January 27

I miss writing porn :/

Seriously, when the fuck did everything become so serious? I miss my short fuck fics. PATB has taken over my damn life and there is no fucking, well, fucking! Why can’t I multitask? That used to be my damn thing. Multiple stories just to keep me sane–and I knew I needed it to keep me sane. Just, my brain broke from the damn mold and low dopamine, and when everything was repaired, I became this one circuit human who could only do a task at a time. Apparently very fucking slowly at that. Ugh.

I want my fun back. @_@ I can’t remember the last time I even wrote the word cock. There is not enough dick in my writing!

*sigh* I’ve missed ranting too. And writing completely inappropriate things that people fear going to prison over. I need my edge back. I’m losing my damn mind to all this adulting bullshit. I gotta figure this out. It’s like I’m starving a part of myself and it’s spilling into other aspects of my life.