⚡Demon Bonded #11 Is Published!⚡

Fucking Finally!

Hey babes <3

Whoo, I’m burnt out, but I got it done. I told myself it would happen by Sunday, and fuck, it’s almost 9pm and it still fucking counts! *rawr*

35,000 words. @_@ It was supposed to be 10,000, 20,000 tops. Yeah, I think I’m reaching a new stage of my writing. It’s called long winded.

I forgot how much damn coding/formatting/website crap I have to do just to get a book out. I assumed since it’s a serial and I’m not pushing on the marketing, it would go pretty damn smoothly. Nope. XD I make shit complicated. The editing was actually faster than all the website stuff. Anywhoo…

Grab it on Payhip!

So I’m doing things a little differently this time around. I’m going to launch this into Amazon later, because really, it’s already free on the website and I need cash now. Amazon is a 2 month payout for anything made and I have fun new bills because of this living in the car bs. So, if you’re the type who is going to throw down $$ in support, I hope you’ll consider Payhip, cuz it’s an immediate transaction verses 2 months of waiting.

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Patreon Love <3

And, of course, if you want to read for free, you absolutely can on the website! This is my experiment with Patreon. I’m new to it, just getting my feet wet, but the goal is to have it so I can give more away for free or super cheap with enough supporters.

Quick Life Update

Actually, it’s more of a writing update but I can summarize some shit. Mold is everywhere, the raining won’t fucking stop, and I’m on the first day of a juice fast. So expect I will be a raving fucking psycho bitch for at least–at least–the next week. I’ve done this juice fast thing before. It’s rough, expensive, but it has it’s rewards. I’m hoping it will kill the inflammation that’s been causing all my body aches so my back will stop screaming at me. We’ll see.

I’m back to writing The Paranormal Academy for Troubled Boys series, aka, Demon Arms sequels. I’m super excited about it. I forgot how I was nearly done with Shiny Thief. It’s almost ready for the betas (if any have still hung on after all these months. @_@) Inspiration struck for how I was going to end Manic Fool (the 4th book.)

I basically realized Sorcerer Slayer was getting ridiculously long, but I didn’t want to compromise–I love the story I’m writing. But I also didn’t want to set a precedent where the next book would have to be just as fucking long. So, instead I’m breaking Sorcerer Slayer into 3 books–Shiny Thief, Sorcerer Slayer, and Manic Fool.

As of now, Shiny Thief looks like it will be about 200,000 words–yeah, that’s the short version. =_= I know, I’m getting wordy. I hope it’s a good thing. I want to improve as a writer, but I worry that I’m just getting long winded. I know it’s subjective, but fuck, I gotta worry about something.

My goal is to have the last two books fully outlined and drafted by the time Shiny Thief is published, oh, and have that updated version of Demon Arms ready too. I know, complicating shit again. But it’s worth it! My fuck, I want people to read this stuff. Fox and Vince are just so damn perfect together. And Raider is awesome. He’s a fucking menace and a brat, but he’s got a good heart in there… somewhere.

I could talk for hours on this shit, but I won’t cuz I’m just going to ramble away. But I’m thinking of trying a trial run for a visual novel–something short and smutty–but I’m not sure if I should go with something I’ve already written, or something new. I fear anything new will end up long as fuck because I can’t seem to help myself these days. *sigh*

Decisions, decisions…