January 19

Ideas a brewing…

Deleted over 350 pages of content today by changing the format from scenes to events. It might seem pointless, but without all those pages being counted by the website to protect, things are already moving faster. There are actually more to go, but I’m pacing myself here. @_@ It was interesting to scan through some of those works while condensing them onto the same page. Obsession, My Secret Bronicorn, City Howls… It brought up a question I haven’t been thinking too much about until now.

What do readers want for content next? Hot and quick? Something terribly suspenseful? Taboo all the way? What has happened to the werewolves, eh? I’m all over the place as a writer (hopefully in a good way @_@) and can pick any direction. I would prefer to pick a direction readers are looking forward to, instead of my blind randomness.

I moved away from feedback the last year, half because of website constraints with that bloated comment plugin and the fact that the comment plugin won’t show on pages I’ve manually designed past the basic theme. And half because when my health started improving (and dropping for a bit) so drastically, I really wasn’t in a communicative mood. I needed isolation to deal with all that shit of just, well, healing and relearning how to be in a body that wasn’t completely broken and sleeping 24-7. My brain has gone through a giant overhaul as I regrew neurons damaged from the Parkinson’s and allergies–I remember this random conversation where an amazing author linked me to a music video he loved and I just found myself trying to interpret the lyrics on the screen like it was a code to crack. Pattern recognition + neurotic obsession = me being a total weirdo. My brain has gone through some shit and the less people saw that first hand, likely the better.

I’d like to move away from that place now–although I’m sure I have set a precedent at this point. Also, you never really know how people want to talk about the stuff I write about. XD I’m friendly, open about every topic, etc, but I think reading can sometimes be a very isolating experience as well. Not in a bad way, or anything. I just know sometimes you don’t want to talk about what you’re reading and instead enjoy it for what it is, aka, dirty as fuck. *wink*


Once I remember how to do a poll, I’m putting one up to see what fans want to see written next (besides the Paranormal Academy for Troubled Boys.) I want to know what story is going to make people the happiest to see worked on. I have my suspicions *cough* Hellcat *cough* but I could be way off base. I want to know what you guys want to read, and that will be the next one I draft.