January 17

Thoughts of juggling…

I’m considering writing the next drafts for Sorcerer Slayer while getting Demon Arms ready for publishing. It comes down to time and that wall I’m heading toward once I need to edit Demon Arms. And then Shiny Thief, which has so little left to do, it will be edited right after Demon Arms is. How do I pace all of this?

I’ve already outlined Sorcerer Slayer with all those essential plot points, the drama, the character arcs, etc. It is ready to be drafted with the most important parts already problem solved. If I start drafting it now, once those other two stories are done on the publishing end, I’ll have something to start working on immediately. It might also be a good run to see how I want to adjust my drafting process when I start hiring on help. I don’t expect to have anyone helping with the long series like PATB–those are my babies (cuz I’m a selfish bitch. XD) But it’ll be good for when I start doing some short stories and look to get the smaller series like City Howls and Bronicorn tackled. If I can start getting things ready for ‘production,’ so to speak, I can free up time and create a better focus for the things I am working on. I want to see Sorcerer Slayer, Manic Fool and Hellcat #2 done this year. If I wasn’t doing all this other shit…

And maybe I’m seeing how I’ve been focused in the wrong places lately? If I didn’t need PATB #1 and 2 ready for publishing, I wouldn’t be so over focused on them. If I focused purely on the website and content creation instead of publishing, my process would be completely different atm.

I dunno. I have a lot to think about as I move forward. I think this is a unique problem in some ways with how my cognitive function was so impaired by mold when first writing. Normally, I would say to forget about the old stuff and just move forward. But since I see PATB as a key series with so much potential, and with the moldy writing of old, I don’t have that luxury. It really needs the best attention I can give it before moving forward. But that doesn’t mean I can’t start planning the other stories and getting those drafts started.