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MM Valentine’s Freebies and What Really Pulls The Trigger of a Gun 💔

Hey, peeps!

Shout out for all the newbies who picked up The Autumn Prince which was featured on Instafreebie Monday. I’m Sadie Sins and this newsletter is about free and discount mm (gay) romance and erotic books, and whatever I feel like rambling about at the time. You’re not obligated to hang around—click the unsubscribe button if you’re in newsletter overload, no judgments—but if you do hang around, hi and welcome. ^^

I’m putting my gun rant at the bottom. It’s not really a rant, it’s more just a thing. Life and death and not having the outrage in me anymore. But first, a quick update of all the things that happened book related.

You can read Drunk, Blind, Stupid Cupid on the site for free along with its sequel, My Broken Angel. Valentine’s special! I wanted to clean them up and get the edited versions up (Gail, you did an amazing job) but time just wasn’t on my side. When everything is a priority, nothing is a priority. (I’ve been saying this so much lately. @[email protected]) Still, they’re wonderful and heartfelt and, uh, pretty boys with wings. Can’t go wrong with that.

I’m nearly done writing Episode #3 of Teddy’s Naughty Adventures. I wanted a break from Hellcat before Hellcat broke me. Everything is turning into a long ass novel lately. I need to find a way to stop being so long-winded. Ugh. I’m going to be trying some speed writing, actually. Like, I came up with a template for the kind of formulaic erotic writing I do for the shorts (think Coffee Guy or The Drunk Email,) and I’m going to just fly through a story and see what happens. I need to finish something! My brain needs to be able to go ‘STOP!’ and I can feel content and satisfied in something. It’s getting overwhelming, all these novels without any end.

What else… oh, I did some pretty pictures of the Demon Bonded guys.

Wasn’t really even planning it, but instead looking for a break from the novel writing. I don’t know what it is but this week feels like it was twice as long as normal. So far I have Ky, and Lovely. And I did a little video thing of Lovely from start to finish! There’s something really satisfying to watch a painting get to the end. I think it’s the same trigger in my brain that paints in the first place—seeking a balance.

I want to make a video for the book covers I create. I don’t know if I want to put the time in to make it ‘instructional’ but you can learn a lot from a walk through about composition, placement, and how to get to the end of something when you don’t realize you’re still in the middle.

Call for REVIEWS!

Okay, so Wendy’s book, Zeus: Conquering His Heart is officially live and free to read on KU! It’s all about Eros (aka, Cupid) so very Valentine’s Day related. Wendy has that beautiful way with prose I dream of fondly while absolutely ignoring it in my own writing. If anyone has some extra time, I know she’s looking for reviews. It can always be hard to get reviews—it’s the bread and butter for a lot of authors, and always greatly appreciated. <3

Don’t miss the books down below (aka, if you don’t want to read about my take on gun control, scroll away. XD)

Where all My Opinions Lead to PTSD… Again. XD

So I heard about the Florida school shooting in passing (I’m not watching the news anymore,) and as terrible as it might sound, I didn’t feel a thing. Because this keeps happening. It’s going to keep happening because nothing is being done to change it. There is a problem in this country and it will not evaporate on its own. It’s only February and there have already been 6,965 incidences of gun violence in the US.

I heard a line from someone who was previously on Cracked (can’t think of his name) that went along the lines of ‘just what do you think the generation who grew up afraid of being shot up in their schools is going to do to your guns when they’re in power?’ It really got me thinking. That statement sounds so obvious, right? When we can’t even get reasonable regulations, just what do you think people who have lived afraid for their lives will do when given a chance? They’ll definitely not want to be shot, so they’ll definitely call to regulate guns, maybe even ban them completely. The next generation will be smarter than this one. Except, every argument from people who want to keep guns is the same fucking thing—we don’t want to be unarmed against a gunman. Guns save lives.

Yeah, the instrument made solely to murder totally saves lives. That’s why we use them all the time in hospitals. To save lives. They’re totally not what puts people in morgues. When they made that model that literally brought people from the dead (Lazarus .45) I was sold. (I make no excuses for my sarcasm. Deal with it. XD)

Logic has no place in this problem because gun violence isn’t a problem of logic, it’s a problem of fear. Perceptions of safety. Every day people all around this country are sitting at home waiting for someone to walk through their front door and murder them. That’s why they want a gun; they don’t want to be murdered. They are terrified of the world, they believe people (or at least the people they don’t know) are innately evil and murderous, and this is the only way they can grasp some sanity. With a gun, not a shield. Safe. They bring a weapon of murder into their homes to feel safe. This is not logical, but it is the human condition.

I don’t know what war is happening in America today, but there are a lot of people waiting for one. When people don’t perceive the world as safe, they want to feel safe and that drives them to do irrational things like kill a teenager for being black or assume a gun is unloaded after a safety demonstration or spend their entire life waiting for some huge disaster by stockpiling food and useless shit and telling themselves how smart they are for cheating death. Death is still coming no matter how far you push it off, and you have no control. Period. Nothing you do will stop death, but my fuck, people are sure causing a lot of death in their fear.

People who want guns to protect themselves from people with guns, really want guns to protect themselves from their own insane minds. And guess what, it’s not going to do the trick. The gun isn’t the problem, it’s the desire to feel safe in an unpredictable world. It’s choosing to see fear has more value than every single life lost because no one will regulate a series of machines made solely to murder. There is no other purpose for a gun than to kill. It is not a paperweight, it is not a collector’s item, it is not a magic shield that makes everything safe and shiny—it’s a specifically designed killing machine being put into the hands of people who are not required to train to make sure they know how to use that weapon, or even see if they have the mental capacity to keep them from using that weapon on fellow human beings.

There are no locks on these guns, no keys—imagine having a car where a child could just sit in the driver’s seat and start driving? How irresponsible, and yet the fingerprint technology we have is not being used for gun locks. Guns are made to murder people, and we have laws to keep people from being murdered, and yet, the disconnect continues because ‘guns save lives.’

What we’re seeing is trauma 101. Give me control over the uncontrollable. This is what turns rational human beings into unbearable assholes, religious fanatics, rule creating neurotics, and obsessive fortune tellers. They will seek any mental concept to allow them to feel safe in an uncontrollable world. They will create rules, gods, laws, constructs to a false reality, and tell themselves as long as they follow it all, they will be safe. Immortal. Maybe even important and brilliant cuz they have it all figured out. They know no harm will come, they can predict and control the future, all because they followed those arbitrary rules they made up.

As you can see, I’m enjoying my PTSD writing. XD And for this, my mindfulness. Because I cannot take the unbearable feelings of being unsafe away from people. This irrational pattern of thinking is a coping strategy people use when they’re overwhelmed. This irrational action of killing before being killed (even when no danger is present outside of the mind) is what humans in trauma do to feel like they have control. They do this to themselves, and to everyone around them because this is the only way they know how to cope. I have the ability to see through that problem and cope differently, but it’s not something you can stamp into people’s brains and force them to follow. Many are extremely happy to live in fear thinking they have the answer to it all. They have their rules; they’re in control.

When I sit in my house, I have a choice of how I want to feel, and I choose to feel comfortable, happy, loved, compassionate toward my fellow humans, joyful and free. I am not afraid. I don’t know many of my neighbors, I know even far less of the people in my state or the country or the entire world, but I love them all, and believe that they don’t want to harm me. That’s all a belief is and it allows me to live feeling safe verses fearing for my life. The world doesn’t change depending on my belief, but I certainly enjoy living my life far more when I believe there is nothing to fear.

I will never fear one of my loved ones being shot in this house by a gun, because there will never be a gun in this house. There’s no question of it. If a gun isn’t here, it can’t be used to shoot us. And if a gun is brought in, we had no control and that’s that. It just is. Control is an illusion, safety is an illusion, fear is an illusion. I will choose the world around me where no one has hurt me, over the lies in my head that people find me so interesting that they’re waiting to murder me—how interesting one must be in that scenario. XD

I truly feel for the people so terrified that they would rather surround themselves with the thing they fear—death—than live in life. But more, I feel for those who keep being victim, who keep suffering because these people refuse to wake up to the environment they’re perpetuating. When you believe the world is a dangerous place to be, you are very likely reacting in ways that make it dangerous. I am the kind of person who will help a stranger, smile, have a conversation instead of that cold, hostile, terrified girl I used to be because of my PTSD filter. The world didn’t change, it’s all my perspective.

I contribute to the world I want to live in, as do we all. When your inner world is consumed with seeking a need for control in a terrifying existence, the outer world you create will reflect it. Everyone will be a potential enemy who may want to harm you, every dark night full of potential monsters, every helping hand hiding a devious intention. And as someone who still struggles with those neurotic control freak mental patterns, I know what little joy there is being around someone like that. It’s fucking misery. The first part of this newsletter was me needing to explain how I’m ignoring or working around those impulses because living with a need to control shit that doesn’t matter is miserable.

Compassion is still my keys to living free. If I can be compassionate for my own flawed, broken, traumatized self enough that it got me this far into freedom, surely compassion for others can allow them to change. It cannot force them, even nudge them, but so many are waiting for permission to change and stop being so afraid. They can’t give themselves that permission for whatever reason, but compassion from others can. If we reflect our inner world, we can hope that the outer world can work to transform the inner worlds of those so lost inside. They’re trying to grasp control in the uncontrollable instead of enjoying this wonderful ride on this spiral of a planet hurtling through the galaxy in an immeasurable universe—maybe it’s why they’re grasping on so tight, huh? Do they feel the planet move? XD

We’re living on a fuzzy, waterlogged rock but we still think everything we do is so damn important… aka, I accept I’m probably not going to have Hellcat finished this week. Just sayin. >_> It can be hard to let beliefs go that hurt us, that construct a familiar world we understand but also terrifies us. But it’s that need to understand what can’t be understood that causes this in the first place. Sometimes terrible shit happens and you can’t prepare and you can’t avoid, and all you can do is love the people and the life you have right now. This is the one guarantee, this moment. I don’t want to waste it fearing something that may never come to be.

MM Reads!

Zeus: Conquering His Heart – Free in KU

I do not yet know how to be a god, for I am only 18 and still just a silly boy who has fallen in love with Love himself, while my father Cronus plots and schemes to lock me in his dungeon and make me his slave forever.

When I throw the lightning and summon the thunder, it isn’t always out of anger, but often from a love so all-consuming it could only be the effect of Eros himself. Yes, he is beautiful. Of course he is. How could he be otherwise, with hair the color of sunlight and white-feathered wings that drape to the floor? And he is as ancient as the myth of time itself, an immortal with powers and glamour beyond my ability to imagine. He struggles to teach me wisdom, control, strategy, yet I sit here babbling like a child, for all I can think of is how I might try – at least let me try! – to prove myself to him in some way that will cause him to crave my company and my touch, just as I crave his.

Spanking the Boss – $0.99

A secret night of passion just got a lot more complicated…

Young and savvy CEO, Trent Davis has a reputation for being in control—of everything. But when a case of mistaken identity puts him in a situation more pleasurable than he’s ever imagined, Trent knows he needs more.

Hungry for success as a new junior analyst, Charlie Reynolds is determined to prove himself at work. Winding up in his boss’ arms isn’t exactly his best career move—especially since the powerful CEO has no idea who he is.

Will Charlie admit the truth and destroy his future in the company or will “spanking the boss” be the beginning of something deeper?

Omega’s Rockstar

A rock star doesn’t need a babysitter.

It’s just the stupid record label forcing them together. They think a reckless Alpha like Seth needs a nice Omega from Nebraska to keep him in line. Whatever.

A self-made Alpha doesn’t need another lover to bring him down.

After what his ex boyfriend did to him, Seth would rather stay single. Mister Rockstar in his pants can find his own action, without any stupid commitments. And Seth especially won’t get involved with that beautiful “sobriety companion” the record label sent over.

Mike doesn’t need Seth. But he does need this job.

Going For It – $0.99

What Happens When These Two Teammates Accidentally Get Married?







Free to Read for February!

Drunk, Blind, Stupid Cupid

Aiden didn’t expect to spend Valentine’s Day doing anything but cursing the color scheme. He’s built a wall around his heart filled with bitterness and cynicism created by years of disappointment and neglect. A wall two winged boys are determined to ignore as they claim that Aiden is their destiny.

My Broken Angel

I didn’t know that one bloody kiss could change my life forever. I‘ve found my soulmate and nothing makes sense anymore. He’s a half demon, half angel who just got out of the pit. Danyal doesn’t know how to be human—Worse, he doesn’t know how to keep living. There’s nothing I won’t do for him but I’m only human and when Danyal runs, he flies.

Speed 2



current summary

Forced bestiality, humiliation, incest

Young man stays with his uncle for a week. The place is weird, and he has no idea how his uncle makes his money, but the boy is in trouble at home, trouble in school, and his parents are fed up. Uncle breeds champion dogs or something. Call with mother who warns him not to bother his uncle. When uncle asks how his mother is, the boy is rude about it. The kid has a mouth on him, defensive, and dickish. It’s clear why his parents are fed up.

Boy stumbles across noises at night, his uncle very disappointed to be interrupted. He told him to knock. Uncle goes to get washed up, having been helping a dog get off who is now off his focus. His prized pet. Nephew waits, only to have the dog start being aggressive with him, boy obsessed with the dog’s dick and the thick bulb. Sees the camera and asks when the uncle comes back. It’s important to document the process. Does he ever film the breeding process? You know, when they’re fucking the bitches. Of course. There must be some freaks into that, huh? There’s a freak for everything, kid. Now get lost. You’re throwing the dog’s focus. Nah, I think he likes me. Keeps humping my leg. Kid jokes but the uncle fixates on it. You’re right. You want to help me milk this dog. He’s a champion breed and it’s important. Uh, that’s kind of weird. Oh. You ever get payed hundreds for your sperm? Whoa, really? Do a good job and I’ll even pay you. Okay.

Kid realizes its probably not going to be worth the money too late into all the requirements. Has to strip down, something about his clothes being dangerous for the dog’s legs. What about him? Isn’t his skin in danger? He’s a trained dog, he’s not going to bite you and his nails are kept short. He’s a professional. Now get down on his level. He just needs to let him cover him with hormones and then the dog will do the rest. What, just let him hump me? Yes. I created a this device to collect the sample. You don’t have to do anything but kneel and act like a bitch. The boy glares but the uncle’s expression is bland. I’m not joking. I want you to act like a bitch to get the dog interested in you. Starts filming and the boy is mortified. You want to get paid or not? Gonna be hard to go live out on your own without money.

Dog rutting against him, the underwear supposed to protect him. The collection device fills up quick and the uncle removes it, and needs to get another container. During the switch, the dog refuses to let up and the boy calls, asking him to hurry. He’s a mess, feeling the cum splashing on him, wondering if that stupid camera is still filming. This was a bad idea. Nothing is worth this kind of embarrassment. Will you hurry! Chill the fuck out. Things take as long as they take. The dog starts rutting in earnest, the boy trying to escape but afraid he’s somehow going to throw the creature off its focus. The entire point was to get the damn thing into it. The underwear isn’t a perfect fit and the dog’s cock gets under it, gets inside him, fucking him, breeding him, his uncle filming and doing nothing to help. Uncle grabs the boy from the nape when he tries to escape, holding him in place as the dog jacks his bulb into him. He’s a champion, kid. You gotta give the big dogs what they deserve.

Something about the boy wasting the cum with the dog cumming in him, bareback. Uncle takes the boy’s hole after, fucking him raw and filling him with more cum.


goal: 1000 wrds



goal: 1500 wrds



goal: 3500 wrds

Build up


goal: 3000 wrds



goal: 1000 wrds


Speed 3



current summary

Dubcon, Enemies to lovers, Straight to gay, Holiday themed-christmas/new years

Intro character, mall, shopping misery. Has a few friends with, some meeting up. He sees the one that’s trouble, meeting his gaze, feeling uncomfortable. The way he looks at him—like they were fighting or some shit. They didn’t even go to the same school. Pulled away, heading towards the next store, hating the entire situation and wishing Christmas would be done already.

Goes through the people in his life he wants to get gifts for wondering if he really wants to. How superficial it all is. How he never gets them what they want—they’re never happy. He tries to think the last gift that had made him happy. He had been young. His mom had still been alive.

Suddenly feels suffocated and heads for the exit.

The air outside is shocking after the suffocating heat. He’s frustrated, he hasn’t found anything for anyone and he doesn’t want to to go back in. Decides on a small walk, looking up at the sky, trying not to think of why he hates Christmas. Stops as he smells weed, his gaze moving to the side. Dusk is slowly falling but he can see someone standing against the wall near the bushes as he sneaks around the corner, a bud between his lips. Glaring, he noticed pieces of paper falling to the concrete, disappearing behind the bushes at his feet.

Is that yours? He asks, not believe for a second it was __ wallet as more of the contents were dump carelessly to the ground.

What’s it to you? Pinches the end of his bud and sucks a hit, staring at mc with that same intense gaze.

Just wondering how many poor saps got robbed by you tonight. It’s fucking Christmas eve.

Fuck Christmas. You think any of those fuckers are thinking about me and my family tonight? Pulls the cash from the wallet and pockets it, then tosses the leather carelessly to the ground. He holds the bud out to MC, his eyebrow raised inquiringly. Shrugging, MC steps into the hidden alley, the wind dying down, the light dimming. Takes the bud, dragging a deep hit while __ lights it for him. Holds it in, his shoulders slumping as he breathes out and a wave of foggy dizziness hits him. Fuck.

It’s good shit.


Gets to a point where __ asks for his wallet. Laughs at him, no way in fuck. He’s not joking, give it up. Ha, you’ve got to be totally stoned to think I’m going to—gasps as he’s pushed up against the wall, __ body pinning him in place.

I’m not kidding around.

MC doesn’t answer, consumed with the feel of __, his strength, his eyes, the fact that he’s getting hard from just having him up against him like this. It was the weed—it always made him horny. Still, never like this. Not over a guy.

Gasps as __ hand reaches into his back pocket, snagging his wallet free.

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Stare at his wallet that’s flipped open, __ going through it, the boy’s eyes slipping back to his again and again. I’ve still got to go Christmas shopping.

You waited till eve. It’s not like you really give a fuck.

Come on dude—as he takes his cash. That’s like a fucking month at my shitty part time job.

You should be focused on school

Fuck you

Raising a brow, he tucks money and wallet into his pocket, MC watching. You want to see if you can earn it back?

Huh? He was really fucking stoned but still, why should he have to earn his own fucking wallet?

Suck my dick, and I’ll give you your money back.

Laughs awkwardly, swallowing hard when he meets __ eyes. He’s not joking. You’re fucking crazy.

Sure, and you’re totally straight. Grabs his crotch, MC gasping in surprise, only to groan when __ rubs his quickly hardening erection. Fuck.

I want __ to grab his hand and lead it to his dick through his clothes. Eventually unzip and have mc red faced as he’s jerking the boy off, staring at his dick. When he gets close, __ pushed mc down, grabbing him tight by the back of the neck and holding him still as he fucks between his lips roughly. Clutching his thighs, mc gives into it, lips battered, gasping and moaning and so hard he can’t understand it. __ pulls him back, MC whimpering, the boy’s cock pressed to his face right before he comes, streaming all over him. MC comes from it, shaking, falling back against the wall while dripping in __ cum.


goal: 1000 wrds



goal: 1500 wrds



goal: 3500 wrds

Build up


goal: 3000 wrds



goal: 1000 wrds


Guess Who’s Being Featured (And Guess Who Gets A Free Book!) 🎨

Hey, babes!

Instafreebie Feature

So, a proper announcement! The Autumn Prince is going to be featured on Instafreebie Feb. 12 (Yup Monday!) and I want to link you all while I remember. Get it, get it, get it!!! XD

Zeus, Conquering His Heart

I finished Wendy’s cover! I think it came out gorgeous (I’m totally biased and don’t care at all—it’s gorgeous!) Her book should be dropping some time this week. The link will eventually work.

Okay, so as you can tell from my many exclamation points, I’m feeling better! Lol. I had one of those moments, epiphanies. I started writing a book about PTSD and how to break free, and I’m looking at doing a series on how to basically hack your brain to live the life you want. You won’t see a lot of mention of this with the Sadie Sins’s stuff, I like to keep on target when I can, but it’s really passionate stuff for me. Not just thinking your way out of PTSD where you need to break the forth wall of the false reality of PTSD to get free, but just in general.

Like, this week I noticed how I’m struggling with reaching my goals of writing. I’ve been struggling awhile. One is priorities shifted to health and living—I’m loving being alive and feeling far healthier. The other is mild feelings of resentment, of not wanting to be where I am sitting and writing. Felt a bit like a kid staring out the school window. When I realized that, I was able to address and accept and let it go. It got me thinking this can help people. I could literally make a point to help myself so I can get the structure to write manuals on how to help others. Lol, it’s a fun idea, huh? Like exercising just to get a book out. I feel like that would motivate me to do the things I want but don’t prioritize. Make a manual for creatives on how to keep focused, and to do that, practice it in my daily life. Love it!

Oh, so I apparently blanked and didn’t remember I had My Broken Angel free just a few months ago. So, next week I’m going to put Drunk, Blind, Stupid Cupid up as free. Like a Valentine’s Day special kinda thing for the second half of the month. And if I get my ass in gear, it might even be an edited version with a new cover. (I know!) I seriously want to figure out how to record a Photoshop session so I can share how I make covers.

Shout out to Gail, while I think of it, who has been amazing at taking the time to go through some of my work and clean it up of many a typo and fuck up. She’s amazing. Lol, and a shout out Seth, who wants a Demon Arms autographed copy (because that still tickles me when people ask. I’m such a dork. :D)

Hope you all are having a wonderful day. <3

Pyromancer – $0.99

One desperate night, a rent boy hot enough to scorch the motel sheets, meets a man doomed to burn for love.

Christian Ryder is cursed with pyromancy, a deadly ability he has difficulty controlling. Having hurt lovers in the past, he has sworn off personal attachments.

Tanner O’Bannon is broke and desperate. The recent loss of his father has thrown Tanner into a tailspin of debt he can’t afford to pay. Working as a rent boy allows him to pay the mortgage and his college tuition, but it’s burning away his soul in the process.

Through the machinations of an escort agency these men are thrown together. Smoldering embers of desire fan the flames of love, but will it be enough to make Christian overcome his fear of love, or to save Tanner from the fire?

His Precious Undoing – preorder

Lancelot du Lac has quite the reputation. He may or may not have had something to do with the issues between Arthur and Guinevere. He certainly had something to do with Elaine’s tragic death.
1500 years after the legends, he’s back. And everything you thought you knew about Lancelot was wrong. He’s bound and determined to make up for the love he destroyed before, but can he overcome the blood on his hands?
*** This tale starts as a M/TransM erotic romance, then becomes M/M erotic romance. Release date is Feb 14, 2018



All You Need Is Love – $0.99 preorder

Romance Collections is proud to present these fourteen stories of love that know no boundaries. Like rivers flowing through the canvas of earth, these stories will run deep, touch softly and leave you breathless.
No matter who it is with, passion is magnificent, desires are bold, and love is beautiful.

Featuring stories from:
Tamsin Baker
Jess Buffett
Kristine Cayne
Adriana Kraft
Cate Farren
Valerie Ullmer
Kai Tyler
Lexi Thorne
Izzy Szyn
Aeryn Jaden
Dana Kenzi
Celia Fay
Dani Gray

My Broken Angel – free

An angel-demon halfbreed just falls into my lap. Okay, bleeds all over my shoes if you want to get technical. Moments later, this total stranger also manages to steal my heart.

Damn, I don’t even know how to explain this.

Have you ever met someone and just known they were the one? I thought I had until I met Danyal. I thought after eighteen years of living I knew all about love and meant to be and heartbreak. Then this damn bastard of a gorgeous fallen angel bleeds all over me, nearly ends up dead, and tears my reality in half. The wings don’t help. The kiss? The kiss makes me realize Hell is real and far hotter than I could ever imagine.

Discovering I’m bi is way less mindblowing than finding out my soulmate comes from a different realm of existence with bloodthirsty demons hunting him down. Worse, the longer I know him, the more I see it’s the demons in Danyal’s head that are going to kill him first.

Getting Danyal to stay and be mine is going to take an act of God. Or maybe a favor from the guy down below.

New MM Freebie Of The Month! 💜💙💜💙

Hey, babes <3

Gonna try to be brief today…

Eventful week where nothing really happened. Two deaths (my foster sister, and a very elderly relative of my bf,) writing stuff, planning on a book cover for Wendy soon, and…Oh, and the Autumn Prince is being featured on Instafreebie soon. I’ll email it out when it happens. Haven’t really been in a talkative mood this week. Trying to keep things even and smooth and too many voices can shake that up. Hoping to be out of the mental funk soon though. Hellcat is nearly done—it’s at like the best damn part writing wise where all the threads come together.

I wrote a blog post for anyone in a reading about writing mood. I needed a new outline approach after all this trouble with Hellcat. I lost focus in the outline stage, and it caused so much extra work after the fact. Funny thing is I never used to really ‘plan’ how to write, I just did it and hoped for the best. As some of these books get longer than I’m used to, the serials even longer, I need a little more to hold onto. Lol, my brain cannot be trusted to remember it all. I need to have prompts when I can, especially in the planning stages of something like the interactive Demon Virus story. There are so many possibilities and it will be easy to forget where I am if I’m not careful.

Hope you all enjoy My Broken Angel for this romantic month—seriously, February always feels like this cold wasteland of misery. XD Even with the Vitamin D3. Ah, that could be part of my mood, now that I think of it. I buried my adoptive mom on Valentine’s Day so many years ago. February has a lot to fight with my mental associations.

My Broken Angel – Monthly Freebie

I didn’t know that one bloody kiss could change my life forever. I‘ve found my soulmate and nothing makes sense anymore. He’s a half demon, half angel who just got out of the pit. Danyal doesn’t know how to be human—Worse, he doesn’t know how to keep living. There’s nothing I won’t do for him but I’m only human and when Danyal runs, he flies.





The Baristas’ Surprise – $0.99

Two Omegas. One kiss. And an Alpha who wasn’t supposed to see it happen…

I’m supposed to be an author, but I haven’t finished a book in years. Not since things got out of control. So, to hopefully get back on my feet, I move to a new city, start teaching at college and suddenly find myself intrigued by two Omegas that pass me by every morning.
One day, on a whim, I follow them and see something I shouldn’t have seen. A kiss. A beautiful kiss. And it stirs something inside me…

I fled from the arranged marriage my parents set up for me and I was ready to give up on love entirely, and then my best friend saved his younger Omega brother, Wes, from a bad situation and suddenly I was falling, head over heels. It’s amazing to be at Wes’ side and to see him flourish, even if our relationship is a little complicated, we’re making it work. Maybe love isn’t so bad after all.
What I hadn’t counted on was the Alpha walking into the cafe, and the way my eyes keep getting drawn to him…

After my brother saved me from my abusive ex, I’m getting my feet back under me. I’m finally doing the things I was never able to do, like having a job and going to college. It’s not easy to combine it with caring for my four children. But with my Omega boyfriend Zeke and my brother’s family at my side, we make it work, they’re all the people I’ll ever need.
Until, one morning, an Alpha walks into the cafe that I work at, and he asks Zeke and me out on a date, together…

This is the first novella about Alpha Nathan and Omegas Zeke and Wes in Omegas’ Destined Alpha, which takes place in a non-shifter Omegaverse world and contains mpreg (male-pregnancy).

Prey – KU free read

When the rescued slaves were first brought on board my ship, I saw only the one. The one they called Arcana. And though I realized the others had all suffered similar fates – fearsome torture and erotic conditioning that had estranged them from whoever they had once been – I focused on the one who met my eyes with what could only be interpreted as a defiantly seductive lure, while the others held their gazes downward, at their feet, at the floor, at the past which had shaped them and undoubtedly doomed them to any sort of normal life.

Not so with Arcana. That one had no shame in whatever had happened to him. In that one blinding moment when we saw one another for the first time, I knew he was as brash as he was beautiful, and I knew without any doubt that he had chosen me – though for what dark agenda, I could not have said.

My heart went cold and silent in my chest. My throat was dry. My breathing faltered and I was forever changed.


We danced. Captain Mordecai and I. Not any traditional dance, but a dance of power. A battle of yin and yang, light and dark, pleasure and torment.

A dangerous dance of right and wrong in a single moment caught outside the tendrils of Time.

It was easy to see the raw and sensual power in that man’s gaze. But also the fear. Fear of being seen for who he was behind his carefully-constructed masks. Fear of finally surrendering to the dangerous desires he clearly felt when he looked at me, knowing my past, knowing I had been enslaved by sadistic aliens. Knowing I had not only enjoyed it, but had come to love my master. All the wrong things. So very wrong.

That was when I knew he wanted me. That was when I knew I needed him.

That was when I knew I had him exactly where we both needed him to be.

Seducing Coach – KU free read

Innocent? Naw. Professional trainer, Riccio Moretti, soon discovers that the quaint façade of the Wildwood community hides hormonal men at every turn. And now that Riccio has been hired as the new Wrestling Coach for St Thomas Academy, his butthole will likely never been the same. Will Riccio fend off unwanted advances or give-in to being a talented muscle bottom?






Oliver Ever After – $0.99

Me, my high school ex, and a five-star hotel room on reunion night. He can’t break my heart twice, right?
Oliver: It took me 7 years to forget my high school boyfriend, Luke, and just one night to–

You know what? Scratch that. It took me 7 years of pretending to forget Luke to convince myself that maybe going to my high school reunion was a good idea, that maybe I could show all the kids who’d bullied me just how little I cared about them, and show Luke how little I’d thought about him.

Uh, news flash: it didn’t work, and it didn’t even take me a full night to realize how wrong I was. It took approximately 5 minutes of moonlit conversation in our high school parking lot (super romantic, I know) to figure that out–though I guess inviting Luke back to my hotel room, dragging him into bed, and then having a panic attack in the middle of the, uh, festivities didn’t exactly help matters.

And that would have been fine, honestly. Completely humiliating and a memory I would cringe over until my dying day, sure, but fine–if only I weren’t stuck at home, helping my father with a health crisis and dodging Luke’s calls–and my feelings about them. Luke’s a player–he always has been. I know better than to get involved with him again.

So how the hell do I get my heart to listen?

“I’m not asking for much, really. Just you. Just every little thing about you. That’s all I want.”

Luke: Oliver Luna. The guy’s haunted me since high school. Oliver’s the first person I ever fell in love with–and the last. He’s the guy who showed me what I was made of–and it turns out, what I’m made of isn’t pretty. I know I’m a jerk–which is why I don’t date. I won’t risk hurting anyone else the way that I hurt Oliver. And I’ve never forgiven myself.

I guess that’s why I decided to go to this reunion. I figured maybe, if I apologized, I’d be able to let Oliver go. Maybe I’d be able to stop thinking about him at 4 a.m., unable to sleep, googling him for the 10 millionth time. That’s how it works, right? You say you’re sorry and you get to move on?

Only, first, Oliver tells me he’s already moved on, and somehow that just makes me feel worse. Like, what the hell, heart? That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it? And then, just when I think I’ll never see him again, Oliver lets his guard down, just a bit, and all I want to do is pull him into my arms and make his pain go away. Honestly, who even am I at this point?

I have no idea how to fix all the pain I’ve caused. All I know is this: I’ll die before I let Oliver walk out of my life again.