief turned fully. “Really?”

Teddy blushed. “Um, Mr. Fowler showed me how to fix it. He found the spot inside and…” Teddy breathed out unsteadily and closed his eyes. “It feels so good. When it’s touched, it feels so good.” Teddy blinked open and met Lief’s green eyes. “My fingers are too short and I can’t make it stop like he did. It just aches and aches until I feel like I’m going to burn alive.”

Lief gripped the side of the tub, and fixed his gaze on the water filling at the bottom. “I bet my fingers are longer than yours.”

Teddy nibbled his bottom lip as he glanced down at Lief’s hand. “I think they are.” He pushed his hand up against his, the two of them silently comparing. Lief’s fingers were definitely longer.

“You wanna…?”

Teddy was quick to step over, so quick he bumped against Lief’s shoulder.

Lief glanced up and grinned nervously. “So, that’s a yes?”

Teddy nodded even as his heart felt like it was going to jump right out of his chest. “Yes.” He reached for the hem of his shirt and went to pull it over his head, but Lief caught his hands.

“I want to.”

“Okay.” Teddy stole a glance at Lief’s face after the boy had pulled his shirt over his head and off his arms. “I’m sorry you ruined your shirt.”

“It’s not ruined, it just needs a wash.” Lief glanced just as quickly at him, and a small smile quirked his lips. “Besides, it’s your shirt now. It looks really good on you.”

Teddy smiled crookedly. “It feels good. Smooth. Ah…” he jolted when Lief’s thumb brushed across his nipple, and his breath came out in fast bursts.

Lief leaned down and licked the bud, coating it in wet heat as Teddy moaned. “You’re really sensitive, huh?” He licked the tip of his tongue over the bud in a small circle.

Teddy nodded dazedly. “Do you like when…?”

Lief shrugged. “I don’t feel much there unless the clamps are on.” He moved to the other nipple and coated it slowly with his saliva. Teddy gasped and grasped Lief’s hair tight, unknowingly pulling at the blond strands as he cried out.

Lief looked up, his own breath strained and face flushed. “I like when you do that,” he whispered and traced his tongue along Teddy’s beaded flesh. “When you make that noise, your mouth gets so big.” He reached over to rub the other wet nipple while he lapped at his current one. “You’re really cute, Teddy.”

Teddy couldn’t speak any of the things spinning in his mind. His chest felt tight and he was so flustered. He wanted to tell Lief how much he liked him back but his mind felt like sand slipping through his fingers. Lief was beyond cute, beyond nice, beyond everything.

“Lief, I… I…” The words just wouldn’t come. Teddy wanted a kiss so bad, it felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest.

“Teddy, I need to, uh…” Lief’s cheeks were pink and Teddy felt like he was drowning in his lovely green eyes. “Will you let me?”

“Y-Yeah. I’d let you do anything,” Teddy answered too quickly, his voice tight in his throat.

Lief blinked, looked away and then back. “Not anything, okay? I just want to do things you want. Only when you want them.”

There was an intensity to the way Lief’s said it, like it was really important. Teddy didn’t really understand why, but he didn’t want to disappoint Lief by asking. “Okay.”

Lief smiled and Teddy knew he must have said the right thing. “Your shorts are in the way.”

“Oh.” Teddy reached down to unzip but Lief stopped him. He lost a nervous breath when Lief’s fingers brushed across the front of his shorts. Teddy thought he was hard before, but now he felt close to bursting. The blood roared in his veins when Lief unzipped him. Teddy’s length sprang free and he whimpered through the breath he was holding. He could feel the heat of Lief just inches away, the pulse of his skin and the wash of his sweet breath on his forehead.

Lief pushed his shorts down and Teddy stepped out of them and kicked them aside on the tile floor. “Can I…?” His knuckles brushed ever so lightly to Teddy’s shaft.

“Please,” Teddy rasped out, his mouth dry.

Lief glanced up at the sound and their eyes met. “You sure?”

“Yeah. I…” Teddy wanted to say how much he liked him, but again his tongue got all tangled. Lief’s fingers tripped lightly over his length, and teased at his flushed tip. His thumb slid gently over his slit where clear fluid beaded and Teddy whimpered. Teddy looked down, and they both watched as Lief explored him.

“You can’t get off like this? Not even if you’re being sucked?”

Teddy shook his head, and found it hard to breathe. Everything felt so hot. “I don’t think so.”

“Have you tried?”

“I’m not… not very good at it,” Teddy admitted.

Lief’s gaze jumped to his and seemed to read far too much. “Do you mind if I try? Or are you really sensitive?”

Teddy nibbled at his lower lip. “You can try.”

Lief looked around the bathroom, and his gaze settled on a small container of Vaseline. “This should help.” He moved to pick it up and unscrewed the top. Teddy’s eyes were hazy, the blue nearly lost in the dark of his pupil as he watched Lief coat his hand. He was really going to touch him, maybe even suck him. He could scarcely believe it. If it was a dream, Teddy definitely didn’t want to wake up.

Lief guided Teddy to lean against the tub and brace on the side of the porcelain. The cool texture only seemed to make Teddy feel hotter in comparison. Lief was going to touch him.

Teddy’s breath hitched at the first touch of lubed fingers to his length. Lief hesitated, but once he saw he was okay, he wrapped his fingers around Teddy’s straining dick. “Oh,” Teddy breathed out as wet heat enveloped him.

“Good?” Lief’s voice was husky as he stared down at Teddy’s flushed shaft pulsing between his fingers.

“Yeah. Really good,” Teddy sighed softly. His lashes grew heavier with each slow, hot, tight stroke to his cock. He opened his eyes when breath teased over his cheek, and he met Lief’s bright, leaf green gaze.

Lief’s fingers trembled as he carefully touched Teddy’s chin with his free hand. “Can I kiss you?”

Teddy nodded mutely, unable to trust his voice to work at the moment. Lief leaned down and his lips were soft, gentle as they brushed his. Teddy whimpered as their breath mingled. He couldn’t believe it; he was actually kissing Lief. Heat rushed through him in a sudden wave and Teddy gasped and clutched Lief’s shirt as his hips bucked wildly.

“Teddy?” Lief blinked at him, and his gaze slid down to where cum was dripping from between his fingers. “Wow. Uh, okay.”

Embarrassment doused through Teddy even more powerfully than his orgasm just had. With his face bright red, he tried to pull away. “Did I…? Are your clothes…? Lief, I didn’t mean to…” Tears prickled the corners of his eyes.

Lief grabbed his hand before he could run away, then surged forward and kissed Teddy again. It was harder this time, determined and Teddy froze as his lips were covered and Lief’s arm wrapped around his back. “Lief,” Teddy sighed and reached up to hold his face and kiss him back. Teddy felt like he was melting, a wonderful swirl of dizzying heat and tingling flesh as Lief’s lips rubbed over his. He rested forward against Lief and opened to the tentative touch of his tongue when it slid along his lips.

“Oh.” Teddy pulled his head back and glanced down to where Lief’s erection was pressed against his hip. “You’re hard.”

“You’re really cute,” Lief explained breathlessly, his cheeks flushed and eyes bright.

Teddy licked his lips, suddenly consumed with the thought of Lief cumming in his mouth. “Can I see it? Can I…?” He reached down and skimmed his palm over the bulge in Lief’s shorts.

Lief’s hand covered his. “Teddy… Teddy, I’m not supposed to get off.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’m not… I can’t cum without permission,” Lief elaborated with a nervous exhale.

“Oh.” Teddy looked at Lief’s bulge and found himself wondering how big he might be. “Doesn’t it hurt? You’re so hard and…” Teddy swallowed with difficulty and pulled his gaze up to look at Lief’s flushed face. “I want to see you come. I want to make you feel good the way you did me.”

“Teddy.” Lief’s sigh was full of wavering resolve. “You don’t understand. My new client, he…” Lief gripped Teddy’s hand harder but didn’t push him away. “He’s really strict. He pays for everything. He’ll be upset if I…”

“You never?” Teddy really couldn’t believe Lief didn’t touch himself, not when he knew so much more about it.

Lief’s blush reached down his neck and spread to the top of his chest. “Not for a while now. He likes to have me for himself. Says… says he owns me. Pays so much that I can’t be with anyone else. Says he even owns my cum,” he finished in a whisper.

Teddy absorbed what he said silently as his mind whirled. “How will he know?”

“He’ll know. He’s crazy smart. Smarter than all the other guys or even dad. Scary smart…” Lief trailed off with a distant look.

“Lief, what if I give you permission?”

“It doesn’t work that way.” Lief fell silent when he met Teddy’s gaze. His breath grew ragged the longer he stared at Teddy. “I wish it did. I really like you. I really, really like you, Teddy.”

Teddy felt like his heart was going to burst. “I… I, uh…” He liked him so much and he just couldn’t say it!

“I think you better scrub up so we can have that cake,” Lief said abruptly. “Emma went to a lot of trouble. And I think I better, uh, not watch you right now if I want this to go down.”

Teddy jumped as water trickled over the side of the tub. “Oh!” He quickly reached over and twisted the taps off. When he turned, Lief was shutting the door behind him as he left, and Teddy didn’t have a chance to say anything proper. Teddy sighed and slumped against the side of the tub. It wouldn’t have mattered. Even if he could come up with the right words, they just wouldn’t break free when he was like this.