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Hellcat Is Live! 🐯 Plus Fight To Keep The Internet Free!

Hellcat is published and live!

Okay, so this story was initially meant to be a quick Halloween erotic short. Grump nerd is grumpy. Witch moves in and her familiar molests grumpy nerd. Grumpy nerd overwhelmed and seeks to find witch to be free from horny Hellcat. Grumpy nerd realizes it’s love, the end. Hellcat became so much more—lol, but still has those roots. XD 101,000 words. It’s actually amazing when I think of the journey this book took. It transformed more than Sean and Soot did. There will be a sequel, one I plan on focusing on once Sorcerer Slayer is done. I’m already rereading what I’ve written so far with Sorcerer Slayer and getting ready to go forward! Whoot!

ARC reviewers, Hellcat is now in your section of the website if you’re interested in reading and reviewing. And for anyone who picks up Hellcat, please review. It doesn’t even have to be nice XD but I think people are really going to like the book, and I’d love to hear how you feel about it. I’m trying something totally new and daring for the sequel, which I mention in the parting at the end about TJ, and I’m a little worried that current readers might have a big ‘fuck no!’ reaction. @[email protected]


I finally started a Patreon! This is a ‘tip jar’ scenario. Basically you pledge as little as a $1 a month and you get access to whatever is written for Patreon. My main focus will be Demon Bonded. I’m going to put the Coven Saga episodes up there that are already written this weekend… maybe all the Demon Bonded, actually, to catch everyone up… and then go from there. Oh, and I have a Liem story brewing—his own book, pretty sure by the time it’s done. He’s going to fall for a total bitchy, wild demon once he starts training with other apprentices. A total hate to love thing. I’m so excited about it.

I really want to use Patreon as an excuse to update Demon Bonded monthly. These books might not be published or fully edited in that time, but they will be there to read and more Demon Bonded will be written faster because of it.

There is a lot of vagueness on what Patreon’s adult guidelines are. They say fiction is fine (they mention Game of Thrones) but at the same time say individuals talking about rape they experienced could get them banned (wtf?) I’m having a lot of trouble understanding what the fuck their ‘line’ is. So I have a feeling all the content I have for Patreon will end up on a new section of my website. No membership filter at all, not even the free one, just a simple wall of ‘I’m an adult and allowed to read this button.’ It will be completely funded because of donations through Patreon, but the content will not be on their site to ensure I stay within their guidelines. I will use Patreon to let patrons know that something new has been posted and the links to it.

I think this is the safest, smartest way to deal with this instead of relying on Patreon to know what the fuck their morality lines are. I’m so fucking sick of morality. Amazon has started a new algorithm, pretty sure, and they’re dumping gay romance into erotica in droves. The Demon Bonded books are one by one suddenly in erotica and no longer linking as a series, and I think this is just the beginning. If you’re wondering what having a book pushed into erotica does for authors, well, please feel free to read the ranting below.

Amazon Is Kinda Homophobic, Censorship, And FOSTA/SESTA

US citizens can fill out a very easy form and email your representative immediately to demand they stop FOSTA/SESTA Yes, this is after the fact, but it’s important to continue to have your voice heard.

There is also a petition going around but it has some weird email block, so I don’t know how effective it will be.

Okay, so what the fuck is going on? A quick catch up for those who had lives and didn’t know Congress was voting to steal free speech away in the name of stopping sex trafficking, here are a few links.

How Congress Censored the Internet

Congress Just Legalized Sex Censorship

Authors of LGBT romance have been noticing their books being dumped into erotica all of a sudden on Amazon. This isn’t a new problem, but it has suddenly amped up hardcore. Most annoying for me personally, I just spent 6 months writing Hellcat, just did the last jaunt of editing, formatting, requesting ARCs, and still need to do a shit ton of promoting (after a little break. @[email protected]) I thought part of that promoting would be with an Amazon ad. I’ve only used an Amazon ad once before. It was for the release of My Broken Angel all the way back when I had all my books in KU. I made good money that month—it was actually the month where I thought I would be able to make a living being an author. I finally ‘made it.’ Then KU broke, pages stopped being counted, and I threw the subscription site together to save my ass. I was hoping a break from Amazon would give me a clear head for business when it came to their platform. Unfortunately, they took one look at Hellcat and placed it in the erotica category when it’s romance.

Oh, Hellcat’s not hearts and kisses and tears instead of cum romance, but this is a love story. And love is obsessive and full of ownership, and in the beginning when hormones are strong, there’s a lot of sex. Sex is a part of being alive. It’s actually the only reason any of us are alive. Our parents all had sex. If people stopped having sex, humanity would die out in a generation. Sex = Life. Sex isn’t shameful; it’s actually pretty fucking important.

My plans to have an Amazon ad are ruined. I cannot advertise Hellcat on Amazon because they have classified it as erotica. Erotica is not allowed to have ads on their platform, or on Bookbub; pretty much anywhere that readers go to find books outside of Instafreebie—Instafreebie is damn cool on that front. When people browse the gay romance section, there will be no potential that Hellcat will pop up on the side under Hot New Releases to help promote the book. The last week, bestseller status and ranking were stripped from erotica books, and although it has returned, there is no way to know for how long.

I first discovered how erotica is treated differently (outside of having my books banned) when Demon Arms ended up in erotica for months. I tried everything to get the book moved back; keywords, categories, changing the blurb—was the word ‘screwed’ being considered sexual to Amazon? I had no idea. Nothing worked until I contacted Amazon directly and demanded they move it back. They gave me no explanation as to why it was moved in the first place. You guys know Demon Arms, where the main characters don’t even touch for 50,000 words into the book? What the fuck happens when I publish Sorcerer Slayer? Does it just end up in erotica because I’m on some list with Amazon for writing erotic books now? Everything I write must automatically be hidden away and prevented from being advertised? Or is it because it’s gay, and gay books focus on sexuality so they must be dirty in Amazon’s eyes?

I’m fed up, and I’m worried about my future as a writer. I put a lot of work into Hellcat, a lot of love—I love this book! It’s fun, it’s quirky, it’s sexy and just a wild ride. I have never pushed myself so creatively, and I feel like it’s a turning point for me as a writer. I grew in this book. My settings and world building were fleshed out and fun and I want to keep pushing myself. This book was a joy (even when it was frustrating as fuck! XD) I’m seriously hoping Amazon doesn’t go the next step and ban Hellcat completely, because Amazon does that too. They not only prevent authors a fair share in making money off their books they deem are ‘erotic,’ but they also remove books they don’t think are allowed to exist at all. Subjects that I find again and again in straight fiction are banned from LGBT. You can blame it on an algorithm, but a human being made that algorithm. Humans are in control of why Amazon chooses to discriminate against the books they do and chooses to ban the books they do.

This week kicked my ass as I pushed myself to get this book out, and this was the final blow in a lot of ways to have Hellcat publish straight into erotica next to books about fucking the neighbor’s wife and Daddy porn. I love erotica, don’t get me wrong, but this book doesn’t belong there and how the fuck are readers going to be able to find it? How is erotica—beautiful, sexy, fun erotica—going to be able to compete against novels crafted with complex storytelling in mind? Now they’re not just competing with other books made to titillate, they’re competing with full-blown romances that are seeking a completely different mood from a reader. There is a reason we have genres, and it’s not to discriminate against books no matter how Amazon treats erotica, but to help readers find what they’re looking for.

This is what happens when censorship of fiction occurs in a ‘free’ market. There will be no boycott that will fix this, there will be no petition or outraged cry. And I’m not saying that just because many people are still so full of shame when it comes to sex, so they dumbly nod their heads when they see free speech censored in the name of morality. No, I’m saying this because Amazon is a trillion dollar company and they don’t give a fuck. They don’t have to give a fuck. They are protected by the law while individuals are not protected from being discriminated against because of America’s ‘Obscenity Laws.’ Authors talk about getting together and making this giant see reason because ‘erotica makes Amazon money,’ and I just have to laugh to myself. It’s not going to change unless Amazon chooses to stop discriminating against sex in fiction, and whatever is driving it isn’t business oriented. They don’t care about the money. Amazon has been removing erotic fiction for nearly 10 years now; they don’t like sex, especially gay sex.

Amazon is literally defining the gay romance genre by what they allow to exist. What they don’t want suddenly disappears from the market and hey, apparently that’s business. They decide what people want and what they’re allowed to read. In a truly free market, customers decide what is written. If something is popular, more is made. That’s why erotica will never disappear, btw; people like stories about fucking. It’s very popular like sex in general (and I know sex is popular cuz hey, we got billions of people on this planet who got here through sex.) That’s why we’re seeing the shifter craze move away from the vampire craze. But hey, those who like vampires still have that option because no one came along and said ‘No, vampires aren’t allowed on Amazon.’ That would be insane, never mind dickish as fuck. But that’s what Amazon does. There are authors who try to trick the system and they’re made to feel ashamed because demanding free speech and equality is ‘breaking the rules.’

I fear it’s only going to get worse with SESTA/FOSTA. It’s waiting to be signed by Trump (pretty sure it hasn’t been signed yet @[email protected]) and I can’t imagine he won’t. He has so many morality groups screaming in his ear. Some were literally calling him the second coming of Christ. Religion has deep pockets and he’s a bought man. Certain groups who have pushed this bill claim it’s the first step in removing pornography from the Internet, and yes, erotica is considered pornography which is why it’s being segregated from the other books and/or banned entirely. The ‘I know it when I see it’ rule for obscenity applies in the US, and Amazon ‘sees’ it in this case and they don’t want others seeing it. As platforms make an effort to protect themselves from the liability this bill opens up, anything in regards to sex on the Internet will become harder to access or host. Why? Because there is no way to know when someone is talking about sex, be it simple conversation, or in fiction, or in jokes, if it is or isn’t connected to sex trafficking in the real world.

So, a quick reality check. Sex trafficking can’t happen on a computer. No one can reach through the screen and kidnap someone or save them, for that matter. You cannot be sexually assaulted by a computer; you cannot be coerced by a computer. But the Internet is being held responsible for sex crimes existing in the real world by saying the Internet ‘enables’ sex crimes. The same way ‘having a penis enables rape’ in the minds of some individuals, so men = rapist. This is not a logical jump, but people are illogical all the fucking time. It may sound ‘responsible’ until you look deeper and realize it’s just people on a morality kick looking to save the world from sex crimes by punishing the existence of depictions of sex on the Internet. Congress ignored the expert testimony that this bill would in fact harm those trapped in sex trafficking by forcing perpetrators away from the Internet where it’s harder to find and rescue victims. It makes platforms liable, meaning businesses will be less likely to contact authorities if they see a crime to protect their livelihoods. It also makes it extremely unsafe for consensual sex work by removing the Internet buffer when looking for new clients.

Sex crimes don’t need a computer to happen. Humanity has a long history of being terrible to each other, and the Internet is very young in comparison. This bill takes a safe place for free speech away, as well as correlates sex with crime in an attempt to erase sex from the Internet with the mentality of just in case someone bad is doing something bad, the Internet has to be stopped.

Will the Internet be changed over this?

It’s up to the Internet. Craigslist shut down their Personals Section already because of the liability that individuals might be being exploited and the perpetrators using the service. Reddit is erasing community after community. I have a bad feeling that this new surge in Amazon erotica hunts is just the beginning in their need to ‘protect’ people from fiction, and who the hell knows what will happen once the bill is actually signed. But I am not a fortune teller. It’s very easy to shine a light and squish a bunch of objects together and say the shadows mean something. It’s the same type of leap in logic that intelligent, well-intentioned human beings use to insist it’s the Internet’s fault for sex trafficking. Reality is reality, now is now, and there is no way to know how each platform will deal with this new bill. There’s no way to know if the bill will be signed—but again, it seems unlikely that it won’t be. Congress already voted away the rights of Americans, and they’re supposed to be paid to do the exact opposite.

I host with Dreamhost, btw. I selected them from the very beginning when I was looking for a web-hosting service because I knew some of the things I write would be considered controversial and I didn’t want to be arrested. There are states in the US where people are in jail for drawings. Not even photos—and no, I don’t think a photo is a person, or that a person can be exploited by someone looking at a piece of paper or screen, just so we’re clear. In this modern, supposedly forward, technology-rich society I am a part of, people are being jailed over ink on a piece of paper and pixels on a screen because morality is fucking-over reason. Dreamhost was not only accepting of adult content, but they actually spoke up against censorship, and that struck a strong cord with me. I don’t believe what I do is wrong on any level, and I wanted a hosting company who understands that. That still doesn’t mean if these laws pass that Dreamhost will be able to keep strong against them, but I have high hopes they’ll at least try.

When Trump took office there was a huge outcry for morality, and it has been repeated again and again. Many people think they’re calling for basic decency on how we treat each other while blindly trampling on the rights of others and self. I think many want decency, and I wholeheartedly agree we should all seek to treat each other how we would wish to be treated (unless you’re a masochist. XD) But when people are caught up looking for control, looking to make what seems like a monstrous situation be sane and reasonable, they make really shitty decisions. The Patriot act was a wonderful example, and I’m sad to say this country didn’t fucking learn. As much as I point out if you don’t want to be shot by a gun, don’t surround yourself with guns, I still support the 2nd amendment because I understand the right to be allowed to defend yourself. I don’t think that right needs to be at the expense of the lives of others, but it is still an innate right to live and survive. You will die—we all die—but what living organism wouldn’t fight to stay alive? It is a choice, like all choices, and who is anyone to take that choice away?

This bill will take away the ability to say whatever the fuck you want on the Internet. Posting nude images of yourself might be subject to so many questions that platforms may remove them completely just to make sure the subject of the image isn’t being exploited sexually. Writing fiction might be decided by platforms to encourage sex crimes and be removed with creators facing criminal liability. And if that seems insane, again, there are people in jail who have never committed a crime against another human being, they just viewed and downloaded something from the Internet. Each platform will decide their ‘line’ to protect them from prosecution over the actions of individuals on their site. There is no way to know how far they will go. There’s no way to know if we won’t all wake up tomorrow and have erotica erased completely from Amazon.

I’m not saying this will come to be. I just have a very active mind and too many things to squish together to read the shadows. It won’t stop me from writing—I’m really not interested in doing anything else. XD I have yet to give a fuck about the morality of a bunch of tight-asses who can’t distinguish reality from fiction. But this is also my job where I’m seeing this storm brewing over what I do, and yeah, I’m worried. :/ Blah.

It’s a choice how to react, how to feel, and ultimately, to decide if this is going to change the way I exist in the world. I’m choosing no. Platforms may cave, they may break, but any lawsuit taken into the courts—the courts who sent word to Congress to try to stop the passing of this bill because it infringed on the 1st amendment—will support free speech. Eventually. So if it all goes to shit, we gotta hang on and still live the way we want to live. Platforms are making a choice to react. It’s up to us to choose to follow their lead and be forced into the shadows, gutters, and closets, or stand the fuck up and live life to the fullest.

This might sound weird and random, but I actually went through Hellcat in the final edit and erased God from it. There are these phrases I use that I grew up with, and I realized here I was still unable to escape that brainwashing on this level. I don’t want God in my fiction. I don’t want God in my life. We do not need some concept of judgment of every action done defining if an individual is worthy of being alive or not. If you take away God, humanity still exists free to make choices and be empowered by their actions. If you take away sex, humanity is literally dead and extinct. I want to keep the one that brings life, and it’s all sexy fun. ^^

Mated To The Demon Prince: Hellcat #1

Sean knows what those wicked, hellfire eyes want. Him, on his knees, taking every finger, tongue, tail, and tentacle.

This is what being corrupted by a demon feels like. It’s the only explanation. Sean’s not supposed to have fangs or know magic, damn it. And this bs where he’s horny and begging all the time? No, not freaking happening. He’s just a nerd—a hot, gay, totally panicky IT specialist—who needs to find a solution to his destroyed business, asap. He doesn’t have time for whatever weird this shapeshifting demon is into. Soot can’t just claim him whenever he wants, over and over again. He’s about to be homeless!

If Sean doesn’t save a witch from a dragon, it’s game over. But he’s changing, turning into someone he doesn’t recognize. He’s not sure if he can play hero, not even when Soot abducts TJ, Sean’s painfully straight crush, to the top of a tower full of witches, gargoyles, and one very pissed off dragon. TJ doesn’t know who to fear more, the demon prince or whatever it is Sean is turning into.

There has to be a way out. Stealing a 3 million dollar hellcat isn’t a binding contract to be a sex thrall, no matter how much his demon master disagrees.

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You see, Jimmy met a most intriguing man at a very random, deserted, and out of the way rest area. This handsome stranger was all too eager to take a willing student under his wing for one sensual encounter that would awaken buried desires.

Come along for the erotic journey when two paths collide for a rest stop rendezvous…



Monthly Freebie – Heat

I’m leaving Heat up over the weekend while I get the new Patreon aspect of the site sorted out. All the Demon Bonded books, past and present will end up on this part of the site and likely will replace the monthly freebie with updates to the Demon Bonded serial. We’ll see how it goes. <3

New MM Freebie of the Month, Plus How To Trick Your Brain 🐢

Hey, peeps!


Okay, you know how I keep saying sometimes you need to trick your brain into doing something? Well, I think I found a way to trick my brain into having fun instead of slamming it repeatedly on the desk in absolute boredom when it comes to editing the old books. How? Audiobooks.

I’ve been playing around with the video software I got to record and edit the speed paint thingies, and I realized it had an audio function, and me no audio. Now, I’ve avoided the whole audiobook thing. It’s a shit ton of money to start off in a lot of cases. I’m talking like 1/2 a grand to a thousand dollars to hire a narrator and a studio to get a book recorded. It’s also time consuming, and usually someone else is involved. Someone to sign a contract with because they’re fronting some of the costs to get this audiobook made. The whole thing turned me off because I like simple, easy, no strings. That’s why I liked self publishing. That’s why I get so affronted with censorship bs—I don’t like being held back from doing the things I want to do, when I want to do them. Freedom at the cost of being an outsider, usually.

Anywho, I found myself asking, ‘Just how fucking hard is it to make an audiobook, really?’ I have the content (the text), I have a recorder, and a way to edit audio. All I need is a voice. So I did some research to find the least annoying synthetic voice out there and gave it a shot. And in about 4 hours, I had made this.

It was fun. Lol, it’s still fun, the process is becoming faster as I figure it all out, because I just finished up recording the rest of the Demon Bonded Episodes so far. And I’m all, OMG, I want this for all my books! But all my books aren’t so well edited, and have some annoying writing patterns I don’t use anymore. So there, that’s my motivation. A mix of neurotic completionism of making audiobooks for all the books, and fun with playing with tech. Yay!

I plan to have all my books made into audiobooks in a way where I can sell them for the same price as an ebook. Audiobooks usually cost more, mostly because of all the other people involved, plus the cost of cloud storage—audio files can get freaking huge. Once I get all the components together on the selling front, you should be able to pick up the Demon Bonded episodes for $0.99 each, or audio bundles for $2.99 (same price as the Demon Bonded Collection books.) Plus the freebies will be free on the website.

This is the kind of shit I love. It’s good enough. XD And yeah, that might sound sloppy, or half-assed, or what have you, but I’m sick of watching people break their backs (myself included) reaching for perfection instead of being happy with what’s in front of them. No, the synthetic voice doesn’t read perfectly. But it’s good enough, it’s a fast process, and it’s inexpensive, meaning the end result can also be inexpensive for listeners. If I started self publishing by hiring a cover artists and editor and what have you, would I have ever had gotten anywhere? I’d have been broke—fuck, I was already broke. XD Lol. I’m a total do-it-yourselfer and I love it. It’s fun and there are so many resources these days to get professional results without the price.

Interactive Novel

Speaking of fun and tech, btw… So, you know that interactive novel I want to make? The Demon Virus Sequel? The one I was talking about a few weeks ago where it’s like a choose your own, but instead of hitting dead ends, you discover secret, sexy story paths and scenes? Okay, so my brain is on it again—also outlined more Sorcerer Slayer and the next Demon Bonded—oh, and Hellcat has 2 scenes left. Pretty sure they’ll be done this weekend if I don’t go crazy with the audiobooks. Anyways, interactive novel. I was thinking how to plot it. I have these scenes but I want a visual, I want a way for people to simply select and move forward in the story and not get confused when they want to go back for a different branch. Then I was thinking of old school Mario Brothers. You know when you’d complete a level and they’d shoot you to the map, and a new level would open up? That’s what I want to do, but for a story. Text and a Story Map.

I’m envisioning something like chapters being levels, and in each chapter you have the ability to unlock certain scenes, or branches to the story. When you unlock something, it pops up on the story map that you can select and read. You would have to unlock a certain amount—the key plot conflict points—to progress to the next level, aka chapter. If you unlock all the special scenes and story branches, I want to make it so you can unlock a totally different story arc, maybe a new character and everything. XD I think it’ll be fun. And it won’t be like a video game where you’re doing repetitive tasks, it’s still just reading. How you unlock things would be by the choices you make in a story scene. You decide if the character goes into the scary dark room (where a sexy monster awaits) or goes back to the party—that sort of thing. <3

Or maybe you need to find a ‘key’ in the text, like clues, that can be used as passwords to unlock other doors! Oh, or I might have ‘items’ you get when you complete certain scenes that can be used to defeat the conflict in other scenes, where, if you didn’t find that item, you wouldn’t be able to beat the scene and unlock a new one. I have so many ideas. XD Puzzles and choices but nothing tedious and grinding–the only grinding should be between the characters. *wink*

I’ll have to learn some basic game programming—but it feels really basic. Switches and branches, nothing complex at all. My biggest issue atm is just learning enough to figure out what software will give me what I want without extra shit I would just find confusing at this stage. I’m not sure if I want people to have to play the game through repeatedly—you know, once you pick a story path, you have to stick to it until you get to the very end, and only once you finish the book/game, will you be able to try a new story path. But have a way to save the data so they can see the choices they made and be able to unlock the other levels—until finally they unlock the bonus ending!

Okay, I might be crazy excited about this idea. XD It’s just so fun. Lol, and this is what I need when writing—fun! I can’t do boring, repetitive shit anymore. I used to RPG, I used to read (all the time,) I used to dedicate hours to television distractions. My brain wants to DO things, make things, and this is the way it has fun. So as long as I can find the fun in it, I can keep creating and getting shit done.

That’s another thing. I’m choosing fun. I’m choosing happy. When I find myself at a crossroads, that’s what I want. Fun and happy. Lol, and no, I don’t feel a single fucking bad thing about it. XD You ever find some people want to just drag you down, they want you to take shit so seriously and have decided life isn’t supposed to be happy? I’m good. Life is what you make of it and I’m choosing happy. Rose-colored glasses all the way. <3

Last Week Catchup

Oh, also, sorry I missed so many emails last week. I know, it’s becoming a ‘thing.’ @[email protected] I do read them all, and have grand expectations to answer—you gals and guys are fucking amazing with such varied lives, and I love hearing about them all—and then life happens and the moment passes as I’m caught up doing something else.

Much love to the people who have had their lives torn apart because of careless doctors, and the wish to trust and have faith in an expert. We want answers that come easily, we want to know it’s all going to be alright, and sometimes it’s that blind hope that leads to more problems. My adoptive dad actually ended up without a working stomach for the rest of his life after a doctor made a really dumb mistake during surgery, and bile backed up and nearly killed him. They tied his esophagus to his intestines to save his life after the mistake, and it took him years to recover. And no, I don’t think it’s these individual doctors, that they’re there to hurt people. If anything, I think they’re working their asses off in a system so stressful, it’s hard to not sink beneath. 300-400 physicians kill themselves annually in the US. The current system of medicine isn’t just hurting patients but also the people in it.

Also, as much as I love my brother, I have to face the fact that he was the idiot who didn’t stand up for himself. He’s an adult who is still refusing to question another adult when it comes to his own mental and emotional health. If he hadn’t asked me for a pill cutter, I never even would have known he was about to take a psych med after going in for a cold.

And that is where I find my peace. It’s not my job to freak out for him. It’s not my job to hold his hand through life and make sure he doesn’t fuck up. I learned my lessons because I fucked up big time—repeatedly—and I’m not about to forget. Ever. XD If he wants to be so blithe, that’s his path. As long as he doesn’t go on a killing spree over the meds prescribed him, I really don’t need to freak out. I can calmly (one day, when I don’t get triggered @[email protected] ) still remind him he’s likely bipolar and should research any med he adds to his system.

But it’s still his choice, still his life, and there is little more I can do without taking it over for him—I’ve got way too much shit I want to do to take on that fucking job, btw. Just sayin. I’m glad I was paying attention, but he should have been taking care of himself and thinking.

Freebie Of The Month

Okay, I’m going to fly. HEAT is free this month, and don’t miss out on the audiobook–I think you can download it from soundcloud. Pretty sure I haven’t had Heat free in a while. I seriously need to make a schedule so I don’t keep forgetting… Ugh. I swear we created computers to have a brain outside our brain that could just hold onto all the shit we really don’t need to know until moments like these.

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Omega’s Mate: An MM Mpreg Romance

Everything is possible. Nothing is what it seems…

Ryan: Fate led me to Tristan Whitaker, the infamous alpha hero from Frisky Pines. When a hunter aimed his rifle my way, I thought my life was over. Tristan swooped in and saved my life. As soon as I saw him, I knew I was in over my head.

I wasn’t looking for a mate, but he swept me off my feet, literally. When I woke in his arms, I knew my life was going to change forever. Together, we decided to have a baby. I was the happiest omega in the world. What I didn’t realize was that the fate of the world then depended on us…



HEAT: Abducted To Be His Mate – free

Ryan Moss is a werewolf long separated from his pack. He has no idea how dangerous his heat is until he finds himself stalking down the closest available bachelor. Unfortunately for Ryan, his wolf finds Shane Cooper, the gay bashing, angry, rich punk that’s been tormenting him for the last ten years.

Even though Ryan hates Shane, his wolf won’t be denied. Against all sanity, he bites the blond and drags him home to mate.

Bound and trapped in Ryan’s basement, Shane plots his escape. He has no interest in being anyone’s mate, especially to his long time rival. If only his body would stop betraying him, seeking out first touch and then pain, things Ryan knows how to gift just right.

Ryan discovers that underneath his lust and resentment, he might just love his angry mate. But after what he’s done, can Shane ever forgive him enough to see him as worthy?

This short story of over 23,000 words contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, violence, and themes of bondage, discipline, and some humiliation. Although featuring mating/breeding with werewolf anatomy that knots and ties, there is no mpreg.

Huge MM Giveaway and Mindless Rambling 🌲🎁💀

Hey babes!

My mind is a whirl of awesome lately. Finding my happy, finding my fun. The three H’s; waking up happy, healthy and horny. XD What more can a girl ask for? …hairy? Could that be an awesome fourth? Humble? Nah, never that. XD How about hoarding? Aka a signed copy of Demon Arms plus another 22 books? (Yeah, weirdest segue ever. You’re welcome.)

Jex Lane, writer of the Beautiful Monsters series is having a giveaway. Sign up and enter to win a whole lot of sexy in paperback form.

The end of the year is fast approaching and it has me thinking about how I want to spend my days. I’m not sick anymore, feel amazing—think my thyroid kicked on and I’m finally out of starvation mode. Lentils are delicious, btw. Fuck, I missed eating. I spent years running from life, running from PTSD, running from my perspective of everyday shit while trying to reach something that would make it all better. I’m already there. Life is fucking good, and now it’s just a matter of living it.

I think I want to start making sexy yaoi art again. It’s been so long, I don’t know if I’ll be any good, but I’m sure it will be fun to try. Book covers have to be pretty tame to keep from being banned from certain platforms. But since I’m going all in with the adult side of Patreon, maybe I’ll start doing art to add to the fun of things. Hardcore, drippy fun. XD

Goal is to have all the Demon Bonded stories moved by this weekend and Apprentice Saga available for sale again. Hellcat has reached a level of monster demon cock I was hoping for (woot!) but still requires a few more scene rewrites before it’ll be ready. I hope I’ll make it for Christmas. Oh, and I posted some new Harry Potter fanfic wips on the site under free this month if you missed that. And… is that it?

Hmmm… I think it’s rambling time about perceptions of reality and the insanity of censorship

Stumbled across this vid last night and I love his voice. XD It’s nice to know there is still a culture pushing back against censorship, even as the world tries to demand that ideas are the same as actions and should be policed. Anime/manga is where I got my roots in art and story telling. The genre isn’t considered mainstream when it comes to book covers but most of my story plots are inspired by the push and pull of the wonderfully dirty comics I grew up on. Comics that have been used to fine and convict normal, everyday people and put them in jail in countries including America.

There’s this thing about the human mind where you hear the same story again and again and you start to believe it can only ever be that way—like a love story where true love only looks a certain way. My mom raised me to expect to be married by college—but I wasn’t allowed to date before then, and I was a girl, so I probably wasn’t going to college anyways even though I was mad smart. I’m in my 30’s—this wasn’t some ancient time long ago—but her beliefs reflected her childhood culture and she put that on me, repeating the story she lived (or maybe just heard) into a new era. This is the danger of rigid brains.

I think it’s why I’m so wary of tradition. It reminds me of that amazing poem about walls by Frost, and I think of the era in Europe when people were starving to death because all the nobility walled their land and no one could hunt, no one could travel because of the neurotic fucks who needed walls for some idea of order and ownership. Their beliefs that walls were important blinded them to how they literally killed people.

Humans are really good at creating systems that hurt themselves, and it starts in simple irrational beliefs in their mind that they react to. The belief that a thought, that an image, that a bunch of words could have the power to harm someone is the driving force behind censorship. Well, that and the need to be responsible for other people’s pain and protect them from feeling uncomfortable. It’s the root cause as to why people can be bullied on the Internet—they let their perceptions and emotions decide that words actually hurt them. The reality is, words cannot hurt you. You allow words to hurt you. If you didn’t hear those words, or see those words, they couldn’t have an effect even though they’re right there. If they’re in a different language, they mean nothing to you, just marks on a page or screen or noises in your ear. Your brain and how it perceives those words is where your pain comes from. But for those who let the pain grow, who believe those words, they can act irrationally, they can harm themselves, even kill themselves. They take an action in reaction to their emotional response.

Saying I’m sorry you feel that way, might seem like a total douche-bag thing, but it’s true. People hurt themselves. An action is an action. Pain, on the other hand, is the body and mind perceiving pain. We perceive the things that hurt us, whether someone else intended to hurt us or not. We still decide if it hurts, if it’s worth clinging to and making a big deal about and hunting witches down to make everyone pay.

It’s sad to see so much suffering, but how can the answer be to remove the words? The words didn’t do anything, the person did by believing the words. And do we try to help the people who are more apt to believe these words—words that are everywhere, that can be read, understood, never even directed at them but is still perceived as personal attacks? A relative of my bf was arguing with a recorded message (I wish I was joking) getting worked up because she thought there was a real person on the other line. She was yelling at nothing, at the perception in her head, while blaming a human being that didn’t even exist. She caused her own pain, but should we stop phone calls, just in case?

For some people, the very thought that they are doing this to themselves creates pain—because how the fuck can they accept that they are the ones hurting themselves when clearly someone else is attacking them? Someone must be to blame, someone must be punished because it hurts and they think their pain has value. But that’s humanity for you—that’s the root of PTSD, which is why this lesson is so powerful to me. I am well aware how my thoughts and perceptions of the world kept me trapped and unhappy. It is a choice to believe. PTSD is a mental system of anxiety and paranoia that feeds itself with its own thoughts, and the attempts to escape from those paranoid, negative thoughts are seen as death. Yet here I am, free, because I chose to stop believing.

When people believe that the representation of something is as real as what it’s representing—that a drawing is a person, that a doll is a person, that a company is a person—they react to an irrational belief. Not only do they react irrationally, but they take that irrational thought and project it into the future. We must act to stop an outcome that will definitely occur! If a drawing is a person, then people who see this drawing will go out and rape, or kill, or act insane because… fortune telling? It made them? They’re not responsible for their own actions?

The only madness occurring is in the mind of the person reacting to a thought as if it’s reality. A fleeting dream they insist happened, harmed them, and must be prevented. And yet, we have laws built around this insanity because someone believed a drawing is a person, that it is objectifying, degrading, harming a gender or a movement or a culture and to exist is to make people act. You know, the same way women shouldn’t be allowed to exist as sexual (showing off their ankles, or their legs, or their faces, or ass or tits—pick a culture and time period of what’s too sexual for a woman to exist) because someone will rape them for men have no power over their own dicks. The perpetrator of an actual act isn’t responsible, it’s the fault of something that existed as is, a woman without clothes or shame, that forced them to act.

People are very good at believing insane things and then clinging to value systems to justify it. Because what would happen if they relaxed and just let a drawing be a drawing? What would happen if they had to be responsible for their actions instead of blaming anything they can? Death. I think PTSD reigns in the minds of many, and I hope they find their way free. If they really want to.

There was this concept in the Matrix where when the aliens first put humans into the computer program, it was ideal, perfect, no conflict. But people died or didn’t flourish because they believed life required conflict. Shit was too nice so they were freaking out. It says it all about humanity—the need to hurt ourselves because we believe we need to. I know so many like this; I was this. So what if we believed we didn’t need to hurt all the fucking time and things could happen and not result in pain?

Here’s to a year free of insanity. I want to make some dirty art, a ton of super dirty books, and I want to live each day having fun no matter what my situation is—because it’s my choice to believe that my finances and circumstance define my happiness. They don’t. Money does not represent happiness, or freedom, or anything, it’s just money. It’s actually an amazing example of how far human insanity goes that we can find ways now to trade digital numbers for food and items and feel like it’s an equal value. If we all had six more zeroes at the end of our bank statement this month, everyone a millionaire, would the world stop and blow up in flames? If we could all afford to eat and live in houses, would some god come down to crush us all for daring to be happy? It’s just numbers on a screen that represents paper in a vault, that represents gold in another vault, that represents something of value because gold is… shiny? Why do we want gold? It’s time, but some people’s time is worth more than others? People are fucking insane so why buy in?

This year I say yes to happy, yes to fun, yes to not giving a fuck about all the many neurotic bullshit things my brain tries to make me believe is real. I say yes to questioning every system, every belief, and every boundary until breathing doesn’t feel like fifty stones weighed on my chest trying to keep me down.

Speaking of saying yes to better,

I redid the Hellcat cover to make it more dark and sexy. Sexy is better, pretty sure. *eyebrow waggle*

Vampire Finding Love

The Hunters have long made it their agenda to kill every last vampire.

Ronnie Perkins, fears for his life as he walks home alone. He tries to hide his fangs but still the Hunters spot him.

This is how it all ends.

But then, a solitary figure appears, swooping in and saving the day.

Claude Montgomery does not know why he put his neck on the line for Ronnie.

The two vampires are now on a crash course toward the rest of their lives. When the Hunters place a bounty on their heads, how will they escape?


Omega’s Teacher

Harry is a lonely omega who desperately wants an alpha and a family. He doesn’t want an alpha to control him but to be his life partner in every way. He’s a hardworking English teacher at the local high school who hears the ticking of his biological clock…and worries time is running out.

Alex is a Science teacher, an alpha new to the local high school. He’s not looking for an omega, he’d rather be a free spirit than settle down with a clingy omega.
Harry is shocked and furious, when the hot new teacher turns out to be the bully that made his life hell in middle school. After an explosive reunion, the principal realizes he’s got a problem on his hands, and comes up with a way to solve it.

They’ve got one weekend to learn how to get along…or someone is out of a job.

This is a 33,000 word story of male pregnancy with a HEA. This is book 3 in the Baby Makes Three series, but can be read as a stand-alone.


Midnight Lovers

The Man That’s Supposed To Protect Him… Is Also Becoming His Lover

Life changes drastically for escort Kato when one of his friends is brutally murdered.

Even more unexpectedly, the man in charge of investigating the case- the charismatic Inspector Dole – takes more than just a professional interest in him.

But before long, he himself is in fear for his life, from an unknown assassin, intent on killing men like him for his own dark purposes.

Will Inspector Dole be able to protect Kato from danger and solve the case before it is too late?


Bringing The Sin Back 👄

Hey, first snowfall outside where I am…

Writing up a storm, so apologies for the lateness and quickness of this newsletter. I went back into Hellcat and realized it just didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel like a Sadie Sins book, so I channeled my inner deviant and outlined a few new scenes to fix it. My writing has been too tame lately. I came to the conclusion if I don’t have the odd confused reader bitching a one star review that the book is way too dirty and going to ruin impressionable minds, I have failed at my job. There’s no excuse besides a lack of fun, so time to bring the fun back with exaggeration, angst, dubcon, straight to gay, and hard fucking. XD

I have not been having fun lately. Again started taking shit way too seriously. It’s lame. My first and only Christmas story was Obsession, a full incest father/son + burglar. What the hell has been wrong with me lately? I blame Trump, the fucker, and all the sexual misconduct coming out in Hollywood. They don’t know how to make rape into a sexy fantasy, and just ruin it for everyone, the pasty, flabby fucks.

Oh, new Apprentice Saga cover, finally! Did one of Liem, Tobias, and Brave. A kinda villain cover. <3 I should have these guys moved soon and Apprentice Saga republished. Eventually. Busy work is so, well, busy.

Goodies below


Fair Catch — $0.99

Tom Hoffman took a huge risk when he came out early in his football career.

One teammate in particular has always caught his eye. Not only is Chuck Wilson an incredible athlete, but he’s very handsome too. When they’re paired up together for a media event, Tom is thrilled to have the opportunity to greet this new colleague he’s always admired… but it turns out that Chuck isn’t as naturally friendly as Tom is.

Can Tom get through to Chuck and help him overcome his fear? Can Chuck learn to accept himself and move on with his life?




Switch — free

Greg is worried about his best friend Kyle. Kyle’s life seems to be spiraling out of control. Greg doesn’t mind picking up the pieces, but his normally smart, ambitious and good-looking friend seems more distracted than usual after his last break-up. And he’s starting to get annoyed at Greg trying to lend him a hand.
What Greg doesn’t realize is that Kyle is keeping something from him… and it could change both of their lives forever.






Vampire Claus

A lonely vampire and a fearless mortal with no instinct for self-preservation. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about?

‘Twas the night before Christmas, but what’s stirring is a little more dangerous than a mouse.

Taviano is nearly two hundred years old and never wakes in the same place twice. Weary and jaded, the vampire still indulges in memories of childhood Christmases in Naples. He lingers in shadow, spying on mortals as they enjoy the holiday.

When Taviano spots a handsome young man in Boston loaded down with presents and about to be mugged, he can’t help but intervene. Soon he’s talking to joyous, naïve, strong-willed and funny Paul, a short-order cook who raised funds to buy Christmas presents for LGBTQ children. Before he knows what’s happened, Taviano is wrapped up in Paul’s arms and then in his schemes to get the presents delivered by Christmas morning.

A vampire turned into a Christmas elf… What could go wrong?


Demencious Saga — free this month

This volume contains episodes 1-4 of Demon Bonded, as well as the bonus episode ‘Far From Home’, written by Sadie Sins and previously published 2015-2016. Demencious Saga is the first saga in the mm erotic world of Demon Bonded. This serial is a fun play on monster collecting and male harems. Expect demon bonding, master/slave relationships of mild and abusive nature, multiple partners, magical powers, learning how to be a sorcerer, and conflict with crueler demon masters.

New Monthly Freebie! 💥

Alright, peeps, New Monthly Freebie!

Thinking a lot about Demon Bonded lately so I’m doing the first saga free to read for the month. Enjoy, babes. ^.^

Hey, remember that gorgeous cover I was showing off last week? Wendy’s book is out! It’s got abduction, smoking hot gods looking for sex slaves, and sexy shapeshifters. You can snag it on Amazon today.

December plans. Sorcerer Slayer, An Academy Christmas bonus novella (yeah, you heard me and it’ll be in the freebie section,) finish up Intangible, and the exclusive Chasing Raider fic. Oh, and Hellcat—this week or next depending on me finishing up the final draft.

Looking at a more definitive writing schedule. I might not always meet my goals—I’ve been pretty lax lately. I think I’ve needed that. I didn’t know how to remove the stress from writing, those feelings of expectation I place on myself that would lead me to writing and editing for weeks straight, only to collapse once a project is done. It wasn’t a great process, constantly breaking. These months have allowed me to see where my hiccups are in my process, where I need to learn to trick my brain. One is definitely editing. My fuck, I hate editing. I hate going back when it’s done. It’s done, damn it, and the creative energy has already faded. I’m starting to see the big picture in it all and I want to create a goal oriented schedule that exploits my limitations best. I want to really weed through all the projects that are waiting and see where I want my energy to go. Once Sorcerer Slayer is done, everything is fair game and I want a plan.

Top goal? Demon Bonded

I keep coming back to the Patreon dilemma with adult content, and the reality is, the more I fuss about it, the less I’m paying attention to the fucking point, which is to allow people to help me stay afloat to create. The real point being, I want to create! So, fuck it. Fuck trying to fit in with the ‘acceptable,’ sexless content which isn’t buried by the search engines, and just accept that society will continue to punish content that has anything sexual in it. I can’t change the world, and I can’t change myself, so why not just fucking embrace what I do in the capacity I can? Sex will be punished—might as well make it kinky at the time. *wink*

I’m going to put the Glamorous Dorian Black on the back burner for now, and focus on Demon Bonded. Adult content—Sadie Sins’s content—for Patreon. I adore Demon Bonded, I am not happy with how much time is passing between episodes, and I think this is the solution. Goals with something to keep me accountable but not stressed out. Once it’s set up, anyone who donates $1 to my Patreon will be able to read every update to Demon Bonded that comes along as it’s written before the book is published.

I might try something in the future that is more all ages friendly—or maybe not. I can talk till I’m blue in the face how I ‘want’ to do something, what a good, smart idea it is, but the reality is, I can’t always make myself do shit. If I can’t believe in it, or can’t fully understand it, I can’t do it. I’m not motivated to censor myself—I’m actually realizing I don’t even know how to. When I write even a simple romance, I put the characters in the body, the same as an action scene, but while in an action scene you can have someone’s arm be ripped off and no one bats and eye, you can’t give a guy an erection without someone getting upset in a clean romance. How do you describe body scenes to people who want to believe that it’s a plastic smooth finish over the crotch region? I’d have to change my writing style completely in a way I can’t really identify. I don’t know the line, I don’t cringe, so… yeah.

It confuses me, it makes me unhappy trying to find the line and stick to it, and yeah, I am wholeheartedly admitting I don’t want to try it right now. I love the idea of it, but not the actual work it takes. It is frustrating to look back at a story I love like Demon Arms and try to figure out what is the ‘right’ way to show how these characters feel about each other without involving their bodies. The profanity is an easy fix, but the simple body reactions to attraction is a mess. We live in bodies. Our bodies experience everything from emotions to actions. It’s impossible for me to separate the two. It might actually be unhealthy for me to try.

I’m happy to say I don’t disassociate anymore, and I don’t want to write books that help others disassociate. The times I’ve existed on meds that have dulled my ability to feel sexual attraction, I felt lacking, not complete, not in my body. I know there are plenty of Ace people out there, but that is not my norm and I can’t write that way. Maybe some time in the future I’ll be able to see it differently and try something more mass appeal, or hey, maybe never. I’d rather do the writing that makes me happy, so that’s where I’m going to focus for now.

The best made plans, aka, hopes don’t lead to shit

With the death of Pronoun, I need to move all the Demon Bonded episodes to new locations. It’s going to take a little transition time, which is why I’ve been stalling. Ugh, I hate needless work. But it’s going to happen because I’m screwed otherwise. I realized I had a plan to get that cover for Apprentice Saga up last month and it didn’t happen. Let me just say, it’s really easy to have a ton of plans. It’s the steps one takes to get shit done that actually gets shit done. (Lol, I’m so poetic.)

I was actually trying to explain this to someone I’m helping set up a website. I’m blessed with the ability to not just have ideas, but to break those ideas down into manageable, actionable steps which result in things like books, paintings, websites, series, etc. I don’t think of myself as particularly creative, talented, or brilliant. I see the same drive, the same spark in so many people, they just don’t know how to get from an idea to a finished project. It’s like cleaning a room; some people can get so overwhelmed with what looks like a mountain of work that they’re exhausted before they start. But if you know the goal and you can break it down, and are willing to take each step (which is again broken down) you will get to that end goal eventually. If you can motivate yourself so that each step is a mini-goal, you’re literally making the process inspire you instead of thinking the end goal alone is the only way to be happy. When that goal feels completely unreachable, it is impossible to motivate yourself for long. It’s not about reaching goals, it’s about maintaining your motivation with long projects.

That might seem obvious but until some people can really understand it, they can’t get past the overwhelm of the huge goal. Like the guy with the website. It wasn’t until I made him sit down and actually plan out the function of his website and what his customers would need from him, and in that process he could conceive what steps he would need to do to fulfill each goal for his customers, that he was able to finally feel inspired. Before this planning process, it was impossible. Now it’s not only possible, it’s going to happen because he can conceive it in his mind from beginning to end. So funny how powerful perspective can be. His website wasn’t any closer to being made but in his mind it was now a promise instead of a dream.

It’s really about not being so fucking hard on yourself. We can be so hard on ourselves. It’s saying okay to writing a short 10,000 word episode of a story because you know eventually it will be more—Demon Bonded is now over 139,000 words. A spark of an idea I had while back in college that I never at that time could have conceived would exist, never mind in the form it is. It was my first ‘big’ original idea for a story and at the time I didn’t know if I could do it. I knew I wanted to see it come to life, but I didn’t even think of myself as a writer when I started writing. But yeah, blessed with the ability to bullshit my brain into believing that one step is a goal worth achieving.

It wasn’t a failure to not write a novel, it was a success to write an episode. To write a scene, then another, and another, and fucking win at one short story. Then do it again—hey, I had proof at that point I could do it. Two years later, I have a ton of proof I can do this, even if I can still feel lost when I sit down to write. It’s the belief that what I’m doing can be exactly what I want that has more power to keep me going than anything else.

It can be applied to anything. I think that’s why it’s so easy for me to believe in others. I know anything is achievable if broken down. Some things become automatic after a while. It’s a system of success. The same way some people get up every day and go to work, others realize they could be doing a little of one thing every day to reach a big goal. Anyone can do this, they just need to see it’s possible.

Omega’s Doctor

Dateless and desperate

Steve’s sister is getting married and he needs a date. As the day looms, he agrees to a blind date for the wedding. A blind date can’t be worse than going alone, right?

But the man ends up being tall, dark and alpha. Steve can’t believe his good luck. Ned, is gorgeous. Even better, the wedding festivities last far beyond the vows and cake. Ned and Steve enjoy a steamy weekend together. It’s not long before the men know this was meant to be.

But Fate confronts them with a cruel twist. Both men work for the same hospital and aren’t allowed to date fellow employees. Even worse, Steve’s mother vows to tear the men apart. She’s determined Steve should date someone else. Someone better. To top things off, Ned and Steve start getting threatening letters. Between shadowy threats and spiteful relatives, things aren’t easy for Ned and Steve.

When Steve finds he’s pregnant, both men are overjoyed. They cling to the hope of a blissful future together. The odds stack up. There’s Steve’s meddlesome mother, a hospital policy banning fraternization, menacing and anonymous letters. And worst of all, pregnancy complications.

But Ned hasn’t come this far to watch his omega suffer. The alpha is determined to fight for Steve, their baby and a chance at happily ever after…

Omega’s Doctor is over 38,000 words of alpha/omega mpreg, gay romance, male pregnancy, passion, sexy scenes, weddings, time with the baby and a HEA.

The Vampire’s Search For Love

Would You Be Willing To Sacrifice Your Riches For True Love?

Valentin, the King, can kill for his love. He can even defy the rules of the Daunsal. But what about his kingdom? Will he forego his own Kingdom just for the love of this life? And what about his lover?

The bloodsuckers are known to quench their thirst through human blood. They are the lowest ranking vampires in the clan. Looked down upon, the Daunsal meets every bloodsucker with livid comments.