February 16

Website Shit continued…

My fuck, I’m exhausted. I don’t think I’ve gotten a proper night sleep the entire week. There’s something horrendously addictive and damaging to my damn brain every time I go to do any kind of coding. Too much reward for figuring shit out, and too much challenge because I refuse to waste my time actually learning a computer language. So I’m just picking and choosing what works, trial and error.

I’m looking at the new design (the background was so plain before) and I’m just back to my love of anime/videogames every fucking time. It kinda reminds me of Kingdom Hearts, actually… (a game I cannot commit to when their story falls short every damn time. But fuck, it was pretty. <3) Lol, better than the old lady look the website had before, but yeah, I might be devolving now that I’m getting healthy. I like it though. I love bright colors, fun shit–learned how to embed a font and that looks so bitching. So yeah, enjoying the results even as I exhaust myself.

I’m hoping I’ll be done this weekend… err, after the weekend. When the bf is home I can never focus on anything proper and I suppose I should acknowledge the whole V day of doom. But yeah, soon. Hoping. @_@

Hope your week is going better than mine! <3