Archive: January 16, 2019

Ashes Comment Area

A little place to share your comments and questions on the fanfic, Ashes. Liked it, hated it, interested in seeing a sequel or something similar? Let me know below. I love the feedback.


January 14


I may be poking at the new subscription site through the week to see how to transfer stuff. No promises. This shit is like a pebble in my shoe. Once my mind is on it, it’s frustrating to not finish things up and just complete it. I’ll probably be fiddling with it late at night when I’m too tired to actually write…

Obsessive as fuck? Who, me? Nah. 😛

I feel good, peeps. I feel like this health thing is going to last, and I finally have a future laid out before me. And maybe that’s idealistic as fuck given my track record, but I don’t care. Gonna get shit done.