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Granny Emma was waiting for Teddy in the kitchen with a sandwich and glass of milk. He handed her the envelope Mr. Fowler had given to him than quickly pounced on the plate of food after washing his hands, his stomach giving a demanding rumble. It was much cooler in the house, but Teddy was still sticky and feeling kind of gross.

“Were you polite?” Granny Emma asked while rifling through the envelope. “Respectful? Did you do everything Mr. Fowler asked?”

Teddy nodded. “He said he wants to come by next week to play… Um, and do the lawn. He’s going to be planting some roses in the backyard.”

“Oh, I love roses.” Humming to herself, the elderly woman tucked the money away into her housecoat. Teddy watched her out of the corner of her eyes, wondering just why it seemed everyone was paying his Granny to work for her. Maybe people in the town understood just how old and in need of help Granny Emma was and they were just so generous that they gave her money. Teddy had never lived in such a place but was glad to find out there were just so many good people in his new house of his.

“Don’t forget to clean up, boy,” Granny Emma reminded as she slowly made her way towards the hallway that led to the living room she spent most of her time in. “You’re all dusty from the yard.”

“Kay, Granny,” he answered quickly, shoving the last of his sandwich into his mouth and jumping up to wash his plate.

The kitchen was still littered with pots and pans, and Teddy could see the oven was on, possibly a cake already being baked inside. He had never had a birthday cake for himself but his spirits were up to know Granny Emma would make a cake for a boy that just lived in the neighborhood. Maybe when his birthday came around, she’d make one for him too. He quickly put all the pots and pans away, then ran a wet sponge over the counter tops and tables to get the remnants of flour his poor sighted Granny had missed. His sneaker slipped on his next step and he stopped with a gasp, finding that he was dripping all of Mr. Fowler’s seed down his leg and getting it onto the floor.

Flushing, he quickly wiped it up, his cheeks heating up. He didn’t quite know why, but the idea of his Granny finding out what he had done with the handsome man made him certain she’d be angry. He stepped tentative down the hallway, peeking in to the living room where the old woman was sitting. She was at her desk for a change, writing something in a ledger while a soap opera buzzed in the background.

“Granny, if you need me I’m just going to be upstairs getting cleaned up.”

Emma didn’t bother to turn, her head shaking slightly as she nodded. “That sounds like a good idea. After that you can help me frost the cake.”

Teddy’s eyes widened at the thought. The doorbell gave a sudden ring and he turned towards the front door, suddenly feeling nervous. “Granny, should I…?”

“Hurry up, before they think no one is home,” Emma called. Her eyesight might have been bad but the woman’s hearing was fine enough. She smiled to herself as Teddy dashed down the hall, her grandson quick to comply.


With wide eyes, Teddy stopped in front of the front door, trying to ignore how wet his thighs were and the way they were itching. He peeked out the small window, fumbling with the door handle when he saw who it was. It was the boy from the picture, the photo he had hidden in his room.

“Hi,” Teddy said breathlessly once he got the door open, staring at the boy. The blond was taller than him, but everyone was taller than Teddy. His eyes were a bright green and so pretty, his skin golden like his hair, lips pink and plump. Teddy couldn’t stop staring, feeling very shy when he found he was being stared back at as well. “Uh, I’m Teddy,” he added in a whisper, holding the door tight and using it like a shield as he peered at the boy.

“Hi, Teddy. My name’s Lief.” The blond smiled hesitantly, edging closer to where the short brunette was standing. “I have some clothes for you.” The boy held a big black plastic bag up, placing it back on the porch carefully.

Teddy nodded mutely, glancing down at the bag for a moment, then back at the boy. Lief was too beautiful for words and it just made him feel terribly shy even though he was jumping inside to have an entire bag of clothes to wear now.

“Um, I hope you don’t mind that they’re all hand me downs,” Lief added when Teddy refused to speak. “They’re all clothes I used to fit into but don’t anymore. But they’re really clean and… Uh, yeah.” He trailed off, shoving his hands into his short pockets. Lief was dressed strangely to how Teddy was used to seeing boys his age dress, the blond’s shorts very tight and short and his shirt clinging to him like a second skin. Used to wearing clothes much too big for him, Teddy wondered if his Aunt Jenny just hadn’t known hot to properly dress because Lief looked very nice in his red and black outfit.

“Do you live around here?” Teddy finally found his voice again, pulling his eyes away from the boy’s nice black sneakers.

Nodding, Lief stepped closer to hear the short boy. “Yeah, right over there.” He pointed to the big house next door, Teddy turning his head to look. It was the one that looked into the backyard, the house looking so much more taken care of than his Granny’s. Teddy was suddenly very aware of just how close Lief was standing, the blond willowy and sweet smelling, his green eyes skittering over the brunette only to look away just as quickly. “Emma sometimes watches me when my dad goes out of town for business trips,” Lief disclosed softly. “She’s nice enough. Always thanks me when I help her around the house.”

“What about your mom?” Teddy asked, daring a peek at the blond. “Why doesn’t she watch you?”

Lief shrugged awkwardly, scuffing his shoe on the porch. “She died a long time ago. It’s just me and my dad now.”

“Oh.” Realizing it was probably a sore subject for the boy, Teddy added after a moment. “Both my parents are dead. But I like Granny Emma. I’m hoping I’ll get to live here for a long time.”

Lief nodded silently, absorbing the information with a serious expression. “So… You like it here?” He asked after a moment.

“Yeah. I get my own room. And clothes. And Granny hasn’t hit me at all…” He glanced over awkwardly. “I don’t think she’d be fast enough, even if she wanted to.”

“Emma doesn’t hit,” Lief assured the brunette. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard her yell. But she can be really stern. She’s gotten really tough with, um, well, my dad at times.” His expression growing stormy, Lief finished a little distantly, “She’s a nice lady. You’re really lucky to have her for your grandma.”

Looking up at the boy in concern, Teddy silently agreed. Granny Emma had been great so far. Probably the nicest out of any relative he’d lived with and it was only the second day. “Do you go to the school?” He asked, wondering if Lief had any stories of the place. He was excited about going to school but also really nervous that he’d be the stupid one in the group. He really hadn’t had a day of learning in his entire life.

“Yeah, the place down the street. It’s okay.”

“I’ve never been to school,” Teddy admitted hesitantly, glancing over to see if the boy would laugh. Lief didn’t, the blond’s gaze more intent on a streak of dirt on Teddy’s chin.

“I think you’ll like it. Just don’t get Mr. Howard upset,” Lief warned. “He uses the ruler if you talk back.”

Flinching, Teddy gripped the side of the door. “I don’t talk back. Not ever. Does it hurt?”

Shrugging, the blond gave a light blush, glancing over his shoulder towards his house. “I, uh, I’m good with pain.” Teddy followed his gaze, worry starting to gnaw in the pit of his stomach. Lief’s house looked right into his new backyard. Had the boy seen him with Mr. Fowler? Was he they type to make fun of him for something like that? It had been really, well, intense and Teddy didn’t want to have to explain it or anything. He definitely didn’t want the new boy to make fun of him for it.

“You can change now, if you want,” Lief offered, turning back and holding up the black trash bag again. Teddy glanced down to where the boy was looking, realizing he had edged outside enough for the blond to see his shorts were ruined. But he was too excited to care, realizing the bag was actually full of clothes just for him.

Beaming, he took the top of the bag when handed to him, trying to get the swooshy material to open so he could see inside. “Is there any underwear?” He looked up when the boy didn’t answer, Lief biting his lower lip and shaking his head at the question. “Oh—That’s okay. I don’t mind. I’m just really happy to get clothes,” Teddy assured quickly. “I’ve never had my own before. It’s like fifty Christmas all at once.”

“I, uh, I don’t actually own any underwear,” Lief admitted, stepping closer and pulling the band of his tight shorts away from his sharp hipbones to prove he wasn’t lying. “If I had some, I swear I’d have sent you some though. My dad doesn’t buy me any.”

Glancing up from where Lief’s golden skin revealed, a small, round bruise purple under the band of his shorts, Teddy was pretty sure the boy was telling the truth. “I don’t mind, really.” Lief’s green eyes met his fully, Teddy’s breath hitching, something tingling through him in a wave. For a moment he couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to kiss Lief the way Mr. Fowler had kissed him, sealing their lips together and tasting the other boy. It made him feel hot to think about, his blush only growing when he realized he had been staring at the boy for an unknown amount of time, Lief staring right back at him.

“Did you want help carrying the clothes?” Lief asked, looking reluctant to leave just yet.

Smiling brightly, Teddy agreed, throwing the door open so that the blond could come in and then turning so he wouldn’t be in the way of the large bag as Lief hauled it through the doorway. Glancing back, Teddy found the boy staring at his ass, his shorts wet with cum slick on his thighs. He didn’t know if Lief knew what he was looking at, but Teddy did, his entire body flushing heat as he quickly turned and used his hand to cover his butt. “S-Sorry, I should go wash up. I promised Granny.”

Glancing at the blond, Teddy edged towards the stairs, jolting when Lief suddenly caught his arm, the blond leaning down to whisper in his ear. “You got off on it, right? When the gardener was fucking you, I could see you had cum.”

Licking his lips, Teddy nodded once, his mind fixated on the word Lief had just said. Fucking. The boy had seen Mr. Fowler fucking him. “It felt good,” he whispered, his body currently feeling really good with Lief’s breath against his cheek, the boy soft and gentle as he held his arms.

“Dave is one of the nicest guys around,” Lief disclosed quietly to the blushing brunette. “He likes to make sure you feel good. Seeing you like that, it uh, it really felt good for me,” he added with a blush. “You’re really cute, Teddy. I think you’re the cutest boy I’ve ever met.”

Blushing wildly, Teddy dared to peek up through his curls, Leif giving him a small smile in return. He wanted to tell the blond that he thought he was cute too, but he couldn’t seem to get his mouth to work. He felt stuck in place, his throat dry and heart hammering in his chest.

“I gotta get back home before my dad gets pissed off,” Lief said, his lashes fluttering as he glanced down at the boy’s mouth. “It’s really good to meet you. I’m glad you’re so, well, nice.”

Teddy nodded mutely, staring up at the boy imploringly and really wishing he could say something back. Looking at the brunette again, Lief suddenly leaned forward, kissing Teddy on the cheek. His breath hitching, Teddy felt even more frozen.

“I hope the clothes fit.” Lief disappeared before Teddy could speak, closing the front door behind him. Teddy stared after, biting his lip hard, his body tingling from head to toe from the simple kiss.

Oh, he was in trouble. Lief was really handsome and nice and he just felt so stupid around the boy. Surely the blond must have thought he was dumb or something. But… he had called him really cute. Had kissed him, even if it was just on his cheek. Teddy wasn’t about to complain about any of it even if his stupid mouth had refused to work.

With shaking hands, he dragged the bag of clothes up the stairs, heaving it onto his bed before stumbling into the bathroom and plugging the tub so he could wash. When he finally squirmed into the lukewarm water and carefully washed his morning from his skin, Teddy could only think of Lief, the boy’s hands, his lips and his sweet smelling flesh.


Granny Emma was waiting for Teddy in the kitchen once he finally got back. It had taken him a while, his legs weak and thighs very sore, not to mention how his hole throbbed with each step reminding him of what had happened. If Teddy had any consolation for his first visit to the dentist, he at least knew he was very clean. Dr. Wilson had been very clear on that, checking his aching hole repeatedly with his fingers before letting him out of the chair.

“Teddy, were you polite? Obedient?” Granny Emma asked the moment he found her, looking sternly behind her thick glasses. Teddy nodded, stepping up and moving foot to foot in the hopes of getting his too tight shorts to stop riding up his thighs so much.

“Yes, Granny. I, uh, did everything he asked,” Teddy answered truthfully.

“Good. I have a reputation to uphold in this town. I can't have some upstart grandson making me look like a fool. Now, what's in your hand there?” At his grandmother's urgings, Teddy handed the bent woman his bag from the dentist. He bit his lip, watching her riffle through, her glasses pushed up her nose to see.

Granny Emma pulled out a thick envelope, handing the bag and the rest of the contents to Teddy. She carefully removed a letter from the envelope, Teddy catching sight of what looked like a lot of money before she tucked it away in her housecoat and began reading what Dr. Wilson had written.

“Teddy... this is promising. The doctor says your teeth were in perfect condition and that he showed you how to keep yourself clean.” She peered over her glasses at his head. “Twice a day, at the least. You have such a pretty smile boy; no point wasting it.”

“Okay, Granny,” Teddy agreed quietly.

“You were very well behaved, he says. Very well. He even gave you a reward—Teddy, Dr. Wilson does not give out rewards willy-nilly. He is a respected businessman and expects quiet and obedience from his clients. You have done very well. I'm proud of you. I think you've been so well behaved that we can get you started in school right away.”

Teddy brightened, his eyes lighting up and hands clasping into fists as he refrained from jumping. He didn't dare say anything, afraid that if he said how much he wanted to go to school that his granny might decide to take it from him as had many a mean relative done to him in the past. But he beamed his pleasure, thinking of the many fun things he could do with others his own age.

“Oh, Dr. Wilson thinks you would make a good special friend, boy. This is good news. Money has been so scarce lately. Teddy, help me feed the cats and then I'm going to make us a little treat.”

“Really?” Teddy asked, pulled from his thoughts.

“Just a little one. No point ruining your teeth. But I was thinking some root beer mixed with ice cream. Have you ever had a float before?” Teddy shook his head, the idea sounding fascinating and delicious. He hadn't been allowed much of anything nice, sweets a luxury many of his relatives wouldn't waste on him.

“Well, get to work and we'll whip some up together.”

Teddy jumped to action, smiling secretively as he picked up the dirty plates off the floor that the woman used to feed the cats and went in search of the canned cat food.

Living with Granny Emma was going to be much better than with his Aunt Jenny. There were no mean boys to pick on him and twist his nipples when he was trying to sleep. He was going to go to school and he even got treats for doing what he was told—Teddy always did as he was told. He even got his own room and got to play in such a big, crazy house.

Teddy had very much won the jackpot with Granny Emma and, hopefully, if he was respectful enough and made himself a big enough help, she wouldn't kick him out once her leg got better.


Dr. Wilson’s office building was a house the same size and make as Granny Emma’s except the paint was a bright red with all the shutters a classic black. The big sign out front on the well-manicured lawn revealed that there was also a small printmaking business on the ground floor. Teddy’s eyes were wide as he stepped into the building, taking in the sights of people working. He quickly found the stairway, shivering as the low hum of air-conditioning chilled his sun-soaked skin and raised goosebumps on his smooth flesh.

Clutching the note in his hands, Teddy tried to think about the nice quiet neighborhoods of the little town that was to be his home instead of the prospect of losing his teeth. He had passed a few people on his walk there, mostly little kids since anyone with a job would be working at that time of day and any self-respecting child of age would be in school. The walk had been peaceful, large beautiful trees lining the streets and few cars driving by to leave exhaust fumes in their wake. There had been more office looking buildings in the area where Dr. Wilson’s practice fringed but he hadn’t had the time to explore them. Teddy was intrigued by the workmen that managed to make money and provide for their families; it had been a sight too few in his past of faceless relatives.

The stairs behind him, Teddy came to a door with Dr. Wilson’s name on it along with the picture of a smiling tooth. He wondered if teeth were happy to be pulled out of a mouth. Maybe they didn’t like having to chew food all day long... Shaking his head, he hesitantly pushed the door open and stepped into the waiting room. A young woman sat there with a magazine hiding her face. There was a desk for a secretary to sit and take calls, but it was empty, the phone pushed close to the door across the room so that the doctor could get to it easily. Teddy shuffled over to the nearest seat and sat, the position making his shorts bite into his tender flesh, which he unconsciously tried to adjust.

From behind the door, he could hear the high pitched keening of machinery but having never been to a dentist he had little idea what it could be. There were no screams of pain, which he took as a good sign. The noise eventually stopped and the sound of splashing water trickled through the door until that ceased as well.

Eventually, the door opened, a little girl walking glumly out, rubbing her cheek where she had been shot with Novocain. Teddy watched as the woman sitting across stood and left the magazine on the table to comfort her child. It made him wish someone had come with him, even Granny Emma if only he could say he had someone waiting for him while his teeth were stolen.

The doctor strode out of the room talking brightly to the woman while patting the young girl on the shoulder. “She was quite the little trooper. I’m sure you’ll be staying away from those gummi-bears now, huh, Molly?” Teddy watched as the man laughed at her flush, making sure before they left to remind her to brush her teeth after every meal.

The office seemed unnaturally quiet once the doctor shut the door behind the woman and girl. Teddy, his stomach fluttering with nerves, watched the man’s shiny black shoes as he walked across to the desk, the sounds of papers shuffling.

“Theodore? Or is it Teddy?” Dr. Wilson asked, looking up over the page he had in hand.

“T-Teddy, sir.” He forced himself to look up and meet the man’s gaze. Dr. Wilson was tall, in his early forties with dark hair just starting to thin at the top. He wore a long white lab coat, something Teddy had seen once on television and had wide, fit shoulders and the beginnings of a small gut around his middle. Although his face was not particularly distinguished, Teddy found the man to have a charming smile filled with perfect, white teeth.

“Are you sure? You look much younger than I expected. Are you even allowed to be out alone?”

Teddy did his best to repress his huff of annoyance. He wasn't some little kid. “I'm old enough. My Granny Emma sent me. She said you'd know how to charge her for my visit.”

Dr. Wilson paused, looking at the boy intently as if trying to see if he was lying. Teddy didn't have any money with him. If Granny Emma hadn't told the dentist, would he be in trouble?

His inspection done, Dr. Wilson glanced again at his paper while speaking. “Teddy, I think you could pass for twelve. Has anyone told you that?”

Trying not to scowl, Teddy huffed and hunched forward. “Sometimes. Mostly they say I look little.”

“You're a lucky young man, Teddy. Looking young is very important. People must be very jealous.”

Glancing up to find Dr. Wilson again staring at him, Teddy shook his head slowly. No one had ever been jealous of him... Well, except some girls but that had also upset him because they had thought he was pretty.

Dr. Wilson seemed done talking about how he was too small and short to be a proper age, but his next topic seemed even worse. “Your grandmother tells me you haven’t been to see a dentist before, Teddy. Don’t you realize how dangerous that can be? Most illnesses start in the mouth; it’s an entryway for all sorts of things.”

Teddy just nodded at the doctor with wide eyes, not sure if he was expected to say anything or not. The man sounded disappointed in him, but he was sure it would do no good to tell Dr. Wilson that he’d had no money or family willing to pay for him to go to the dentist before.

“Well, come on in,” the doctor said with a sigh, shaking his head at the paper in his hand.

Teddy got up quickly, yelping in pain as his exposed thighs pulled free of the vinyl chair. Feeling Dr. Wilson’s eyes on him, he blushed scarlet and hurried past, wishing he could pull down the shorts riding way too high but knowing it would be rude to do so in front of the doctor. He wandered a few feet into the doorway, staring anxiously at the faded green chair surrounded by intimidating shiny metal instruments.

“Have a seat, Teddy.” Coming up behind him, the doctor shut the door and as an afterthought, turned the little metal center, locking it.

Teddy carefully picked his way to the odd looking seat, his eyes trailing over the strange mobile light and seemingly random placed sink. He finally came to the chair, wrinkling his nose when he realized it was vinyl and would smart on his already sore thighs. But he did as he was told, climbing up onto the chair and painfully settling himself. He felt smaller than normal, his feet not even close to reaching the end of the seat and his head in the same predicament. He looked around the room from the new vantage, focusing on the doctor when the man turned the radio on and began to hum as he prepared his instruments.

Teddy watched him with foreboding, the steel looking sharp and unforgiving. But the doctor was also pulling out items from an unlocked box and they looked less painful, if not a lot weirder. There was a pink ball with black straps attached to it and a pink and black cylinder shaped item with a bulb on one end and a long cord coming out of the other connected to a black rectangle covered with buttons. Dr. Wilson continued to hum, lovingly placing all his instruments on one of the bright steel trays before carrying it over to where Teddy was sitting. Placing the tray on the waiting stand, he walked away behind the chair and out of sight.

Teddy could still hear him humming, the sounds of what could only be gloves snapping onto hands among the rustle of clothing. Smell was the first sign that the doctor had returned, Dr. Wilson’s own particular scent easily discerned when so close in the room. Teddy tried to look back but the high chair limited his view severely. It didn’t matter because Dr. Wilson stepped forward a moment later, a paper mask covering his nose and mouth and a small little mirror on a stick in hand.

“Open up, Teddy,” the doctor commanded, placing the mirror near the boy’s mouth until Teddy reluctantly complied. It seemed an eternity as the man hovered over him, his shirt ruffling over his chest as the man muttered to himself, breaking away only to write little notes. Finally, the doctor stepped back, picking up a manila folder and scribbling in it.

Teddy glanced at the man before carefully touching the hard points that were pushing at his t-shirt, trying to will them away. It did no good, only causing them to ache and he hastily pulled his hands away as the doctor turned back. A strange paper bib was clipped around his neck next but to his disappointment, it didn’t reach far enough to cover the embarrassing nubs but right above them, highlighting the small tents in the fabric.

He had little time to think of it, though, not when Dr. Wilson was holding a very cruel hook in hand that seemed perfect for gouging into gums and pulling out teeth. Teddy tensed, his hands fisting at his sides as the man leaned in. This time, it took him even longer to open his mouth and it wasn’t until the instrument was threatening to cut his lips did Teddy comply. Surprisingly no pain came, instead, it was a strange, nearly ticklish sensation as the metal ran over his teeth, scraping and pushing.

As it was happening, Teddy began to become aware of how hot he was feeling with the doctor leaning so close, the man’s body heat and scent near overwhelming to his senses. The man had braced his arm on the side of the chair, his body poised over Teddy’s slight form and as the time grew, the space between them shrank until Teddy could feel the doctor’s chest rubbing against his with every breath. If the doctor thought this was odd, he gave no sign, so Teddy assumed that this was the way a dentist must have to work, standing so long that he got tired and needed to lean.

Teddy's breath caught as the hook gave a sudden scrape, running over the same spot more than the others. He opened his eyes but quickly shut them again as he caught sight of the doctor looking at him. A finger tasting of latex began to probe the spot, stretching the side of his lips uncomfortably as it moved deeper.

“It looks like you’re quite lucky, young man,” the doctor finally rumbled, removing the hook and his fingers from Teddy’s mouth. “No cavities; a miracle at your age, especially with no check ups. You will, of course, need a thorough cleaning.”

“Will you, uh, be pulling any teeth, sir?” Teddy got up the nerve to ask.

Dr. Wilson paused in what he was doing, his mask hanging beneath his chin. He gave Teddy a measuring look that made him wish he hadn’t asked. Instead of answering the question, Dr. Wilson said, “Grab onto those handles up by your head there and put your feet on the pedals to the side of the chair. Something tells me you’re going to need a very thorough cleaning.”

Confused, Teddy looked up, for the first time noticing the white plastic handles at the side of the chair. He reached up and grabbed them, fidgeting as his shirt rubbed his chest, and sought out the pedals he also hadn’t noticed on the chair. They were high up and he was was forced to bend his knees to keep his feet on the small steps. His thighs protested at the move, although now they were free of the vinyl and the sweat it had caused.

“Very nice, Teddy,” the doctor said, coming over to readjust his right leg until his knee was pointing out away from his body. The cold hand on his hot flesh made Teddy jump and he bit his lip for fear he may have startled the doctor in doing so.

“Tell me, Teddy, do you brush your teeth?” The doctor pulled the shiny tray closer, his hands busy with the instruments.

“Yes, sir. Every day,” Teddy told him truthfully. “I like my teeth, sir. I don’t want to lose them.”

“Good, lad. It is important to always brush your teeth. You must keep your mouth clean, along with all other entrances to the body. Otherwise, you’re just asking to let a vicious, nasty disease in. You wouldn’t want that, Teddy, now would you?”

“N-No sir, I’d rather not,” Teddy agreed, his eyes widening at the implications. Being sick was the worst thing that could happen to him. When you were sick you couldn’t work. No one would let him stay with them if he couldn’t work. “Are you going to clean them, then? Can you tell me how?”

“I can and I will.” Teddy must have said the right thing because the doctor was cheerful with no lingering disappointment in his eyes. With light steps, the man moved over to the radio, turning the classical music up a couple of notches and then moved to the windows and pulled the sheer drapes, blocking the bright sun and dimming the room.

“The problem with entrances, Teddy, is that you don’t always know what’s going to want to get in, so the best thing to do is prepare for it all. If food is on the way, you want to take care to have floss. If you’re going to drink something sweet, you want to have your toothbrush ready to combat the sugar. If a kiss is to be bestowed, you want to prepare before and after with mouthwash. And that’s just the mouth. We have cotton-tips for the ears, tissues and hair trimmers for the nose, and a wonderful array of devices for the rear. You should never underestimate the importance of good hygiene, my boy.”

“The rear?” Teddy parroted, eyes falling on the long pink object Dr. Wilson was holding up. Up close he could see that the bulb was more of a mushroom tip and on the cord was a device to activate it, but for what he couldn’t tell.

“Oh yes, you cannot imagine all the things that try to get into the rear, Teddy,” the doctor said softly, his fingers straying to the dark buttons and fiddling until a low buzzing noise competed with the classical music. “Not to worry, though. I know just what to do.”

Teddy nodded mutely, just happy that the man was willing to help.

“First, some cleansing solution.” Clicking the vibrating machine off, the doctor placed it with a small vial and reached for what appeared to be a very large needle but with a long plastic tip instead of narrow steel. Running warm water into the sink, the doctor filled the odd device until he was satisfied and turned back to Teddy. “Are you still dressed? Hurry now, off with those shorts,” he ordered cheerfully.

Teddy hesitated, wondering if it really was the right thing to do. But Granny Emma had been quite clear that he was to do as he was told or he’d be sent right back with Aunt Jenny and her horrible sons, and Teddy had already decided he could never allow that to happen. He pulled his legs down from their bent position and quickly shimmied out of his shorts, kicking them past his sneakers. He sat back carefully, afraid to have his more sensitive bits injured by the harsh vinyl.

“Well done, just get your legs back up. There we go, and your arms,” the doctor murmured approvingly, coming to walk around Teddy, his large hand resting carelessly on the boy's bony knee.

“What now?” Teddy asked beneath lowered lashes, feeling very vulnerable under Dr. Wilson’s intense gaze.

The doctor’s hand squeezed his knee encouragingly and then began to move down, running along his milky thigh. “There’s nothing to be embarrassed by. This is just between us men, okay?”

Teddy smiled haphazardly. “Okay.” His lips pursed as the hand continued down at his answer, another joining on his other leg, both moving down until they were rubbing the juncture where his legs started. Teddy’s heart began to race. “W-What are you doing?” He asked shakily.

“Just making sure you won’t be too sore from the position. You have to stay like this for a while,” Dr. Wilson said reasonably, his hands continuing to massage up and down the boy's thighs.

“It feels funny,” Teddy whispered. He swallowed thickly as a hand strayed lower, accidentally brushing against his balls. Small tingles were shooting through his body and ending in embarrassing places he really hoped the doctor couldn’t notice. “Oh!” He gasped, his thighs straining as they were pushed further apart, exposing more to the doctor’s hands and eyes. Long gloved fingers were rubbing his balls now and the flesh between his cheeks, prodding gently. Teddy moaned, strange, hot feelings washing over him followed quickly by shame.

“Sorry, sir… I just d-don’t know what’s come over me,” Teddy apologized, tears streaking his cheeks.

“Not to worry, not to worry. I’m a doctor, after all.” Dr. Wilson withdrew a hand to gently wipe Teddy’s face. “It’s just between us, okay? I promise.”

“Kay…” Teddy tried to keep from calling out when the hands returned but with little success. He kept gasping loudly, small moans breaking free. It was too much like how he felt when Fred would move against him except now it was daylight and he was in an office and unable to look away. Face flushed, he tilted his head back, determined to ignore all that was happening below with the hopes that his body would behave.

A new scent filled the air but Teddy didn’t look to see the oil being added although he felt its presence immediately on his body. He couldn’t repress the shiver that ran through him as fingers now slick with oil began to probe deeper, finding his small pucker hidden between his firm cheeks. “Let’s get you nice and loose,” the doctor whispered into his thigh, his hot breath causing Teddy to gasp and twitch.

The fingers prodded his tight hole, pressing in a circular motion and slowly loosening the flesh outside. They pressed oil within, further and further until he was breached. Teddy cried out, burying his head into one of his raised arms, his body jerking at the sensation. The finger didn’t stop its pushing game, pulling out and moving in again and again as it slowly gained burning centimeter after burning centimeter. Teddy’s whole body was shuddering, his mind caught and stuck on what the fingers were doing to him as another slicked digit joined the first.

“You’re a tight one,” the doctor remarked approvingly while Teddy whimpered and shook. The two fingers pushed together, stretching Teddy’s hole wider, pulling his entrance up and down, left and right. Teddy could feel oil and sweat dribble down inside him where the fingers were opening him up. They were slick even though he was still so tight that they sunk deep, up to the second knuckle and then impossibly further as more pressure was added. “Ah,” Teddy cried, his hips raising on their own accord only to ram the fingers in deeper. “Oh, god.”

Dr. Wilson's face was sweating, his breathing a few beats faster than when he had started. “So responsive,” Teddy heard him murmur and then the two fingers withdrew and another joined them. Teddy’s hard dick gave a big jump and the boy cried out again, twisting his hands in the plastic straps to keep from falling. His reaction made the doctor plunge his fingers into his sucking hole, leaving little time to adjust on the boy's part. Teddy ached, his channel sore and stretched beyond anything he had ever felt before. The fingers were moving now, knuckles rubbing him raw in a torturous pace, never letting up, never leaving.

“Oh, please, doctor... please,” he cried, not sure if he could handle much more. “No more.”

The fingers began to slow their pace but didn’t withdraw just yet. “Some discomfort is to be expected, Teddy. Especially since you have never had a cleaning before.”

Teddy groaned, unable to answer properly while being filled in such a way. Finally, the fingers were pulled out completely. But Teddy soon found their absence to be just as painful, having grown used to the thick, glove covered digits.

“It will have to do,” the doctor said. “You are just so very tight.” He pulled up the clear instrument filled with water, making sure Teddy was watching him. “You are stretched, so now we insert the cleaning solution.”

Teddy watched with weary eyes as his blood sang through his veins. He felt so strange, so hot and not himself. He moaned as the plastic nozzle pressed against his stretched hole and pushed deep inside him. He could feel the thick plastic where the nozzle flared into the cylinder digging into his crack, biting into his skin while stretching his cheeks wide. He bit his lip, trying not to squirm the way he wanted to, knowing the doctor would get angry at him.

“There we go... nice and slow.”

Teddy gave a choked gasp, eyes flying wide open as water began to fill his passage, trickling in, warm but cooler than his insides and terribly strange. “Oh... oh no...” he moaned, his ass clenching tight and trying to push everything out.

“Not yet, Teddy. I need you to hold that in for as long as you can,” Dr. Wilson chided, looking sternly over his paper mask while the boy whined.

“C-can't!” Teddy gasped, his eyes squeezing shut, tears stinging at the corners. He was too full, his stomach twisting in knots. He was going to have an accident right in front of this man in his chair where everyone came to get cleaned!

“You can and you will.” The doctor pushed the cylinder harder against Teddy's hole, the boy yelping from the pain as the plastic's sharp edges dug into the sensitive skin between his cheeks. “Just a few more minutes.”

Panting loudly, Teddy tried to keep everything inside him, not wanting to make a mess and get in trouble. He was so hot, so dizzy and hot, panic flickering at the edge of his consciousness. “How... how much longer?” He asked weakly, his legs trembling from the strain of keeping his channel clenched tight.

“As long as you can hold it, Teddy. The longer the better for a cleaning. We want to make sure you're nice and squeaky inside.”

“I just... oh, god... I just don't know... how much more...” Teddy's head fell back heavily on the chair, his fingers clutching around the straps. “Please... oh please... I'm sorry but...” He couldn't look, his insides giving a particularly hard wrench before everything immediately pushed out of him.

“Good... very good,” Dr. Wilson murmured approvingly, catching all of Teddy's dirty water in a pan and discarding it in the trash barrel. He then placed the pan again under the shaking boy, waiting for the rest of what lingered to leave while Teddy sobbed quietly for having done something so embarrassing in front of another person.

“Come now, open your eyes.” Teddy resisted but Dr. Wilson was pressing his hand to his face and he did not want the man to be even more upset with him.

“S-Sir... please don't tell my granny. I... I am so sorry.” More tears were flowing and Teddy couldn't seem to stop them.

“Oh, you silly thing, you're not in trouble. That's just how you get clean.” Dr. Wilson slipped his fingers into Teddy's mouth while the boy panted, glove slick and tasting of strawberry scented oil. “But don't you worry. This is just between us grown men. Your granny doesn't want to hear how you have to go about cleaning yourself every day. She knows you do it and that's good enough for her.”

Slowly calming down, Teddy nodded. The doctor's fingers pushed against his tongue and then further back. Teddy made a soft choking noise, finding it hard to breathe, his mouth requiring all his focus.

“We're going to get your teeth all nice and clean now, Teddy. Would you like that?”

Teddy swallowed around the fingers moving in his mouth, his blue eyes wide as he met the doctor's gaze. The man had made it impossible to answer and he had to know it. Teddy tried anyways, choking on the long fingers as he muffled out a yes.

“Good boy.” Dr. Wilson withdrew his hand, pulling a towel from behind the chair and folding it before patting the boy's thighs thoroughly. “You need to clean your rear twice a day, Teddy. Before bed and after breakfast. And of course, you must clean after you put something up there. Understood?”

Teddy had no idea what would be going up his rear ever, the doctor having been the first to have put both fingers and the big syringe filled with water. But he agreed because that was the polite thing to do. “Okay, d-doctor.” He watched with growing dread as the towel got closer to the inside of his thighs where he was very sensitive.

Teddy couldn't help it, he squirmed, trying to get away from the scratchy sensation. Giving him a particularly stern look, Dr. Wilson placed a restraining hand on the boy's knee, swiping the towel across his damp ass, sensitive sac and aching dick. Teddy wailed, his entire body jolting but the doctor's hands wouldn't let him move away.

Thankfully the doctor soon after placed the towel under Teddy's behind, making sure to catch any spare drips while the boy sat. The material was rough on his soft cheeks, but he was relieved to no longer be sliding and sticking to the vinyl.

“Fix your legs now. Cleaning teeth is a long process.” Dr. Wilson began reaching over Teddy again, fiddling with something out of his line of sight. Teddy made sure his feet were on the stirrups again, the doctor arranging the boy's knees to how he liked them. He watched with interest as the doctor poured a sickly sweet bubblegum smelling solution on a mouth sized foam tray that he then bent in half.

Teddy inhaled deeply as the foam was pressed to his lips, opening obediently. The doctor pushed his fingers into his mouth again, pressing the tray and cold paste against his teeth until they were sticking firmly. “Now that we have the cleaning solution...” Dr. Wilson, leaning close against Teddy, reached for something else. It was the pink ball and the man forced the boy's mouth wider and pushed the ball as far as it could stretch against his lips. Eyes wide, Teddy felt straps fastened, his cheek stinging from the pinch of material. The doctor sat back in his rolling stool, looking Teddy up and down approvingly while the boy blinked back, mouth stretched wide around the ball gag, bare thighs spread even wider on the chair.

“Teddy, I am so very glad that you decided to be a new patient,” Dr. Wilson mused softly, his gloved hand trailing down the boy's slender, sleek thigh. “With regular check-ups along with cleanings at home, you are going to be a very healthy, happy young man. Your body is going to thank you for all your hard work. And so are a lot of interested men that appreciate such dedication.”

The doctor spread more slick oil on his gloves, Teddy's eyelids lowering as the man began to massage his thighs again. Saliva was building in the back of his throat and his nose was a little stuffed, making it very hard to breathe. He struggled to draw air in, his jaw aching from the position it was in. His slender cock was so sore, aching so hard while Dr. Wilson kept rubbing his thighs and the space where they connected to his groin.

“Let's see how clean you are, hmm?” Dr. Wilson suggested lowly, fingers twitching towards the boy's tight hole again. Teddy made a soft noise when the man pushed slowly inside him. His tongue felt heavy and he pressed it against the ball in his mouth, wishing it wasn't there so he could breathe easier. Teddy kept pushing his tongue against the rubber, eyes fluttering shut as the doctor slid deeper inside, one finger breaching him.

“Oh... very good, Teddy. You are a very good, very clean boy.” Dr. Wilson licked his finger with a smile. White coat brushing against Teddy's sensitive nipples, he came back with the thick pink and black instrument that vibrated when certain buttons were hit. He covered the mushroom tip with more oil, staring down at the boy's exposed and winking hole.

Teddy couldn't make the noises he wanted to when the cold thing pressed against his entrance, his back slamming against the padded seat from the sudden touch. Dr. Wilson hummed with the music in the background, resting the thick dildo against the boy's hole and pushing in. Teddy cried out but it was muffled, saliva streaming out the sides of his mouth, eyes squeezed shut. He thrashed his head against the high back of the chair and gripped the handholds hard, trying to pull his body up and away from the intruding member.

“Naughty boy,” Dr. Wilson grunted, grabbing onto Teddy's hip with a firm hand, his fingers biting in to his soft flesh. “Stay still, Teddy. This part is very important. Yes... open up nice and wide, you tight little hole.”

Teddy groaned, his body so hot, his attention completely caught on the big, thick thing pushing into him. It hurt. Not just that, but it overwhelmed like the water filling him up, but so much wider... so much bigger. He could feel his hole stretching, his tight pucker widening each centimeter, clutching at the slick tip as the doctor moved it in small, shallow thrusts, Teddy's hole stretching wide and then sliding tight, over and over again.

“That's it, Teddy... Oh, you are such a good boy. We're going to have so much fun together.” Dr. Wilson was sweating again. Teddy watched as the man reached between the gap in his long white coat with one hand, his arm jerking slowly as he touched himself. “You'll like that. I can get you all dirty next time and then clean you up afterward.”

The thick tip was pushing harder against Teddy's entrance, spreading him wider, pushing deeper until he cried out, his legs straining on the pedals as he tried to push away. But the chair's back was too high and he had nowhere to go, Dr. Wilson's large form trapping him in place as he stared down at the boy's sweat-soaked body. “Take it in, baby... Oh god, open up and take it in, you sweet little slut.”

Teddy whimpered, the sound muffled by saliva and the large ball stretching his lips. His hole was stretching more, so wide... too wide... and then the tip was inside him. Teddy's entire body shuddered at the sensation, his channel clenching, trying to expel the thick rod while also clutching tight and holding it in.

“God, you can hold a cock, can't you? Teddy, you are fucking special.” Groaning, the doctor began rubbing his big, hard bulge against the boy's stomach, rutting against him with loud pants and grunts while Teddy struggled to breathe, his nose caught in the man's coat, tears streaming down his face to mingle with the saliva he kept spilling.

Dr. Wilson pushed Teddy's shirt up, catching it under his paper bib, mask around the man's neck as he leaned down to lick at the boy's red nipple. Tongue caressing, teeth biting, Teddy moaned unintelligibly at the maddening sensation. “I think you're my new favorite... Fuck, with those pretty curls of yours.” The doctor wrenched Teddy's hair, more hot fluid streaming from the boy's gaping mouth. “Hush baby, hush. Oh, we're not done yet. Fuck... The things I'm going to do to you, you pretty little baby.”

Teddy didn't like being called a baby, hated being told how cute and small he was, pretty just like a girl. But he couldn't speak around the gag and the man's hands were everywhere, tongue hot and wet as it moved over his body.

Pulling himself up off of Teddy, the man focused on the dildo only halfway in the boy's stretched pink hole. Exhaling slowly, he took the palm of his hand and began pushing the rod into Teddy's ass relentlessly, the boy gurgling in reply. “Oh yeah, look how deep you take it. You like things inside you, Teddy. Boys that look like you need to be fucked.”

Teddy didn't think that was true but had no way to argue at the moment, his hole so wide and sore, jaw aching and dick hard. Dr. Wilson began to hum again, his voice rougher as Teddy rocked on the unyielding rod. “Alright, little baby, I know what you want. Yeah, you need it, you little slut. You fucking need it bad.”

Teddy slit his eyes open as Dr. Wilson pressed his face to his, the man's tongue reaching out to lick the boy's wide, gagged mouth. Teddy's face felt so hot flushed bright red but the doctor's tongue was somehow hotter, scalding over his skin. He furrowed his brow, feeling the man shift, something clicking softly in his ears. Teddy jerked and shouted, his entire body jolting as the thick, long rod inside him began to shake.

“Yes... Fuck yes... Look at you, mmm... Fucking tight, little boy hole. Going to make you so dirty with my cum.” Dropping the cord to the vibrator, Dr. Wilson tore his white coat open, his hard dick already free from his slacks and straining towards the ceiling. He hit a lever on the chair that Teddy couldn't see, the world tilting madly as he was thrown back, the man's heavy body crushing him down as sweet bubblegum flavored saliva threaten to suffocate him.

Over the overwhelming feeling of his ass vibrating, his hole clenching tightly to the sharply moving member, Teddy could feel the doctor rubbing his big cock between his legs. The man grunted as he used his hand to guide his rod over the boy's oil slick thighs, pressing the large length against Teddy's smaller one, nudging at his balls with the smooth tip and against his already stretched wide ass crack.

“You like that, don't you. You came in here looking so fucking innocent, but you knew what you were doing, didn't you, you fucking whore. Such a bad boy, Teddy. You are such a bad, fucking tight, boy... that makes good men do terrible, terrible things... Fuck, yes.” He spread Teddy's thin legs wider, thrusting his hard dick up against the boy's smooth, flushed genitals in slow, long pumps. Clutching hard to the slender waist, the doctor pulled Teddy down on the seat, forcing the boy's shaking legs around his hips.

Teddy whined, his face pressed into the man's chest, shirt wrapped up by his throat leaving the boy naked down to his socks and shoes and completely lost beneath the large, hot body that refused to let him up. Blearily, Teddy wondered how long a cleaning was supposed to take. It was hard to breathe and he was so sore all over. The man's clothing was rough against his exposed skin as the doctor continued to hump against him ravenously, grunting bad words into the top of his dark curls while he held him tight.

“Don't move, baby... Fuck... That's it... I can feel you... like I'm inside... Don't. Fucking. Move.”

Teddy closed his eyes, holding his breath while the doctor stilled on top of him, his hard cock spasming between them. Then Dr. Wilson sat up, dick in hand as he moved it over Teddy, hot spurts of cum covering his pale, smooth skin in long, sticky streams.

Panting softly, the doctor sat back and stared at Teddy a long time, his gloved hands moving over the wet mess he had graffitied the boy with. He pressed cum up to the boy's nipples, circling his wide lips with the fluid and streaking it down his flushed red face. Teddy continued to moan around the vibrating rod locked deep inside him, gasping choked noises for air, hoping it would all be over soon so he could breathe again.

“You did a good job today, Teddy. You deserve a reward. Do you want a reward, baby?” Dr. Wilson asked huskily, licking Teddy's face, soft dick still hanging out of his pants and coat. Teddy nodded hesitantly, hoping the reward would involve the ball being removed from his mouth.

“Yeah you do, you naughty boy. You like it.” Winking at him, Dr. Wilson ran his gloved hand through the white slick on Teddy's stomach and then wrapped it around the boy's achingly hard dick. Teddy jolted from the touch, eyes squeezing shut, muffled cries escaping in harsh blasts of air. The doctor didn't let up, tugging on Teddy's erection with cum and oil, watching approvingly as the boy's legs tensed and flailed down the long green seat, shoes catching on the vinyl.

“Come on, baby. Oh, give me your cum. I want it. I earned it, you naughty little slut. I gave you everything you asked for and now you have to give me something in return.”

Teddy was not sure exactly what Dr. Wilson was demanding, only aware that every time the man's hand moved over the sensitive head of his cock, his hole clenched so tight on the hard thing vibrating inside him. It felt so strange... so hot and good... His body arched forward, hovering off the back of the seat as he tensed, Dr. Wilson staring intently at him as he muffled a loud cry and came.

Dr. Wilson licked at his glove, humming happily as he tasted the boy's dripping cum. “Teddy, we have monthly check ups for boy's like you. I know you're going to have a lot of trouble keeping your rear clean. You are a very naughty boy and you need to see me once a month to make sure you stay clean.”

Teddy blinked wearily up at the doctor, watching as the man clicked the button that made the wild vibrations stop inside him. The man began to gently dig the dildo out of Teddy's clutching hole, moving it back and forth as he went, unable to help himself when the boy whined so desperately. Finally it was free, Teddy's entire body slumping, the tension leaving him at once until he wasn't sure he wasn't going to fall asleep right then and there.

“Alright, little man. You still have a good ten minutes for your teeth to clean up.” Dr. Wilson got up, tucking himself back into his pants and lowering the music. In the distance, Teddy could hear machines, the other business in the building printing loudly.

The doctor went about cleaning the small room and raising the chair back up. He wet a cloth and wiped Teddy down while the boy whimpered softly from the cool sensation and rough material, flinching as the man insisted on washing his sore hole. Teddy felt so strange, not quite real as if he were going to float away. His heart was slowing from the pounding of earlier, the strange heat not fully leaving him, but mostly. Teddy's entire body was tingling, his limbs weak, his skin almost numb from all the electricity running through it.

“I'm going to give you a kit. You're going to clean twice a day down there and after every time your rear is dirtied.” Dr. Wilson returned with a plastic bag with a smiling tooth on the front. He placed it aside, reaching over to unhook Teddy's ball gag. Teddy gave a groan of relief, the pink ball bumping against his chin as it popped out, more bubblegum spit dripping down his chin.

Leaning against him, tongue outreached, Dr. Wilson cleaned Teddy's face, licking all the way down to his neck and collarbone. “Teddy, you know how to keep a secret, right?” The dentist whispered in his ear, hands moving over the boy's slender torso with soft touches.

Teddy nodded silently, his jaw aching and not wanting to close all the way. Dr. Wilson reached up, probing his fingers into his mouth, pulling out his foam tray and handing the boy a cup of water to rinse and spit in the sink with. Teddy did as he was told, his lips feeling numb and swollen.

“Let's see how we did, shall we?” Dr. Wilson murmured, pulling Teddy up by the chin and kissing the boy. Teddy blinked in confusion, closing his eyes as the doctor's tongue began to probe between his lips.

“Open,” the doctor ordered, Teddy hesitantly complying.

The man's tongue was big, pushing deep into his mouth, lapping at the top of Teddy's mouth and then at his tongue, tasting him, touching him and stealing his much-needed breath. Teddy moaned, the man holding him by the back of his neck and tightening fingers into his curls so he couldn't pull away. Teddy squirmed, Dr. Wilson's other hand again between his legs, pressing at his hole with careless touches, sinking inside until Teddy's legs were shaking and his body hot all over.

Dr. Wilson pulled away with a sigh, fingers caressing over the boy's soft sack. “Teddy, you are a very naughty thing. I want to do so many bad things because of how you look. You need to be nice to men like me. We can't help ourselves around such a pretty boy and it's only fair you help us. Okay?”

Blue eyes glazed, Teddy nodded slowly. “Okay.”

Dr. Wilson smiled brightly, turning on his stool to reach into a drawer from the desk against the wall. He whirled back, holding a large camera. “Smile, Teddy. We're going to get a nice picture of your clean teeth.”

Teddy nodded again, trying to sit up. His limbs felt so heavy, it was difficult. He blinked, the flash going off and surprising him. “Doctor... I... my clothes are...” He was still practically naked.

Dr. Wilson pulled the Polaroid from the camera, moving down Teddy's legs and pushing the boy's thighs wide so he could get a good picture of just how clean he was. “Teddy, can you hold this for a moment?” He asked, wrapping the boy's fingers around his flaccid and sensitive dick. The doctor took another picture, angled to catch the boy's confused expression and bright eyes. “Very good... And if anyone asks, we're just going to say you're twelve. How does that sound?”

“But I'm not—”

“Tut, little man. What did I tell you before? It's important for people to think you're young. Okay, Teddy?” The man's fingers again found his sore hole, sliding in as the doctor leaned close and pressed his mouth to Teddy's ear. “If anyone asks, baby, you need to tell them you're really as young as you look. It's very important.”

Gasping from the sensation of being filled again, Teddy gave a hesitant nod. He didn't know why it was important but Aunt Jenny and Granny Emma had both insisted he listen to his elders. He flinched as the camera went off again, Dr. Wilson's fingers still buried inside him at the time.

Eventually, Dr. Wilson let Teddy get dressed, watching as the boy pulled down his shirt and bent over the chair for his shorts that were lying on the floor. Teddy stood unsteadily on his legs, his knees trembling with every step he took, his sneakers feeling suddenly so heavy. His shorts felt even tighter than before, Teddy's skin damp, flushed and swollen.

“Take this card and give it to your granny. I'm going to make an appointment for next month, Teddy. You are a very pretty boy and I'm glad we had a chance to be friends.” Teddy looked up at the doctor as the man handed him an appointment card to put in his bag. Were they friends? Was that what friends did? Teddy had never had a friend before.

“Okay, Dr. Wilson.” Teddy clutched his new bag to his chest, smiling crookedly, curls askew. “I'll see you next month.” He walked shakily out the door when the doctor opened it for him, the waiting room empty and the lights dim in the building. Teddy had been Dr. Wilson's last appointment for the day. He scurried out the door into the late afternoon sunshine, his mind whirling and body tingling all over.


Teddy didn’t blame Aunt Jenny and Uncle Sal for dumping him; they already had three kids and they really didn’t have the money or the space to keep him around. Granny Emma wasn’t rich by any means but she did have a big house. Too big for the woman to take care of on her own now that she had hurt her leg and could use a consistent source of help. Teddy didn’t mind; he was happy to have a place to stay. His parents had died when he was a baby and he had been pushed through his relatives’ houses since then, no one wanting to deal with an extra mouth to feed for too long. No, he really couldn’t blame anyone for not wanting him around.

He was nervous about what sort of person Granny Emma was. Aunt Jenny had said she was nice but Teddy had already been through enough houses to know that nice usually meant he wouldn’t be hit too hard if he got out of line. Standing in front of the large doorway on the quiet street, he held onto the hope that as old as she was, Granny Emma wouldn’t have much of a hitting arm on her.

“Now remember, Teddy, you must help Granny with her walking; she can’t take stairs since her last fall. That means you’re going to have to keep the upstairs in order for her. Now she does have a boy come over to take care of the yard twice a month, and a few of the neighbors are kind enough to check up on her once in a while, but your main duties will be to take care of her. Don’t pester her for candy or things—I don’t want you being disrespectful.” Aunt Jenny gave Teddy a stern look which he responded to by nodding agreeably. If he knew anything, it was how to do as he was told.

“I’m sure you’ll be more trouble than good, but it can’t be helped. No one else has the time to take care of Granny. You’ll have to take care of her cats; I think she has four of them now. And down there...” she pointed down the street to a small rundown house once painted a pleasant yellow that was now faded pale. “Is where you’ll be going to school.”

Blinking, Teddy turned to look all the way down the street. “School?”

“Yes, well, it’s a little homeschool for the neighborhood kids until they’re old enough for college—Don't be getting lofty ideas of that, though, boy. You haven't had a day of learning and you'll be the oldest one there. It’s only a handful of kids and they aren’t strict on papers. Thank goodness because I have no idea what happened to yours and I’m in no hurry to go searching for them. It’s about time you started getting some knowledge in your head. You be respectful there, too, because Granny can’t afford a real school for you and they won’t put up with mischief.”

“Yes, Aunt Jenny,” Teddy said automatically, eyes searching the little yellow house hungrily. A real school... He was going to go to a real school! He’d seen them on television before, big stone buildings filled with happy children learning about history, math, science, and all sorts of useful things, but Teddy never thought he’d ever get to go to one. He was small for his age, short and slender; the other kids wouldn't know he was older than them. Even if Granny Emma was as bad as cousin Roland and beat him all the time, he’d still be happy as long as he got to go to a real school.

“Don’t dither, boy. Come on,” Aunt Jenny snapped, pushing the front door open and ushering the small boy in. Wide-eyed, Teddy stared in wonder at the inside of the house he would soon be living in.

It wasn’t rich or fancy and certainly not modern by any sense, but Teddy loved it instantly. For one, the house was big. Not too big where you felt like you could get lost, but big enough to run around in and maybe chase a dog if Granny allowed one. The soft green wallpaper was faded, a pretty design of flowers and abstract motifs still glittering on the walls in places where the sun didn’t reach or one of the many colorful paintings covered. The floors were hardwood and scuffed, large carpets spotting the ground with frayed images.

Teddy already knew his favorite rug, for right when stepping in the door a tiger was looking up at him nobly, small patches of where the fabric had pulled from the glue leaving it looking fluffy and worn. The warm golden gaze was welcoming and strong and it gave him a sense of strength.

“She’s likely in the kitchen.” Aunt Jenny stepped in, wiping her flats carelessly on the edge of the rug. Teddy had the impression she hadn’t even seen the picture on it. He followed quietly, looking around the passing rooms. The main staple seemed to be piles; piles of books, piles of newspaper, piles of dirty dishes. His fingers itched just looking at them all. The place was at least three stories tall—he imagined that Granny’s basement and attic were just filled with piles of things that need to be arranged, organized, and found a place for.

He paused at a desk where old photographs rested, some framed, newer Polaroid’s scattered on any free space. Green eyes jumped out at him, hidden behind the messy blond hair of a pouting boy that looked close to his own age. He was slender but taller than Teddy, limbs toned and tanned golden skin revealed beneath shorts and a t-shirt to combat the yearly summer weather common in the South. What made it interesting was the fact that the picture had been taken in the living room he had just passed and somewhat recently because the plants in the background were about the same height. Maybe he’d have a friend here. A very handsome one...

“Teddy!” Aunt Jenny called from down the hall. Jumping, he ran after, stuffing the photo into the back pocket of his jean cutoff shorts.

Aunt Jenny gave him a piercing look when he made it around the corner but didn’t say anything. He imagined she wasn’t in a hurry to blow her chance of dumping him off on someone else for a while. “Say hello to Granny Emma.” She stepped aside so he could see into the kitchen.

Granny Emma was not young at all. Wrinkles lined her face as well as every inch of skin visible beneath her plain, puritan style dress. Stern and thin, she stooped over like a stick had grown in a curve that had no chance of ever straightening out. One of her long spindly legs was wrapped in a cast, the type to support when walking that could be removed during the night to prevent sores. She watched unfocused through thick, oversized glasses, and as Teddy approached he could smell the sweet scent of brandy saturating her.

“Hello, Granny,” Teddy said quietly. He held his hand out to her cautiously, unsure what to make of the woman. He was five feet tall and done growing, yet she managed to be shorter than him. He wasn't used to an adult he had to look down at.

“Look at those curls! In my day a girl would have sold her right arm for hair like yours,” Granny Emma exclaimed, dismissing Teddy’s hand to wrap frail, dry hands into his dark locks. The smell of age was new to Teddy too, and he scrunched his nose while he stood still to allow the woman to get a good look at him.

“Wasted on him, if you ask me,” Aunt Jenny sniffed, eying Teddy’s hair with resentment as her own mouse brown locks failed to hold a curl no matter how long she ironed it. She hated Teddy's eyelashes too, so dark and thick, making the boy's blue eyes shine.

“You’re a waif, though. Can you lift things, boy? I always need a good set of shoulders to get my water in.”

Teddy nodded resolutely. “I can lift ‘em.” He might be small but he was strong in a scrappy way, his slender arms used to manual labor.

Granny Emma gave him a measuring look that momentarily broke through what Teddy was to find was her normal myopic stare. “Alright, then. You seem respectful enough. Certainly hungry enough to get you listening to your elders,” she added with a glance at his long pale arms and matching frame hidden beneath ill-fitting clothes. “You know how to listen to your elders, right, boy? I don’t want to hear about any trouble from you in the neighborhood. You do as your told, and that's that.”

“Yes, Granny.”

“I’ll have no problem sending you off to another relative, you know. Be respectful and do as you’re told no matter what.”

Teddy nodded his head a couple of times to emphasize that he had gotten the point. He would do as his elders told him. He had no intention of blowing his chance of living in the warm, eccentric house with the schoolhouse just down the street.