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Goodies, Freebies, and Some Needed Cheering Up

Hey babes, Tough week out in the world and my heart is feeling so heavy today. The repeal of the HB2 bill in North Carolina was a fucking joke as they scrambled to make money off of college football; there … Continue reading

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Sorcerer Slayer Excerpt 1– Raider

Excerpt from Sorcerer Slayer by Sadie Sins. (Unedited. No complaints. XD) They were everywhere. The city looked deceptively calm, especially the quiet street his mad dash had landed him on. There was little coverage from the few eyes he could … Continue reading


January 21, 2017: What an extraordinary day in history…

January 21, 2017. What an extraordinary day in history… I’m currently compiling and lightly editing the two Demon Bonded Sagas I’ve written so far: Demencious Saga and Apprentice Saga. They will be available through the KU program for the first … Continue reading

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Bullying Teacher Full

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